How to set up a smart garage

Sometimes it seems like most conversations around smart home technology focus on the smart home office. Internet of Things (IoT) devices have so much more potential than just making a convenient work-from-home setup, though. One room in particular that could use the smart tech treatment is your garage.

Bringing the IoT into your garage has two main advantages. First, it makes getting in and out a lot more convenient, especially if you’re out of the house. Second, it can increase your home’s overall security.

So how do you do it? Here’s your guide to creating a smart garage:

1. Ensure You Have a Wi-Fi Signal

The first step in setting up a smart garage may seem like a bit of a no-brainer. You can’t go on without doing this first, though, so it’s worth the mention. Before you do anything, make sure you can get a strong Wi-Fi signal in your garage.

Go into your garage and look at your Wi-Fi signal with your phone. As long as you have at least two bars, you should be good to go. If you don’t have enough, you can increase it by buying either a new router or a range extender.

2. Get the Right Gadgets

The next step is to get all the gadgets you’ll need. Smart home devices make up a multibillion-dollar industry, so you have some options here. The specific kinds of accessories you’ll need depends on how far you want to take your smart garage.

The most basic setup will only require a garage door opener. If you want a true smart garage, though, you can incorporate some other devices as well. The four primary components of a full-fledged smart garage are door openers, cameras, smart locks and smart lights.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers are the backbone of the connected garage. These devices allow you to open and close your garage door from your phone. If you ever forget if you’ve shut it or not, you can use your phone to make sure.

When it comes to these gadgets, Chamberlain is by far the most famous name in the game. Their MyQ Smart Garage Hub is an affordable and reliable option. Other brands include Garadget, Tailwind, and Nexx.

Security Cameras and Motion Sensors

Garages are worth securing like any other point of entry in your house. You can do this through IoT cameras and motion sensors. What separates these from their traditional counterparts is the ability to access them from your phone.

Some smart garage hubs come with cameras as part of the package. You don’t need to buy one of these to incorporate a camera into your setup, though. Wyze and Nest are among the best brands for smart cameras to use in your garage.

Smart Locks

There’s likely more than one door in your garage, and you can use the IoT to secure them. Consider using a smart lock on the door that leads into your house. It’ll add an extra layer of protection and convenience.

You can unlock these devices with your phone, so forgetting your keys won’t be a problem. Like with smart garage door openers, you can also lock or unlock them remotely. Notable brands for these devices include Schlage, Yale, August and Ultraloq.

Smart Lights

You can use IoT devices to reduce the amount of electricity you use in your garage too. If you spend a lot of time in there, you may want to consider installing some smart lights. With these, you can monitor their energy usage, and like everything else, control them remotely.

The Phillips Hue line of smart lights is the most widely praised option. They offer an impressive range of different lighting solutions and colors to meet your needs. Whatever kind you end up buying, though, make sure your light fixtures are compatible with it.

3. Install All Devices

Once you’ve picked your devices, it’s time to install them. Make sure you have enough outlets for things that need to be plugged in and batteries for those that don’t. If you’re using security cameras, angle them towards your garage door.

If you want, you can adjust your setup so you can control everything from a virtual assistant. If that’s the case, make sure you buy products that can all work on the same one. Some gadgets only offer Alexa or Google Assistant support, while others are compatible with both.

How to set up a smart garage

After connecting everything to your network, run some tests to ensure it all works.

4. Connect Everything to Your Network

When you have everything in place, connect it all to your Wi-Fi network. This step will look a bit different for each device, but they should all come with easy-to-follow instructions. Usually, you handle everything from each gadget’s companion app on your smartphone, which should be straightforward enough to follow.

After connecting everything, run some tests to ensure it all works. Test all of each device’s functions from different distances from your garage. If you’re using a smart speaker to run all your electronics, make sure you can recognize the other devices with it.

What to Do if Tech Fails

If you’re having trouble with a device, make sure it has sufficient power and a Wi-Fi signal. All of these gadgets could take up quite a bit of bandwidth, so ensure your network can support them all. You may have to get a new router, ideally a mesh one, if it turns out the Wi-Fi is the problem here.

If your garage door won’t open and you’re trying to leave, you can disengage and reengage your door manually. The nice thing about garage doors is that they can still work when their technology fails. Once you can come back to inspect the issue, consider that it could be a mechanical problem, not an IoT one.

Bring Your Garage Into the 21st Century

The IoT market is booming right now, so it’s the perfect time to update your home. If you want to make your house one of the many connected homes across the United States, why not start with your garage? If you leave your house regularly, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Wrap Up

Smart garages are more secure, more convenient and more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. With the right gadgets, making your own isn’t a complicated process. Bring your garage into the 21st century today.

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Hello friends, Today I will share a method to set up a smart garage door opener. I will share a few equipment that will not only make your garage high tech. But will even secure your garage from thieves. You can control the door open/close, add a camera with sensors, and many more cool features.How to set up a smart garage

Imagine your garage start working on your own. I mean, you can set up the complete automation in your garage. The door, light, camera, and various other equipment start working on its own. You just need to tap on a button, and all the features start working. It will be like a smart garage door opener.

How to Setup Smart Garage Door Opener – Using Latest Equipments

Its not only about automation but also about security and our daily habit. Yes, our daily habits. Sometimes we are in doubt that did we close the smart garage door or not. In that case, we need someone to visit the garage or ourselves. Just to check the garage door.

Now just imagine if we add a camera and sensors to our garage. Then wherever we are, all we need is just click on the screen, and we can check the full view of our garage.

All the equipment i have shared in this smart garage door opener requires electricity and the most important WiFi. The WiFi will help these devices to get connected with your phone, or you can even connect with other phones. All you need to is give the authority.

Connecting Camera with Sensors to Check Garage

How to set up a smart garageTo see the view of our garage we need a camera that is placed inside or outside the garage. But make sure you can see the full view of your garage. The most important view is the entrance of the garage, as it will even help you in identifying anyone entering inside or going outside of your garage. There are plenty of cameras which are having inbuilt sensors.

All you need to do is place them in the garage and the moment someone passes in front of the camera. You will get notified. Isn’t that amazing features. These cameras can be connected with your phone so that you will get a popup notification and users can event connect with a virtual assistant.

The camera i have shared will work at night also and will keep you updated with all the movements observed by the camera.

Adding a Smart Lock to the Garage

Several high tech companies use Smartlock. The majority of the people do not use the regular key and buttons. As anyone can press the button and anyone can make a duplicate key. So you need to be very smart in adding some smart lock to your garage. You can use various lock to make a smart garage door opener.

The type of lock I am talking about is not only about having a password. But it can be controlled by your smartphone. Imagine you are outside somewhere and you just tap on the phone. Now you can control the movement of the garage door.

For example, If you want your friend to take anything from your garage. Then you don’t need to tell him the password or share any key. Just tap on the phone and the garage door will open. On the other hand, your camera is also recording everything. Its a great way to lock your garage. And the best part you can lock or unlock from anywhere around the world.

Use Smart Light

There are several types of smart light available in the market. Some people think smart light are those which turn to any different color. Well, its not that smart light we are talking about. This smart light can be controlled by your smartphone also. And you can switch it on or off just by a tap on the phone.

These lights are very helpful if you just want to alert anyone. Imagine you hear a noise in the garage, and there are thieves when you see on the camera. Now all you need is tap on the light. The moment you do, the thieves will think someone is there, and they will run away. These smart garage door opener tip is not only for making your garage high tech. But you can even secure your garage from the thieves.


There are several other types of equipment available to make a smart garage door opener. But these equipment are most used. Use this equipment not only to lock or unlock, but you can even take control of light and camera. It will secure and make your smart garage more high tech.

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Know and control

Monitor and control your garage door from anywhere and receive real-time notifications with the myQ ® App.

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Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day.

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Add smartphone control to most garage door openers, with a Smart Garage Control.

Total Garage Control.

Get notifications when your garage is left open and close it right from your smart device.

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Securely invite up to five users to control your myQ devices.

Smart Garage Control reviews

Great upgrade to an existing opener. Was quick and easy to install, five minute setup and fifteen minute install. Now I can the check status of the door and operate it from my smart phone. Color blends in with the garage. Nice upgrade for a none Wi-Fi garage door opener.

LoveTheWeekend, Rockford, IL

Works Great as Advertised. Set up was simple and easy, 15 mins tops. Works as expected. Text notifications come every time. Love how you can set a schedule for the garage door. I have it close every night at midnight just in case someone left the door open.

BTG1, Pittsburgh, PA

Great accessory that is easy to install. This device is real easy to install and setup. Connected it to another manufacturer’s garage door opener and it works great. I love the alert feature when the door opens, it is a great security feature.

JZ33, Northern Illinois, IL

Simple set up. Added my wife as co-owner and she was able to set up her phone just as easily without my help. I am planning on ordering a second sensor for the other bay in garage giving us ability to monitor house safely from anywhere via our phones.

A new option. and peace of mind! The system also offers the ability to sign up for a program with Amazon Prime, that allows the delivery driver to open your garage and place your package inside. Out of the weather, out of sight of any possible package stealers.

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Do I need a home Wi-Fi network to use the Smart Garage Control?

Yes, you will need a home Wi-Fi network with a strong signal in order to use the Smart Garage Control. Connecting your Chamberlain Smart Garage Control to your home's Wi-Fi network is simple and easy using the myQ App. Visit our Support Site for installation and programming guides.

Is my garage door opener compatible with the Smart Garage Control?

Most garage door opener brands are compatible with the Smart Garage Control if the model was manufactured after 1993. These garage door openers will usually have safety sensor eyes. Use our compatibility tool to help you check if your garage door opener is compatible.

How can I improve my Wi-Fi connection to the Smart Garage Control?

Your Smart Garage Control must be within 50 feet of your Wi-Fi router. If the Wi-Fi signal in the garage is weak, try moving the router closer to your garage to minimize interference from walls and other objects. If you are still experiencing issues with a low signal, a Wi-Fi extender may be needed. For help with testing and improving your Wi-Fi signal strength, visit our Support Site.

How do I install my Smart Garage Control?

The myQ App will help you install the Smart Garage Control. Simply follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions within the App and you’re on your way! To watch a video that walks you through the installation of the Smart Garage Control, visit our Support Site.

Need help?

If you need further support on Product Installation or for Troubleshooting, please visit the Chamberlain Group Technical Support Site or send us an email.

Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.

Monitor and control your deliveries from your smartphone.

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Key for Garage | Amazon + myQ


Universal Universal: Works with all major brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that have standard safety sensors. Dimensions Hub Dimensions W 3-7/8" x H 3-7/8" x D 1-1/4" Door Sensor Dimensions W 2-5/8" x H 2-5/8" x D 7/8"
Universal Universal: Works with all major brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that have standard safety sensors.
Dimensions Hub Dimensions W 3-7/8" x H 3-7/8" x D 1-1/4" Door Sensor Dimensions W 2-5/8" x H 2-5/8" x D 7/8"
  • Accessory Warranty: 1 Year


The myQ Smart Garage Control is compatible with most garage door opener brands manufactured after 1993. If your garage door opener has safety sensors, it is likely compatible. Below is the full list of compatible openers by manufacturer.

Manufacturer Mfg Year Manufacturer Mfg Year
Chamberlain ® 1993-Present Overhead Door ® 1996-Present
LiftMaster ® 1993-Present Linear MegaCode 1993-Present
Craftsman ® 1993-Present Stanley SecureCode 1993-Present
Genie ® 1996-Present Wayne Dalton ® 1993-Present

Need help? Visit our Support Site.

Confirm your existing garage door opener has functioning safety sensors.

Ideally, your signal strength should be at 75% or more when standing in the garage.

Enables secure in-garage delivery for Amazon Prime packages.

Monitor and control your deliveries from your smartphone.

Are You Ready for In-Garage Delivery?

Check to see if you are eligible or learn how to set it up. Check now.


Universal Works with all major brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that have standard safety sensors. Dimensions Hub Dimensions W 3-7/8" x H 3-7/8" x D 1-1/4" Door Sensor Dimensions W 2-5/8" x H 2-5/8" x D 7/8"
myQ Compatibility Yes
Universal Works with all major brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that have standard safety sensors.
Dimensions Hub Dimensions W 3-7/8" x H 3-7/8" x D 1-1/4" Door Sensor Dimensions W 2-5/8" x H 2-5/8" x D 7/8"
myQ Compatibility Yes
  • Accessory Warranty: 1 Year


The Smart Garage Control is compatible with most garage door opener brands manufactured after 1993. If your garage door opener has safety sensors, it is likely compatible. Below is the full list of compatible openers by manufacturer.

Manufacturer Mfg Year Manufacturer Mfg Year
Chamberlain ® 1993-Present Overhead Door ® 1996-Present
LiftMaster ® 1993-Present Linear MegaCode 1993-Present
Craftsman ® 1993-Present Stanley SecureCode 1993-Present
Genie ® 1996-Present Wayne Dalton ® 1993-Present

Confirm your existing garage door opener has functioning safety sensors.

Ideally, your signal strength should be at 75% or more when standing in the garage.

The garage is often a neglected, messy space. With a little organization and a few handy projects, though, we can get much more use out of our garages and also modernize them. Here are our top 10 garage upgrade ideas.

10. Install a Ceiling Storage System

Make better use of your garage’s space and get things off the floor with this DIY project . It costs about $75 for all of the materials and is a great way to store seldom-used things like holiday decorations.

9. Store Garden Tools and Other Supplies Smartly on the Wall

Prime time savings
Uncover the latest and greatest bargains from across categories, curated by the Kinja Deals staff.

With just two boards and a saw you can make this simple tool rack for your wall. For smaller tools, there’s always the trusty pegboard (and alternatives .) If you have a lot of tools, perhaps a hinged pegboard system is for you or this rolling pegboard caddy .

Five Pegboard Alternatives That Make Storing Your Tools a Cinch

Pegboard is a common sight in workshops and garages everywhere, but not everyone has the wall space

8. Make a Wall-Mounted, Folding Workbench

If your garage is tight on space but you still want to use it as your workspace, this DIY wall-mounted foldable workbench not only stores your tools but also provides project space on an as-needed basis.

7. Upgrade Your Garage Workshop with Simple DIY Projects

You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve your garage workshop. A sheet metal workbench cover, PVC drawer organizers, and custom storage pieces could go a long way towards making your garage a nicer place to DIY. You can also build your own garage storage shelves for under $50 or turn an old file cabinet into a garden tools storage unit .

How to Upgrade Your Garage Workshop Without Spending a Fortune

If you have a garage workshop, there are lots of ways to improve it without breaking the bank. The…

6. Create an Entire Storage Wall System

Or perhaps go whole hog and turn all of your wall space into a storage system to hold everything from your tools to your garden hose and ladder. The best part of this project is you can customize it exactly for your storage needs.

5. Make Parking in the Garage Easier with Clever Uses

It only takes one experience knocking over a bike or banging the car door into the wall to do some damage. The versatile pool noodle can protect your car door from your wall . You can also make your own $10 garage parking bumper so you’ll never drive too far into the garage. Alternately, hang a tennis ball from your garage ceiling so you’ll always pull in to just the right spot.

Protect Your Car Doors from Your Garage with a Pool Noodle

If you don't have the space to fully open your car doors in your garage and sometimes hit the wall…

4. Use Your Garage for More Than Just Storing Stuff

If you’ve got room in your garage and somewhere else to park the car, consider converting that space into more than just a storage space. The photo above shows the office half of a 2-car garage . Offices set in garages can look surprisingly like a regular home office . If you don’t need office space, perhaps you’d like to turn your garage into a home gym .

Shades of Gray, Steel, and Cigars: A Garage to Office Conversion

Today's featured workspace is a from-the-ground-up conversion of a garage into an awesome home…

3. Monitor Your Garage Door’s Opened or Closed Status

Forgetting to close the garage door can be dangerous, when thieves and animals are on the prowl. Make your own garage door indicator light so you can see with a glance from indoors if your garage door is open. Alternatively, you can build an open an open garage alert system with an old RC car and controller or monitor your door’s status with your phone and a sensor system .

Build Your Own Garage Door Indicator Light

A very useful function of my home automation system is that there's a little light inside my house,

2. Open Your Garage Door with Your Phone

When you do want your garage door open, your phone can be the remote. Siri and a Raspberry Pi make the magic happen for iPhone users, while a Bluetooth board and a free app do the job on Android. (The latter project also remotely starts your car with your phone!)

Open Your Garage Door with Siri and a Raspberry Pi

If using a regular garage opener is too old school for you, RaspBerry Pi forum user DarkTherapy…

1. Organize Your Garage into Zones

You likely have multiple uses for your garage and a variety of things to store there. Divide that space into six distinct zones and it’ll be easier to find things and put them away faster. And maybe even have room in your garage for your car.

Illustration by Tina Mailhot-Roberge.

Lifehacker’s Weekend Roundup gathers our best guides, explainers, and other posts on a certain subject so you can tackle big projects with ease. For more, check out our Weekend Roundup and Top 10 tags.

Linear Smart Garage Door allows you to control your garage on the go. Use the Linear application to turn on lights and open doors from your mobile device from anywhere.

Linear is the professional brand of GTO Access Systems. From gate operators to garage openers and entry systems for getting residents, employees and visitors in and out with ease to pioneering radio frequency remote controls for everyday use, Linear is the brand of choice for professional installers.

Garage Door Openers

Sometimes less is a lot more. That’s the case with the expanded line of Linear residential and commercial garage door operators. In many cases, because we use many of the same parts model to model, dealers can stock reduced inventory, yet offer a wider range of models. Chain or belt drive. Drawbar or Jackshaft. Different horsepower and voltages. You can mix and match the operators that move the best in your market.

Linear offers a complete line of gate operators designed to meet a wide variety of gate automation requirements. Packed with value and rugged durability, Linear operators are fully supported by a nationwide sales/support team committed to complete customer satisfaction. For over five decades, gate and door automation professionals have trusted Linear products for smooth performance and outstanding reliability.

What’s New

– Overall pairing improvements – added clear instruction for better pairing process, removed return to app notification from pairing process.
– Updated deprecated APIs for WebView
– Updated deprecated APIs for Wi-Fi in iOS 14
– Bug fixes

Ratings and Reviews

Notifications don’t work anymore, tried everything

App worked great when 1st downloaded but after several months the notifications stopped working. I use to get alerts when my door was opening or closing and the time it happened. Great when you’re not home but get alerted that door was opened and you know kids made it home for example.
BUT it doesn’t work anymore even thought notifications on iPhone are turned on. I’ve deleted app and reinstalled, restarted phone, turned off notifications and back on and none worked.
It is nice to be able to open and close door yourself from your phone but that’s the only benefit now.
When I sent a troubleshooting email it just said to contact my dealer
Not good enough!

Need to get with the times

I’m using a NetGear. Orbi mesh WiFi system. It will not work. I’ve been on the phone with NG tech for over 5grs trying to find a work around because Linear just says it won’t work. They say that any device that gives access to your home can’t work on a mesh system. Well August door looks work fine,Schlage door locks work fine, Nest X Yale works fine and I could name more. So linear get your engineering team to figure it out. Other companies have. This is why your app is rated so poorly. You don’t respond to customer requests and the changing times.

Edit: netgear after hours of troubleshooting gave up and said it was on linear’s end and couldn’t be done. Linear said it couldn’t be done with a mesh router. But this high school graduate who was not willing to give up was able to get it to work on not just one of their apps but both of their apps. I tried pairing my iPhone to the wall plate probably close to 40 times and on the last time a pop-up came up that said “you have successfully Connected to the access point”. This had NEVER popped up before. NEVER. Everything has worked fine since. The garage door is on 2.4 GHz and my phone is on 5 GHz. I even turned the Wi-Fi off on my iPhone and went to LTE and the garage door still works as if I was away from home. And I did the same testing with my iPad Air and it works fine too.

Great app. I don’t understand the bad reviews

Often times an app gets bad reviews simply because users may not fully understand the app or not follow the instructions exactly in configuring it. I think this is the case with the Linear garage door opener app.

I've read all the negative comments about how this app will not work with an Orbi Mesh WiFi router, but I have one and it works perfectly. In fact, the app is very impressive in how it can be configured to include display of the light or not, and other features regarding adding other users to have access by simply adding them as a "member" and them downloading the app.

The setup was very simple and straightforward. only three steps and the opener was connected to my Orbi Mesh WiFi router and working perfectly. It not only provides remote open/close control of the garage door, but notifies you on your iPhone if the door has been opened or closed. This is a great addition to a home security system and also serves as a reminder when you're miles from home and wonder "Did I close the garage door?"

I'm very pleased we purchased this particular Linear garage door opener. It's quiet, works flawlessly, and the WiFi feature is very helpful.

App Privacy

The developer, GTO Access Systems, LLC , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More

How to set up a smart garage

If you’re looking for a smart garage door opener that works with a camera add-on, you can install Remootio which is very easy to set up — just attach a few wires to your existing garage door opener, download the Remootio app to your smartphone, and you’re ready to go.

Is it compatible with existing garage door openers?

If you’re wondering whether your garage door is compatible, you can check it by entering the model number of your garage door opener below:

What features does the Remootio camera have?

  • HD resolution
  • Live stream
  • Low data mode: when your smartphone uses cellular data, the Remootio camera only transmits one steady image to your smartphone first and when you press “play” you’ll see the live stream.
    How to set up a smart garage
  • Night vision
  • Adjustable camera holder

What other features does Remootio have ?

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity (it works even if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your garage)
  • You can share one of the 20 virtual keys with family and friends via QR code or text message and revoke/ manage their access rights easily.
  • Besides Google Home, it also works with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings
  • Push notifications: get alerts when someone opens your garage door
  • Auto open (Garage door opens automatically as you arrive home)
  • Automations (Open and close your garage door at certain times of the day on certain days of the week)
  • Works with Apple Watch and Siri shortcuts
  • Security: 256 bit end-to-end encryption

How to set up the Remootio camera?

You can set up the Remootio indoor camera in a few simple steps: Setup Remootio Camera

How to set up a smart garage

Garage opener not Wi-Fi enabled? Get a Chamberlain® Smart Garage™ Control.

Add live streaming video to any myQ connected garage door opener with Smart Garage Camera.

Yale | LiftMaster Smart Locks provide key-free entry solutions with smart phone control.

myQ Smart Home

Monitor and control your garage door and home lighting from anywhere. Get real time notifications, set schedules and share the app with family members. Never wonder if you left the garage door open again. Only with myQ.

Secure your packages.

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery works exclusively with myQ smart garage technology. Home or away, protect your packages against theft, damage and bad weather. And, with a myQ-connected Smart Garage Camera and Smart Lock you can watch deliveries happen in real-time and automatically lock your garage passage door when a delivery is taking place.

Connect your business.

Manage the ins and outs of your community or facility with myQ Business cloud-based access control.

myQ works with leading connectivity brands to complete your smart-home experience.

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