How to create sustainable friendships

UNLEASH is an annual global innovation lab for the SDGs, where talents from around the world get together to develop innovative solutions for a better and more sustainable world.

The UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2022 will take place in the state of Karnataka in India, from the 26th of November to the 4th of December. Please note that dates are tentative and will be assessed according to the Covid-19 pandemic. The lab will gather 1,000 young talents between the ages of 20-35 who will come up with innovative solutions to the SDGs by engaging firsthand with our unique human-centered methodology.

Earlier this year, former UNLEASH Plus Facilitator & UNLEASH Talent, @DidasMzirai was honored as a Kenyan National Hero for his impactful work through his social enterprise @MuchoMangoes 👏👏👏
Kudos to him and the team!

The UNLEASH Ambassador Experience

Authors: Karina Perez Jvostova and Veronica Diaz Sosa The maiden edition of the UNLEASH Ambassador Program was launched in 2021 with a cohort of 40 Ambassadors from 31 countries around the world. These Ambassadors selected based on being highly active UNLEASH Alumni, have worked tirelessly over the past year to increase engagement within the community […]


How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

What is UNLEASH?

We have a vision to build the world’s leading initiative and platform for innovative, implementable and scalable solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By using the innovative mindset of young people and partner talents with leading companies, research institutions, foundations, non-profits, and investors, we aspire to provide next generation solutions for the SDGs.

Our mission is to accelerate disruptive ideas by engaging top talents in problem-solving and co-creation activities and by providing the support needed to bring the best ideas to life.

“We need strong, effective partnerships such as UNLEASH. The ideas and participation of young people are essential. I am counting on all of you to drive this transformation.”

“I am confident that the networks and friendships you have built at UNLEASH 2018 will better equip our young innovators around the world to collectively tackle the sustainable development challenges we face.”

“We are all born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity. Some never got the chance. To succeed, we need more young people to become social entrepreneurs and bring this world into place.”

“We are at a new era of development. And a window of opportunity exists to rethink the traditional approaches to persistent global issues. That is precisely what makes UNLEASH so important and so very timely*”

“I want to thank UNLEASH. It is very humbling to see the work that you are doing and the plans you are making towards achieving a more whole and healthier, complete society.”

“UNLEASH is a noteworthy example of much-needed youth engagement, cross-cultural collaboration, and disruptive thinking*”

“UNLEASH asks the right questions, reframes them and combines unexpected elements to make unexpected discoveries”

How to create sustainable friendships

Why do we need UNLEASH?

The SDG challenge is immense. To realize the SDGs, it is estimated that the world will need to invest a staggering amount between USD 5 trillion and 7 trillion per year – roughly 7%-10% of the global annual GDP. To put these numbers into perspective, total investment into the Apollo Space Program (1963-72) to put a man on the moon was approximately USD 150 billion at present value.

New business models are needed to ignite change. To achieve the SDGs by 2030 will require new and innovative solutions that challenge traditional business models and approaches. Many of these solutions will need to be commercially viable as well as deliver value to society.

Talents must be mobilized. Harnessing the next generation of leaders will be critical if this is to be possible – they bring fresh perspectives, open minds, different values, tech savviness, and an appetite for disruption. Who would have thought few years back that the largest hotel chain in the world owned no rooms, the largest taxi company owned no cars, and the largest retailer owned no stores?

Maintaining healthy, happy friendships can have a significantly positive effect on our emotional wellbeing

It’s fair to say that I would be pretty miserable without my best friend. In fact, totally lost without my girl gang virtually cheering me on. The saying goes that “behind every great woman there is a bunch of other great women who have her back/a group text hyping her up” which to me is profoundly accurate.

I’m not just talking about women, but anyone who has ever felt the familiar warmth of a shoulder to cry on, a welcoming ear to hear them out or even a simple text message of positivity, confirming that your friends are listening.

Some friendships appear out of the blue, some have been long standing and some, fleeting. But they often leave their mark, treasured memories that run deep. And real friends, the ones who stick by you through the good, the bad and the ugly are key relationships that carry us.

Kim, who recently entered’s competition to find the nation’s best BFF in honour on International Friendship Day, cited her best friend as her ‘compass’. She said, “If I ever feel worried, indecisive, insecure, vulnerable, or simply out of sorts, I call her or better still, I visit her and her beautiful family to recalibrate my compass. She is a superhero in my eyes.”

Much like Kim, I often feel a little lighter when I’ve put the world to rights with my bestie. In an article published by Life Coach Directory, the art of connection in a friendship is deemed key to our overall wellbeing, something I can wholeheartedly vouch for.

“Connection with others is so often a source of positivity in maintaining our emotional wellbeing. Having friends to talk with, laugh with, be vulnerable with adds so much to our lives (accepting differences for extroversion and introversion).”

Now more than ever, friendship is to be treasured. With 2020 challenging everything we once held true, our relationships have been put to the test and we’ve had to get creative when keeping and making connections. But in the end, it’s always worth it. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that friendships are essential for both our mental and physical health.

How to create sustainable friendships

In a 2009 study on the impact of social relationships on health, it was found that of the nearly 300 participants, the individuals with the fewest social ties were the most likely to suffer from heart disease, anxiety, and depression. This is not the first study of its kind and many have followed suggesting the power of friendship invaluable to our mental and physical health.

Pablo Vandenabeele, Clinical Director for Mental Health at Bupa UK, agrees, and says that having a healthy, positive relationship with friends is an important factor when it comes to maintaining our emotional wellbeing.

“Friendships teach us lots of things, including acceptance, trust and gratefulness. A good friend accepts you the way you are, no matter what. Being thankful for the support your friend has given you can teach us about gratefulness, and how important it is to feel appreciated. We often talk to our friends about sensitive issues we may not feel comfortable talking to anyone else about.

“Trusting others with something you may feel worried about can help you feel confident, protected and supported.”

Five mental health benefits of friendship

Pablo details the top five benefits of friendship that can contribute towards your positive, emotional wellbeing.

Lift our moods

Friends can boost our mood by being there for us, whether it’s virtually or socially distanced. During these past few months, it’s completely normal to feel anxious, worried or sad. Even with lockdown restrictions lifted, it’s still a testing time for many of us, so it’s great to know that good friendships can give us a pick-me-up when we need it most.

It can be a relief to speak about how you’re feeling. A good friend can give us advice on what’s on our mind and offer any support we need. Friends can also provide a distraction; a good laugh with friends can not only boost our mood, but release endorphins (feel-good hormones) into our bodies.

Increase our self-love

We all have times when our confidence may be low. Whether it’s a compliment about a nice outfit or how we’ve worked hard on a project, friends can help us feel more confident about ourselves. Friendships work both ways too, so dishing out a compliment to our pals and being there for them can give us a sense of purpose and boost how we feel about ourselves.

How to create sustainable friendships

Avoid feelings of loneliness

It’s normal to have felt lonely over the last few months; especially if you’ve had to shield during lockdown. Whether it’s through virtual catchups, socially distanced walks or weekly zoom quizzes, we’ve all had to get creative. A chat with a friend can reduce the stress of feeling alone and provide us with a much-needed distraction.

Keeps us motivated

Many of us set goals during lockdown, like exercising more or taking up a new hobby. Research has shown that learning new skills can improve our mental wellbeing, help us connect with others and boost our self-esteem. We’re more likely to stick to our goals if we share these with our friends or loved ones, as it helps us stay motivated. It’s also more fun to complete and get a little competitive about these goals with a buddy!

Support us when we need it most

A good friend can help cheer us up and offer us support and guidance when we need it most. If you’re struggling at the moment – whether it’s feeling anxious, stressed or worried – speaking to a close friend can help ease these feelings.

The power of true friendship can be invaluable, but at times, we need a little extra help. If you’ve been struggling and need someone to talk to, it might be helpful to contact a professional counsellor with Counselling Directory, or a life coach via Life Coach Directory. You can search for professionals in your local area, or find one who offers online support. As Pablo says, “There is always support out there.”

Find a professional therapist in your local area on Counselling Directory

How to create sustainable friendships

Are you friendly with the people you work with? Or are you friends with them? The distinction is important: befriending colleagues could make you happier and more productive.

From offices to warehouses, workshops to farms, many people spend more time with coworkers than they do with their families. And what we think of the people we work with and our relationships with them affects our lives, even after the workday is done.

Have you read?

  • This is the dark side of being friends with your colleagues
  • This is how workplace friendships could make you more productive
  • Human relationships are the all-purpose tool for sustainable development

A recent survey of 3,000 American workers employed full time sheds light on attitudes toward friendships in the workplace.

How to create sustainable friendships

Conducted by researchers at Olivet Nazarene University in Illinois, the survey found almost two-thirds of people at work are perceived as either “strangers” or “coworkers.” Around 35% make it into “friends” territory, though only 15% of these friendships continue outside of work.

Four in every five respondents said they work with at least one person they consider a friend.

Friendships are formed more easily in some industries, such as transport, finance and accountancy. Real estate and the legal profession produced lower-than-average numbers of friendships.

How to create sustainable friendships

Most workplace friendships happen quickly, with more than half formed within weeks of colleagues meeting, and 22% established after a few months.

Although the survey shows real estate to be barren ground for like-minded people to get together, it’s also one of the sectors where friendships happen fastest, along with retail, the food and beverage industry and insurance. On the other hand, friendships form more slowly in government, healthcare and engineering.

Work friends are important

So, is making friends at work good for us? Gallup’s research since the late 1990s suggests the answer is yes.

The polling company often asks its clients’ employees: “Do you have a best friend at work?” Survey results showed respondents who answered “yes” were 43% more likely to report being recognized for work done in the last week.

A LinkedIn study of relationships at work found 46% of professionals around the world believe having work friends enhances their overall happiness. Building bonds with others can make us feel more connected, which, in turn, can help boost productivity and engagement.

“People are more creative and productive when they experience more positive inner work life, including more positive emotions, stronger motivation toward the work itself and more positive perceptions of the organization,” explains Professor Teresa Amabile of Harvard Business School, co-author of The Progress Principle. “And one of the things that contributes to positive inner work life is a sense of camaraderie with teammates and close co-workers – a sense of bonding and mutual trust.”

The authors analyzed nearly 12,000 diary entries from more than 200 professionals working in innovation teams in seven companies. They found employees are twice as likely to be engaged if they have a best friend at work.

A distraction from work?

But before you begin frantically socializing with all your colleagues, a study from Rutgers University suggests developing friendships at work may be a mixed blessing.

The study of 168 employees at an insurance company found having a lot of coworkers who become friends does indeed boost employee performance. Developing friend networks at work helps remove barriers, making employees more comfortable asking for help without fear of being judged. Employees with friends also reported feeling happy more often.

However, these same networks could create distractions as impromptu discussions and breaks for socializing divert people from their work. The study found establishing and attempting to maintain workplace friendships can be emotionally exhausting, especially when situations like a promotion put one friend in charge of another, creating potential power clashes.

Overall, though, the positives of workplace friendships outweigh the negatives.

Friends can act as a support network, which has a positive effect on mental wellbeing while also opening doors to new career opportunities and contacts.

While some bosses might discourage chatting and laughter, it seems even a little friendship goes a long way to improving workplaces.

Manchester Healthy Schools Team has been working in partnership with Manchester schools for over twenty years – tackling health inequalities and improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people. In November 2016, the team merged with the School Nursing service to create the School Health Service; closely aligning the work of both teams to the Healthy Child Programme.

Log in to the website using your school’s unique username and password. If you are unsure of these details then you should contact your Healthy Schools Co-ordinator. If you are not sure who this then you can contact the Healthy Schools team on [email protected]

Drugs and Alcohol Education

Drugs and alcohol education is fundamental for children and young people to grow up healthy and safe. Effective alcohol and drug education builds pupil resilience and life skills around alcohol and dr.

Social and Emotional Health

Manchester Healthy Schools are committed to improving the social and emotional health of children and young people across the city. We support schools to promote equality and diversity, tolerance and.

Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles theme aims to promote and develop healthy lifestyle choices in the school age population, preventing and reducing the number of children with excess weight across Manchester, an.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

More than 1 in 10 children and young people now suffer from a common mental health problem (YoungMinds, 2017). Manchester Healthy Schools is committed to supporting schools to develop early interventi.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

Manchester Healthy Schools is committed to ensuring good-quality, age-appropriate RSE is available to all children and young people across the city.

This includes all aspects of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education and is suppored through our universal offer.

Unintentional Injury Prevention

This is a new area for healthy schools providing support across all aspects of unintentional injury prevention.

Since the launch of the Wellbeing For Education Return project in September, the Programme Lead, Emma Pilling, has been extremely happy with the project's progression and development.

I Matter resource pack

We have launched our first batch of virtual Behind the Behaviour training courses and you can book places now.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Mental and Emotional Health IMatter resources. Not only will these resources play a vital role in supporting your PSHE curriculum this year they will also help to support the mental health recovery of pupils following the Covid-19 pandemic

As schools start to welcome back their pupils and look to rebuild and recover from the challenges of the last 6 months this article outlines key resources and support available to support the return to school. Resources include the brand new 'Anna Freud Moving up!' animation and resources, the 'Young Minds Find your feet' transition resources, the Mentally Healthy Schools mental health recovery tool kits and the resources from Manchester Healthy Schools. and have been shut down permanently, effective immediately.

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We strongly recommend that you change your username and password on other sites, if you have used the same credentials that you used during Toondoo signup.

Once we became aware, we conducted an internal analysis but we could not exactly determine how the breach occurred. Hence, we have initiated a forensic investigation. We have also taken measures to contain the breach. As a result of this, and have been shut down permanently. Though the breach was detected in, we decided to shutdown to prevent any further damage.

If you need any further information regarding the breach, you can write to us at [email protected].

We sincerely apologize and deeply regret that this incident happened and we are taking measures to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future.

How to create sustainable friendships

I don’t know about you but I spent a lot of my life assuming that relationships were something you only learned about through experience and a whole lot of trial and error. They didn’t seem like anything you could study up on. Turns out, I was totally wrong. The ability to be a good partner and friend isn’t something you were born with—it’s a learned skill, and one we could all stand to brush up on from time to time. After all, so many factors impact how we function in relationships, from past baggage to personal communication styles, and the more you understand, the better equipped you are to truly connect with and show up for others.

There are many different ways to dive into your

. Relationship books are one avenue, including books written by relationship experts like couples therapists, counselors, and psychologists. Below, find some relationship books that people (including myself) have just found really helpful for learning more about ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we can improve as partners and friends.

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

The organization, which pairs people with and without disabilities, has grown from having two Maine chapters in 2019 to 16 and counting.

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

Scott Kent, a father who is deeply grateful that his son with autism has someone who will sit with him at lunch or play basketball, raised $36,855 for the Best Buddies organization in Maine.

“Kids with special needs have a hard time connecting with friends,” said Kent, who was named Champion of the Year at the Best Buddies Gala on Oct. 22 at Thompson’s Point. “When our son, Kason, was diagnosed with autism, my wife and I had two options. Stay in Fort Kent, where there are no services at all. Or look elsewhere.”

The Kents moved to Cumberland, where Best Buddies, the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, sprang up in Maine in 2019. Each chapter, whether it is at a college, high school, middle school, elementary school or in the community, pairs people with and without disabilities. The goal is pretty simple: friendship.

“Those of you who were here two years ago, a lot has changed with Best Buddies,” said Rebecca Williams, director of mission advancement. “We had two fledgling chapters in 2019. We now have 16 chapters, from Biddeford to Bangor. And I’m promising 21 chapters by the end of 2021.”


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“My daughter, Avery, is a Buddy,” said Kristen Klimaytis of Cumberland. “These kids aren’t always in the same classes, so Best Buddies is a way to get together and learn more about each other.”

Avery’s Best Buddy at Greely Middle School, Addison Maxham, said, “We like skiing, watching movies, baking and basically hanging out.”

Addison’s mother, Lori Maxham, said, “It’s less about differences and more about commonality.”

In addition to chapters that match students at two Maine elementary schools, three middle schools and six high schools, adult groups called Citizens have formed in the Portland and Bangor areas. The first Citizen pairing was dental assistant Abby Davies and Gabe Brewington of Cape Elizabeth.

“We jumped the gun,” Davies said, grinning, “because Gabe was ready to play some basketball.”

In addition to some one-on-one ball, they have browsed at Bull Moose, walked her dog at Fort Williams, braved some rides at the Cumberland Fair and played board games.

Davies, who works at Root Dental, was also one of the top 10 Champions – community fundraisers – along with other health and insurance professionals and middle school, high school and college students. Altogether, the gala raised $205,000, with the silent auction including options to bid in the name of each of the 10 Champions.

Amy Paradysz is a freelance writer and photographer based in Scarborough. She can be reached at [email protected]

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For over 30 years we’ve been taking travellers around the globe.

That’s over 30 years of adventures, of visiting new places and old friends, of countless unforgettable moments. More than 30 years of changing the way people see the world, on small group tours with like-minded Intrepid people.

As a responsible business, we’ve always been committed to being there for our travellers and the communities we visit. So, you can trust that when you travel with us, we won’t just be there for your first adventure, we’ll be there every step of your journey.

Who is Intrepid Travel?

How to create sustainable friendships

Industry experts

32 years, 7 continents, thousands of trips; we’re the adventure travel experts.

How to create sustainable friendships

B Corporation

The world’s largest travel B Corporation, dedicated to being better.

How to create sustainable friendships

Responsible travel

The leader in responsible, ethical small group adventures since 1989.

Our style of travel is better for the world

Travel offers us all some amazing experiences, but what about the communities and people that we visit on the road? From the very beginning, responsible travel has been at the core of what we do.

How to create sustainable friendships

Sustaining communities

We actively work with communities and a range of local partners to support the development of new experiences in destinations that otherwise wouldn’t see the benefits of tourism, offering travellers the opportunity to connect with the local people and make a positive impact.

How to create sustainable friendships

Helping the planet

We believe that it’s our responsibility to help preserve the planet for the next generation of travellers and the communities we visit. From planting the first travel-powered forest in Kenya, to funding a range of carbon-drawing seaweed regeneration programs, we’re doing our bit to address the current climate emergency.

How to create sustainable friendships

Gender equality

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the forefront of everything we do. In 2020, we have committed to increasing employment opportunities for women in the travel industry, from expanding our number of female leaders to doubling the number of female trekking porters by globally by 2022.

We’ll be there, like we’ve been there before

We’ve seen a lot of challenges in the world over the more than 30 years that we’ve been running small group tours; global recessions, natural disasters and political conflicts to name a few. But, as a travel community, we’ve always found a way to overcome these challenges, supporting those around us and coming out stronger on the other side.

How to create sustainable friendships

Namaste Nepal campaign

In April 2015 Nepal suffered a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake. After a successful Intrepid Foundation Earthquake Appeal, we knew there was more we could do to help the Nepalese people. That’s why we launched the Namaste Nepal campaign, raising over $700,000 and committing to donate all profits from our 2015/2016 trekking seasons to four local organisations.

How to create sustainable friendships

Supporting locals in Myanmar

Community-based tourism (CBT) means a more authentic experience for travellers and an opportunity for locals to join an upskilled workforce. We established our first Myanmar CBT village in a joint project with Action Aid Myanmar. The teams designed a lodge for travellers to stay in, identified tourism activities like hikes and cycle routes in the local area, and sourced and trained local guides.

How to create sustainable friendships

Australian Bushfire Appeal

At the beginning of 2020, millions of hectares of Australian land were ravaged by bushfires. The Intrepid Foundation raised over AUD $690,000 for the Australian Red Cross Bushfire Emergency Appeal, supporting thousands across Australia displaced by the fires, offering emergency grants to affected families, and psychological trauma support, with Intrepid doubling donations dollar-for-dollar up to $200,000.

Our concession areas span across 20,000 square kilometres in Sindh and Balochistan.

How to create sustainable friendships

99 MW of green

UEP Wind has set up a 99 MW wind power project in the Jhimpir wind corridor.

How to create sustainable friendships

300% increase in
production and reserves

Since 2011, when this asset was acquired by UEG, our production and reserves have grown by 300%.

How to create sustainable friendships

Exploring Potential

We continue to hire experienced individuals and fresh graduates to add to a diverse workplace culture.

How to create sustainable friendships

Community Development

For implementation of our Social Investment projects, we work in partnership with the government as well as credible NGOs.

How to create sustainable friendships

Our Values


We conduct our business in an ethical, honest and transparent manner inspiring trust from all stakeholders.


We perform as individuals and as teams to the best of our abilities, realizing our shared vision while delivering business objectives.


We operate in a safe and reliable manner and care deeply about the well-being of all stakeholders.


We actively pursue creative avenues for sustained growth by leveraging our talent to harness new ideas and technologies.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Volunteerism has been a key part of Globe’s corporate culture through its various employee engagement programs. In contributing to nation-building, the company is encouraging its employees and customers to actively support community engagement programs this International Volunteer Day (IVD).

IVD, as mandated by the United Nations General Assembly, is an annual celebration marked every December 5 and is viewed as a chance for volunteers and organizations to share knowledge and promote their work among their communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, government authorities, and the private sector.

Globe embeds the spirit of bayanihan or “civic unity and cooperation” in its corporate culture through the Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) program – a benefit that allows employees to volunteer at least once a year in their chosen advocacy or community.

Chief Sustainability Officer and SVP for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto said, “At Globe, we create ways to enable employees and customers to contribute to the greater good. Just like how our kababayans supported each other this year through the community pantries, we too, are ready to support nation-building together with our Ka-Globe.”

The company has opened numerous channels for its employees and stakeholders to share their time, talents, and resources. At the onset of the pandemic, Globe pivoted efforts by promoting digital volunteerism through fundraising using digital platforms such as GCash and Globe Rewards.

Currently, Globe is holding another internal fundraising campaign called The Purpose Tree, which supports hunger alleviation and livelihood initiatives of the Ayala Foundation and its partners under the #BrigadangAyala: Ka-Akay Program. The program aims to assist 10,000 families of displaced workers in the National Capital Region.

Globe is also extending volunteering opportunities to their customers. This December, the #ForFutureHeroes program is opening up a new avenue of donation through Globe Rewards via the new GlobeOne app. With this, Globe Platinum hopes to expand its reach to other education-focused advocacies such as the Ayala Foundation, Teach for the Philippines, and the Hero Foundation.

Since 2020, customers have been actively supporting Filipino students within the program — matching their participation and purchases from select Globe Platinum initiatives with equivalent DepEd-approved school kits through donations to World Vision.

Globe and TM customers can donate their Rewards points to various advocacies through the new GlobeOne app. All they have to do is visit the Rewards section on the app, click “DONATE,” and choose the organization and corresponding denomination they want to support with the “REDEEM” button. A confirmation message will be sent by 4438 upon successful donation.

The company strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly UN SDG No. 9, highlighting the roles of infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development. It is committed to upholding the UN Global Compact principles and contributing to 10 UN SDGs.

How to create sustainable friendships

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How to create sustainable friendshipsHow to create sustainable friendships

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Studying here will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. You will not only gain a highly valued qualification but you will also build life-long friendships, create lasting memories and enjoy real life work experience.

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We provide training and assessment in Business, Information Technology, Early Childhood Education and Individual Support (Aged Care). Many of our courses incorporate real life experiences in an Australian workplace.

Our Vision

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Kind to the planet AND your wallet: Sustainable brand tentree has slashed their loungewear, hoodies and jackets by 50 per cent – and they’ll plant TEN trees with every purchase

  • Eco-friendly brand tentree is running a Black Friday sale until December 1
  • The clothing and gifts are made with the planet in mind with organic cotton, recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and post-consumer waste

Published: 19:12 GMT, 22 November 2021 | Updated: 13:44 GMT, 29 November 2021

Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, may earn an affiliate commission.

If you’re looking for a Black Friday deal to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling from the inside as well as the outside then you need to check out sustainable clothing company tentree.

As if it wasn’t enough that their super comfortable, cute and cozy loungewear, hoodies and jackets have up to 50 per cent off until December 1, the brand will plant 10 trees for every item purchased.

Helping us to save the planet at the same time as saving money, tentree has already planted more than 65 million trees since the company was set up 10 years ago and are aiming for one billion by 2023.

How to create sustainable friendships

Save the planet at the same time as saving money with Black Friday deals on tentree sustainable clothing

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

Now in the sale, the tentree juniper blanket makes a great gift for those who love to be cozy

And if you’d like to make more sustainable Christmas gift choices this year, you might be interested to hear that the brand’s sustainable gift collection is also included in the Black Friday sale.

As part of their ‘Tis the Season to Start Giving a Sh*t campaign, tentree is making it easier for everyone to gift something that’s kind to the planet at no extra cost to our bank balance.


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Choose from soft organic cotton scarves, snug beanie hats, cozy thick knit socks to keep toes toasty or soft, cozy blankets. The Juniper blanket is so stylish that it can be used as a throw as well as to snuggle under for cozy nights in.

And there’s no sacrifice on style if you decide to treat yourself to one of tentree’s warm and cozy fall coats or hoodies. The clothing is made with the planet in mind with organic cotton, recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and post-consumer waste, and TENCEL being used in fabrics.

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

The Khaki Daily Parka from sustainable brand tentree is flattering, warm and super cozy, and it’s suitable for both city and country life

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

The tentree high rise organic cotton leggings are flattering and reduced in the sale

The Khaki Daily Parka is super cute as well as practical with hidden glove pockets and soft cuffs that keep the cold out.

Or, if you’re looking for a versatile hoodie to wear with mom jeans or your favorite sweatpants, the French Terry Crop Hoodie is comfortable to wear for lounging and for socialising.

You can even find luxe sportswear that is kind to the planet as well as supportive and flattering to work out in.

How to create sustainable friendships

How to create sustainable friendships

The tentree cropped terry hoodie looks fantastic with sweatpants or mom jeans

For example, the High Rise Organic Cotton leggings are made from a technical fairtrade knit so they feel fantastic next to your skin and wick sweat away in a sustainable fashion.

For further eco-friendly bonus points, tentree has a climate neutral certification so you can rest assured there’s no carbon incurred during the shipping of your products and the t10 trees being planted are directly benefiting the planet.

We’re famous for our range of perfectly fitting pants, jeans, culottes, jeggings or leggings.

How to create sustainable friendships




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Fun, friendships, fashion & financial reward


Beauty and style come in many shapes and sizes and all women who wear petite to plus size clothing will find their own beautiful style at Postie and by WILLA. Our two unique ranges of women’s clothing cater for voluptuous curves to small to more athletic figures and everyone in between in amazing styles from size 4 to 28.

Our ranges and pieces coordinate perfectly to form timeless outfits and cohesive wardrobes. You’ll find gorgeous garments for all social occasions, suitable for casual downtime, relaxation, exercise and work.

Our clothing styles reflect who our customers are in feminine florals, beautiful knits, super stretchy plus size jeans and pants, specially tailored jackets for women and more, always with plus size and petite in mind. Our seasonal collections never cease to thrill the loyal women who have followed us for years and new customers will feel the same.

Every woman should own at least one Postie or by WILLA garment! As a family owned, Australian fashion company operating for over 30 years, we really do understand women.

I joined Postie Fashions about 30 years ago, and enjoyed great success as a stylist for 17 years, winning overseas trips and awards. After 17 years with Postie, I decided to make a career change. Over the next 11 years there were many events and changes that dramatically altered my direction, so I decided to rejoin the Postie family. I love the quality and fashion that Postie brings and I’m so excited to be back in the fashion industry and meeting new people. Working my own hours and earning good money is the right job for me.

I have been in the direct selling industry for 15 years, the last 11 with Postie. In 2020 my business took new direction with online styling sessions! Now my customers can choose, to be in the room or on zoom! I never get tired of inspiring women, to be confident, happy in their own skin and find their own style, showing them how easy it is to look and feel fabulous in by WILLA & Postie. It is always exciting seeing my customers and Hosts having fun at my styling sessions, by WILLA & Postie have garments to suit every shape, size and age. I love it!

I absolutely love being a Postie Stylist. As a personal stylist, I am committed to giving the best retail experience possible and nothing thrills me more than styling lovely ladies of all shapes and sizes in outfits that make them feel amazing. I am so grateful to my manager for introducing me to this amazing brand. I love the community, styles, fabrics, flexibility and let’s not forget the income. I get paid to feed my addiction, which is a huge win. I’ve only been with the company a short while, I am still learning but I have had the best support getting started in helping me to create my own successful business.

Vectron is the locomotive platform for Europe-wide cross-border rail transport. Designed to meet any traction need efficiently and cost-effectively, Vectron offers technical flexibility and economic predictability over the long term. Vectron is also being continually enhanced so that it’s always up-to-date. As a market-oriented and adaptable locomotive, Vectron is the right solution for those who want and have to meet current and future transportation requirements. Climb aboard and discover the locomotive that is forging new paths.

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Vectron AC/DC/MS

Pure traction for European corridors

  • Powerful electric locomotives for Europe’s diverse voltage systems and applications up to 200 km/h
  • Optimal configuration for specific traffic needs, thanks to predefined country and option packages and fast adaptability to new line requirements or geographic areas of operation
  • Off-the-shelf locomotives in preferred variants with a short delivery period
  • Variable system configuration
  • Trouble-free conversion from AC to MS
  • Technical Data

Vectron Dual Mode

The up-to-date answer to changing route requirements

  • Dual-powered locomotive with a powerful diesel engine and equipment for using the overhead wire
  • Increased cost and energy efficiency compared with pure diesel operation
  • Optimized for requirements in freight traffic

Vectron locomotives transform borders into connections

The locomotive concept for long-term success

Your planning and investments are secure with Vectron

With Vectron, you’ll reliably meet all current and future transportation requirements. This is being proven every day by a large Vectron fleet. Vectron’s success starts with the concept: Vectron is consistently designed for the traffic requirements and challenges of the market. The development is based on a large number of interviews with operators and on the experience of over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners in service. Furthermore, experiences from the operation of all locomotives are considered in its continuous development process. This means that Vectron offers high investment security, fungibility, and flexible retrofitting and conversion capability. All this is made possible by dispensing with special customer features and solutions in the basic versions – and by a wide range of predefined options. The intelligent combination of proven technologies and lifelong adaptability guarantees unique reliability and future viability. Vectron also complies with all relevant TSI standards and enables new freedom in cross-border traffic. Vectron is as ready for long-term prospects as it is for changing markets and sudden unforeseen events.

You have massive goals for your life, but if you’re like most ambitious women, you probably have this one problem, too.

You don’t know what you need to do to actually reach those goals and build a life you’re in love with.

We’ve been there, too and we totally get it. If you.

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You’re in the right place.

BossBabe is the online community every ambitious woman wants and needs to be a part of. Through our membership, proven frameworks and high-value development programs, you’ll have everything you need to reach your goals and build a life you love.

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We get it. That’s why we created Insta Influence Kit.

Insta Influence Kit is 100+ Instagram templates and an eight-part video series so you can start posting gorgeous content consistently on Instagram and lay the foundation for your account to totally take off.

Influencer School is a 12 week guided coaching and certification program, put together by a handful of experts with a wealth of experience across content creation, production, audience growth, online business and monetization.

Learn from professors who have actually been there, done it & taught others how to do it too.

In our eight-part masterclass, you’ll go behind the scenes into how we curate content and show up with confidence every day on our personal accounts and the BossBabe Instagram page.

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Experience the luxury of openness & light, artful design & intelligent construction.

Limited offerings anticipated from $1.1 Million

A Synchronicity of Nature, Architecture & Space.

Coral Mountain Homes are La Quinta’s premier living experience combining modernism & Balinese ethereal design.


Winner of 8 “Best in Class” housing and architectural awards nationwide. Alta Verde Homes are the talk of the desert, combining “Open & Sustainable Modern” with sensuous “Aesthetic Livability”

Grand Prize, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Horizon Residence

Grand Prize, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Horizon Residence

National Silver Award, Best Detached Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La Quinta

National Silver Award, Best Detached Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La Quinta

Best In Pacific Region, Best In American Living.

National Association of Homebuilders
Botanica Residence

Best In Pacific Region, Best In American Living.

National Association of Homebuilders
Botanica Residence

Award Of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Horizon Residence

Award Of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Horizon Residence

Award of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Zen Residence

Award of Merit, Best Single Family Detached Home.

Gold Nugget Awards, Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference.
Zen Residence

National Platinum Award, Marketed Detached Home.

Best in American Living, National Association of Homebuilders
Botanica Residence

National Platinum Award, Marketed Detached Home.

Best in American Living, National Association of Homebuilders
Botanica Residence

National Gold Award, Best For Sale Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La QUINTA

National Gold Award, Best For Sale Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La QUINTA

National Innovation Award, Best For Sale Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La QUINTA

National Innovation Award, Best For Sale Community.

National Association of Homebuilders
Alta Verde Coral Mountain, La QUINTA

Cultural Connections

Immerse in an upscale, sumptuous lifestyle featuring the best of desert living. La Quinta to Palm Springs, El Paseo to Old Town, PGA West to Indian Wells Tennis to the Polo Grounds…the riches of the Coachella Valley are your community. Your culture.

Your Coral Mountain.

The Magic of Coral Mountain

The sublime is in the beauty of the build. Open spaces, clean lines & abundant glass create the design experience which brings the indoors and outdoors together. Coral Mountain homes are curated with a discerning eye with the focus being on the personal nature of the home as a retreat.

As an enrolled student, you are automatically a member of the Associated Students of the University of Utah. ASUU is led and represented by students elected by you. We strive to provide much-needed resources and services to students, host events and programs, and advocate for students in our interactions with University administrators and We work to be a powerful, representative, transparent, and inclusive voice for all students who call the University of Utah home.

ASUU is Open Late!

How to create sustainable friendshipsASUU is open until 7:00pm on Tuesdays! Come in and learn about involvement opportunities, make new friends, and have fun! We hope to see you here!

Emergency Student Loan

The ASUU Student Resources Board offers small (up to $500) ninety-day emergency loans to students in need. The loan is contingent on meeting the eligibility requirements of university lending policies. Each applicant will be reviewed by a committee and will be contacted as soon as possible. Upon submission of the form, the application will be reviewed by an ASUU student leader committee, SLI staff, Income Accounting staff, and Financial Aid staff to verify eligibility. Before ASUU student-leader review, applications will be de-identified to protect the privacy of applicants. No names, addresses, or uIDs will be associated with the application during ASUU student-leader review. Depending on the application, it may take up to two weeks to complete the verification process, and in most cases, much sooner. Once an application is submitted, please respond to emails and communication requesting an intake meeting from SLI staff. Please submit completed applications to [email protected] .

Representing All Students

The ASUU Student Government, much like the United States federal government, consists of an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch. These branches work together to accomplish the varied functions of ASUU to serve the student body as effectively as possible

How to create sustainable friendshipsExecutive

This branch is led by the ASUU President, Vice Presidents, and Chief of Staff, and it is composed of eleven boards.

How to create sustainable friendshipsSenate

The Senate is composed of 18 Senators representing the University’s colleges.

How to create sustainable friendshipsAssembly

The Assembly is composed of 36 student representatives who are elected from each of the University’s colleges.

How to create sustainable friendshipsJudicial

The judicial branch includes the ASUU Attorney General and the ASUU Supreme Court.

Creating a Culture of Advocacy

Dear University of Utah Student Body,

The 2021-2022 ASUU administration is dedicated to being your advocate for better, lasting change, as students empowering students. Through our personal and professional experiences, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we know the importance of improving campus accessibility, affordability, safety, and solidarity. The Wojciechowski Ticket is focused on elevating marginalized student voices to manifest structural change within student organizations and create coalitions for change on the University level.

We strongly believe in the collective power of the student voice and community. Our goals, passions, and action can be a powerful vehicle for critical change across the university. Our administration’s roles and visions were shaped by the student body, so our advocacy and line of work will always be student-centered and will aim to elevate students. By staying congruent and committed to our values, being open to collaboration, and solving controversy with civility, we can encourage a community of love and solidarity. As we move into rebuilding a campus community that was fractured by a global health crisis, we will not forget what we have lost and how we have struggled, and we will continue our efforts to create a safe environment. Our beliefs are rooted in student advocacy, sustainable changes that build upon student needs and perspectives, and resilient infrastructure that allows for growth and improvement.

We feel extremely fortunate to be leaders of a strong campus community with passionate students. Breaking down student barriers to success would not be possible without the help of many student leaders across campus. Together, we can ignite the change we need here at the U.

Sustain, prop, buttress, and brace all mean “to provide support for something or someone.” Sustain (from Latin sus-, meaning “up,” plus tenēre, meaning “to hold”) may suggest constantly holding up or maintaining (“the floor sustains the weight of dozens of bookcases”). Prop often implies a tendency to fall, sink, or recede on the part of the thing being treated—and therefore, a need for strengthening or reinforcing (“propped up the damaged fence with long boards”). Buttress tends to involve strengthening, reinforcing, or stabilizing at a stress point (“buttress the economy”). Brace typically suggests supporting or strengthening so that the thing treated is made firm, unyielding, or rigid against pressure (“brace the shelf with an angle iron”).

Examples of sustain in a Sentence

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘sustain.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

First Known Use of sustain

13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

1972, in the meaning defined above

History and Etymology for sustain

Middle English sustenen, from Anglo-French sustein-, stem of sustenir, from Latin sustinēre to hold up, sustain, from sub-, sus- up + tenēre to hold — more at sub-, thin

We empower our students to make smart decisions about the future so that they — YOU — are able to meet the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

In the College of Global Futures, we prepare our students to address some of the greatest challenges of our time, from ensuring the social benefits of powerful new technologies and creating just and sustainable futures, to exploring solutions to emerging issues that transcend the limitations of conventional thinking.

Working with some of the world’s foremost experts at the nation’s most innovative university, your degree from the College of Global Futures will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive and make positive impacts on a future you will help to define.

The College of Global Futures is part of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, the world’s first comprehensive, university-based approach to ensuring a habitable planet and a future where well-being is attainable for all humankind.

Whether you are joining us virtually or at one of our physical
campuses, your opportunities for growth and success are limitless.

How to create sustainable friendships

For the second consecutive year, ASU has been named No. 1 in the U.S. (and top 10 globally) for its work to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and create a better world by 2030.

A better world includes gender equality, clean water and air, combating climate change, and more. We offer courses and curriculum dedicated to the disciplines that comprise our three schools: the School of Sustainability, the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, and the School of Complex Adaptive Systems. The opportunities provided through degree programs, student life experiences and faculty-guided research are the cornerstones to a university-wide approach that is ingrained within the ASU charter and the university’s eight design aspirations: to be dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education, and meaningful societal impact.

Explore the College of Global Futures

Urgent issues across the globe require informed action. Our responsibility is to develop viable options that ensure well-being
for everyone. Our schools are joined by a common purpose to create new knowledge, engage diverse communities and educate
future leaders.

COVID-19 Parental Resource Kit – Adolescence

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed the COVID-19 Parental Resource Kit to help parents, caregivers, and other adults provide support and stability to children and young people facing social, emotional, and mental challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This section focuses on how adolescents develop and the issues they may face as they mature.

    : Check out the OPA Adolescent Development Explained guide for information about the major developmental changes that occur in adolescence and how parents and caring adults can support adolescents. : Learn about this strengths-based approach to adolescent health, meaningful youth engagement, and key practices for enhancing youth-serving programs. : Learn about trends in teen pregnancy, challenges and consequences in teen childbearing, strategies and approaches for prevention, and tips for parents and caring adults. : Get involved and celebrate NTPPM with the Office of Population Affairs (OPA)! : Learn about how adolescents form safe and healthy relationships with friends, parents, teachers, and romantic partners. : Learn about common mental health warning signs and disorders among adolescents, disparities in access to mental health services, and treatment resources.
  • Substance Use in Adolescence: Get information and resources about adolescent substance use and ways to prevent it. : Learn about the importance of clinical preventive services, how adolescents can be involved in their healthcare, and healthy behaviors for adolescents. : OPA has created several fact sheets on different health topics, based on available federal data for adolescents in each state as well as select island territories.

Promoting Positive Adolescent Health Behaviors and Outcomes: Thriving in the 21st Century

At the request of the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened an ad hoc Committee on Applying Lessons of Optimal Adolescent Health to Improve Behavioral Outcomes for Youth. The committee reviewed key questions related to the effective implementation of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program using an optimal health lens. Promoting Positive Adolescent Health Behaviors and Outcomes: Thriving in the 21st Century (1.6 MB) presents an examination of the optimal health framework to (1) identify core components of risk behavior prevention programs that can be used to improve a variety of adolescent health outcomes, and (2) develop evidence-based recommendations for research and the effective implementation of federal programming initiatives focused on adolescent health.

Learn about Applying Lessons of Optimal Adolescent Health to Improve Behavioral Outcomes for Youth, a study to identify key components of youth-serving programs that have proved successful in improving health outcomes related to adolescent behavior.