How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

One of the questions I get asked most often as a travel blogger is how do you afford to travel so much. The truth is I can be quite thrifty and like to sniff out a bargain. To make sure I get the best possible price for my flights I search and compare the options on Skyscanner Australia. Just recently I was able to find a flight from Sydney to London for $1100 less than I’ve paid previously. This is how I did it..

Step 1: I use Skyscanner on app or web to quickly search and compare flights with no booking fee.

Top tip: Did you know you could search for flights to EVERYWHERE? Enter your departure airport and Skyscanner will reveal the best destinations for you to choose from in price order.

Step 2: If I’m flexible about my dates I use the cheapest month search to discover the cheapest time of year to fly to London. If I have a set month in mind though I use the chart to see which are the cheapest days of the week to take my flight on.

Step 3: Then I sort the results. Skyscanner displays all possible flight options between Sydney and London in price order. I use the filter options to tailor my results – selecting how many legs, how long a layover and what airlines I’m happy to fly with.

Step 4: I glance at the Skyscanner rating to check I’ve picked a flight that’s a decent price and duration. I hit select and Skyscanner shows all the sites I can book this flight with.

Another top tip: If you’re not ready to book straightaway set up a price alert so you can get a heads up if prices for your travel dates change.

For my last trip to London I used this exact method to find a flight from Sydney to London with Singapore Airlines. I love the food and service on this airline as well as the chance to refresh in Singapore Changi Airport. I jumped at the chance to fly with them for just $1400 – an absolute bargain considering I’ve paid up to $2500 to do the same journey in the past.

Saving on the flights meant I could have a little fun in London – splurging on the likes of boutique accommodation, great British food and a little shopping on the UK high street too!

12/26/2018 — By Daniel Bortz

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

Yes, you can fly across the pond without breaking the bank.

Early winter can be the perfect time for taking a trip to Europe. Between the mild weather, smaller crowds, scenic outdoor activities, and lower hotel rates, there are a handful of reasons to fly across the pond. There’s more good news: You can score low-priced flights if you plan accordingly.

Here, 8 easy tips for flying to Europe in the off season.


How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps(Lukas Bischoff/Dreamstime)

Of course, where you’re traveling to affects your fare, so choose a destination with better deals. “The cheapest cities can vary depending on where you fly from, but we’ve been seeing some excellent deals to Copenhagen, Dublin, London, and Paris this year,” says Rick Seaney, CEO of Case in point: Fare Compare found round-way flight deals from New York to Copenhagen for $320 and New York to London for $354.

Moreover, a recent Kayak report found that flights to Northern and Western Europe are currently offering the most competitive rates. Iceland (Reykjavik airport) and Dublin are the travel company’s top picks for cheapest European destinations.


Generally, flights to Europe from Boston, Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Denver, and Washington, D.C. will be the most affordable, since these cities are hubs for many international carriers.


Some airlines offer better deals than others. Norwegian Air, British-owned Condor, Icelandic carrier Wow Air, France-based XL Air, and Latvian Primera Air have some of the lowest priced transatlantic flights. Wow Air, for example, recently offered a $160 flight from Boston to Amsterdam in December. Primera Air, meanwhile, is selling flights from Newark to Paris for as low as $99.


Low-cost air carriers often charge “hidden” fees for extras, like carry-on bags, checked luggage, seat upgrades, or even beverages. While budget airlines are notorious for nickel-and-diming passengers for added fees, “you can score some serious value from their cheap tickets,” says Emily McNutt, associate news editor at The Points Guy. “Just be sure you read their pricing structure and terms and conditions so you know what you’re getting into,” McNutt warns.


How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps(Chert61/Dreamstime)

To cross the ocean as affordably as possible, it often makes sense to break up your trip into two separate itineraries, says Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights ( “Once you’re in Europe, you can hop a train or budget flight most places for under $100,” Keyes explains.

Often, flights to remote destinations, such as national parks or Mediterranean islands, cost more than flights to major cities. Hence, it pays to map out your trip and plan your flight path accordingly.


There are certainly a ton of websites and booking search services for finding deals on flights, but Tarik Allag, founder of, recommends Google Flights. The tool lets you view fares from your city for specific travel dates, and it searches all but the smallest airlines, as well as the largest online travel agencies (OTAs) like Orbitz and Priceline. You can also use it to set an alert for a flight, and Google will send you an email if price goes up or down.

In addition, by utilizing Google Flights’ calendar function “you can scroll through to see if leaving one day earlier or returning one day later will help to save you some serious cash,” says McNutt. “If you’re flexible on your destination, the ‘Explore’ function allows you to input your departure city and when you want to travel to see where in the region offers the cheapest flights.”


Many articles tout headlines like “This is the best day of the week to fly!” but few have hard evidence to back up their claims. Yet thanks to Kayak, we can put this subject to rest. After analyzing more than a year’s worth of flight data leaving the U.S. and Canada to Europe, the website’s price forecaster found that flying across the pond on a Wednesday and returning home on a Tuesday typically gets travelers the cheapest flights. A recent report from supports this, finding that travelers can save an average of $76 by reserving flights on a Wednesday (the least expensive day to fly) instead of on a Sunday (the most expensive).


How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps(marchello74/Getty Images)

Want a free stopover in Iceland on your way to another European city? With IcelandAir you have the option of adding a stay of up to seven nights when traveling from the U.S. and Canada to Europe for no additional cost to your original plane ticket.

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How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

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Looking for cheap international flights?

I’ll show you my personal 3 step process to finding the best flight deal 95% of the time – and all in just 20 minutes or less!

Why You Should Listen to Me: I’ve been traveling internationally nearly non-stop for almost three years, covering 44 countries and 6 continents along the way. I’ve taken a ton of flights – and rarely paid more than a couple hundred dollars for them.

I’ve spent countless hours searching for cheap international flights on virtually every search engine available. And I can tell you that most of them promise WAY better results than they can actually deliver.

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

So to save you time and money I put together this ultimate guide to finding cheap international flights.

​ I’ll go over my #1 rule for finding cheap flights and walk you through the exact 3-step strategy I personally use nearly every week to find my own flights .

And, no, this doesn’t require any miles or points (that’s a subject for another post).

Full disclosure: These are the sites I personally use to find my own flights. Links in this post may generate an affiliate commission for this site.

The Quick Guide to cheap flights

Don’t have time to read the full detailed guide to finding cheap flights abroad?

Be flexible in your searches, and then follow these three steps:

  1. Use Google Flight’s Explore Feature
  2. Search the ITA Matrix
  3. Use AireFare Watchdog to track price changes over time and snap up deals when they happen.

That’s it in a nutshell, but read on for a full walk-through of how to implement this strategy (or bookmark this page for later, or click here to pin it on Pinterest).

The Ultimate Guide to cheap international flights

Before I walk-through my three-step process for saving money on flights, I want to explain the number one rule that underlies my process.

This requires a bit of a digression, so if you just want click here to skip to my 3-step process for finding cheap international flights.

But I really think that taking the time to truly understand this rule can totally change the way you think about finding cheap flights.

So what is my number one rule for saving money on flights?

Resources for Frequent fliers

Rule #1 – Be flexible about the three “Ds.”

What are the three “Ds”?

  • Dates
  • Destination
  • Departing airport

The more of these three you can be flexible about, the more you will save on your international trip.

Well, it really comes down to a matter of math.

The more possible flights you can price out, the more likely it is you will find that gem of a deal.

That said, it’s ok if you have to be firm about one or even two of them.

But if you’re committed to flying from a particular airport to another particular airport on a set day for your trip … well, that’s where the airlines make their money.

how to increase your chances of a great flight deal by up to 4,960 times!

Don’t believe in the power of the three Ds yet?

Let’s go through three quick examples to show how maximizing your flexibility with the three Ds can open you up to nearly 5,000 times as many options for potential flights for your trip (remember: more potential flights = more potential bargains!).

First, we need to make one assumption: let’s assume for argument’s sake that on average there are 10 flights a day between any two given destinations (I know that’s not true literally, and it will vary quite a bit by airport pair in real life, but we need to make this assumption or else the following illustration gets way too difficult to convey).

News : Travel

Here are my tips to find the cheapest First or Business Class flight tickets to Europe from North America, on airlines like Delta, United, American, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

  • ending
  • latest
  • popular

I have already put together an article on the cheapest flights to Europe in economy. Spoiler Alert – The cheapest way to get to Europe this Summer and Fall is to book via Norwegian Airlines which are offering $99 USD flights.

My tips incorporate booking Business Class tickets during sales and crucially not on the airline website direct.

1. Use A Business & First Class Specialist Like Our Luxury Concierge

This tip is really quite simple. Don’t book through the airline’s website direct. Our Luxury Travel Concierge will usually quote you cheaper for Business and First Class flights to Europe that start in North America. In fact, we are worth a try for Premium flights travelling to and from anywhere in the world.

2. Book Sale Tickets

Most airlines offer sales from time to time and if you add yourself to the mailing list of each major airline that you use, then you will be notified when they have a sale. You can then get a quote for the same sale ticket from Luxury Travel Concierge.

3. Book Unusual Routings

Business and First class tickets can vary significantly depending on which country the flight originates. Blogs like HeadforPoints for ex-Europe flights and View From The Wing for ex-US flights tend to keep readers up to date with incredible fares that involve travelling via hubs you might not have thought of, in order to snag Business Class tickets on the cheap.

4. Consider Other Airlines

I have written in depth about Norwegian Airlines excellent Premium Economy which is comparative to Domestic First, and offers excellent prices for routes to and from North America. They currently offer the cheapest transatlantic flights to America in a premium seat, although their premium seat is not nearly as good as Business Class lie flat seats you will find on airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American and United airlines.

Another option for a Premium Business Class transatlantic is La Compagnie which offers 100% Business Class seats in its planes and is currently offering return tickets for around $1,200 USD between New York and Paris.

La Compagnie Business Class seats are better than those “Premium” seats offered by Norwegian, but Norwegian wins in my top 10 best Premium Economy Airline listing and is a great option for those wanting to travel to Europe in a very good Premium Economy seat for leisure, as their fares are so much cheaper than “proper” Business Class.

5. Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Another way to snag First and Business Class airfares is by using frequent flyer miles or points collected via credit cards. Credit cards also sometimes offer upgrade vouchers as a bonus for hitting certain spends on your card.

I collect free British Airways Avios with my Lloyds Avios Rewards Credit Card. This also gives me a return upgrade voucher for one trip when I hit my spending limits. Alternatively, you can convert points like American Express Membership Rewards into air miles. This means I earn my flights for all my online spend, I even earn Avios when I buy Bitcoin!

Remember that availability of these mileage seats can be low and redeeming miles for airline tickets often means that you still have to pay a surcharge for taxes and “fees” so these flights are not free.

I have also reviewed the best American Airline has the best Business Class and have also looked into which British airline offers the best Business Class transatlantic, British Airways Or Virgin Atlantic.

Disclosure: Posts may be sponsored by the proprietor or brand being appraised. All opinions remain our own & are in no way influenced.

If you dream about traveling again in the near future, just imagine all the amazing places you can visit across the United States. Fantastic flight fares make this even better! Luckily, there’s loads of great deals on domestic routes, from New York to L.A. and everywhere in between.

In addition to providing updates and the latest guidelines regarding COVID-19, we still want to share the best deals and how to find them so that when the world does open its doors again, you’ll be ready to explore it. Check out some of the cheap flights we found to top destinations around the country:

Departure city Destination Round-trip fare
Boston Chicago $48
Boston Miami $77
Chicago Orlando $45
Chicago Washington, DC $80
Los Angeles Houston $71
Los Angeles San Francisco $97
Miami Atlanta $35
New York City Miami $37

All prices are subject to availability and may change depending on the airport of origin, as well as the data selected. Prices shown include round-trip flight tickets for an adult, including estimates and taxes. Prices ​​found and verified on April 1, 2021.

Please check your airline’s flight cancellation, rebooking and refund policies, as well as travel bans and restrictions, before booking a flight. See the latest state-by-state travel restrictions.

We strongly recommend reviewing the coronavirus advice from your local authorities and governments, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Department of State, as well as the guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) — a reliable and trusted source of global news and information.

Other ways to find cheap round-trip flights

It’s easy to use our flight search to find cheap round-trip flight deals in any given month. Here’s how to search Skyscanner’s website in 3 easy steps:

  1. Type in your origin and destination locations.
  2. For your departure and return dates, select “Whole Month” and then whichever month you’d like to travel in.
  3. When you tap Search, Skyscanner shows you prices by day, so you can view flight options based on the cheapest days to fly.

If you want to watch airfare for a few days, go ahead and set a price alert in Skyscanner. We will notify you the moment there’s a fluctuation in price so you can take advantage of the best airfare.

Discovering cheap flights is easier than ever. Finding that wallet-friendly ticket can sweeten the deal when you start to plan your next trip. Before making any reservations though, check local government guidelines for the latest travel restrictions to ensure you’re in for a smooth journey.

Tips and tricks for finding cheap flights

While searching, there are a few more quick hacks that can make your hunt for deals even more fruitful.

  1. Research neighboring airports. For instance, Providence, Rhode Island, has a bustling airport only 90 minutes outside of Boston, with a direct train between cities. New York City also has several airports to choose from, some father from downtown than others. Widen your search to include nearby airports for potentially cheaper options!
  2. Consider other dates. If you’re super flexible, try searching for a full year to see trends on which months are cheapest for different destinations. If you’re willing to travel off-season, your dream destination is more likely to become a reality under $100.
  3. Be open to different destinations. Lastly, if your actual destination is not set in stone, you can use Skyscanner’s Everywhere Search to find flights under $100. Lots of different cities will be available within your budget, including some you may have not considered for a trip!

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

As destinations welcome visitors again, be sure you’re taking the right precautions to make your trip a safe one. Check local government or CDC guidelines if you’re unsure. When you’re ready to explore again and start your next flight search, use Skyscanner’s Greener Choice label to identify sustainable travel options and turn on our flexible travel filter to view routes that offer an expanded change or cancellation policy.

Discover where you can go

Making plans to get back out there? Find out where borders are open with our interactive global map, and sign up to receive email updates when your top destinations reopen.

FAQs on cheap round-trip flights under $100

When you do a flight search in Skyscanner, use the “whole month” feature to pull up the flight calendar for your itinerary. The green-colored dates offer the most affordable rates. Select one for your departure date and another for your return, and you’ll be able to see some of the lowest rates available for your itinerary.

Set a Skyscanner price alert to explore which dates will work best for your budget. You can set a certain dollar amount as well and we will send you an email when that flight becomes available within your set parameters. This is a great way to find a cheap flight for under $100.

Yes! You can access all flight deals via Skyscanner’s mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

When it comes to finding cheaper flights, there are plenty of options to consider. Do you have the ability to be flexible with your dates, the departure airport, or the arrival airport? How far in advance should you book, and where is the best place to search for flights?

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

Despite access to a variety of apps and sites dedicated to helping consumers select optimal flight itineraries, sometimes it’s best to go back to basics. After trying several different apps, Google Flights still comes out on top for me. Here are 4 ways to get more out of Google Flights and minimize the cost of your next getaway.

1. Explore Suggested Itineraries

By setting your home airport on the Google Flights page, Google will automatically pull information about cheap tickets to select places. You can explore those itineraries by clicking “Explore destinations.”

This is ideal for travelers who don’t have a specific itinerary in mind. You can change your departure airport in order to explore deals from different places. This is also great regardless of whether you have specific dates or flexible dates because the search function works for both. You can forecast great deals for the next 6 months, search for a particular month, or set specific dates. You can even search for “weekend trips in February” or “2-week trip in May,” depending on your flexibility and travel goals.

The “Explore destinations” page also features a sliding bar that allows you to set the maximum price you’re willing to pay. This is a great way to find cheaper flights because it filters out the ones that are over budget. Play around with this feature to inspire your next trip!

2. Peruse a Variety of Airports and Airlines

Google Flights has the ability to search nearby airports, if applicable, for better deals. This is especially relevant in cities with multiple airports like London. If you can search between Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City, Southend, and Luton, you’ll be able to catch any deals that are especially pertinent to one of them.

It’s also great when there are multiple nearby airports that aren’t in the same city. For example, you could look for flights from Detroit, Flint, and Kalamazoo all in one search.

On top of that, information is available for multiple airlines worldwide, within a variety of alliances. This way, you have a pretty easy time comparing itineraries not only where the cost is concerned but also total travel time, the number of connections, airline preferences and specific time of day.

Google Flights will also indicate whether or not baggage is included in the reported fare. You’ll see a an icon of a roller bag with a slash through it when baggage costs extra. This is helpful because it isn’t uncommon for airlines to withhold the price of baggage in the advertised fare, and Google Flights lets you know that you’ll need to factor in that cost later.

3. Use Flight Tracking and Price Trends

When searching for a particular itinerary, Google Flights offers insight regarding whether or not you’re seeing normal, high, or cheap fares. You can explore these insights in a variety of different ways including calendar view and price graphs.

Calendar view allows you to compare and contrast price fluctuations by day depending on your departure and return dates. That way, you can select the cheapest combination from an easy to read calendar grid.

The price graph is a similar graphic but the view is more compact, so you’re able to see price trends as they project into the future months. This visualization makes it easy to spot anomaly dates that are either cheaper or more expensive than the average, which is great when you’re looking for the cheapest day to fly.

The assortment of infographics available on Google Flights makes it easier to find cheap flights depending on what you’re looking for and how much flexibility you may have. Information offered in a variety of ways, however similar, tends to be more accessible and useful to different people.

On top of the visual representations, there is also the option to track specific flights or flights on specific dates for the cases where you anticipate or are hoping for a cheaper fare. Simply click “Track prices” and Google will send an alert to your Gmail account whenever the price changes.

In fact, this can be a great way to catch the ever-elusive mistake fare. With flight tracking enabled, you’re more likely to catch a mistake fare if one occurs. Just keep an eye on the emails from Google Flights and you might be able to snag an incredible deal!

4. Link to Your Google Account

Simplicity and organization are key for many of us when it comes to digital accounts. Google makes integrating many parts of your digital life easy. When you book a flight using the Google Flights site or when an itinerary shows up in your Gmail account, Google will automatically save information about that trip in Google Trips. This helps consumers keep everything organized in one spot, including tickets and reservations that were booked separately. Using Google Flights is just one more way to keep that consistency.

Google Trips can also help you find suggested activities when you’re traveling to a new place

Bottom Line

If you haven’t used Google Flights yet, it’s definitely a great flight tool to check out. Knowing how to maneuver your way through the Google Flights interface could save you some serious cash on your next itinerary.

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

If you are looking to visit Europe in the near future, you might want to save your money to enjoy shopping, tasty food and for the entrance of attractions and museums. The best way to save money is to find a cheap and inexpensive flight to the destination but finding the right deal requires you to be patient and compare airline packages. You should also consider booking the flight at the right time as it can help you save hundreds of dollars. The money is better spent during your adventures in Europe so you could make your trip a memorable one.

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To save your hard earned cash, consider planning your trip for the lean season. This is the best way to save money for adventures in Europe. Ticket prices to Europe between November and March are usually cheaper than during the summer months.

Once you have planned your trip, you should start looking for flights. This should be done at least four months before you plan to leave for Europe. To get the most competitive and affordable airline packages, consider making the booking as early as possible. Ticket prices tend to rise in the final 15 days before the flight.

Find well reputed comparison websites to check which airlines are offering the best deals to their customers. It is advised to write down the prices for each airline before checking the same flight on a different website. Sometimes, you can find the best deals on the airline website. Airlines from the gulf and Middle East region are usually cheaper compared to those from Europe.

You should always keep your travel dates flexible. Sometimes flights late in the week are cheaper than the flights early in the week. Spend a lot of time on the internet looking for the right deals can help you save a considerable amount of money.

You can also sign up for email alerts from airline websites if the flight prices drop. This service is offered by most airlines. It may be possible to suggest the price you are willing to pay and the airline will contact you when prices drop to suit your budget.

A trip to the Caribbean may seem like an easy, affordable vacation. But, why not go to Europe instead, especially when it can be cheaper?

Most people don’t realize that a trip to Europe doesn’t need to be expensive. Even if travelers are able to do Europe on a shoestring budget, the trip usually ends up falling on the backburner as soon as they see the cost of flights. That’s because, on a regular day, flights from New York to Barcelona or from Los Angeles to Paris round-trip can show for well over $500. But, with some handy tricks up your sleeve, it’s very possible to find flights to Europe for around $200. At that price, you can be flying to your bucket list European destinations for the same price as two Amtrak tickets in the U.S.!

INSIDER TIP Try changing your country on flight searching websites or your IP address, as this can sometimes yield cheaper results.

The first step in finding flights to Europe for around $200 is to just explore where you can go for that price. Using Skyscanner, you can choose your departure city and then under your destination city select “everywhere.” Then, when you click on your dates, select “cheapest month” under both the departure and return. This will show you the cheapest possible time to fly to any destination.

Google Flights is another great way to see what’s out there, as they have an “Explore” option as well. But, it’s a little different than Skyscanner, as it does not have a “cheapest month” option, though it does have a “flexible dates” option. Put in your departure city and then write “Europe” in arrival. Then, a screen will pop up which will show you where you can go based on specific dates or flexible dates. You can also filter the price based on what you’re looking to spend.

Top Picks for You

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

How to find cheap flights to europe in 4 easy steps

Recommended Fodor’s Video

Google Flights can also be helpful if you already know your specific arrival city (for example, “MAD” is Madrid and “PAR” is Paris). Plug in where you want to go and click on the departure date box, where a calendar will come up. You can scroll through this calendar to easily find the cheapest prices/dates. And check often, as flight deals come up every few weeks or so.

Whatever deals you find on Skyscanner or Google Flights (or, any other flight search website) always cross-check on others. For example, if you find a flight you like on Kayak, then you should also check it on Orbitz or Google Flights (as well as others) to see which one is giving you the cheapest rate. That being said, avoid any third-party booking sites that are unfamiliar to you or that you haven’t at least done some research on before going forward.

One of the biggest obstacles that stand in the way of people finding cheaper flights is strict travel dates. Because most Americans usually travel when they have a vacation from work, such as the summer months, winter holidays, or spring break, prices tend to skyrocket at this time. This is why most people are accustomed to seeing flights to Europe around the $800 mark.

Therefore, one of the easiest and quickest ways to find flights to Europe for around $200 is to be willing to fly outside of the high season dates, or to manipulate the high seasons dates to work in your favor by adding on some vacation days or choosing to fly, for example, on Christmas Day instead of a few days before or after.

In most cases, people are only willing to depart from their home city, which is understandable, especially for those who live in more rural areas. Unfortunately, if you live in a city that’s not a major hub (nor an international airport) like San Francisco, New York, Chicago, or Houston, then flights to destinations in Europe are always going to be more expensive.

One way to bring the cost down significantly is to fly or drive to one of these larger hubs within the U.S., first, and then catching a flight to Europe. For example, the price of flying from Tampa directly to Madrid can be close to $1,500. But, if you can drive to Orlando instead, you can cut that cost by around $1,000. Of course, it’s important to actually break down the cost of doing this, to make sure you’re actually saving money.

Just like the U.S. has hubs, so do European countries and Europe as a continent. Flying to Rome, Paris, Madrid, or Barcelona, is almost always much cheaper than flying to Vienna, Prague, or Budapest. After a long flight to Europe, the last thing you’ll want to do is to get on another flight or spend hours on a train or in a car to get to your final destination. But, the fact of the matter is, if you’re willing to do this, you can save a lot of money on your flight to Europe.

The trick is to then fly into one of the cheaper hubs, then grab another flight or means of transportation to the city you want to go to (which works out perfectly if you’re planning a backpacking trip around Europe). There are many budget airlines in Europe that can get you to where you really want to be for less than $100. In fact, RyanAir sometimes has €1 deals.

Keeping all these tips in mind, another way to find flights to Europe for around $200 is to compare the difference in the price of a one-way ticket in both directions versus a round-trip ticket, or booking a multi-city ticket instead of combined one-way and round-trip tickets or vice-versa. Again, this takes time and patience, but this trial and error process can save you a lot of money.

Last but not least, there are many airlines and credit card companies that offer incentives when you sign up. These incentives will be based on your credit and several other factors, but if you arbitrage this, you can not only save money on flights but even get free flights, too. Delta, for instance, gives a $250 statement credit when you book a flight on their website and apply for the credit card at the time of booking. And, the Chase Sapphire Reserve offers 50,000 bonus points when you spend $4,000 in the first four months (depending on the conditions), which can be enough to cover several free flights back to Europe!

Finding cheap flights to Europe is not impossible, but it takes a little bit of patience, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

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Why book flights with Ryanair?

Low cost flights to cities across Europe

Search Ryanair’s extensive network of over 200 destinations in 34 countries, and start planning your holiday or business trip today. With the lowest fares on European flights available every day, the continent becomes your playground. Whether you are travelling for business or booking a last-minute flight for a quick getaway, you can always be sure that you are getting the best deal on airfare with Ryanair.

How to find the cheapest flight in Europe

We understand that flexibility is important to our travellers, so we make it easy to compare low cost flights with ourВ Fare Finder. Take advantage of theВ Ryanair appВ for a friendly mobile experience and special offers, so you can conveniently plan trips throughout Europe and find important information related to your flight. You can plan the logistics of your trip right in one place. Find a hotel, car hire, and vacation packages on the official Ryanair site while searching, booking, and checking-in for flights. Ryanair also offers several features to make your trip smooth and comfortable:

  • Skip the security queue with ourВ Fast Track Facility
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  • Enjoy free reserved seating, plus 50% off priority boarding for kids withВ Family Plus

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