Can cats laugh

Can cats laugh

Is your cat happy to be around you? They may seem like they actually understand what you are saying and seem even happy at certain times.

You may even get the impression that your cat is laughing. But can your cat really laugh as people can?

Below I’ll go over everything you’ve wanted to know about cats and laughter.

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Can Your Cat Laugh?

No, your cat cannot technically laugh, but they have other signs to show that they are happy. Purring is your cat’s main way of expressing that they are happy.

Some people even consider purring as equivalent to cat laughter. That’s fine, but it’s not technically the same.

What signs does a cat show when they are happy?

While your cat cannot laugh, they can do other things that show you that they are happy. A recent study shows that cats do bond with their owners, and this bonding experience can help your cat be happy.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your cat it truly happy or not. Here are a few things that your cat may do that would show you that your cat is happy.

1. Cat is Purring

Purring is often a sign that your cat is happy. If your cat is purring, this is the closest vocalization you would get to your cat laughing.

Purring can also be your cat’s way of helping them stay calm. If your cat is stressed, the gentle soft purr can be their way of helping them soothe themselves.

2. Cat is Smiling

There are many cute pictures of cats smiling on the internet. This is one way that you can tell if your cat is happy.

While all cats do not smile, a simple grin can show that your cat is happy and content. Some cats will be happy even if they are not smiling, as some breeds of cats always look grumpy.

This is different from your cat baring their teeth, which is often aggressive and warning behavior to leave them alone. A cat’s smile is simply a relaxed, neutral, expression on their face with their mouth closed.

3. Cat is Running Against Your Legs

If your cat is happy, they may rub against your leg. When you are walking, they are running all around, rubbing on your leg.

They may do this more when you first get home from work showing you that they are happy and excited that you are home.

4. Cat is “Making Biscuits” on You

Kneading or making biscuits on you is a sign that your cat is happy. Many cats do this when they are content and happy.

This is something that they learn from when they were kittens when they knead their mother while drinking milk. Making biscuits on you is a sign of complete contentment in a cat.

5. Cat Meows to Greet You

When you first get home from work or when your cat wakes up from their nap, they may meow at you. This is their way of talking to you and telling you that they are excited to see you.

The pitch of your cat’s meow will also help you determine if they are happy to see you. Most cats that are happy to see their owners will have a very high pitch and very loud meow.

If your cat is scared or hurt, it may be a lower, more screeching meow or yowl.

6. Cat Cuddles with You

If your cat is happy and loves you, they will come to cuddle with you. When you are sleeping or sitting on the couch, your cat will want to be right there with you.

When they are sleeping, they may even purr to show you that they are happy to be around you. These are all signs that your cat is happy and content.

Do cats know when people laugh?

If your cat just did something cute or funny, you may have laughed at them. Your cat will know that you are laughing at them.

Cats are very aware of their owner’s reactions and feelings. They are great at sensing when you are happy, sad, or even sick.

If you laughed at your cat, they may even seem to get embarrassed and hide. Some cats are more outgoing and love to be the center of attention, while others are shyer and will hide if they think that you are laughing at them.

Your cat may even do things on purpose to make you laugh at them. Cats are always getting into mischief.

If you have a cat that is very personable and loves attention, they may do things to make you laugh and get your attention.

What sounds do cats make when they are happy?

The most common sound that a cat will make when they are happy is a purr. This can be heard when they are eating or when you are petting them.

They may even just be sitting in your lap purring, letting you know that they are happy to be near you.

Another sound that your cat can make, letting you know that they are happy, is a meow. Your cat likely has a high pitch loud meow to tell you that they are happy with you.

This will usually be many meows in a row. This is your cat’s way of communicating with you. You may even meow back at them to let them know that you also love them.

Final Thoughts

While your cat cannot laugh at you, they can show you signs that they are happy. Purring and rubbing against you are two common things that cats do when they are happy.

Watch your cat for these signs to know for sure. Your cat may even do things to make you happy.

Cats are always getting into things causing you to laugh at them. If your cat is happy and healthy, this will increase the bond between you and your cat.

Some of our cats definitely have a sense of humor, even though we usually don’t hear them laugh. But the cat in the video above is an exception! Watch him laugh just like his dad — on command!

The cat, named Cooter, mimics the “Ha ha ha’s” of his dad just perfectly! What a smart and funny kitty. Thanks to maseplace on TikTok for posting the video.

Your cat may not laugh like the cat above, but you can share some laughs with a fellow cat lover. Send the video to someone who could use a smile today, or try your hand at feline comedy with a few of our favorite corny cat jokes!

Corny Cat Jokes To Share With Feline Fanatics

Can cats laugh

(Picture Credit: kozorog/Getty Images)

There are plenty of great cat jokes out there that are sure to get a laugh, or at least a groan — which can be just as good as a laugh! Here are some of our favorites!

  • Q: What do you get if you cross a cat with Father Christmas? A: Santa Claws!
  • Q: Why are cats scared of trees? A: Because of their bark.
  • Q: Why are cats good at video games? A: Because they have nine lives!
  • Q: What is it called when a cat wins a dog show? A: A cat-has-trophy!
  • Q: Where is one place that your cat can sit, but you can’t? A: Your lap.
  • Q: Why do cats sit on keyboards? A: They know a mouse is near by.
  • Q: What do you get when you cross a mollusk with a bunch of kittens? A: Clam clowder.

Can your cat make the sound of a human laugh like the cat in the video? What do you think would get your cat laughing? Let us know in the comments below!

Even if you haven’t heard of splooting, odds are you’ve seen it and smiled wide. “Sploot” is a slang term for the position pets take when they lay on their stomach with their legs stretched out behind them. Dogs can sploot, too, but there’s nothing quite like the sploot of the ever-agile cat.

Cats are bendy little buggers, stretching into all shapes and fitting into insane spots. So lying down with their legs behind them is pretty much a piece of cake. Plus, they look absolutely adorable doing it. Here are the sweetest kitty sploots Instagram has to offer.


Kitty carpet, anyone? Finnegan is giving us bear rug vibes, but he adds in a zest for life. That said, his may be the flattest sploot we’ve ever seen. Have you been working out Finn? Getting your morning stretches in?


There’s nothing quite like a rainy day. We like to spend it drinking hot tea and reading a book, but Mochi has other plans. She’s parking her sploot in front of the rainy window all day long. Turn on some tunes, and she’ll be there all day.

Millie Jewel

You really thought you could walk Millie Jewel, huh. Well, think again. She’s a bit of a prima donna, but then again, we don’t like long walks that much either. Training a cat to walk on a leash isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but we don’t hold it against them.

Sunny Sploot

This orange tabby cat had the genius idea to park his sploot in a nice sunspot. Forget blackout curtains, this little kitty wants to bask in the sun during his afternoon nap. He’s on the hardwoods today, but there might be a sunny outdoor catio in his future.

A sploot with a view! Yuzu gets to look out the window at the Seattle streets, and all of Instagram gets to admire his pretty kitty pose. It’s honestly a win-win for everyone involved. Sploot on, splooter!


Downward dog? Not here—downward cat is where it’s at! Calico kitty Phoenix just proved that cats can do yoga, too (and maybe even balance a bit better). We’ve already tried “doga” and even goat yoga, so it looks like it’s time to get some kitties in the mix, too.

“What are you humans looking at?” Sorry for staring, Max, you just look so darn cute curled up on that windowsill. How’s the birdwatching going? Found the Tweety Bird to your Sylvester yet?


What’s more wholesome than a cat splooting next to a flower pot? That’s right, nothing. It’ll be even better once the flowers begin to blossom. But don’t worry, Stella, you’ll still be the prettiest part of this picture.

This white kitty blends right in with that beautiful marble floor. We almost didn’t see her! Side note: how sweet is the name Zuri?


We are loving Sasha’s take on the classic sploot. Sure it’s nice to lay down, but you can sit while you sploot, too. Very creative, Sasha! Bonus points for still making minimal effort.


Midge here is all of us on the weekend. We want to get up and have a productive day, but our beds are just too comfy! Maybe we can learn a thing or two from her approach: Crawl out halfway and immediately lay back down? Genius.

Anzu likes to keep it classic. No gimmicks, just a good old-fashioned sploot on the floor. Nothing more, nothing less. You gotta respect it.

Pip on the other hand is taking his sploot to an unconventional level. Sprawled across multiple blankets, head hanging out of a food bowl, not a lick of symmetry. Basically, Pip is an agent of chaos.

enough to make a cat laugh

extremely ridiculous or ironic – informal

This expression dates from the mid 19th century and is associated with the story of Puss in Boots.

Related Idioms :

all cats are grey in the dark

The Qualities that distinguish people from one another are obscured in some circumstances and if they can’t be perceived they don’t matter. – proverb

The US version of this proverb is at night all cats are gray.

take the danger of a shared enterprise upon yourself

Bell the cat alludes to the fable in which mice or rats have the idea of hanging a bell around the cat’s neck so as to have warning of its approach, the only difficulty being to find one of their number willing to undertake the task.

the cat has got his tongue

Someone is remaining silent.

a cat may look at a king

even a person of low status or importance has rights – proverb

1998 – Times – A cat may look at a king. The cat may be wrong in its conclusions, but others, following its gaze, can draw their own.

a dead cat bounce

a misleading sign of vitality in something that is really moribund – informal

A dead cat might bounce if it is dropped from a great height…the fact of it bouncing does not reliably indicate that the cat is alive after all. The expression was coined in the late 20th century by Wall Street traders to refer to a situation in which a stock or company on a long-term, irrevocable downward trend suddenly shows a small temporary improvement.

fight like cat and dog

(of two people) be continually arguing with one another.

1995 – Edward Toman – Dancing in Limbo – Her desertion of him hadn’t come as a total surprise. for the pair of them had been fighting like cat and dog for the best part of a year.

let the cat out of the bag

Reveal a secret especially carelessly or by mistake

A similar metaphorical use of bag may be found in the French phrase vider le sac literally empty the bag meaning tell the whole story.

1996 – Bernard Connolly – The Rotten Heart of Europe Tim Renton. at odds with his leader on Europe, let the cat out of the bag when he told a television audience….we need a strong Europe to maintain our independence from the United States and the Pacific Rim.