How to report a post on instagram

Harry Guinness
How to report a post on instagramHarry Guinness

Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero. Read more.

How to report a post on instagram

Obviously they can’t police every post, so Instagram relies on users to report any posts that violate their guidelines. If a post gets reported, it gets reviewed by Instagram’s community review team. If they agree that it’s inappropriate, the post will be removed and the account might get banned especially after repeated infringements.

First, find the post that you’ve got an issue with. I’m just using this post as an example. Click the three little dots in the top right corner of the post.

How to report a post on instagramHow to report a post on instagram

Tap Report and then select a reason: either It’s Spam or It’s Inapporpriate.

How to report a post on instagramHow to report a post on instagram

If you select It’s Inappropriate, you’ll get a list of reasons to choose from. Pick the one that applies to the situation and tap Report.

How to report a post on instagramHow to report a post on instagram

You’ll also be given the option to block the Instagram account. If at any point in the process you change your mind, just tap Cancel.

Every social media site relies on their community to keep things civil; that’s the social part of the name. If you see something that upsets you, don’t be afraid to report it. The account won’t be notified so there’s no repercussions for you. The absolute worst that can happen is the Instagram reviewer things it still fits the terms of service and leaves it up.

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How to report a post on instagram Harry Guinness
Harry Guinness is a photography expert and writer with nearly a decade of experience. His work has been published in newspapers like The New York Times and on a variety of other websites, from Lifehacker to Popular Science and Medium’s OneZero.
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How to report a post on instagram

While most of the posts that cross your Instagram feed won’t violate the platform’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, it sometimes happens. If another user is posting something inappropriate or that might be considered spam on Instagram, you can report the post, comment, person, or account right on the app.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can report most issues using this form. If an inappropriate or spam comment has been left on one of your posts, you can delete it by swiping left on iOS or pressing down on the reply for Android.

If you think something on Instagram should be flagged for removal, here’s how you report posts, profiles, and comments as inappropriate or spam.

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How to report a post on Instagram

1. To report something as spam or inappropriate, tap the three-dotted symbol located at the top right of every Instagram post in your feed. For Story posts, you can find it at the bottom right.

2. Tap Report.

3. Select the reason why you’re reporting the post. Your first two options are “It’s spam” and “It’s inappropriate.”

4. You may be prompted to provide additional details about why you’re reporting the post.

5. Instagram confirms it has received your report.

How to report a profile on Instagram

1. On the app, go to the user’s profile and tap the three dots located on the top right of the screen next to their name. On the browser, the three dots will be located near the username, directly to the right of the “Message” and “Follow” buttons.

2. Tap “Report” on the app and “Report User” in the browser.

3. Once again, select the reason why you’re reporting the profile.

4. A “Thank You” message for your report will appear once you’ve finished.

How to report a comment on Instagram

1. Tap the speech bubble icon or “View comments” to see all the visible replies on an Instagram post.

2. Scroll to the comment you want to report and swipe left on for iOS users, or tap and hold the comment on an Android.

3. An icon of an exclamation point will appear. Tap it.

4. Select “Report this comment.”

5. Choose the reason why you’re reporting the comment before providing additional detail on why.

How to report a post on instagram

No one should be made to feel unsafe, harassed, targeted, abused, or harmed online or off. When it’s happening on social media apps, it’s up to the platform itself to effectively tackle this.

But are they really getting there fast enough?

Like most social platforms, hate speech and abusive comments plague some Instagram users — we saw this en masse when England footballers experienced a wave of racist abuse in the comments of their existing posts following the UEFA Euro 2020 final.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, claims “we don’t allow hate speech” and “we do not tolerate” bullying and harassment on its platforms, but if you’ve nonetheless been the recipient of abuse on these very apps, these might seem like hollow words.

In February 2021, Instagram gave an update on what it’s been doing to tackle hate speech and abuse on the platform. Between January and March 2021, the company says it removed 6.3 million pieces of hate speech content, 93 percent of which Instagram identified before it was reported. Within the app, Instagram says it removes “photos or videos of hate speech or symbols,” “posts with captions that encourage violence or attack anyone based on who they are,” and “specific threats of physical harm, theft or vandalism.”

But sadly, people find ways around these rules. If you see a comment or post on Instagram that’s abusive, bullying, hate speech, misinformation, or appears to be inciting violence or physical harm, you can report it. Whether or not Instagram does anything with your report, or as happened to one of Mashable’s reporters who reported racist comments on Instagram, simply suggests that the comments “didn’t go against their community guidelines,” well, that’s another problem.

For the record, Facebook defines hate speech as “a direct attack against people — rather than concepts or institutions— on the basis of what we call protected characteristics: race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and serious disease.” Attacks, the platform says, include “violent or dehumanising speech, harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, expressions of contempt, disgust or dismissal, cursing and calls for exclusion or segregation. We also prohibit the use of harmful stereotypes, which we define as dehumanising comparisons that have historically been used to attack, intimidate, or exclude specific groups, and that are often linked with offline violence.”

So, want to report hate speech in the comments of someone you follow? Can you see someone being harassed in the comments below one of their posts? Report it, whether it’s happening to you, someone you know, or someone you don’t know. See something, say something.

And Instagram, keep working on it.

How to report a comment

1. Swipe left over the comment in question if you’re using an iPhone. Android users, simply tap the comment. You can lift your finger if you’ve swiped, as the icons that appear won’t vanish.

How to report a post on instagram

2. Tap the exclamation mark❗️ icon.

3. Tap “Report This Comment” on iPhone or “Report this comment” on Android.

4. Select why you’re reporting the comment — depending on which reason you pick, the report may be sent immediately, or you might be asked extra questions about the comment.

How to report a post on instagram

How to report a post on instagram

All reports are anonymous, the company says, except if you’re reporting an intellectual property infringement. Either way, Instagram says the account won’t be able to see who has reported them.

How to delete comments (on your posts only)

If the comment is on one of your posts, you can both report and delete it. Use the process above to report first (so it doesn’t just disappear without being flagged), and then here’s how to get rid of it:

Open up the comments under a post by hitting “View all comments.”

Swipe left over the comment on iPhone, tap it on Android.

Hit the bin/trash icon.

If you have multiple comments to delete at once (we’re sorry you’re dealing with this), Instagram launched a feature in May 2020 to bulk delete or block, not to bulk report though.

How to report a post on instagram

Here’s how to bulk manage comments:

Open up the comments by hitting “View all comments.”

Hit the three dots in the top right corner and select “Manage comments.”

Select the comments by tapping the circles next to each.

Choose “Delete,” “Restrict,” or “Block,” depending on what you want to do.

Report an Instagram problem is very easy. You can easily communicate any problems you experience on Instagram to the platform’s technical support team.

Instagram carefully examines everything reported and makes sure it returns. Instagram analyzes and finalizes the each report you send in detail.

Please note that Instagram processes every complaint. Any problems you experience on Instagram can be forwarded to the authorities, allowing the application to be improved. So, it’s quite important.

How to report a post on instagram

Report a Problem on Instagram

You can use this feature when your account is compromised by malicious people when you are annoyed by someone, when you see spam accounts, or when you want to provide feedback or suggestions about the application.

To report a problem on Instagram, just go to the Help Page and report it!

Even if you do this from the application, it will redirect you to the web page.

Because you cannot do this through the application, you can do it only from the official Instagram website’s help page.

How to Report Instagram Problems?

Don’t you know how to report Instagram problems? Let us explain to you in detail.

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile section.
  2. Tap on the 3 lines with dots at the top right corner of the app.
  3. Click on SUPPORT link, and tap on “Report a problem.”
  4. Select which topic you want to comment on and write a detailed description. And send it.

That’s it! The form you sent reached the Instagram technical support team. In the next process, wait for the return about the report you sent.

How to report a post on instagram

You may want to have more followers on Instagram for many reasons. Some want it to increase their brand’s social…

  • You can do this from the Instagram application (iOS and Android) or from the website.
  • All submissions you make via the application are made by connecting directly to the website.
  • Only the link from the Instagram application is redirected.

Why I Should Report an Instagram Problem?

If you want to fix a problem on Instagram, you must report it.

Otherwise, you will continue to experience these problems and the problems that are experiencing will continue to increase. Do not think that if I complain, there will be no measures.

Instagram reaches and resolves each report that you make. You can rely on Instagram customer service.

They do their best to ensure the security of the users and the proper functioning of the application.

You can be sure of that, it helps to fix all the problems. Instagram will give you a report number so that you can track each report you send.

With this report number, you can monitor the situation of your complaint and the whole process.

When your complaint is processed or resolved, you receive an email notification. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can create a new Instagram report and provide more detailed information so that it can be resolved.

What Can You Report on Instagram?

There are certain occasions that you can report on Instagram. These occasions can be a direct reason to report an account and get it banned by the administration. Of course, you have to avoid creating these occasions if you don’t want to be banned by Instagram.

Instagram has community guidelines and terms of use that bring a perspective on the posts that can be shared. First of all, Instagram does not let any content, comments, or profiles that are inappropriate and against these community guidelines and terms of use. Here is a list of what you can report on Instagram:

How to report a post on instagram

Since Instagram is the leading social media platform, many Instagram users want to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views to…

Stolen Accounts

If your account is stolen, you can report it to Instagram. Yet, there are still some solutions you can apply before reporting this issue. You can change your password or send yourself a password renewal mail. If you cannot work it out by changing your password, you can contact Instagram and request the administration to step in to save your account.

Fake Accounts

Fake accounts are a common problem on Instagram, especially if they are imitating your account. If you want Instagram to solve this issue, you have to prove that you are yourself. To report a fake account, read our article to find out how to do it.

Underage Kids

If you come across an underage kid on Instagram, you can report him/her. People that are younger than 13 years old are not allowed to use Instagram. If you are suspicious about such accounts, or if your underage child is using Instagram without your permission, you can report it. You can also report if you come across a fake account that is imitating your child.

Your Personal and Private Information Shared by Others

If you come across information that is personal or private on Instagram, you can report it to the administration.

Other Issues

We have mentioned some of the most common problems that may require you to reporting a problem on Instagram. Here are some other problems that you can report:

  • Hate accounts,
  • Situations against intellectual property,
  • Self harm,
  • Abuse and spam,
  • Using of an account of someone who is passed away,
  • Sexual assault or crimes, and many other.

Reporting a Problem in Short

We have explained how to report a problem on Instagram. We have also mentioned what you can report on Instagram. Yet, you can still report a problem manually by writing your problems such as an outage or other issues.

If you come across a post or profile on Instagram that breaks the terms of service, here’s how to report it.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, so there are bound to be people who step over the line of what is acceptable. However, you can report a fellow Instagrammer for bad behavior, spam, or inappropriate content.

From reporting an individual post to reporting an entire account, here’s how to do both on Instagram.

Common Reasons to Report a Profile or Post on Instagram

You can report an Instagram post or profile for many reasons, but in order for action to be taken by Instagram, the content must violate the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

These are the most common violations of Instagram’s rules:

  • Stolen content: Photographs or videos that you didn’t capture yourself, items taken from the internet.
  • Nudity: Whether it is artistic or not, nudity is not permitted on Instagram. The platform does allow photos of mastectomy scars and breastfeeding but not of any other type of nudity.
  • Impersonation: Pretending to be someone you are not is grounds for suspension.
  • Spamming: Asking for likes or repetitive comments on other’s pages to promote yourself is not allowed.
  • Illegal activities: Soliciting sex, drugs (even if they are legal in your area), weapons, and the private sale of animals are against Instagram’s policies.
  • Harassment: Instagram has strict rules that prohibit you from doxxing, using hate speech, terrorist activities, threats of harm, and violence (such as vandalism, assault, or theft).
  • Self-harm: Sharing images or posts glorifying self-harm is grounds for suspension.

Pictures of nude paintings or sculptures are allowed. However, Instagram has a zero-tolerance policy against sexual content involving minors and threats of sharing intimate photos of others.

How to Report an Instagram Post

Instagram’s Community Guidelines are similar to most social media platforms’ rules. And if you see a post that violates the rules above, you can report it to Instagram.

How to report a post on instagram

Do you know how to report abuse on Instagram? Whether you want to report a user or remove a piece of content on Instagram, it’s important to know how to do it before you get an account. That way, you will know what to do when you come across something inappropriate on Instagram.

What Is the Difference between Reporting and Blocking an Instagram User?

Basically, blocking a user will only prevent the user from contacting you. For example, they will not be able to message you, comment on your images/videos, etc.

Reporting someone should take place when the person is impacting Instagram’s community with their photos, videos, and/or behavior.

In essence, reporting a user means you are banning the user from using Instagram.

How to Report a User on Instagram

To report an Instagram user, you need to do 3 simple things:

1) Go to the user’s profile you want to report

2) Press the ‘Settings’ icon (the button with three dots) in the top-right corner; you will get a pop-up menu with the ‘Block User’ and ‘Report’ user in red.

How to report a post on instagram

3) Click on ‘Report’.

4) Decide whether the user is posting inappropriate content or if they’re posting spam. (Spam refers to robots that post or tag you in automated messages on social media.)

How to report a post on instagram

Watch this video to see a live demonstration of how to report a user on Instagram.

How to Report a Photo/Video on Instagram

You can report any piece of content on Instagram by following these steps:

1. Click on the button that has three dots.

How to report a post on instagram

(If you are on your Instagram newsfeed, you’ll find it next to the username. If you’ve already clicked on the photo, you can locate it on the bottom-right of the screen.)

2. Tap on ‘Report’.

Once you do that, you might get a list of options for why you are reporting the photo. Select the options that’s most relevant to you.

How to Report a Comment on Instagram

Simply do the following if you want to report a comment on Instagram:

1. If you haven’t already, tap on the comment icon.

How to report a post on instagram

This will take you to the comments section.

How to report a post on instagram

2. Swipe left on the comment you want to report.

How to report a post on instagram

3. Press the exclamation mark. (A pop-up-screen will appear.)

How to report a post on instagram

4. Decide whether the comment is ‘Spam or Scam’ or ‘Abusive Content.’

Watch this video if you want a live demonstration on how to report a comment using your iPhone. (It’s the same as reporting a comment on an Android.)

Any Questions?

For more information, you can go to Instagram’s Help Center. They have more details on how to stay safe on Instagram.

We’d also love to hear from you. Post comment below for any clarifications you may need.

We hope you now know how to report things on Instagram.

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im trying to report , a man on facebook and on Instagram, his name is Michael McDonell his no is 0833531722 his user name on Instagram is Scholesy-united-98. he is harassing, bullying my child 14 yrs old and sexual contents by video and post and death threats to my Family . I have contacted the guards and he has this stuff still up .

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There’s a video of a woman beating on what seems to be her child (baby) how can I report it so that the baby can be removed into a safe environment

Online Sense Digest

Looking for useful advice and practical steps on how to protect your family and friends online?

At a recent press event, Instagram cofounder and president Kevin Systrom talked about how his impending fatherhood has informed his commitment to curbing abuse on the platform. “We want to build a world where my daughter can grow up and feel safe and not bullied,” Systrom said.

The company recently rolled out new features meant to protect users, including more comment moderation options, support for more languages for its AI-powered comment filter, and the ability to allow only the people you follow to comment on your public account.

But while this effort has focused on comments, there’s a whole other place where harassment on Instagram often takes place: DMs. But reporting someone who’s harassing you in private messages on Instagram is much more complicated than you might expect.

There’s no obvious button to report a DM. You can report DMs, but the way you do it works differently than other harassment reporting features on the app. You have to do a “long tap” press over the message, and you’ll see two options that pop up.

Press the actual message with your finger, and hold down for a few seconds. You’ll see two options pop up — copy and report.

How to report a post on instagram

Here are the other ways you might have encountered the “report” function:

1. To report someone’s photo you see in your feed, you tap the “. ” at the top corner, and the Report option pops up at the bottom.

2. To report a person in general, you tap the “. ” at the top corner of their profile page.

3. To report an abusive comment on your own photo, you swipe sideways on the comment, and you get the option to delete it or report it.

4. To report or block a person from inside your DMs, tap the “i” at the top corner (but this will only report their photos, not their messages).

Note that NONE of these four options involve a long press! That’s a totally weird different motion.

When I asked my fellow tech reporters here at BuzzFeed News if they could figure out how to report a private message on Instagram, only one out of 12 of them could figure it out. And these are people who are professional technology writers! In theory we’re supposed to know this stuff!

In my humble opinion (ok, honestly not THAT humble) Instagram has fallen short of making an intuitive, obvious UI design that helps people report abusive messages.

Instagram does have some logic for this choice. A representative told BuzzFeed News that the reason for this was that the long press is a gesture used in other messaging apps (although it’s not used anywhere else in Instagram). The idea was that people using DMs would be familiar with this as a messaging feature. Ok!

After joining Instagram, you started posting photos and content of various kinds. However, you have not yet been able to find the “repost” function to share or repost the most interesting content you found on this social network on your account. Well, it seems pretty obvious to me: a function to share a post does not exist on Instagram!

Unlike Facebook and other social networks, Instagram does not allow sharing other people’s content for a very simple reason: it wants to encourage users’ originality and creativity. However, it is possible to “override” this setting and get a very similar function to the “repost” you need. Do not you believe it? Then try to take a look at what we are about to offer you: in the next paragraphs, we will explain how to repost on Instagram using some “tricks” or, much more simply, through some free application.

How to report a post on instagram

Screenshot/Screen Recording to Share a Post on Instagram

The first method for reposting on Instagram is to take a screenshot of a post and share it on your profile. To do this,

  1. Log into your Instagram account from its Android/iOS app,
  2. Locate the post you are interested in,
  3. Take a screenshot and share the screen capture of the content of your interest on your profile.

Screenshot/Screen Recording: Detailed

If you are using an Android smartphone, you should take the screenshot by pressing the volume down key and the power key, or if it does not work, the volume down key and the home key simultaneously.

If you’re using an iOS device, you should be able to take a screenshot by pressing the Home button and the standby/wake button at the same time. Suppose you have an iPhone X (or a later model). In that case, to take the screenshot, you need to press the power key and the volume up key simultaneously.

If the content you intend to repost is not a photo or a carousel, but a video, instead of a screenshot, you need to take a video capture of the screen.

  • To do this on Android, you need to resort to third-party apps that allow you to make a screen recording in a relatively simple way:
  • Start the chosen app,
  • Press the button to start recording,
  • Authorize the capture of the screen.
  • Record the screen and then stop shooting. Done.
  • However, to do this on the iPhone, swipe up or down the Control Center (depending on your iPhone model) and tap the REC button.

To Post Your Screenshot/Screen Recording:

  • Press “+” the button at the bottom,
  • In the appearing menu, tap on the photo or video you want to post.
  • In order not to point out to other users that it is a screenshot, try to adapt the photo as best you can,
  • Tap the Next item, apply a filter to it, if necessary, or modify it using Instagram’s editing tools
  • Press again on Next.
  • Now all you gotta do is write a caption to mention the original author of the content,
  • Tap on the Share item to perform the repost.

How to report a post on instagram

Since Instagram is the leading social media platform, many Instagram users want to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views to…

How to report a post on instagram

Third-Party Apps to Share a Post on Instagram

If you wish to use a third-party application to repost Instagram posts, we can only recommend Repost: For Instagram, a completely free solution, available for both Android and iOS. Using it is very simple: just copy the link of the post you intend to repost on your profile, feed it to the app and publish it on the photographic social network.

  • Start Instagram on your device,
  • Locate the content of your interest,
  • Press the ellipsis located in the upper right corner of the content,
  • Select the item Copy link from the menu that opens.
  • Then start Repost: For Instagram,
  • Press on the image or preview of the video you previously copied the link.
  • Tap the Attribution mark button and choose the plate’s color, showing the name of the account that originally shared the post (White or Black) and the position to insert it.
  • Tap the purple Repost button located at the bottom,
  • Allow the app to open Instagram,

Choose where to share the content (Story or Feed) and follow the instructions on the screen to share the content on your profile.

FAQs About Reposting on Instagram

When done in the right way, reposting can contribute to new communications and engagement for both sides. But if you repost without crediting, the original owner of the content may report you to get your post removed.

Users have the ability to set their stories not to be reshared on stories. You may ask the user to switch their setting for you to repost their story.

The easiest way to ask for the permission of the content’s owner, you can DM them on Instagram about the repost, but if they are a business, brand, or a celebrity of sorts, you may need to look for extra contact information on their account.

How to report a post on instagram

When you jump into the online world of business, one factor that you must consider to develop a business is…

Users can repost posts without permission of its owner, but when the owner or Instagram finds out it’s been reposted without credit or permission, they can take it down.

If the art belongs to someone else, sharing it without having the owner properly credited/tagged/asked for permission can easily be considered theft.

To Conclude Reposting on Instagram

As you may have seen, it is very easy to share posts on Instagram. You can do this with or without downloading any third-party applications.

However, we advise you not to abuse the repost. Instagram is beautiful precisely because it allows you to give life to your creativity, and therefore you shouldn’t limit yourself to posting other people’s content. Please also respect the rules and always mention the original author of the shot. It is never nice to steal other content fraudulently, and it is a practice to condemn.

Always ask permission before using content that is not yours and try to limit the practice of reposting. If you know other methods to repost on Instagram, please write them to me, and we’ll be pleased to add them to our list.

When social media platforms aren’t quick on the draw to monitor and take down abusive content, you can help them out by flagging or reporting posts. Here’s a quick review of what’s allowed on major platforms and how you can report violations.

How to report content on Twitter

Twitter’s rules prohibit content that promotes, threatens, or incites hate, violence or harassment against any individual or group. This includes violent extremism and terrorism.

To report abusive behavior, go directly to the tweet, DM, list or profile you want to flag.

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  • Tweet: tap the down arrow icon > Report > It’s abusive or harmful
  • Account: tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots) > Report > It’s abusive or harmful
  • Direct message: hover over (or tap and hold on mobile) the message and select the report icon > Report @username > It’s abusive or harmful
  • List: tap the overflow icon (three horizontal dots) > Report > It’s abusive or harmful

You may have to provide additional info about the abusive content to finalize and submit your report.

How to report content on Instagram

Instagram’s community guidelines prohibit hate speech, threats and posts targeting or harassing individuals.

To report abusive Instagram posts or profiles, tap the three dots (horizontal on iOS, vertical on Android) > Report and follow the instructions.

How to report content on Facebook

Facebook’s community standards prohibit hate speech, inciting violence, and groups or individuals that “proclaim a violent mission.”

To report abusive content on Facebook, go to the specific message, post, page or profile you want to flag. The process will vary a bit depending on which type of content you’re reporting, but in general you’re looking for a “More” or Settings menu (three dots or a gear wheel) where you’ll see the Find support or report profile/post option. You’ll have to describe how the content violates Facebook’s community standards.

If you’re having trouble viewing the content or finding the reporting link, Facebook has a guide for each content type .

How to report content on YouTube

YouTube’s community guidelines prohibit content that promotes violence or hatred as well as threats, harassment and cyberbullying.

You can flag videos, playlists, links, comments and channels that violate YouTube’s guidelines. The interface will look a bit different depending on what you’re flagging and the device you’re using, but look for the More (three dots) option on the page and select Report.

To submit more detailed feedback, to flag multiple pieces of content at once or to report abuse targeted directly at you, use YouTube’s Reporting Tool .