How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

I put off buying AirPods for a long time because despite knowing I’d love them, I also knew I would lose them approximately once every three days.

I eventually bought them, and lo and behold, I have lost them more times than I can count. But I have also found them every time, sometimes because of luck, other times because of the Find My app. For those who bear the same brunt of forgetfulness as I do, we’ve gathered all the ways you, too, can find your AirPods when luck seems to be running low.

All of these processes are done on the Find My app on an iPhone, but can be accomplished the same way by logging into Find My on a computer.

Scenario 1: They’re in their case, charged, in Bluetooth range

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal setup for Bluetooth tracking via Find My? Somehow, it isn’t. Losing your AirPods or AirPods Pro while they’re in their case actually interferes with Find My’s most useful feature: the “Play Sound” function.

Since the pods are in the case, you can’t utilize their speakers to play a sound and follow your ears. You can, however, see their last online location on a map. That’s the last place you had them out of your case, which is hopefully where you lost them. This also works for dead AirPods; it will show their last online location when they were alive.

1. Open your Find My app.

How to find your lost airpods

If you, like me, have too many apps to recognize your Find My app, just search for it by pulling down on your home screen. People don’t use their search function enough. If you have iOS 14 or higher, the Find My app is probably hidden away in your app library and not even on your home screen, anyways.

2. Make sure you’re on the Devices tab.

How to find your lost airpods

Then, locate your AirPods in the list of connected Apple devices.

3. Click on the device to see its last known location on a map.

How to find your lost airpods

Tap “Directions” if you want to map your way directly to that location.

4. Pray your AirPods are there.

Scenario 2: You’ve lost AirPods only, charged, in Bluetooth range

Aha, so THIS is the optimal way to lose your AirPods! If you drop your AirPods while they’re out of the case and they’re still charged, you can use the “Play Sound” function to make them send out their very own distress signal.

Of course, this is most useful when you’ve lost them somewhere in your own house, but could also come in handy in a public place like a grocery store or library, if you don’t mind disturbing the peace?

1. Once again, navigate to the Find My app.

Make sure you’re on the Devices tab, and tap on your AirPods on the list.

2. Click on “Play Sound.”

How to find your lost airpods

This will work only if your AirPods are in range and out of the case.

4. You’ll get an option to play the sound from the left, right, or both AirPods.

How to find your lost airpods

Press the stop button when you’ve located them and need the annoying sound to cease.

Scenario 3: You’ve lost just one AirPod, or both AirPods in two different locations

Losing just one AirPod makes sense; sometimes you take one out to hear something in the real world, think you put it in a pocket, and it falls out. To find the one, you follow the same steps as above.

But losing one AirPod in one spot, and later losing the other in an entirely different spot? That is a situation I have yet to find myself in. If you have, I’ve got the solution.

1. Open the Find My app, go to the Devices tab…

Are we getting the hang of this part yet?

2. When you look at your AirPods on the map, it’ll arbitrarily show the location of one AirPod first.

How to find your lost airpods

Map your way there if needed. It won’t allow you to play a sound with just one AirPod missing.

3. Once you find the first AirPod, put it in the case.

Refresh the map, and it should show a new location for the second AirPod.

4. Map your way there.

Find your second AirPod. Reunite your AirPods. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Scenario 4: You’ve lost just the AirPods case

You’re on your own here, folks. The Find My app has no way to find the AirPods case, just the pods themselves. My best advice is to retrace your steps, hope a kind stranger has found it and is waiting in the exact spot you dropped it, and bring a cookie/coffee/gift card to express your thanks.

If you need to replace just one of the AirPods or the case, you can find your AirPods serial number, then contact Apple support to get a replacement and help with setting it up. Prices will range from $59-$99 depending on what part of what model you need to replace. Hey, it’s cheaper than buying a whole new set.

Need help finding your AirPods? Use Find My to see your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max on a map, play a sound to locate them, and get back to wireless listening.

If you’ve already set up Find My [device] with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you’re using with your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, Find My can help you locate them. If you didn’t turn on Find My [device] before your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max went missing, you can’t use Find My to locate them. See how to set up Find My [device].

See your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max on a map

Find My shows you the location of the Apple devices that you’re signed in to with the same Apple ID, including your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. Or, if they aren’t connected, the last time and place they were online.

How to find your lost airpods

See your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Choose your AirPods. Under each device, you see a location or “No location found”.

See your AirPods or AirPods Pro on your computer

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click All Devices, then click your AirPods. Under each device, you see when its location was last found, or “Offline”.

If you need to find only one AirPod or AirPod Pro

If your AirPods or AirPods Pro are separated from each other, you only see one location at a time on the map. Find the AirPod or AirPod Pro that you can see on the map and put it in its case. Then refresh the map and find the other one.

How to find your lost airpods

Play a sound

If your AirPods are near any of your Apple devices and connected to Bluetooth, you can play a sound to help you find them from or the Find My app. Your AirPods play a sound that gradually gets louder for two minutes, or until you tell them to stop.

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. Select the Devices tab.
  3. Choose your AirPods from the list.
  4. Tap Play Sound.

Make sure your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max are not in or on your ears before you play a sound.

If your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max are offline

If your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max are out of range or need to be charged, you may see their last known location, “No location found” or “Offline”. You also won’t see the location for your AirPods or AirPods Pro if they’re inside their charging case. You can see AirPods Max in the Find My for up to 18 hours inside their Smart Case. Outside their Smart Case, you can see them for 72 hours. Find out more about AirPods Max battery life.

If you see “No location found” or “Offline” under your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, you can’t play a sound to find them but you may be able to get directions to the location where they were last connected. If they do come back online, you’ll get a notification on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you use them with.

Find My is the only way that you can track or locate a lost or missing device. There is no other Apple service that can find, track or otherwise flag your device for you.

If you’re using a Managed Apple ID assigned to you by a school or institution, you don’t have access to Find My.

Replace a missing AirPod or case

If you still can’t find your AirPod or charging case, or if something is damaged, get the serial number and then contact Apple Support for a replacement. Then find out how to set up your replacement.

Apple has a “Find my iPhone” feature for lost iPhones, iPads, Macs, and more, but there’s also a “Find my AirPods” feature that can be useful if you happen to misplace your AirPods.

Find My AirPods has its limitations because it’s not able to work when the AirPods aren’t connected to an iOS device via Bluetooth, but the feature can help you locate AirPods lost nearby and it gives clues as to where your AirPods might be found if they’re lost out of the range of the iPhone.

It’s worth noting that Find My AirPods only works for the AirPods themselves — it can’t locate a lost AirPods Case, nor does it work when the AirPods are disconnected from the iPhone and stored in the case.

How to Use Find My AirPods

Find My AirPods is located within the “Find My” app on iOS devices and If the AirPods are out of the case and connected to the iPhone, they’ll show up on the Find My map just like an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac.

alt=”find my screenshots” width=”800″ height=”707″ />
If your AirPods are in the case or not currently connected, the last known location will be displayed. If your AirPods haven’t been in use at all recently, they’ll be listed as “offline.”

How to Find AirPods Lost Nearby

Your AirPods are most likely to be misplaced or lost when you set them down momentarily because there are no cords to keep them together or to make them easier to find. Find My AirPods is mostly designed to locate an AirPod that’s nearby by playing a sound.

  1. Open “Find My” on an iOS device or
  2. Tap the AirPods in the list.
  3. Tap “Actions.”
  4. Tap “Play Sound.”

A soft chirping sound will start playing after you initiate the “Play Sound” command, which will gradually get louder and louder with each chirp to make the AirPods easier to locate.

If just the left or just the right AirPod is missing, you can also mute the sound coming from the left or the right. To stop the sound once the AirPods are located, you’ll need to tap “Stop Playing.” Putting the AirPods back in the case will also turn the sound off after a few seconds.

How to Find AirPods Lost Far Away

If your AirPods aren’t connected to your iPhone, their exact location is not relayed to Find My. In this situation, the last known location of the AirPods when they were connected to an iPhone is displayed.

So, for example, if you use them while at the airport and then leave them behind, their location when they were last connected to your iPhone over Bluetooth will be displayed, even if the AirPods are moved somewhere else.

When attempting to locate an AirPod this way, tap the little car icon and it will give you Apple Maps directions to the last known location.

Limitations with Find My AirPods

Your AirPods will not play a sound while they’re in the case, so if you lose the AirPods and the AirPods Case somewhere in the house, you’re out of luck.

There’s also no way to track the AirPods case because a Bluetooth connection is needed for Find My AirPods, so there is no option for locating a lost case.

Replacing a lost AirPod or AirPods Case

Apple offers AirPods replacements if one is lost and can’t be located. It costs $69 to replace a single AirPod or to replace the AirPods Charging Case.

Want new AirPods or AirPods Pro?

Check our constantly updated guide for best deals on AirPods.

Have you lost your AirPods or the case? Here’s how to find your AirPods using your iPhone to track them down.

Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro are small and light. That makes the wireless earbuds perfect for long stretches of listening to music and other audio content.

But if you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose or misplace your AirPods. And Apple charges a significant amount to replace a lost AirPod or AirPod Pro. The good news is that before you tear your home apart looking for the lost earbuds, you can track AirPods using your iPhone.

We’ll show you how to find lost AirPods or AirPods Pro with Apple’s Find My app.

How to Add AirPods to the Find My App

The best part of using the Find My app is that it requires no setup. As long as you connect your AirPods with an Apple device and an Apple ID, they will automatically appear in the Find My App.

You can access the Find My app using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even on the web at When logging onto Find My on another device, you will need to use the same Apple ID and password on the device that connects to your AirPods.

How to Track AirPods Using the Find My App

To track your AirPods, open up the Find My app and select the Devices tab. You’ll then see all of your Apple devices using the same ID.

Scroll down to your AirPods and select the device. When you do this, you’ll either see No location found or the last known location of the AirPods, plus the time and date they were found. If you need it, the app can also provide direction to the last known location using Apple Maps.

Note that there’s another step if you’ve only misplaced one AirPod. The app can only show the location of one earbud at a time. Thus, you’ll need to take the AirPod that you still have, put it in its case, and shut the lid. After this, close the Find My app and restart it to see the location of your lost AirPod.

If the Find My app isn’t available, your iPhone or iPad is using a managed Apple ID. Those are most often from schools and universities.

How to Find My Lost AirPods

As long as one or both AirPods are near your Apple devices and can connect via Bluetooth, you have a great way to find them.

Just like a lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the AirPods can play a loud, high-pitch chirping sound to make them easier to find. The sound will get progressively louder for two minutes or until you stop looking for the location.

Launch the Find My app on your iPhone and then tap the Devices tab. Scroll down the list to your AirPods and tap their name. On the next page, you’ll see the last known location at the top of the screen.

Right below the location, you’ll see three options: Left, Stop, and Right. You can press either Left or Right for the sound to start playing on the corresponding AirPod. At any time before the two-minute playback completes, just hit Stop to end the noise.

The range of AirPods and AirPods Pro is around 100 feet from your iPhone or other Apple device. So if you can play a noise, expect to find the earbuds within that distance.

Don’t lose hope if your AirPods are offline. On the same information screen, select the Play Sound button. If your AirPods ever reconnect and come online, you’ll automatically receive a notification where you can see the location of the earbuds and play a sound if necessary.

How to Find an AirPods Case

If you happen to lose your AirPods charging case, we’ve got some unfortunate news for you. The AirPods and AirPods Pro buds have Bluetooth and speaker technology that allows you to locate them with the Find My app. The case has none of that technology. So you can’t use the Find My app to locate it.

While there’s no built-in tracking technology for the case, you might look to a third-party option. A great choice is the Tile Sticker.

This tracker, which is around the size of a nickel, offers a built-in adhesive and will easily remain secure on an AirPods or AirPods Pro case. Thanks to its small size, it won’t interfere with any functionality of the AirPods or case.

Using the companion smartphone app, you can find the Sticker within a range of 150 feet. A built-in, non-replaceable battery provides up to three years of use.

What to Do If You Can’t Find Lost AirPods or Case

While the Find My app is a great tool to help find lost AirPods, it isn’t perfect. If you end up truly losing the earbuds or even the case, you won’t need to shell out the money to buy a whole new set of earbuds.

You can contact Apple to purchase just a left or right AirPod, or a new charging case. Take a look at Apple’s AirPod repair fees, which don’t include shipping or tax. The replacement AirPods or case will be new, not refurbished.

Even though it’s obviously no fun to pay for a replacement, this option can save some significant money over a brand-new unit.

Finding Your Lost AirPods

Thanks to the great integration between hardware and software, Apple makes it easy to track down lost AirPods. That’s another big reason to take a look at the wireless earbuds if you own another Apple device.

And if your AirPods or case got a little dirty when they were lost, don’t worry. Here are some great tips to safely clean your AirPods and case.

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How to find your lost airpods

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There's a really easy way to find your lost AirPods. Maybe you're just searching around for the last place your left your AirPods case and want to make sure they're nearby. But there's even a way to find individual AirPod buds in case you accidentally drop one of them under the couch.

I'll show you how.

How to find your lost AirPods

If you have no idea where you left your AirPods — and I mean the entire case with both AirPods in it — do this:

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Select the Devices tab on the bottom.
  • Select your AirPods.

Your iPhone will show you the last known location where they connected to your iPhone, right on a map. This will let you know if you accidentally left them at work or if they're still cruising around in an Uber you rode in.

How to find your AirPods without an iPhone

  • Go to from a computer browser.
  • Log in with your Apple ID.
  • Select Find iPhone.
  • Choose your AirPods from the drop-down menu that says All Devices at the top of the screen.

How to make your AirPods ring so you can find them if they're nearby

If you've done the earlier steps and know your AirPods are nearby, you can use the app to make them ring. This will work whether or not you have the case, and even if you lost only one.

  • Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  • Select the Devices tab on the bottom.
  • Select your AirPods.
  • Now tap "Play Sound."
  • Your AirPods will begin chirping — follow the sounds of the chirps until you find them.

How much does it cost to replace AirPods?

If all of these steps fail, you might need to get a replacement from Apple. If you bought AppleCare+ coverage with your AirPods, which costs $29, you can get new AirPods for $29 and a replacement case for $29.

If you didn't buy AppleCare+, you'll pay $89 for each AirPods Pro earbud and $89 for a replacement AirPods Pro case. For regular AirPods, you'll pay $69 to replace each missing bud and $59 for a replacement charging case (or $69 for a replacement wireless charging case.)

Apple’s wireless earbuds are small, easy to misplace and expensive to replace. We’ll show you how to locate them using an app you may already have.

How to find your lost airpods

Those small earbuds are far too easy to lose.

No matter which pair of AirPods you have — the second-generation version, the AirPods Pro or the AirPods Max, earbuds can get lost, misplaced or even carried away by the family pet. Small earbuds, especially, can fall between couch cushions, fly under furniture or wedge deep into a pocket.

I’m grateful for Apple’s Find My app that’s built into every iPhone , iPad and Mac . I most often use it to play a sound to locate my iPhone around my home, but occasionally I use the same tool to find a lost or misplaced AirPod earbud.

It’s not immediately obvious that you can just use the Find My app to track down more than just your phone or tablet, but it’s possible and — under the right circumstances — useful.

Below I’ll show you how to use the Find My app to locate a missing AirPod.

How to find your lost airpods

It’s only a few taps to find your AirPods, with some caveats.

Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Make sure Find My is set up

Before you can use the Find My app to locate anything you’ve lost, make sure it’s set up. Double-check that Find My is turned on by opening the Settings app, tap on your name at the top of the screen, then select Find My. Next, tap Find My iPhone and move the switch to the On position. As long as Find My is enabled, your Apple Watch and AirPods will automatically be added to the app. You can’t activate and use Find My for your AirPods after you’ve lost them, so do this step right now. I’ll wait.

How to find your lost AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max

After realizing your AirPod is nowhere to be found, take a deep breath, grab your iPhone and open the Find My app. Tap the Devices tab, then find and select your AirPods on the list. Alternatively, you can use your computer to visit to help find your lost devices.

If your AirPods are within Bluetooth range of your iPhone, you’ll see their current location on a map and have the option to play a sound on one or both earbuds. Tap Play Sound and start listening for a chirping sound to come from each earbud. If one AirPod is in the charging case, it won’t play any sound.

The sound will gradually get louder as it plays for two minutes. If you can hear it, but not find it before the sound stops, then tap Play Sound again.

You can switch which AirPod the sound is playing on by tapping the L or R button in the Find My app. When you’ve found both AirPods, tap Stop.

How to find your lost airpods

Find My is exactly what you need to use to locate missing devices.

There are some situations when Find My won’t work

Finding a lost AirPod is easy so long as it’s out of the case, still charged and close enough to your iPhone. In a situation where the AirPods aren’t within range for your phone to trigger a sound, you should still see the last location your phone had a connection to them. You can get directions to their last known location, where hopefully your phone can find them and then play a sound.

If you lost your AirPods while they were in the case, your odds of finding them goes down significantly. You likely won’t see their last location on a map, and you won’t have the option to play a sound. However, there’s still a chance another Apple device user finds them, opens the case and the Find My app is able to let you know they were found.

It’s a long shot, sure, but it’s better than nothing.

For those with AirPods Max, the caveats are a little different. If your AirPods Max are in their case, your iPhone can find them for up to 18 hours. If they’re outside of the smart case, you’ll have 72 hours to connect to them and trigger the sound.

After finding your AirPods, take a few minutes to ensure that you can find your iPhone should you ever lose it . Need some AirPods tips? We’ve got you. Here are some general tips , a few tricks for the AirPods Pro and some for the AirPods Max .

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The Find My app is a valuable tool in the search for missing AirPods. But if your AirPods don’t show up in it, here’s how to fix it fast.

After you successfully pair AirPods to your iPhone, the AirPods should show up in the Find My app. However, if they don't, we'll show you some quick solutions to fix it below.

But before that, it's essential to understand the benefits of adding your AirPods to Apple's Find My app.

Why You May Want to Show AirPods in Find My?

There are lots of benefits to adding your AirPods to the Find My app, including:

  • After your AirPods show in Find My, you can make them play a sound if they're misplaced to find one or both of the missing buds.
  • Find My lets you see the last known locations of your AirPods on a map. If they aren't connected, you can still see the last time and location they were online and get directions to that place.
  • You can use the Find My Network to locate your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max and get precise directions to them when misplaced nearby.

Now that you know the importance of getting your AirPods added to the Find My app, here are the solutions to fix it when they don't show up in it.

Please note that for several solutions mentioned below, you must have your AirPods with you. And once they show up in Find My, you can find them if you ever misplace them in the future.

1. Make Sure Find My Is Enabled for Your Paired Device

When you set up your iPhone, Find My is switched on by default. And when you pair your AirPods to this iPhone, Find My is automatically enabled for the AirPods too. You don't have to take any other steps. However, if you later turn off Find My for your iPhone, it will have the same effect for your AirPods as well.

Keep your AirPods connected to your iPhone and follow these steps to ensure Find My is enabled for it:

You know the feeling. That, “I think I lost my phone” feeling. That panicked, pat down of your pockets, thinking about your lonely Pixel 4 somewhere out in the world. You start retracing your steps that led you to this phone-less moment and all you can ask yourself is, “How do I find my lost phone?”

At Asurion, we love our phones too and rely on them for everything, so we understand that losing them is not ideal. Luckily for Android users, our experts are sharing steps you can take to help you easily locate your phone in case it goes missing.

First things first, preparation is key. No one ever plans to lose their phone, but it happens. According to our data, nearly 2,000 phones are lost or stolen every single hour. So it’s important to turn on the ability to track your phone, just in case.

How to turn on Find My Device on your Google Pixel

1. Make sure that Find My Device is turned on:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Security & location.
  • Tap Find My Device. Turn it on.

2. Turn Location on:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Hit Security & location, then tap Location.
  • Next, turn on Location.

How to turn on Find My Mobile on your Samsung

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Tap Biometrics & Security.
  3. Tap Find My Mobile and turn it on.

To improve location accuracy:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap Biometrics & Security.
  3. Scroll down to Location.
  4. Tap Improve Location Accuracy.

How to add alternate contact information to your phone’s lock screen

Another helpful step is to set up a lock screen message with alternate contact info. Through our studies, we’ve found that phones with those messages were 3 times more likely to be returned to their owners if misplaced. It’s super simple to set up:

  1. First, open your device’s Settings.
  2. Tap Lock Screen.
  3. Then click on Contact Information.
  4. Enter your message. Then tap Save.

Alright, so you’ve taken all the precautions in case you lose your phone. Now, let’s talk about what to do if you can’t find your phone anywhere. Our experts created these 3 easy ways to help you track it down.

3 ways to find your lost Android

1. Track your phone’s location using Google Maps.

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Gmail account and password.
  • On the map, you’ll see your phone’s approximate location. If the device cannot be found, it’ll show you the last known location (if available).

From the map page, you have 3 options – find, lock or erase your Android device:

  1. Make it ring. Even if it’s on silent or vibrate, it’ll still make the noise.
  2. Lock your device. You can do this with your current pin or create a new one.
  3. Erase your phone. You can do this remotely to protect your personal info.

If you’re trying to locate your phone through “Find My Mobile” or “Find My Phone” and it’s not working — it’s likely because your phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi or an available network.

The important thing is to keep trying. As soon as the phone connects to a network, it’ll pop up on the map.

2. Find your phone with your smart home speaker.

If you’ve misplaced your phone and you know it’s somewhere in your house, your smart speaker might be able to help. Make sure your device and smart speaker are signed in to the same account and it’ll help find your phone in no time.

If you have a Google Home, you can say something like, “Okay Google, find my phone.” Your smart speaker will then confirm the device your asking about and make it ring. The best part? Even if your phone is on silent or vibrate, it’ll still make the noise.

3. Find your phone with a Bluetooth tracker.

Do you often forget where you placed your phone? No worries, you’re not alone. For an extra layer of backup, invest in Bluetooth trackers. There are several currently available, like the Tile. All you have to do is sync your phone to the tracker so when your phone gets temporarily misplaced behind a couch cushion, the tracker will set off an alarm on your phone to help you find it quicker.

Protect your phone

For more than 25 years, Asurion has helped 300 million customers protect, connect, and enjoy the tech they love most. And smartphones are no exception. Your life is on your device, make sure it’s protected. Learn more about Asurion phone insurance plans today.

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Learn how to locate one AirPod (or both!) by pinging them with the Find My app.

How to find your lost airpods

Misplaced your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max? We’ll cover how to find lost AirPods by making them beep. If you’ve lost one or both AirPod earbuds or AirPods Max headphones in your nearby area, this handy tip can save you considerable time searching for these inconspicuous Apple devices.

What You Need to Know to Locate Lost AirPods

To learn more about your AirPods nifty features, consider signing up for our free Tip of the Day. Before beginning, there’s a few important notes about using this feature. I recommend reading the list below to make sure your AirPods meet these requirements before attempting to ping your earbuds or headphones.

  • You can only ping your AirPods, AirPods 2, AirPods 3, or AirPods Pro if one or both AirPod earbuds are outside of the case or the case lid is open. Otherwise, the Find My app will be unable to show you their current location or ping your AirPods.
  • If you’ve lost your AirPods Max headphones outside of their Smart Case, you will be able to view their location and ping them (as long as they still have battery life). If you lost them inside of their Smart Case, you’ll be able to view their location in Find My for up to 18 hours, but you will not be able to ping them.
  • The Find My app cannot track the location of your AirPods or AirPods Pro case, only the AirPod earbuds. You are also unable to ping your AirPods case, as it lacks speakers.
  • Your AirPods will need to have some battery life left in order to ping them.
  • Your lost AirPods need to be in Bluetooth range in order to ping them. This is very helpful for finding lost AirPods in your nearby area, just be aware that you cannot ping your AirPods, AirPods Pro or AirPods Max at another location for someone else to find.

How to Ping AirPods with the Find My App

To ping your lost AirPods, you first need to make sure you have the Find My app enabled. This native Apple app is automatically installed on your iPhone and iPad, but you also have the option of logging into iCloud and using the Find My feature there. Follow the steps below to learn how to locate your AirPods by making them emit a beeping sound.

  1. Open the Find My app.

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

How to find your lost airpods

Hopefully, you were able to find your lost AirPods without too much trouble! You may also be interested in learning how to make your AirPods’ batteries last longer, which is especially useful if you use them often throughout the day.

How to Get a Replacement AirPod or Case

If you still can’t find your AirPods, you will need to get the AirPods serial number and contact Apple Support to replace your missing earbuds, headphones, or charging case. Apple also provides a helpful page so you can easily learn more about AirPods replacement pricing and service options.

Final Notes: How to Track AirPods Case

As we covered above, if you came to this article searching for how to ping your AirPods case or how to track your AirPods case, you’re out of luck as the case itself lacks speakers and cannot be tracked. However, I wanted to circle back on this, as a simple solution is to attach an AirTag to your AirPods case. This added precaution will allow you to track the case’s location apart from the earbuds or headphones, so if you lose the case (with or without your AirPods inside) you can easily track it again. Because the cost of an AirTag is less than the cost of replacing a single AirPod or AirPod Pro earbud, this simple trick can really pay off if you’re prone to misplacing these tiny devices.

AirPods are an amazing piece of technology, which is why they aren’t exactly cheap. As wireless earbuds, they have great integration with all Apple products. But what if your AirPods get lost, or worse, stolen?

How to find your lost airpods

Well, if the thief has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac they can easily reset the product and make it their own. Unfortunately, there’s no way you can block your lost or stolen AirPods as they’re not connected to Wi-Fi. If you’re lucky enough you might be able to locate them. Read on for more details.

What Should You Do If Your AirPods Are Lost or Stolen?

Since all AirPods use Bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone or other devices, they rely heavily on that device. Individually, they’re hard to locate because they don’t use a Wi-Fi connection of their own.

Don’t despair. Apple knows how bad it is when you lose your AirPods, so they’ve worked out a solution. You can either use the iCloud website to locate your AirPods on a computer or launch the “Find My iPhone” app, which is free in the App Store.

Now, these options don’t work if your AirPods get stolen, unless the person hasn’t reset them to their iCloud account and it is still running under yours. If you think that your AirPods got stolen, you better act fast! You may get lucky and still have the AirPods connected to your iCloud account. Otherwise, there is nothing you can do unless you simply lost them.

In theory, this may sound complicated, so let’s get to the application of this app.

How to find your lost airpods

How to Locate your AirPods using iCloud

If you lost your AirPodsFirst, let’s take a look at the iCloud method. Follow all these steps if you’re using the iCloud website (if you’re using the Find my iPhone app, start from step 3):

  1. Visit the website on your computer and log in to your account linked to your AirPods. How to find your lost airpods
  2. Click on “Find iPhone.” Yes, that’s correct.
  3. The “Find my iPhone” feature will initiate a search process. Click on the “All Devices” tab and choose “ AirPods .”
  4. If the search is successful, you’ll see your AirPods pinpointed on the map. They’ll appear as a green dot if online, i.e., connected to your iPad or iPhone. The gray dot means they are offline or can’t be found. We’ll get to that later.
    How to find your lost airpods
  5. Assuming your AirPods are found (green dot), click on the dot. Next, click on the “I” button on the window that pops up.
  6. Click on “Play Sound.” This will trigger a loud noise from your AirPods.
  7. You can stop playing the sound, or mute either the left or right Airpod. This is useful if you’ve only lost a single Airpod. You don’t want this sound to blast in your ear, trust us.

Look around your house or the spot where you last remember using the AirPods. This loud noise should help you locate them. In case you dropped your AirPods in different locations, and you only find one of them, put the Airpod you found back in the case because it won’t alarm, and use the same steps to locate the other one.

If the Find My iPhone App Can’t Locate Your AirPods

If your AirPods appeared as a gray dot on the Find my iPhone app, you’ve got a problem. This will only show you their last location, i.e. the location where they were last connected to your iPhone or another device.

How to find your lost airpods

There are many reasons why this can occur. You need to have the Find My iPhone app installed preemptively before you lose your AirPods. This is the best measure of precaution for losing your AirPods, so it’s best to set it up as soon as you make your purchase.

Your lost AirPods may be out of juice; if the battery is empty they can’t be found. Also, they could be out of range. The range where you can find them is in a close radius of your Apple device to which they are connected (Bluetooth range).

Finally, your AirPods might be resting in the AirPods case. You can’t connect them to your device while they’re in the case.

How to find your lost airpods

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block my stolen AirPods from being used?

Unfortunately, no, even though they’re incredibly expensive and Apple usually offers excellent device protection features. The only thing you can do is to track and locate them. If your attempts to locate them are unsuccessful, the only way to get them back is if the thief has a change of heart.

Does AppleCare cover stolen AirPods?

No. AppleCare is more of an extended warranty than insurance. This means that you’ll have support if something goes wrong with your AirPods (they quit charging, there isn’t any sound, etc.) but, you won’t get a replacement if they are lost or stolen.

If I lose one, do I have to buy a new set?

No. Fortunately if you lose one component (the charging case or one pod) you can visit your nearest Apple Store to have the missing piece replaced at a lower cost than buying a whole new set. If you’re using Gen 1 or 2 AirPods, the charging cases are actually interchangeable so if that’s the piece that’s missing, you may find another case through a friend or family member. If you do need to replace an Airpod it’s $69 or a Gen 1 or 2 pod and $89 for the pro. You can visit the Apple Website for more information on replacing lost components.

Lost and Found

We really hope this helped you to find your AirPods. Unfortunately, AirPods are much harder to find then your iPhone, because iPhones are always online (when switched on) and can, therefore, be tracked more easily. Finding your AirPods depends on the proximity of your iOS device.

In case your AirPods are stolen, you most likely won’t be able to find them. This is the harsh reality. If you lose only one Airpod, or you lose the case, you can get a replacement from Apple. You’ll need the serial number of your AirPods, to relay to Apple support.

These replacements will cost you an additional fee. If you have any ideas or comments, post them in the section below.

Losing Your AirPods or AirPods’ Case Can Be a Nightmare!

How to find your lost airpods

So, were you hitting the gym or taking a stroll in the park when you realized that your AirPods case is gone? The damage has been done and retrieval isn’t easy! Losing your AirPods case is disheartening, let alone with the AirPods in them. Every time you have trouble finding them, you bombard yourself with the questions, “How to find my AirPods case?” and “Where to find them?”

That little magic box has saved us enough time for us not to be careful about it. Well, worry no more! We will be more than happy to help you find your AirPods case if it’s missing.

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

  1. How to find my AirPods case with AirPods in them?
  2. How to find my AirPods case only?
  3. How to find my AirPods case if it’s dead?
  4. How to find my AirPods case with a serial number?
  5. How to find my AirPods case without my iPhone?
  6. How to find my AirPods case if they are not appearing on “Find My iPhone?”

How to Find My AirPods Case With AirPods in Them?

Don’t feel singled out with your AirPods gone (for a while). Losing AirPods is so common that you can easily spot a few pairs of them in the New York subways. But before freaking out, try out these steps to find your AirPods and of course the case!

  • Open the “Find my iPhone” app on your phone.
  • Here, you will find a list of all your paired devices. Select your AirPods from this list.
  • Check if it’s showing a green light beside your AirPods.
  • If yes, then tap on the “Play” icon and play music. Increase the volume so it’s audible to you.
  • You can now easily trace your AirPods. If not, then tap on the “Car” icon and follow the directions that will lead you to them.

How to Find My AirPods Case Only?

You might need a bit of luck here. Tracing your AirPods case is quite similar to the last one. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play any sound this time but we have a trick up our sleeve.

Follow these steps to find your lost AirPods case:

  • Open the “Find my iPhone” app on your phone.
  • Here, you will find a list of all your paired devices. Select your AirPods from this list.
  • Check if it’s showing a green light beside your AirPods.
  • If yes, that means that the case is nearby.
  • If it’s showing a grey light beside it, then, unfortunately, it’s out of range. The above steps also apply if your AirPods case is dead. So, it’s lost forever.

The bright side is you can easily opt for a new case. While looking for one, you can try out a boujee case this time. You can check out the AirPods case Louis Vuitton has to offer.

How to Find My AirPods Case With Serial Number?

We have a piece of bad news for you. It is not possible to find your AirPods case with a serial number.

The only thing possible to do with your serial number is getting a replacement using it. You can contact the Apple store with your serial number and they will arrange your replacement for a fee.

How to Find My AirPods Case Without My iPhone?

It’s nerve-wracking if both your iPhone and AirPods are out of your sight. In situations as such, you can rely on your computer. Just follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Go to Go to Find My iPhone on
  • Insert your Apple Id and sign in to your account (choose the one connected with your AirPods, if you have multiple ids)
  • Enter your Apple password.
  • Click on “All devices”, then click on your AirPods.
  • Under each device, you can find the last location of the device, it will display “Offline.”

How to Find My AirPods Case if it Is Not Appearing on “Find My iPhone?”

We hate to break it down to you but it’s bad your AirPods have disappeared from the “Find My iPhone” app. This implies that your AirPods case is out of range. So, connecting via Bluetooth is not possible.

The app will still provide you the location where your AirPods were last connected. But again, they won’t show you the exact location and will only give you an idea of the area where you lost them.

Final Thoughts

Losing your AirPods or the AirPods case is a nightmare. You ought to be careful in the first place to keep them away from losing. Often, kids tend to lose AirPods easily. “Is it safe for them to use AirPods at all?” is a different question.

We thank Apple because of its “Find My iPhone” feature but it’s hard to overlook the limitations. Once your AirPods or the AirPods case goes out of range, it becomes nearly impossible to get them back. It is really annoying if you happen to misplace your AirPods case as the replacement should be done immediately for your AirPods to be functional.

We also cannot look past the replacement fee Apple would charge you for it. Being a pioneering company, Apple should come up with a feature that will help you find your AirPods case without the AirPods in it.

In this article, we have listed down ways to find your AirPods case in case they have gone missing. Share your stories with us if this has ever happened to you and let us know in the comments below what next do you want to hear from us.

Did you know you can locate your Chromebook from your Google account? Any time you log into your Google account from any device, Google logs that login, the device you logged in from, and the device location. This means that as long as the device is still connected to the internet, you can see its current location.

Find My Chromebook Using Google Account

To locate your Chromebook with your Google account, you’ll need to start by signing into your Google Account page from any other device.

On your Google Account page, select Security from the left navigation menu.

How to find your lost airpods

Scroll down to the Your devices section to see all of the devices you've recently used to log into your Google account.

How to find your lost airpods

Select Manage devices under that list.

How to find your lost airpods

Scroll down to the Chromebook you want to locate and select it.

How to find your lost airpods

On the Chromebook device page, you’ll see several different sections that will provide you with information about the current status of your Chromebook. If Google is able to pinpoint the city and state where the Chromebook is located, using the IP address, you’ll see that listed under the Recent Activity section.

How to find your lost airpods

If you know you can't recover your Chromebook (it's permanently lost), and you want to protect your Google account, select Sign out. This will automatically disconnect that Chromebook from your Google account. After this, any person with access to the Chromebook won't be able to log in using your Google account without the password.

How to find your lost airpods

How to Remotely Connect to Your Lost or Stolen Chromebook

As you can see, this Find My Chromebook feature isn’t as extensive as the Find My Android service. The biggest thing missing is that you can’t remotely access your Chromebook.

However there is a workaround. By using Google’s new service at, you can establish a remote connection between your PC and your Chromebook. So long as this connection is active (even when you’re on your Chromebook away from home), you’ll be able to connect to it from your Windows PC.

This remote access session will stay active until you no longer confirm the session on your Chromebook. You'll need to initiate the session any time you're going mobile with your Chromebook, so it's not a perfect replacement for the Find My Android service. However, it at least lets you establish a remote connection before you take your Chromebook somewhere where the threat of losing it is high.

On your Chromebook, visit Google Chrome help. Select Remote Support.

How to find your lost airpods

You’ll see a pop-up window requesting that you install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to the Chrome browser on your Chromebook. Select Add extension. Once done, you’ll see a one-time access code show up in the Remote Desktop window. Save this code for the next step.

How to find your lost airpods

On your Windows machine, visit and select Give Support. Type the one-time code you recorded above, then select Connect.

How to find your lost airpods

You'll see a pop-up confirmation on your Chromebook asking you to confirm the remote access. Select Share to continue.

How to find your lost airpods

Now, from your Windows PC, you can view the entire Chromebook screen remotely. You can interact with it using your mouse and keyboard just as you would if you were sitting at the Chromebook itself.

Apple’s new Find My feature lets you track some iPhones even after they’re turned off.

With the iOS 15 update , Apple is improving the Find My feature even further. This feature normally lets you find, locate, and erase lost Apple devices—but now, certain iPhones that are running iOS 15 will be trackable even after the iPhone is switched off (which is the first thing that a thief does). How does it work? And is it no longer possible to completely turn off the iPhone?

How does offline iPhone tracking work?

Apple will now use its low-power U1 chip to continue tracking the location of an iPhone even after it’s switched off. This feature is enabled by default once you install iOS 15 on a compatible iPhone ( iPhone 11 and newer , including the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro).

When the iPhone is turned off, Apple continues to run its Low Energy Bluetooth chip via a custom secure applet. The rest of the device is completely switched off (including the always-on processor that’s used for background tasks like “Hey Siri” requests).

The other part of the equation has to do with Apple’s Ultra Wide Band U1 chip. Just like with the AirTags , your iPhone will keep on sending cryptographically secure beacons out to other Apple devices. And when someone passes near your switched-off iPhone, it will pick up those beacons, and will relay that information securely using the Find My network.

How to find your lost airpods

Source: Apple

Apple’s AirPods are the best wire-free earbuds on the market, but their small size and sophisticated electronics make them prone to loss or damage. If you’re having difficulty with your AirPods Pro turning on or playing correctly, here are the best ways to repair or replace your beloved buds.

How to repair your AirPods Pro

Before you call AppleCare, there are a few steps you can take to try to troubleshoot a malfunctioning set of AirPods Pro.

Troubleshoot your AirPods Pro

Seeing weird lights from your charging case, malfunctioning battery information, or your AirPods Pro won’t turn on? Here are some basic issues you may run into and how to troubleshoot them.

Clean your AirPods Pro

It’s a fact of life: Dirt, dust, lint, grime, ear wax, and more are continually finding their way onto — or into — your AirPods Pro. You may lose sound quality, or your buds may stop charging if your earbuds get too grimy; to fix these issues, you can clean your AirPods in a few easy steps.

Note: You can’t operate on your AirPods Pro

Much as we’d like to give you a guide on how to electronically repair a malfunctioning earbud for your AirPods Pro, the size and complexity of Apple’s wireless headphones make that impossible.

Luckily, there is another way.

How to replace your AirPods Pro

Whether you’ve destroyed or lost your AirPods, you don’t have to buy a whole new set to make them shiny and new again.

If you’ve lost your AirPods Pro

There’s no getting around it: the AirPods are small. It’s what happens when you chop the cord off a set of in-ear buds; they don’t have much mass, and if you don’t remember to store them in their pillbox case, you may find yourself frantically searching for an earbud or two.

Thankfully, if you’ve accidentally misplaced one of your AirPods Pro, iOS, and Apple’s Find My app will let you hunt it down as long as you’re within Bluetooth range.

If you need to replace your AirPods Pro

You have three options for replacing lost or broken AirPods Pro: under warranty, out of warranty, or total loss.

For any of these options, you’ll need any of the following three items:

  • Your AirPods Pro
  • Your AirPods Pro Serial Number (found either on the underside of the AirPods lid casing or by connecting them to your iPhone and going to Settings > General > About > AirPods)
  • Original proof of purchase

If one of your AirPods Pro earbuds (or the case itself) breaks due to manufacturing defect within the first year of owning it, you should be able to get Apple to replace the affected piece(s) for free.

How to find your lost airpods

Source: Apple

If it’s just the battery that’s affected, you can replace a single bud (or the case) for $29 each.

If one of your earbuds (or the case) breaks while out of warranty, or they incur accidental damage (i.e., being dropped in a pool) while in warranty, you can get the affected item replaced for $89 (or the full retail value, if you’ve broken both earbuds and the charging case).

If you’ve lost an earbud or the case, you can also pay a loss fee to get an item replaced for $89 (or the full retail value, if you’ve lost the whole set).

    Open a support ticket for your AirPods Pro on Apple’s website.

Choose the Bring in for Repair option to find a local Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider to replace the affected AirPod. You can alternatively choose to Talk to Apple Support Now, and mail in your malfunctioning pieces for analysis and replacement.

Note: If you choose to mail in your broken AirPods, Apple will place a temporary authorization for the full amount of a replacement set of AirPods until the company verifies that the repair is under warranty or you’re just replacing one specific piece.

About AirPods Pro AppleCare+

For added peace of mind, you can purchase AppleCare+ for your new AirPods Pro with 60 days of your purchase. With AppleCare+, your hardware repair coverage is extended to two years vs. one year without the coverage. With this, you receive priority support and up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $29.

Questions about repairing or replacing your AirPods Pro?

Let us know in the comments.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

How to find your lost airpods

Apple Watch year in review: what we saw in 2021 for Apple’s wearable

Reflecting on the good and the bad, let’s look back at what a year the Apple Watch had in 2021.

How to find your lost airpods

If you weren’t impressed by Mac in 2021, you weren’t watching.

2021 will be remembered as a significant year for Mac thanks to the introduction of colorful iMacs and REAL MacBook Pros. Here’s a look back at Mac’s year.

How to find your lost airpods

Apple is giving away free 2-hour delivery on some Apple Store products

Apple is offering shoppers the chance to get last-minute Christmas gifts in double-quick time via a free-two-hour delivery offer.

How to find your lost airpods

Not quite AirPods Pro, but almost! The best alternatives available.

Love the style and sound of AirPods Pro, but not the price? Here are plenty of lower-priced alternatives that will provide many of the same benefits.

The Find My app makes it easy to keep track of your Apple devices. Locate items you’ve attached AirTag to. And keep up with friends and family. It works on iPhone, iPad and Mac — even if your missing devices are offline. And your privacy is protected every step of the way.

Find your Apple devices.

You take your devices everywhere. Which means you might leave them anywhere. Whether they’re under a sofa cushion or in a conference room, chances are they won’t be lost for long. You can get help finding your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, Mac, AirPods or AirTag — all in the Find My app.

See all your
devices on a map.

Is your iPad at home or back at the office? Use the map to get a full picture of where your devices are — and where a missing one might be. Some devices can also mark their location when the battery is critically low, to help you find them even if they run out of power.

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirPods
  • AirTag

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirPods
  • AirTag

Play a sound to
find your device.

When you can’t find something but think it’s nearby or around others who might hear it, you can play a sound to pinpoint its location. Your AirPods play a specifically designed sound that can project across a room — and even further.

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirPods
  • AirTag

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirPods
  • AirTag

Display a message for someone who finds it.

If your device or AirTag goes missing, you can put it in Lost Mode. That starts tracking its location, sends you a notification when it turns up, and sets your passcode to protect your data. You can also let people know how to reach you. They can simply view your message on your device’s Lock Screen, or tap your AirTag with their smartphone to get your contact number. 1

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirTag

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac
  • AirTag

Erase it with ease.

Worried that your device has fallen into the wrong hands? You may want to erase it remotely to delete your personal data and reset your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or Apple Watch. If you retrieve it, you can restore your data from your iCloud backup.

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac

Lock it down. Automatically.

Activation Lock is designed to prevent anyone else from using or selling your device. 1 When you enable Find My on your device, Activation Lock is turned on automatically. Your Apple ID and password will then be required in order to erase or reactivate your device.

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac

Compatible with

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Mac

You can even find devices that are offline.

If your missing device can’t connect to the internet, the Find My app can still help you track it down using the Find My network — hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices around the world. Nearby devices securely send the location of your missing device to iCloud, then you can see where it is in the Find My app. It’s all anonymous and encrypted to protect everyone’s privacy.

AirTag can help you find just about anything.

Misplaced your keys? Forgot your purse? If they have AirTag attached, they won’t be lost for long. The Find My network can help you track down items on a map. You can play a sound on your AirTag to find something hiding nearby — you can even get the distance and direction to your AirTag with Precision Finding. 2

Find your friends.

Invite friends and family members to share their locations. So you can keep in touch with one another, coordinate around an event, or know when a family member has arrived home safely.

See where everyone is on a map.

When you share your location with friends, it’s easier for you to find each other and stay connected. Share your location for an hour, a day or indefinitely — it’s up to you.

Know when they leave. Know when they arrive.

If you like, you can get notifications when your child arrives at school or a family member leaves work. They’re easy to set up, and each person gets the choice to opt in. So everyone’s privacy is respected.

What else can Find My find?

Find My technology can now be built into all kinds of things — like bikes, headphones and more. So anything that works with Find My can be added right next to all your Apple stuff in the Find My app.

Everyone’s location data stays private.

Just like every Apple product, Find My is designed to put you in control of your data. Location information is only sent to Apple when you actively locate your device, mark it as lost or enable Send Last Location. Data is encrypted on Apple’s servers and kept for no more than 24 hours. And when the Find My network is used, everyone’s information is kept private — even from Apple.

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There may be a recovery method available for your phone or tablet that lets you see it on a map, make it ring, lock it or erase it. Select your device’s operating system to learn how to use these features:


You can use the Find My Device service to find your Android devices. Select an option below to view the instructions on Google’s website:


The Find My app can help locate lost Apple devices.

Learn how to set up Find my iPhone from Apple’s website so you can:

Basic Phone

If your basic phone is already lost, there isn’t a way to track it. We recommend you suspend your service to prevent unauthorized use until you find the phone or activate a different one. You can also go to the My Usage page in My Verizon to see if the phone has been used since it was lost.

If you’re unable to find your phone using the instructions above, refer to our How to replace a lost, stolen or broken phone, tablet or other device page for next steps.

Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple, Inc.

How to find your lost airpods

It’s no fun to misplace your phone, but Apple has provided a way to track it down and recover it. However, with iOS 13 (& macOS Catalina) their tracking system has gotten a rebrand. “Find my iPhone”, “Find my Mac”, “Find my iPad”, and “Find My Friends” are all now the same app called “Find My”. It can be scary to lose your device, so we’ll to cut the chase. This is how to track down your lost iPhone using iOS 13 or macOS Catalina:

How to Locate a Device with Find My in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina

How to find your lost airpods

9to5Mac used Find My to locate their MacBook Air. In their above screenshot, they show how to access all of your connected devices using FindMy. Next, they used their iPhone to locate their laptop while it was offline. Even though it was turned off, the Find My app was still able to locate it. Here’s how to use your own devices to track down another:

  1. 1.First, open up the “Find My” app on an Apple device.
  2. 2.Then, tap the “Devices” tab at the bottom
  3. 3.Look for your device on the list then on the map.
  4. 4.Tap it and depending on the situation, you can ping it, mark it as lost, and/or erase the device.

Congrats on tracking down your lost device! Finding your lost or stolen iPhone while offline is no small feat. It’s a confluence of technology and ubiquity of the iPhone (among other Apple devices) that lets Apple pull this off. Moreover, they were able to do so while anonymizing all if the data their devices transmit, such as location. Offline support for Find My is a great way to find a lost device but it also makes for a better theft deterrent.

Is Using Find My Safe?

How to find your lost airpods

We know even if your iPhone is turned off, the Find My app will still be able to locate it. That certainly is a great feature if it gets lost. But, it also raises a concerning question: can Apple stil track you even when your phone is off? Yes, they can. There is one caveat to this whole ordeal though, in order to find your lost iPhone, you’ll need another connected Apple device to locate your lost phone. The second Apple device is the one that has the key to decrypt the location of your offline device.

This data is kept encrypted and needs a key from another one of your devices in order to begin the location process. Apple describes its offline location support by stating, “Locate a missing device even if it’s not connected to Wi‑Fi or cellular using crowd‑sourced location. When you mark your device as missing and another Apple user’s device is nearby, it can detect your device’s Bluetooth signal and report its location to you. It’s completely anonymous and encrypted end‑to‑end, so everyone’s privacy is protected.”

So, they can track your phone when it’s off, but that’s good news! You’ll be able to locate your phone even if it’s dead or has been turned off. Also, you don’t have to take their statement at face value, they built it into the privacy framework of Find My.

How Find My Works

How to find your lost airpods

Every Apple device emits a perpetually changing encryption key to all nearby Apple devices via Bluetooth signals. They unlock the encrypted location of each device. Once they are picked up, the signals act as a beacon. All the devices send and receive these Bluetooth keys constantly. When your iOS device sends out a signal, the nearby devices upload the location of your device, still fully encrypted. This allows you to use Find My to track it when your device is online. However, offline tracking works a bit differently. When it’s turned off, the Apple device will relay its’ location to the cloud.

A report from Wired earlier this year explained how Find My will work in practice. They said, “When you want to find your stolen laptop, you turn to your second Apple device—let’s say an iPad—which contains both the same private key as the laptop and has generated the same series of rotating public keys. When you tap a button to find your laptop, the iPad uploads the same hash of the public key to Apple as an identifier, so that Apple can search through its millions upon millions of stored encrypted locations, and find the matching hash.”

Does Find My Work?

How to find your lost airpods

Have you had any heroic rescues or success stories using Find My? Let us know in the comments!

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