How to select format and work with text on iphone

in which have a text area that takes input, i desire individual to select some part of text from text area and my application will certainly transform that chosen text right into speech.

my issue is how would certainly i obtain the text that individual has chosen from text area?

@Anh: Gahhh, I really did not see the OP’s solution prior to denying your edit. Ends up he was utilizing a text sight, however incorrectly composed text area in the concern. Sorry regarding that!

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-[UITextField selectedText]

Although UITextField does not have a selectedText technique, it adjusts to the UITextInput method. So, you can utilize the called for residential or commercial properties & techniques of the UITextInput method to figure out the selectedText of a UITextField * textField (or any kind of things that adjusts to the UITextInput method, such as a UITextView ).

As an apart, you can additionally utilize the called for residential or commercial properties & techniques of the UITextInput to determine the selectedRange of a UITextField * textField.

-[UITextFieldDelegate textFieldDidChangeSelection:]

Although, UITextFieldDelegate does not proclaim a textFieldDidChangeSelection: delegate technique like -[UITextViewDelegate textViewDidChangeSelection:], you can still hook right into when the option of a UITextField has actually transformed. To do so, subdivision UITextField and usage technique swizzling to include your very own code to the textField.inputDelegate’s indigenous execution of -[UITextInputDelegate selectionDidChange:]

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