Are cats better pets than dogs

Cats are estimated to be three times more popular than dogs as pets worldwide. In the United States, there are more pet cats than pet dogs, even though more households own at least one dog. As of 2012, there were about 74 million cats and 70 million dogs kept as pets in the US, while more than 36% of US households had dogs and less than 31% had cats. This difference is thought to be because cats do not need the training, grooming or close attention that dogs can require, which might make it easier to have multiple cats in one household.

Are cats better pets than dogs

More about pets:

  • More than 60% of American households own at least one type of pet.
  • A little more than half of the dogs and cats kept as pets in the US are considered to be overweight or obese, which might be because indoor animals get less exercise.
  • The most numerous pets in the US are freshwater fish, with well over 120 million of them kept in household tanks.

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Are cats better pets than dogs

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Dogs are Better Than Cats: Dogs as we all know are a man’s best friend for life. They are loyal, loving, caring and protect their owners at any cost. Dogs are fun to be with and are very adaptive in any environment. On the other hand cats are not so social, less friendly, and less adaptive. They enjoy sleeping and are much less playful. That’s why cats are not the choice as pets for kids as well.

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Long Essay on Dogs are Better than Cats

On one occasion we found a kitten roaming on our porch. We thought that maybe it’s hungry, so we gave it milk to drink. My little sister insisted on keeping the kitten as a pet. It was fine for some days. One day we all were sitting in the verandah. My father had a cup of tea in his hand and out of nowhere the kitten came and jumped directly onto the cup. The tea fell down on my father’s hand and he got furious. That was the last day of that kitten as a pet. On the other hand we had many dogs as our pets but we never faced such a situation.

Dogs were always a part of our family whereas cats are very ungrateful in my opinion. They can never become your best friend.

Three Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Cats

  • One more argument that goes in favour of dogs is that they can be trained and taught for a proper schedule be it food,walk or poop. But it is another way round for the cats.
  • Also cats are really sensitive to their environment and don’t like change. But with dogs you can take them anywhere around the world, they’ll be happy with you in any circumstance.
  • Dogs are much calmer in nature as compared to cats. You can even leave your child with your pet dog if there’s a need.

Dogs are the Best Pet

No doubt why we can find so many movies on dogs as our best friends. Dogs are our friend,trainer, jogging partners, and so much more. Dogs’ sense of smell is very powerful. No doubt that’s why they are a part of the investigating agencies. Special forces like police, army etc have dogs specifically trained to use its senses to detect and find explosives, illegal drugs etc.

They hold such important places in our forces that they are given a proper retirement after a certain age. Some studies even show that keeping a dog as a companion reduces stress and lessens the pain a person is going through. The loyalty of a dog as we all know has no bounds. They will do anything to protect us and be by our side till their last breath. They stay by our side even when a person dies by paying their final respects. If you ever watch history channels , you can also see that dogs have been with humans since the beginning of civilization. Dogs teach us to love unconditionally.

Often we show our anger or disinterest in them but they don’t stop loving us. If you have ever noticed, a dog can even understand our behavior. They can sense if we are in any type of danger or tension . They understand our expressions and actions. That’s why in some movies we see that without any orders from their owners dogs tend to attack the other person.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Short Essay on Dogs are Better than Cats

Cats are also no doubt beautiful pets but they are also temperamental and aggressive. There are many people who love cats but the proportion of dog lovers is much higher than that of cat lovers. There are many instances where we find the dog as a hero . Dogs are the best for the elderly people. Dogs provide them with a meaning that adds days or even months to their lives. Dogs fill up the lonely space in their lives which is often created by their own children. Dogs never ignore you . We sometimes find people talking to their dogs and we find it funny also but the dogs understand our words. They are very patient when it comes to their food timings also. They love your kisses and cuddles and show their affection towards you in their own way. So we can say that dogs are the best. And now we also know why they are known as a man’s best friend.

FAQ’s on Dogs are Better than Cats

Question 1.
Why are dogs the best pets?

Dogs as we all know are the best as they love us unconditionally and are very responsible. They are the best entertainers and companions.

Question 2.
What can dogs do that cats can’t?

Cats are not reliable when it comes to the owners safety but dogs ,they can even die for their owner if the situation arises.

Question 3.
Are dogs smarter than cats?

There have been many studies on this but it is not conclusive as who is smarter- cats or dogs. Dogs learn easily and respond to commands but cats don’t. But cats are good and curious hunters.

Table of Contents

Why are cats better hunters than dogs?

Cats are natural-born hunters, so it’s in their DNA to stalk, hunt, and pounce on their prey—even if it’s on a television screen. While you should never, ever let your cat eat a bug or mouse it catches, a pest-free home is just one of the many benefits of owning kitties.

Are cats or dogs better at hunting?

According to the study, cats are simply better hunters than dogs, which has led them to fare better in the game of survival. Researchers put the domestication of cats — who domesticated themselves, in all honesty — anywhere between 7,000 and 12,000 years ago.

Why are cats the best hunters?

Cats are one of the best developed species when it comes to hunting. Their whole body is made for hunting, their senses are much better developed than those of humans. Cats can hear and see better, they have skills and instincts that helps them to catch their prey.

Are cats better than dogs as pet?

Cats can be quite affectionate and attentive, but only up to a point. They tend to become bored or overstimulated much more easily than dogs, and at that point they want to escape for a while. So, if you prefer a pet to keep you company but isn’t especially needy, consider a cat.

Is cat easier than dog?

Cats can fit into busy, modern lifestyles more easily than dogs, as they are pretty independent, can be left alone much more easily and are more suitable for smaller flats or houses. Cats are often chosen by people who have busy and stressful lifestyles and who want some companionship when they go home to relax.

What Predator has the highest success rate?

Article suggests dragonflies are the most effective predators in the animal world – 95% success rate. Lions roar and act tough, and they’re often regarded as kind of the land, but only 1 in 4 of their hunts is successful.

Which is better to buy a dog or a cat?

Owning a Cat Is More Affordable. Buying a specific breed of cat can be expensive, but generally, adoption fees are lower for kittens and cats than they are for puppies or dogs–particularly during kitten seasons, or times when the shelter has a major influx of kittens. Some shelters may even waive their fees or offer a two-for-one deal on pairs…

Which is more social a cat or a dog?

Pack Animals Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs. They are natural, solitary hunters. They don’t have to function in a pack like dogs do. As a result, cats will tend to seem more standoffish to pet owners than dogs. A dog is a much more social animal.

Which is better to train a cat or a dog?

More than likely, the cat couldn’t care less. The dog, on the other hand, will eat it up. While it’s possible to train a cat, you’ll be more successful using treats instead of praise. One possible reason is that dogs and humans have worked together since dogs first evolved from wolves.

Can a dog see better than a cat?

One thing cats and dogs both have a lot of, though, are rods in their eyes, which, among other mechanisms they each have, allow them to see much better than humans in low-light situations. Another common animal/color misconception is that bulls are angered by the color red.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Here we have the eternal question again, which is better – a cheerful barking or relaxing purrs?

That’s the big question that today still haunts animal lovers. Which pet is best for your lifestyle? CATS or DOGS?

After checking out this article or checking our video, you can easily decide that.

11 Things to Consider before choosing

Video Link on Youtube: Cats vs Dogs

There are several things you should take in mind when deciding if Cats or dogs are the best pet for you.

Here are the 11 things you should consider when you are deciding which pet is the best for you.

1. Cats are cleaner

Cats are trying to keep clean and odor-free, while a dog might smell bad sometimes. If that troubles you much, you’d better think twice.

2. Dogs are easier to train

Dogs are easier to train. Proud cats do whatever they want to. There is no easy way to know how a cat will behave. Cats think humans are the pets and not vice versa.

3. Cats are not as noisy or clumsy

Cats don’t take up much space and are not so noisy. Nobody will run loudly around the house and wreck everything in his path.

4. Dogs are more loyal

No animal can be more loyal than dogs, your dog always follows you. Many people are saying that dogs are attached to a person, and cats are more attached to their places.

5. Dogs need training and more work

Every dog needs training and learn commands; while a cat should be only taught to behave, to use a litter box – and that’s it.

6. Dogs are a man´s best friend

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They comfort you every moment you have with them. There is nothing more important to your dog than your happiness. On the other hand, cats have a calming effect on our mind and soul. Cat’s purring is one of the most comforting sounds in the world.

7. Dogs are more expensive

Pets are a serious financial undertaking, so you need to budget accordingly. You will need care products, toys, accessories, and a bed. But it should be noted that a cat eats less food than even the smallest dog.

8. Dogs love their master more

For a dog, love for its master comes in the first place. We can see many examples of this in films and cartoons: Hachiko, A Dog’s Purpose, Beethoven and many others. Cats are more selfish. They love you, of course, but less than themselves.

9. Cats are less sociable

Cats will communicate and play with you only if they want to. Some of them don’t like being hugged and play with children, unlike dogs, who are delighted to spend a lot of time with a human. Almost all dogs adore any child they happen to meet and play.

10. Cats do often lose more fur

Because our cat is indoor only, there is an excess of hair in the house that gets on furniture, bedding, and clothes, unlike dogs.

11. Dogs needs walking

Cats don’t need to be walked 2-3 times a day, like a dog – in any weather and no matter how you feel. But you should not miss the opportunity of walking a cat on a leash sometimes.

Are cats better pets than dogs

So which one is the best?

This is something you have to decide yourself if you are more of a cat person or dog person.

In our opinion – If you have your own house and love beeing active – choose a dog. Walking outdoors in the fresh air and constant physical activity is a great way to maintain both you and your dogs’ health.

If you can, you could get both cat or dog. It does sometimes need a bit of training, but it will be worth it later when they are best friends.

In any case, having a pet is a great idea. Cats and dogs have their pros and cons, and we are sure that you will choose a pet to your liking.

Do you have anything to add to the article? Which one do you prefer? Dogs or Cats?

Comment down below about your opinions!

Hi! I’m Anna and I´m a certified cynologist (KAU, ACW). Expert, blue cross volunteer, owner of Chinese crested kennel “Salvador Dali” and breedless friend called Fenya. “I can’t imagine my life without dogs and I totally support the idea #AdoptDontShop”.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Why are Cats Better than Dogs?

If you’ve never been a pet guardian, you might have a hard time telling what the right pet for you might be. Should you choose a cat or a dog?

In today’s article, we’re looking at several reasons why cats are sometimes better than dogs, but do consider that everyone is different and that a cat might not make the right type of companion for some.

They’re clean

Cats are self-cleaning animals, which can’t be said for their canine counterparts. If you have ever owned a dog before, you probably know what a mess they can be when you take them out for a walk in the rain. Besides regular brushing, cats don’t need too much in the way of grooming since they do it all themselves.

They don’t slobber, some breeds don’t even shed that much, and they can be pretty diligent about keeping their personal hygiene in check. What more could you ask?

Caring for a cat is cheaper than caring for a dog

Naturally, this is debatable, but in general, owning a cat is more affordable than owning a dog. Dogs also tend to destroy their toys (besides other things in your home), which cats might never do. Furthermore, cat toys are also cheaper, and so are many other accessories.

You aren’t even going to have to pay for a dog walker if you don’t have the time since cats are perfectly content to spend all their time indoors. Even buying a purebred cat is cheaper than buying a purebred dog. Some puppies can be as expensive as $2,000, but that is rarely the case with kittens since they usually cost less than $1,200.

They occupy less space

Most cats, no matter their breed, don’t get to be too big. In fact, the average weight of a healthy cat is around 10 pounds. With different dog breeds comes more variety, so if you get a Saint Bernard, not only will the dog need more space to thrive, but he or she will also need more food and more exercise, meaning longer walks or access to a sizable yard.

They have a longer lifespan

While many cats can get to be as old as 15 years of age, the same does not apply to dogs. Most dogs have a lifespan of about 12 years, and that’s only if you take really good care of them. Cats also don’t put themselves in danger as much as dogs do, so they also have a lower risk of being hit by a car.

You don’t have to take your cat out for walks

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why cats are extremely popular pets. As you know, and if you’ve had a dog before, you need to take your canine buddy outside at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Plus, every week, a long walk to a park is necessary so that the dog is kept healthy and happy.

Cats don’t have the same needs. They get the exercise they require in a smaller living environment, which is why they’re perfect for houses and apartments alike. If you don’t have a yard, you don’t have to worry about your feline companion being unhappy. In fact, some cats might get stressed when they do go outside if they’re not used to it.

They’re very self-reliant

The idea of leaving a puppy alone at home while going away to work for ten hours a day can be a burden for some people. Not only will the puppy get bored and chew as much as possible and on everything he/she comes across, but the likelihood of causing other types of problems is higher, too.

Most cats are self-reliant. If you leave them enough food, water, and toys, they can do well all alone. While they do love their share of attention, they can also be just as content spending time by themselves.

Cats don’t make a lot of noise

Dogs are many great things, but one thing they are not – quiet. If you didn’t know, barking and yowling are among the reasons why people end up abandoning their canine companions, so that’s how they end up in shelters.

Some cats don’t even meow unless there’s something wrong or if they are in pain. There are some that can be a bit more talkative than others, but the amount of noise they make on the whole will never bother your neighbors. Besides, cats are independent and generally calmer than dogs.

Less destruction outside and inside of your home

While this is not a general rule for all cats, it’s a given that they don’t tend to chew on things in their living environment as much as dogs.

Granted, they might cause different problems, such as spraying, which generally happens in unneutered and unspayed cats. Still, they will most often find no enjoyment in chewing or randomly destroying items in your home.

The only type of destruction they cause is that they tend to sharpen their claws by scratching on furniture. You can protect your couch and armchairs from cat attacks these days, by installing scratching posts throughout your house.

Being a cat guardian is healthy

Owning and caring for a cat can have a number of health benefits. Cat owners have about 40% fewer chances of dying of a heart attack compared to people who aren’t cat guardians, at least based on a study performed by the University of Minnesota.

Petting a cat can lower stress and anxiety levels and reduce loneliness, especially in people who live by themselves and seniors. Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association in 2002 suggests that cats decrease the risk of children suffering from allergies.

Cats can keep your home vermin-free

Not all cats are natural hunters, but let’s face it, they make better hunters than dogs. Whether they do it for fun or when they are hungry, cats do have a tendency to chase around rodents, which can cause a myriad of nuisances. Moreover, vermin can also spread diseases to humans, and unfortunately, they can do the same to cats.

Farms where a colony of cats resides are typically less affected by mice and rat infestations.

Are dogs better than cats in some respects?

It would have been unfair to discredit dogs just because there are so many benefits to cat ownership. Dogs do have their advantages, and if you’re a dog person and you know that you can care for your canine friend appropriately, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a puppy.

Dogs are usually more fun compared to their feline counterparts, and some breeds are very good with children, which makes them perfect pets for families.

They’re also far easier to train, and to some extent, they interact better with their human friends, sometimes providing the emotional support that people need. By contrast, some cats aren’t as good at picking up human emotions.

Finally, dogs are capable of protecting you, which most cats can’t. Sure, there are many online stories about how cats have actually saved children’s lives by attacking other animals, but you can’t be sure that your own is going to do that.

In the end, getting a cat or a dog is a matter of personal preference and of how responsible a pet parent you can be.

It would be difficult to identify a more debated topic than that between dog lovers and cat lovers. If you ever wondered if a decisive conclusion could ever be drawn, here is your answer: Cats are better than dogs.

Let us explain why.

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Are Easier to Care for

  • Do Not Require Walks
  • Require Less Attention & Affection
  • Might Spend Time Outdoors

Obviously, these reasons alone are enough reason to prefer a cat. That said, it might be argued that a dog requiring walks is a potential upside: It provides exercise for the dog owner.

However, most would probably prefer a pet that is easier to care for, and dogs provide no competition in this category.

Cats Use Litter-Boxes

Another reason cats are easier to care for that deserves their own category is their use of litter-boxes. Any dog owner that has followed their dog around the block looking for the “perfect spot to go” in bad weather knows the difficulty of it. Plus, they have to carry that bag and scooper as well.

In stark contrast, a litter-box is much easier to maintain.

No Noise Complaints: Cats Are Quieter

Anyone that has ever coped with the noise of a dog that barked excessively will appreciate the relative silence that accompanies cat ownership. Who would prefer the loud bark over the soft purr? This is a crucial reason why cats are better than dogs.

In short, those noise complaints that often emerge from neighbors of dog owners are non-existent with cat ownership. In short, with a cat both you and your neighbors will sleep better at night.

Cats Require Less Space

Cats require relatively little space, some comfortably living in a studio apartment with their owners. In comparison, dogs often require a large yard to run around in.

Thus, if you do not live in a house with a large yard, opting for a cat might be the obvious choice. After all, a dog deserves room to run around and play. Besides this, dogs are bigger and they often take up a lot of space with their toys and dog beds.

Cats Are More Independent

Cats do a great job of grooming themselves. In contrast, dog owners frequently experience the struggle of bathing their dogs. In addition to the annoyance of bathing a difficult dog, it could be quite messy trying to shampoo them as they put up a fight.

Maternal Cats Care for Their Kittens

Cats have great maternal instincts. For instance, they teach their kittens to sharpen their claws and use the litter box. In stark contrast, dog owners are required to take up most of the responsibilities associated with raising the puppies.

Cats Are Not a Flight Risk

Unlike dogs who often need to be kept on a short leash, both literally and metaphorically, cats look out for themselves. In fact, many cats spend most of their time outside and return home when they choose to.

Cats Don’t Destroy Your Home

Dogs will chew everything from your furniture to your shoes. Such destruction could be both annoying and costly.

In contrast, cats cause less damage. On the one hand, some have problems with cats clawing things such as furniture. However, there are simple solutions to such problems (e.g., clawing posts, regular nail clippings).

Being Bit Is Less of a Problem

While some cats are more aggressive than others, biting is more of a problem with dog ownership. After all, a common question put to dog owners is, “Does he/she bite?” This is rarely asked by cat owners, viewing cats as less of a threat.

Despite this fact, any bite poses a risk of infection and ought to be cared for properly.

Cats Provide Rodent Control

Cats hunt rodents such as mice and rats which is clearly a useful trait. Moreover, it was the reason Ancient Egyptians held cats in such high regard.

As puts it, “The animals were initially adopted as useful predators in ancient Egypt and gradually became symbols of divinity and protection.”

Of course, if you have a serious problem, you ought to call in pest control professionals.

Cats Are Cute

If you spent any time on Facebook, you realize that social media is full of cute cat photos and memes. Such memes, for instance, often emphasize their independence in humorous ways.

A common theme, in fact, is cats viewing their owners as mere can openers. However, as cat owners know, this is not the entire truth. When you are feeling down, your cat will cuddle up in your lap and cheer you up.

However, it is true that they express affection on their own terms and are less needy. These facts have damaged their reputation a bit in the eyes of the unknowing.

Cats Are Less Costly

While price varies according to the breed you are purchasing, cats tend to be less costly. This includes purchasing the pet itself as well as other costs such as replacing destroyed dog toys.

Cats Usually Live Longer

Lastly, while a pet’s lifespan is dependent upon a variety of factors, ranging from exercise and nutrition to genetics, cats tend to live longer. And as any pet owner knows, losing a cat or dog can be just as heartbreaking as losing a family member.

Wrap Up

All things considered, cats clearly make great pets. Regardless of which pet you decide to purchase though, we hope you found our article interesting and informative.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your future pets.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Dogs and cats are both wonderful pets, but there is one big difference that makes cats much better in some ways than dogs.

Cats want to be with you all the time and they love to snuggle up next to you when they do. Dogs may enjoy being around people sometimes, but usually don’t like it if someone is trying to pet them all the time.

Cats are also much cleaner than dogs. They groom themselves all the time and don’t need to be taken for walks in the rain or snow. Dogs need to be bathed frequently and can track mud and dirt into your house.

Cats are also much quieter than dogs. They don’t bark or make noise unless there is something wrong. Dogs can be very loud and disruptive, especially when they are left alone during the day.

Finally, cats are much cheaper to take care of than dogs. They don’t need expensive food or toys and you don’t have to pay for their vaccinations or annual check-ups. Dogs can be very costly, especially if they get sick or need surgery.

Overall, cats make much better pets than dogs in many ways. They are more affectionate, cleaner, quieter, and less expensive to take care of. If you are looking for a new pet, be sure to consider a cat!

Cats prefer human interaction

1. Cats want to be with you all the time and they love to snuggle up next to you when they do

2. Cats are also much cleaner than dogs as they groom themselves all the time

3. They don’t need to be taken for walks in the rain or snow

4. Dogs can be very loud and disruptive, especially when left alone during the day

5. Cats are much cheaper to take care of as they don’t need expensive food or toys

6. You also don’t have to pay for their vaccinations or annual check-ups

7. If you are looking for a new pet, be sure to consider a cat!

Domesticated house cats

Cats make much better pets than dogs for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is that they are domesticated house cats. Dogs are domesticated as well, but cats have been living with humans for thousands of years, so they are more used to human interaction and love being around people. They will follow you around the house, sit on your lap, and sleep next to you at night, and they don’t need to be taken for walks or given baths. Cats are also much cleaner than dogs, as they groom themselves all the time, and they don’t bark or make noise unless there is something wrong. Finally, cats are much cheaper to take care of than dogs, as they don’t need expensive food or toys, and you don’t have to pay for their vaccinations or annual check-ups. Overall, cats make much better pets than dogs in many ways, so if you are looking for a new pet, be sure to consider a cat!

Routine veterinary expenses tend

The routine veterinary expenses for a cat typically include vaccinations, annual check-ups, and routine deworming. These routine expenses are generally much cheaper for a cat than they are for a dog. Additionally, cats typically don’t need as much expensive food as dogs do, and they don’t need toys or other accessories. Therefore, overall, the routine veterinary expenses for a cat are generally much cheaper than those for a dog.

Personal space for cats

While cats do enjoy being around people, they also need their own personal space. Cats like to have their own areas where they can relax and feel safe, so be sure to provide them with a litter box, scratching post, and place to hide. This will make them feel more comfortable in your home and allow them to interact with you on their own terms. Additionally, be sure to give them plenty of time to themselves each day so they can rest and rejuvenate.

Indoor cat

If you are looking for a new pet, be sure to consider an indoor cat. Indoor cats make much better pets than dogs because they are cleaner, quieter, and less expensive to take care of. They also don’t need to be taken for walks in the rain or snow, and you don’t have to pay for their vaccinations or annual check-ups. Overall, cats make much better pets than dogs in many ways, so if you are looking for a new pet, be sure to consider an indoor cat!

Are cats better pets than dogs

Cats and dogs couldn’t be more different, but both make amazing pets all the same. But for some people, cats just are so much better than canines. The “why are cats better than dogs?” debate brings up the many practical and personal reasons why felines come out on top. For one, cats are more independent and don’t require a lot of attention. They are generally cleaner because they know how to groom themselves. How else are cats better than dogs?

1. Cats make you smarter and healthier.

Research shows that people who prefer cats tend to place higher on the intelligence scale compared to respondents who identified as “dog people.” It turns out that the kind of people who would take cats as pets are more insightful, open-minded, and non-conformists.

Owning a cat also helps you live a healthier and longer life, according to science. They reduce stress and anxiety and can even improve your cardiovascular health. A cat’s purr has also been found to have actual healing properties .

Are cats better pets than dogs

2. Cats don’t need daily walks.

Why are cats better than dogs? You don’t have to take them out of the house every day to let them relieve themselves. All you need is to set up a litter box and keep it fresh. Your smart cat will take care of the rest.

Dogs, being extremely social and active creatures, require taking walks for their daily exercise needs. For people who don’t have the time to do such, adopting a cat makes more sense. While cats also require exercise and play, they will be perfectly content staying indoors most of the time.

3. Cat care costs much less.

Another reason why cats are better than dogs is you spend less taking care of a cat. If you look at the expenses that come with taking care of a dog, the annual costs of taking care of a cat is about $300-$800 less, according to ASPCA . For one, dogs eat more than cats. Routine veterinary expenses tend to be more expensive for dogs than cats as well. Dog supplies like toys, leashes, and crates also cost more.

Are cats better pets than dogs

4. Cats make less of a mess and are better behaved.

When dogs get bored or anxious, they could resort to destructive behavior that might take a while to fix. In the case of cats, some of them might scratch away at your favorite chairs or couches, but setting up scratching posts in strategic places should be enough to fix the problem.

5. They chase away rodents.

Even the most domesticated cats would retain their predatory instincts. Having a cat would definitely keep harmful pests at bay—an obvious benefit of having a pet cat. Rodents won’t even dare set their paws inside your house if they detect the presence of a resident feline hunter.

6. Cats don’t make a lot of noise.

How are cats better than dogs? Dogs are in the habit of vocalizing when they’re happy, excited, or anxious. Cats are far less likely to make a fuss whenever you leave the house or arrive home from work. They like to keep to themselves. While cat anxiety can occur, cats in general are capable of entertaining themselves. As long as their basic needs are provided for, they would be more than sleeping on their cozy beds for most of the day .

7. They have better hygiene.

Cats don’t require baths as often as dogs because they’re perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves. With adequate litter box training and upkeep, you can be sure that your pet cat won’t make a mess anywhere in the house.

Cats know how to groom and self-bathe. Ever notice how cats never smell the way dogs do? If a cat’s fur looks unkempt, it’s a clear indication that he may be suffering from cat anxiety or a health problem.

8. Cats live longer.

One of the downsides of having a pet is knowing that their precious time with us is regrettably short. For dogs, the average life span is anywhere between eight to 11 years. Cats live much longer for an average of ten to 15 years. Indoor cats are found to live much longer than outdoor cats .

Are cats better pets than dogs

9. Cats are less likely to run away.

If you’re caring for an indoor cat, there’s little to no chance of your pet ever running away. An outdoor cat would be a little more adventurous but all cats have a pretty solid way of finding their way back home . Dogs are more likely to run away from home if they find an escape. Cats, especially ones raised indoors, are perfectly happy lounging, napping, or sleeping within the comforts of home.

10. Cats are better—ecologically speaking.

You may have never spared a single thought about how a pet can impact the environment. But did you know that a medium-sized dog leaves a carbon footprint twice as much a standard SUV, every year? This is because of the amount of meat a dog consumes. Because they eat less, cats leave a smaller carbon footprint and are actually better for the environment.


Cats are internet-famous for many reasons. It’s easy to see why cats are better than dogs. In terms of maintenance and care, cats are simply much easier to look after than dogs. They don’t require constant attention, they eat less, are perfectly happy indoors, and don’t make messes or lots of noise. They require less space, less training, and won’t need a lot of your time and energy because of their independent nature. Cats may seem less affectionate but this only makes it more meaningful if you gain the absolute trust of your pet cat.

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Science demonstrates that both cats and dogs can provide health and social benefits to humans – and both cat owners and dog owners are quick to tell you how much their preferred pet improves their happiness and quality of life.

But science tells us there are some unique benefits that come with cats. Here’s some validation for the cat people out there:

1. Cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

Last year, researchers from Carroll University in Wisconsin completed a study on the personality differences between people who identified as “cat people” versus “dog people.” One of the study’s most provocative findings was that cat people scored higher on intelligence than dog people.

This doesn’t mean that going out and getting a cat will magically make you smarter. It simply suggests that the kind of people who have personalities that are attracted to cats are more likely to score higher on intelligence. This result could be related to the study’s other findings, which indicated that cat people are more introverted, more open-minded, and more likely to be nonconformists rather than rule-followers.

2. Cats have a smaller carbon footprint than dogs.

They argued that a medium-sized dog has a carbon footprint twice that of your standard SUV, just based on the amount of meat the dog would consume in an average year. Meat requires a notoriously large amount of resources to produce, including both land and energy.

Cats, being smaller and therefore eating less, have a carbon footprint equal to a small Volkswagen, the authors argued — still a hefty amount, but much better than that of your average dog.

It’s true that cats can hurt the environment in other ways. Recent research suggests that outdoor cats kill billions of birds and other small animals every year. But one could also argue that this is another reason to adopt cats and get them off the street — provided you pledge to keep them indoors.

3. Cats are less slobbery than dogs.

No, really — there’s a scientific reason for this one. A study conducted by researchers at Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that cats are much more efficient than dogs when it comes to drinking water.

Dogs smash their tongues into the water’s surface with a force up to eight times that of gravity, splashing and causing a mass. But cats delicately dip their tongues into the water with a force up to twice that of gravity, neatly pulling up a column of liquid to swallow.

4. Owning a cat may reduce your risk of dying from a heart attack.

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota showed that people who owned cats were nearly 40% less likely to die of a heart attack than those who had never owned a cat.

Numerous studies have suggested that pets, including cats, dogs, and other animals, are capable of reducing stress in their human companions. In fact, pet therapy is now a popular treatment for the sick and the elderly. Research has shown that both cats and dogs can lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension .

But while cats and dogs share all kinds of similar health benefits for their humans, in this particular study dog owners did not seem to enjoy the same benefit as cat owners.

5. Cats are cheaper than dogs.

Dogs are bigger than cats, on average, and are likely to run up higher food bills as a result. They also tend to require more toys, supplies, and services than cats, including crates, leashes, collars, and training classes. Routine veterinary expenses tend to be higher for dogs than for cats.

And the ASPCA tally doesn’t even factor in expenses such as boarding or dog-walking when the pet owners are away, expenses which are often bigger for dogs than for cats.

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Many people today own a pet or some sort, but the most popular are dogs and cats. Everyone has their own particular reason for their choice of pet, but I prefer cats over dogs because cats are more independent than dogs. Firstly you never have to worry about trying to fit in 2 or 3 walks every day because with cats you don’t need that. For example, if you were tired or sick and you had a dog, you would still need to walk him/her.

Or, it would cost money to hire someone else to walk your dog and it is a headache to arrange. Lastly you could put down enough food and drink and the cat would eat and drink when hungry or thirsty. A dog, on the other hand wouldn’t be able to regulate how much it should eat. Also a cat can go to the bathroom in a litter box, but a dog would need someone to take it out on a walk in order to go to the bathroom.

“ This writer never make an mistake for me always deliver long before due date. Am telling you man this writer is absolutely the best. ”

Secondly cats are much quieter pets than dogs especially during times when you want to sleep or relax.

For example; let’s say an individual has a tiring day of work and wants to relax. They finally get comfortable when their dog hears a sound outside or sees another dog and starts barking uncontrollably whereas cats keep any moods they have to themselves. Cats do not feel a need to share their opinions with everyone around them.

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They keep quiet and do not bother with meowing at strangers. When friends arrive at your home, a dog goes into frenzy, barking, leaping and pawing at the newcomer. While the dog does everything possible for approval, from racing around the room to bouncing like a basketball, the cat is usually nowhere to be seen. Cats prefer to observe new arrivals from afar. Maybe, if the cat is in the mood, she’ll come out to acknowledge this new person with a tail twitch, a cautious once-over.

But that’s it. No effusive greetings, no jumping on laps or humping of legs. Lastly, cats make noise only when they need to not because they can. For example, if a dog is hungry he will not let you know he simply expects the owner to remember and if the owner accidentally forgets the dog will go hungry. Cats, on the other hand, will meow and purr constantly until their owner finally has enough and remembers that they have to feed their cat. Because cats are quieter than dogs, except when they need to be, they make the best pets. Thirdly, cats take much better care of themselves compared to dogs. Cats do not require baths due to the fact that cats clean themselves. For example, let’s say an individual has a busy day and when they wake up they notice their dog smells horrific however they do not have time to bathe the dog so the individual is stuck with a smelly dog all day running around their house. Cats will simply lick themselves clean and do not do much to get smelly.

According to Animal Planet, wild or domestic cats spend up to one-third of their time self-grooming. Secondly, cats do not need to be let outside to go to the bathroom; they have the common courtesy to do their business in the litter box, instead of all over your house and yard. Just one of the many reasons cats rule and dogs drool – literally. Also cats take much better care or their toys. You can give a cat a new toy to play with and it’ll keep it in its basket and it will last for a couple of years but a dog can demolish a new toy in five minutes flat. In conclusion, cats are much better pets than dogs. They can clean themselves: you don’t have to spend time walking them and finally, you can go away for the weekend and a cat can look after itself. They don’t require as much attention as others which is why they are much better pets.

Are cats better pets than dogs

What’s smarter: cats or dogs? This is not an easy question to answer, particularly for dog and cat people. It’s almost impossible not to be biased!

However, to give you a quick answer to this question, cats are smarter than dogs in some areas. But dogs are ahead of cats due to the number of brain cells they have and the length of time that they have been domesticated.

Basically, there isn’t a simple answer to the question, so keep reading to learn more. We go into the science of it all, what makes cats come out on top, and where dogs have the advantage over cats.

Brain Smarts

You might be surprised to learn that a scientist actually counted the number of neurons in cats’ and dogs’ brains. Suzana Herculano-Houzel is a Brazilian neuroscientist, and she found that the dog’s brain has about 530 million neurons and that the cat’s brain has around 250 million.

Herculano-Houzel’s study does indicate that scientifically speaking, dogs can be considered smarter than cats. But is this accurate?

Different Brains Means Different Smarts

According to an article in Psychology Today, cats have much better long-term memory than dogs. This is particularly true when they learn through their actions instead of through observation. But when it comes to social tasks, dogs come out on top of cats.

Researcher and educator of cat behavior, human and cat interaction, and cat social cognition Kristyn Vitale has said that it’s pointless to compare the intelligence between different animal species. Each species is intelligent in its own unique way.

For example, dogs can be trained as search-and-rescue or guide dogs, whereas cats are much more accomplished hunters than dogs. It can be assumed that cats are actually smart enough to be trained the same way, but the question is, would they want to? This quote encapsulates the cat mindset: “Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow” (Jeff Valdez).

Beyond using training as a measure for intelligence, you can also look at self-sufficiency. Cats are more than capable of fending for themselves. They can locate and hunt down their own food and groom themselves. Dogs are highly dependent on people for these things. The cautious yet curiosity-seeking behavior of cats is definitely confirmation of their smarts.

The Independent and Stubborn Cat

Are cats better pets than dogs

Image Credit: Jenny Margarette, Shutterstock

If you’ve ever lived with a cat, you know how independent and uncooperative they can be. In fact, there are few studies on the intelligence of cats because of how challenging it is to do. Conversely, there’s a multitude of studies done on dogs because they tend to be more cooperative.

According to Science Magazine, by 2004, there were many papers and studies carried out on canine intelligence but none on cats. Since then, there have been a few studies on cats, but researchers have discovered they are not the most cooperative subjects and tend to drop out.

A 2013 study found that cats can recognize their owner’s voice but often choose not to respond to it (you can read more about it at Smithsonian Magazine). Most cat owners are probably not surprised to hear this.

The thought is that since cats were never trained the way that dogs have been, they have a much higher degree of independence. They also haven’t been domesticated for as long as dogs, which gives dogs the advantage.

How About Those Dogs?

Are cats better pets than dogs

Image Credit: Reddogs, Shutterstock

Dr. Stanley Coren is a psychologist and canine researcher, and his studies have shown that dogs have the intelligence of a 2- to a 2.5-year-old child. They can understand more than 150 words and can be sneaky with people and other dogs just to get treats.

The smartest breed of them all is the Border Collie, which can understand up to 250 words! Dogs are also capable of interpreting human emotions.

Coren places dog intelligence into three categories: instinctive, adaptive, and obedience.

At first I want to say that having a cat isn’t really differ that much from not owning a cat. But the cats haughty, temperamental and most of the time they behave like you don’t exist. On the other hand, dogs are very loyal, cuddly, fun loving, playful and best of all, love you earnestly.

Dogs are purely fun loving animals that run with a flock of their inheritance. Cats are much feminine and moody or spoil animals that like to behave as per its mood. When it comes down to the choice of pointing out the better one, dogs are always better pets than cats.

Cats don’t love litter boxes. No matter how well you want to make them feel comfortable, there always seems to be a never-ending odor. It’s very difficult to find a good place to put the litter box within the space of a small house, making the stinky and dusty.

Whereas, the dogs don’t need any litter boxes. They can be trained in house and also try to stick to a proper schedule. They can do their business during the walks around the neighborhood. You only have to clear up the poop, not the urine which you have to clear in the case with the litter boxes. And as for cleaning up the poop, you can simply use poop bags very easily .

There is only some minimum play which you can do with your cat. Almost all cats can play on their own, they don’t need the company of any people.

On the other hand, dogs always love the company of you. They will always try to play and have fun with you at all times. They don’t like to stay or play on their own, thus always giving you company.

Cats are usually very sensitive to the environments and they don’t like any sort of change. Whereas many dogs have the ability to accept various changes more easily, especially when their owners try to show them that it’s no big deal. Of course, there can be found various species of fearful dogs but maximum numbers of dogs often behave in a calmer way in the face of significant alterations to their everyday lifestyles.

When it comes to the fact o introducing to some new people or items to your house or moving to a new place, cats in many cases need more time to adapt to the new environment. They don’t trust their owners decisions blindly, that all is well. But most dogs take their feeling by watching their owners. If the owner is cool and calm and when that new person or thing comes in your door, in most cases your dog will remain cool, too.

It is not a cat’s specialty to defend you and your house. Cats are more used to run and hide while facing a trouble. But, most dogs are tending to protect their owners and their home in front of any danger. At least they will bark out shout to make you aware about the incoming danger. The little ones may not have the strength to fight off intruders, but they’ll certainly alert you as per their ability about the danger.

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  • cognition
  • intelligence

Dog people and cat people have an age-old debate about which animal makes a better pet. Dog owners brag about canine intelligence, and cat lovers reply that cats are as just smart as dogs, they simply can’t be bothered to obey. Well, new research published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy seems to support the argument that dogs might actually be smarter than cats.

Debora Jardim-Messeder and her colleagues looked at the brains of animals in the order Carnivora, a group of mammals that contains bears, seals, and raccoons, as well as our domesticated cats and dogs. The purpose of the study was to explore the link between brain size and the number of neurons (specialized cells that transmit information) in the brain. If brain size is equal in different animals, the higher the number of neurons, the more densely packed those neurons are.

The researchers were particularly interested in the cerebral cortex – the part of the brain linked with intelligence – because it controls complex thought processes such as decision-making and planning. The more densely packed the neurons are in a species’ cerebral cortex, the more intelligent that species is considered to be. For example, primates, renowned for their smarts, have brains with very dense neurons.

Eight species of Carnivora were included in the study, with one or two sample animals from each species. The one domestic cat and the two dogs (one Golden Retriever and one dog of unspecified breed) used by the researchers died of natural causes, and their bodies were donated to science. Images were made of the structure of each animal’s brain, and the brain’s weight was measured for purposes of size comparison. Then, to determine the exact number of neurons, each brain was dissolved, and the number of cells in a sample of the resulting liquid was counted under a microscope. This sample count was used to estimate the number of cells in the complete brain.

Not Just a Case of Bigger Brains

Results showed that the dogs, having larger brains to begin with, had more than twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortex as the domestic cat, with around 530 million cortical neurons to the cat’s 250 million. (For comparison, there are billions of neurons in the human brain.) Because the brain relies on neurons to process information, the more neurons an animal has in its cerebral cortex, the more information it can process, and the richer its mental capabilities likely are. This means that dogs have the potential for more complex and flexible behavior than cats.

But it wasn’t simply a case of the dog having a bigger brain than the cat. The Golden Retriever’s brain, in particular, had even more cortical neurons than the African lion and brown bear also included in the study, even though the lion and bear had far larger cerebral cortices than the dog. In other words, the dog packed more neurons into a smaller space. It seems that thousands of years of living domestically with humans hasn’t hurt our canine companion’s intelligence.

Before dog people start saying, “I told you so,” to their cat-loving friends, it’s important to keep in mind that the researchers looked at a very small sample size. There was only one cat and two dogs in the study. However, it’s almost certain that the trend would stay the same, even with more animals included. The neuron counts were too far apart to simply be a case of individual variation.

More importantly, the scientists didn’t test the intelligence of living dogs and cats with animal IQ tests or even observe the animals’ behavior. The results are based on brain cells alone. So, although dogs have greater potential than cats, we have no proof they are using their brains’ full capabilities. In truth, there is no better animal at being a cat than a cat, and nothing can be a dog quite as well as a dog. And as for which one makes the better pet? It all depends on who you ask.

Dogs and cats are both domesticated animals alike and are in most homes. People love them both, but one is better than the other. It mainly comes down to preference and opinion, but facts support these five points.

“Dogs are Better than Cats”

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Statistics obviously do not lie. They show that 36% of pet owners like cats, but 74% like dogs. Stats show that people obviously like dogs more than cats. Statistics also shows that dog owners are happier than cat owners. Scientists have proven that dogs are smarter than cats, too.

Friendliness will lean families to one pet or another. Parents want the pet to be safer for their kids. Research shows that Dogs show their emotions more than cats do. Dogs will mainly be friendly to you unless they feel threatened. It takes more time to gain trust from a cat than it is from a dog. Neuroscientists also proved that when dogs play with their owners, five times the amount of oxytocin is released in their brains. This means dogs will be way happier with their owners than cats will.

People often cuddle with their pets, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If a person is looking for a pet to cuddle with, dogs are the way to go. Dogs cuddle up with their owners, but cats are more territorial and keep their own space, but cats do sometimes cuddle, just not as much as dogs. Cats will often wander away from home, spending more time outdoors than with their owners. Cats also mostly walk up to their owners and will not let their owners walk up to them.

Cats are way more selfish than dogs. Cats are often self-centered while dogs love their owners more than they love themselves. Dogs serve in the military and police force, and dogs will attack anyone who harms their owner. Research shows that cats have a less emotional attachment to their owners than dogs do.

Dogs are very playful. When the owner is ready to have fun, the dog is always up for it. Dogs are way more playful than cats are. Cats will often refuse to learn tricks, while dogs can learn many tricks at a time. Cats are also super lazy and will often sleep on average 16 hours a day, while dogs only sleep on average 12-14 hours.

Finally, dogs and cats are very good pets alike. Dogs and cats are both very cute, but dogs are how to go. Cats will sleep all day and not care about their owners, but dogs will treat their owner’s right.

Today (August 26, 2019) is National Dog Day; a day where owners and their four-legged best friends can spend the day together walking in the park or paw-tying at home.

But one argument that continues to go unresolved is whether dogs are better than cats. Like a dog with a bone, Newsweek started digging into scientific research to find the answer.

Dogs have more neurons than cats

This might not mean a lot when it comes down to who gives the best snuggles, but it does give some insight into which animal is smarter. Research from a collective of academics, including Vanderbilt University and the University of California, found that dogs had around 500 million neurons in their cerebral cortex, double the amount of a cat.

This means that dogs have more awareness and better predictability when it comes to events based on what they’ve experienced in the past.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Dogs have cancer-detecting noses

Working dogs at Penn Vet are being trained to detect Ovarian Cancer, also known as the “Silent Killer” as it does not display symptoms until the advanced stages.

“We’ve always known that dogs have an incredible sense of smell; I like to say that they ‘smell in color,'” says Dr. Cindy Otto, executive director of the center. “What we’re trying to do with this study is harness that remarkable ability to inform and create an electronic system for detecting early-stage ovarian cancer.”

More recently, The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published research that showed dogs could correctly identify lung cancer. According to the research, three dogs were able to “correctly identify the cancer samples.”

Cat allergies are worse than dogs

According to research by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, one in seven children, aged between six and 19, are allergic to cats, double that of those allergic to dogs. As reported in Live Science, the reason cat allergies are more common is to do with the size and shape a protein molecule found on cat skin.

Mark Larché, an immunology professor at McMaster University in Ontario, confirms that the protein from cats skin is so small and light that “it can stay airborne for hours,” whereas dog allergens do not stay airborne for as long.

Dogs are better for your health

While research has shown that cats are great for emotional well-being and make great therapy animals, studies have shown that dogs are better for different aspects of our lives.

Research published in the European Journal of Medical Research found that dogs contribute positively to the lifestyle of older people, as well as helping them cover an average daily distance of 1,500 meters (0.95 miles). A report by Harvard Medical School also links the ownership of a dog with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

About six in 10 Americans own either a cat or a dog; two in 10 own both


PRINCETON, NJ — In the perennial argument over which species of animal — canines or felines — are “man’s best friend,” a new Gallup poll suggests that Americans overall have given their heartfelt endorsement to the traditional favorite. By a margin of 73% to 23%, Americans say that dogs, rather than cats, are the “better pet.” These results are similar to those found five and a half years ago, when a Gallup poll also found dogs the winner by more than a three-to-one margin, 65% to 20%.

The public’s widespread pro-canine sentiments are not simply a reflection of greater dog ownership, as the poll shows only a relatively slight advantage in the number of dog owners over cat owners. Overall, 45% of Americans own one or more dogs, while 34% own one or more cats. The perceptual advantage dogs have over cats comes not just from dog owners, but from the 41% of Americans who currently own neither a cat nor a dog, as well as the 20% of Americans who own both. Those who own only dogs, of course, express the most lopsided sentiment in favor of that pet, with 93% saying dogs are better and just 6% choosing cats. But people who own both cats and dogs — and, presumably, ought to have the best insight into such delicate matters — also opt for dogs, by 75% to 18%. People who don’t even own a pet, who perhaps are just reacting to the different reputations of the two animals, favor dogs by a similar margin of 72% to 24%. Only people who own cats — and cats alone — constitute a pro-cat majority, as 61% of this group choose their furry felines as the better pet. Still, more than a third of these exclusive cat owners — 35% — rate dogs as better.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Cat Owners Have More Cats Than Dog Owners Have Dogs, But Still There Are More Dogs Than Cats Nationwide
The poll shows that 25% of all Americans own only a dog, 14% own only a cat, and 20% own both. Cat owners tend to have more cats per household than dog owners have dogs, but the number is not so great as to suggest there are actually more pet cats in this country than pet dogs. Among cat owners, the average number of cats in the household is 2.1, compared with 1.8 dogs among dog owners. However, when the total number of cats and dogs is compared across all households, Gallup results suggest that for every 100 households in the country, there are about 79 dogs and 68 cats. (These results say nothing about stray animals, since the question asked respondents how many cats and dogs they “owned.” There could be more stray cats than dogs, or vice versa, which would affect how many of each animal are actually in the country.)

In a 1996 Gallup poll, the average number of dogs among the 43% of people who owned dogs was 1.5, smaller than the current measure; and the average number of cats among the 31% who were cat owners was 2.11, higher than the current number. Those numbers translated into about 64.5 dogs and 65.4 cats per one hundred households, causing Gallup analysts to conclude that there were “marginally” more pet cats than pet dogs in the country at that time. In the two previous polls conducted by Gallup, in 1990 and 1956, not only did dog owners outnumber cat owners, but the number of dogs also outnumbered cats. These results are shown in the table below:

Are cats better pets than dogs

It’s time to put a stop to the endless debate of which are better pets: cats or dogs? To be honest, the fight has long since finished, but neither side seems to want to back down.

They’re More Polite

Have dinner guests coming over? Cats are the best pets to have around when that happens. Dogs are likely to get overexcited around new people; barking, running around, and showing off to gain the new humans’ approval. Dogs might also scare cats.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Meanwhile, a cat will simply observe the newcomers from afar, and if it’s feeling a bit more social, will head over for a closer look and give an acknowledgement with a twitch of a tail. If you want to host a peaceful get together which doesn’t end up with someone’s leg getting humped, cats are the way to go.

Cats Are Comical

There’s a reason why cats have taken up the internet by storm. They’re often found in a lot of comical albeit cute scenarios more than dogs ever are. I’m pretty sure that there’s another new cat meme coming up as you read this, and there will continue to be more because of the sheer amount of people who enjoy watching cats’ antics and show of serious feline attitude. Yes, yes, u can haz a burger.

If you’ve seen your cat kicking itself though, you might want to read this.

Less Noise

Cats are definitely less vocal than dogs. Dogs keep you up with their barking, whether it’s because they’re happy, scared, threatening, or complaining. It’s no surprise they’re called woofers and subwoofers, they sound like constantly playing speakers. Cats? They’re so much more quiet. They generally keep their feelings to themselves, and they barely meow. Even when they do, it’s got nothing to the volume of an over-excited dog. At times, cats express themselves through purrs and hisses, but nothing louder. You and your neighbors will get better sleep with cats around.

More Careful With Toys

There’s no mistake about it, you see a damaged toy, chances are it belongs to a dog. Cats take more care of their toys than dogs, and their common indulgence with them is to hide them and keep them safe. A dog gets a new toy, he gets to chewing and tearing it apart in a few minutes (sometimes the toys or parts even end up getting eaten even when they’re not supposed to).

Are cats better pets than dogs

Low Maintenance

Dogs need to be walked, regardless of the circumstances. Meanwhile, cats take care of their own business in the automatic litter box. Dogs need your constant attention, while cats are perfectly content doing their own stuff without you around. They’re largely independent, which means that they can take care of themselves most of the time. That just means less time for you to worry about them, unlike with dogs who need supervision a lot of the time. Did I mention that walking the dog needs to be done more than once a day?

You Get Gifts

Cats give you gifts, dogs… don’t. It brings a cat pleasure to have given its owner a gift, whether it comes in the form of a hunted bird, creature, or a toy found around in the house. Unlike with dogs, when you get a presented with a toy you are required to throw it away only for the dog to get it again and present it to you, repeat until fade. Presents are a cat’s ultimate show of loyalty and devotion, and no matter how nauseating the dead mouse smell is, remember to thank your cat for its tribute to you.


There’s no sound or feeling better in the world than a cat’s purr. Purring indicates that your cat is content. And just hearing that sound will ensure that you are too. What do dogs do when they’re happy? Yep, they bark. Again. Purring is simply the epitome of relaxation, both for your cat and you. There’s something soothing about my Ragdoll Mix’s purr.

So there you have it, cats trump dogs any day, any time (I know I’m being biased). They’re such a joy to be around, and they’re less of a hassle to take care of. There’s no better pet than a cat, and you know you’ve truly succeeded in life when a cat shows its affection to you.

Are cats better pets than dogs

I personally like both, but don’t own either. I would LOVE to own a cat someday, but because I am highly allergic (i.e sneeze, get cold-like symptoms when I am too close to a cat) probably not a good idea for me.

Are cats better pets than dogs

Animal lovers have long debated between cats and dogs as being the preferred companion. Dog enthusiasts tout their four-legged favorite as having a longer list of virtues, such as being better exercise partners and more loyal pets. Devotees of hounds also have concluded that their pets may suffer fewer health ailments than their feline counterparts.

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Dogs and their owners share a bond that is as intense as the connection between mothers and their children, says Kate Douglas in “New Scientist: Dogs Vs. Cats: The Great Pet Showdown.” Cats are independent and aloof, whereas dogs are accustomed to moving in packs and instinctively seek attachments. Douglas notes that dogs’ behavior resembles babies, who are confident and comfortable in the presence of their mothers but become agitated when separated. That’s why canine owners cite the unconditional love of dogs as a chief advantage over cats.


A dog owner can slip a leash on his pet and head outdoors for some exercise. The master and his animal might play Frisbee, jog through a park or take a long stroll through the neighborhood. “You can’t take a cat with you on a run!” according to Freddie R. Bubble in “About Dogs: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats.” In its online article titled “Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Rule,” K9 Magazine further endorses the theory that dog owners are healthier by referencing a Belfast study that concluded that dog owners experience lower cholesterol and blood pressure and recover more quickly from heart attacks.


Most dogs endure baths, while a cat generally will refuse to step into her owner’s bathtub for a routine shampoo. “Dogs are so obedient that they will let you give them a bath quite easily, while a cat will struggle the entire time,” writes Freddy R. Bubble in “About Dogs: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats.” Likewise, feline owners must clean litter boxes, but dog owners only have to open their doors and allow their pets to step outside (but don’t forget the bag).


Fido can be trained to fetch his owner’s slippers and newspaper or to sit, heel and beg. On the other hand, cats are incorrigible. “The dogs are very obedient creatures and will sit or lie down or heel on command unlike the cats who will just smirk and walk away,” says dog lover and author Freddy R. Bubble. He further contends that canines make great watchdogs but cats could never be relied upon to come to the aid of a master in trouble.


New York Times best-selling author Bradley Trevor Greive and acclaimed photographer Rachael Hale collaborated to outline reasons why dogs outshine cats. In their book “Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats,” they contend that dogs are social while cats are sociopaths. Dogs warm up to people, but people have to warm up to cats. Dogs want lots of love, but cats only want lots of fish. Hounds teach humans to be patient, while felines test people’s patience.

Dogs and cats are amongst the most preferred animals that people choose as pets. But which one do you think is better though: a dog or a cat? According to scientific research, cats seem better pets than dogs because they are autonomous, low maintenance, and cleaner.

However, if we consider other perspectives relating to our bond with our pet, dogs definitely sideline cats. If you’re looking for reasons why dogs can be better than cats, this article is for you as it focuses on the qualities that dogs have as opposed to cats and why they are a better fit for your household.

A Dog Is Loyal And Caring

Whatever your state of mind is, happy, angry, or tired, which one will be waiting for you to come back home, wagging his tail and happy to greet you? Your dog, of course. Cats will most likely treat you indifferently and mind their own business, but dogs will be definitely delighted to see you. They are also capable of understanding if you’re not feeling ok and will try to comfort you.

A Dog Has A Strong Character

Parents usually welcome a dog into their family, especially for developing a sense of responsibility in their kids. Dogs have a great power of understanding. They can follow human gestures and listen to voice commands. They have a better character, and are more docile and obedient, whereas cats tend to be more selfish and won’t simply listen to you, because they are capable of handling things on their own.

A Dog Can Be Easily Trained

One thing that you will know for sure is that dogs don’t need litter for their bathroom needs, since you walk them out for this purpose. You can train them on how to control peeing and pooping and they won’t do it in the house, hence no bad smell.

In contrast, cats depend on the litter box for physiological needs and you need to potty train them immediately after bringing them into your home, otherwise, they will do it elsewhere. And if you want to get rid of the smell, you need to clean all the time.

Also, dogs enjoy training time because it means spending time with you and although are eager to receive a treat afterward, they are in fact very happy and more responsible. With cats, it’s a bit different, because they may just take the snack and bail on you when they don’t feel like doing it. They are not as submissive as dogs are.

A Dog Is Man’s Best Friend

Dogs do not judge you and show you, unconditional love. They look at you but don’t disapprove of your behavior. For them, you are the only and most important person (until it comes to their favorite food, of course).

Cats, on the other hand, can be very judgemental, or at least this is the impression they leave you most of the time. Dogs will make you laugh more. They engage themselves in several activities and sometimes can act so foolish that you can’t help laughing.

A Dog Can Be As Adventurous As You Are

Hiking, walking on a beach, or running in the park are some of the activities that you can do with your dog as well. Dogs love nature and you can take them with you wherever you want to go and because they are obedient and loyal companions, you don’t have to worry about them running away from you.

Dogs and cats are both wild animals who adopted the new habitat. It would be difficult to say which one is better. Both the animals are adorable and loyal to their owners. Cats are mostly preferred as a pet because they don’t need much care. They keep themselves clean and neat.

We will try to distinguish the positive and negative traits of the dog and cats to find which one is better among them.

Ten reasons why cats are better than dogs

1) Less space required

The cats can live in a small space. Cat does not need a large size area or bed to sleep. They circle their body to make a comfortable sleeping posture. Cats don’t need unique accommodation to live in the home.

Cats can even share the bed with you if you allow them. The dog needs a particular area to sleep. As they grow, the dog will occupy more space in the home.

Having a dog is like having a person in the home. You have to take care of their accommodation else; the dog will feel discomfort in the house and bark all the time.

2) Adorable

Compared to the dog, cats are naturally adorable. From childhood, the cat will have soft fur that feels great. Also, cats are very playful. As well as cats are so cute. You will find them playing with the toys, exploring the things around them, chasing you all the time when you are at home.

They do everything that makes you adore them and find the way in your heart. Dogs may not be too active except when they are a child. After that, the dogs prefer to stay away most of the time and only interact when it is dinner time.

3) Perfectly Content

Cats would prefer staying in the home all the time without making any noise and showing discomfort. Therefore, a cat prefers an indoors-only lifestyle. In contrast, the dogs want to go out and like to play in the open ground.

They prefer open spaces where they can run, jump, and enjoy nature. They want to lot of exercise such as walking and exploring the new things they find on the path. Having a dog would add extra work to your plate.

4) Quit nature

Cats generally stay pretty in the home. They only produce the meow sound when they want to express something such as hunger or pain. Then, the cat develops the pattern that tells them when it is time to eat.

They start making the sound only when it is time for lunch or dinner. The whole time cat will be sitting in the home or sleeping. Dogs bark more and express with the loud noise.

They also react to any activities happening around the house with the barking. It may disturb you and make you feel anxious when your dog reacts to ordinary things.

5) Kitten need less caring than puppies

Their mother generally takes kittens’ care. As a result, they are immune to survive in difficult situations. In addition, the cat takes care of the sanitation of the kitten, so the chances of falling sick are lesser compared to the puppies.

A low amount of caring or attention is needed to protect the kitten. Puppies need more attention starting from their diet plan, cleanliness, sleep, etc. They also find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. So you have to control their new place regularly and make them comfortable.

6) Natural Hunters

Pest free home is one of the benefits you enjoy when you have a cat in the house. The cats are born hunters, so they keep anything that roams around the home away from their living space. Stalking the insects is in their DNA.

Any insect they find in the home will immediately jump over it and ensure that it goes out of the house. However, you should ensure that your cat doesn’t eat the bug or mouse. Eating them may make the cat sick.

7) Less effort in a little box

Cat uses a litter box for a toilet. It is easy to clean the litter box than spending hours walking your dog in the park.

You can strategically place the container in the home, so the cat can immediately use them whenever needed.

For example, you do not need to take your cat for a walk in the summer or the freezing temperature. A cat can stay all the time indoors without needing to go out without reason.

8) Cat groom itself

One of the qualities that pet lovers appreciate about the cat is its cleanliness. The cat grooms every day without fail. Even if they come from the outside thoroughly wet in the rain, they will soak themselves with their tongue.

Dog does not have such natural skill. They will stay dirty all the time. The owner has to perform the cleaning session to keep their dog clean.

Do love to roll around on the ground and mud, which add more dirt to their body. Do require routine bathing and grooming session to keep them clean and healthy.

9) Cat reads the facial expression

Cats have a natural ability to know what is going on in your life. As you start spending more time with your cat, they begin recognizing the pattern to understand how you react to certain activities.

For example, when you express yourself as happy, the cat will join you and start playing with you.

When you come from a busy day and need personal space, the cat will read your frustration and stress and give you room to relax. The cat will not disturb you until they see you have recovered from the stress.

10) Health benefits

It is considered the cat is one of the animals that help people to reduce stress and anxiety. The purring sound the cat makes enables the person to feel relaxed. It is a kind of meditation music playing around you that slows down the neuron activities in your brain.

Also, the fur of the cat makes your sense active. When you touch your cat and take them close to cuddle them, the feel of the cat would make you comfortable. You will go into a deep sleep when your cat is around.

Are cats better pets than dogs

There are three kinds of people in the world: dog people, cat people, and those weird people who don’t like either. Whether cats or dogs make better pets is a constant debate between those old ladies who have 70 cats and those young couples who have a bunch of dogs instead of kids.

While most people are pretty stuck in their stance in the battle of dogs versus cats, maybe one of these opinions can change your mind.

Puppy Love

Dogs are man’s best friend. Cats, on the other hand, are just little moody balls of fur that hiss and purr and scratch. Dogs make much better pets than cats for so many reasons, mainly because of the fact that they are more playful, more empathetic, and more versatile.

Trying to train a cat to do simple things is like trying to teach a spider to play ping pong. It’s basically just a waste of time. They have so much attitude that you’ll be lucky if they even stop scraping you when you yell at them. But dogs are easily trained. Just get some treats and look up a few YouTube videos and you’ll have your furry friend sitting and rolling over in no time. You can even teach them more complicated tricks to impress your friends and family.

In a study performed by Psychology Today, children between the ages of 3 and 6 preferred dogs over cats. Dogs are generally friendlier, calmer, and better with kids. Kent State University also found that children who are close to their dogs are more attached to their parents and have better relationships with their friends. Children get along with dogs and enjoy their company much more than they can with elusive cats.

Cats don’t even play with you.

You can play fetch or tug-of-war with a dog or even teach them to catch a Frisbee. Dogs are so playful they even love to play with sticks. All you can do with a cat is dangle a little feather object in front of their face until they try to swat it with their sharp little claws if they don’t scratch you first.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. Getting a dog means you are much less likely to send someone into a sneezing fit when they walk into your house, whereas, if you get a cat, 1 in 7 children will sneeze upon entering your house.

In 2017 and 2018, 60.2 million homes owned a pet dog, while only 47.1 million owned a cat. While these numbers don’t prove any point per se, they do still show that in the war between cats and dogs, the canines are clearly winning.

Feline Fever

As a child, I was a die-hard dog person. However, as a busy college student who felt lonely, cats started to become appealing. Now I can’t imagine my life without America’s favorite lap accessory.

What makes cats superior? For starters, they require far less maintenance and care than dogs. Cats literally clean themselves, use their own little bathroom in the house, and can make a bowl of food last for days. They aren’t constantly barking in your face or trying to beg for table scraps. In fact, they spend a fair amount of the day just sleeping.

Furthermore, cats are incredibly clever. Dogs are rather dopey most of the time; they will take attention from any human they meet and rarely figure things out on their own. Studies actually show that cats are extremely loyal to their owners and even pick up cues and emotions from their masters.

Cats also have science on their side!

People who own cats are more likely to have college degrees, less likely to suffer heart attacks, and more likely to get a good night’s sleep when their fluffy feline snuggles up in bed with them. Don’t try to argue that these are all true with dogs because according to these studies, these facts are only true of cat owners.

Personally, I love the way cats are constantly curious, permanently purring, and longing to curl up in my lap. Many people tend to agree, too, as places like cat cafes are the newest trend sweeping the country by storm. There’s just something soothing about stroking a friendly feline, hearing their motor run, and watching them kneed to get comfy. Dogs may hold the title of “man’s best friend,” but if you ask me, cats are where it’s really at.

Whether you fall on the side of cats or dogs, you probably have strong feelings about your beloved pet. Although this article may not have changed your mind, hopefully, you can now understand what people on the other side of this heated debate think. At the end of the day, we simply hope you have your own furry friend to greet you at the door. Because, after all, pets really make the best kinds of lovers.

People always argue about whether cats or dogs are better, but I think these people are missing the point. There’s one type of animal that’s way better than cats and dogs combined. Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint: go check out any other article on this site. Still can’t guess it? Wow, you’re bad at this game. The answer is fish!

So, allow me to end the great pet debate once and for all with the top five reasons why fish are the king of the pet store.

5. Variety

I’ll admit that dogs do come in many different shapes and sizes. There are dutiful German shepherds, amiable labs, and energetic beagles. Cats come in several different varieties as well, but the differences are so minor that when asked what kind of cat a person has, most people answer it with something like, “A brown one,” or “A fat one.”

Fish, on the other hand, are absurdly diverse. With over 32,000 known species of fish, they boast the most diverse group of any vertebrate animal. You’ve gotclassic fish like goldfish, frilly fish like the lionfish, enormous and dangerous fish like the great white shark (though I wouldn’t recommend trying to put one of those in your home aquarium) and bizarre fish like the seahorse.

4. They Won’t Pee on your Carpet

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Well, it’s true. Fish make the perfect pet for people who prefer an orderly house. If you want to get a cat and scoop kitty litter, or get a dog and pick clumps of hair off of your clothes, then knock yourself out.

Fish are perfectly content to hang out in the special habitat that you design for them and spend their days flitting around the fish tank for your viewing pleasure. Plus, I can promise you beyond any shadow of a doubt that you will never have to clean up a steaming pile of fish poo. The most you’ll ever have to do is a little bit of scrubbing and tank maintenance now and then, but that’s still way better than picking up dog feces with a little plastic bag. Yuck.

3. Fish are Beautiful

Even die-hard dog lovers and cat people have to acknowledge this point. There’s a good reason why all of those pedigree dog shows don’t let any other species in. If there were a fish category, suddenly all the dogs would look dull by comparison.

2. Fish are Hypoallergenic

I genuinely feel sorry for people who are allergic to America’s most common pets. I’m definitely a pet person, so I think it’d be hard not having an animal buddy to greet you when you get home from work everyday. Luckily, even the most sensitive noses can tolerate a fish tank. You could be deathly allergic to shellfish, and you could actually keep several species of shellfish in your tank without really needing to worry about it. Fish make excellent neighbors: they’re small, tidy, and considerate.

Image source:

1. Anything Dogs and Cats Can Do Fish Can Do Better

“You can cuddle with cats and dogs. ”
You can cuddle with fish, too! What’s stopping you?

“Dogs can sniff out bombs and hunt animals. A dog’s nose can save lives!”
You think fish people are going to be impressed by a good sense of smell? Ha! Bears have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom, and sharks are a close second!

“A dog can protect my home and my family.”
Haven’t you ever heard of moats? Surround your house with bull sharks and piranha, and criminals will think twice before breaking in!

“My cat can climb up my wardrobe. I’d like to see a fish do that.”
Fish can descend several miles beneath the surface of the ocean. Beat that!

“I can take my dog to the park.”
You can take your fish to the park, too!

Are cats better pets than dogs

Which house pet is better? A dog or a cat? It has been a lifelong debate between pet lovers as to which one is better. Some people say that dogs are better because of this and that, while others say that cats are much better.

But as for me, let’s just say I have reasons why I can say that cats are much better than dogs as a personal pet or a family pet. How about you? Which pet do you prefer? A cat or a dog?

Are cats better pets than dogs Are cats better pets than dogsAre cats better pets than dogs

1. They are independent.

The first reason why cats are much pets than dogs is that most of you might agree and that cats are very independent little creatures. Independent in a way that they can entertain himself if he is bored and got nothing to do. Unlike dogs that need much attention for playing around or they might do some damage if they are not careful while cats will just find something entertaining for himself.

2. They require less maintenance.

Another perks of having a cat as a pet rather than having a dog is that cats are almost maintenance free. But you need to train your little kitties when they are still young. Most cats do not need a bath because usually clean themselves. You don’t also need to trim your cat’s hair. One of the maintenance you may or may not do is to trim their claws just to prevent them from destroying or clawing your furniture.

3. They are cooler than puppies.

Another cool thing about having kittens is that they are much better and way cooler than puppies. Kittens are much cuter and they do not drool unlike puppies. No more drools of little doggies all over your floor or carpet if you got kittens as your trusty sidekick.

4. They can find food themselves.

One good thing about have cats as pets is that if you leave your cats going in and out your house, they usually can find food for themselves. Any small animals that they find might become their own little snack. Though I don’t advice letting your cats out all the time because of the dangers of the outside world or your cat might get into an accident. On the other hand, dogs are very dependent to humans about food. And if they don’t get foods just like stray dogs, they resort to searching up the garbage bin for something to eat.

5. They help get rid of pest problems.

Got pest problems in your house? Good news, cats can handle some mice and kill them. It might be also fun to watch them stalk around their prey as they hunt. Make it some sort of your entertainment as you watch them. Only disadvantage of this is that sometimes your cat will give their prey to you as a gift or as a sign of their love. Well at least your cat loves you. Better accept their gift than leave those mice running around and damaging your property and foods.

Are cats better pets than dogs Are cats better pets than dogsAre cats better pets than dogs

6. They can appreciate the littlest things.

Cats love boxes and cat enclosures. Big or small, they will fit inside that. Buy them a new cat scratching tree or a cat tower and they mostly will play on the box rather than the tree. You just have to let them get used to their new playground.

7. They are fun to have around.

One of the best reason why you should have a cat rather than a dog is because of their entertainment factor especially if you have multiple cats in your house. Watching them play with each other or scaring their playmates will bring you lots of laughs and entertainment all through the day. You won’t be disappointed with them. Place a mirror in front of your cat and it’s another channel of entertainment for you and your family.

8. They don’t require daily walks.

Another reason why cats are better than dogs is that you don’t have to give them daily walks. This is good because you don’t have to be dragged around by your dog as they walk around. This is also great because some dogs usually don’t cooperate as you give them walks and as for cats, you just leave them around the house running around and playing.

9. They don’t make too much noise.

People who prefer a silent house, a pet cat is perfect for you. Cats will not meow around without any reason. They usually meow to you when they are hungry or when they see another cat outside your house. The best thing is cats don’t bark. No more noisy barking of dogs if you choose a cat as a pet. Nothing is worse than a dog barking for food as you eat. It is just annoying especially if they are not trained.

10. They are highly trainable.

Last reason why cats are much better than dogs is that they don’t need to go outside to potty. When you have a trained cat to do his business in a litter box then your life is as smooth as a baby’s skin. Well as if you have a dog, you need to let them out to do their business and cleanup their poop afterwards which is dirty business. And as for cats you just have to clean up their litter box regularly.

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If you are looking forward to get a pet, it may be a difficult decision whether to choose a cat or a dog. Although they can be both friends, the two types of animals are very different from each other. Cats have a lot of favorable traits, from their ease of care to their cleanliness and their friendly behavior, making them a better pet.

Cats Don’t Take Up Much Space

Dogs take a ton of bed space. With their size, they love for stretching out into everyone’s personal space in case you are sharing a bed. They need a room to play and exercise with their stuff or toys and also need a solid amount of room space to live a happy and healthy life.

However, cats don’t need a lot of space in order to live a happy life. As long as you the room can fit their essentials, like litter boxes, food and water dishes, you can pretty much guarantee your cat will be happy.

Cats are more affordable

While buying a specific breed of cat can be expensive, adoption fees are lower for cats than they are for dogs. Once you have a pet, there are plenty of expenses you will have to incur because dogs have a tendency to destroy their toys than cats. Also, cat toys such as cat trees are relatively cheap to buy and even cheaper to DIY.

Plenty of exercise is absolutely important to a dog’s health and considering the average dog walker charges $15 to $20 for a 30-minute walk, costs can be very high. However, cats are perfectly contented with lounging, napping and playing with their toys at home. Its even better when you have two cats since they will keep each other company.

Cats Are Contented with being Indoors

It’s impossible for dogs to have an indoors-only lifestyle because they need a lot of exercise, plenty of walks and spend time outdoors to live happily. But in case you don’t have a yard or access to parks, this might be a major challenge.

Cats feel much safer indoors and they are happy when they are next to a window or curled up in a sunny spot on the couch. Simply open a window for some fresh air, although do not open wide enough for cat to escape and your cat will be totally contented with watching birds and sleeping all day long.

Cats are more quiet

Even the dog lovers have to admit that whether your dog is barking at a someone passing by, another animal or simply a toy stuck somewhere, its barking can get pretty annoying.

While cats certainly do make some noise especially at night, when many cats are most active, their meows and purrs tend to be somehow quiet. Meowing and purring can be cute and you will begin to understand what your cat’s meows actually mean and learn how to differentiate a meow that means “I’m hungry” from a meow that means “Cuddle me!”

Kittens require Less Work Than Puppies

Both puppies and kittens require a lot of time, energy and attention in getting them comfortable in their new home, new diet and starting some training. You may be a little bit sleep deprived during the first few weeks with your puppy or kitten.

However, puppies need an ongoing training especially for the litter box training, but once kittens have learned the basics of using the litter box, they can be left at home alone and unsupervised during the day.

Cats Keep Pests away

Cats are born as to stalk, hunt and pounce on their prey wherever it might be. While you should discourage your cat to eat a bug or mouse he catches, a pest-free home is just one of the many benefits of owning cats. Your cat’s scent alone can easily keep rodents away from your house.

Cleaning the Litter Box Is Easier Than Constant Walks

It may be a little weird that your cat pees and poops in strategically placed boxes all over your house. Despite this, cleaning out a litter box is far a lot easier than having to take your dog to walks late at night, during scorching summer days or during freezing snow time, while scooping up the dog’s poop with a plastic bag.

Cats are naturally very clean animals because of their instincts to bury their pee and poop. This hides his or her territory from predators who use their sense of smell to find their prey. Although house cats aren’t necessarily being hunted by predators, we as humans can reap the benefits of a neat, clean and completely covered waste.

Cats Clean Themselves

Dogs love to roll around stuff that smells bad from garbage, to dead animals to poop and as a result of this, dogs require routine and frequent bathing and grooming, which can be very expensive especially if you take your dog to the dog’s cleaner.

Cats are self-cleaning machines although you may need to wash her with a brush every once in a while and definitely clip her nails as required to keep them clean, but otherwise, cats do a very good job of keeping themselves clean every day.

Cats Understand Personal Space

Sometimes after a long, stressful, full day at work, you may not be in the mood to have a dog cuddling with you, following you around the house and nudging you to play fetch. While cats may easily get a bad rap for being cold or distant, they really just know, understand and appreciate the concept of personal space. Most of the times, cats don’t require your constant attention or energy and this will give you plenty of opportunities to sit and relax after a long week.

Cats Provide Health Benefits

It has been said by experts that having a pet in your house can reduce stress and make you live longer, but there are certain health benefits that cats provide to their owners. For example, purring has therapeutic healing capabilities on human muscle and bones because the frequency of the vibrations has been proved to have positive effects on joint mobility especially after an injury.

Today (August 8) is International Cat Day; a day where feline lovers around the world celebrate their purr-fect pets with cuddles and nibbles.

But when it comes down to cat-lovers and dog-lovers, one argument normally goes unresolved; are cats better than dogs? Newsweek has paw-trolled the Internet to find the real scientific breakthroughs of our time as to why cats are better than dogs.

Cats evolve better than dogs

Are cats better pets than dogs

According to research published in PNAS, Felidae (cats) accelerated the extinction of canids (dogs) with their migration from Eurasia. An international team including scientists from the Universities of Gothenburg, São Paulo and Lausanne analyzed over 2,000 fossils and revealed that the arrival of felids to North America from Asia had a deadly impact on the diversity of the dog family, contributing to the extinction of as many as 40 of their species.

“We usually expect climate changes to play an overwhelming role in the evolution of biodiversity. Instead, competition among different carnivore species proved to be even more important for canids” says leading author Daniele Silvestro at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg.

Political gold dust

Cats seem to be better within the political area than dogs, especially on the local stage.

Mayor Stubbs was a cat that officially held the highest office for 20 years in Talkeetna, Alaska.

However, Mayor Duke, a dog, only served for five years as mayor of Cormorant Township, Minnesota, before retiring. He died in February 2019.

Cats live longer than dogs

According to the Guinness World Records, Crème Puff the cat was 38 years and three days old when he died on August 6, 2005. The owner, Jake Perry, had also owned the previous oldest cat record holder, Grandpa Rex Allen, who passed away at 34.

However, the oldest dog was a collie named Bluey who died at the grand age of 29 years and five months. According to Guinness World Records, Bluey worked among cattle and sheep for nearly 20 years before being put to sleep on November 14, 1939.

Cats inspired Sir Issac Newton

Whether this story is true, remains to be seen, however, according to HowStuffWorks, famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat flap because his experiments were constantly being interrupted during his time at the University of Cambridge.

The cats would scratch at his office door and Newton became so annoyed that he summoned a carpenter and had him saw two holes in his door; one of the mother cat (a molly) and a small one for her babies (kittens).

While there is no consensus whether the story is true, but there are indeed two plugged holes of proper dimensions for the respective egresses of cat and kitten in his door in the University of Cambridge to this day.

Ever thought about why cats are better than dogs when it comes to housebreaking? So let me share with you some major reasons for the same.


The main reason why cats are better than dogs in terms of housebreaking is that they do not eliminate as often.

As previously mentioned, most wild cats hunt using their nose. As such, cats only need to eliminate when they are actively searching for a meal.

On the flip side, most domestic dogs need to eliminate after they eat so that they do not develop an unwanted association between eating and elimination.

Many pet cats Are given the training to use a designated elimination area within the home.

This terminates their unwanted association between the litter box and the elimination area in a very effective manner.

Even though some people believe that cats cannot be trained to use a litter box, several proven techniques can teach your cat the appropriate way to urinate or defecate.

By using positive reinforcement, these techniques can teach your cat quickly when it is appropriate for him to use the litter box and when it is not.

In the wild, cats hunt prey using their nose to track hidden food. In our homes, we often rely on scent to locate cleanliness.

As such, it is important for us to use scent recognition training to help our cats understand when it is appropriate to use the litter box and when it is not.


Another reason why cats are better than dogs with housebreaking is that their instincts make them better at avoiding potential distractions.

If your dog constantly jumps out of your lap, uses the bathroom in the same room as your children, or uses the stairs when you are trying to leave the house, your pet cat would much prefer to avoid the distraction altogether.

This is because a cat’s instinct is to avoid potential threats that would cause unnecessary stress or anxiety. A dog, on the other hand, would not know that he is being watched.

He may end up jumping into the middle of the path just to go outside without any thought as to how he would get there.


The third reason why cats are better than dogs in terms of housebreaking is because of their less aggressive nature.

Dogs will almost always bite when they are defending themselves, but a cat has a tendency to play nicely with people and pets alike.

This is because when a cat bites someone, he is trying to scare the person away. In contrast, most dogs will attack if they see their owner get involved.

For this reason, cats are actually better around people because they tend not to be aggressive.


The fourth reason why cats are better than dogs at housebreaking is that they do not require as much exercise as dogs.

Most wild animals hunt during the day while most domestic pets need to be taken out at night because of the time spent sleeping.

A cat, on the other hand, can spend many hours running around inside the house looking for things because it is natural for them to do so.

They are comfortable spending time inside the house for longer durations. Dogs, however, can get very bored if they are in the same place day after day.

Only if you have a large house, you can leave your pet dog inside for longer periods because dogs can get destructive if they do not have a regular exercise routine.

The same is not the case with cats. Hence, cats are better off than dogs when it comes to housebreaking!

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

While it may be easy to say that cat ownership is just about having a pet, there are some factors that really make it a choice for your family. You must understand the different activities that cats have been known to engage in and why they do certain things. You can also find out the different reasons why they just dislike the litter box.

When you are thinking about bringing a cat into your home you must first consider some reasons why you should do so. For instance, you might have the thought that it is a good choice because it will be so much easier to manage and will be able to do most of the things you currently do. Well, you are wrong on both counts.

The first is that cats are much bigger than humans and therefore are more of a difficulty in training them to do things they do not naturally do. They will just not respond to training. Cats are not trainable just because they are smarter than us. They just do not care about being trained.

The second thing that you need to be aware of is that cats can jump so high that you may think that you have your hands tied. But no they can jump several stories high. Cats can do these things just because they are bored or because they have been naughty. It may be because they just want to play with you.

But the biggest reason that you should be aware of is that cats can be bad in their own way. That is if your cat does something bad it will just keep on doing it. Like when your cat thinks it’s stealing its lunch they will just keep eating. They will also do these things just because they can. But you have to try and teach them what is good and what is bad. In the end, they will understand what you want.

So the biggest thing that you have to remember is that you should be aware of these reasons why cats are better than dogs. Because if you are there is no point even bringing a cat into your home. Because all you will do is just create a bad pet. Cats can not be trained and are just not as sweet as a dog. And that is one of the reasons why they are better than dogs.

Why dogs are better pets than cats?

Why dogs are the best pets?

One of the reasons why dogs make good pets is because they help with loneliness. Dogs love being around their owners and love to please them. You’ll always have your dog to cuddle with, eat dinner with, or head to a dog-friendly bar. You’ll discover quickly that your dog will become your most loyal friend.

Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats conclusion?

Conclusion: Dogs are better than cats because they are better to take care of inside and outdoors they can help everybody Adults and kids and the disabled in many different ways dogs can help out and protect anybody that you want them to protect if you have kids that are autistic get a dog now it can help them thats

What are the disadvantages of owning a dog?

The Negatives (Disadvantages, Responsibilities) of Dog Ownership

  • Dogs are expensive.
  • Dogs should have companionship throughout the day.
  • Dogs take up a lot of your time.
  • Dogs should have a fenced yard.
  • Dogs do things that require patience on your part – and sometimes a strong stomach.

Why are dogs so loyal?

Loyalty is also just a natural behavior for dogs. Dogs are pack animals, meaning they are social creatures who prefer the company of other animals. This behavior is a survival mechanism too. Many dog trainers and other animal experts believe this pack mentality also causes dogs to be loyal to their humans.

Are dogs more helpful than cats?

It’s dogs. That’s the conclusion of an international team of researchers, who found that dogs possess twice the number of neurons than cats. Neurons are cells that process information. And so, the more neurons an animal has, the better its information processing capability, these scientists say.

Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Cucumbers look enough like a snake to have the cat’s instinctive fear of snakes kick in.” This instinctive fear of snakes can cause cats to panic, he added. “Cucumbers are shaped more like snakes, with their curving sides, than ears of corn or eggplants, so they produce a greater response.”

Are dogs or cats smarter?

It seemed so cut and dried when last year, researchers at Vanderbilt University declared that yes, dogs were, in fact, smarter than cats. Their findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, concluded that canines had significantly more cortical neurons in the brain than felines.

What are the disadvantages of pets?

About the Disadvantages of Having Pets

  • Financial Commitment. Pet ownership is not cheap.
  • Time Commitment. Pets take time, even if it’s a pet you won’t socially engage with, such as a fish.
  • Pet Planning. Having a pet requires thinking ahead.
  • Social Consequences. Most people have neighbors, whether they’re on top, on either side, or both.
  • Saying Goodbye.

What is the best dog to own as a pet?

The 11 best dog breeds, ranked

  1. Mixed Breeds. Adopt a mutt into the family.
  2. Labrador Retrievers. Labs‘ even temperaments make them incredibly useful as service dogs.
  3. Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Corgis love pleasing their owners.
  4. German Shepherds. German Shepherds are incredibly loyal.
  5. Beagles.
  6. Poodles.
  7. Huskies.
  8. Golden Retrievers.

Why you should not get a dog?

Dogs crave attention. They need love, companionship, exercise, and stimulation. If you are gone more than eight hours a day, a dog is not the right pet for you. If you can foresee the possibility of job or social demands causing you to board your pup up to twenty days a month (!!), you should not get a dog.

Do dogs have a favorite person?

Dogs often choose a favorite person who matches their own energy level and personality. In addition, some dog breeds are more likely to bond with a single person, making it more likely that their favorite person will be their only person. Breeds that tend to bond strongly to one person include: Basenji.

Why are dogs so protective of their owners?

Dogs are known to be ‘man’s best friend’ because of their boundless loyalty and willingness to protect their masters. Protectiveness comes from a dog’s wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs instinctively know when a human child is in need of care.

Why are dogs so happy to see you?

The presence of hormone named oxytocin releases excitement in the dogs to greet their owners when they meet their owners, Socializing traits in dogs are similar to humans which make them happy to be in the company of their owners. So they are excited and happy when they are around their owners.