How to set reminders on the amazon echo

How to set reminders on the amazon echoWhat’s the point of having an assistant, robot or human, if they aren’t there to remind you to do the things you constantly forget to do? For me, it’s taking out the recycling. Each week rotates between bottles/cans or paper/cardboard, and without fail I either put the wrong one at the curb or forget to do it entirely. I’ve tried setting reminders on my phone, but I usually wind up seeing them just about the same time I hear the recycling truck drive by my house. Thankfully I have a house full of Echos and Dots, and Amazon has given Alexa the ability to set up repeating reminders.

At the time of this post, you can only have the reminders repeat on a day of the week, or every day of the week. Asking for something like every other Tuesday isn’t yet supported.

There are two ways to set up Alexa repeating reminders, using the app or by voice. As always, asking Alexa is super easy: “Alexa, remind me to take out the recycling every Tuesday at six PM.” Boom. Done.

If you’re still getting used to asking Alexa to do these things, or you prefer to set up reminders using the Alexa app, here’s how:

  1. Open the Alexa app, tap the hamburger menu on the top left and then select Reminders & Alarms
  2. With the Reminders tab selected (that’s the default tab), tap Add Reminder
  3. Fill out the Remind me to field with whatever it is you want to be reminded about. You don’t have to include “remind me to,” that’s included by default. In my example, I would enter “take out the recycling.”
  4. Tap the switch next to Repeat to make this a repeating reminder. This will add another Repeat field below the switch, with a default entry of “Every day.”
  5. If you don’t want your reminder to happen every day, tap that field and select one of the options listed. Currently, you can choose: every day, weekdays, weekends, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If, for instance, you need a reminder on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, you will have to create three separate repeating reminders. One for Monday’s, one for Wednesday’s, and one for Friday’s.
  6. Once you have selected the days your reminder will repeat, tap Time and select the time you would like to have your reminder repeat.
  7. Finally, select a device on which you would like to hear your reminder. If you have multiple Echo devices, this is important. I wouldn’t want the Dot in my office reminding me to take out the recycling when I’m generally in the Kitchen. If you only have one Echo device, it will be selected by default.

One last thing to note is that Alexa reminders will also pop up on any device on which the Alexa app is installed. This is helpful if you happen to be in another room when Alexa announces your reminder, or if you tend to be forgetful.

How to set reminders on the amazon echo

Along the same theme as the new Group Drop In feature, which allows you to communicate through all of your Echo devices simultaneously, Amazon has also made it possible for Alexa Reminders to be heard through all devices as well. You can now default all reminders to come from all devices or specify individual reminders to be spoken from all devices.

How to set reminders on the amazon echo

By default, the Echo device that was used to set a reminder will be the only device that alerts you of that reminder. If you want all reminders created by voice to be spoken out through all of your devices, you can enable the “Announce on all devices” option through the Alexa app by going to Settings > Reminders. Unfortunately, if this option is disabled, there is no way to set a reminder by voice and specify that it come from all devices. Reminders set by voice will always come from one device if this setting is disabled or always come from all devices if this setting is enabled.

How to set reminders on the amazon echo

If you want only some reminders to come from all devices, you’ll have to manually create the reminders using the Alexa app. To do so, select “Reminders & Alarms” from the main menu in the Alexa app and select to “Add Reminder” from the top. Then, on the bottom of the new reminder screen is an “Announces from” option where there is now an “All Devices” choice. There seems to be a bug right now that prevents you from changing the “Announces from” setting of an existing reminder, so you’ll need to delete the existing reminder and recreate it from scratch if you run into that bug.

UPDATE: Fire TV devices are included when selecting “All Devices.” Thanks to Erinescence in the comments below for confirming.


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Really happy that this was finally added!

Well this is overdue, the idea that you could set a reminder and only get that reminder if you happened to be in that room when it triggered was IMHO not very useful. But um, more importantly I think: “Missed Reminder Notification” is this finally a means of voice setting a “Notification”? That is way way over due. It’s a great feature of the Echo so far limited to weather reports and Amazon package delivery. I personally would like that just to be the default behavior of reminders, seems much more useful to me. I have many reminders setup with Smartthings, WebCore and NotifyMe as a means to that end, but I’d love to be able to voice set them.

I work around the Reminders previously being tied to one device by having them ping my phone (essentially a notification on your phone), as I nearly always have my smartphone with me.

I think certain news services also can send Notifications, so I don’t believe they’re solely limited to Amazon shopping and Severe Weather. Seems that has been expanding over time.

This doesn’t include fire TV stick I am guessing

Went in to test this and when you get the menu to “Select Device”, my FireTV Sticks and FireTV dongle were available as options. I went ahead and set the Reminder to sound on “All Devices” and it worked on the FireTV devices that were currently awake.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of confirming this! I’ve added an update to the post.

Glad it helped! I was curious, so i tried it.