How to have a successful garage sale

How to have a successful garage sale

It’s that time of year when people want to do a little home clearance and get rid of things that don’t matter to them anymore. Garage or yard sales help accomplish this and helps in making some extra cash with their unwanted items.

I have two garage sales I’m helping to organize and help at for clients this month and I’m truly looking forward to it. Why? It could be it’s because I love going to garage sales and I get first dibs on buying their unwanted stuff!

Seriously though, I do love this kind of work and have gotten pretty good at pricing items to sell at garage sales too. I’ve been to these kind of sales where people don’t know how to price their things and think that their old sofa will sell for $400 or something when, in fact, no one going to a garage sale is going to pay that sticker price when they can get a new sofa at that price.

People want a bargain and that’s why they go to garage sales, so pricing stuff accordingly is important. However, you can place a higher value on something, but just be prepared to be bargained down from that asking price.

Organizing a garage sale often entails a lot of prep work, especially going through your stuff and sorting out what you want to sell.

  • Sort through stuff. Go through the house, room by room, and set aside items you no longer want or value. Make sure to go through any cabinets or closet areas in each room to pull out things to sell.
  • Categorize stuff. Collect up those items and sort into boxes or bins by “like items” – home decor, art, kitchen wares, small appliances, books, electronics, clothing, accessories, etc.
  • Price stuff. Everything should have a price tag on it. Make your own price labels or purchase price stickers.
  • Pre-sale items. If you’re planning to list any items for pre-sale on CraigsList, make a list of those items (with details of brand/ model, measurements, etc.) and price it. If it’s furniture items, be sure to measure them. Also, take photos of the items you are selling on CraigsList.
  • Post a notice. Post a garage sale notice on CraigsList a week before the sale. List any special items (with photos) you are selling.
  • Get display materials. Try to get some folding display tables to use for your sale items. Shelves also work nicely, too. And for clothing, use a clothing rod of some kind to hang clothes on because clothing sells better when they are hung.
  • Enlist helpers for sale day. Make arrangements with family and/or friends (and your professional organizer!) to help out on the day of the sale. This is NOT something you want to do alone! Depending on how large the sale is, I suggest a minimum of 3 people.
  • Get signs. Get or make garage sale signs – plenty of them. You’ll need to post these signs around your neighborhood to draw people to your sale. Post these the day before (or morning of) the sale. And be sure to have pins and clear packing tape with you!
  • Get cash and coins. You are now a retailer and will need some starting cash to give change when someone makes a purchase. You can go to bank and get a roll of quarters, some one, five and ten dollar bills.
  • Have a cash box. Be sure to also have something to keep money in – any kind of cash box of some sort will do. If you don’t have that, you can use an envelope. Keep this in a spot where someone is always on duty at the cash station. I also think it’s also a good idea to wear a waist pocket-purse to collect money when you’re away from the cash box mingling with customers.
  • Have a calculator. You’ll need to add up purchase items and it’s just easier to have a calculator on hand. Smartphones have calculator apps on them and can also be used instead.
  • Have bags on hand. This is optional but I find that it is nice and convenient if you have bags for customers who purchase multiple items and need to bag it.
  • Get a pocket apron. This is also optional although it does help if you don’t have a waist-purse, and it also signifies that you are a seller to crowds of people looking around. I find these at the dollar stores in either crafts, gardening or tool areas.

On the morning of the sale I bring the sale items out of the garage to display. Creating a welcoming display of things draws a crowd, especially people driving by, so make it look as nice as possible. You don’t want create clutter on your driveway or front lawn areas!

You’ll also need a cashier station of some sort where someone can sit and handle purchases and be the cash box security person. This should be sitting away from the sale area, but not far of course. And having chairs for helpers to sit on when things quiet down is a must!

Now you’re ready for the crowds of people to buy your unwanted stuff! Have fun!

How to have a successful garage sale

Having a garage sale is one of those things that you never think about having to do until it really needs to be done. You might love doing some bargain hunting when your neighbors have their own garage sales or when the local flea market opens up, but hosting your own garage sale is a totally different ball game. There’s a lot of prepping that needs to be done before and after it happens, so don’t just start calling the neighbors over.

There are many things you need to think about before the day of your garage sale so the whole operation runs smoothly. Read on for some of the best tips you can use to make your garage sale the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Take Inventory Before the Big Day

In order to know how well your garage sale is going, you need to know what’s been sold. It’ll be difficult to truly gauge the success of your sale if you don’t know what you had before you started. Once you’ve cleaned up the whole house and know that you won’t be getting rid of anything else, make a list of what you have. You can organize it by room, by use or any other way that works for you. Just make that list and then it’s time to crunch numbers.

Research Average Prices

The embroidered kitchen hand towel might have a lot of sentimental value to you, but that doesn’t mean that it’s worth a bunch of money. Don’t start pricing your stuff without consulting a garage sale pricing guide first, or you may not sell much at all. People will get a sense if you’re overcharging for things and then they’ll leave, so save yourself by pricing things fairly. They may have a lower sticker price than you’d like, but they’ll help you sell more over the course of your garage sale.

Make Sure Everything is Cleaned Off

The next step to ensuring a successful garage sale is to make your belongings look attractive. Your old flat screen TV will pick up buyers no matter what, but dusty lamps and stained bedding will not. That’s why you need to go through each item in your garage sale pile and clean it all off. You might need to research things like how to remove fabric stains or what to use to remove rust. Whatever it is, it’ll be worth it when you’re selling faster than you imagined.

Come Up With an Organization Plan

Have you put much thought towards how you’re going to set everything up on the morning of your sale? If you don’t come up with an organization plan ahead of time, you’ll waste precious time during your garage sale trying to find a space to put everything. People that drive by and see how unorganized the whole event is will be less inclined to stop by.

Know Where Your Money Goes

Think about where you’re going to put the cash you get in return for selling your stuff. Do you have a portable lock box you can use? Maybe you’re more of a fanny pack kind of person and you’d rather keep the change on you at all times. Figure out which makes more sense to you and be prepared to follow through with it so your money is safe.

List Where Your Signs Are

If you’re wanting to advertise the old fashioned way by making signs and putting them up around town, don’t forget to write down each location that you visit. The day after your garage sale (or the next weekend if you’re too busy), you’ll want a list so you’ll know where to visit to take down the old signs.

Make a Traffic Pattern

If the best case scenario happens, lots of people are going to show up to look at what you’re selling. Don’t make them all crowd between a few piles of stuff! Plan out your tables and displays in a functional traffic pattern. Think of making everything in a circle or around the edges of your yard. Just try not to create any points where people might get caught up and clog progress of the garage sale.

Advertise Online

You might be of the mindset that advertising online might bring more awareness to your garage sale so you’re wanting to do it that way instead of putting up signs. Before you post about it on your Facebook and call it a night, check out some great places to use to advertise online. Your message will reach more people if you put in a little extra effort in the right places.

Have Bags Ready for Guests

Think of what you’re trying to sell and how your visitors will be able to take the things home that they like. If you have a lot of little things like silverware, toys or beauty accessories, try to provide bags guests can use after they make a purchase. Grab some extra plastic bags while you’re at the grocery store or use the ones in the back of your pantry for a free and easy solution.

Know What to Do the Day After

Even when your garage sale is done, you need to know what you’re going to do the next day. It’s not over yet! Consider things like collecting signs around town, putting away set-up equipment like tables and dropping by the bank to deposit your money. Tying up the loose ends is a big part about making your garage sale a success.

Finally deciding to have a garage sale is an exciting thing to do. You’re motivated to clean the house, you want to get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore and you’re ready to make some money. That’s all great, but without planning ahead properly, you won’t have much of a success. Think about what you’ll need the most for your garage sale and how you want to run it. These things will help propel you to success, so you can put that extra money to where you need it the most.

How to have a successful garage sale

You need to get rid of some stuff and want to make a little extra cash. There’s no better way to clean out your closet and fatten your wallet than by hosting a garage sale. But staging a successful one—where you actually make money and sell the majority of your unwanted stuff—takes planning and preparation.

We asked five garage-sale pros to share their strategies for hosting a great garage sale.

The Buyer
Daniel Jones, owner of Vintage Junky, is a buyer and seller of old bikes, tools, housewares, clothes and “random weird stuff.” He sets up shop every week at the Eastside Flea Market in Austin, TX.

1. Take time to clean your stuff. “When I’m buying stuff to resell, I’m often looking for dirty things that are often worth twice as much once I clean them,” Jones said.

2. Be honest about what you have. Jones is frequently discouraged when people hype what they’re selling. “I went to check out this sale that said ‘retro table and chairs,’ and it was all garbage,” he recalled.

3. Be reasonable about price. “If you’re not ready to sell it, then don’t sell it,” Jones said. Garage sales should be about getting rid of items, not hawking valuables that should be auctioned on eBay or elsewhere.

How to have a successful garage sale

The Advertiser
Gwynne Rowe placed tons of classified ads for garage and estate sales while working as an account executive for the Pioneer Press community newspapers in the Chicago area. After attending several of the sales herself, she quickly learned which vendors were doing it right.

4. Make your ad sing. “People who paid extra for a black border or a picture usually had bigger crowds,” Rowe said.

5. Use signs to direct traffic to your sale. Some newspapers give advertisers garage-sale kits that include signs to place around the neighborhood. If you don’t have those signs, you can make your own out of cardboard; be sure to put them up days in advance.

6. Set up early. Shoppers will get to the sale right on time, so have everything organized at least an hour beforehand.

How to have a successful garage sale

The Pop-Up Vendor
Leslie Cottrill is known around Austin for her pop-up vintage sales. She brings her clothing to places where people congregate, such as in front of outdoor patios at bars.

7. Merchandise everything. Treat your sale as if it were a store. Put clothes on a rack, display jewelry on a table and style an outfit on a mannequin. “I’ll bring some scarves and tablecloths to make it look more funky and bring your eye toward things,” Cottrill said.

8. Don’t throw things in boxes. Break up items and display them, or people automatically will think they’re junk. Reserve a “bargain bin” box for inexpensive items; shoppers definitely will comb through it.

9. Promote your event. Cottrill uses Facebook event pages and relies on “good old fashioned flyer-ing” to get the word out. Be sure to include a list of items you’re selling.

How to have a successful garage sale

The Party Girl
Kristen Marks, a wedding DJ at Toast & Jam in Chicago, knows how to get the party started. She taps her entertainment skills to liven up garage sales.

10. Make your event social. Play music, serve snacks, and keep an ice chest filled with $1 bottles of water to sell. People will want to stay longer.

11. Price everything the night before. Garage-sale attendees don’t like to ask about prices.

12. Think outside the box. “Taking a little extra time to make a clever price tag classes it up and makes it OK to charge $2 for something as opposed to 50 cents,” she said. At one garage sale, Marks and her roommates put together a “romantic picnic set” made up of a basket, two wine glasses and a blanket with a sign that read, “Really works.” It sold right away.

13. Tap social media. Marks creates a Facebook event page and a Craigslist ad with clear photos of what she’s selling at least two weeks in advance. She’ll promote the event by posting fun photos of her random tchotchkes, such as a ceramic-cat tape dispenser she sold as “Saw Headed Kitty of Death.”

How to have a successful garage sale

The Old Pro
Yvonne Lozano of San Antonio has hosted more than two dozen garage sales. When she was younger, she used proceeds from garage sales to pay for vacations.

14. Enlist plenty of help. Station people at different areas to prevent people from walking off with your stuff.

15. Consider the timing. Hold your sale during the first weekend of the month, around the time many people get paid.

16. Keep location in mind. Set up shop in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, such as a friend’s house near a major road.

17. Split your sale into two half-days. Sell everything half-off the second day. You’ll end up selling more items and making more money.

18. Use whole numbers. Most people don’t carry around a lot of change, so keep smaller items priced at $1 or $2 rather than $1.50 or $2.50.

How to have a successful garage sale

Having a yard sale may seem simple enough. Yet, there are issues such as timing, the price of items and the way in which these items are displayed that make a huge difference between being successful with the garage sale, and making nothing.

According to Statistic Brain Research Center, the total US weekly revenue from garage sales is $4,222,375.

Yes, over $4 million a week!…

The same data also tells us that Americans hold a whopping 165,000 garage sales a week, on average.

Needless to say, many of these garage sales are not profitable and become a total flop.

August 9th is National Garage Sale Day – National Garage Sale Day always falls on the second Saturday in August, so the actual dates vary every year.

So in honor of this day, here are some tips and strategies to help you make more money with your next garage sale. These are the same strategies I have used in the past to pull in almost $1000 in a 2 day yard sale.

Table of Contents

1. Stop trying to sell junk

Be sure that what you are selling is worth selling.

In other words, do not sell junk!

Those who pass by your sale and see nothing but junk, items that are dirty or broken, then they are not going to be interested. Keep in mind that the majority of clothes do not sell, so keep your expectations for this at a minimum.

2. Start early

Be prepared to start early as most garage sales take place early in the morning.

You will need to be up early in order to drag out the items, and ensure they are priced and ready to go. There are going to be those who stop before the sale even begins in order to get the best deals.

Most often, these people are going to be your negotiators and hagglers.

You need to make a decision now as to whether you are going to sell to early birds while you are setting up or not.

3. Display your items correctly

The display is going to be the key to making sells.

When items in the garage sale are clean, then they sell better.

Take a damp rag and run this over the products to remove any dirt or debris in order to help these items shine.

Another aspect to keep in mind about the display is that you should consider putting items on benches or tables to avoid people having to get down onto the ground to see these.

In addition, clothes seem to sell better when they are hanging up.

4. Price things fairly

Keep the price of your items right. Items that are big, in good condition and clean can go for as much as half of what you originally paid.

If the item is worn or damaged, then the price should be reduced.

5. Make price labels easy to see

Be sure that you price the items directly onto the item. Most people are not going to ask you how much something is, they want to see the price listed on the items.

In the past, I have priced by category, stating one pile was $1, while another pile was $2.

The problem with this system is that you have to remember which pile each item is in, rely on the honesty of the buyer or keep a master list of everything that you are selling.

6. Be friendly but not too pushy

Be friendly with those who stop to shop, but do not be over friendly.

I like to greet each person that comes to the sale, and this opens up the communication about items or prices.

7. Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Those who go to garage sales sometimes do this simply because they like to negotiate a deal. You should not inflate your prices for the purpose of negotiating down to what you really want.

You need to realize that if you were to lower your price by a dollar or two, then you could make a sale.

I usually accept the offer that customers give me, since they usually know what their budget is for certain items.

Also consider cutting prices after a few hours and traffic to the sale have died down. I usually take 1/2 of what is listed after this time, as I would rather make a few dollars, rather than drag all the items to Goodwill.

8. Drop prices if you have to

If you have not had any interest in items within the first hour, drop your prices.

When you have the most traffic, cut the prices. Do not expect someone to try to negotiate with you, as sometimes these people never show up.

9. Let everyone know you are having a garage sale

Always publicize your sale. Put a post on Craigslist, or even list free items that you will have available on (you have to sign up for a free membership to post), and be sure that you post about the hot items at your sale.

You can even list prices, which is sometimes a great incentive to get people to come out. The more detail you include, this will increase the turnout to the sale.

The night before you have a yard sale, be sure that you make quite a few signs to direct people to your house where this is taking place.

Write “Garage Sale” in bold letters with an arrow pointing to where to go, and you can also list the time for the event.

10. Give customers free gifts

Offer some things for free, as this is going to attract attention to your sale.

But hand out these freebies with a catch!

For example, offer buy-one-get-one deals or two-for-one deals.

Final Word

Garage sales, yard sales, state sales, or whatever you want to call them, can be a great source of making some extra cash while at the same time getting rid of thing you don’t need/use anymore. By keeping the above 10 tips in mind, you can ensure a more successful yard sale.

Have you had success with garage sales before?

I would love to hear about your experience and any tips or strategies you may have when it comes to making more money with a garage sale.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase something I recommend- at no additional cost to you! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you for supporting this blog! Full disclosure here.

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We made a nice chunk of change at our recent garage sale!

In fact, we made almost $2,000!

A garage sale is a great way to fund your moving expenses, make extra cash fast, or save your first $1,000 for your starter emergency fund.

How to have a successful garage sale

My husband and I are doing Dave Ramsey’s baby steps to get out of debt fast.

We are downsizing to save about $1200/month in rent, and because we are moving to a MUCH smaller space, we have A LOT of stuff to sell!

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A garage sale is tons of work, so you want it to be worth all of your effort.

There are several things that you can do to ensure garage sale success, and make top dollar for your used items.

Here are my best garage sale ideas and tips to make the most money!

Watch on YouTube Instead…

Pick the best day.

You can’t control the weather, but there are a few guidelines to follow to make sure you pick a great day for your garage sale.

  • Avoid big holiday weekends. There are definitely some hard core people that will still be out, but try to find a weekend when you’re not competing with other large events in your area.
  • Aim for the beginning or middle of the month, when people are more likely to get paid. They will be ready to shop with those fresh paychecks!
  • Decide if you should have your garage sale for one day, or all weekend long. We had our sale on a Saturday, and then opened it up again the following Saturday and made an extra $200 on “leftover” items.

Also, make sure you check with your city to see if you need a permit.

Minimize Expenses to Maximize Profits.

The goal is to make a lot of money, so you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on supplies.

  • Borrow as many tables as possible to display your items.
  • Recycle garage sale signs from previous sales that your neighbors may have left behind.
  • Grab brightly colored “for sale” stickers and pricing stickers from the Dollar Tree for just $1.

Start Early.

Start pricing and organizing your garage sale items weeks in advance.

We started gathering items and placing them out in the garage almost one month ahead of time.

  • One week before the sale, take some time every night to go outside and price your items.
  • On the day of your garage sale, get up early! The “early birds” will be there ready and waiting. We thought 6 AM was plenty of time to get outside and set up, but there were people outside ready to sort through out stuff way before we were prepared!

Eliminate garage sale overwhelm by starting early, and tackling a little bit each day.

Remember Presentation is Everything.

Even though people are there to buy used items, they are still spending their hard earned money.

Make your garage sale presentation appealing so your “trash” looks like another man’s “treasure”.

  • Set up tables and areas by categories, so if people are shopping for kitchen items they can find everything that you have quickly. This will also increase the amount of items you can sell!
  • Use cheap plastic table cloths to give the sale a pulled together look.
  • Organize clothing by size, and place on a table or blanket, or hang them up, so that people don’t have to sift through bins and baskets.
  • If you have large items like dressers or other furniture, place them by the curb so that you will attract customers driving by.
  • Make sure your items are clearly priced. Some shoppers will feel awkward about asking you, and it also prevents you from having to scramble to think of a price on the spot.

Sell Large Items Online.

When people stop by a garage sale, they are looking for a quick, cheap deal!

Get more money for your large items (furniture, appliances), by listing them online at Craigslist or Facebook marketplace before your garage sale.

If your items don’t sell online, you can always put them in your garage sale later, or even keep trying to sell them online after the sale is over.

Take Advantage of Free Online Advertising.

Make sure you post your garage sale to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and GSalr.

These are the most popular places to advertise garage sales online, and it’s totally free!

We made a post on Wednesday evening, so we could start getting the word out to the early garage sale planners.

A second post was made on Friday night, and we even made a “last call, everything must go” type post on Facebook Marketplace around noon on the day of the sale. This gave us a big afternoon boost in customers after things started to die down.

Pay Attention to Little Details to Increase Sales.

  • Have an extension cord plugged in and ready, so buyers can test appliances and electronics to increase their confidence to purchase.
  • Place a bin of bottled waters and sell them for 50 cents. It’s not going to be a huge money maker, but every little bit counts!
  • If you’re selling fragile items, offer newspaper and plastic bags to wrap up breakables. People will be more likely to buy dishes and glasses if they know they can transport them home safely.

Don’t Let People Walk Away (Be Motivated to Sell!)

It’s easy to get emotionally attached to items that have been in your house for several years!

Let’s face it, you don’t want to drag all of this stuff back in your house.

Be ready to negotiate, and remember that every dollar adds up quickly!

We sold quite a few items for a dollar here, or 50 cents there, and were shocked at how quickly this adds up!

If people appear interested in an item, go over and give them your best (and lowest) price.

I hope these tips are helpful in planning your garage sale. It’s a lot of work, but if you follow these steps, it can be super profitable, and totally worth the effort.

How to have a successful garage sale

If you’d asked me five years ago if I ever thought I’d have a yard sale, I would have laughed in your face and said no with gusto. It seems like everyone I know grew up in one of two camps: those who yard sale, and those who did NOT. I was in the NOT category. As an adult, it wasn’t until I started trying to find vintage furniture to remake that I (very apprehensively) hopped on the yard sale circuit. I’ll admit that I still get overwhelmed, haggling still makes me a little nauseous, and that sometimes, a yard sale that looks promising can be a dud. BUT – I’m a convert.

Going to yard sales vs. having a yard sale? Two totally different beasts. We had a HUGE yard sale last weekend and I’m still recovering. I did some research on tips and tricks, put on my marketing hat to promote the sale, planned out the layout and prepped the heck out of everything we were selling.

In the end, it was COMPLETELY WORTH IT. We made more money than I ever expected, we got rid of a ton of (nice) stuff that was just taking up space, and we learned some valuable tips along the way. And I’m going to share them with you today so your yard sale can be successful beyond all expectation. Are you ready? Here we go:

TIP #1 – Location, location, location: If you don’t live on a well-traveled street, or live in a spot with no parking, maybe it’s time to make a deal with a friend or family member in a better spot. Location is the difference between a home run and a dud, when it comes to yard sale success, so do your best to aim for the best location possible. It’s worth it to check to see if you need a permit from your city for a yard sale, too. Nothing rains on a good sale like getting shut down. Bonus tip: if a friend/family member gives you the go ahead, make it a multi-family yard sale – people tend to go out of their way for two-in-one sales, estate sales, and moving sales.

How to have a successful garage sale

TIP #2 – Pick the right date: Some experts tell you Sunday sales are the most successful, as most of the population either makes plans for Saturday, or reserves the day for family time or errands. Sunday worked great for us, but we also planned our sale for a three day weekend, so Sunday was sandwiched in the middle. A less common yard sale day of the week? Friday. If you think about it, you could actually make out really well with collectors and retirees by holding a sale on a Friday, and if you have the endurance, hold a Friday/Saturday sale to get as many customers as possible. In terms of the summer season, aim to have your sale before it gets blisteringly hot where you live. Once you set a date, keep an eye on the weather and come up with a contingency plan in case of inclement weather.

TIP #3 – Timing: We heard over and over, “Start early so you don’t miss the early bird buyers.” So, we planned to start at 8am, thinking we were in great shape. Until 7:15am rolled around and we had a line of cars parked with several people asking to start shopping early. And once passersby see one person shopping, it’s all over. (Lesson learned – do not be the nice girl who lets that one lady who has to go to work at 8am “just take a peek.”) All of a sudden, we had shoppers ready to haggle, bargain and buy – 45 minutes before we were supposed to start the sale. We scrambled and managed it, but time your sale so that you can catch as many shoppers as possible, without having to scramble. With our unexpectedly early start, our sale went from 7:15am to 2pm…. but we also had straggler shoppers until after 3pm.

TIP #4 – Signage: Most of your customers will learn about your sale from your signs, so make them as clear as possible, listing the location, the date and time of the sale, and the hot ticket items to be sold. Make sure you strategize where you’ll post your signs (respecting all city restrictions, of course) so that as many people as possible will see them. Have the signs ready to put out the day or night before helps, too – you’ll get the evening AND early birds making note of where their first stop should be in the morning.

How to have a successful garage sale

I bought these waterproof corrugated signs from Staples, along with a few Sharpie markers, to make signs we could put out the day before that wouldn’t succumb to rain overnight.

TIP #5 – Advertise: Getting the word out is critical. We posted an ad on Craigslist and had several people mention it specifically as the reason they came to our sale. See if there’s a spot in your local paper where you can post an ad for free. And of course, let ALL of your friends and family know by posting the details of your sale via social media or email.

TIP #6 – PREP: I would say 90% of the success of our sale can be attributed to the thorough, laborious prep work we did. Over the course of two or three weeks, we pulled items to be sold whenever we had a couple free hours, creating a landing spot for all items destined for the sale in a garage bay. A week before the sale, I started organizing, sorting, and pricing. The day before the sale, we grouped everything so that we could move everything out into the driveway/lawn in an organized manner, not a chaotic mess. We created a plan for what was going to go where, how it would be laid out, how many tables, shelves, clothing racks, etc. we needed and gathered them up. Essentially, we prepped for THREE TO FOUR WEEKS. Yes. That’s right. Save yourself the stress and headache – don’t try to throw a yard sale together overnight. You won’t make money and it won’t be worth it.

How to have a successful garage sale

Whether you’re planning to move or looking to lessen household clutter, selling things you no longer need is always a great idea. Holding a garage sale not only gets you some extra cash, it also frees up space in your home.

Organizing a garage sale to unload years’ worth of stuff may seem daunting, so here are ten fail-safe steps to making your selling process easy – and successful!

1) Gather items to be sold

Go through your garage, attic, or basement and gather stuff you no longer need. Items that have been lying around unused for years can also be sold. At this stage, you can already pre-sort items. Keep a few boxes or containers handy to keep things organized. Stick labels on the boxes to help you identify where things are stashed.

2) Keep an organized plan

To give you enough time to organize (and preserve your sanity!), start planning as early as three to four weeks in advance. Prepare a detailed schedule and inventory for collecting, organizing, and pricing sale items. If you’re selling items from different people, make a detailed list of whom the items belong to. Also include ample lead-time for publicizing your sale. (See item #8)

3) Stick price tags on all items

Invest in pre-printed price stickers or colored Post-Its to make the selling process more efficient. Some people are averse to asking how much an item costs. In this case, an untagged item might translate to a lost sale.

4) Price to sell

The main benefits of holding garage sales are unloading unused stuff and freeing up space. Unless you’re selling rare or collectible items, making big bucks shouldn’t be a priority. Given that, it’s best to keep prices low. Price items to make them enticing to bargain hunters. You should also be willing to negotiate.

5) Get help

Enlist extra hands to help you out. Divide tasks and responsibilities between three people or more, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, to make things more manageable.

In return for all that help, host a pre-sale with your family and friends at least a night before the actual sale day. They can also bring extra items for you to sell on consignment.

6) Pick a good location

Contrary to its name, you don’t need to hold a garage sale in your garage – or home, for that matter. If you live in an area with low foot traffic, look into holding your sale elsewhere. Consider busy streets or public areas. Try to snag as many impulse-buying customers as possible.

You may also want to check with your homeowner’s association or city if you can sell at your preferred location, and if a permit is needed.

7) Consider the weather and your calendar

Check the weather forecast before finalizing the date of your garage sale. Hold the sale on a week when weather is predicted to be sunny and pleasant; avoid days with heavy rain and extreme heat.

Apart from weather considerations, try to schedule your sale around weekends or holidays to boost foot traffic and potential sales.

8) Advertise!

Just like any successful businesses, advertising plays a huge role in attracting customers to your sale. Print fliers to hand out to neighbors, and hang a sign outside your home announcing the sale.

You can also publicize online. Announce your sale on Facebook, or put a few ads in online classifieds, such as Craigslist.

9) Keep change at hand.

Prepare lots of quarters and dollar bills. Start gathering change or have a bank break your large bills. Handing out change is inevitable, so wear a fanny pack, or get a small cash box to help you organize your money.

10) Accommodate early birds and latecomers

There will always be hardcore customers who like hitting sale events bright and early. If they arrive before opening time, try to accommodate them nonetheless. You need to make the most of these sales opportunities when they come.

Unlike early birds, latecomers wait until the last minute to check what’s left to haggle over, hoping to get a good deal on lots or sets. Cater to these types of shoppers by selling stuff in bundles — such as five pre-loved toys for a dollar. This way, they get their bargain, and you sell stuff that might not have gotten sold on their own.

Plan out your garage sale and organize it for success with these helpful tips!

Did you know that, on average, 95,000 new yard sales are listed on Craigslist every week? If you wonder how to have a successful garage sale and make yours stand out from the crowd, we can help you. If you follow our garage sale tips, you’ll manage to organize everything like a pro and still have enough time and energy to prepare for your upcoming move.

Some Basic Garage Sale Organization Information to Keep in Mind

No matter if you’re relocating in a hurry or have plenty of time ahead of you to plan everything, decluttering is one of the most important parts of an efficient relocation process. Going through your household inventory and deciding what to relocate to your new home is one of the first steps on every substantial moving to-do list. Once you decide what to do with objects you want to relocate, you must be wondering what to do with everything else. Although 85 cents is the average price of objects sold on yard sales, selling is still one of the best ways to declutter before relocating.

What Is the Best Month to Have a Garage Sale?

When you live in one of the Bay Area towns, every time is a perfect time for these events. Weather conditions are usually pleasant year-round, so just check to ensure there’s no rain coming your way before you opt for a date. On the other hand, these events usually take place in spring and summer because most people are relocating then.

Ready to Move Around the Bay?

What Is the Best Day of the Week for Yard Sales?

Usually, the most convenient days for these sales are Saturday and Sunday, since that is when people don’t have to go to work and can casually bump into your small bazaar while strolling. On the other hand, you can check if your area or neighborhood already has some days when these events are usually organized, so you get better advertising and more visitors.

Do You Need a Permit for a Yard Sale in California?

There is no need to go through additional moving stress, so following your state rules and regulations about these events is very important. For places in the Bay Area and other parts of California, the organization of yard sales is permitted on the seller’s personal property. You don’t need a seller’s permit unless you set up sales more than once in 12 months.

How to have a successful garage sale

What Things Sell Best at Garage Sales?

In case you don’t know how to move a piano or other bulky furniture pieces, yard sales are a perfect opportunity to get rid of them. You can earn extra cash you can later invest in other relocation-related needs like getting packing supplies and professional services. If you want to maximize your chances to set up a memorable and most successful event in your neighborhood, you should sell:

  • Furniture,
  • Clothes,
  • Toys,
  • Vintage dishes and glassware,
  • Books,
  • Garden tools,
  • Appliances,
  • Electronics.

What Should You Not Sell at a Garage Sale?

We are sure you have many great garage sale ideas, but you shouldn’t sell stuff such as worn underwear, swimsuits, bras, and socks. Sell those only if they still have tags on. Don’t try selling broken objects or items that are too old and in bad condition. If you sell shoes and clothes, just ensure that they aren’t dirty and too worn out.

How to have a successful garage sale

How Do You Price Items for a Garage Sale? Make Sure to Get Pricing Stickers and Labels

You should put clearly visible prices and signs, preferably on loud colored stickers. Rules are following – the bigger the item, the bigger the price. For example, small household items can be priced anywhere from 50 cents to $3, while low-quality furniture pieces can go for up to $30. Also, make sure you have some change and a comfortable place to sit and take payments. This video might give you some interesting garage sale tips.

How to have a successful garage sale

Now When You Know How to Have a Successful Garage Sale, You Can Afford to Hire One of the Best Bay Area Moving Companies

Besides finding out how to prepare for a garage sale, you also need to take care of many other responsibilities such as rental application and researching tenants’ rights. These tasks might take you a lot of time and energy, so why not leave all the hard work to professionals? Professional Bay Area movers can offer you excellent terms and conditions, affordable prices, and great local moving services. If you need to move your household inventory in a short time, a residential relocation service might be a perfect fit, while the commercial relocation service might be a suitable option for a business office move.

Our trained and experienced packers and movers in Bay Area can help you pack fragile items and relocate everything to the desired location. We are a trustworthy moving company in the Bay Area, so with us, there is no risk of moving scams. Golden Bay Relocation can even offer you a free quote, so you’ll know the price of required services in advance. Contact us today to find out more about all the things we can do for you.

Are you worried about an upcoming garage sale? Don’t think you can pull it off successfully? Here is everything you need to know to prepare for an upcoming garage sale.

Hosting a garage sale is the perfect opportunity to get rid of unwanted items around the house.

How to have a successful garage sale

Here is how you can prepare for it:

Organization is the secret to a successful garage sale

When it comes to preparing for garage sales, you can never go wrong by organizing your items into categories that reflect whether you want to keep them, sell them, or throw them away. Tell your spouse and kids to do the same! Instead of rummaging through other people’s stuff, ask them to sort it into categories themselves. Doing so will help you effectively save time before you perform the final round of organizing items. As of now, you should not be worried about how you should price your items based on their value, just pretend you are performing a deep cleanse of the stuff you have hoarded over the years!

How to have a successful garage sale

Get in touch with friends and family members

No garage sale stands a chance of being successful without word getting out about when it is happening! Use email, phone call, and text message to get in touch with friends and family members to tell them about your garage sale. Doing so has a two-fold purpose. Firstly, you are inviting them to come over to your house and buy items at your garage sale. Secondly, you’re asking them to become sellers themselves. That’s right! Request them to roundup items lying around their house that they would like to get rid of. It is recommended to keep your garage sale invite-only to prevent things from spiraling out of control!

Choose the perfect time to host your garage sale

Knowing when to host your garage sale can be a massive factor that determines whether it will be a hit or not. It is recommended that you choose a date a few weeks in advance so that you have ample time to spread the word about when it is happening. Plus, if you are really in the mood to go all-out at your garage sale, then it can never hurt to have some extra time on your hands to advertise your sale. From using your friendly neighborhood association’s Facebook page as an advertising outlet to sending text messages and emails with the required details, there are plenty of creative ways to advertise your garage sale.

How to have a successful garage sale

Meanwhile, when it comes to selecting a date, you might want to focus on the following:

Keep an eye on the weather

Clear skies and sunny evenings are the best you can hope for when it comes to preparing for an upcoming garage sale. However, most research suggests that specific weather forecasts cannot be made more than 10 days in advance, so be open to shifting the date a few days forward in case the weather conditions do not seem favorable.

The beginning of the month is ideal

Planning for an upcoming garage sale requires putting yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Most employees get their paycheck at the end of the previous month or the start of the current month. For this reason, keeping your garage sale in either of the first two weeks of the selected month is a smart idea. That is when people have the most money to spend!

Check the calendar for other events

If your garage sale is scheduled for days close to national holidays or festive times of the year, then you might find yourself competing with other events for attention. It is a good idea to take factors such as graduation dates for local schools and church event timings into account when you are checking the calendar for other events before choosing a garage sale date!

Afternoons and evenings are suitable

Avoid keeping your garage sale very early in the morning or very late in the night. Doing so might work under certain situations, but typically you will want to attract as many people as possible throughout the day. Avoid office rush hour times such as noon or late in the evening as there will be plenty of traffic around this time.

Ensure all legal matters are in order

Many people may not be aware of it, but their residential (private) property may not allow commercial activities to take place without a change in license. Many places require that garage sale organizers have a permit on them before they can conduct such activities on their premises. It is recommended that you check out your state’s laws about this matter by running a quick search online. If that does not return any results, then try consulting a legal expert (preferably from your friends, family, or community network). You might be fined if you go against the law and hold a garage sale before looking into the matter!

Price your items days before the actual sale

Leaving pricing for the day of the garage sale is a disaster waiting to happen. Worse yet, if you change prices too quickly on the day of the garage sale, then people will lose trust in the authenticity and integrity of the sale being hosted. Even if you plan on reducing prices for certain items (if they are not sold within the first few hours), then you need to come up with the reduced prices beforehand. Do not overprice your items. Remember that this event is a garage sale, and people are looking to get a good bargain. Once your prices are finalized, ask a friend to go over them and provide you with feedback.

Here a a couple articles in our personal finance series.

Garage sales can be plenty of fun and planning them is the best part. Good luck with yours!

If you are planning to leave out a lot of things as you move, you might want to have a garage sale in your place. Here are some few tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

1.) Plan your sale.

Nothing beats a person who came in prepared. You can have a garage sale on a weekend at least two weeks before your move or even earlier. Choosing the weekends will be your best option since most workers have day offs on these days. If you schedule it on a Saturday, you can extend it until Sunday just in case your things don’t sell as quickly as you hoped it would. Start your sale early in the morning in a place that will not get too hot when noon strikes. This way, people will still gather around your items to shop no matter what time of the day it is.

2.) Sort your things.

When you are doing a garage sale, you are not only selling items that you no longer use or want. As you’re walking around your home and gathering the things you want to sell, you should make sure that the items you are choosing are still valuable enough to be sold at a fair price. Sort your things out and identify the items that are used but not abused. Think the way your customers think. If you were the one going to a garage sale, would you want to find this there? Do you think it can be sold? If the answer is no then do not include it in your garage sale. This way you can save few bucks when you hire Charlotte moving company.

3.) Set the price and organize.

After sorting out your things, it is now time to group them. Sort them once again according to their own kind or category and name their price. You can place stickers on your items to indicate the amount they are sold for or you can just write it on a paper and group them according to your list. Be realistic in naming your price. People tend to haggle but if it your products are overpriced then they might just ignore buying anything from you.

4. Spread the word.

After you have identified the things that you are going to sell and how much they cost, you can now send the word out in your neighborhood. You can give fliers so that you can just hand it to your neighbors or print a poster of your garage sale announcement which you can post in the places you are allowed. Keep your announcement short and precise so that they can easily remember the details such as the date of your garage sale and its location. It will also be helpful if you will include in it a general list of items that they can expect in your garage sale. This will help them decide whether or not to visit and buy your items. With the help of social media, you can also post online about your garage sale, some pictures of the items you are selling and its equivalent price. Ask your friends to help you out in sharing your post and/or make them visit you on the day of your sale.

5.) Arrange your items well.

A day or a few hours before your garage sale, organize your products properly. If you are selling clothes then you can hang them neatly in a rack. If there are books then stack them properly in a position that people can immediately read its title and author. Carefully arrange your items and make sure that if you have a price sign, it can be read clearly even from afar.

6.) Sell your stuff

On the day of your garage sale, expect that customers will bargain with you for a much lower price. When this happens, remember that your ultimate reason for selling is to get rid of the things you no longer wanna bring with you and earning from those things only comes in second. So do not get too hung up on price. Just think about the hassle you are taking away from your shoulders once you get those items sold.

7.) Plan for your unsold items.

Having a garage sale is not a guarantee that you will be able yo eliminate all the items that you have offered. You’ll probably end up with a few unsold items at the end of the day. Therefore you have to plan on what to do to your unsold things. If it is just two or three then you can just offer it for free to some of your customers who had bought a lot or anyone who would gladly take them. If you still have a lot of stuff needed to get rid of them you can consider giving them to a local charity shop. Moving companies near me can drop your donations off for you and even help you remove all the junks around as you relocate.