How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

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How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

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I’d like you to imagine waking up tomorrow with no limitations whatsoever.

How would you spend your day?

Who would you spend it with?

Where in the world would you be?

How would you feel?

Over the past 6 years I have asked hundreds of people this question. And guess what? 99% of them have no idea how to answer it. They have never thought about what their perfect day looks like, let alone how to describe it in vivid detail.

Somewhere along the way, people stopped chasing their dreams. They stopped imagining what their perfect day looks like and they started handing over the reigns to society who told them what to do and how to live. I found myself in this place too, where I’d given away my freedom. And I wanted it back.

What Exactly Is Freedom

According to the Oxford Dictionary, it’s the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. But is that really what true freedom means to you?

I shared in my TEDx talk The Surprising Truth About Freedom that I believe freedom is a right not a privilege, and it’s up to YOU to create your own freedom plan.

I personally spent the last 6 years living out of a suitcase, traveling the world to 69 countries. I did this because I wanted to explore the world and experiment with living and working from anywhere and everywhere until I designed and created my perfect freedom business that supports my ideal lifestyle. Then in early 2017, I chose to flip my life 180 degrees when I bought a beautiful house and 2.5 acres of land in New Zealand with my partner, got five chickens and an adorable puppy and put down roots.

I discovered a different type of freedom that’s based around family, friends and a sense of community, as well as a profound connection to being on nature’s doorstep for my ideal lifestyle.

Why Freedom Feels So Elusive

As I’ve already stated, your version of freedom is totally unique to you, so it’s up to you to choose.

Freedom for some people it’s sailing around the world. For others it’s living in a yurt in the forest. For others it’s the right to vote. To get married, or stay single. To have a beautiful home or to have no home at all.

When I ask people if they feel free, they almost always respond with saying that the answer depends on something out of their control. For example “when I have more money and feel financially free”. Or “when I can make my own schedule and do what I want”. Or “when I’ve quit my job and can do my own thing”. Or “when I don’t have to be stuck in one place”.

THEN I’ll be/ feel free.

Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize though:

Freedom is a state of mind rather than a specific condition of existence.

True freedom starts with your thoughts, and freeing yourself from your own inner critic, or limiting beliefs that tell you what you are and aren’t capable of. We may not have been born with the same privileges, access to education, money or political rights, but we are all given the same amount of time in a day to pursue our dreams and make them a reality. And if we can’t control our external circumstances, we can definitely control our internal ones.

Freedom is the possibility to have choice and purpose helps you choose. Freedom is the space around you, where your purpose is your compass showing you where to move in that space.

Choosing Your Version of Freedom

I’m obsessed with Freedom and the definition of it. I created the Right2Freedom survey to ask people this very question. Over 500+ responses later and there is ONE universal truth emerging.

Freedom usually is split into positive and negative freedom. “Freedom from” (absence of constraints) and “freedom to” (freedom to do what we want). There is also a third level “freedom to be”, which is also a positive freedom but on a deeper emotional level; inner freedom.

It is this inner freedom that I believe is the most important, and that we intend to research further.

Your definition of freedom may be completely different to mine, but one thing remains the same, it’s our ability to CHOOSE that makes us feel truly free. Through the answers we’ve collected so far we’ve identified four elements of freedom.

  1. Flexibility – What you want, when you want and where you want. In short this is independence and choices free from restrictions.
  2. Self-actualization – This is about fulfilling your dreams, being free to pursue your passion while being free from judgement. This is strongly linked to doing work of your choice – a career or business you love.
  3. Responsibility – Creating stability for yourself and others by having control of your own security, health and financial situation ultimately makes you feel more free.
  4. Contribution – The ability to contribute, help others and to make an impact is a feeling of freedom on a whole other level.

Going For More Freedom

How do you go for achieving more freedom? Follow these baby steps:

Step 1 – Awareness of (your) definition of freedom (what do you want)

Not many people have truly thought about the definition of freedom and what it means to them personally, but when asked, most can tell you a few things that makes them feel free. These are usually literal things they attribute to the meaning of freedom.

So ask yourself the question “What makes me feel free?” Then write down your answers, discuss them with friends and start the conversation with people who matter in your life.

Step 2 – Understanding of (your) needs and purpose of freedom (why do you want it)

Not everyone thinks about why they define freedom a certain way, but everyone does have a deeper reason for why they desire freedom.

If you understand your needs and reason for wanting those “freeing” things in life, it is easier to achieve them.

Again, write down your why. Why do you want more freedom?

Step 3 – Action: map out personal plan (how can you get it)

Mapping out a plan needs to be done on an individual level based on your needs and wants, so who is better suited to do it but you?

It starts by getting very clear on your ideal lifestyle and what that looks like to you. Let the questions at the beginning guide you to finding your answers.

For more expert guidance, you can start by picking up a copy of my book The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure In Life. In it I talk you through the three stages of Mindset, Business and Lifestyle that have personally led me to being a Freedomist, and thousands of others.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

This is a guest post by Aileen Mahoney of Kaizen Vision.

How many times have you surprised yourself and done something you had once only hoped to do, or done something you thought was impossible?

Even though I’ve surprised myself many times, I can still get caught up in doubt. Often we think that once we achieve success or fulfill our dreams, we then get the prize of staying “there” for the rest of our lives.

Actually, there is no “there,” we’re always a work in progress with new heights to reach for and new breakthroughs before us.

No matter how much we achieve, new obstacles will present themselves and to varying degrees our doubts, fears and hesitations will accompany them.

Whether or not you’ve ever gone beyond your limitations or only just hoped to, it’s something we can all do. Sometimes we just need some extra help and a good boost.

Perceived Limitations

“What we can or cannot do,
what we consider possible or impossible,
is rarely a function of our true capability.
It is more likely a function of our beliefs about who we are.”

It takes a strong desire, discipline and determination to dig into the depths of self-development and really work on ourselves. It’s the easiest thing to put off doing. We come up against our own levels of resistance and often don’t even recognize it. We avoid doing the inner-work by tricking our minds and coming up with all sorts of creative excuses like fatigue or busyness.

Sometimes we inadvertently use our intelligence and creativity to keep us bound to and barricaded in our comfort zone. It’s an interesting phenomenon how we individuals can be our own best friend and our worst enemy.

We can become stuck at different times throughout life, or find ourselves lost in transition seemingly unable to break through. We all deserve a great life experience, but we have to earn it.

10 Tips to help you Break Through Your Limitations

1. Seek Guidance – Work with a mentor or a life coach. They can be the very thing you need to push you through your limitations.

2. Action Plan – Take the time to write out your dream or goal. Write or draw the big picture of how you would like your life to be 10 years from now, 5 years from now, One year from now and then break down the one year from now into smaller steps or goals with deadlines. Design your action plan and be open to revising it as needed

3. Commit – Guard a period of time and keep that weekly appointment with yourself. During that time, verbalize how well you stayed on your action plan this week. Look at your successes and your misses for the week. Look at what you might do differently and revise your action plan as needed. It will keep progress alive and maintain your commitment.

4. Journal – Have a nightly appointment with yourself where you journal your daily successes and your misses. Small successes can build our confidence. When we write them down and we see them in front of us in a journal of other successes, it’s harder to give up because you can’t really deny your success when you’re looking at them. With your misses or little failures, simply determine what if anything you could do differently. Review your action plan to keep it fresh in your mind and allow it to strengthen your commitment.

5. Partner – Success is easier when supported. You can be a lone warrior shattering your limitations and holding yourself accountable if you want to, but it’s much, much easier when you have a support system. Find a partner you can count on or create a meet-up group for people with similar aspirations. It’s okay if it’s just you at first… big beautiful gardens can start from a single seed.

6. Question – Question your limitations, it weakens them. “Am I really going to let myself down this time? Am I really going to allow myself to sabotage this and not go for it.” Question yourself into doubting your limitation!

7. Self-talk – Have a conversation with your best self, the version of you who is optimistic, resourceful and encouraging. Remind yourself of your successes or how you’ve conquered some of your limitations.

8. Visualize – Make a vision board or hang up images of what it is that you desire. Visualize yourself experiencing the reality. Shakti Gawain wrote a brilliant book on how to visualize, Creative Visualization

9. Dare Yourself – Dare to do the thing you are having a hard time with. If being shy or introverted is your perceived limitation, dare yourself to go to a networking event and dare yourself to strike up a conversation with at least two people. It’s okay if you only stay for 30 minutes, just dare yourself to do it. Dare to adventure into the thing you feel is holding you back, that thing you’re not yet good at. Challenge yourself in small ways. It builds your courage to go for bigger things.

10. Do – Take big steps, small steps, heck just take any steps as long as they’re in the direction toward your dreams. Momentum happens when we begin to take action.

So get out there! Be bold and push your limits. It’s the only way to make the impossible possible.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Aileen is a lover of dance and the performing arts. She writes about cultivating mind, body and spirit through continuous small improvements on her blog, Kaizen Vision. She is the Section Editor for The Daily Brainstorm, News and Views section.

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How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

You see, for most of my life, I lived with the idea that I have to follow the rules of society in order to be accepted, liked, and deemed “worthy.” It wasn’t until my later twenties that thankfully I had a breakthrough and realized that “OH MY GOD, I am free.” I realized that all of these beliefs that I had and ideals I lived by were an illusion and that they were all in my head. This shifted my whole paradigm, and I was able to separate my limiting beliefs from my true beliefs and started to embrace a limitless way of thinking. In a big part, that is what led to the creation of my website, as well as this workbook. I want to pass on what I learned so that you can feel this beautiful freedom too.

This workbook is for personal use only, and may not be sold, copied or distributed in any way. It is not meant to be taken as professional advice, and is for informational purposes only. Please see our terms of service for more details.

How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

Are you stuck? Trapped in what’s become the norm in your life?

It’s almost like being intoxicated with acceptance that holds us within our routines. But we have the control and the ability to break free and make progress to a new and better normal. Sure, parts of our normal routines are alright, but don’t you want to add adventure to your life?

Breaking free will require a major commitment from you. You must find an undying belief in yourself, be prepared to work hard and have the willingness to challenge yourself to build enough momentum to escape the predictable.

It starts with a new mission. No more excuses, no more complacency, no more sitting idle as life passes you by. It starts with standing up, throwing your shoulders back and taking a leap of faith to change your world.

Here are six tips to help you break free from the norm:

1. Let go of the past.

Let go of the past. Let go of your failures. Let them float away as you move forward.

Sure, you might remember things that didn’t go your way. Learn from them, just don’t dwell them, on the could-have-beens and should-have beens. Let it all go, because that kind of mindset will only hold you back. You have the opportunity to live your life to the fullest, so grab it and hold on tight.

Is there anything you need to let go of for success?

2. Realize your purpose.

Your purpose is who you are; it’s your essence, and your dreams are to an extent limitless.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • What am I great at?
  • What do I love to do?

Get honest with yourself. Why wait until tomorrow, next week or someday? Find out who you really are inside and release your true purpose. Then run with it and love it.

What is the meaning in your life?

3. Aim high.

We all have one life to live, one chance to reach our potential. Sometimes we’ve held our dreams down for so long, we don’t even realize our own potential anymore and where it can take us.

See the possibilities and successes instead of the obstacles. Get serious about your aspirations. Set aside some time to grow your dreams, and stretch what lies within you. No more waiting, no more standing around. Work hard and make it happen.

What’s your highest potential, and are you willing to go after it?

4. Lead with why.

Dig down deep and ask yourself, Why am I doing this?

What are you going to get out of this in the long run? How will your success affect not only you but those around you? Imagine the emotional fulfillment you will experience, the richness you will feel as you realize why you are doing things, rather than drifting without clear meaning in your life.

What is your why? Why are you here?

5. Release your inner passion.

Within us lies great emotion. It’s the essence of what makes us human.

Unleash your passion to fuel the fire within your heart and soul. Your passion can take you to great heights if you focus it and use it to fuel your purpose. Let your heart and mind steer your passion for positive outcomes toward your future.

What is your true passion? What makes you get up in the morning?

6. Empower yourself.

Take a chance on you. Acknowledge that this is the moment. Breathe in the inspiration of your dreams and feel your potential rising. It only takes one step that leads to another that leads to significant results, if you allow yourself the opportunity to try.

So dream big, but don’t dream your life away waiting for it to happen for you. Without action, your idea is just an idea.

What is within your power this moment to make your life happen?

Either you break free or you don’t. The time is now, the choice yours. It’s your time to shine, your time to fly, your time to live.

How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

Feb 1, 2018 · 4 min read

To start off, I don’t think anyone sets out to be average.

No one dreams of having an average job, an average house, or average partner.

No — I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think deep down, each and everyone of us want to better ourselves. It’s human nature that you should want to grow and learn — bettering yourself and the world.

It’s just that as Anthony Moore has said:

“You follow the path that is most clear.

And since most people have marked the path to mediocrity pretty well, that’s the one most people follow. It’s what they know.”

It’s thus often external factors that lead us to follow the Status quo.

What can we do to change that path?

A lo t of our lives have been spent trying to do what everyone else is doing.

Growing up I spent a lot of time pestering my mother with questions like these:

“Mum, can go to Georges party? Everyone’s going to be there.”

“Can I stay up past 9pm? All my friends go to bed after 11pm.”

“Can I play more than an hour of video games a day? All my friends come home from school and play video games all night.”

The answer to all of these would inevitably be NO.

At the time you’d have to consider that quite odd. Surely if everyone else is doing something, I should be doing it too right?

As it turns out, quite the opposite is true.

If “Everyone else is doing it,” you’d be best to give it a second thought.

Take a look at these statistics:

  • The average U.S. consumer spent 4h 30min daily watching TV in 2016.
  • 68% of men ages 18–30 use pornography at least once every week.
  • 80% of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week.
  • 67% of worldwide employees are not engaged with the work they’re doing.

Laying it out like that, these aren’t any majority’s I want to be a part of.

Just think about some of those figures for a minute. If you take 4.5 hours of TV a day. That’s 31.5 hours in a week, 1,638 hours in a whole year. The average U.S. consumer lost 68.25 days of their year watching pixels on a screen.

That just shows that most people aren’t living on their own terms. They aren’t following the path they dreamed of. They let external things dictated how they spend their time and are sucked into following the path of everyone else.

How can we get away from this?

The best way to avoid the path of the status-quo is to see what everyone else thinks is “normal” and do the complete opposite of that.

Think of any activity where most people wouldn’t think to give a second thought of doing it any other way, then see how you can do it differently.

This is the very premise to why I started some of my many habits such as intermittent fasting and taking cold showers.

People aren’t doing these sorts of things. The science is there to show how much these will change your life, yet no ones doing them.

Most people aren’t working on a side hustle in their spare hours.

Most people aren’t working out.

Most people aren’t trying to elevate their life to the best it can be.

But you can. Anyone can.

Do whats “uncomfortable”, because no one’s doing these things. This is how you’ll stand apart from the rest and ultimately change the course of your path.

This world wasn’t meant to be comfortable. A great quote from Jerry Weintraub goes:

“As soon as you feel comfortable that’s when It’s time to start over.”

We’ve had world wars, people are going hungry in underdeveloped countries. Moving away from sitting in front of the TV on your comfy sofa to work on a side hustle for a few hours, or replacing standing under hot water for cold water is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things.

The discomfort from any new habit is only momentary. You must remember this!

I’ve been taking cold showers for about 6 months and I can say I truly love standing under the cold water now. How? Because I took them every single day knowing that the initial discomfort of the change was only temporary.

“ 95% of our society — the ‘mediocre majority’ — fail, time and time again, to start… any life habit that would improve their quality of life. Why? Most people don’t realize the seemingly unbearable first 10 days of a new habit is only temporary.

Choosing to live a life standing out, not fitting in will come with resistance.

The majority are not fond of those who escape the status-quo. Initially people will question why you do the things you do, but later, when they see the higher frequency of your new life they’ll question how you did them.

“Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.” -Robert G. Allen

To live an extraordinary life, do the things other people won’t.

There’s two paths to life: the path of everyone else that is groomed, laid out, destined to leave you unnoticed and takes you straight to average. Or there’s your own path — the path of the unknown, you create the map yourself, you’ll stand out, but who knows where you’ll end up.

Take that path, and people will wonder how you did it for years to come.

“Fitting in is a short-term strategy, standing out pays off in the long-run.” -Seth Godin

How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

Your personal values are the beliefs you hold important in life. Understanding your personal values and letting them guide the decisions you make about your life can help you create a life that you love.

Think of your personal values as a compass that points you to your “true north”. It can be difficult to find your way without a compass, and understanding your values can reveal one of your greatest guides in life – you.

For many people, nothing immediately comes to mind when they ask themselves what their values are. Here are some life coaching exercises that can help you uncover the values that you can utilize day to day to create a life that you love.

Exercise 1: On Top of the World

Think of a time when you felt like life couldn’t get any better; perhaps it was one of the best days of your life. Write down a detailed description of this moment, then see what values you can recognise in your description. For example, if your peak moment was the day you and your friends decided to go skydiving, the personal values associated with that might be things like adventure and spontaneity.

Next, write what these values mean to you. For instance, perhaps you equate adventure with trying something new. This will help you get to the heart of what drives you and inspires you.

Exercise 2: Follow the Money Trail

Think about what you spend your money on after you have met your monthly expenses. Do you spend what’s left on improving your home, travelling, cars, clothing, art, charity, education or something else? Money is a limited resource for most people, which means they tend to use it in ways that match their values.

Write down the top five things you spend your extra pennies on, and next to each item on the list write down a personal value that corresponds to it. If you spend money going to yoga perhaps fitness, inner peace or spirituality are personal values to you. If you tend to save your money rather than spending it on something you want or enjoy, you might value security or prosperity.

Exercise 3: What Would You Like to Tell the World?

Take out a piece of paper, and imagine that you have just been given a free billboard on the main highway where you live. You must use the billboard to display a message that you would like to give to others. It must answer the question: “What would you like to say to the world?”. This should give you a good sense of what sort of values are most important to you. If your message goes along the lines of world peace, for instance, then your values may include serenity or teamwork.

Exercise 4: The Old Burning House Dilemma

Imagine that the place where you live catches on fire, and you only have time to save three objects. Assume that the people who live there and your pets are already safe. What three things would you choose to save? Why are these objects so much more important to you than everything else? What significance do they have to you beyond their monetary value? This exercise can help shed light on what you truly consider important, and these tie in strongly with your personal values. For example, saving something like a mobile phone shows that you value communication.

Exercise 5: Find Your Values by Looking to Others

Take out a piece of paper and write down the names of the three adults you admire the most. These might be people you know personally such as family members, or it could be famous people from the past or present that you adore. Next to each name on the list, write down what you consider to be that person’s top three qualities. Is there any overlap? This will highlight more of the values you deem most desirable in life.

Wondering how to fully embrace and live through the values you have uncovered? Learn how a life coach works to help people discover their best path in life with KlearMinds Life Coaching.

How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

Living in the past can mean reliving either your previous victories or your defeats.

Neither is a very enjoyable way to live. The past doesn’t need to be a limiting, self-imposed prison. Avoid letting your earlier years taint the future. It’s unnecessary to continue reliving painful experiences.

The past is largely responsible for who you are today. But are you allowing it to define you? Consider the tips shared below for some ideas on how to break free from the past.

Here Are 7 Ways to Break Free from Living in the Past:

Learn from Your Past Missteps.

The great thing about your past is all the opportunities to learn. You can look back and take note of your strengths and weaknesses. Even better, you can note the types of errors you tend to make and avoid repeating them.

Accept Your Mistakes.

Past failures are merely undesirable results. Learn from them and let them go. They no longer exist outside the confines of your mind. They can only live on and affect you if you keep them alive.

Focus On the Present Moment.

An effective way to let go of the past is to focus on the present. While you’re washing the dishes, think about getting those dishes clean rather than focusing on the inappropriate comment you made six years ago. The present is the only thing that’s real. It only makes sense to give it your full attention.

  • When you find yourself thinking about the past, make an inventory of the items in your immediate environment. It will bring your focus back to the present.

    Create an Exciting Life.

    You might be focusing on the past because your present isn’t interesting or inspiring. Be bold and create a life that’s worthy of your focus and attention. If your life is exciting enough, just about everything in the past will be boring by comparison.

    • Set some goals and create a compelling future.
    • Try something new and exciting. Give yourself something to look forward to.

      Contribute to Others.

      Giving your time, money, and energy to a worthy cause are wonderful ways to bring your attention to the present moment. Add meaning to your life by finding someone to help.

      • Enjoy the process of making someone’s life better. You’ll be less likely to dwell on your own challenges.

        Expect Progress to be Uncomfortable.

        Change is frequently uncomfortable. It’s a part of human nature. Even climbing out of bed can be a chore some mornings. But, the more discomfort you’re willing to endure, the more quickly you can move your life forward.

        • Advancing your life is one way of freeing yourself from the chains of the past.

          Remind Yourself that You’ve Grown and Developed Over the Years.

          Our opinion of ourselves seems to become stable in our early twenties. If you’re 45-years-old, that opinion is certainly outdated.

          • Develop a perspective of your capabilities that’s both current and accurate. You might realize that you’re underachieving.

          Recognize all the changes you’ve gone through. You’ll likely realize that choosing an unsuitable college major 20 years ago isn’t an accurate predictor of your decision-making abilities today.

          Are you still living in the past or allowing the past to negatively influence your present and future?

          Take the initiative to free yourself from the past and all the restrictions you’re allowing it to impose upon you. Live your life in the present and look forward, rather than backwards.

          Free yourself from the past!

          How did this article make you feel? Leave your comments for Moira below. Please share this if you liked it. Thank you!
          * Please See Our Disclaimer Below *

          How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

          How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

          How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

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          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want
          • How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

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          In the last blog, we discussed how to detect if you are a victim of abuse by a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). In this article, we will explore how you can break free from a narcissistic person and come out on the other side as a whole person.

          One thing to keep in mind is that a narcissist is attracted to people who are lacking self-confidence. People who have tendencies to blame themselves, who have bad self-talk. Those are the easy people to prey upon because they are more likely to fall into a relationship of codependency. They are more likely to believe the lies the Narcissist tells them.

          The question is, how do you break free from the detrimental clutches of this very unhealthy relationship?

          1. Get in touch with your own desires

          Although you may not be in touch with your inner desires, you can bet on the fact that the Narcissist in your life is. If you are ready to break free from this person, you must first learn the things about yourself that they know, thereby stripping them of the power they hold on you. Take back your emotions, but don’t let them know until it’s time to make the break.

          2. Realize you don’t need anyone else in order to be happy or successful

          Sometimes the Narcissist is a person of power and success whereby we and many others look up to them and even admire them. Success and happiness is something that comes from within, not from other people, especially not from other people with NPD. Think about this: how happy do you think that person is if they must destroy others in order to get what they want or even have a perception of happiness? They are not happy at all. In fact, they are deeply conflicted and confused people who have been destroyed by a deeply rooted disorder that they probably lost control of years before. Once you realize they are actually far from this place of power and that you do not need them, you have broken the spell and are thus able to break free.

          3. What are you running away from?

          We have holes of weakness like a tare in a piece of fabric. It is the Narcissist who will find this tare and then rip it open. You must discover your tares before they do… or at least discover where they originated so you can sew a stronger foundation. Fear is a mind killer. Be honest with yourself about your deepest fears and understand how they became tied up in this unhealthy situation, to begin with. Ask yourself:

          Are you afraid of intimacy?

          Do you feel extreme guilt about something and believe you deserve to be punished?

          Do you believe you don’t deserve love?

          Do you think you’re not good enough?

          Not smart enough?

          Whatever it is that you fear is what is keeping you attached to the narcissist. So, figure it out and work on rebuilding that part of yourself. When you build up the strength, you will be able to break free. When you truly learn to love yourself, you will find your freedom.

          Living life without limits (such as self-imposed limits as well as limiting beliefs) is an ambitious target that many individuals seek to reach. I´m sure you know that wild horses need to be tamed in order to ride them. There exist a lot of different methods to break the will of a horse, but the most famous method is the so-called horse breaking to get horses to let themselves be ridden.

          In order to set self-imposed limits into the thinking of the horse, they get tied up with a halter and a heavy sack that simulates a rider. A couple of days, the horse will try to free itself from the load, until it accepts that it can’t break free. At this point, a person might try to lay its body across the horse’s back to test if the horse accepts the equestrian. If the horse does so it can be ridden the first time.

          From this very moment on, the horse strongly accepts the fact that it is limited and that it can’t get rid of the equestrian on its back. Furthermore, the horse believes the self-imposed limit that it is not able to free itself, no matter how hard it tries. Horses believe these only in their mind existing limits so strongly that they will not attempt to break free because of their past experiences when they were not able to do so.

          Unfortunately, a lot of humans behave like horses when it comes to self-imposed limits, limiting beliefs and the self-programming with built-in-boundaries that only exist in their minds.

          Living life without limits and limiting believes

          Our inner boundaries and limiting beliefs disallow us to fulfill our dreams and visions and living life without limits. If we accept from the beginning that we are not able to conquer our boundaries and live without limits we won´t even try to do so and miss the chance to live our lives to the fullest.

          Here is how you can start living life without limits, self-limiting beliefs and how you can free yourself from self-imposed limits:

          #1 Self-limiting beliefs only exist in our minds!

          In order to get rid of self-imposed limits, we need to discover and remember the fact that these boundaries exist only in our mind. Limitations can only affect us when we believe them to be real.

          How to break free from your own constraints and live the life you want

          Overcome limiting beliefs

          #2 Start thinking big!

          An important and effective method to living life without limits and freeing yourself from self-limiting beliefs is to “Think Big”. Once you start visualizing and dreaming about all the amazing things you can achieve in your life you actively destroy your self-imposed boundaries. As an aside note: Thinking big will also allow you to increase your motivation as you will be able to increase your desire for accomplishment.

          Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success.

          David Joseph Schwartz

          #3 Identify constraints and limitations

          Your ability to identify constraints will have a huge impact whether you are able to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs or not. The process of identifying a constraint is necessary to recognize that self-limiting beliefs only exist in your mind. Alleviating constraints can speed up the process of achievement as well as your attempts to start thinking big!

          Ask yourself what is holding you back in order to identify constraints and self-imposed limits. Constraints could be the assumption that you need a university degree to make career. Another limiting belief could be that your current environment is holding you back from personality development.

          Really important is that you start to identify constraints and beliefs that limit you. Once you started to identify what is holding you back you can apply the following method:

          #4 Expand your limits

          You can gain a lot of self-confidence by expanding your limits and boundaries, even more important: you can remove limiting beliefs and start living without limits outside of your comfort-zone.

          Once you start testing out your limits as well as expanding these you will notice that you can accomplish a whole lot more than you ever thought you could. You really need to discover that there are no limitations on what you can achieve in life.

          Allow yourself to start to think big and identify constraints, limiting beliefs and self-imposed limits that have constrained you in the past!

          What are your tricks to live your life without limiting beliefs?

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