How to locate your lost apple watch

While its unlikely that your Apple Watch will ever get stolen, especially if you wear it on your wrist constantly, there’s always that chance. Here’s what to do if your Apple Watch gets stolen.

The Apple Watch is a bit different when it comes to theft. First of all, it’s a lot harder to steal an Apple Watch since it’s a device that’s actually worn on your wrist, rather than just placed in a pocket or a purse. Frankly, it’s a lot easier to steal an iPhone.

However, getting your Apple Watch stolen is something that could happen, especially if you take it off briefly and set it down somewhere, or maybe you put it in your bag during a commute. Granted, some people where their Apple Watch 24/7, but other users don’t.

If you discover that your Apple Watch is stolen, there’s not as much action that you can take compared to a stolen iPhone, but there are still a few things to keep in mind when your Apple Watch does go missing.

Update to WatchOS 2

While this isn’t something you can really do after the fact, updating your Apple Watch to WatchOS 2 adds Activation Lock to your wearable, which makes it impossible for someone else to unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone or pair and use your Apple Watch with a new iPhone without knowing your Apple ID password.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Before WatchOS 2, anyone could steal your Apple Watch and easily pair it with their own iPhone without any further action required, which was pretty scary, but now that the Apple Watch has Activation Lock, it hopefully lowers the temptation for thieves to steal your smartwatch.

“Find My Apple Watch”

A great tool that you can use to track a stolen iPhone or iPad is Find My iPhone, which lets you see the location of your stolen iPhone if the thief didn’t turn off or disable data and GPS. If they did, then your iPhone will at least send you the last known location of your device, hopefully making it easier to locate.

How to locate your lost apple watch

However, Find My Apple Watch doesn’t exist because the smartwatch itself isn’t equipped with GPS, so there would be no way of knowing where your stolen Apple Watch is located.

This kind of a bummer, but it isn’t too surprising, and until future models of the Apple Watch come with built-in GPS, we likely won’t see a Find My Apple Watch app for the Apple Watch.

Mark It As Missing in the Apple Watch App

If you open up the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on Apple Watch at the top, you’ll see a button that you can press called Mark as Missing.

How to locate your lost apple watch

When you press this button, a couple of things happen (via Apple’s website):

  • Disables Apple Pay cards on your Apple Watch.
  • Keeps Activation Lock enabled on your Apple Watch, even if someone erases your watch. Your Apple ID and password will be required to pair your Apple Watch again.

Those are two pretty important features that you’ll want enabled when your Apple Watch is stolen, so keep this in mind if the moment ever arises.

Go to the Police & File a Report

Since you can’t track your Apple Watch’s location after it’s stolen, the least you can do is go to the police and file a report.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Give them as much information as possible, including the serial number of your Apple Watch, which can be found in the Apple Watch app by going to General > About.

Unless you know who stole your Apple Watch or where it’s at, the police will be unlikely to help you, but at least you have an official report that you can use for insurance if you need to.

Answer Calls on the Apple Watch

You can answer a call on your Apple Watch using it as a small Bluetooth speakerphone. You only want to use this for shorter calls because the audio quality isn’t as good as when you are talking on speakerphone on your iPhone.

The Apple Watch only allows you to answer your calls on Speakerphone, so you won’t want to use this all the time. It is very handy when you are working on a project or busy with your hands. Definitely be conscious of where you are taking calls. If you wouldn’t talk on speakerphone, you shouldn’t talk on your Apple Watch.

If you buy the new Apple Watch with LTE, you can even make calls on the Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby. This requires adding the watch to your plan for $10 a month. You cannot answer a FaceTime video call on the Apple Watch.

How to locate your lost apple watch

The Apple Watch has long had a “Find My iPhone” button for quickly summoning a wayward smartphone, but what happens when the watch itself goes missing? Whether you’ve accidentally buried it under a clothing pile or it’s gone off on a Pokémon Go walkabout, here’s the best way to quickly find it.

How to find a missing Apple Watch

Note: To find your Apple Watch, you’ll need iOS 10.3 or later and the Find My iPhone app, and your Apple Watch will need to be powered on.

  1. Open (or download, if you don’t yet have it) Find My iPhone.
  2. Sign in with your iCloud account.
  3. Tap on the entry for your Apple Watch.

Select Actions. If your Apple Watch is powered on, you can track it on a map as well as mark it lost, erase it, or play a sound.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Still can’t find your Apple Watch?

If your missing Apple Watch is out of charge or Wi-Fi range, you may be out of luck in locating it via the Find My iPhone app. That said, you can still go about looking the old-fashioned way — back-tracking where you had it previously — and put it into Lost Mode; if someone finds it and powers it on, you’ll immediately receive an emailed alert.

The Find Devices app on Apple Watch can help you locate Apple devices you’ve lost or misplaced. To find your Apple devices you must connect them to your Apple ID. See the Apple Support article Set up Find My on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac to learn how.

How to locate your lost apple watch

See the location of a device

If your device is online, you can see its location in the Find Devices app. For supported devices, Find Devices can locate the device even if it’s powered off, in low power mode, or if airplane mode is turned on.

Open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, then tap a device.

If the device can be located: It appears on the map so you can see where it is. The device’s approximate distance, time it last connected to Wi-Fi or cellular, and charge level appears above the map. An approximate location appears below the map.

If the device can’t be located: You see “No location” under the device’s name. Under Notifications, turn on Notify When Found. You receive a notification once it’s located.

Play a sound on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch

Open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, then tap a device.

If the device is online: A sound starts after a short delay and gradually increases in volume, then plays for about two minutes. The device vibrates (if applicable). A Find My [device] alert appears on the device’s screen.

A confirmation email is also sent to your Apple ID email address.

If the device is offline: You see Sound Pending. The sound plays the next time the device connects to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Play a sound on your AirPods or Beats headphones

If your AirPods or Beats headphones are paired with your Apple Watch, you can play a sound on them using Find Devices.

For supported AirPods models, you can even play a sound on your AirPods if they are in their case.

Open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, then tap a device.

Tap Play Sound. If your AirPods or AirPods Pro are separated, you can mute one by tapping Left or Right to find them one at a time.

If the device is online: It plays a sound immediately for two minutes.

A confirmation email is also sent to your Apple ID email address.

If the device is offline: You receive a notification the next time your device is in range of your Apple Watch.

Get directions to a device

You can get directions to a device’s current location in the Maps app on your Apple Watch.

Open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, then tap a device you want directions to.

Tap Directions to open Maps.

Tap the route to get directions from your current location to the device’s location.

Receive a notification when you’ve left a device behind

To help keep you from misplacing your device, you can receive a notification when you’ve left your device behind. You can also set Trusted Locations—locations where you can leave your device without receiving a notification.

Open the Find My app on your iPhone, then tap Devices.

Tap the device you want to set up a notification for.

Below Notifications, tap Notify When Left Behind.

Turn on Notify When Left Behind, then follow the onscreen instructions.

If you want to add a Trusted Location, you can choose a suggested location, or tap New Location, select a location on the map, then tap Done.

You can also open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, tap a device, scroll up, tap Notify When Left Behind, then turn on Notify When Left Behind.

Mark a device as lost

If your device is lost or stolen, you can turn on Lost Mode for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, or lock your Mac.

Open the Find Devices app on your Apple Watch, then tap a device.

Tap Lost Mode, then turn on Lost Mode.

When you mark a device as lost, the following occurs:

A confirmation email is sent to your Apple ID email address.

A message indicating the device is lost and how to contact you appears on the device’s Lock Screen.

Your device doesn’t display alerts or make noise when you receive messages or notifications, or if any alarms go off. Your device can still receive phone calls and FaceTime calls.

Apple Pay is disabled for your device. Any credit or debit cards set up for Apple Pay, student ID cards, and Express Transit cards are removed from your device. Credit, debit, and student ID cards are removed even if your device is offline. Express Transit cards are removed the next time your device goes online. See the Apple Support article Manage the cards that you use with Apple Pay.

For an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, you see your device’s current location on the map as well as any changes in its location.

Track it down, whether it’s under your bed or miles away

How to locate your lost apple watch

The problem with small devices such as your Apple Watch is that they’re easily lost. But Apple’s thought of that, and it can find your Apple Watch whether it’s down the side of the sofa, left at work or stolen.

If you think it’s somewhere nearby, you can play a sound to locate your watch; if that doesn’t work, you can use GPS to find its location on a map, put it in Lost Mode so strangers can contact you, or remotely erase its data. They’re the same tools that Apple uses to locate its Apple AirTags.

Unfortunately, many of these tools only work if you have Find My iPhone set up before losing your Apple Watch. So our ability to help you will vary based on that prerequisite.

In this tutorial, we’ll show how to locate your Apple Watch using your iPhone or, how to find it when it’s lost or stolen, and how to check if you have Find My Watch activated.

How to find your nearby Apple Watch using sounds

The key to tracking down your Apple Watch lies in the new Find My app, so open that up. If you’re not sure where to find the app itself, check the App Library by swiping left through your home screens, or swipe down in the middle of the home screen to pull up an app search bar.

In the app, select the Devices tab, where you should see your paired Apple Watch. Select it, and you should instantly see a map showing the watch’s current or last known location. If you’re nearby, you should also see an icon of your iPhone on the map.

Underneath the map, you’ll see a series of Find My controls. For this section, we’re assuming your Apple Watch is close enough to be heard.

Tap Play Sound to make your Apple Watch emit an increasingly loud chime. It will blare out this noise for two minutes, even if your watch is in silent mode; if that isn’t enough time, you can tap Play Sound again and keep searching.

Find your Apple Watch using Apple Maps

Your ability to see an accurate, current location of your missing Apple Watch will vary based on whether your Apple Watch model has GPS and/or cellular, if the Watch still has power, and which Find My settings you have enabled or disabled.

Without cellular data, your Apple Watch won’t be able to transmit its location unless it happens to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. But if you have the Find My Network enabled, Apple will use strangers’ Apple devices to detect and transmit your watch’s location (assuming it’s still turned on).

If Apple has a fix on its location, you’ll be able to see its position in the Find My app. If not, Apple may be able to show you its last tracked location if you had that setting turned on beforehand.

Open the same menu as before: Find My app > Devices > [Your name’s] Apple Watch. Select Directions. This tool inserts your watch’s GPS location as the destination in Apple Maps and guides you until you find it.

(If you’ve uninstalled Apple Maps, you’ll need to redownload it before you can use this tool.)

Once you get close, you can go back into Find My, tap the Play Sound command and hope that you can hear it nearby.

Find your Apple Watch using iCloud

This scenario mainly applies if you’re also missing your iPhone for whatever reason. But you can also search for your missing Apple Watch (and iPhone) on your computer if you prefer.

Go to and sign in using your Apple ID. Choose the Find iPhone icon. You’ll be taken to a map showing All Devices; click on that drop-down menu to find your Apple Watch and select it. You’ll see its current or approximate location, plus options to Play Sound, turn on Lost Mode, or remotely Erase Apple Watch.

What to do if your Apple Watch is lost or stolen

If you think someone stole your Apple Watch, or you left it somewhere in public where anyone could find it, don’t delay. Your best chance for getting it back – or preventing someone from erasing its data and reselling it – is to put it in Lost Mode as quickly as possible.

In Find My app > Devices > [Your name’s] Apple Watch, scroll down to find Mark as Lost and Activate it. You’ll be prompted to add a phone number and an optional message; this info will appear on the display if someone finds and turns on your Apple Watch, so they can contact you to return it. Tap Activate again to confirm that the watch is lost.

Because you have Find My activated, Activation Lock will also be enabled by default. This means that no one who finds your watch will be able to unlock and use it without your Apple ID and password.

Ideally, you’ll find your missing watch or a good samaritan will return it to you. Once it’s back in your possession, go back to the Mark as Lost menu option and select it, then choose Turn Off Mark As Lost and confirm your choice. This will signal to Apple that it’s safely back in your possession, so you can use it freely again.

On the other hand, if you think someone has stolen your Apple Watch and may have access to its data, we recommend you change your Apple ID password in Settings > Your Name > Password & Security to limit their access to your other information.

You could then go to, log in, go to Account Settings, find your Apple Watch, and remove it from your list of trusted devices.

Finally, if you want to remote-wipe your Apple Watch so it removes your data as soon as it is turned on and connected to wi-fi, go to the Find My app > Devices, select the stolen Watch, scroll down to the bottom of the menu, and choose Erase This Device.

The best settings for finding your missing Apple Watch

This section mainly applies for preventing future loss of your Apple Watch (or other devices). Turning these on now won’t help you to locate your missing Apple Watch. Still, we hope this guide will help you to keep track of your next Apple Watch.

The most important thing to do is activate Find My iPhone, because this causes Apple to automatically track your Apple Watch as well. Go to Settings > Your Name > Find My > Find My iPhone.

Turn on all three options: Find My iPhone lets your Apple Watch appear in the Find My app; Find My network lets Apple locate your devices using other nearby iPhones to triangulate the location; and Send Last Location tells Apple where your device was right before its battery died.

You’ll also need to turn on iPhone location services in case you turned it off. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and activate it.

With all of these enabled, your Apple Watch should also be trackable by default. If you’re uncertain, open the Find My app or log into iCloud and check to see if your Apple Watch shows up on the map.

How to locate your lost apple watchWilliam Gallagher | Jul 17, 2020

How to locate your lost apple watch

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From finding where you left your Apple Watch in the house, to tracking it down across the world, you can get your Watch back — or at least help people return it to you.

We get used to anything. When you first put on an expensive Apple Watch, you might well be self-conscious about it, you might well flinch when you come close to catching it in a doorway. Soon enough, you forget what it cost, and then you forget to put it on.

When that happens to you — and it is definitely when, not if — then it might just be that it’s still on the charger by your bed. In that case, the only problem is that it’s inconvenient because of course you noticed its absence because you wanted to use it.

If you leave it anywhere else, though, from a hotel to an office, then it could be lost forever, except for how Find My can help you. Usually. If it has been set up, that is.

Setting up Find My on Apple Watch

  1. Set up Find My on your iPhone
  2. In Settings, tap your name at the top
  3. Scroll to Find My
  4. Turn on Find My iPhone
  5. Turn on Enable Offline Finding
  6. Then tap to turn on Send Last Location

There are no settings to do this for your Apple Watch, but you don’t need them. Turning on Find My on your iPhone automatically turns the same feature on for your Apple Watch.

With it turned on, you shouldn’t exactly be casual about leaving your Watch lying around. But you don’t have to have a panic attack when you see it’s gone, either.

How to find Apple Watch

  1. On your iPhone, launch the Find My app
  2. Tap on Devices tab if it isn’t already selected
  3. Scroll to your Apple Watch in the list that appears and tap that

How to locate your lost apple watch

The app will display a map showing a location for your Apple Watch. It won’t be to the inch, and it may not even be where the Watch actually is right now, though.

If your Apple Watch has LTE then it may be able to show you its current location.If it doesn’t have LTE, but it is in a trusted Wi-Fi network such as your home or work one, then it may again be able to display where it is.

Whether you’ve got LTE or not, though, the Watch’s battery is going to run out eventually. When that happens, or if it can’t show you where it is exactly, the Find My app will show you where the Watch was the last time it could be located.

If you’ve lost your iPhone too

  1. Sign in to on any browser
  2. Click on Find iPhone
  3. Choose the All Devices drop down menu
  4. Select your Apple Watch

What to do when Find My spots your Apple Watch

If you’re fortunate, then just seeing the map of where the Watch is, or last was, will be enough to mean you can relax. It’s at home, it’s at work, you’ve left it at your friend’s. All of that is fine — except it’s sometimes not enough.

When the Watch is at home but somehow not on your charger, or whenever Find My is telling you that it’s nearby, you can get your Apple Watch to play a sound. It’s a quite piercing trill, but the Watch is small, its speakers are smaller, you do need to be close before you can hear them.

Nonetheless, you can keep on playing the sound until you do. When you click on Play Sound on or the Find My App, it obviously makes the Watch play this trill. It also displays a message on the Watch, though, and you get emailed a notification that Find My was used.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Worst case scenario

If you really cannot find your Apple Watch, there are two more things you can do. The first is to put it into Lost Mode. That lets you send a message that gets displayed on the Watch’s face so that anyone who picks it up can see how to contact you.

On the iPhone app, you do this by going through Find My and then tapping on Mark as Lost. On, you click on Lost Mode.

Alternatively, if necessary, you can remotely erase the Apple Watch so that none of your data falls into anyone’s hands.

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Прежде чем продать Apple Watch или передать их другому пользователю, не забудьте разорвать пару с iPhone. При этом будет удален контент часов, включая информацию о платежных картах, а также снята блокировка активации (которая предотвращает активацию другими пользователями). Если Вы потеряли Apple Watch, Вы можете перевести их в режим пропажи.

Разрыв пары с Apple Watch и удаление блокировки активации

Откройте приложение Apple Watch на iPhone.

Коснитесь «Мои часы» > «Все часы».

Коснитесь рядом с Вашими часами, затем коснитесь «Разорвать пару с Apple Watch».

При этом контент на Apple Watch стирается, Apple Watch удаляются из учетной записи iCloud и снимается блокировка активации. Подробнее см. в статье Блокировка активации на Apple Watch на сайте поддержки Apple.

Поиск Apple Watch

Откройте приложение Apple Watch на iPhone.

Коснитесь «Мои часы» > «Все часы».

Коснитесь рядом с Вашими часами, затем коснитесь «Найти Apple Watch».

В приложении «Локатор» на iPhone выберите свои часы, чтобы увидеть их местонахождение на карте.

Если на карте видно, что Apple Watch находятся рядом с Вами, коснитесь «Воспроизвести звук».

Пометка Apple Watch как пропавших

Когда Вы помечаете Apple Watch как пропавшие, они блокируются код-паролем, чтобы никто посторонний не мог получить доступ к Вашей личной информации, а возможность оплаты дебетовыми или кредитными картами с помощью Apple Pay в приложении Wallet приостанавливается.

Откройте приложение Apple Watch на iPhone.

Коснитесь «Мои часы» > «Все часы».

Коснитесь рядом с Вашими часами, затем коснитесь «Найти Apple Watch».

В приложении «Локатор» на iPhone коснитесь «Активировать» в разделе «Отметить как пропавшее», затем коснитесь «Продолжить».

Введите номер телефона, если хотите, чтобы человек, нашедший Ваши Apple Watch, связался с Вами.

Коснитесь «Далее», затем введите сообщение, которое будет выводиться на экран Apple Watch, когда кто-нибудь их найдет.

Коснитесь «Включить», чтобы пометить Apple Watch как пропавшие.

Обнаружив Apple Watch, введите код-пароль на часах или откройте «Локатор» на iPhone, коснитесь «Устройства», коснитесь своих Apple Watch, коснитесь «Активировано», а затем коснитесь «Снять отметку “пропавшее”».

Стирание данных с потерянных Apple Watch

Прежде чем стирать данные с устройства, попробуйте найти его или воспроизвести на нем звук. После стирания данных Вы не сможете выполнить эти действия в приложении «Локатор».

Откройте приложение Apple Watch на iPhone.

Коснитесь «Мои часы» > «Все часы».

Коснитесь рядом с Вашими часами, затем коснитесь «Найти Apple Watch».

В приложении «Локатор» на iPhone коснитесь своих часов, затем коснитесь «Стереть это устройство».

Удаление платежных карт через веб-браузер

В случае потери или кражи Apple Watch Вы можете войти в свою учетную запись на сайте с помощью своего Apple ID и удалить карты.

В разделе «Устройства» выберите устройство.

Нажмите «Удалить все карты» в блоке «Apple Pay».

Кроме того, Вы можете связаться с эмитентами своих карт. Подробнее см. в статье Если часы Apple Watch пропали или украдены на сайте поддержки Apple.

Если iPhone и Apple Watch больше не подключены друг к другу или если одно из устройств не работает должным образом, сначала сотрите контент с Apple Watch, а затем разорвите пару через приложение Apple Watch на iPhone (при наличии).

Для получения дополнительной информации см. статью Что нужно сделать перед продажей, передачей или сдачей часов Apple Watch либо их покупкой с рук на сайте службы поддержки Apple.

Apple devices are not just a status symbol; it also enables people to stay safe. With apple watch location services, you can send your real-time location to your family and friends to ensure that you are safe. In this era of crime and commotion all around, this fantastic feature of apple watch enables you and your loved ones to ensure that you are safe and secure.

This article will provide you all the information about your apple watch features and how you can use them to get maximum benefits. So, let’s get started and “watch” the fantastic features of your apple watch to leverage the best qualities of the beautiful watch you bought.

  • Part 1: Set up activation lock on your Apple Watch
  • Part 2: How to use Find My Apple Watch to locate Apple Watch
  • Part 3: How to turn off Find My Apple Watch (activation lock for Apple Watch)
  • Part 4: How to find the last location of Apple Watch
  • Part 5: How to use Apple Watch to find iPhone

Part 1: Set up activation lock on your Apple Watch

The activation lock on your apple watch will prevent any other person from pairing up with your apple watch. Thus, it ensures maximum privacy as well as protection. Follow these steps to set up an activation lock on your apple watch:

  1. Make sure to pair up your apple watch with your apple device/iPhone.
  2. The next step is to check if your apple watch’s activation lock is enabled or not. To do this, all you need to do is to:

Step 1: Open the Apple watch app on your phone

Step 2: Tap the icon My Watch, on the top left corner.

Step 3: Tap the name of your apple watch.

Step 4: After this, tap on the info button given at the right of the Apple watch.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Step 5: Then look to Find my Apple watch option and launch Find My app.

Step 6: Once you find your Apple watch in the app, it means activation lock is enabled. You are good to go.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Part 2: How to use Find My Apple Watch to locate Apple Watch

2.1 Locate Apple Watch using the Find My app

Even the most careful person can misplace essential items. Thus, if you too have lost your newly bought Apple watch, follow these steps to find the Apple Watch:

The “Find My” app works very well when you want to know the previous location of your Apple devices.

Step 1. Start the “Find My App” on any of your Apple devices, either iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Swipe to reveal the full list of the devices connected to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 3. Tap the “Apple watch” on the list

Step 4. Tap “Play sound.”

Step 5. You will hear the chirping sound.

Step 6. The sound will get louder and louder, and thus, you can quickly get your Apple watch if it is lost nearby.

How to locate your lost apple watch

2.2 Locate Apple Watch using iCloud

You can use to recover your lost apple watch or to get the live location. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Visit and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 2. Open the tab, Find my Phone

Step 3. A click on all devices

Step 4. You will find the option of your Apple watch

Step 5. Choose the device tab, and you will get the live location of your apple watch.

Step 6. If your watch is nearby, you can play the sound to get towards it.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Part 3: How to turn off Find My Apple Watch (activation lock for Apple Watch)

Most people ask questions on platforms like “How do I turn off my Apple watch?” Before sending your apple watch to repair or to while selling it to others, it is always advisable to turn off the “Find My Apple Watch Activation.”

Follow these steps to turn off “Find My Apple Watch.”

Step 1. Keep the Apple Watch and iPhone near to each other.

Step 2. Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 3. Hit on watch name, and then tap on info (‘i’ icon).

Step 4. Tap on the button, “Unpair Apple Watch”.

Step 5. Sometimes, you may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password. Enter it, confirm it, and you can turn off the activation link of your Apple Watch from your iPhone.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Part 4: How to find the last location of Apple Watch

Find my app is a fantastic app that enables you to find the last location of Apple watch. Thus, in case your watch is lost, or it is stolen, you can use this feature to know the previous location of the device. If you have forgotten your watch nearby, you can find it instantly by following these steps:

Step 1. Go to “find my” app

Step 2. Choose your Apple watch from the given list

Step 3. Tap on your Apple watch name

How to locate your lost apple watch

Step 4. Tap on the Info tab

How to locate your lost apple watch

Step 5. Tap on “Find my Apple watch.”

How to locate your lost apple watch

Step 6. If the watch is somewhere near you, you can play the sound, to know the location.

Step 7. You can also get the direction towards the current location of your Apple watch.

Part 5: How to use Apple Watch to find iPhone

Isn’t it amazing, you can use an Apple Watch to find your iPhone and vice versa?

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Press the “Digital Crown” button to return to your Apple watch face

Step 2. Swipe up, from the watch face

Step 3. The watch will show your iPhone at the top of the list

Step 4. The watch will confirm that your iPhone is connected.

Step 5. Tap on the button, “Find my iPhone.”

Step 6. Within a few seconds, your iPhone will start ringing.

Step 7. Get your phone back, and try not to misplace it!

How to locate your lost apple watch

Final Words

Most Apple devices come at a high price. Thus, it is essential to keep it safe. But most often, we misplace our iPhone, Apple watch, or iPods. But try to enable find my watch or find my iPhone, to ensure that you don’t lose your precious time in finding your valuable Apple devices.

Find My app, works very well in finding your misplaced iPhone, iPod, or Apple watch. It can also be hugely beneficial in locating your device, and the live location of the device gives you peace to find since you know that the precious device is just lying beneath your sofa cushion!

Thus, use Find My app to get peace of mind and to save your essential device from getting lost. We shared everything related to Apple Watch location services. We hope you liked it.

Oliver Haslam
How to locate your lost apple watchOliver Haslam

Oliver Haslam is a professional freelance writer with nearly ten years of experience. His work has been published on Macworld, PCMag, 1Password’s blog, and other websites. He writes about all things Apple. Read more.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Misplacing an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch can be infuriating, especially if you’re sure it’s around here somewhere, but just can’t put your hands on it. If you have Find my iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch active, ask Siri to find it for you.

You’re probably already aware that you can find an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch by using the Find my iPhone app, but there’s an altogether cooler, more friction-free way of doing it. Asking Siri to “find my iPhone” or other device is a quick way to do exactly that, and Siri can even initiate a ping to the missing device, making it easier for you to find it.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Things get even better if you own a HomePod, too, because you can ask it to do everything just as you would any other Siri-toting device. There’s something magical about shouting at a HomePod and having your iPhone ping like crazy from behind the sofa cushion.

How to Find a Lost iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with Siri

For any of this to work, you’ll need to have enabled Find my iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch during setup. Assuming you did, here’s how to find any of those devices using your voice, thanks to Siri.

To get the ball rolling, invoke Siri the way you normally would and then ask it to “Find my x” and replace x with the device for which you’re looking.

  • “Find my iPhone.”
  • “Find my iPad.”
  • “Find my Apple Watch.”

How to locate your lost apple watch

If you have multiple devices, like two iPads for example, Siri will ask you to confirm which one you want to locate. If you have multiple family members, you can even ask Siri to find their device too. Simply add their name to the request; “Find Rachel’s iPhone” will have Siri do exactly that.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Once Siri has identified the device you wish to locate, it will ask you want to play a sound from it. Reply with a “Yes” to initiate the ping.

Once the ping has started, your device will start to make a sound. This will continue until it is canceled on the device itself, or eventually times out.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Of course, if you’re sure your lost device is somewhere nearby and you have Siri set to respond to a voice command, you could also try talking to her directly. Just say something like “Hey Siri, tell me a joke” so she starts making noise.

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How to locate your lost apple watch Oliver Haslam
Oliver Haslam is a professional freelance writer with nearly ten years of experience. His work has been published on Macworld, PCMag, 1Password’s blog, and other websites. He writes about all things Apple.
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How to locate your lost apple watch

Whenever you can’t find your iPhone you can use the ping feature on your Apple Watch to ring a tone on it. Once you tap on the ping button from the watchOS Control Center, iPhone starts ringing and as a result letting you find the device instantly. Not many users know that you can also ping an Apple Watch in case you lose it right from the iPhone.

When you do so, a pinging sound is played on the Apple Watch that lets you find the device easily. Pinging Apple Watch from iPhone can be very useful in case you have placed your Watch somewhere and cannot remember where. It can also be useful where your Apple Watch has lost, presumably fallen under the couch etc.

Read on to learn how to play sound on Apple Watch from iPhone and find it easily.

Play Pinging Sound On Watch From iPhone

Here are the steps that you can follow to find Apple Watch with iPhone. With these steps you can use your iPhone to make your Apple Watch ring. This will help you finding your lost Apple Watch.

Step 1. For this to work your Apple Watch needs to be connected to the Internet through WiFi. Once you have made sure of that continue with the steps below.

Step 2. On your iPhone launch the ‘Find My‘ app and sign into your iCloud account.

Step 3. Now from the list of your Apple devices tap on the Apple Watch you want to play sound on.

Step 4. The Watch should appear on a map along with other Apple devices owned by you. Tap on the Watch icon.

How to locate your lost apple watch

Step 5. Finally from the menu tap on the ‘Play Sound’ button.

This should start playing a pinging sound on your Apple Watch, which would help you in finding where it is. Once you find the device simply tap on the ‘Dismiss’ button in order to make the pinging sound stop.

So next time you misplace your Apple Watch just use your iPhone to ping it. If you have any questions about how to ping Apple Watch from iPhone, then let us know in the comments section below.

Find Your iPhone With Apple Watch

You can also use the iPhone ping feature that allows users to quickly find their misplaced iPhone using the Apple Watch. Here’s how it works.

How to locate your lost apple watch

  1. On your Apple Watch access the Control Center screen.
  2. Once you are on the Control Center tap on the iPhone button as shown in the image above.

As soon as you have tapped on this button your iPhone will start ringing and thus letting you know its location. The iPhone needs to be in the range of Apple Watch’s Bluetooth range for this to work.