How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Las Vegas’ famous phrase “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” may be catchy, but it can also be misleading. In a city where public drunkenness is acceptable, and gambling is lawful, you can still spend a night (or two) in jail if you’re not careful. Here you’ll find some of the things that could get anyone arrested in Las Vegas.

Paying for a prostitute

This seems obvious, but it is a common misconception that prostitution is legal in the city of Las Vegas. Prostitution is not legal within Clark County, where Las Vegas lies. It is only legal in 12 (however, only eight have brothels) of the 16 counties in Nevada, and Pahrump is the closest town to Sin City where you’ll find a legal brothel.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Entering a casino after you’ve been banned

Las Vegas is the place to get wild and crazy, but it is possible to cross the line. If your behavior concerns casino staff enough, you can be asked to leave a property and not return, and this is true for anyone, including celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Frank Sinatra. Violating such a ban constitutes trespassing, which carries both jail time and a fine.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Smoking marijuana on the street or in a hotel

Marijuana is legal to purchase now in Las Vegas, but it comes with some strings attached. You can have it on your person, but it is still illegal to use inside hotel rooms, on public streets, in nightclubs, and on casino floors. Anyone caught smoking or using marijuana in those public spaces is subject to arrest and a $600 fine.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Having a baby and not telling anyone

If you come to Las Vegas and give birth, be sure to tell at least one person about it. Should something happen to your baby, and you don’t tell anyone, you can be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor according to NRS 201.150; this applies no matter when the child died, or how.

Selling dentures or brass knuckles to pawn shops

Pawn shops are all over Las Vegas. However, there are limits on what customers can offer to these establishments. People cannot sell dentures and brass knuckles to a pawn shop, the former of which is specifically outlined in the county ordinance that governs Las Vegas. Dentures are considered medical equipment, and the record-keeping practices required by law prevents pawnbrokers from accepting them.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Engaging in “criminal” anarchy

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that anarchy is illegal in Las Vegas, as it is in many other places. Nevada is one of only 13 states to have a criminal anarchy statute on its books. The funny thing about this law is that the title specifies “criminal” anarchy. The definition provided by the statute and the title, however, suggests there is a means of “civil” anarchy.

Defacing the Bellagio Fountains

One of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas is the fountains at the Bellagio. People from all over the world come to see the dancing water display, but some visitors have been known to take it too far. If you’re caught defacing the fountains in any way, such as public urination, swimming, or dumping waste, security and/or police can escort you off the property.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Touching the girl that gives you a lap dance

Lap dances are technically illegal in Las Vegas. While that ordinance isn’t heavily enforced, there are strict restrictions imposed on lap dances that aren’t ignored. While dancers can touch their patrons on certain body parts, anything more than that can be construed as illegal fondling, which carries fines between $250 and $1,000.

Shooting pigeons

Pigeons are everywhere in the Las Vegas Valley and are protected by law. NRS 7.32.110 specifically protects pigeons and other animals from being fired upon, despite the bird’s reputation as a public nuisance. Violating the law is considered a misdemeanor; three offenses within a seven-year period is a felony.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Walking your dog on the Strip in the afternoon

You can come to Las Vegas with your pet, but you might have a hard time walking it if you stay on the Strip. Household pets are only allowed on the Strip between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m., an ordinance which came about to discourage panhandlers. There are further restrictions on where pet owners can walk their furry friends as well; violations of the ordinance carry possible jail time and fines.

Throwing a party at someone’s house

Las Vegas is the place to come and party, as long as you don’t do it in someone’s (unregistered) home. Laws have banned “party” houses for the most part in Clark County; Las Vegas allows them only under heavy restrictions. Homeowners have to register and obtain special permits with the city to allow gatherings on their property. If you are caught throwing a party in an unregistered house, police can deem you and the homeowner a public nuisance.

November 21 2014

Avoiding Jail in Las Vegas, NV

We’re in Vegas, baby. This is the place to let your hair down, get wild, and have some unbelievable nights. But law enforcement will cut your adventure short if they arrest you, so don’t put yourself in that situation.

Despite the carefree attitude of Sin City, there are still simple rules to keep everyone safe and happy. Before taking your next Vegas vacation, read through this list of don’ts. Once you know what not to do, you can plan the trip of your life while making sure that your exploits won’t land you in the big house.

What Not to Do on the Casino Floor

Even if you are just using your brain to count cards, the casino still has the right to withhold winnings and turn you away. Any private institution reserves the right to refuse business, so keep that in mind the next time you want to take the easy way in Black Jack.

Casinos will turn you away if you are under suspicion of shuffle tracking, ace tracking, or card counting. Any time a casino asks you to leave and you refuse, you are in danger of arrest for trespassing.

2. Don’t cash a bad check.

Most casinos won’t even allow you to cash a check, money order, or cashier’s check anymore. But if you do try to cash a bad check, police will arrest you for fraud, if you’re lucky. Keep things cool by sticking with cash and established credit lines with casinos when you gamble.

3. Don’t become intoxicated.

Even though drinks are often complimentary, be careful not to have one too many. Public intoxication is not technically illegal in Las Vegas; what is illegal is when that intoxication leads to disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, or trespassing. All three of those charges will result in arrest, jail time, and an addition to your criminal record.

When there’s money in play, it’s best to stay alert anyway. Refrain from sleeping in public places, doing dangerous stunts, and being rude to dealers and the staff. Most casino properties have strict rules regarding customer behavior, including the use of obscene language. You know how you react when you’ve had too much alcohol, so drink responsibly.

4. Don’t film or take pictures.

Most casino floors prohibit all photography. But if you just want a card table selfie, consider asking a member of the staff first before whipping out your camera phone. Laws on filming in casinos are stringent because many people have sued casinos for letting others expose behavior they’d rather keep private. The rule also cuts down on the potential for people to aid cheaters. If you want to stay out of
trouble, keep the camera off.

5. Don’t forget your ID (and make sure you have a valid one).

If someone ask you to show ID, polite compliance is always the best way to go. Consider it a compliment! Make sure you always have your ID on your person at all times. The casino can ask people without a valid ID to leave without collecting any winnings.

6. Don’t drink or gamble if you’re under 21.

If you are not yet 21, it is illegal for you to gamble or drink alcohol. Don’t risk it with a fake ID-casino workers are trained to recognize them, and you’ll have much more fun elsewhere. It is also illegal for parents and over-21-ers to bring minors onto the floor to “watch.” Even if minors win something, without a valid ID, they can’t legally recover their winnings.

The only time a person under 21 is allowed on the casino floor is if they are obviously in transit or asking their parent a quick question. Aiding minors in underage drinking and gambling has stringent consequences, so don’t risk it.

7. Don’t use your cell phone in the sports books.

This law actually prevents messenger betting so that each bet is fair and uninflated. Refrain from cell phone usage here if you know what’s good for you.

8. Don’t solicit a prostitute.

Despite Las Vegas’s reputation, the county it’s located in has outlawed prostitution. Still, prostitution is sometimes misleadingly marketed as dating services, massage parlors, and escorts or entertainers. Be careful to refrain from engaging in these activities (or paying for them) anywhere near the casino floor. Law enforcement is constantly on the alert for inexperienced tourists making such transactions, especially in public areas.

9. Don’t buy, sell, use, or possess illegal drugs.

Vegas may be a place to get crazy, but you can forget about illegal drugs. Paris Hilton learned this lesson the hard way when she was arrested and charged with a class E felony for cocaine possession. They’re called “illegal” for a reason, so don’t consider bringing them. Vegas has some of the harshest drug use penalties in the U.S.

Stay safe and free of problems by following this simple list of tips. Let loose at your next casino visit by planning ahead to keep the trip free of detours.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Las Vegas is all about having a good time. Almost anything you like to do for fun you can do here. The owners of casinos, clubs and hotels welcome you here to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.

But there are limits to everything. If you become publicly intoxicated or become unruly or cross the line, the Las Vegas Metro Police may put a stop to your partying.

Know What is Illegal in Vegas

Don’t get arrested in Las Vegas. Our Vegas criminal defense attorneys will help if you do, but being arrested is a costly experience no matter the outcome. You don’t need an arrest on your record, and you can avoid it.

Here are 7 tips for staying out of police custody while in Las Vegas:

  1. Followtherules. It really is that simple. Some things you already know are wrong, and in other situations, you can educate yourself about the rules. If you don’t know what is allowed, ask someone on staff. This is a tourist town. People in the hospitality industry are ready to assist and don’t mind answering questions. Otherwise, when you do know better, don’t give in to temptation. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.
  2. Don’toverdo itwhendrinking. Drinking is encouraged in Las Vegas, especially in the casinos. Many offer complimentary drinks. It’s okay to drink if you are 21 years old or older. But know your limits and when to stop drinking. If you get publicly intoxicated and bother other people, you may be arrested. You are more likely to make bad decisions when drunk. Avoiding drinking to excess makes following tip No. 1 a lot easier. Do not drink if you are underage. Do not try to use a fake ID. That is technically fraud. Do you want to be charged with fraud?
  3. Don’t risk a DUI. Don’t drive if you have had anything to drink. Nevada DUI laws are strict and costly when broken. DUIs are preventable, if you do not permit yourself to drink and drive. Between Uber, Lyft, cabs and even the monorail along the Strip, there’s no need to drive yourself when in Vegas. Let someone else deal with the traffic.
  4. Stay away from illicit drugs. You may have heard that Nevada has legalized the recreational use of marijuana. But you may not understand that the law allows possession and use by people 21 years old or older in private residences. Smoking or possessing pot in a Las Vegas hotel room or anywhere else a tourist is likely to be is still illegal and can lead to arrest. You also can still be arrested for possession of numerous other controlled substances, including for “joint possession,” which is knowing a controlled substance exists in a location you legally share with a spouse or roommate, such as a hotel room or vehicle. If a housekeeper or other hotel staff smells or sees evidence of drug use, they have a duty to report it. You can also be arrested for impaired driving if you try to drive while high after using marijuana.
  5. Respect casino rules. Cross the line in a casino, and the fun and games are over. Casinos will ask you to leave and will be quick to have you arrested for trespassing if you refuse. Do not take photos or video on a casino gaming floor. If you want a selfie, ask a staff member before you even raise your phone. Do not use your cell phone in the sports books. It is illegal under Nevada law to get paid to place bets for someone else. Having your phone out in the sports book could be seen as possible “messenger betting.”You must be 21 to gamble. Don’t try to gamble underage; you cannot legally collect your winnings if you do. You really should not be on the gaming floor if you are underage. At any age, you should be ready to show a valid ID without a fuss. If you have substantial winnings, the casino can hold your money until you produce a valid ID. Know the basics of casino etiquette before you go.
  6. Gamble honestly. Do not cheat or do anything that could be construed as cheating when gaming in Las Vegas casinos. Casinos don’t care who you think you are when it comes to cheating. You will be arrested. Don’t try to pass a bad check in a casino or hotel, if you are allowed to write a check. If you lose, pay your markers.
  7. Do not exchange money for sex. Many people mistakenly believe that prostitution is legal throughout Nevada. Prostitution is only legal in licensed brothels in a few Nevada counties, not including Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. It is illegal to solicit or engage in prostitution in Las Vegas, whether in a hotel or a massage parlor or with so-called dating services, escorts or entertainers.

Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer if You are Arrested

Millions of people come to Las Vegas to party and have a good time every year. A couple million more people live in the Las Vegas metro area. Some overdo it or make bad decisions and get arrested and charged with committing criminal offenses. Some people wind up in jail.

For more than a decade, the Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys of Adras & Altig have been helping residents and visitors who face criminal charges in Clark County and elsewhere in Nevada. We know that good people sometimes make mistakes or errors of judgment. That should not have a lasting effect on their lives. Our criminal defense attorneys will fight for your rights and stand with you every step of the way.

If you have been arrested in Las Vegas or greater Clark County, Nevada, contact Adras & Altig as soon as possible. We will respond quickly to start building a smart defense strategy for you. Contact us for a free evaluation of your case.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Money may still talk in Cambodia, but there are a few things that are going to buy you a ticket straight to jail – or bankrupt you in the pay-off process. Here are nine ways to get yourself arrested during a trip to Cambodia.

Pornographic dancing

As 10 foreigners found out, it appears dirty dancing can get you locked up in Cambodia. The arrests came in January 2018, after police raided a party at a villa in Siem Reap and found them “singing and dancing pornographically”. Photos released by Cambodian police show the fully-dressed tourists imitating sexual positions on the floor. The 10 foreigners were charged with producing pornographic pictures and materials, and face up to 10 years behind bars.

Getting in an accident

When in Cambodia, drive motorbikes at your own risk. A drunken road accident is likely to result in you praying for the police to appear since, more often than not, you’ll find yourself quickly surrounded by an angry mob of locals. If you’re lucky and no one is hurt, you’ll have to pay for any damage caused – for the wrecked vehicles, to appease those involved, and to pay off any police who turn up. If someone has been seriously injured, then you’ll find yourself in much more trouble.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Stripping off at Angkor Wat

Here’s an activity that may see you escape time behind bars, but it will definitely result in you getting arrested and sharply booted out of the country, as several Westerners discovered. In 2015, a series of episodes saw five tourists strip down to their birthday suits and pose for photos at the sacred site – another definite no-no in this predominantly Buddhist country.

Stealing religious artefacts

It’s illegal to take ancient religious artefacts out of Cambodia, so you’ll quickly find yourself in trouble with customs if you’ve managed to buy one from the black market. In 2015, five locals were sentenced to seven years in prison after stealing Buddhist relics.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Vandalising religious artefacts

This is another act that will land you in serious trouble and should be avoided at all costs, as should anything that can be regarded as derogatory to Buddha, such as defacing a picture – while this probably won’t see you put in prison, it will land you in a lot of trouble. In 2014, a Dutch woman avoided arrest by leaving the country after destroying a statue at Angkor Wat, which she claimed was “fake” and “didn’t belong there”.

Get into a drunken brawl with locals

It bodes well to remember you’re a visitor to this country, and the bounty of smiles can quickly turn into snarls if you try to mess with a local. While this is more likely to get you seriously beaten than put behind bars, if the police turn up, things could get messy. A common error booze-fuelled tourists make, which gets them into fights, is trying to short-change a tuk tuk driver. Don’t do it.

Not paying your tab

Again, if you’re caught stealing, you’ll probably end up praying for the police to save you, because public justice is commonly served in Cambodia. A mistake often made by travellers is running up tabs at guesthouses and eateries and not paying. Cambodians’ vast network of connections ensures many are caught and face nasty consequences.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas


Con artists are rampant across Cambodia – and usually come in the form of foreigners. From those who have way over-stayed their visa trying to blag some cash from innocent tourists, to more elaborate plots hatched by criminal gangs. Either way, get caught and you’ll get locked up.

Buying drugs

A common misconception is that drugs – especially cannabis – are legal in Cambodia. They aren’t, and if you’re caught with them – depending on the drug and quantities – you’ll either end up behind bars or slapped with a hefty bribe to steer clear of a spell in the country’s notoriously grim prisons.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

If you think we don’t know how harrowing it is to be in your position when you or a loved one are taken into custody, think again. Professional bail bondsmen work day and night with clients who’re in jail—and they know full well the toll it takes.

The mental health risk the ordeal poses has now been confirmed scientifically, and we also know that children are, by proxy, passive receivers of trauma as well. Being arrested is traumatic, yes, which is exactly why you need to do everything in your power to minimize bad outcomes.

One of those things is knowing exactly how to behave and act when you’re arrested.

What to Do When You See Policemen Approaching

We can’t emphasize this enough: obey. If they ask you to stop, stop. If they ask you to get out of the car, get out of the car.

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong and you’re sure there’s been some mistake, be as compliant as possible. The police officer’s ignorance and negligence can be challenged in court, but right now, you need to be on your best behavior.

Act like you really want to help the police officer—and that you’re truly a concerned citizen. You abide by the law and you aren’t nonplussed when you’re stopped. Not doing so will aggravate them—and that’s something you don’t want.

Lying to Police Officers

Anything you say can and will be used against you in court—that’s what the Miranda Laws are all about. But there’s another angle to Miranda Laws: you can (and should!) stay silent. And remember, Miranda Laws can only be enforced if you’re in custody—so make sure to ask the police officer accosting you, “Am I under arrest?”

If they answer in the affirmative, ring for your lawyer—and a local bail bondsman.

Staying Silent—but Compliant

Although we’ve just told you that you shouldn’t talk to the police, don’t think for a moment that we want you to not listen to the police at all. Remember that in this situation, you’re the disadvantaged party. The handcuffs are slapped around your wrists. Let’s say you really didn’t do anything wrong and are being carried off to jail for no reason—it’s okay. Call your lawyer. Get a bondsman to bail you out. Challenge the charge in court.

At no point should you get violent in custody—or worse, assault a police officer. If they didn’t have anything on you previously, they do now. You’ll have a harsher sentence, higher bail, and bigger problems to deal with.

Where to Find a Bail Bondsman in Gainesville, Florida

Lee Calhoun’s bail bond agency, Lee Calhoun Bail Bonds, has been around for 15 years in Florida, and operates in Gainesville as well as several other locations. Avail their 24-hour service by giving them a call at (352) 379-9100.

You might not like it, but no one forces you to fly thousands of miles to upset the locals

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How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

More decorum in the Forum, less flesh in Fiji, and forget the idea of taking even a sniff of nasal spray into Japan: that is the message from the Foreign Office as it seeks to reduce the alarming rate of detentions of British travellers abroad.

At present a British traveller abroad is arrested every 90 minutes on average. A good way to draw attention to the many pitfalls is for the FCO to put out a jokey press release. It can point out some of the many laws that tourists may unwittingly break – and point a finger at the strange ways of Johnny Foreigner. No feeding the pigeons in Venice, and no swigging Coke on the steps of the Santa Croce in Florence, eh? What will those Italians think of next?

As a serial offender, detained for careless photography in Romania, thrown out of Honduras and guilty of various public transport infractions worldwide, I am tempted to join the chorus of derision about the ban on camouflage clothing in Barbados and chewing gum on public transport in Singapore. But those laws did not arrive on the statute by accident: evidently, those nations believe that they had a problem, and dealt with it.

You might not like it – but no one is forcing you to fly thousands of miles to upset the locals. If you take up the opportunities that the 21st century presents, then spend a bit of time finding out about your destination.

About a million Brits will visit the United Arab Emirates (which for most tourists means Dubai) this year. Some visitors seem to think that it’s Las Vegas on sea, while in fact it’s a reasonably conservative Islamic society.

Ten minutes up the road from Dubai airport, the Emirate of Sharjah bans alcohol completely, and indiscreet displays of affection or inebriation are frowned upon. Passengers in transit through the UAE under the influence of alcohol or with illegal drugs in their bloodstream may also be arrested.

If you go through passport control into the UAE your problems are only just beginning: it’s illegal to share a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex to whom you are not married or “closely related” – and if you happen to be gay, homosexual acts are against the law.

Elsewhere, present and former Communist countries seem particularly hazardous. Inadvisable photography has landed me in police custody in Cuba, and taking notes for an article caused a kerfuffle in Nicaragua that required a large number of armed men to sort out.

In the US state of Washington, I was bundled into a Highway Patrol car while hitch-hiking; I am still not sure whether I was being given a lift to the nearest bus terminal, or simply a public nuisance being removed.

There is, in many countries, a thin line between an on-the-spot fine and a bribe. But traveller beware: learn the ground rules – and the capital crimes – of your destination, rather than hope that some king of touristic immunity will protect you against a sovereign nation’s laws.

Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs are an integral part of the city’s night life. Here you can relax, get an intimate one on one time with a hottie from your dreams, fall in love with a couple of beauties or have a crazy bachelor party! Do not shy away from them if you don’t know how to behave in a strip club – read these tips below and you will be fine!

Strip Clubs Catering To Gentlemen (mostly)

Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs Tips

So what is it you are looking for in a strip club? There are two choices: you could find that perfect club and come back there over and over. Or you could go on a clubbing spree and see them all in one or two nights! There is a great way to find out which are the best if you purchase a V Card – not only will you have free access with complimentary transportation to the hottest nightclubs, you will also have a free access to seven participating gentlemen’s clubs! The best part is that V Card never expires so you can use it on any trip to Vegas until you spend all the options.

The most common mistake rookies make is arriving to Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs in a cab. You should never do that! Most strip clubs have a free pick up service – simply call and all you need to do is tip the diver ($5 per person in the car).

The reason why arriving in a cab to a strip club is not recommended is because the clubs have to pay the cab drivers for bringing you to them. To compensate for that they may raise your cover charge. Sometimes, if you use their free pick up service they can even waive the cover charge – especially if you order drinks as soon as you come in.

Even bigger mistake you could make is actually asking your cab driver which are the best Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs! Never ask a cab driver for a recommendation if you don’t want to end up in a shady place. The clubs pay cab drivers for delivering customers and they will simply take you to those that paid them more, which not necessarily means the best.

If you want dancers to come to you and offer you lap dances – don’t sit with your arms crossed – it’s usually a sign that you want to be left alone. If a girl whom you don’t like approaches you and offers a lap dance – simply tell her that you don’t want a lap dance right now.

Establish the price for the lap dance right away – normally they go at the price of $20. Don’t accept a higher price, especially after the fact. To be on the safe side it’s best to ask in advance. Also remember that whether to tip a girl or not is up to you and there is no “tip rate” per dance. But it’s a nice thing to do anyway – these girls work for tips alone!

Try to establish good relationships with everyone in the club – especially the security. The dancers rely heavily on the security guards and if they see you talk casually and nicely with them, they will feel safer with you which will result in a better lap dance!

Strip Clubs For Women

Please note that some strip clubs do not let unaccompanied women in. Some gentlemen’s clubs don’t let women in at all (if you are wondering why – the clubs want to be on a safer side and they suspect that these women might be prostitutes who would steal their customers).

It’s always best to ask in advance if you want to go to strip clubs with your girlfriend or your wife. These are Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs that feature male strippers – recommended for a couple’s night out!

Olympic Garden

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas


How to behave if you get arrested in vegas


How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

If you want to make a present for your girlfriend (with incredible benefits for yourself!) – buy her a Stripper 101 Class- the ultimate class where she will learn how to do a strip dance (for you!)

Dress Code And Etiquette

Here are some common rules you should follow if you want to get the most out of your Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs experience:

Do not confuse strip clubs with brothels – prostitution is illegal in Vegas. Do not proposition the dancers and do not touch them where they don’t want to be touched. If you want a lap dance – ask the dancer where she wants to be touched and avoid other places.

Always dress nicely. Although some clubs might let you in if you wear shorts and a t-shirt – upper-scale clubs require that you wear nice pants have your shirt tucked in. It’s best to always look nice if you want to avoid the problems.

Prices in Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Clubs

If you are wondering how much your night out will cost you – below are approximate rates in Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. Please note that while you can pay for your drinks with your visa or debit card, dancers cannot accept them. Always bring enough cash with you, including enough dollar bills for tips – if you want good service – it’s normal to tip everyone in the club who gives you the service.

  • Cover fee – starting at $30, free with Free With V Card in several participating strip clubs. Sometimes cover fee can be waived if you arrive by your own vehicle or the club’s own pick up limousine. Cover fee can go up if you arrive by cab.
  • Lap dances on the main floor start at $20. It’s customary to tip the girl if you liked the dance – $1-$5.
  • Lap dances in the VIP area start at around $100 for 3 songs. You should also tip the girls in the VIP area for dances.
  • You should certainly tip the girl dancing on the pole – especially if you want her to come over and do a lap dance for you. $1-$5 dollars.
  • You should tip every staff member in Las Vegas strip clubs if you want to get the best service available. Normal tipping rates are $1-$5 – use common logic. If that’s a waitress who brings you drinks all the time – tip her $1 per drink. If that’s a host who shows you the best seats in the club – tip $5. The more personal the service – the better you should tip.
  • Drinks in Las Vegas gentlemen’s clubs start at $7-$15 and up. If you want drinks served in your VIP room – the prices go up. Same goes for tips – you should tip more for drinks in the VIP room than for drinks on the main floor.

Here’s How You Should Behave if You Get Arrested

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  • February 4, 2020 1:00 am

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

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Getting arrested is a stressful experience that you may have to go through at least once in your life. When that happens, whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime that you are being charged with, you need to know how to act to prevent further legal penalties that will exacerbate your situation.
Before it happens to you, familiarize yourself with the process. Know how you should act while you wait for the bail bonds service from Salt Lake County, Utah to get you out of jail ASAP.

Be Respectful

During the encounter, keep in mind that you need to be polite and respectful to the police officer. Even when they are being rough, you need to calm down and speak to them in a measured tone. That means no swearing. It is understandable that, especially when you know for sure that you did not break any law, being taken into custody is not a positive experience. You may feel angry for being inconvenienced or being suspected in the first place, but lashing out will not help your case.

Follow the instructions given to you by the police officer so you canavoid being hurt (since they are allowed to use reasonable force during arrest) and make the process easier for you, too.

How to behave if you get arrested in vegas

Answer Basic Questions That They Will Need to Process You

You have the right to remain silent, but you are required to give information that the police needs to process you. That includes giving your name and address details that will go into record. If you have an identification card with you, show it. Refusing to do so might result to you being kept in detention for longer than necessary.

…But Do not Offer More Information

As soon as you arrive at the station, you will be allowed to contact a lawyer. While waiting, do not answer questions regarding the crime you are being charged with.

You have the right to remain silent. Tell the officer respectfully during interrogation that you would like your lawyer to be present. The police may lie and trick you to coerce evidence. Do not fall into the trap and offer any information, even if you think it is not related to the case.

Do not lie, either. Be quiet and wait for your lawyer to give you advice.

Be Nice to Everyone in the Holding Cell

You will be spending 24 hours or less in the station with little to do. Be pleasant and do not antagonize the people who are also in detainment. You do not have to become best friends, but you will not want to get into an argument with anyone.

Everyone is on edge, so an argument may lead to a fight that will get you iot more trouble and lengthen the time you have to spend behind bars. You may speak to someone else, but only if they want to. Otherwise, it is best that you mind your own business.

Do Not Ask for Medical Assistance as Much as Possible

By law, the police is required to provide you the medical assistance while in custody. However, as much as possible, do not claim that you are sick or need medication.

If it is not an emergency, then ask a family member or a friend (you are allowed to contact them) to bring your medicine. Otherwise, the police will bring you to the hospital which means that you may have to spend another day behind bars.

Even if you are innocent, trying to convince a police officer will not do you any good. Call a lawyer and trust the process. You will be out of jail in no time.

When caught cheating in Vegas casinos having a Las Vegas bail bond will be helpful in getting out of jail. Indeed, most people go to casinos purely for enjoyment. However, there are some who are determined to win big. Some even go to the extent of committing gaming fraud just to cash in the big bucks. Although exciting, committing these acts is still not worth going to jail for. Learn about gaming fraud and how Nevada punishes those who violate this law.

What is Gaming Fraud?

Gaming fraud is the use of information from an insider to get the upper hand when gambling. It can be much likened to the stock market’s insider trading. An example of this would be a casino worker giving a tip to a certain gambler which tables are winning. Tampering with casino machines is also considered gaming fraud. It is not only the person making a bet that can be charged with the crime. Both the insider and the gambler are liable for the criminal charges when this happens.

Gaming Fraud Penalties

Committing gaming fraud is a serious crime and is considered a category B felony. Violation of this law could land a person up to 6 years in Nevada State Prison. Fines are also grave which are at a maximum of $10,000. The prosecuted are also mandated by the court to provide restitution for the casino. Six years is a long time to be incarcerated. Getting out with bail bonds in Las Vegas is possible for the first offense. However, for the subsequent conviction, this is no longer allowed.

Jail Release with Las Vegas Bail Bond

Bail for these crimes can be expensive. Coming up with the whole bail amount can be difficult. With Las Vegas bail bonds defendants can arrange for an easier jail release. This can be done without putting up the whole amount for the set bail. The stress of gathering more funds in this already problematic situation is eliminated.

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