How to restrict someone on instagram

With human interaction occurring more and more online, there's become a greater need for platforms to help folks regulate the type of communications that they receive on a daily basis. If you're walking down the street and someone comes walking up to you spouting a bunch of stuff in your face you don't want to hear, there are several ways to curb that. 

Restricting on Instagram works to show you less of what you don't want to see. But what exactly happens when you decide to use the feature?

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

Online bullying isn't a new phenomenon, and on an image-based platform like Instagram, it's not difficult to imagine a litany of scenarios where mean-spirited comments on someone's appearance, artwork, fashion choices, shared media, etc. can devolve into a waterfall of mean comments intended solely to make a person feel bad. 

If you choose to "restrict" someone on your page, then their future comments will immediately become invisible to the rest of the public. Or you can choose to individually allow comments by the said individual on your page should you choose to do so.

It seems to be specifically designed to curb the behavior of persistent trolls who follow accounts just to troll a particular person. It's also great to help stop repeating postings of advertisements, MLM schemes, and links to scams.

The Restrict feature is a more subtle option to blocking on Instagram. Here’s the difference between the features.

Blocking someone on Instagram is a good way to take control of your engagements on the social media app, but blocking someone you know in real life can make things pretty awkward—after all, they’ll know you’ve blocked them.

Luckily, Instagram has the Restrict function to avoid those awkward situations.

This article will break down the differences between the Block and Restrict functions so that you can decide which option is best when trying to avoid someone.

What Instagram’s Restrict Feature Does

We know what blocking does—it prevents someone from interacting with you on Instagram and viewing your posts. But what exactly does Instagram’s Restrict function do? To put it plainly, it helps you avoid unwanted interactions with other users without alerting them.

Introduced as an anti-bullying feature, Instagram’s Restrict function gives you more control over what comments both you and your followers see on your posts by limiting what restricted accounts can post on your profile.

When you restrict someone, their comments and messages will be hidden from your profile. It’s like keeping the restricted user behind a privacy window where they can see you, but they can’t exactly interact with you as normal and they don’t realize that this is the case.

The tool comes in handy when dealing with repeat bullies who leave negative comments on your Instagram posts and who may harass you in your Direct Messages.

Think of it as a soft block, a toned-down version that offers similar capabilities, but in a limited manner.

If you are a social media manager or have an online business presence, it is possible that on more than one occasion you have come across a troll, a user that leaves unwanted comments on your posts. Right?

An action you can take to solve this problem is to restrict on Instagram, and this is what we are going to talk about in this post.

What does restricted mean on Instagram?

By restricting an account on Instagram, you are limiting their access to your profile.

This means they do not have the same opportunities to interact with you, as a user that you have not restricted.

Now you know what it means to restrict someone on Instagram, but what does this decision mean for the unwanted user?

What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

The first thing you must know is that if you decide to restrict an account on Instagram, the app will not notify the user that you have limited their activity.

The person you have decided to restrict will not know you have made this decision regarding their account.

And what comes with this restriction?

Comments are not public

While an unrestricted user can comment on anything you post, a comment from a restricted user is not visible to everyone else.

The only people who can see it is you, as the owner of the account, and the restricted user that has commented. Although, if you want to, you can make it visible to everyone else.

Activity is private

When you restrict an Instagram account, they can continue seeing the stories you post, like anyone else.

However, although they can respond to your story, they cannot see if you are online or if you have read the messages that they have sent you. Similarly, their reactions to your stories would appear in your message request box, rather than in your direct message box.

Do you want to restrict on Instagram but don’t know how? Keep reading!

How to restrict on Instagram

The option to restrict Instagram accounts is available to every user. You can do this in two different ways, but don’t worry, we will explain them easily to you!

Restricting a user through their profile

The first and most simple way to limit the activity of a user is to do it through their own profile.

Just follow the steps!

How to restrict someone on instagram

1 Open your Instagram account

Remember to open the account that you want to restrict the user from.

2 Go to their profile

Go find their profile either through the search option or by going through your followers.

3 Click on ‘···’

The button with the three dots is at the top-right of their profile. Click on it and Instagram will offer you all the available options.

4 Choose ‘Restrict’

The final step is to press Restrict, which is the first option you’ll see.

Instagram will confirm that you have restricted this user.

Restricting a user through Settings

The other way to limit an Instagram account is to do it through your account settings.

How to restrict someone on instagram

1 Go into ‘Settings’ in your account

You will find this section on your profile. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top-right.

2 Click on ‘Privacy’

Here you can edit everything related to your account, but what we are interested in at the moment is the Privacy button.

3 Choose ‘Restricted Accounts‘

In this section, you can see the accounts that are restricted from your profile. If you have not restricted any, this section will be empty.

4 Search for the profile you want to restrict

Here there is a search bar to find the user you want to restrict access to.

Simply search their name and press the ‘Restrict’ button to the right of their name.

How to remove the restrictions from an Instagram account

To go back to normal with a restricted account, all you have to do is follow the same steps we went through earlier.

Instead of the ‘Restrict’ button, you will see ‘Cancel restriction’.

Differences between restricting and blocking

Despite both options mean limiting a user’s access to our Instagram account, it is important to point out the differences between restricting and blocking.

What’s exactly the difference between them?

️ Access to your account.

This is the main difference between blocking and restricting. When you restrict an account, the user can still follow your profile and see everything you share without any problems.

While blocking a user means you “prohibit” them from seeing any part of your profile, such as the posts you upload, your stories, or any content from your Reels.

️ Interaction with your profile.

As we said earlier, users that you have restricted can still comment on your posts, but only you and the user can see it. It is not public.

At least they can interact with your content. When you block a user, they cannot like your content, they cannot respond to your stories, nor comment on anything you post.

️ Knowing what has happened.

When you restrict an account, the user won’t know because their Instagram feed and access look the exact same. However, when you block someone, they do not have access to anything, not even through tagged photos of you.

Because of this, it is likely that if it was an account you interacted with quite a lot, they will suspect that you have blocked them.

What other options are there to limit content to certain users?

If you are not willing to block or restrict an Instagram account, you can also hide your story from certain users, or report an account if you feel it necessary.

Now you know how to restrict on Instagram if you ever need to use it, regardless of whether you have a personal account, business account or you are a content creator.

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Shubham Agarwal
How to restrict someone on instagramShubham Agarwal

Shubham is a freelance technology journalist from Ahmedabad, India. He has been covering technology for over four years for publications such as Digital Trends, HuffPost, Lifehacker, and more. When he’s not writing about whatever’s trending in the world of technology, you will find him either exploring a new city with his camera, binge-reading non-fiction books, and novels or playing the latest game on his PlayStation. Read more.

How to restrict someone on instagram


Don’t want to share all of your posts with every person you’ve friended on Facebook? Facebook lets you restrict people and prevent them from reading your private posts without unfriending them. Here’s how to do it.

What Does Restricted Mean on Facebook?

When you restrict a friend on Facebook, they can no longer read your private posts. Facebook doesn’t notify the people you restrict, nor does it remove them from your friends list. The restricted profile simply won’t be able to access posts you’ve made available to only your friends.

Like everyone else on Facebook, the people on your restricted list can still read posts that you’ve chosen to make public and see the photos or videos that you’ve tagged them in. This preference doesn’t work both ways, which means that you’ll continue to see the private posts of the people on your restricted list.

Add Friends to Your Facebook Restricted List

To restrict a friend on Facebook, visit the social network’s website on your Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop browser and sign in to your profile.

Next, click the downward-facing arrow in the top-right corner and head into “Settings & Privacy.”

How to restrict someone on instagram

Select “Settings” from the following dropdown of options.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Visit the “Blocking” section from the menu on the left.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Click the “Edit List” link next to the “Restricted List” option.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Choose “Friends” in the dropdown in the top-left corner of the pop-up window.

How to restrict someone on instagram

You should see a grid of all your friends’ profile pictures. Select the friends you’d like to restrict and hit the “Finish” button.

How to restrict someone on instagram

If you want to remove someone from your restricted list, revisit the same “Edit List” option and uncheck the profiles whose friend privileges you want to restore. Click “Finish” to save your changes.

Similar to Facebook, you can also restrict people on Instagram.

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How to restrict someone on instagram Shubham Agarwal
Shubham is a freelance technology journalist from Ahmedabad, India. He has been covering technology for over four years for publications such as Digital Trends, HuffPost, Lifehacker, and more. When he’s not writing about whatever’s trending in the world of technology, you will find him either exploring a new city with his camera, binge-reading non-fiction books, and novels or playing the latest game on his PlayStation.
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A new Instagram feature designed to stop bullying went live on Wednesday. The “Restrict” option gives users more control over what comments their followers see on each of their posts.

Instagram users can now “restrict” any chosen individual, which gives a few, immediate perks. If a user chooses to restrict any individual, all of their future comments will be invisible to the public. This only pertains to comments on posts by the person who restricted them. The user can also choose to approve the comments to make them visible to all users.

This tool might be best used for repeat bullies, who leave negative comments on a given user’s posts. With the tool, the bully will still be able to see their own comment, but third party Instagrammers won’t know the comment exists.

Another bonus is the restricted user won’t know when the person who restricted them is online or has read their direct messages.

Instagram explained some users may be nervous to fully block their bullies.

“We’ve heard from young people in our community that they’re reluctant to block, unfollow, or report their bully because it could escalate the situation, especially if they interact with their bully in real life,” the app said in a press release. “Some of these actions also make it difficult for a target to keep track of their bully’s behavior.”

Now, restricting a bully allows the user full control over the mean comments, while keeping the bully in the dark. “We wanted to create a feature that allows people to control their Instagram experience, without notifying someone who may be targeting them.”

So how can users take advantage of the new feature? In order to restrict an Instagrammer, users must find a comment they’ve left on any of their photos. Swipe left over the comment to see a “restrict” option. The person you restrict will seemingly not receive a notification they’ve been silenced. Instead, they’ll be able to continue posting their nasty comments to an audience of only themselves.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has proposed an anti-bullying idea. The platform, and its parent company, Facebook, are contemplating removing likes from the social media sites. This would be in an effort to eliminate competition for attention on the platforms, according to CNN in August.

Other social media platforms are making similar changes. Twitter introduced a feature called “hide replies,” which is similar to the Instagram “Restrict” idea.

Twitter users can now “hide replies” on their tweets. This means they can intentionally remove comments from any Twitter user on tweets they wrote. There is a difference between “Hide Replies” and “Restrict”, though. When a Twitter user hides replies, they are still accessible to the public. A new, drop-down menu allows all Twitter users to see what hidden comments were left in the thread.

Stop someone from seeing your Facebook posts without unfriending them.

The Restrict feature on Facebook is an ideal way to hide your posts from people you are friends with on Facebook, without blocking or unfriending them. When you restrict someone, you still remain friends with that certain person on Facebook. The friends added to your restricted list can only see posts that you share publicly and posts you tag them in. In short, restricted people can only view your Facebook profile and its information as Public.

Thankfully, Facebook doesn’t notify the person when you restrict them and you continue to see their posts and updates on your timeline. The restricted option comes in handy when you need to stay friends with someone but don’t want them to see your personal updates. For instance, you might want to restrict your boss or employer, your co-workers, certain acquaintances, or a sneaky relative.

Perhaps, a lot of people on Facebook still aren’t aware of the Restrict option. Moreover, you can’t restrict someone on Facebook 2021 right away as the setting isn’t easily accessible in Facebook’s new interface. To ease this, here’s how you can add someone to your Facebook Restricted List on mobile and desktop.

Table of Contents

How to put someone on Restricted list on Facebook

On iPhone and Android

  1. Make sure you’re running the latest version of the Facebook app.
  2. Open the Facebook app and go to the person’s profile you want to restrict.
  3. Tap the 3-dot button under their profile name. How to restrict someone on instagram
  4. Tap Friends and select “Edit Friend Lists”. How to restrict someone on instagram
  5. Select the “Restricted” option and tap Done. How to restrict someone on instagram

On Computer

  1. Visit and open the person’s profile.
  2. Click the “Friends” button under their profile photo. How to restrict someone on instagram
  3. Click on “Edit Friend List”. How to restrict someone on instagram
  4. Tick the checkbox next to “Restricted”. How to restrict someone on instagram

How to view Restricted list on Facebook

On Computer

The below steps are applicable for Facebook’s new web interface on a desktop browser.

  1. Visit and log in to your account if you aren’t already.
  2. Click the down-arrow icon at the top-right corner and select “Settings & Privacy”. How to restrict someone on instagram
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click “Blocking” in the left sidebar.
  5. Under Manage Blocking, click “Edit List” next to the Restricted list. How to restrict someone on instagram

That’s it. You can now see all the people on your restricted list. Simply untick the ones whom you want to unrestrict and hit Finish.

Instagram has grown into one of the most popular Social Media platforms. However, Instagram can become overwhelming from time to time. It takes over every spare moment, as well as our time that we should be using more productively. This is why many people may choose to deactivate their account, at least temporarily. Unfortunately, this may give their followers the impression that they have been unexpectedly blocked.

To help you know if this is the case, this article from oneHOWTO explains how to know if someone deactivates their Instagram account. This way, you’ll know if you need to mend any fences or simply catch up with them over on their Twitter.

Public and private Instagram accounts

First of all, to know if someone deactivates their Instagram account, you should find out if the person has a public or a private account. If they have a private account, it will be more difficult to know. This is because if they block you, you won’t be able to find them on the browser, nor on the app.

If you want to know if someone has deactivated their account on a PC or desktop, it’s not different than doing it on an iPhone or Android. It is similar if you want to know how to disable your Instagram account. Although the mobile app has much more options than PC, deactivating your account must be done on the PC. To learn more, visit our article on how to delete or deactivate your Instagram account.

How to restrict someone on instagram

If the person has a public profile, you will be able to see all of their posts. This is if they have posted any pictures or videos. If they haven’t, it will say “No Posts Yet” and you will be able to see that their post counter is at “0”.

If the user has a private profile, it will say that “This account is private” and you won’t be able to see any of their posts even though they have more than zero on their counter. If you can see the profile but you cannot see their posts, their account has not been deactivated.

How to restrict someone on instagram

How to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

This is why the key with how to know if someone deactivates their account is knowing if you have been blocked. If the user has not disabled their profile and you have not been blocked, then they will appear in your searches. However, if the person has not deactivated their account, but they have blocked you, they won’t appear in your search at all.

You will be able to see hashtags which use exact words of the username you search. It is unlikely they will be related to the original profile. However, if they do link the original user, when you tap on it you will see a page saying ‘User not found’. If this is the case, then the user has either blocked you, deleted their profile or has deactivated it. To learn more, read our article on how to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

How to restrict someone on instagram

How to know if someone has deactivated their profile

There are three ways to know if someone has deactivated their Instagram account if they have a private profile:

  1. You can ask someone else with a different account to search for the person on the browser. Whether or not they are friends with the person on Instagram, they will be able to see the profile. This will work even if the person has no posts or if they have a private account. It will not work if the person you are searching for has also blocked the third party.
  2. You can also create another Instagram profile with a different email to see if you can view their profile. This way, unless they have a private account, you can also see their posts.
  3. If you know their exact username, you can see if they have deactivated their account by using a web browser. Go to the browser, type in the link ‘’ and then type in the exact username. Below is a picture of what a deactivated Instagram account looks like.

How to restrict someone on instagram

What happens when someone deactivates their account

If someone decides to deactivate their account, their account, profile, posts, comments and even likes will be hidden. However, they can restore all of that information if they decide to come back to the platform. All they would have to do is log back into their account, then Instagram will fully restore their profile and information.

Deactivating your account is a good way to “delete” your profile without actually deleting all of the information. Therefore, if someone has deactivated their account, you nor your friends or a new Instagram account will be able to see it. If they have blocked you, your friends or new Instagram accounts will be able to see it (unless they have also been blocked). The best thing to do is to respect this person’s decision, whether it was to deactivate, delete or block you.

Third party apps

There are third party apps which claim they can let you see who blocked you on Instagram. These include Blockers Spy and others which are able to work as a general analytics for your Instagram account. However, most of these are unreliable and some that claim to be able to show you who has blocked you are actually malware. Something like Blockers Spy had good reviews, but after a brief trial it requires you to pay $20 a month to use the app. Instagram is known to discourage third party apps and not only prevent their use, but they also do not give them your information (at least to small third party apps). With that being said, it is easier, cheaper and more effective to use the methods we have explained in this article.

Note that if the person has deactivated their account, they won’t be able to reactivate it for at least a few hours. For more information take a look at our article on what happens if I block someone on Instagram.

If you want to read similar articles to How To Know If Someone Deactivates Their Instagram Account, we recommend you visit our Internet category.

How to restrict someone on instagram

It’s extremely easy to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. However, that’s not the only case when someone hides their Instagram story from you. Haven’t seen a story upload from your friend in the recent past and want to check their stories? Here’s how to know if someone hid their story from you on Instagram. Let’s begin.

1. Private Account You Follow

Frankly, if the user has a private account, it makes it difficult to find out whether the story is hidden from you or not. It’s a security feature and not a bug. The only option you have is to ask another follower who can see it. Currently, there are no third-party apps that allow you to view a private story. So, this is the only possible way, provided you have the same friend circle.

2. Public Account

Unlike the first one, if the user has a public account, you’re in luck. You can simply ask a friend which is the first method or borrow one of your family member’s phones. Since it’s a public account, the user’s story will be visible to any Instagram user. There are other methods as well such as making a new account or using one of the few anonymous Instagram story viewer apps easily.

For those of you who are in a hurry, use the Mystalk website regardless of the platform you’re on. All you have to do is type in the username and view the story just as you do on the Instagram app.

3. Close Friends

There are three ways in Instagram settings that a user can hide stories from you. The first being the Closed Friends option. This allows a user to add followers to the Close Friends List. So the story they upload will only be visible to a chosen few.

If you can find a friend then follow steps in the first step, else there isn’t an option.

How to restrict someone on instagram

4. Hide Story

This is personally the trick I use to hide stories from a few friends (caught red-handed). It allows a user to hide stories from other Instagram users. Moreover, it’s not necessary to follow the user’s profile in order to be on the hidden users’ list. So, this can be a reason why you’re not able to see the stories.

Like I said in the previous points, you can only rely on apps and websites like Mystalk if it’s a public account and the story is hidden from you.

How to restrict someone on instagram

5. Reply and Reactions

This is a lesser-known Instagram setting and most of the users might not even know about it. The Reply and Reaction setting allows a user to disable users from replying to the story. So the interaction advantage we were talking about goes for a spin. A user can allow the reply to stores for Everyone. People You Follow or completely turn off reactions.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Closing Remarks

So here’s how to know if someone hides their story from you on Instagram. If you ask me the best method is to use the Mystalk app or any other app that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously. If you want to check for a private account, the best possible way is to ask a mutual friend.

Previously, we have talked about marking Instagram messages as unread and told that this is one of the most frequently asked questions by Instagrammers. However, another question, maybe more frequent, is how to read Instagram messages without being seen.

To be honest, for this one, there is no in-app solution, even if you have a professional Instagram account. However, I’ll show you how to read your messages without being seen in this article. Keep reading; these hacks are fantastic.

Here you are going to read about:

How to Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen?

If you have ever sent any messages on Instagram, you have noticed that the “Seen” receipt appears below your message after a time. Indeed, this happens because the receiver has read your message. So, you might think it is impossible to read Instagram messages without the ‘Seen’ notification.

People prefer to know how to read Instagram messages without being seen for various reasons. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have this feature due to its data policies . However, some tricks can teach you how to check Instagram messages without being seen.

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In the following, you can find three answers to your questions. So, stay tuned.

#1 How to Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen by Disconnecting

As mentioned earlier, there are no official features to hide the seen sign receipt on Instagram. But, you can learn how to open Instagram messages without seen. How is that possible? To put it in one phrase, by going offline!

First of all, when you receive a notification for the Instagram message, do not tap on the notification bar. Otherwise, the seen receipt will appear below the messages, and you will fail. So, do not open the notifications. If you think you might mistouch and open them unintentionally, turn your notifications off or mute the conversation. Now, if you want to know how to actually read messages on Instagram without being seen, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the Instagram app, tap on the arrow on the top right corner of the screen, and open your inbox to load the messages. But, do not open the intended conversation.
  • Now, close the Instagram app and disconnect the internet connection.
  • Then, reopen the Instagram app, go to your DM inbox, and read the messages. Note that your internet connection is still off!

Done! T hat’s how to read Instagram messages without being seen! However, this is not the optimal choice. Because as soon as you connect to the internet, the ‘Seen’ sign will appear. So, as mentioned before, it’s just a band-aid for your problem.

Let’s check other methods and find out how to read IG messages without the seen notification.

#2 How to Read Instagram Messages Without Being Seen With the ‘Restricting’ Feature

‘Restricting’ certain users is a relatively new feature on Instagram. Instagram designed this particular feature to fight harassment. But if you are at your wit’s end and need to know how to read messages on Instagram without being seen, this feature can save you.

When you restrict someone on Instagram, you will not see their posts and stories, and you can control their comments. That is, you can control whether their comments would be visible to others or not. Moreover, this feature means that the messages a ‘restricted’ follower sends will appear under the ‘Requested’ tab in your IG DMs.

As you know, once you see a message request, no ‘Seen’ receipt will appear. Hence, if you restrict a particular person, his messages will appear in the ‘Requests’ section, and you can conveniently read them without being seen.

How to Restrict a User on Instagram

‘Now that I know how to read Instagram messages without being seen, how can I restrict a follower?’ Well, there’s a clear-cut set of actions you could take to do this. Follow the steps below:

  • First, open Instagram and search for the user’s profile.
  • Then, tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • From the list of options that appear, tap the “Restrict” button.
  • Once you confirm that you wish to restrict that account, all the changes will apply.

Finally, you can safely read the messages they’ve sent under the ‘Requests’ tab. You’re safe. Even if you un-restrict them, the read receipt won’t pop up. Although this is a safe way for those who wish to know how to read messages without being seen on Instagram, it has certain downsides.

First, you can’t see the photos and videos they have sent. And secondly, if you want to reply to them, you have to un-restrict their account.

So, what can you do to solve it? Well, jump into the next section to find out how to read a message on Instagram without opening it at all.

#3 How to Read Instagram Messages Without Opening Via AiGrow

If you’re wondering how to read messages without being seen and without any restrictions, you should use a reliable third-party app like AiGrow .

AiGrow sports a complete package of professional Instagram tools, including growth, engagement, and management tools. Using this excellent package of tools, you can:

So using this platform, you can learn how to read an Instagram message without opening it. This fantastic platform enables you to connect to your Instagram account(s) and read messages without being seen. But how? Follow the steps below:

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How to restrict someone on instagram

We’re committed to building a community where everyone feels supported. Learn how to stay safe so you can express yourself freely and explore your interests.

Explore videos that address the community’s top questions.











Your safety is our top priority. Find out ways to help protect and secure your account.

Strengthen the security of your account so no one has access who shouldn’t.

Explore our privacy features that put you in control.

Keep your account safe from unwanted behavior and harassment.

Report content and accounts you find questionable or think go against our Community Guidelines .


We're committed to protecting you from bullying on Instagram. Learn more about the features and tools we've developed to keep you safe.

When someone tries to post a potentially offensive comment, we’ll show a warning reminding them of our Community Guidelines and letting them know we may remove or hide their comment if they proceed.

Tag and Mention Controls

You can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow or no one to be able to tag or mention you in a comment, caption or Story.

If you see something that violates our Community Guidelines, report it so our team can review it and take action. People aren't notified when you report them.

When you block someone , they won't be able to see your profile, posts, or Stories on Instagram. People aren't notified when you block them. You can also proactively block new accounts that person might create.

Comments and Message Requests that don’t go against our Community Guidelines, but may be considered inappropriate or offensive, can be filtered out. You can also create your own custom word list.

Limit unwanted interactions for a period of time by automatically hiding comments and message requests from people who don’t follow you, or who only recently followed you.

When you Restrict someone, their comments on your posts will only be visible to that person. You can choose to view the comment by tapping “See Comment”; approve the comment so everyone can see it; delete it; or ignore it. The restricted account will also not be able to see when you’ve read their DMs or when you are active on Instagram. People aren't notified when you restrict them.

The instant messaging feature for Instagram has been around for quite a few years. People use direct messages or “DMs” to share Instagram content with each other and to chat casually.

Despite the fact that Instagram is a very user-friendly platform, there is no official way to completely turn off the Direct Message feature. However, there are workarounds that will make sure that you can’t be bothered by direct messages.

There are multiple workarounds to not receive Direct Messages ever. Here’s how to approach this on Android, iOS, and desktops.

Restricting an Account

If you are tired of hearing from someone and want to have their messages directed straight to the Message Requests tab, you can always Restrict any account you please. Additionally, you’ll get to control if others can see their comments on your posts. Most importantly, you won’t need to unfollow or block them, so the account will have no way of knowing that you’ve restricted them.

Android and iOS

There are two ways to restrict people on Instagram. Here’s the first method:

  1. Go to your Direct Message conversation with that person.

And the second method:

    Go to the person’s profile


  1. Go to the person’s account

Blocking an Account

Blocking an account will result in that person not being able to find your profile, story, or posts on Instagram. Of course, this automatically goes for Direct Messaging as well. Although Instagram won’t let the account know that you’ve blocked them, they might find out when they can’t find your profile.

Android and iOS

Blocking people on mobile devices works the same way as Restricting them. Simply follow these steps:

    Go to the person’s profile and tap the three dots in the top right


You can Block an account on a desktop from the menu you’d use for Restricting an account. However, a person can be Blocked from the DMs page, as well.

  1. Go to your Direct Messages.

Private Profile

As long as your profile is Public, anyone can send you messages. They don’t need your approval to do it. If you find this annoying, there’s an excellent solution. With a Private profile, only your followers can message you directly and you need to approve followers. So, here’s how to make your profile Private. Bear in mind that Creator Accounts cannot be private.

Android and iOS

  1. Open the Instagram app.


  1. Go to and log in.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Turning Off Notifications

Okay, so you can’t turn Direct Message off altogether. But if notifications are what bothers you, you can turn these off very quickly.

Android and iOS

  1. Tap your profile icon.

As you can see, you can pause notifications for various Instagram features.

Making your Profile Private on Desktop

  1. Go to your Instagram profile

Unfortunately, desktop options are limited. If you want better customization, use your mobile/tablet device.

Disabling Story Replies

One of the easiest ways for people to send you Direct Messages on Instagram is by replying to a story that you posted. They can do so directly by clicking the button on the bottom of the story posted. Thankfully, this feature can be disabled fairly easily.

Android and IOS\

  1. Tap your Profile icon.

Declining Messages

When someone whom you don’t follow sends you a message, the Direct Message won’t land directly in your inbox. You will be notified (unless you’ve turned this option off) but the message will land in the Message Requests tab, so the person won’t see if you’ve read the message. DMs in the Message Requests tab can be accepted or declined. If you accept such a message, it will be transferred to your inbox. If you reject the request, the message will be deleted.

Now, the cool thing with this feature is that you can delete a number of these requests at once. If you get a lot of such requests, simply tap ‘Delete All‘ and all requests are going to be deleted.

    Go to your inbox by tapping/clicking the Direct Message arrow icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block only specific accounts from sending a direct message on Instagram?

You can’t block an account from sending you a DM without unfollowing the account and making your profile Private. As mentioned before, Restricting/Blocking an account may prove a good workaround, though.

How long does DM block last on Instagram?

If you block someone, they will remain blocked until you choose to unblock them. To unblock an account, navigate to the desired Instagram profile and you’ll see an Unblock function. Tap and confirm unblocking by tapping Unblock. It works the same way on desktop

Does Instagram DM have a limit?

Officially, there isn’t a limit regarding sending messages on it. However, an account will be blocked from sending more messages for 24 hours after sending 50-100 DMs in a single day. The account doesn’t get blocked, though – it’s just rendered unable to send messages for a day. Instagram has introduced this limit to counter abuse of this feature.

Do Instagram direct messages expire?

When you send a photo on Instagram and don’t select the mode that allows the photo to stay in the chat, the photo will expire and end up deleted after being seen. However, this isn’t the case with Instagram’s direct messages. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram saves your entire chat history. However, if you delete a chat, this history is deleted.

Does blocking someone on Instagram delete DMs?

Although the person that you’ve blocked won’t get any messages that you try sending them and won’t be able to access your profile or DM you, the chat history won’t be deleted. If you ever unblock the person, the chat history will remain intact. Provided that you didn’t delete the chat, of course.

Wrapping Up

Although you can’t really turn Direct Messages off on Instagram altogether, you can take some workaround steps that may work for you. Consider your options and try the methods that we’ve mentioned here.

Hopefully, this guide has been of help to you. Despite the fact that the solution isn’t apparent and direct, we are confident that one of these solutions will work for you. If you have any additional questions or think that we’ve failed to mention something, let us know in the comments section below.

I want to restrict a user to only being able to add future dates in a HTML date input.

Instead of jQuery UI date picker I want to add HTML5 calender. Can anyone tell me how can I restrict the input to future dates?

How to restrict someone on instagram

How to restrict someone on instagram

9 Answers 9

You can use min and max attributes of HTML5 input date

HTML5 code


You need to use jQuery to achieve it

jQuery code

Explanation max attribute of HTML5 input date takes month and day in double digit format.

Ex: 5 (Month) is not valid whereas 05 (Month) is valid Ex: 1 (Day) is not valid whereas 01 (Day) is valid

So I have added below code

Check my updated fiddle

To build on @Chirag Vidani’s answer, the date can be generated with fewer lines like this:

Here is a PHP solution that gets today’s date and sets it as the maximum.

This will put it in the correct double-digit format for the day and month.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Use the max attribute which is the expected upper bound for the element’s value.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Some others have asked the question about setting the max date to the current date. The suggested answers involve using JavaScript. But my solution was to use the server side language to generate the max parameter for the input. I know the OP didn’t ask about a server-side approach. But this solution works well for me using C# Razor as my server language.

On the server I write:

And then MVC outputs this Html:

With other server languages the approach would be to similarly generate the max parameter using the Server’s date, which may or may not work if your requirement is to use the Client’s date. For my situation the Server’s date is what is needed because that’s where the data is stored.

I want two pages from my site to be restricted from viewers until its contents are thoroughly checked by my team.

How do I accomplish this?

Thank you very much!

4 Answers 4

If the pages are in the pages library or any list, you can give item level permissions on them to restrict the user access.

How to restrict someone on instagram

You could try to use the publishing feature combined with the publishing workflow.
Look for SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and Publishing Approval Workflow in SPSite (Site Collection) features.

This way you can have approvers being able to publish pages, and other will not see them.

Note that enabling the feature adds columns and similar which makes the site collection bound to publishing (even after disabling).

You can use a workflow to manage content approval (also called moderation) in libraries with major and minor versioning enabled. When you use workflow to manage the content approval process, minor versions of a document remain in a pending state until they are approved or rejected through the workflow process.

Check this article for detailed steps:

Breaking permission inheritance at the item level is not a sustainable solution.

If these are Publishing pages then your drafts will only be visible by Contributors or higher level permission levels until you publish a major version.

Content Approval is an additional level of security that will restrict major versions from being published until someone with Approve permissions level approves the change.

How to restrict someone on instagram

TikTok is a delightfully entertaining place filled with an endless stream of fun clips to effectively distract you from your soul-crushing anxiety. However, the hugely popular video sharing app can occasionally become a bit too engaging, keeping you scrolling through dance trends and story times long after you should have submitted to being alone with your thoughts.

Fortunately for your existential dread, TikTok’s app has a feature that enables you to limit how long you spend on the platform. Screen Time Management allows you to outsource your self-control to TikTok, granting it the authority to cut you off like a responsible bartender.

Here’s how to restrict your screen time on TikTok.

Tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner to go to your account profile.

Tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner (“≡”). This will bring you to your “Settings and Privacy” menu.

Under the “Content & Activity” subheading, tap on “Digital Wellbeing.”

From the Digital Wellbeing menu, tap “Screen Time Management.”

Tap on “Set a time limit,” then select the maximum length of time you want to spend on TikTok each day. You can choose from four options: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes. Tap the back arrow in the top left corner once you’ve selected your choice (” SEE ALSO: How to stop TikTok from suggesting your account from shared links

If you later decide rationed TikTok time isn’t for you, you can turn off the restriction by simply navigating back to “Screen Time Management,” tapping “Turn off,” and entering the passcode. As such, it’s important to make sure you actually remember your passcode, otherwise this feature could quickly become more of a hindrance than help. TikTok states it is currently working on a solution to the issue of users forgetting their passcodes, which it expects to share next year.

Of course, knowing how to easily bypass this impediment does mean TikTok’s Screen Time Management feature relies a lot on how guilty you’ll feel punching in those numbers, as well as your shame at proving your weak resolve. If you really want to curb your late night TikTok scrolling, consider asking a trusted friend to set the passcode for you. Just make sure they write it down somewhere so they don’t forget it, and are strong enough to withstand your pleading texts.

Covid-19: Disruption to garden waste collections | Staff absences due to Covid and shortage of lorry drivers are affecting some of our garden waste collection services.

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See how to request a new or extra bin in your area.

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Nottingham City Council is dedicated to helping businesses in the city reduce their environmental impact.

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Recycle your real Christmas tree

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Asbestos is dangerous to human health and must be disposed of safely. It is not accepted at our recycling centre.

Recycling and Rubbish at Christmas

This festive season it is more important than ever that we remember the importance of recycling, especially as it is the most wasteful time of the year! Contamination is a huge problem over Christmas and it means that good recycling has to be disposed of like your general rubbish because of items that have spoiled the recyclable material.

Who you follow on Instagram can become a source of unnecessary drama. For example, your girlfriend or boyfriend could be the jealous type who jumps to conclusions. You followed someone back in order to be polite and now you’re suddenly facing the Spanish Inquisition. Or maybe an ex partner is watching your “following list” and starting arguments.

There can be all kinds of reasons for wanting to hide who you follow on the app.

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Instagram does not have an option that allows you to hide you are following. Unlike Facebook, there is no privacy setting to hide your friend list. However, there is a possible workaround, depending on who you want to hide your following list from.

How to hide who you follow on Instagram.

If the person in question is not currently following you, then you can simply set your Instagram page to private. To do this, you can take the following steps:

  1. Go into the Settings menu on the Instagram app.
  2. Click on the Privacy option. This option will have a lock icon beside it.
  3. After that, you will need to scroll down to the Connections section and click on Account Privacy.
  4. Once the Account Privacy page has loaded, you will need to click on the Private Account option and set your Instagram profile to private.

If your Instagram profile is set to private, then people who are not currently follow you will be unable to see who you are following. If they attempt to click on the “Following” list on your profile, nothing will happen.

Can I hide my following list from someone who currently follows me?

Unfortunately, if someone follows you on Instagram, then there is no way to prevent them from seeing who you follow. Setting your account to private will not work, as you have allowed them into your profile, so to speak.

Sadly, this leaves you with only one option: You will need to set your page to private and then remove that person from your Followers list.

To do this, you will need to click on the Followers section underneath your profile. After that, you will then need to locate the person in question and remove them. You can do this by clicking on the white “Remove” button beside their name.

How to restrict someone on instagram

Sadly, this option will not work for most people. More often than not, the person we want to hide this from is someone who we can’t remove without causing even more drama. As a result, this leaves you with two choices:

  1. Warn the person in question that you will remove them if this behavior continues. Explain to them that following someone on Instagram is not a big deal.
  2. Become far more selective with you who choose to follow.

As you can see, until Instagram adds such a feature, your options are pretty limited in this case.

Something has become increasingly clear over the years – people have very different views about the experience we offer, and if it’s the right one for them. We believe people should be able to shape Instagram into the experience that they want. We’ve started to move in this direction with tools like the ability to turn off comments, or Restrict someone from interacting with you on Instagram. Today we’re taking another step and launching what we call “Sensitive Content Control,” which allows you to decide how much sensitive content shows up in Explore.

We’ve always had rules about what kind of content can be on Instagram, which we call Community Guidelines , and the point of these guidelines is to keep people safe. We don’t allow hate speech, bullying, and other content that might present a risk of harm to people. We also have rules about what kind of content we show you in places like Explore; we call these our Recommendation Guidelines . These guidelines were designed to help ensure that we don’t show you sensitive content from accounts you don’t follow. You can think of sensitive content as posts that don’t necessarily break our rules, but could potentially be upsetting to some people – such as posts that may be sexually suggestive or violent.

This new feature gives you control over sensitive content. You can decide to leave things as they are, assuming you’re satisfied with your experience today, or you can adjust the Sensitive Content Control to see more or less of some types of sensitive content. We recognize that everybody has different preferences for what they want to see on Explore, and this control will give people more choice over what they see.

How to restrict someone on instagram

To view your Sensitive Content Control, go to your profile, tap the Settings menu in the upper right corner, tap Account, then tap Sensitive Content Control. Here you can decide whether to keep the setting at its default state (“Limit”) or to see more (“Allow”) or less of some types of sensitive content (“Limit Even More”). You can change your selection at any time. One exception to this: the “Allow” option will not be available to people under 18.

Our hope is that this gives you more choice, another way to make Instagram work better for you.

For more information about Instagram’s new Sensitive Content Control, you can visit the Help Center .