How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

The Timeline feature is probably the highlight of Windows 10 v1803. When you need to get back and open previously opened apps or a browser window, you can make use of Timeline feature. By default, Timeline is activated on Windows 10. If you are using Timeline for the first time, you might find some suggestions like “See more days in Timeline” and so on. Suggestions in Timeline can help you understand the feature – but if you want to hide suggestions in Timeline. This post shows how to Turn on or Turn off Suggestions in Timeline on Windows 10 via Settings or Registry.

Hide suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10

There are two methods to hide suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10. The first one is via Windows 10 Settings and the second one is via the Registry Editor.

1] From Windows 10 Settings

Open Settings > System > Multitasking.

On your right-hand side, you should find an option called Timeline. It should contain one option called Show suggestions occasionally in Timeline. By default, this is turned on. You need to click the toggle button to turn it off.

That’s it! Now you cannot find any suggestions on Timeline.

2] Using Registry Editor

If you want to try something new, you can head over to Registry Editor and follow these steps. Before that, create a backup of Registry files or a system restore point.

After that, navigate to this following path in Registry Editor-

On your right-hand side in ContentDeliveryManager, you will find a key called SubscribedContent-353698Enabled.

By default, it should have a value of 1 (One), which means it is enabled. You need to double-click on this key and set the value to 0 (zero0.

Hope this helps!

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How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

A new thing Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 is displaying suggested apps in the Start menu. If you don’t want to see “ads” here’s how to turn them off.

One of the new things Microsoft is doing with Windows 10 is displaying suggested apps in the Start menu. If you’re not happy with seeing these “ads” here’s how to turn them off.

Disable Suggested Apps Windows 10 Start Menu

There are a couple of ways to turn off or manage these suggested apps. If you see one, right-click on it and select an option from the context menu.

  • If you don’t want to see the app being displayed, select Don’t show this suggestion.
  • To completely turn off the Suggested apps section, select Turn off all suggestions.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

The other way to get rid of Suggested apps is to head to Settings > Personalization > Start and turn off Occasionally show suggestions in Start.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

After you get rid of the Suggested apps section, there will be some space left over, and you can rid of it by resizing the menu. Move the pointer to the top of the Start menu and move it down a bit and close the gap.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Obtrusive Ad Policy?

Personally, I don’t consider these to be “ads” per se. Yes, it does allow app developers to showcase their apps in the Store but they aren’t paid ads. I believe this is a good way to learn about an app that I might not have known about before.

What I would be more upset with is if they were ads for Viagra or something that isn’t related to Windows 10 or Microsoft at all. But something that annoying doesn’t look like it will be happening. According to a Microsoft spokesman about the issue:

We will continue to offer Windows Ads in Apps on Windows 10. Beyond that, we do not currently have plans for advertising in Windows 10…Start content is programmed by Microsoft to help customers learn and discover new features and apps to enhance their Windows 10 experience; app publishers are not paying to be featured.

I can also see the other side where users don’t want Microsoft pushing app ads on their Start menu and the fact that the feature is turned on by default. If you fall into that camp, the good news is you can turn them off.

What’s your take on the Suggested app section in the Start menu in Windows 10? Do you consider them obtrusive ads and will you turn them off? Leave a comment below and tell us.

Turn them off: How to disable suggestions in Timeline on Windows 10

Windows Timeline takes care of extending the Task View mode to show the history of activities performed on your computer, as well as other devices if syncing has been turned on. This feature, which is activated on Windows 10 by default, comes in handy whenever you need to return to a previously opened browser window or app.

If you’re using Timeline for the first time, you might occasionally see suggestions, from the more routine “See more days in Timeline” to distracting stuff like ads. It’s likely you might want them to go away, so the good news is it’s easy to disable them.

There are two ways on how to disable suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10:

  • From Windows 10 settings – Here are quick and easy steps to follow:
  1. Press Windows + I on the keyboard in order to open the Settings app. Click the “System” category.
  2. Select the “Multitasking” tab found on the left side of the System page. Under the Timeline section located on the right side, turn off the “Show Suggestions Occasionally In Your Timeline” toggle. How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline
  3. You’re done – you won’t find any suggestions on Timeline.
  • Through Registry Editor – Proceed to Registry Editor if you’d like to try something new. However, create a backup of Registry files or a system restore point beforehand. After doing so, navigate to this path in Registry Editor:

On the right-hand side in ContentDeliveryManager, there’s a key dubbed as SubscribedContent-353698Enabled. It has a value of 1 or one by default, meaning it is enabled. Double-click on the key and change the value to 0 or zero.

Through either of these tips, you should be able to learn how to disable suggestions in Timeline in Windows 10

If you’re interested in seeing suggestions again, re-enable them by following the same steps.

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How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

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How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

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How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Windows-tidslinjen udvider funktionen Opgavevisning for at vise historikken over aktiviteter udført på din pc – eller endda dine andre enheder, hvis du har synkroniseret tændt. Nogle gange stikker Microsoft forslag til din tidslinje for dig. Sådan får du dem til at gå væk.

Forslag vises lejlighedsvis på din Windows 10-tidslinje. De kan variere fra uskyldige (“Få kendskab til din tidslinje”) til mere irriterende ting som annoncer. Hvis du ikke vil have de ting, der vises i din tidslinje, er det nemt nok at deaktivere. Du kan også deaktivere Timeline helt, hvis du ikke vil have det overhovedet, men her skal vi se på, hvordan du holder tidslinjen og deaktiverer forslagene.

Klik på Windows + I for at åbne din app, og klik derefter på kategorien “System”.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

På venstre side af systemsiden skal du vælge fanen “Multitasking”. Til højre under sektionen “Tidslinje” skal du slukke for “Vis forslag med lejlighedsvis i dit tidslinje”.

Det er alt der er til det. Forslag bør ikke længere vises på din tidslinje. Hvis du vil begynde at se forslag igen, skal du gå tilbage og følge de samme trin og genaktivere dem.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline


Ajakoha funktsioon on tõenäoliselt Windows 10 v1803 esiletõst. Kui teil on vaja tagasi pöörduda ja avada varem avatud rakendusi või brauseri akent, võite kasutada ajahetke funktsiooni. Vaikimisi on Windows 10 aktiveeritud ajastuskaart. Kui kasutate esimest korda ajaskaala, võite leida mõningaid soovitusi, nagu “Vaadake veel aegu ajaskaalal” ja nii edasi. Ajakoha ettepanekud aitavad teil seda funktsiooni mõista – aga kui soovite varjata soovitusi ajaskaalal. See postitus näitab, kuidas sisse või välja lülitada soovitused Windowsi ajaperioodil 10 seaded või registri kaudu.

Peida vihje Windows 10 ajajoonel

Windows 10-s on ajaskaalale soovituste peitmiseks kaks meetodit. Esimene neist on Windows 10 seadete kaudu ja teine ​​on registriredaktori kaudu.

1] Windowsi seadete seast

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Ava Settings> System> Multitasking.

Paremal küljel peaksite leidma valiku nimega Ajajoon. See peaks sisaldama üht võimalust nimega Näidake aeg-ajalt soovitusi aeg-ajalt. Vaikimisi on see sisse lülitatud. Selle väljalülitamiseks peate klõpsama lülitusnupul.

See ongi! Nüüd te ei leia soovitusi ajaskaala kohta.

2] Registriredaktori kasutamine

Kui soovite proovida midagi uut, võite minna registriredaktorisse ja järgige neid samme. Enne seda looge registrifailide või süsteemi taastepunkti varukoopia.

Pärast seda liikuge registriredaktori sellele järgmisele teele

Paremal pool sisse ContentDeliveryManager, leiad võti kutsutud SubscribedContent-353698Enabled.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Vaikimisi peaks selle väärtuseks olema 1 (Üks), mis tähendab, et see on lubatud. Selle klahvi topeltklõpsamiseks peate määrama väärtuse 0 (null0.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline


How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Časová osa systému Windows rozširuje režim Zobrazenie úloh, aby vám zobrazila históriu aktivít vykonávaných na vašom PC – alebo dokonca aj na iných zariadeniach, ak ste zapli synchronizáciu. Niekedy spoločnosť Microsoft držia návrhy na vašej časovej osi pre vás. Tu je spôsob, ako ich odísť.

Návrhy sa príležitostne objavujú na vašej časovej osi Windows 10. Môžu sa pohybovať od neškodných (“Zoznámte sa s časovou osou”) s ďalšími nepríjemnými vecami, ako sú napríklad reklamy. Ak nechcete, aby sa tieto veci zobrazovali vo vašej časovej osi, je to jednoducho jednoduché, aby ste ich zakázali. Môžete tiež úplne zakázať časovú os, ak ju vôbec nechcete, ale tu sa pozrieme na to, ako udržať časovú os a zakázať návrhy.

Ak chcete otvoriť aplikáciu Nastavenia, kliknite na položku Windows + I a potom kliknite na kategóriu “Systém”.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Na ľavej strane stránky systému vyberte kartu “Multitasking”. Vpravo, v časti “Časová os” vypnite prepínanie “Zobrazovať návrhy časovo príležitostne v časovej osi”.

To je všetko, čo je k tomu. Návrhy by sa už nemali zobrazovať vo vašej časovej osi. Ak chcete znova začať zobrazovať návrhy, vráťte sa späť a postupujte podľa rovnakých krokov a znova ich aktivujte.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline


How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Windows Timeline proširuje način prikaza zadataka kako bi vam prikazao povijest aktivnosti koje se obavljaju na računalu – ili čak i na drugim uređajima ako ste sinkronizirali. Ponekad, Microsoft vam pribavlja prijedloge na vremenskoj traci. Evo kako ih izvući.

Ponekad se pojavljuju prijedlozi na vašoj vremenskoj traci sustava Windows 10. Mogu se kretati od nevidljivog (“Upoznajte svoju vremensku traku”) do više dosadnih stvari poput oglasa. Ako ne želite da se stvari prikazuju na vremenskoj traci, to je dovoljno jednostavno za onemogućavanje. Također možete potpuno onemogućiti vremensku traku ako ga ne želite, ali ovdje ćemo pogledati kako zadržati vremensku traku i onemogućiti prijedloge.

Pritisnite Windows + I da biste otvorili aplikaciju Postavke, a zatim kliknite kategoriju “Sustav”.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Na lijevoj strani stranice sustava odaberite karticu “Više zadataka”. S desne strane, u odjeljku “Vremenska traka” isključite opciju “Pokaži prijedloge povremeno u vremenskoj traci”.

To je sve. Prijedlozi se više ne bi trebali pojaviti u vremenskoj traci. Ako želite ponovno započeti prijedloge, vratite se i slijedite iste korake i ponovo ih omogućite.

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Hello friends! Today I am going to share one of the important trick that is Trick to disable or turn of Facebook suggested pages.

Now-A-Days the Social Networks War is turning into more hot and interesting. Several new players like Pinterest are giving high competition to Social giants like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is experimenting with several new features and improvements as they do not wish to be get vanished like Orkut. But as Old Timeline Feature, not all new enhancements are welcomed by users and here is another one. This is that the Suggested Page feature which spams everyone’s wall or timeline. Facebook provides suggestions for pages which will be of your interest but it looks so ugly and spammy so, read this guide to remove recommended pages on facebook.

Well, if you’re the one in all them who wanted to disable/turn Off or delete this ‘Suggested Pages’ feature then here are some sensible tips for you. In this tutorial, you will find out how you’ll do that by changing your privacy settings in Facebook. The tutorial goes as:

Trick to Disable or Turn OFF Facebook Suggested Pages

That’s All. Now Go to your Facebook Timeline or Wall and Start facebooking without spammy recommendations or suggestions.

Share this article with your friends and keep visit for latest updates.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

Windows Timeline розширює режим перегляду завдань, щоб показати історію дій, виконаних на вашому ПК, або навіть інших пристроях, якщо синхронізацію увімкнено. Іноді корпорація Майкрософт надає вам пропозиції щодо вашої часової шкали. Ось як змусити їх піти.

Пропозиції іноді з’являються на вашій Windows 10 Timeline. Вони можуть варіюватися від нешкідливих (“Ознайомтеся з вашою шкалою часу”) до більш дратівливих речей, таких як оголошення. Якщо ви не хочете, щоб цей матеріал з’являвся у вашій часовій шкалі, його досить легко вимкнути. Ви також можете повністю вимкнути шкалу часу, якщо ви взагалі не хочете її там, але тут ми подивимося, як зберегти шкалу часу та відключити пропозиції.

Натисніть Windows + I, щоб відкрити програму Налаштування, а потім натисніть категорію “Система”.

How to hide suggestions in windows 10’s timeline

У лівій частині сторінки системи виберіть вкладку “Багатозадачність”. Праворуч, у розділі “Часова шкала”, вимкніть перемикач “Показувати пропозиції час від часу”.

Це все, що потрібно. Пропозиції більше не повинні відображатися на часовій шкалі. Якщо ви хочете знову бачити пропозиції, поверніться назад і виконайте ті ж самі дії, і знову ввімкніть їх.