How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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For those who still use Yahoo email, the ailing tech giant has teamed up with Dropbox to make your life a whole lot easier. Announced on Tuesday, Yahoo will incorporate Dropbox into their service in order to allow users to upload and send attachments quicker.

This will allow you to not only send files through Dropbox while you are in your Yahoo account, but also receive them directly to Dropbox. With the new “save to Dropbox” button, it couldn’t be any easier for Yahoo email users. At the same time, Dropbox has acquired an email app “Mailbox” with integration that might make it even easier for those still utilizing email.

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Mansal Denton

Trending in Technology

More by this author

Mansal Denton

Trending in Technology

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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Last Updated on December 18, 2020

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

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Technology has taken a vantage leap in providing solutions for man. Before now, technology used to appear complex and would require a great deal of expertise to handle solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human activities as smart products with intelligent algorithms powering them as they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions.

Does technology have all the answers?

This article from Credit Suisse, tells us that technology does not have all the answers because it has been found to exhibit “similar biases,” as humans. No one can discredit the impact of technology, but it is not totally free of human input and this is the reason we experience these biases in many areas we have technology holding foot.

Creating technological solutions transparently

This article suggests that the process of creating technological solutions be made transparent and subject to contribution from many people who would end up as users of the product – male, female, young, old, learned, unlearned and all other preferences as we have them. It also underscores the importance of having women on product development teams. This approach is not sure to eliminate all forms of bias, but it is a good way to start in order to appraise the full benefits of technology.

Technology as the connecting tool

Technology so far has been a major connecting tool amongst us humans. It is used and appreciated by all regardless of race, language and sex. In order to keep it less subjective to these arguments about human biases. I believe we should gather opinions on products and solutions before making them available to the public. This could be done by gathering input from intended target users and receiving feedback across the stages of production.

“Recognizing the problem is a start…success will depend on inclusive technologies that meet this vast untapped market.” This cannot be more apt especially at a time when we look up to technology for solutions. We should not muzzle our progress with technology by battling algorithm bias. The first way to avoid this battle is by reading this article here.

Blogging Team | November 20th, 2019 | Technology

Do you also want to save Yahoo Mail email and attachments to Dropbox? Read this blog, to backup Yahoo Mail email to Dropbox using a smart solution Email Backup Tool. Saving Yahoo mailbox to Dropbox is a great advantage for users as they can transfer large files to their clients. Moreover, you will have a backup copy of all Yahoo Mail emails. In this blog, we will analyze the step-by-step process to move Yahoo email to Dropbox in an easy manner. But, the first user needs to backup Yahoo emails as a ZIP file. Then, we can upload to the Dropbox account. So, let’s directly move to the solution without wasting any time.

How to Save Yahoo Emails to Dropbox ?

Follow the below steps to Save Yahoo Emails in Dropbox Account: –

  1. Step-1. Run Yahoo to Dropbox migration tool on Windows.
  2. Step-2. Enter the credentials of the Yahoo Mail account in the interface.
  3. Step-3. Download Yahoo Email as ZIP format on Computer location.
  4. Step-4. Open the Dropbox account and upload Yahoo Email ZIP File.
  5. Step-5. Yahoo Mail to Dropbox email transfer process completes successfully.

The complete Step-by-Step Process to Save Yahoo Mail Emails in Dropbox

Follow the below-mentioned steps to directly export Yahoo emails to zip file.

Download the tool on any Windows-machine and run it.

Thereafter, choose Yahoo Mail from the email source list and enter credentials. Click on the Login tab.

After that, select the required email folder to continue the process. Choose Zip as the saving option.

Now, enter the destination path according to user requirements.

Next, the software provides various filters option to extract only require emails from Yahoo Mail account.

After that, click on the Backup button. The tool started saving Yahoo emails in a Zip file.

When the process was finished, the software popup a dialog box of process completion.

How to Save a Zip File to Dropbox ?

Follow the steps to import the Yahoo email zip file in Dropbox account: –

First, you need to create a Dropbox account and if you have an account, Go to and enter your account credentials.

From the Dropbox home page, select the Upload Files/ Folder option.

Now, your files are folders are uploaded to Dropbox. You can share the file/folder by adding the email address of the person.

Download Yahoo Mail Email to ZIP file

The tool is an excellent utility to backup Yahoo emails as ZIP files without any alteration. It holds email attachments, components, attributes, etc. when saving emails from Yahoo to compressed zip format. The user can download this application on any edition of the Windows Operating System. The software has an easy-to-use interface and does not require technical knowledge for the process. The utility is a standalone application and does not require external installation to backup Yahoo Mail emails in a ZIP file.

Yahoo Mail to Dropbox Tool – Features and Benefits

  1. The safe and secure platform helps users to save Yahoo Mail emails in a Zip file.
  2. The simple and direct solution to move file/folders from Yahoo to ZIP file.
  3. This fastest and easy-to-use comes with a consistent interface and can be easily used by a novice.
  4. The software maintains the hierarchical structure and internal folder structure with emails elements.
  5. The online 24×7 support and chat support available to provides assistance to users to solve any issue.
  6. The user can run this tool on any Windows-machine and it supports all the versions of Windows OS.

Save Yahoo Email to Zip Format for Free

The software comes with a free demo version so that the user can evaluate its working and functionality before making a final decision. The demo version has some limitations and converts only some files in zip file format. To move all your Yahoo Mail emails to zip file format, buy the licensed edition as it has no limitations. The working of the licensed edition and demo version is identical.

Client’s Words

I am very satisfied with the working procedure of the tool. I am a non-technical person and I must say that this tool has a very simple interface. In a couple of clicks, all my emails are converted to ZIP files without any loss.

– George, New York

Deze tool is een grote hulp voor mij. Ik ben erg blij met de interface die is duidelijk en gemakkelijk te gebruiken. Ikzelf heb mijn Yahoo Mail-e-mails probleemloos naar het ZIP-bestand verplaatst. Alle opties zijn duidelijk. Iedereen kan het gebruiken.

– Harry Wilkinson, Netherlands

The Closing Words

In this way, you can save Yahoo Mail emails to Dropbox with ease. This is the best and simplest solution for “how to send Yahoo email with Dropbox.” No technical knowledge requirement and the best part is you can download the tool before the final call. So, download the tool, use it and make your decision.

Sections in this article:

How to sign up for Dropbox

To sign up for a Dropbox account:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Type your name and email address (your email address is the username for your Dropbox account).
  3. Type a unique password.
  4. Click the box to agree to the Dropbox terms.
  5. Click Create an account.

If you already installed the Dropbox mobile or computer apps, you can also create an account by launching the app and clicking Sign up.

How to install Dropbox apps

You can access your Dropbox files from or the Dropbox apps. Install the Dropbox apps on your computer, phone, or tablet to access your files from all your devices.

To install the Dropbox app on your computer:

  1. Download the Dropbox desktop app on your computer.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Sign in or create a Dropbox account. You only need one account no matter how many devices you want to keep in sync.

To install the Dropbox app on your phone or tablet:

  1. On your phone or tablet, download the Dropbox mobile app through the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Sign in or create a Dropbox account. You only need one account no matter how many devices you want to keep in sync.

How to add files to your Dropbox account

Once you create an account, you can add files to your Dropbox account. Any files you add to your Dropbox account sync across all your computers, phones, and tablets where you installed Dropbox.

To add files from

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Upload.
  3. Click Files or Folder.
    • If you chose Files, select as many files as you like and click Open.
    • If you chose Folder, select a folder and click Upload.

Note: Each file or folder that you upload on must be 50 GB or smaller. For larger files or folders, use the desktop or mobile apps, which don’t have a file size limit.

To add files from your computer:

  1. Open your file explorer.
  2. Navigate to the Dropbox folder.
  3. Copy and paste or drag and drop files into the Dropbox folder.

When you add files to your Dropbox folder, they’ll upload to Dropbox. Once your files have green check icons over the file icons, they have successfully uploaded to Dropbox.

To add files from your phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Dropbox app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the + (plus) icon.
  3. Tap Create or upload file.
  4. Tap Upload File.

Which Dropbox plan should I choose?

We recommend trying out:

  • Dropbox Basic if you want to try the basic syncing and sharing features of Dropbox for free, with 2 GB of storage space.
  • Dropbox Plus if you want 2 TB of space, as well as advanced syncing, security, and file recovery features.
  • Dropbox Family if you want to share 2 TB of space, as well as the Dropbox Plus features, with a group.
  • Dropbox Professional if you want 3 TB of space, all the advanced features of Dropbox Plus, as well as additional sharing and productivity features designed for a freelancer or small business.
  • Dropbox Business if you’re part of an organization that needs more space or admin controls. There are several plans to choose from, all with features to help centralize content and collaborate with your team.

No matter what plan you choose, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and you won’t lose access to your files.

Sections in this article:

How to find the email address on your Dropbox account

To find your email address:

From your computer

  1. Open your Dropbox desktop app preferences.
  2. Click the Account tab. You’ll see the email address for your Dropbox account there.

From your phone or tablet

  1. Open the Dropbox app.
    • On iOS: Tap the person icon.
    • On Android: Tap the Menu button on your phone, then tap Settings.
  2. You’ll see the email address for your Dropbox account at the top of the list.

From a shared folder

If you’re a member of a shared folder, another member of that folder can look up your account’s address.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click Files.
  3. Click Sharing.
  4. Find the shared folder and click the . (ellipsis icon) next to the shared folder name.
  5. Select Share.

In the list of shared folder members, the person will be able to see the email address next to your name.

If you have a paid Dropbox subscription

If you have a paid Dropbox subscription, you can use our credit card lookup tool to find the email address associated with a charge.

I’m seeing an “Account doesn’t exist” message

If you see an “Account doesn’t exist” error when you try to sign in to Dropbox, you may have signed up for a Dropbox account with a different email address. The “Account doesn’t exist” message is usually caused by a mistyped or incorrect email address. In other words, the actual email address on your account is different than the one you typed in. If you see this message, first try signing in again. Be sure to check the email address and its spelling.

If this you know your email address and still receive this message, or if you received an email notification from us about an inactive account, your account may have been deactivated.

Click here if you don’t have Microsoft Account.

cloudHQ can do two-way or one-way sync between any two of your cloud accounts – in real-time.

This is not a simple sync – it is the most advanced cloud-to-cloud sync on the market:

  • cloudHQ sync is real-time. This means that as you as you modify a document those changes will be instantly replicated – no delay.
  • cloudHQ sync two-way: which means that files can be changed on both cloud accounts and cloudHQ will ensure that these cloud accounts are in sync.

Syncing and integrating your cloud accounts via cloudHQ has the following benefits:

  • cloudHQ greatly simplifies collaboration because our real-time two-way sync can sync emails, files, notes, and projects between multiple cloud accounts such as Gmail, Google Drive, Box, Egyte, Dropbox, Evernote, Basecamp, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365.
  • cloudHQ sync will protects your business against cloud service interruptions. All your data will be stored in multiple cloud accounts ready for file restoration or failover.
  • cloudHQ sync will consolidate your data in the cloud since you can sync and integrate all your cloud accounts into one central cloud account.

About Microsoft OneDrive
OneDrive is a Microsoft’s cloud storage, syncing and sharing application formerly known as SkyDrive. OneDrive lets you store your files online, edit Office documents in the free Office Web Apps, and easily access your online files from your PC, Mac or mobile.

And cloudHQ will supercharge your Microsoft OneDrive: you can sync it, back it up and sync it with any cloud applicationyou use (or your company uses). For example, cloudHQ can integrate your OneDrive with Salesforce or Basecamp. Or cloudHQ can make ensure that your OneDrive is in sync with your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

About Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Mail is a email service offered by the American company Yahoo!. It was launched in 1997, Yahoo Mail is one of largest web-based email service with 281 million users as of December 2011.

And cloudHQ can integrate and backup your Yahoo! Mail with any other cloud application or storage. For example, you can backup all your Yahoo! Mail attachments to Google Drive. Or you can ingegrate your Yahoo! Mail accounts with Evernote, Basecamp, Slack or Salesforce.

As an added bonus, your data is confidential because we use state of the art security protocols. We insist on maintaining multiple levels of security to protect and backup your files.

We already sync over 10,000,000 files a day, so join the “bring your own service” revolution and start syncing your data now!

Every once in a while, an app like pops into the spotlight to remind us that we all tend to authorize a lot of apps to access our email and social media accounts without much thought. Sometimes, as in the case of, those apps get busy selling off our data. Now’s a good time to audit any other third-party apps you’ve given access to your accounts., the Email Unsubscription Service, Has Been Collecting and Selling Your Data

Yesterday, The New York Times went deep into some of Uber’s shady business practices. In the…

A lot of web apps these days request access to another account. Sometimes that’s because they’re adding something to that service, other times it’s simply because of a service called OAuth , which grants an app access to an account using a token. Either way, the whole point of the system is that you can instantly revoke access away from the third-party app with just a few clicks. This makes it easy to audit and get rid of any of those random apps you try for a day and then forget about. If you don’t remember an app, an app is free and you don’t understand the business model, or it just doesn’t sound familiar, it’s a good idea to ditch it. So, with that, let’s go ahead and give ourselves a good old fashioned audit.


Head to the Apps Connected to Your Account Page (Profile picture > My Accounts > Sign in & Security > Connected apps & sites > Manage apps). Click on the apps you want to revoke access from, click remove, then click Ok.

Gaurav Bidasaria

27 Aug 2018

If Gmail is the king of emails then Dropbox is the king of cloud storage. Yes, I know what you are thinking. But what about Google Drive and OneDrive? What about iCloud? Well, not for nothing did Steve Jobs wanted to buy Dropbox before Drew Houston refused politely.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Even with a measly 2 GB of free storage, Dropbox continues to be a favorite of developers and users alike. I myself prefer Dropbox over Google Drive for storing, accessing, and sharing important docs and what not. It simply works right out of the box, every time, while Google Drive still faces sync issues, occasionally.

So, it is only natural that you would like to access and use Dropbox from Gmail to make the most out of the two tools. You can then easily download and save important email attachments to Dropbox directly or attach links to large files before sending mail to your supplier.

Imagine all the time and bandwidth you could save if you were using this solution. This will really simplify life for a lot of people who are using Gmail and Dropbox on a daily basis.

There are two ways to achieve this and we will discuss both.

1. Dropbox for Gmail Chrome Extension

Dropbox for Gmail is a Chrome Extension that you can install in your browser easily. Go to Chrome store, click on Add to Chrome button, and confirm when asked. You will see a new icon near the address bar.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Clicking on the new Dropbox icon will directly launch Gmail in a new tab. Now, open Gmail and click on Compose to create a new mail. You will see a greyed out Dropbox icon next to the Send button. Click on it to sign in.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

A new popup with a sign in option will appear. You can also create a new Dropbox account here if you don’t already have one. I am using my Google (Gmail) account to sign in to Dropbox because it makes everything much easier for me to manage.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Once you have logged in, a new popup will greet you with all the folders that you have created in Dropbox. You can easily select any file from Dropbox here while composing a new email in Gmail.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

There is a handy search function available at the top so you can search for the files to attach by name.

Note that when you share any file using the Dropbox for Gmail Chrome extension, you are not uploading or attaching the file itself, but a shareable link to the file. This will reduce bandwidth, time, and help you send mails faster and more securely.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

To save attachments from Gmail to Dropbox, follow the same process. Open the email and hover your mouse over the attachment. You will see Dropbox along with Google Drive option there. Click on the Dropbox button to reveal a popup and choose the file location to save the attachment directly to the cloud.

Yahoo on Tuesday announced it has integrated Dropbox into its email service for quicker and easier attachments.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Yahoo on Tuesday announced it has integrated Dropbox into its email service for quicker and easier attachments.

The integration will allow users to send, receive, and manage Dropbox files within Yahoo Mail. Users will be able to quickly select files from their Dropbox account to include as an attachment in Yahoo Mail, and easily save any attachments they receive via email into their Dropbox account.

“This integration allows you to share and store files more easily, whether they are vacation photos or important documents like tax returns and research papers,” David McDowell, senior director of product management for Yahoo Mail, wrote in a blog post Tuesday. “And, because files can be stored in your Dropbox account online, it’s easy to find the files you want even when you are away from your desktop.”

The new feature will be rolling out globally starting today in Yahoo Mail for the Web in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Those new to Dropbox will be able to create an account for the cloud storage service from within Yahoo Mail. To do so, click on any attachment in Yahoo Mail, then select “Save all to,” then “Save to Dropbox.” From there, follow the instructions on the screen to set up a new Dropbox account.

To save files into a Dropbox account from Yahoo Mail, simply open an attachment and click “Save to Dropbox.” To send a new attachment from Dropbox in Yahoo Mail, click the dropdown next to the paperclip icon and select “Share from Dropbox.”

“As we’ve said before, we’re focused on making Yahoo Mail easy,” McDowell said. “The way we see it, you should be able to go into your inbox, do what you need to do and move on with your day.”

The integration comes shortly after Dropbox acquired email app Mailbox, which aims to simplify the email experience on mobile.

Easy Dropbox access is also available for Facebook Groups and Vimeo.

For more, see PCMag’s reviews of Dropbox and Yahoo Mail.

Your personal cyber security and anti-hacking news

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How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

In an attack that is the presently largest breach in cyber-crime history, 1 billion Yahoo accounts were compromised. Everything from names, email address, phone numbers, encrypted passwords, and more was taken, marking yet another online giant as victim to the now endemic hacking folly that is sweeping the globe.

With 1 billion accounts hit (along with the less recent mail breach experienced in 2014), there’s a good possibility that your username was one of them. Here’s what you can do if your Yahoo account was hacked.

#1 Check Your Email Address

The reason you’re checking your email address is because often this is where most hackers will start. People save loads of sensitive information in their email accounts, unaware that this is the first place hackers will look for the lucrative data when they strike. So before you do anything else, make sure you are feeding hackers your all-important information by using an anti-intrusion email security tool like this one. It’ll sweep your accounts looking for credit card numbers, exposed passwords, and other sensitive information that is sitting around waiting for a hacker to dive into.

Additionally, these tools will help you remove the information and alarm you if something suspicious comes up in the future.

#2 Check Your Latest Logins

Next you should check out what’s going on with your account. You can do this by viewing your Recent activity logs that can be accessed from the left hand menu bar on your Yahoo Account page.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

As you can see from the screenshot, the right hand side will show you a list of places and devices where your Yahoo account has been accessed recently. If something looks unfamiliar or suspicious, change your password immediately. Yahoo makes this really simple by giving you the password change link right there on the activity log page, and we walk you through the process in the next section.

#3 Change Your Password

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Once again, from your Yahoo account page, look through the left hand navigation for the Account security link. In this section, you’ll see Change password. Click on this to select a new password. When choosing a new password, bear in mind that the experts have recommended that you avoid standard dictionary words and personal details (like your mother’s name or son’s birthday), and that you opt instead for a combination of numbers/letters/cases/characters that is a minimum of 8 characters long.

#4 Check Your Recovery Details

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

Continuing along the Account security section, you’ll see a section that contains your account recovery information. This is an email address or password used to verify your account if you get locked out for some reason.

If you don’t have one, now’s a good time to add one! List a reliable email address and phone number that you have access to all the time. This way, if you are locked out of your account, you can easily recover the account by accessing the information sent to your recovery information listed.

If you already have recovery details in place, check that these are accurate. Sometimes hackers will change even one letter in your email address, changing the actual email account to one that they control. This effectively gives them full access to your account without you even realizing it. The same could be true of the phone number you’ve provided, so check both of these pieces of information to see that they are accurate.

#5 Opt for Two-Step Verification

Two-factor or two-step verification is a smart way to keep hackers at bay. This process requires you to enter a verification pin that is sent to the cell phone number provided upon activation before logging into your account. Only the person holding your phone can access this code, so unless the criminals have stolen your actual mobile device, two-step verification is a sure-fire security block.

To opt into two-step verification, go to your Yahoo account page, and open the Account security section. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll see Two-step verification with a toggle switch to turn it on or off.

How to easily use dropbox with your yahoo account

#6 Check Other Accounts

Here’s why you should never use the same password on multiple accounts: Hacker aren’t stupid, and they’ll take your stolen password from one account, Yahoo for example, and apply it to all of your other web accounts, enabling them to run free through your private space. The reason they can get away with this is because so many people use the same password for several accounts, so they’ve taken all the work out of security breaching for hackers.

Don’t fall for this easy scammer bait. Use strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts. If you’ve already made this mistake, go through your other accounts to see if you still have access. If you do, change the passwords to new, unique ones now. If you don’t have access, try to recover the account or contact customer support to reset the password.

#7 Get Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, there are thousands of ways for a hacker to mess up your life. Whether it’s infecting your device with a trojan horse or simply using your account to send out spam, cybercriminals are industrious to say the least. That’s why you’ve got to stay one step ahead of them all the time.

The only way to keep ahead of the hacking game is to use reliable antivirus software frequently. There are several free versions that provide solid security, or you can pay for an even more thorough software package (though it isn’t really necessary for the average Joe). Mobile security is also a major factor in ensuring your online security, so download a free mobile antivirus to keep your cell phone and tablets protected.

#8 Get Help When You’re Locked Out

Most importantly, if you can’t access your account because the password was changed, the first step is to try and recover the Yahoo account via the recovery information you provided when opening the account. If this still doesn’t work or you don’t have access to these forms, then use this form to get customer support quickly involved.

#9 Get the LogDog App for your iOS or Android

Omri is LogDog’s marketing guy. He is passionate about technology, digital marketing and helping online users to stay safe and secure