How to make the best of beach days

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How to make the best of beach days

For me, a summer beach trip is all about what you make of it. My personality won’t let me just sit still and sunbathe all day, but as long as I go with the right people and bring along a few beach must haves, I can stay all week and have a blast. If you’re the same way, here are a few things to take to the beach to transform your trip from blah to fab!

How to make the best of beach daysA beautiful day out in Barbados

What to Take to the Beach: The Essentials

Solid Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity for all summer activities and typically I’m a fan of the aerosol sprays (so I can get my back while traveling solo!). However, when flying, that’s not always practical.

Solid sunscreen is a great solution because it’ll go right through airport security without restrictions. I love Neutrogena’s “Beach Defense Stick”, but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t sunbathe inbetween dips in the ocean you might want something that applies on wet skin.

Bonus tip: If you want to bring along liquid sunscreen for roadtrips and/or in TSA-approved amounts for flying, make sure it’s in a Go-Toob that doesn’t leak or is packed in a Ziploc bag. I’ve had sunscreen leak all over my suitcase before and it’s a mess to clean up!

Baby Powder

My husband hates sand, which is one of the reasons we never hit the beach together. The easiest way to get it off your body quickly is actually by using baby powder! If you sprinkle it on, the sand falls right off your feet, ankles, and other parts of your body so you don’t track it into your car or hotel room.

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Yes, that’s right. Pack a pair of underwear for the beach! It sucks heading out to lunch or grabbing a sundowner while wearing wet bathing suit bottoms, so having dry, clean underwear makes a big difference.

After you’ve baby powdered the sand off, discretely change under a towel, sundress, or beach tent (or I suppose you could find an actual changing room) and you’ll feel a million times better.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t have access to a shower, these wipes do a great job of “rinsing” you from saltwater, sunscreen, and sweat. They’re easy to throw in a beach bag so you can clean up on the run!

Reusable Water Bottles

Whether traveling by plane or taking a road trip, a reusable water bottle is an absolute must. Not only is it good for the planet, it’s cheaper than buying bottled water from convenience stores or beach vendors.

My sister got me a reusable bottle with a built in infuser last Christmas, and it makes water so refreshing that you won’t have to try hard to hydrate! If you’re stopping at a grocery store to stock your beach condo, pack a few extras to infuse in your water.

My Favorite Infusion Recipes:

  • Cucumber + mint, for a super-refreshing chill
  • Grapefruit + rosemary, which is mellower than lemon (and rosemary is a natural skin tonic if you got a little too much sun!)