How to change your hulu plan

No, there’s no cost to change your plan or your allowances. However, your monthly access charge, taxes and surcharges may increase or decrease depending on the plan you choose.

Can I increase the minutes on my plan if it’s a discontinued plan?

Most people with older Verizon plans will need to switch to a current unlimited plan or shared data plan to change data allowances.

If you have The MORE Everything Plan or a Nationwide plan, you can change your minute, text and data allowances in My Verizon without changing plans.

How can I find out what minutes, messages or data allowance is best for me?

Visit your Account Analysis page in My Verizon to see your usage history. The page also shows a recommended plan if we have a better fit for your usage.

How soon after changing my plan or allowances for minutes, messaging or data will My Verizon display my new plan?

Your new plan or data allowances should display in My Verizon online and the My Verizon app within 24 hours of the date you choose for the change.

If I have a pending order on my account, can I change my plan or my allowances for minutes, messages or data?

Yes, if you have a pending future transaction on your account, you can cancel the pending order when you change your plan allowances.

  • An Account Owner or Account Manager can remove a pending order from an account online in My Verizon.
  • An Account Owner or Account Manager can request a future transaction to be canceled by clicking the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives. Learn more about account access roles.
  • If a pending order is removed, then it’s canceled and the order has to be placed again.

To remove a pending order from your account:

Go to the Pending account changes page in My Verizon. Click Delete next to the pending order to remove.

Owned by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast, Hulu is one of the leading American premium streaming services offering live and on-demand TV, series, movies, kids shows, and so much more.

If you are considering taking Hulu for a test run, read on to learn how to do it.

Does Hulu Offer Membership Free Trials?

Yes, it does to new and eligible returning subscribers. The duration of each depends on the subscription plan you select.

The time window for each plan is as follows:

  • Hulu: 30 days
  • Hulu (No Ads): 30 days
  • Hulu+Live TV: seven days

During your trial run, you will have the full-service experience covered by the plan you have selected.

Will Hulu Notify Me That My Free Trial Has Expired?

No, Hulu won’t send any notifications regarding the free trial expiration. It will transition into a paid subscription automatically.

In case you want to avoid getting charged for a subscription, you should cancel before the free trial runs out.

What Steps Should I Take to Register for a Hulu Free Trial?

To sign up for a Hulu trial run, you should take the following steps:

  1. Visit the Hulu plans page on your PC
  2. Tap the Start Your Free Trial button
  3. Choose a plan
  4. Provide your email address, password, and personal info
  5. Select your payment method and tap Submit
  6. You can log in to any supported device, personalize the recommendations, and watch Hulu

Keep in mind that you won’t be charged during your free trial. Hulu requires your payment details to ensure that they are valid by placing an authorization hold. This allows the company to automatically transition your free trial into a full membership if you decide to use the service.

Holds are usually for $1, but the amount can vary. Hulu typically reverses the transaction immediately, but it may take up to five days for your statement to reflect the change.

How Much Will My Membership Cost After the Trial Period?

Once your trial run is over, you can decide if you want to continue your subscription. The prices and benefits are listed in the table below.

Subscription Plan



  • Up to six user profiles
  • Stream on two different screens at the same time
  • Watch on your TV, phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Access to Hulu Originals
  • 80,000+ TV episodes and movies
  • The latest episodes the day after they air
  • Download and watch
  • No ads
  • Live TV guide
  • 65+ channels on Live TV
  • Record Live TV with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage

Run a Free Trial With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card

How to change your hulu plan

If interested in testing a service, you should know that many free trials come with a catch—asking for payment details. As nearly every free trial automatically turns into a paid subscription, DoNotPay has introduced a fantastic tool, the Free Trial Card , to prevent companies from charging you in case you forget to cancel their services before free trials expire.

DoNotPay’s virtual credit card generator enables you to create a new credit card number that you can use to sign up for services and verify your payment info without worrying about information abuse and theft.

You can use our virtual credit card to register for free trials on numerous subscription services without hidden fees. This DoNotPay functionality will produce a standard 16-digit dummy card, which will look legit to any merchant.

You may want to use it because it is:

  • Not linked to any funding source
  • Approved on free trial pages
  • Automatically declined on subscription pages

Access DoNotPay from your web browser and take advantage of various free trials.

Note that our virtual credit is only applicable to services offering free trials without placing an authorization hold. As Hulu will test your payment method during sign-up, providing a virtual credit card number won’t do the trick.

Can I Cancel or Pause My Membership?

You can cancel your Hulu subscription any time you want and renew it if you choose later on. It will become effective on the first day of your next billing period.

Once you have initiated the cancellation, your status will read Your subscription is about to cancel , but you will continue to have service access until the end of your current subscription period.

If you cancel the service during your free trial, you will lose access to Hulu immediately.

In case you find the Hulu cancelation process too complicated, you can discontinue your subscription with DoNotPay’s help.

You can pause your membership for the maximum period of 12 months.

Once the specified pause duration expires, your Hulu subscription will reactivate automatically, and the reactivation date will become your next billing date going forward.

Does Hulu Offer Refunds?

Hulu reserves the right to issue refunds at their sole discretion. Should they decide you are eligible for a refund, it will show in your Hulu account’s Billing History section.

If you want to avoid dealing with the Hulu customer service but still request a refund from the company , you can do it the easy way with DoNotPay.

Note that Hulu does not issue (prorated) refunds for canceled subscriptions.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to Hulu?

Perhaps you are considering switching from Hulu membership to another one? You can review some of the most popular alternatives in the table below.