How to automate your coffee maker

How to automate your coffee maker

This is final part (part 6) of the series “Send Power BI Report in Email using Power Automate“. In this post, we will create a flow that will get triggered when a file is created or modified at the SharePoint location. We pick up the file (power bi report) and embed in the email.


Follow the previous parts to get an overview of this blog series.

Create the flow

In the last part, we had created a power automate flow that will save the power bi report attachment at the SharePoint location. In this part, we will create another flow which will get triggered when a new file is added or modified at the SharePoint location.

To do that, we will again use a readymade template. Login to and search for below template.

How to automate your coffee maker

Give permissions by signing in to your account.

How to automate your coffee maker

Below is the readymade flow created for you. Delete the trigger (Step 1) and replace it with “When a file is created or modified (properties only)“.


How to automate your coffee maker


How to automate your coffee maker

Select the Site address, Library Name, and Folder. Select the same folder which we created to save the attachments.

How to automate your coffee maker

Create a new step Compose before Get my Profile. Add the following expression in the input. This is required because we have to make the month year dynamic which will be part of the Email Subject.

How to automate your coffee maker

Compose the email in html for better control. You can compose the email without html as well but to give the image link, you will have to switch to html.

Select Thumbnail Large from dynamic content and put it in the image source. You can also customize the image size by giving height and width attributes in img tag.

How to automate your coffee maker

You will notice that, the moment you add the Thumbnail Large, the Send an email step moves inside Apply to Each step. This is completely fine.

Give the Compose output in the Subject to set the dynamic month year. Below is the final workflow.

How to automate your coffee maker

Here is the sample email sent by the flow. The image size is huge which gives a clear view of the report. If you have single visual in the page then you will have more details going into the email.

How to automate your coffee maker

This creates the complete automated end to end solution for sending power bi report in email without using any third party tools. Schedule the Refresh of Power BI Report and we are good to go.

Thank you All. Hope you find this useful.

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Believe it or not, not too long ago, to indulge in a rejuvenating cup of coffee, you had to wake up and fumble around with the coffee maker with one eye open as you tried to rouse yourself. But with programmable coffee makers, you can wake up to a promising cup of joe and jumpstart your day.

Businesses have a similar option now: continue to slog through manual processes or significantly improving work with automated processes.

In a 2018 survey of over 280 companies in the US, 62 percent of respondents reported three or more process inefficiencies that could be resolved with automation. The survey found that managers spend at least 8 hours a week on an average in manual data tasks. In fact, 25 percent reported spending 20 hours a week on manual data tasks!

How to automate your coffee maker

If this makes you wonder how or why automated processes are an improvement over manual processes, let’s take you through a comparison.

Manual Process Vs. Automated Processes: Head to Head

You can tell a manual process apart from an automated one with the following factors.

Find out the difference between Manual processes and Automated Processes in the below table.

Manual Process Automated Process
How it is managed Requires a human to push it through every step and know whom to send it to The system is programmed to auto-assigns tasks
Reminders Must be sent by a human to everyone The system can send emails and mobile notifications at specified times
Starting Physical or digital forms are kept in disparate places All digital forms are kept in the same place
Form completion All fields must be completed manually Some fields can be auto-filled with regular details and computations
Tracking Must send messages to others to determine where items are The system keeps a log of the status of every item
Audit Trail Completion events are easy to falsify and might miss information The system logs every action with the accurate time
Communication Process-related communication often happens outside of the context of the process (email, messaging) All communication remains within the workflow management tool

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Automation in Action

Want a more in-depth understanding of the differences? Let’s describe a typical purchase order approval from a manual as well as an automated perspective.

Let’s say you need to generate a purchase order for 500 new widgets. In the manual process, you would either find the paper version of the purchase order request form or download a spreadsheet template from an online folder. Then, you need to fill out every detail and attach it by email to send to your manager. The manager should approve it and send it to procurement, who should create the PO.

However, there are a lot of holes in this process. First, the form may have lots of fields and opportunities for data transfer errors. Second, there’s no way for you to check to see how far along the process is. To know if your manager has approved, you need to send an additional email. If she responds to that “approved” with procurement on cc, now, procurement is stuck with an email without an attachment. Data security and accuracy is also an issue as you need to make sure no one tampers with the numbers and the PO is accurate.

Automation can plug all of these holes and give you much more confidence in the process by trusting that every task was completed and the data is accurate.

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Benefits of Automating Manual Processes

Irrespective of industry type, an automated process can bring the following benefits.

  • Clarity. Automation necessitates a clear and complete understanding of how the process works and who is involved.
  • Higher efficiency. An automated process minimizes errors and redundancies resulting in higher efficiency.
  • Better customer experience. SLAs can be met consistently with workflow automation, making happy customers.
  • Reduced time and costs. With faster turnaround and elimination of wasteful practices, automated processes facilitate time and cost savings.
  • Efficient allocation of resources. Since mundane tasks are taken care of with automation, employees can be reassigned to do high-value work.
  • Compliance. Automated processes enable compliance with regulations and audit trails.
  • Insight. Workflow automation software helps you gain deep insight into your processes with analytics and reports, thereby aiding decision-making.
  • Scale. With manual processes, it’s very difficult to scale in response to an increase in demand. Automated processes make this effortless.
  • Transparency and accountability. Automated processes keep all stakeholders in the loop, increasing transparency. Status reports keep everyone individually accountable.

Learn why Kissflow is the leader in process automation.

Transitioning from a manual process to an automated process can ensure that your organization stays on the path to continuing growth.

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How to automate your coffee maker

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How to automate your coffee maker

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How to automate your coffee maker

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How to automate your coffee maker

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How to automate your coffee maker

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Our online receipt generator makes it seamless to create a receipt. Follow these three simple steps to create a receipt.

Step 1: Enter Details of Business and Customer

Fill out your business details and contact information in the “From” section. Fill out the necessary contact details of your customer in the “For” section.

Step 2: Mention Products and Charges

Provide proper name, quantity, and description of each service or product delivered. Include the invoice number, date, and instructions in the end.

Step 3: Preview and Share/Download

Have a preview of all the details that you have mentioned, if any changes, you can go back and edit. Once finished, you can email the receipt to your customer, get a print-out of the receipt or download it as a PDF file.

A Better Alternative to online Receipt Maker / Generator

A receipt maker tool allows you to create simple receipts. It is a great choice when you have to do it once in a while. However, if you have to run a business, you need to employ a quick method to create a receipt. The best choice is to have software that can automate the receipt making process as much as possible.

Vyapar allows you to create professional receipts with a simple click. You can get the required data from your invoice, thereby eliminating any redundant tasks. Further, Vyapar is a complete solution for all your accounting requirements. So, you can handle your finances in one place using our free accounting software.

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Everything you need to know about Receipts

What Does Receipt Mean?

A receipt is an acknowledgement provided by the vendor to the buyer. It contains the details of goods or services that are delivered by the seller. Many suppliers and sellers use this receipt as proof for processing returns or refunds.

You can use an online receipt generator to create a professional receipt. Read more

How to Send a Receipt to your Client?

You can download your receipt as a PDF, attach it to email, copy the link, or print it using our online invoice maker. After doing it, you can easily send it to your customer. You can use a Vyapar online receipt generator to make it more professional.

Why Use Our Online Receipt Maker?

The receipt you give to your customer is an acknowledgement slip. Customers often keep it for future reference for claiming returns or refunds. It portrays your brands’ image and showcases your professionalism. It will help create a lasting impression on your customers.

Our online receipt maker provides you with the listed benefits: 1. Create receipts quickly and efficiently by using a user-friendly interface for making receipts.

2. Use Vyapar Logo Maker to add a logo, fonts and colors that resemble your brands’ image.

3. Vyapar makes it seamless to send the receipt you created to your customer. It helps you keep track of your receipt.

4. Our online receipt maker is free to use, so you can create unlimited receipts whenever you want. Vyapar is compatible with browsers, android, and PC too.

5. Choose the most professional receipt maker. Say no to old fashioned templates and make a lasting impression on your customers. Read more

Tips to Make a Great Receipt

Giving your receipt a professional touch can help you stand out among competitors as your customer’s valued partner. Creating a good receipt requires you to include all professional standards. You can follow these things to make a good receipt for your customer.

Go Digital

Use digital receipts instead of manual ones as they look professional.

Be consistent

Provide a receipt to the buyer as soon as you receive the payment.

Don’t forget about instructions

Write refund and return policies along with other instructions

Be thourough

List all the products and services purchased with the quantity of each. Include amount paid, and the payment method used by your customer

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    Revenue receipts:
    The receipts that arise through core business activities are termed “Revenue receipts”. These receipts occur many times as they are part of everyday business activity. However, it is includedonly in the current accounting year as its effects are short term. It is issued against all daily business operations that bring income like:

Ice Cream Maker-Automatic Kids Ice Cream Maker DIY Fruit Dessert

  • The inner container is using food grade aluminum, which is non-stick and easy to clean. ABS shell is solid and durable
  • 1L large capacity, suitable for making 1-8 ice-cream cones. Convenient for kids to entertain their friends
  • 4D double stirring blades, ensure best tasting, the blades are made of solid pp material, very safe to contact with food
  • Easy to use, put the inner container in the freezer last 12 hours and the degree must low 18℃. Then prepare 100g ice cream powder and 300ml milk, mix well. Turn on the machine before put the material. Machine mix 10 minutes then it can make o
  • You can make the taste you like by yourself. Perfect for making healthy ice cream cone, sundae, banana boat, snow cup, ice cream ball etc.

Product description

I hope this shopping will bring you a different experience
Condition:100% Brand New
Material: ABS+ Food grade aluminium
Color: s Shown
Voltage: 220V
Power: 20W
Capacity: 1L
Size: approx.42.5*24*27cm/16.7*9.4*10.6in
Weight: Approx.3593g/126.7oz
Package list:
1 * Ice Cream Maker
1 * Base
1. Freezing inner container once can only use one time.
1. Please allow 0

1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

If you're wanting to start building your dream smart home and you're looking for an easy place to start, smart plugs are your perfect solution. Smart plugs are one of the most affordable and easiest to use smart home devices. They allow you to turn almost any wired appliance with an on/off switch in your home into an automated one that can be controlled by a simple tap on your phone or voice command.

Asurion Experts provide protection, repair, and support services for a range of devices and appliances—including helping customers set up their smart home. Here they share what you need to know about smart plugs, and give you ideas on the best ways to use them.

What is a smart plug?

Smart plugs are a simple way to automate the wired devices in your home. To set it up, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet and then connect it to your Wi-Fi network by following the directions in the compatible app on your phone or tablet. Then, you simply plug a wired appliance, like a lamp or a fan, into your smart plug and you'll now be able to control them on your phone from wherever you are.

If you have a smart home hub, like an Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can also connect your smart plug to it so you can enable voice commands like, “Alexa, turn on the bedroom fan."

What are the benefits of using a smart plug?

Besides the fact that talking to your house and having it respond with actions is just cool, smart plugs are great to add to your home if you're looking to save money on your energy bill. By utilizing the scheduling feature of your smart plug's app, you can schedule things, like your lights, to only come on during certain times of the day when you're home so they're not wasting energy in the meantime.

Smart plugs also come in handy for keeping your home safer from fire hazards. If you use heat-powered items daily, like a curling iron or a clothes iron, plugging those into a smart plug when using gives you the ability to turn them off remotely from your phone. So, just in case you get to work and realize that in your rush to get out the door you left it on, your smart plug can save the day.

What are the best smart plugs for using with Amazon Echo and Google Home?

Being able to sync up your smart plug with a voice assistant like Amazon's Alexa is one of the best features, and luckily, there are many smart plugs on the market that are compatible with both. Three of the more popular smart plug brands are the Wemo Smart Plug, the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug and the Amazon Smart Plug. Which one is best for you will depend on which features matter most – there are many options to choose from, from compact design to the ability to group your smart plug with other smart devices in your home for simple commands.

Best things to use smart plugs for

Slow cooker

If you're a fan of whipping up set-and-forget meals with your slow cooker, a smart plug will help you to control how long your food cooks – because, let's face it, we all find ourselves being away a little longer than expected from time to time. With a smart plug, you'll be able to flip your slow cooker off from wherever you are to avoid ending up with rubbery, overcooked pot roast.

Christmas tree or holiday lights

Smart plugs can help to spread the energy-saving love all year round. To make sure you're only running your holiday lights when someone is around to enjoy them, you can use your smart plug to set up a schedule to turn the lights on and off throughout the day.

Coffee maker

There's nothing quite like waking up to the smell of fresh coffee. With a smart plug, you can either schedule your coffee maker to start brewing before you even open your eyes in the morning; or, you can flip the switch on the app when you wake up and let it brew while you enjoy those last few precious moments in bed.

Air conditioners and space heaters

Smart plugs are great for helping to keep your home at just the right temperature, if you're someone who uses a small space heater or a window air conditioner unit. Schedule the heater to turn on right before you get home so it will be nice and toasty inside.

Outdoor smart plug

Smart plugs are not only great for automating devices and appliances inside your home, but also those outside. With an outdoor smart plug like the iHome Outdoor Smart Plug, you can turn things on and off remotely, like the decorative string of lights on your patio or the pump that controls your water fountain.

Make sure your home tech is protected

Protect the devices your family loves and relies on with one simple plan that covers all your favorite home tech. With Asurion Home+, we cover your computers, TVs, tablets, premium headphones, smart devices, and so much more—plus, 24/7 assistance for your whole family with any tech care need—for less than $1/day. Learn more about Asurion Home+ coverage and how you can get peace-of-mind device protection.

*The Asurion® trademarks and logos are the property of Asurion, LLC. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Asurion is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any of the respective owners of the other trademarks appearing herein.*