How to make your dreams come true

It's a question that has captivated cultures for as long as history has been recorded. Many attribute the predictive power of dreams to spirituality and divine intervention. Yet, regardless of the faith of any individual who enters the dream state, there are numerous instances in which dreams actually do come true in ways that were not anticipated. Most prophetic dreams do not bear spiritually significant meaning and hold no link to life-changing events.

Researchers have found that the brain’s activity during sleep may explain the capacity of dreams to foretell the future.

The science behind predictive dreams
There are frequent stories of people who explain that they had dreams unexpectedly came true. There are several possible explanations.

Some experts suggest that dreams may include events that a person has not necessarily thought through while awake. After dreaming of something, such as passing or failing a test, a student might begin to believe in the probability of either outcome. In this example, a student’s behavior might change: he or she may study more or less for the test after the dream. This can happen because the dream may be considered a reflection of the most likely outcome, which becomes very life-like and powerful in the dream state. The power of dreams, however, only applies to outcomes that can be at least partially controlled by a person who knew of the dream.

However, some dreams come true without any intervention or “post-dream” action that could have been controlled by the dreamer or anyone who knew the content of the dream. Evidence points to the idea that dreams can also be a synthesis of a person’s conscious and subconscious memories-a synthesis of real clues that make it easier to accurately anticipate the probability of certain outcomes. This theory also suggests that obvious clues may not be considered important until all the facts are pooled. Sometimes this occurs during sleep.

Dream anatomy and function
REM sleep is dependent on intact structure and function of several areas of the brain. One study showed that patients who had suffered from bilateral lesions of the ventromesial region or the parieto-temporo-occipital junction lost the ability to dream during sleep. 1,2

And a few studies point to pattern recognition as a component of REM sleep. This suggests that there may be some linking of events that occurs during the dream state that does not always occur when awake. . . essentially putting concrete signs that are collected during waking hours together to form a reasonable deduction about their implications.


1. Solms M. The Neuropsychology of Dreams: A Clinico-Anatomical Study. Mahwah, NJ: L. Erlbaum. 1997.
2. Llewellyn S. Dream to predict? REM dreaming as prospective coding. Front Psychol.2015;6:1961.
Further Reading
Revonsuo A. The reinterpretation of dreams: an evolutionary hypothesis of the function of dreaming. Behav Brain Sci.2000;23:877-901.

According to scientists, everybody dreams. Not everybody remembers their dreams but, when asleep, some of our subconscious thoughts break free and fill our head with activities we otherwise would not imagine.

There has been a lot of research into dreams tackling such questions as why we dream and how. Some dreams last for a few seconds and some are much longer, even as long as 20 minutes.

Sleep is divided into various stages and the REM or rapid eye movement stage is seen as the best time or stage for dreaming. That’s when the dream is the most vivid or memorable.

There are many definitions of a dream and include such things as:

  • Thinking thoughts or having ideas when you are asleep
  • To experience an imaginary state of being
  • To go back in time while living in the present

What do dreams mean?

Translating or understanding the meaning of a dream can be a complex business. There are so many aspects to the art of deciphering a dream. To reinforce this point, what would a dream about deciphering a dream mean? Dreams can work on different levels.

Even though dreams have been studied for centuries, there still remains an air of mystery about the subject. Today it is generally agreed by practitioners of reading dreams that the study can be of great benefit to the dreamers. One specific point agreed by all concerned is that every person and thus every dream is unique. What each dream means and how it can relate to the life of the dreamer is a one-off.

Sigmund Freud was a prominent analyst who gave great weight to the importance of dreams. He believed they were a window to the soul. He believed that dreams reveal a person’s innermost and often hidden thoughts and emotions.

We dream about the future and the past. We dream about death and life. We dream about money, sex, failure and success. But whatever the topic, the length or frequency of the dream, the important question remains; what does it mean?

This is where interpretation comes in. Every analyst will approach the subject from their own point of view. They will certainly want to know about a number of dreams over a period of time usually months. They will certainly want to know the details of the client’s life be it family, business, hobby, etc. From both the knowledge of the dreams and the personal details, an interpretation is provided.

Dream facts

Despite the differences of opinion held by people, everyone or almost everyone agrees on certain facts about dreams.

  • We all dream
  • We forget most of what we dream – some say up to 90%
  • Dreams are symbolic and rarely literal
  • People who are blind can dream
  • We can have many dreams in the one period of sleep
  • Studies show that even animals dream
  • Men and women do not dream the same way – men dream more about other men while women tend to dream equally about men and women
  • REM or rapid eye movement sleep lasts about 90 minutes per sleep session. This is the time when most dreams take place
  • · The study of dreams is known as oneirology
  • Many writers including William Shakespeare used dreams in their work to help tell the story
  • A nightmare is a specific type of dream usually associated with fear and horror
  • · The book The Interpretation of Dreams became almost as popular as the bible
  • ·The bible mentions people having dreams
  • The best people at remembering dreams are pregnant women supposedly because of hormonal changes at that time of their life
  • People using nicotine patches to help them stop smoking are often said to have vivid dreams
  • Heavy smokers who stop cold turkey often report vivid dreams
  • Children have shorter dreams than their parents and almost half of kids’ dreams are scary or nightmarish
  • Some dreams are literal. Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his death shortly before he was assassinated
  • The people who have the most vivid recall of their dream are those who wake up immediately the dream has ended

Psychics and dreams

Many psychics believe dreams can help. They say that if you are able to remember most of your dreams you are in a good position to predict or control your future. Dreams are said to enable the dreamer to see things which may occur months or even years in the future.

As with all unproven things such claims are open to criticism. But because we all dream and because many of our dreams are real and interesting, there will always be a thirst for the meaning, the truth behind the material of which we dream.

For a Phone Reading to interpret your Dream Call Us Now!

Hi im 19 and i am married. I’ve been married for 4 years and here recently i have been having dreams about my husband having an affair but with a different woman everytime. My husband does work out of town except on weekends. My question is could you help me figure all this out?
Thank you

You know that dream where you’re trying to run from something but your feet are stuck? Or the one where you show up to work without pants? What if, instead of being terrified or horrified, those situations were hilarious — and you could even control them?

Start lucid dreaming, and you might just enjoy prancing through the office naked, knowing none of it is real. You might figure out how to unstick your legs from that quicksand and get where you were going.

Lucid dreaming is when you know you’re dreaming while it’s happening. “Most people who have had this experience find it one of the most interesting dream experiences they have ever had,” says Deirdre Barrett, author of The Committee of Sleep: How Artists, Scientists, and Athletes Use Their Dreams for Creative Problem Solving — And How You Can Too.

Ready to reimagine your nightmares, look at things in a new way, or even find inner peace? Here’s how to give it a sleepy spin.

How to make your dreams come true

Source: Getty Images

Step 1: Improve your dream recall

To participate in your dreams, you first need to practice remembering them, notes Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., who is considered the field’s pioneer. That’s because recalling your dreams will help you recognize their features and patterns, which can then help you realize when you’re in one.

The way to start remembering your dreams is pretty simple: Take the time to try. Ryan D. Hurd, a dream researcher, author and lecturer at John F. Kennedy University recommends keeping a journal by your bed and recording whatever you remember of your dreams as soon as you wake up.”Give yourself the mental space and the time to focus on what happened, rather than jumping out of bed, taking a shower, and focusing on the day ahead,” he says.

Oddly enough, it also helps to tell yourself each night that you want to remember your dreams. When you are remembering three to five dreams a week, or one every other night, it’s time to get excited — you’re ready to start trying to lucid dream.

Step 2: Recognize when you’re dreaming

Lucid dreaming is all about recognizing the difference between dreams and reality. To do it, start practicing something called reality checking. “It can be hard to take seriously, but ask yourself if you are really awake or dreaming throughout the day,” says Barrett. “Some do it informally, while others set an alarm every two hours to remind themselves to ask.”

Weird? Yes. But it works! How? When you’re truly dreaming, you’ll begin noticing things look a little different. The numbers on a digital clock might be blurred, text might looks funny or mirror images might be distorted. If things work normally while you are awake, but differently during a dream, you’ll recognize when you are actually dreaming, says Barrett.

How to make your dreams come true

Source: Getty Images

Step 3: Prep your brain

If you’re really dedicated to becoming a lucid dreamer, you can try a technique called Wake Back To Bed (WBTB). This means waking up after sleeping for four hours and staying awake for an hour and meditate, read or journal before falling back asleep. It “wakes up parts of the brain that are linked to self consciousness from awareness,” says Hurd. “You are likely to return to the state that encourages lucidity.”

During WBTB, you can also try LaBerge’s Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dreaming (MILD) technique. “Instead of reading, focus on remembering the dream you just had, and imagine yourself back in that dream,” says Hurd.

Step 4: Cultivate your dreams

From there, you can start observing, and perhaps even participating in your dreams. Which is super cool. Some find lucid dreaming easier than others, but the key is to be patient. “People get frustrated because it doesn’t happen on the first night,” says Hurd. “Be flexible and try again the next night.”

Once you get the hang of it, you can even learn how to do things like dream incubation, in which you can use dreams to solve problems. For most people, however, it’s all about the enjoyment — and sometimes deep fulfillment — of being present while dreaming.

“Depending on your own belief system, if you are talking to a deceased loved one in a lucid dream, it can be a very satisfying and healing experience for some people,” says Hurd. Now that’s a dream worth making a reality.

How to make your dreams come true

The goal is set. She runs for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and everything in creation tries to stop her. A hailstorm, a fire, a hurricane, a heartbreak, and finally, persisting until the sweet end, she makes it! Hardly believing it is real, she basks in the warm light of glory that begins to feel as natural as the sun itself.

Just as she did, you can make your dreams come true. Persistence is the key word in the above story, and the magic key to success in any endeavor. Never give up. If you believe in your dreams, you must pursue them with zeal, tumbling any blocks in your way with pure love and joy for the chase!

Where To Begin

When I was in eighth grade, my teacher asked us to write a composition about what we’d like to do when we grew up. All I could think of was one sentence. “I want to help people!” I had an unformed idea that has reshaped and remolded itself many times over the years, through many failures, heartbreaks, and countless feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. I know now that the feeling to help others meant to help myself first, then find ways to help others help themselves.

That dream has finally grown into a full-time income reality, with a part-time effort. (My dream job). I get to spend my days spreading love, and loving myself, because I have the freedom and time to do whatever I need to live well. That doesn’t mean that life is always easy, or that my work is always enjoyable. It means I am doing what I would do if this were the last day of my life. That is my yardstick for following my heart. that and doing what feels absolutely right and true.

What have you always wanted to do? Write it down now. If that questions stumps you, try this one on for size: What would you do if this were the last day of your life? Write down the first thing that comes to mind, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it seems. that will always be from Soul. OK, got it? Good, you’re on your way!

The God-Can

The first magic ingredient to making something happen is to write it down. Writing things down makes them happen. It has been proven in studies done with two groups of people. Both groups sought after goals in the same way. Yet one group, the test group, wrote their goals down on paper, the other group was not allowed to do this. The group that took pen to paper accomplished them, get this, 100 to one over the group that did not! Is that incredible?

I have proven this over and over to myself. Every time I write my goals, they get accomplished unless I am emotionally entangled in them (that’s a whole article in itself).

So get out a pretty or special box or jar, or decorate a can (a “God-can” is nice). Now stuff it with all the little pieces of paper on which you have madly written your dreams and goals as they have come to mind. Set reasonable dates for their attainment as well. It works, even if the dream doesn’t land exactly on that date, it helps your subconscious to have a specific time frame.

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The Toxicity of Pursuing Being Number One

Now you get to be a kid again. If you can pretend it is really happening, it will happen much faster and more fully than your mind can believe. Relaxation and becoming childlike in your attitude is vital to working with your subconscious. Too bad adults don’t “make believe” anymore. why should kids have all the fun anyway?

There are lots of wonderful books on creating what you want. My studies of them and my own experiences in life have helped me to accomplish almost anything I could imagine, from a Hawaiian cruise to living there and learning Hula. From a visit to New York City working temporarily at “Good Morning America” to working at my dream job for a very special publisher. There’s more to go for me. I’m not stopping till my body does, and you don’t have to either.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, so get in there and dig your toes in the mud. You might just find a diamond!

Fame? Riches? Maybe you’re superhumanly charismatic and people crowd you when you walk into rooms. You crack them up with your wit and charm. Maybe your writing gets covered in the NYTimes Book Review, or your first album becomes a multi-platinum smash hit. Maybe you simply stumble into true love when you both hop into the same taxi.

  • Of my wildest fantasies, the ones that give me the most pleasure to fantasize about, which have come true?”
  • Which are legitimately going to come true in the next 6 months?

Just Vote for Pedro! (kidding, kidding) To make your dreams come true you have to imagine differently. That is the key to getting what you want. I’ll get to the specifics of imagining differently but first, let me give a counter-example. I call it:

How I tricked myself into crippling inaction

  • Are the visualizations we indulge in to feel good
  • Are disconnected from reality today
  • Don’t inspire action
  • Don’t inspire us to seize on opportunities
  • Are visualizations that show us where we are going
  • May fill us with anxiety and excitement because we KNOW we have to act to get there
  • Inspire action
  • Make us hyper aware of any opportunities to reach our goal

Now it’s your turn

(this is me giving you time to write and THINK)

What is your life project fantasy? What would you like to spend your time doing? Are you internationally known as a philanthropic expert, being interviewed and hosting charity balls? Are you Batman, dealing out vigilante justice? Write it down.

What is your life project future projection? Are you going back for your MBA to “learn more” before becoming an entrepreneur? Are you a VP at your current company? Do you have a slightly successful online business which generates some income on the side? Write it down. What is the difference? And are you willing to start seeing yourself actually DOING the things to achieve your fantasy goal? Write down the difference and allow yourself to really SEE yourself doing the things you’d need to do to get your fantasy.

(this is me giving you time to write and THINK)

What is your relationship fantasy? Is the coolest, most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen rolling over in bed to tell you how much she loves you? Are you blissfully happy? Write it down.

What is your relationship projection? Do you see yourself going to the bar on Friday night, passing by the beautiful woman, getting yourself drunk, and trying to hook up with someone who you’re confident won’t reject you? Write it down. What is the difference? And are you willing to start seeing yourself actually DOING the things to achieve your fantasy goal? You know the drill. Write it all down and reflect.

Hello Mikhail

If your fantasies and projections are the same, you’re either Russian Billionaire Playboy Mikhail Prokhorov or you’re not being honest enough. It should kinda suck to realize this stuff. You have to confront the ways in which you’ve been shortchanging yourself. The ways in which you have a low self-image, have been unwilling to change, or have hidden the truth from yourself. Then you have to go through the exercise of mentally facing your fears. You have to mentally see yourself doing what you know you should have been doing all along.

So be honest. Make it sting. Then start correcting course. It’s no fun. But if you can make your fantasies and your future projections the same, you’ll be on the path to serious life-domination. And I promise: All your wildest dreams will come true. Just vote for Pedro So what fantasies are you going to change. Write them now in the comments.

Do you know the 4 emotions you need to make a great first impression every time?

If you create these 4 emotions in a SPECIFIC order, you are guaranteed to make an amazing first impression. Get the order wrong…and it won’t turn out so well. This explanatory video takes less than seven minutes to watch and is 100% free.

How to make your dreams come true

if you need to acquire a message through your desires the best way to head about it is to invite or set your purpose earlier than you sleep.

whilst this will not work whenever or right away, the more you practice the extra you may open your self to receiving Divine guidance.

remember, you dream every night time so even in case you don’t recollect any, be open to the reality that you may have received a few know-how or peace during your sleep.

choose this based on the feeling you get while you first awaken.

due to its high active vibration, it can help activate better dimensions within the spirit world and may let you higher recognise and apprehend your goals.

it is able to also help you to get hold of intuitive messages and connect with your Spirit courses and angels.

that is a very soothing and comforting crystal which is likewise super for folks that suffer from sleep paralysis and nightmares.

there are many dream dictionaries out there with definitions of what each symbol, animal or object may mean, however regularly symbols are unique to the character.

If butterflies have constantly reminded you of your grandma, then perhaps seeing a butterfly for your dreams is a message from her.

To liberate your desires you really want to pay attention to any symbols or metaphors that come up and try to relate them in your everyday or beyond reviews.

If the that means at the back of the symbol doesn’t come clean straight away, don’t worry.

The extra you stay open and aware to the symbols the extra they’ll start to make experience to you.

Writing them down will also assist you carry more clarity to what they’ll mean.

Our goals screen the internal world of our unconscious mind and can frequently keep clues or even prophecies that can influence our lives or day to day.

via desires, our instinct and spirit publications are more likely to speak to us because our ego or rational thoughts is regularly switched off and not able to effect the transmission of the message.

if you need to learn how to get hold of messages or psychic guidance to your desires right here is what you want to realize.

How I Release This Huge Energy.

This Is The Solution To The Problems.

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Message From Ashtar.

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Spiritual awakening

October 25, 2021

How to make your dreams come true

Starseeds are here to help this planet evolve to the factor of rebirth. A Starseed is a being who is seeded on this planet from other star structures.

they could apprehend existence at a different, better level, and they are able to help the Earth evolve to a higher measurement, in order that life on earth could be a stunning revel in for anyone.

The awakening system can take many exclusive forms. In a few instances, the Starseed activation people awaken others through meditation, lucid dreaming, or spiritual stories.

for plenty human beings, simplest a small portion of it is typically operational. Even that portion is not working in harmony; it is in a state of struggle. this is the suffering.

when power is in struggle, you need to find a way to relive them. whilst you throw them off, your power, or life force, flows downward or outward.

The downhill motion is outward, whereas the ascending motion is within.

you may feel pride and remedy whilst you are expending power, however the rest is just temporary since you are a continuous supply of energy. power builds up again, and you’ll have to expel it once again.

Happiness, in reality, does not exist in outer motion; rather, it is truely the absence of sorrow for a quick moment. That absence is visible as happiness.

The awakening objectives to convert this ridiculous circumstance into some thing significant. you will then be transported to the 5th measurement the world of ultimate bliss!

You need to no longer intention for awakening the energy for your own but pick an experienced teacher to preserve the space for you while you perform practices which could trigger the growing as it may be an surprising and intense revel in.

you will revel in joy in case your energies can work in harmony. All suffering indicates that your power is in battle, while all blissfulness suggests that your energy is in balance.

One component is needed by way of society, while any other is needed by means of your spirit.

The complete cosmos is packed with strength, which actions in a variety of ways and forms.

since the universe commenced, starseeds have traveled through many distinctive star systems and brought many forms in order that finally, they became human.

they are right here to help the humans in the world inside the transition of present day society to a Starseed society.

This week we’re breaking through the equilibrium factor of Libra season which delivered the necessary stability to move out of old earth even as the Aries moon sparks our new beginnings,

pushing us to own our truth and challenge,to drop our slavery template and step deeper into our divine management template.

Dreams: Starting your life at any stage becomes more difficult and also complicated than ever before because of the pandemic. The plague made things worse. Here are four tips to help you achieve your dreams. I hope you need these healthy, conscious plans and ideas to help you realize your dreams.

Fifty years ago, any country would have given you a dream job to support your family, but now they don’t. Today, if you’re not a very rare bird. The only way out is to become your master or earn a degree. Therefore, there is not any legit reason not to follow it.

1. If you desire to have a dream job what will you do?

First thought that comes to our mind is to work hard in studies or get a diploma in related field. It might be related to Arts, Science or any other field. You need to go for quality studies as well as higher education. Back then, it was easier to get a job on the basis of a diploma or a simple graduation with almost no experience.

But the time has changed due to the advancement of the world. Now, many developed countries offer a lot of scholarships for higher studies. As the degree level gets higher, you get paid more. There is no reason to lose these opportunities.

2. If you want to have your own car, what will you do?

There are various and plenty of ways that might assist you to buy your own car or dream car. First of all, you can be an assistant of any car dealer. After some time, you can be polite and ask your dealer to sell any old car to you at a reasonable cost.

Hence, you will be able to buy a car of your own, while on the other hand your dealer will also not lose any money. You may try to make this deal part of your recruitment plan. It will remain open and honest about your goals, and the more people you attract, the better. I will also have a second job to update this striker as soon as possible. Of course, one of the options is to move to a city with public transport.

3. If you want to have a house (or a better house), What can you possibly do to buy a house?

First, you can get a job helping a real estate company and get a license. Also, any of your acquaintance can also help you to get a license when you buy a house. Also, you can talk to a close friend who wants to buy a house. So you both can buy a house together and live in a same house as jointly.

4. What would you do if admire and dream to make more money?

You can do a sideline or off time (or two). If you drive cab, you can drive part time. Moreover, if you do any kind of job or dream job, doing some extra time or part time job , might be useful to you. Another option can be to work some other job too. For instance, if you are an employee at office, you can do freelancing too. If you are a student, you can play guitar or make your YouTube channel too. Side-by-side performances keep your mind active and stimulate your creative thinking.


These tips to help you achieve your dreams in a fun way. Your dreams keep you motivated and alert. It can be interestingly amazing way towards you journey to your dreams. Once you are exposed to them, you may need to stay in positive areas and create new ones to move on.

In this Daily Inspiration video we cover 1 absolutely core requirement for how to make your dreams come true.

  • It doesn’t matter whether your goal/dream is little and short term, or huge and long term.
  • It doesn’t matter what your situation is, where you’re from, what you have or don’t have right now.
  • It doesn’t matter how many questions or unknowns there are ahead of you.

If you get this one thing in place, then you’re on the road equipped with what you need at the start to make your dreams come true!

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Please let me know what your dreams are! I’d love to know and to support you with positive energy to make them your reality. Leave me a message below and I will reply back.

PS. This vid was made when our community was called Pinch Me Living, before we rebranded to The Daily Positive.

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Bernadette Logue (known to everyone as “B”) is the Leader of The Daily Positive, a Transformation Life Coach and the author of 3 personal growth books – guiding you on how to master your mind, to live consciously and soul-aligned. To receive regular coaching resources and support, join B in EvolveHQ, The Daily Positive’s private personal growth membership and community. To find out more about B click here.

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6 Responses

I’m a student studying in 11th standard in India. My goal is to make to the most prestigious engineering institution of our country, IIT. It had a very low acceptance rate of 0.7% making it insane. I want to be the one there out of my poverty to achieve all my dreams. I had very fine and progressive results ever since my middle school. But need a life changing and unstoppable ever growing power within me.

Hey Vishal, what an awesome goal, and I send you lots of support and positive energy for achieving it! You have that unstoppable power within you!
Love, B

I am Emmanuel from Nigeria, I will love to obtain the scholarship to study in Japan which I earlier applied for.
I also want to improve myself greatly in the area of self confidence and public speaking, as I love to share and impact people’s life.
This is the one goal that if I achieved, Will make the most powerful impact in my life

Awesome goal! Thanks for sharing and sending good energy your way!

I will to be happy,healthy,successful.
Iam in Europe since 2002 refugee. I face racism &discrimination. I want to be a /the leader of my African country.

Hey Mohamed, thanks for sharing this. I send love and peace your way, that you have the happiness, health and success you desire and deserve. It’s a beautiful goal to be a positive leader for your community!
Love, B

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To Dream in life is really important for a person, It makes us feel that you are alive and not a body of the skeleton.

In fact, Everyone has a dream in the life some people work honestly to achieve their dreams in the life rather some people dreams are just dreams on which they never work.

How to make your dreams come true

The only reason for those people who dream fake is: This habit makes them feel good for a short time. But, never take any action.

Today! I am going to tell you some really effective ways, How to make your dreams come true.

1) Know YourSelf:

First of all, you have to understand yourself:

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are the weaknesses?

In this way, you can easily recognize your potential and let you know the important things required to fulfill the dreams. You will easily have the blueprint for “Dream Journey”.

2) Identify Your Dreams:

It is also an important aspect which plays an important role in fulfilling the dream.

You need to identify your dream, what does this sentence mean? Identifying your Dream means to calculate your potential and Success rate.

Now, don’t understand me. Yes, I always used to say and personally believe that “Nothing is Impossible If you have a Strong desire”

But, Here the scenario is completely different. Let’s suppose There is a boy in 10th Class who do not have an interest in studies.

His dream is to be School Topper, Would He able to do it? I think NO. To be a school Topper is not an Impossible task But, when he is not interested in studies at all, He won’t be able to study Then How would be able to do it?

That is why it is most essential to identify your dream, Are you really serious go for it? OO it’s just a dream.

Feeling proud to say:- Alhamdulillah! I am also a college topper, But, It does not come so easily. I study for a couple of weeks/months days & nights to fulfill this dream.

Being an average Student It’s a proud moment. This is what I mean “Nothing is Impossible If you have a strong desire” if you have.

3) Be Passionate:

You need to be very passionate about your Dream. If you are not passionate about it Then it would become difficult for you to work on it and getting success.

How to make your dreams come true

Let’s say, In my case, I am really passionate about Blogging and I never find myself difficult or boredom while doing it. I love to sit on my laptop when doing blogging whether it is 3,5,7, 10 or 15 hours in a day.

I never find myself irritated or angry by spending so much time Because I truly love blogging. So, It’s better to be passionate about your Dreams.

4) Always be Yourself:

In this world every person is different, he has a different opinion, thoughts, perspective.

Don’t try to compare yourself with any other person. Never try to implement his ways, opinion, thoughts in your life if you are not comfortable with it.

Don’t complicate the things or mix up in the life. Just Go by the flow of the life. Here I am telling you some of the misconceptions & How it affects our lives?

Mistake 1: Don’t try to be Perfect

Nobody in this world is perfect. If someone is perfect in a particular work Then you should always know that He was a beginner when He Starts doing the work.

Later on, time is passed away, He made mistakes, learned from it and keep going. This is what makes him perfect. Above, I have given an example of a person, you can integrate it with anything whether Studies, Business, work, sports etc

Mistake 2: I will be going to change

If you are lazy but you have some sort of Dream then you might have realized. You want to achieve that dream but never taking honestly action for it. Every day you make excuses for yourself.

Today is not a perfect day I will start doing from tomorrow seriously. You make this excuses daily.

Apart from this, there are many other excuses:- I don’t have this
I don’t have that
I am not perfect.

Stop doing all these things and start loving yourself. You ‘ll be going to see the miracle in the life.

Mistake 3: I know I could fail, So why should I try?

This is one of the worst mistake which a person does in the life. He never tries to go for his dream.

He just keeps assuming, I would fail so it is better not doing it. later on, The only thing which He does is regret about not taking any action for fulfilling his dreams.

It is always better to try for the dream. What would happen If You did not get the success?

You ‘ll definitely get some positive energy, experience, knowledge and The best thing you will not going to regret in future. At least you have tried for it. Regret hurts a lot

5) Accept That It Will Never Be Easy:

You have to understand, going towards is not playing a game on a smartphone. In fact, It is not for a short term. So, you have to work only 1 or 2 days.

It is not going to be easy in future. You may have to face a lot of struggle in the upcoming days. Once You Understand, It is not easy and purely honest towards Dream Then It would become an easy journey.

6) Personal Enemy:

Who are your personal enemies?

  • Father
  • Brother
  • Friends for any other Person, LOL

No, Your personal enemies are hidden inside you:-

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Frustration

You need to stay away from it. well, It is not possible to stay away from these natural emotions. But, You can control it & This is really important so, that it can’t affect your Potential.

How To Make Your Dreams Come True:

I believe If you follow this 6 things then It will become easy to make your dreams come true.

I have share 6 easy ways “How to make your dreams come true” If you know any other way. Please share with us by Commenting below,

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As human, We must have a wish, goal or hope. We want all of them will come true or granted. But, Not of all our wishes can be granted. Instead, there is unimportant thing come true. While something that we fight so hard, instead it is no success. In other words, There is our hopes that will come true and the other is not. Because, someone who decide and grant your wish is only Allah S.W.T. He can do all of that.

While we are a human, we can only pray and try to realize it. But, it is not meant that we have to give up and resign without struggles, although our wish is impossible to be granted. We must be optimistic and aware that Allah S.W.T knows more something that we did not know. Maybe, Allah S.W.T is not granted our wish soon, or Allah S.W.T will grant our wish in the eternity later.

Praying is a based way of our wish delivery to Allah S.W.T, hope Allah S.W.T will grant our wish soon. Because of that, Don’t get bored and never stop praying because we never know when Allah S.W.T will grant our wish or with what thing, Allah will answer your wish. Of course, it will be better as His will.

    and get victory in life and overcome difficulties

Notice The Best Ordinances of Praying

Everyone hope that his dua or wish can be granted by Allah S.W.T soon. Dua is a way and media for human to communicate with Allah S.W.T. Through dua, we can approach and express what I want to Allah S.W.T. Praying can help us to make quieter our heart. Through dua, we can also help each other, although we don’t show it with real action.

We can do dua any times and everywhere. But, It will be better if we followed the ordinances of praying. So that, our wish is likely to be granted by Allah S.W.T. There are things that you have to notice in Praying :

  1. Taharah

Of course, Praying can be done any times, everywhere and every moments. But, it will be better if we take our time to taharah first (wudu or ghusl). So, we avoid from najis and hadast. In taharah condition, we will be more comfortable when we face and expect to Allah S.W.T.

  1. Praying in the right time

There are times that are recommended to pray and insha Allah is likely to be granted by Allah S.W.T :

  • In Suhoor or third of the night
  • When you are fasting
  • In the night of Lailatul Qadar
  • When you heard adhan
  • Times between adhan and iqamah
  • Sujud in salat
  • Before salam in Fard salat
  • On Friday (see also Importance of Jummah in Islam)
  • When rainy
  • Time between dzuhur and ashar on Wednesday
  • On Arafah day (9 Dzulhijjah)
  • When there is a war
  • When you drink zam-zam water

You may also read best time to make dua for acceptence.

  1. Start with praising Allah S.W.T and end with salawat to The Prophet Muhammad

Allah S.W.T is a creator of us and all the universe. Obviously we should give praises only to Allah S.W.T because He The Only One who can grant our wish. Because of that, start your pray with reading dhikr and praising Allah S.W.T with humility and sincerity.

Then, when you want to end your pray, you have to offer salawat to our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. because he is very loved by Allah and the only one man who can give us intercessory in the end of the day later. For that, we as Moslem from The Final Prophet of God and Rasulullah which Allah choosed, we must love The Prophet of Muhammad S.A.W with all of our heart.

  1. Face Mecca and Raise Your Hand

Rasulullah S.A.W said :

“Your Lord is Kind and Most Generous, and is too kind to let His slave,if he raises his hand to him, bring them back.”

  1. Lower your voice and Don’t be hurry

Praying have to do with soft voice and humility. Do not be hurry. In Quran, Allah S.W.T said :

Indeed, they used to hasten to good deeds and supplicate Us in hope and fear, and they were to Us humbly submissive.” (Q.S Al-Anbiya’ : 90)