How to add a watermark in google docs

How to insert a watermark in your documents in Google Docs. You may use watermarks to add logo images or any text that appears faint and washed out in the background of every page of your Word document.

Microsoft Word includes a useful “Insert Watermark” feature to help you easily add your brand’s logo image or a text stamp that fades behind the content of every page in the document. A company’s policy may require employees to add watermarks to indicate if any document is in draft stage or if the document is confidential and not meant for external distribution.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Insert Watermarks in Google Docs

Unlike Microsoft Word, there’s no built-in support for Watermarks in Google Docs but there’s a simple workaround – create a faded image with the text of your watermark and place that image behind the text of your document pages. Here’s how:

1. Create the watermark stamp

Launch MS Paint on your computer and create a simple watermark image in landscape mode with dark gray text. Please use a bold font like Impact with large font size as the large image can always be resized inside Google Docs but not vice-versa.

I’ve also added some ready-to-use image stamps on Canva and Imgur.

How to add a watermark in google docs

2. Upload Watermark to Google Docs

Inside Google Docs, go to the Insert menu, choose the Image submenu and select Upload from Computer . Upload the watermark image that you saved in the previous step to Google Docs.

3. Open Image Options

Right-click the uploaded image inside Google Docs and choose Image Options from the contextual menu.

How to add a watermark in google docs

4. Change Rotation

Expand the Image Options sidebar and, under the Size & Rotation section, set the angle to around 320 ° to make the watermark diagonal.

5. Send the Image Behind Text

  • Under the text wrapping section, choose Behind Text to send the watermark image behind the content of your document.
  • Under Position, choose the Fixed position option with the layout set as Center . This will position your watermark image right in the center of the page.
  • Under the Adjustments section, set the transparency level to around 80% to fade the watermark image in the background.

The Watermark Effect in Documents

Here’s how the final watermark effect will look like in your Google Document.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Tip: You can use Document Studio to generate PDF files from Google Forms and the watermarks would be also show up in your PDF document.

How to add a watermark in google docs

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How to Add Watermark in Google Docs

If we hover across the options and features that are provided by Google Docs to its users, we cannot find any direct option that regards the creation of watermarks on the file. For this, this article would present a guide that would explain to you the method to add watermark in Google Docs by following a series of simple steps.

Step 1. Insert a Watermark Image

If you wish to add an image as a watermark, you can import it from your files on the device. You need to access the “Insert” tab to select the “Image” section for adding an image. Select the option of “Upload From Computer” to add the image from the PC. Other options of Drive and Photos can also be used as per your discretion.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Step 2. Set the Transparency of the Image

Before saving the image, you need to access the “Image Options” button by right-clicking on the image to set the “Transparency” slider under the “Adjustments” tab. For text boxes, you need to change the color of the text to a lighter tone by approaching its formatting options.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Step 3. Insert Text Box

After setting the image, you can add text on this image by clicking on the “Insert”> “Drawing”> “+New” option. Then a new window pops up, making you add a text box. Once the text box is added, you can type text in it and set the style of the font.

How to add a watermark in google docs

The Best PDF Editor

Managing and editing PDFs is a strenuous task when it comes to handling them without a PDF editor. While searching for the best option as a PDF editor, you can always look for PDFelement as the ideal and flawless choice. While providing the best tools for editing and converting PDFs, PDFelement allows you to keep your documents secure with the help of passwords and digital signatures. Conversely, it also redacts the classified information within the PDF for saving it from thefts.

Following the option of editing and converting PDFs, PDFelement provides you with the ability to comment or reviewing the documents for the writers to amend or change the document as described. It saves them from the formalities of converting and sharing the files in different formats.

Along with keeping the documents secure, it even provides you with the options of commenting and reviewing the PDF documents without downloading them onto a certain Office application. Furthermore, you can create different forms within the platform and have them handled with the impeccable tools presented by PDFelement. In conclusion, PDFelement can be one of the most impressive options one can opt to have their PDFs managed, improved, and organized.

How to Add Watermarks in PDF

While understanding the mechanisms explaining how to insert watermark in Google Docs, you can also add watermarks directly in your PDFs to ratify their ownership with the help of PDFelement. It can be done by following a series of different steps that would help you insert watermarks in your PDFs with ease.

Step 1. Upload the PDF File

After downloading and installing the platform, the first step is to have your PDFs imported onto the platform with the “Open File” button present in the “Home” tab.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Step 2. Add a Watermark

With the file opened, you need to access the “Edit”> “Watermark” button. And then select the “New Watermark” option in the drop-down menu.

How to add a watermark in google docs

Step 3. Set the Watermark

Now, a new window pops up, and there are several options, such as source, position, and appearance, letting you make the watermark as you desired.

Get In the Game.

By snapfolks

How to add a watermark in google docs

Google Docs is a free product from Google for creating documents. Over the years, it has grown powerful, but it still doesn’t match the robustness of Microsoft’s Office suite in every way. For example, watermarking is a unique feature that is not yet officially available in Google Docs.

However, you may want to add a watermark to your documents from time to time. But even without official support, you can still add a watermark in Google Docs. We’ll show you how.

How to Create a Watermark

Watermarks are essential for protecting your documents from copying or usage without your permission. Unfortunately, since there’s no official support for watermarks in Google Docs, you first need to create a watermark.

We will use Google Drawings to create a watermark. The watermark can be an image or just a text. Let’s begin by creating an image watermark. If you want to create a text watermark, skip this section.

How to Create an Image Watermark in Google Drawings

  1. Go to Google Drawings.
  2. Name your watermark.
  3. Hit Insert at the tools bar and select Image.
  4. Select the image source and import your preferred image. For better results, use an image without any background. So, ensure you remove the image background first if it has it.
  5. Once the image is uploaded, you can resize, drag it around and rotate. The corner boxes are handy in resizing, while the circular button is used for rotating the image.
  6. Tap the image to select it.
  7. Next, tap Format >Format Options.A new side panel will appear.
  8. Select Adjustments from the menu.
  9. Adjust transparency, brightness, and contrast to your levels of choice. Since you will be using the image as a watermark, it’s important to ensure that it doesn’t make the text above it challenging to read.
  10. At the same time, the watermark needs to be visible enough. So find a balance between the three adjustment settings for perfect results.
  11. Once done, Google Drawings will save the watermark automatically in your Google account.

Skip the create text watermark section to learn how to insert the image watermark in your document in Google Docs. In case you want to know how to create a text watermark, read on.

How to Create a Text Watermark in Google Drawings

If you want a text watermark, you can still create one in Google Drawings. This is handy in creating a watermark if you don’t have an appropriate image to use.

  1. Go to Google Drawings.
  2. Name your watermark.
  3. Select Insert and select Text Box.
  4. Tap anywhere on the blank page and drag to make a text box. The text box can be large or small, depending on your preferences. But don’t worry about the size now; you can still adjust it later on.
  5. Type the text you want. This can be anything. Common ones include CONFIDENTIAL, COPYRIGHT, DRAFT, FINAL, etc.
  6. Edit the text and format it with your preferred font type, size, weight, etc.
  7. Once done, tap the text color and select your preferred color.
  8. Next, choose a lighter variant of the color, like Light gray 2 for black. This ensures that your text watermark doesn’t obscure some parts of the document.
  9. Tap Arrange and select how you want your text to be displayed. You can orient your text watermark horizontally, vertically, or slanted at some angle. Alternatively, you can tap the circular button at the top of the text to rotate easily and at variable angles

Using the Watermarks in Google Docs

Once you’ve created a watermark, it’s time to add it to your Google Docs document. Copying the watermark into Google Docs would be an obvious next step. However, that’s not the way it works.

Instead, you need to copy the text from Google Docs and paste it into Google Drawings. Then you’ll upload it back to Google Docs. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Google Docs document you wish to watermark.
  2. Copy all of the text in the document. Use Ctrl + A (Windows) or Cmd + A (Mac) to select the text, then Ctrl + C or Cmd + C on Windows and Mac, respectively, to copy.
  3. Go to the watermark you created in Google Drawings, and select Insert > Text Box.
  4. Tap anywhere in the document and drag to create a text box.
  5. Paste your clipboard content using Ctrl + V or Cmd + V. Alternatively, tap Edit > Paste.
  6. Once the text is copied to your Google Drawings document, you can modify it for better structure. You can still align the watermark as you please.
  7. After that, choose the layer order of the watermark and text box. You can insert either at the front or back, depending on your preference.

You can order your images by right-clicking the text or watermark and selecting Order. If you want the text to be displayed behind the watermark, right-click in the text box, then choose Order > Send to back.

The difference between Send to backward and Send to back is that the latter will move the selected object to the back. Using the former will move it one layer down, but since we have only two layers here, the result is the same.

Documents will now be available in Google Drawings, but that’s not where you want them. So, you would need to move it back to Google Docs. To do so, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go back to Google Docs and create a new blank document. Then, select Insert and choose Drawing.

2. Choose From Google Drive as your source.

3. Select the watermarked document from the and tap Select.

4. Select Link to source (allows easier editing in Google Drawings) or Insert unlinked from the pop-up screen.

5. Next, tap Insert.

6. The document will now be inserted in Google Docs with the watermark. If you want to edit the documents (assuming you selected Link to source under insert options), tap the document and select a Google Drawings link at the top right of the document.

7. You can also select Open Source to edit the document in Google Drawings.

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Adding a watermark to your document is a great way to protect your images from being used without your permission. But unfortunately, there is no such inbuilt feature still available in Google Docs to do this. However, there is a way that you can use alternatively. In this guide, there is a simple approach that may help you to add a watermark in Google Docs easily. So, let’s get started.

How to insert a Watermark in Google Docs

Google Docs doesn’t have any core feature to add a watermark to your document. In this case, you will have to create a background image having the watermark text and add a transparent layer over it. Follow the below suggestions to know it in details:

Open a blank document on Google Docs.

Once it opens, go to the toolbar and select the Insert tab.

From the list, select Drawing > New.

On the drawing canvas, you can add a text box and modify it as per the requirements of the watermark.

So, go to the toolbar and click on the Text box icon available in the ‘T’ form. As you hover the mouse on this icon, the name displays out.

Select the Text box icon and you will see the mouse cursor turns into a plus-sign shape.

Move to the empty area of the canvas, click and drag the mouse to create a text box. What should be the size of the text box, it all depends up to you and the requirement of your paper.

After adding the text in your text box, you may adjust it using the Menu option. This option is available in the three-dotted line in the menu bar.

Using the More option, you can set colors of the box’s borders, choose your preferred font, adjust the font-size, fill color, and many other things as per your requirements.

In order to move the text box, simply click on it, hold, and then drag it to the desired location.

To resize the box, you need to click on the little square that appears in the middle of the line and then drag it.

You can also rotate the text box to change the look of the watermark. To do it, all you need to click and drag the rotation handle that is available at the top of the text box. You will see that the written text also gets rotated along with the text box.

Thus, if you have completed the proper changes in your text box, click on the Save and Close button so that the change could bring into effect.

That way, you can see in the above picture what I created. Since it is a watermark, the text must have a super transparent form. That’s why I selected the gray color of the text which has a much lighter tone.

Insert the Watermark text in Google Docs

Furthermore, Google docs allow you to add the drawing text to your all pages in one go, without interrupting the text. To do this, you will have to add your watermark text to either header or footer area.

To do this, go to the Insert tab > Headers & footers.

From the side menu, you can either select the Header option, Footer option, or both as per your need.

Once you are on the respective section of the Google docs document, click on the Insert tab > Drawing > From Drive.

When you are on the next page, select the item which you need to add as the Watermark, and then click on the Select button.

In the Insert drawings pop-up menu, you will see two options with each has its own radio button. If you want to have the link to the watermark text to be saved with your document, then select Link to Source. And, to add the item without a link, go with the second option i.e. Insert unlinked.

Once you create the watermark text, you will see three options when you select the text box. These are – Inline, wrap text, and break text. These options help you to adjust the size of the text box so that you can place them as it requires.

  1. Inline – Google Docs by default places the text wrapping to this format. It suggests that the added drawing acts as a part of the text and therefore, it cannot be freely placed on the page
  2. Wrap Text – If you select this option, the text gets enclosed by all four sides of the watermarked object. And, it has a constant gap between the text and every single boundary of the image.
  3. Break Text – Selecting this option, you will find that the text gets place above and below the object. It breaks up the sentence into which you inserted it.

That’s it. I hope this guide may help you to add a Watermark in your Google Docs document.

Google Docs still does not have a feature where you can create a Watermark and add it to the document. However, there are other ways in which you can add a watermark to your document on Google Docs. There are many applications that can help you add a watermark to your document as well. Let’s look at how we can add a watermark to our Google document.

Since we cannot make a watermark on Google Docs, we are going to add a text box to our document and create an image out of it. While keeping the transparency at the lowest possible degree so that it looks like a watermark which is beneath all the text. For this, you can select a tone of color that would be the lightest and be slightly visible from the behind the text.

Follow the steps mentioned below to create a text box which will be used as a watermark for your document on Google Docs.

  1. Open an empty document on Google Docs. How to add a watermark in google docsIt doesn’t necessarily have to be a blank document as you can edit the placement of the watermark even after the image has been added to the page. But for simplicity of an example, let’s use a blank document.
  2. Since you have to add a text box, you will go to the Insert tab that is visible on the top toolbar for Google Docs, click on it, and you will be directed to more options where you will find ‘Drawing…’ tab. Click on this. How to add a watermark in google docsaccess the drawing feature on Google Docs for adding an image, a text box, a shape or a watermark. This is where we will create a simple watermark for our document.

Drawing… is the tab where you are going to add a text box, edit it according to your requirements of a watermark, and then apply it on all your pages of the document.

  • A ‘Drawing…’ canvas will spread right in front of your screen where you can draw anything and everything regarding your document with the help of the present tools as displayed in the picture below. How to add a watermark in google docsThe drawing canvas enough space for your to draw a watermark for your document. You don’t only get to write a watermark, but you can also edit the text that you add accordingly.
  • Out of all the tools, you need to select the tool for text, which has a T in a square-ish box icon. If you want to add a watermark that is in the form of a text, how we usually see ‘legal’ written on legal papers as a watermark behind the text, you will choose the text box as shown in this picture to create a text box on the drawing canvas.
  • Clicking on the text box will make your cursor turn into a plus sign. You can use this cursor, click and drag and create a text box. How big or small you want the text box to be is up to you and your papers requirement. How to add a watermark in google docsDrag the cursor to create a text box. Note: You don’t want the text box to be very big. Because either way, you can increase the size of the watermark once it is placed on the document.
  • Edit the text from the toolbar that is shown in the picture below. You can add color to this text, make it larger, and change the font accordingly. Don’t forget to save and close the drawing canvas once you have completed the text box settings. How to add a watermark in google docsEdit the text as per your requirements
  • So this is what I created on Google Docs at first. How to add a watermark in google docsHow I initially made the watermark

    But because I wanted the text to be super transparent. I changed the color of the text and selected a much lighter tone.

    This way, I won’t need to manually decrease the transparency. I can simply choose a color which will be perfectly visible at the back while the text over it can be read without much problem.
    This is how the edited version of my watermark on Google Docs looks like after I changed the color of the text.

    How to add a watermark in google docsFinal outcome.

    People usually have a watermark for their company in another format which can be added as an image on a Google Doc from the image option that appears after the drawing canvas opens in front of you. However, if you don’t need that, or want a watermark saying ‘confidential’ or ‘legal’, this method would be suitable enough to get a watermark on your document.

    There is not much that you can do to edit on a watermark on Google Docs. So another way of adding a watermark to your Google Docs, as I suggest, would be that you create a watermark on MS Word, and save it and get it exported to Google Doc. This way, you can use that image as a watermark behind your work on Google Docs.

    Watermark is a signature and symbol of professionalism; it is usually used in the corporate world on official company letterheads and other vital documents. Since Google Docs is frequently used for making official documents nowadays, most users want to watermark Google Docs.

    Watermark Google Docs To Secure Your Documents

    Google Docs is an essential real-time collaboration tool. To give a personalized touch to the document, you can insert a signature in Google Docs, and also different headers in Google Docs for better clarity. Google Docs watermark serves to be a good option for branding on company documents. Also, the content on a document with a watermark cannot be copied or used illegally by third parties.

    It serves to be an excellent form of maintaining the security of your content. Not only documents, but users can also protect their photographs from illegal use by adding watermark across the images. Let’s check how to watermark Google Docs.

    How To Add Watermark In Google Docs

    You cannot watermark Google Docs directly. Users need to create a Google Docs watermark manually and then insert it into a document.

    To start with, open a Google Doc from your Google Drive. Open a Google Doc

    To create a text box, navigate to the Insert tab, click on it, and select the Drawing option. Then, click on the ‘New’ button. It will open a new Google Drawing sheet.

    Once the sheet has opened, click on the Text icon in the menu bar. Doing so will create a text box in which you can fill the text to watermark Google Docs.

    Fill the text box as per your requirement and click on the Save button. Select the text button, create a text box and fill it with text

    The above picture shows how it will look once you watermark Google docs. View the watermarked document

    You can enlarge the text box and select the font size for the watermark as per your requirement. Also, you can use different colors for the text from the color palette. You can also rotate the text and fixate it at a specific angle to make it look like a Google Docs background image.

    How To Insert Watermark In Headers and Footers

    You can add the drawing text to all the pages in a document with a single click; you will have to watermark Google Docs in the header or footer area for this to materialize. To begin with, go to the Insert tab, and click on Headers & Footers.

    You can choose to add a header or a footer according to your requirement from the side menu. Here, we will add a header. You can also insert both if it fits your needs. Click on Insert and add Headers or Footers

    Once you are on the required page, click on the Insert tab, select Drawing, and click on From Drive. Click on the Insert tab and add the watermark saved in Google Drawings

    In the dialog box that opens, choose the watermark and click on the Select button. Insert the drawing

    Once you have carried out this step, you will see an Insert Drawings pop-up menu with two options. If you don’t want to add the watermark from your Google Drive but wish to link it, you can select the Link to Source option.

    If you want to insert the watermark, select the Insert unlinked option. Choose an option in the Insert drawing dialog box

    You will immediately see that the selected text has been added as the watermark to the document. View the added watermark in the header

    Adding watermarks in headers and footers is also regarded as a good practice for branding a document. If you have documents that talk about a particular topic, you can always use the name of the topic as the watermark in a header or a footer.

    How To Change The Watermark’s Transparency

    As mentioned before, there are no direct tools to watermark Google Docs. However, after you have created the textbox and written the text, you can use trademark colors like grey for coloring the text from the color palette.

    To start with, open a Google Doc that contains a watermark. Open a Google Doc that contains a watermark

    Now, open the Google Drawing file that contains your watermark from your Google Drive. Open the Google Drawings file and select Format Options

    Now, right-click on the Format Options button. It will bring up the Format Options window on the right pane. In that window, move the Transparency bar to the left and right and decide how light you wish to keep the text in your image. Adjust the Transparency

    A level of 50% or higher should be acceptable. Once you are done with this, add the name to your Google Drawing file and save it. Then, view the changed Google Docs watermark. View the results

    Since your drawings are automatically saved to your Drive Storage, you can return to your Google Docs document. This process can also be used if you have an image to watermark Google Docs.

    How To Put Image Behind Text In Google Docs Using Google Slides

    Using a Google Docs background image is usually done to enhance the look and feel of the documents. Additionally, it also prevents the theft of content on that document. Users can quickly insert an image behind the text in a Doc using Google Slides.

    To begin with, go to Google Slides and open a new slide. Open a Google Slides presentation by clicking on the Blank option

    Then, navigate and click on the File tab.

    Now, select Page Setup from the drop-down menu. Select File and click on Page setup

    Once the Page setup dialog box has opened, select Custom in the first field.

    You can now resize your page to the following dimensions: Height: 11-inch Width: 8.5-inch. Doing so will resize the slide to a Google Docs document. Click on Custom, enter the values, and select Apply

    Now, click on the Slide tab and then select Change Background. Doing this will open up the Background dialog box. Click on the Slide tab and select Change background

    In the dialog box, click on Choose image in front of the Image field. Browse an image from your computer and add one as per your requirement.

    Click on Done after you have selected the image. Click on Choose image, add the image, and select Done

    This is how the document will look once you change the background. View the background image

    Then, paste the text you want on the image into the text box. Paste the text in the document

    Save the presentation in a pdf format so that you can view it in a Google Doc document later. Save the Google Slides presentation as a PDF

    Adding a Google Docs background image in the text is an easy process to execute in Google Docs, albeit it might look lengthy for those who are doing it for the first time.


    Having a watermarked document prevents the theft of content, and also adds a professional look and feel to the document. Google Docs offers no direct method for adding a watermark to a Google Doc. However, there are several ways to add one. If you are a beginner, you will need to learn how to add a text box in a Doc, followed by how to watermark Google Docs.

    Google Drawing is a crucial tool used for adding a watermark. Also, it happens to be the most common method for adding a watermark. Users can also choose to add a watermark through Google Slides. The choice of method depends upon the user’s needs and requirements. Users can also check the various Google Docs Tutorials for professional documentation.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    While being intuitive, Google Docs also has some advanced features that make document creation a snap. You can add a custom signature to documents, use OCR on images, fully control it only with the keyboard, or even convert PDF files to Word format. However, for such an advanced document editor, it’s really disappointing that you can’t add a custom watermark or background image behind the text in Google Docs.

    If you need to share Google Docs document with custom branding, then unfortunately, Google Docs can’t help you. Although I do know an alternative hack that can allow you to overlay a transparent image over text that will work as a watermark in Google Docs. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to add watermark or background image to Google Docs.

    Add watermark to Google Docs using Microsoft Word

    Google Docs doesn’t offer any way to add an image behind or in front of the text. However, Google Docs still supports documents that have an image in front of the text. So the trick to add a background to Google Docs is to use a different editor that supports image in front of the text. Afterwards, import the document back to Google Docs and make the image transparent.

    Fortunately, the most renowned document editor Microsoft Word supports this feature. For demonstration, I am going to use the online version of Microsoft Word that is completely free. However, if you already have Word app installed on your PC, then you can follow the below steps in it as well.

    Note: You must have the watermark image saved on your PC before you follow these steps. Although, it doesn’t need to be transparent as we can do it later in the Google Docs itself.

    Import Google Docs document to Microsoft Word

    Go to Office Online website and create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one. Once logged in, create a new blank document. If your document in Google Docs doesn’t contain any complex graphics or media content, then you can simply copy (Ctrl+C) all the content and paste (Ctrl+V) it in the Word document. Microsoft Word will be able to load the document without formatting issues.

    If there is any complex graphics, then download Google Docs document in .docx format (Word format) and upload it to your OneDrive account using the “Upload” button above.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Add image in front of text in Microsoft Word

    Now that you have the document opened up in Microsoft Word, click on the “Insert” ribbon and then select “Picture” to upload the watermark image.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Once uploaded, right click on the image and hover your mouse cursor over “Wrap text”. From the side menu, select “In Front of Text”. Make sure you don’t select “Behind Text” as it isn’t supported in Google Docs.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    If the document consists of multiple pages or the watermark is small, then you can follow the above process to upload as many watermark images as needed. Just make sure you make all of them “In Front of Text”.

    Don’t worry about picture alignment and other needs, Google Docs fully supports this feature and you can do that inside Google Docs.

    Import Word document to Google Docs

    When all the images are added, click on the “File” menu at the top left corner and go to the “Save As” option. Here select “Download a Copy” option to download the document to your PC in .docx format.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Now open a new document in Google Docs and from the “File” menu click on “Open”.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Here move to the “Upload” section and click on “Select a file from your computer” button to upload the Word document that you downloaded in the above step.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Edit watermark image in Google Docs

    When you’ll open the document, you’ll see that the watermark images are now above the text. You need to make the watermark images transparent to be able to see the text. To do so, right-click on the image and select “Image options”.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    From the right-hand panel, slide the transparency bar as you need to make the text visible and make the image work as a transparent watermark.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    The image is fully editable and you can crop, resize, rotate and move it right inside Google Docs without trouble.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Important note: The watermark images are editable by anyone with editing rights. So make sure you share your document without editing or copying rights. Otherwise, they can easily remove the watermark. Better yet, download the document as PDF and then share it.

    Ending thoughts

    It would have been great if Google would have let us add a background image by default, but until that happens, you can get help from Microsoft Word. Do keep in mind that this will only help you to add transparent images because Google Docs only supports image in front option. It should work fine for watermarks and transparent background image of your company’s logo. However, if you want a non-transparent background, then you can do it in Microsoft Word.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Watermark is a very useful feature of any word processing software. In this process, you can set any text, image, logo at the background portion of your original documents. In most word processing software such as in Microsoft word, in Libreoffoce writer you can insert a watermark in a very easy way, but in Google, Docs if you want to insert a watermark then you have to follow some steps. Here in this article, I am going to share with you How to Add watermarks in Google Docs in a step-by-step guide.

    How to Add Watermarks in Google Docs? To add a watermark in Google Docs you have to use Google Drawings. Firstly prepare your document within google docs then go to google drive and select google drawings from here. Now within Google drawings prepare the watermark and copy the original document from google docs and paste that within google drawings and now your watermark is ready, share the document from google drawings to google docs.

    Well, I know the steps have become very complicated for you, but don’t worry, in the section below I will explain all the steps in detail. So stick to the end of this article.

    Table of Contents

    How to Add Watermarks in Google Docs? (Process)

    Step 1:

    To add a watermark within Google Docs the first thing that you have to do is just prepare your document within Google docs in which you want to insert the watermark.

    Step 2:

    Now open google drive (

    From here you have to click on the new option – more options and then click on the google drawings option.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Step 3:

    Now you will notice that the Google drawings are open in front of you. Now once you have opened the google drawings the first thing you have to do is just change the shape and size within google drawings. And you have to change the size of google drawings based on the size of Google Docs.

    Generally, 8.5*11 is the default size of Google docs. But by default, there is also a 1-inch margin within Google Docs and therefore you will need to take away from 2 inches each border dimension to make that fit.

    So if you are using default margins of Google Docs then you have to set the 6.5*9 margins within Google drawings.

    To change the margins of Google Drawings first visit the File option of google drawings then the page setup option.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Now a box will open in front of you and by default standard is selected on that box and you have to select custom from there. And put the margin 6.5 and 9 and then click on the apply button.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Now your google drawings documents are ready according to your google docs size.

    Step 4:

    Now if you want to add any text as your watermark then click on the text icon and a text box will appear in front of you and from here you can easily add texts as your watermark.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Now you write the text which you want to add as your watermark. And format the text according to requirements. You can bold the text, change the font size, change the color of your texts, change the alignment of the texts.

    One thing you have to remember is that when you choose the color for your document then you have to choose a light color. And in my opinion light gray is the best color. Whenever you see that color within Google Drawings the color will not look so attractive but when you visit google docs it will become a very good color.

    Once you have formatted the text then you have to set the position of it.

    From here you can also add the logo or image as your watermark.

    Step 5:

    Now go to Google docs again and copy the texts from there by pressing the ctrl+c button.

    Now add another text box within Google Drawings and then set the text box according to the page and double click on the text box for getting your cursor and then paste the document by pressing the ctrl+v button together.

    Now your watermark is ready but still, it is not present within google docs it is present within Google Drawings.

    But before that task first changes your google drawings documents name.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Just click on this area and type the name based on your interest.

    Step 6:

    Now go to google docs again and there select the text and delete the texts because here we will bring the texts from google drawings.

    To bring the watermark documents from google docs just click on the insert option and drawing option.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Now here you will get two options, one is New option, don’t choose that option because a new document will appear in front of you.

    Here you will get another option that is from the drive option, just select that option.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    Once you have done that then there is a window that appears in front of you just selects the document in which you have to prepare your watermark document.

    Now double click on the document and here two more options will appear.

    One is a source link and another is inserted unlinked.

    How to add a watermark in google docs

    For most of the cases, I should recommend you select the linked to source option so whenever you want to change that watermark document you can easily do that.

    Now click on the insert option and now you will notice that a watermarked document is added to your google docs from google drawings.

    How to Add Watermark Image in Google Docs?

    I have already mentioned the steps to add a text watermark in the upper section, and if you want to add any image as your watermark then you can do that by following these same steps.

    And to add any image you have to select the image option within the Google Drawings.


    In this article, I provide a step-by-step guide about How to Add Watermarks in Google Docs?

    I hope you have understood all the steps very well and if you have any kind of inquiry then you can ask me in the comment section.

    And follow our website regularly for this kind of helpful and informational article.