How to grow prize-winning green beans

There are lots of varieties of peas available to the backyard vegetable gardener. They vary in sweetness and size. Additionally, some pea varieties mature much earlier than others. Some seed companies today even sell several pea varieties in one seed packet. This can be a great way to try out several varieties without spending a ton of money or taking up too much space in your garden.

We’ve tried several different varieties of peas and have our favorites. We encourage you to try several different kinds and found out which variety of pea is your favorite. Here is a list of some common varieties of peas, along with plant and pod descriptions, etc.

Please keep in mind that the number of “days until ready to be picked” is usually counted after the seeds have germinated. Pea seeds take around a week to germinate in warm soil and can take up to a month in cool soil.

Garden Peas – These are traditional varieties of peas, the pod is inedible, the peas must be removed from the pod before eating

How to grow prize-winning green beans

  • Spring – this variety is ready in 60 days, moderately sweet flavor, very prolific producer with lots of pods per plant, pods average 6-7 plump green peas each, vines reach 2 feet tall
  • Survivor – this variety of pea is almost a leafless plant, very stringy vines cling closely together, plant reaches 2 feet tall, each pod averages 8 peas, ready in 70 days, moderately sweet
  • Thomas Laxton – this variety is ready in 60 days, pods average 8-9 large dark green peas that are very plump, pods average 4 inches long, vines reach to 3 feet tall, moderately sweet
  • Wando – this variety is very popluar, tolerates warm weather and cold weather nicely, ready in 70 days, dark green pods average 7-8 medium-sized peas each, good for freezing or drying, moderately sweet, plants reach 2 1/2 feet tall, good choice for fall pea crop
  • Garden Sweet – this variety of pea is extra sweet, ready in 75 days, pods average 3 1/2″ long, each pod contains 9 -10 medium-sized peas, one of the best tasting garden pea varieties
  • Mr. Big – this prize-winning variety is ready in 60 days, large dark green pods, each pod averages 9-10 extra-large peas, plants reach 4 feet tall, moderately sweet

How to grow prize-winning green beans

Snow Peas – Otherwise known as sugar peas, these varieties of peas feature flat pods that are sweet and edible, the peas are very tiny, can be eaten raw or cooked, traditional in stir-fry

How to grow prize-winning green beans

  • Snowbird – this variety is ready in 60 days, short plants only reach 18″ tall, pods average 3″ long, prolific producer, pods set on plant in groups of 2-3, moderately sweet
  • Gray Sugar – this variety is ready in 65 days, traditional snow pea, tender pods average 3″ long, plants reach 18″ tall, moderately sweet
  • Sugar Daddy – this variety of peas features vines that reach 2 feet tall, ready in 75 days, good disease resistance, pods average 3″ long, sweet and tender
  • Oregon Sugar Pods – this variety is ready in 70 days, prolific producer, plants reach 2 1/2 feet tall, pods average 4 1/2″ long, disease resistant, very sweet and tender
  • Mammoth Melting Sugar – this heirloom variety features very tall vines that reach 4-5 feet tall, ready in 70 days, huge pods average 5 1/2″ long, pods are thick, holds up very well to longer cooking methods, sweet flavor
  • Oregon Sugar Pod #2 – this variety is ready in 70 days, pods average 4″ long, plants reach 2 1/2 feet tall, prolific producer, good disease resistance, usually 2 pods per group, very sweet and tender
  • Avalanche – this snow pea variety produces huge dark green pods reaching 6″ long, sweet and tender, ready in 60 days, disease resistant, prolific producer, plants reach 3 feet tall

Snap Peas – These varieties of peas have an edible pod and tend to be very sweet, can be eaten raw or cooked, pods are generally plump and rounded

How to grow prize-winning green beans

  • Sugar Bon – this pea variety is ready in 55 days, very sweet pods average 3″ long, plants reach 2 feet tall, disease resistant
  • Sugar Snap – this prize-winning variety features 3″ long pods, very sweet, classic snap pea variety, vines reach 6 feet tall, prolific producer
  • Super Snappy – this variety of peas is available only from the Burpee Seed Company, very large pods are ready in 65 days, extra sweet and crisp, each pod averages 9 peas, vines reach 3 feet tall, some disease resistance
  • Super Sugar Snap VP – this pea variety is ready in 65 days, sweeter than the original sugar snap variety, prolific producer, very disease resistant, plants reach 5-6 feet tall, averages 3″ long pods
  • Sugar Ann – this variety of peas is ready in 55 days, very sweet and crisp, plants reach 2 feet tall, disease resistant, pods average 7 peas each

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about different varieties of peas. They really taste great if you grow them yourself. Click on the following links to learn more about growing your own peas.

  • How to grow prize-winning green beans

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Product Description

Grow Heirloom Pumpkins – Plant Big Max Pumpkin Seeds

The name says it all – these are the monster pumpkins that will amaze your family, friends, and neighbors! Giant, round and beautiful, Big Max vegetable seeds have set the standard for the stealth pumpkin. Excellent for carving, baking, and just plain showin’ off.

Fast Facts

Name: Pumpkin Seeds – Big Max
Botanical Name: Cucurbita maxima
Life Cycle: Annual
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Planting Season: Warm Season
Plant Type: Running Vine
Features: Heirloom
Fruit Size: 100+ lbs
Days to Maturity: 90-120 Days
Plant Spacing: 36 inches
Planting Depth: 1 inch
Sowing Method: Start Indoors, Direct Sow
Cold Stratification: No
Seeds per Packet: 4 g
Hardiness Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Ships: Year Round

Planting Instructions

How to Grow Big Max Pumpkins

When to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

Plant your pumpkin seeds outside after all chance of frost has passed and the soil temperature is 65 F. Most pumpkin varieties take between 85-125 days to mature. If you would like to have pumpkins on October 1st, count backwards to decide when to plant.

Where to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins love the sunniest place you can find. A neutral pH balance soil is best. If you get a lot of rain, make sure that your plants stay protected from heavy wind and rain.

How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds

Even though pumpkins need a lot of room to grow, we always plant more pumpkin seeds than we think we may need to increase the chance of each vine setting fruit. Plan on needing a minimum of 20 square feet for each plant – this can be found on the edge of the garden where the vines can trail down, or in an unconventional spot in your yard that has ample space.

The warmer the soil, the faster the seeds will germinate, so mound the soil to help the sun heat it faster. Plant 3-5 pumpkin seeds about 1 inch deep in each mound. Once they germinate, thin to 2 of the healthiest sprouts.

Pumpkins are 80-90% water, so they need a lot of it to grow. The secret is to only water pumpkins when they need it. If the plant looks healthy, there is no need to water daily. When the soil is dry and the plant looks limp, give it a long deep drink. Deep but infrequent watering results in a healthier plant.

How to Harvest Pumpkins

As your Pumpkins start to grow, separate the fruit from the ground with a piece of cardboard to prevent possible rot. Keep your pumpkin in the sun and remove any leaves that are shading the fruit. Before the frost, cut the stem with a sharp knife. Wear gloves as the vines will be prickly. Keep in the sun for 2 weeks to harden the skin and protect it from colder nights by bringing it inside or covering it with a blanket. After the 2 weeks, you can store them in a cool place for up to 2-3 months.

How to grow prize-winning green beans

The unique flavors and aromas from coffee are enhanced through various roasting, grinding and blending techniques, which are combined to create the perfect cup of coffee.

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Which coffee gift sets are best?

For many of us, our morning ritual starts with a hot cup of coffee. In fact, 64% of Americans drink coffee every day. And while coffee shops are immensely popular, making your own coffee at home saves a significant amount of money and allows you to experiment with brewing techniques, roast levels and bean types to create a perfect aroma and taste.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a friend that enjoys their daily brew, the Bean Box – World Coffee Tour includes 16 award-winning coffees from around the world. Each package comes with detailed tasting notes and brewing tips and contains enough coffee for three to six cups.

Need more gift recommendations for the coffee lover in your life? Check out these gift guides:

What to know before you buy a coffee gift set


Surprisingly, there are only four types of coffee beans in the world: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. Liberica and Excelsa are very rare and may have sweet, fruity or spicy flavors that differ from traditional expectations. Arabica is characterized by its smooth, complex flavor and lack of bitterness. It is generally considered to be of higher quality than Robusta as it is more difficult to grow. Robusta plants are much more hardy and produce a larger bean with more caffeine and a strong, somewhat bitter flavor.


After drying, coffee beans need to be roasted. This brings out the flavors and determines the intensity of the coffee. A light roast produces the most diversity in flavor and gives coffee a vibrant aroma. Medium and dark roast beans produce a richer, more balanced flavor with deeper colors and a heavier body.


Most high-end coffee producers and baristas choose to mix one or more types of coffee beans. This allows flavors and intensities to be blended together, creating a wide range of coffees to suit individual pallets.

What to look for in a quality coffee gift set

Ground or unground

Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor and aroma within 30 minutes of grinding. If the intended recipient has a coffee grinder, then it is always best to buy whole beans. If you must buy pre-ground coffee, make sure it comes in air-tight packaging to ensure it tastes as fresh as possible.


A key consideration is the coarseness of the grind. Espresso machines can produce many different drinks that use finely-ground coffee, such as cappuccino, latte or mocha. Percolator, French-press or drip coffee requires a much coarser grind, so it is important to know how the coffee will be made before buying it as a gift.

Buying tips

Once you have decided on the best coffee to buy, there are a few more things to think about. First of all, don’t buy too much, as ground coffee tends to lose its flavor after a week. If the coffee has recently been roasted, it needs to rest for a few days before consumption to allow the flavors to balance. Finally, once opened, transfer the coffee to an airtight container and store it in a cool, dark place.

How much you can expect to spend on a coffee gift set

Depending on the source of the coffee and the amount supplied, gift sets can vary from under $20 to well over $100. For a set with 4-8 different types of coffee, expect to pay around $35.

Coffee gift set FAQ

Does the roasting change the amount of caffeine in a coffee bean?

A. A common myth is that the darker the roast, the more caffeine the coffee contains. But in truth, the amount of coffee used, the grind size and the method of making the coffee are what affect the amount of caffeine extracted.

Is drinking coffee bad for your health?

A. Actually, quite the opposite. Coffee can increase short-term energy levels, reduce the risk of diabetes and help to prevent liver, kidney and pancreatic cancer. However, drinking too much coffee can be detrimental, leading to restlessness, increased heart rate and insomnia.

What’s the best coffee gift set to buy?

Top coffee gift set

How to grow prize-winning green beans

What you need to know: This eclectic gift set includes 16 individual packets of coffee with different levels of roast and intensity.

What you’ll love: Each packet comes with detailed tasting notes and brewing tips. The set is available with either whole beans or pre-ground coffee.

What you should consider: The set is packaged in a simple cardboard box, which may need upgrading for use as a gift.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top coffee gift set for the money

How to grow prize-winning green beans

What you need to know: This budget-friendly coffee set contains 12 foil-packed coffees in an elegant display box.

What you’ll love: Each packet contains enough coffee for eight to 10 cups. It includes selected blends from the most famous growing regions with detailed information for each one.

What you should consider: This set is only available with ground coffee.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

How to grow prize-winning green beans

What you need to know: This unique coffee set is produced by a small batch roasting company and is infused with whiskey and rum flavors.

What you’ll love: Each type of coffee has been selected for its characteristics, which blend well with different spirits. The set comes in an eye-catching display box.

What you should consider: This compact set only includes four different coffees.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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Searching the Los Angeles Times website (1985 to the present)

Los Angeles Times subscribers have full access to articles on the Los Angeles Times website. This includes most articles published since 1985, as well as a smaller number of older articles. Search the site directly or through search engines. You can also browse by year and month on our historical sitemap.

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No. The text of news articles will match in both formats, but other content can be different. For example, the digital website format does not include many print features, including weather pages, sports tables, stock prices and advertising, including paid obituaries.

Articles on the website that were published between 1985 and 2000 often do not include photos, maps or other content that appeared alongside them in print. After 2000, this content began to appear more often in digital versions and increasing numbers of articles, extra photos and other content were published only online.

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If you have the print headline and want to find the article on the website, it’s best to search for a key part of the headline because the headlines may be different.

It is normal to see multiple news articles on one subject, since events unfold over time. Also, regional editions of the newspaper sometimes printed different versions of an article. In the early years of the internet it was common to publish an article on the website during the day, then separately publish an updated version the next morning on the website and in print. Searchers online may also find additional coverage in the form of digital photo galleries, blog posts, newsletters and other formats.

Yes. Vendors such as Lexis-Nexis and Dow Jones/Factiva license archive content to display in their databases. Syndicated versions of Times articles sometimes appear on other websites.

You can arrange for paid research or request permission to display Times content on our Rights and Permissions page. Also, you can buy back issues within the last six months through our Times store.

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Your browser does not support the video tag.

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