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            Learn how to make Money off of, which is an advertisement company made up of mostly the general public to advertise for, the largest penny auction site!

   Please go through this page carefully and read each line. A lot of people want to know if you can make money with Zeek Rewards. To answer that question, one has to first decide what “a lot of money” means to you. For some people $50 a day is a lot of money, for others $400 a day is a lot. I believe it’s better to ask, “Can you make $500 a day?” or “Can I make $6.00 to $300 in one day using just 5 minutes of my time?”. Be specific. In this way, it would be easier to give you a clear answer, which would be YES. But ZeekRewards, like any opportunity, isn’t for everybody.

Here is the flat out truth about making money with Zeek Rewards. This program is perfect fit for someone who has an extra 10 minutes and wants to make a little money during that time. It helps people make a little bit of money, relative to the little bit of time that is invested. What I mean is, the work of placing an ad takes about 5 minutes and in return, most people can expect to make a few dollars per day. Again, most people.

However, for someone who wants to be a heavy hitter in Zeek Rewards, those people will put in more money toward buying penny auction bids and giving those away. These affiliates are buying thousands of dollars worth of bids. Those people are the one’s earning $300 to $500 per day.

So, how do you go about making the most money with Zeek Rewards if you’re an average member paying $10 or $50 per month? To start, you have to first join Zeek Rewards, obviously. Next, to make the most money, purchase as many VIP bids as you can afford. Also, every time you earn commissions, take that money and buy more vip bids. Because it’s from the VIP Bid bucket that the daily profit pool is awarded.

Do this over and over again and you will multiply how much you earn over time. As you do, you will begin to earn more money from the profit pool that is calculated daily. Remember, you don’t have to sell zeekrewards (the business opportunity) to make money. You get paid for placing little classified ads for the Zeekler penny auction side of the business and helping to make sales. By the way, All the commissions and the daily profit pool report are located inside of the Zeek Rewards website. To see it, register and create an account.

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    So if you are ready to get going, click the link above or you can just use my contact links and I can help you get set up!  Also I will get you some bonus bids, so you can play around or buy something with  This way you will get a feel of how the penny auction you are advertising for, actually works.
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