How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Would you type quicker if you could trace your text on a virtual keyboard instead of type? You can test the theory yourself with a free, limited-time beta download from Swype.

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If you’re all thumbs on the virtual keyboard, try Swype. Swype

Like Shapewriter for the iPhone, Swype is a gestural alternative for the virtual keyboard that spells out words when you trace them with your fingertip. The software senses a finger press to mark the beginning of a word and a lift to denote the the end, then works out one or more possible combinations to make sense of the jumbled letters in between.

Most of the time Swype gets it right, and if you’re a slow touch-screen typist for whom the hunt-and-peck method isn’t going so hot, now’s your chance to try out Swype.

Swype hasn’t traditionally been open to the public (it is, however, preinstalled on some handsets,) so if you’re interested in sampling the beta, you’d better make your move. The very limited-time beta offer began on Wednesday and will last “probably a few days,” according to Swype’s beta site.

Swype beta will work on HVGA and WVGA Android phones in English, Spanish, and Italian (with more to come.) You may experience some limitations since Swype requires complete integration with the phone for all its features to work. However, skip this download if your phone already came with Swype, because you’ll find that it just won’t work. Light support will come from the forums.

Swype in action
As useful as it can be, Swype isn’t for everyone, particularly if you’re heavy into slang, technical terms, and personal names. Depending what you write and how disciplined you are about contractions (me: extremely,) some aspects of Swype’s previous version may have left you yearning for the built-in keyboard.

Over the time I’ve been beta-testing it, I’ve received errors about the words I wanted being “hidden” behind other words, words capitalizing in the middle of a sentence, and inconsistent acknowledgment of contractions, the latter two of which Swype’s team says this new beta has solved, though we find that it’s still flummoxed by some contractions. Double letters also present a challenge, but jogging twice over the letter of choice usually fills in both letters. You can’t double-tap the space bar to get a period, but you can swipe out a period and the space bar as a workaround; and the standalone version of Swype doesn’t make it immediately known that you’ve added new words to the dictionary (which it does after you type a word and hit Space.)

Stickler that I am with spelling and punctuation, distrusting Swype slows me down as I compulsively check each word before moving on to make sure the swipe worked. I’ve witnessed enough mistakes to carry on this editing practice, especially after one humorously ribald interpretation of a swipe involving an x-rated alternative to the word “gelato.”

Interestingly, using Swype has made me aware of some idiosyncrasies in the English language, such as how often we use contractions that double as complete words, and the abundance of words containing double letters.

There are daily aggravations, sure (why, oh why, can’t the consumer version tap into phone’s the dictionary? However, I knew that Swype had become my preferred method of text entry when I caught myself tracing out words on the iPhone’s standard touch-screen keyboard. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get too far.

Swype’s latest beta is compatible with any Android-powered phone running OS 1.5 or up that also has an HVGA, WVGA, and FWVGA (480×320, 800×480, or 854×480) screen resolution–including (but not exhaustive to) the Droid family, Sprint EVO and Hero, and the Nexus One.

If you’re constantly tweeting and texting, then you probably swipe to type. While every Android device comes with an on-screen keyboard, it’s possible to install third-party swipe keyboards on Android to make typing a little easier.

These apps are available in the Google Play Store. Check the minimum system requirements to make sure an app is compatible with your version of Android.

The Official Google Android Keyboard: Gboard

Adjustable glide settings.

Built-in web search and GIF functionality.

Free with no ads.

Some settings and features are hidden.

Fewer features than paid versions of other keyboard apps.

Gboard includes built-in support for emoji, Google Search, and GIFs. It also gives you plenty of options in the settings menu. For example, you can tweak the theme to give the interface a personal touch, adjust the keyboard height, or enable one-handed mode. Gboard gives you a few options for glide typing as well, including gesture controls.

The best thing about Gboard is that it’s free. You are never asked to pay to unlock new features, and you never see ads on your keyboard to support the developers. You can also sync your dictionary to your Google account to personalize text correction.

Customized Typing on Android: Chrooma Keyboard

Extensive customization options.

Try all features for free before paying for the pro version.

Hides the best features behind a paywall.

The GIF keyboard takes forever to load.

You can fine-tune all aspects of Chrooma, from the background color to the way that the keys appear on the screen. You can also adjust the font, font size, and default language.

The pro version of Chrooma includes a grammar and spelling checker, which you launch by tapping the icon in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. From there, you can see the app's suggestions.

Best Premium Android Keyboard: Swiftkey Keyboard

Build your own themes.

Built-in language translator.

Predictive text could be better.

Often autocorrects with a capital letter, even in the middle of a sentence.

Swiftkey Keyboard is another fantastic swipe alternative to the default keyboard on your phone. It's reasonably accurate and learns quickly while giving you access to several features. To begin with, you can tweak the way the keyboard looks from the settings menu. You can adjust the theme, button layout, keyboard size, and where it appears on the screen.

You also get access to a clipboard for copied text, and you can build your own custom themes. However, to get access to every feature available, you must pay for the pro version of the app. Pro features include typing speed analysis along with other stats and more theme options.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

You might be able to type 80+ WPM on your PC’s keyboard, but typing on your Android device is a completely different experience. Typing on a touchscreen is quite different, and in most cases, you can only use two thumbs to type. This can lead to a slowdown in typing, and if you send 100+ messages each day, it can be a headache.

Fortunately, like solutions to many other user problems, the Android community has many solutions for this problem as well. In this article we will show you different ways to type faster on Android with the least amount of hiccups.

Change the Default Keyboard

Stock keyboards or your device manufacturer’s keyboard are good, offering reliable shortcuts and features like Auto-Correct, etc. However, there are so many other third-party keyboards with better typing features. I personally use/recommend Swiftkey, but there are many other good Android keyboards as well.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

These keyboards add different features, like ability to customize the look of the keyboard, better prediction, different language support and multiple ways to type. For example, Swiftkey is known for its amazing prediction and auto-correct feature. I literally type with my eyes closed in both English and my own language with hardly a single mistake. I even make mistakes that are almost impossible to pronounce, but it still manages to predict the right word. I can’t do the same with my default keyboard which I have used for a few months as well.

Take Advantage of the Prediction Feature

Now almost all Android keyboards come with the prediction feature which will guess the word halfway through typing it or guess the next word in a sentence. You can take advantage of this feature to type faster by tapping on the right predicted word instead of typing it all. However, you will need to practice a bit to get the hang of it and type faster without any confusions.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

For this as well I recommend to move on from the default keyboard and try third-party keyboards with better prediction. In my regular use, Swiftkey is capable of predicting whole sentences for me, not just one or two words. Many other third-party keyboards can do the same.

Swipe to Type

Swipe to type is another cool and arguably faster way to type. This feature is default on Android 4.2 and above phones, and most third-party keyboards support it. In swipe typing, you glide your finger from one word to another instead of tapping each character. Lifting your finger works as a “space,” so you can type words without any need to press space each time. Of course, swipe typing also requires some practice, and a good prediction and swipe typing app is always a plus.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

You can try Swiftkey or Swype (the creator of Swipe-To-Type); they both are quite accurate.

Voice Typing

Voice typing is an amazing way to type as fast as you can speak, and of course, pronounce properly. If you have an Android 2.3 or above phone, Google offers this feature built in. However, for offline voice typing, you will need to have an Android 4.2 or above phone. Some third-party keyboards also offer the voice typing feature, like Swype.

You can use the Google voice typing feature by going to “Language and Input” option in the “Settings” and selecting “Google Voice Typing.”

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

While typing, just select “Google Voice Typing” from the notification bar, and you will see a Mic in the middle prompting you to speak.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

You can just start speaking, and it will start typing. You should be as clear as possible while speaking and pronounce words properly. There might be a few mistakes in the text, but they can be easily corrected while still spending less time than typing everything. Furthermore, you can also speak and type in other languages apart from English. Just click on the “Gear” icon next to “Google Voice Typing” and select “Languages.”

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Note: voice typing requires an Internet connection. If you want to use the voice typing feature offline, you will have to download the required language pack from the “Google Voice Typing” settings.


There are many ways to type faster on Android, and above are some of the most reliable ones. You can also try using some touch typing apps/games like Type it! which will help you learn to type faster on a touchscreen. If you know other ways to type faster on Android, do let us all know in the comments below.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Nuance Communications Inc. has ventured out from third-party keyboard app business. Technology website, The Verge published on 21 st February 2018, that the tech giant has discontinued its Swype Keyboard app for Android and iOS.

This has been a hassle for loyal Swype users who lost all customizations on their Swype keyboard. If you are still looking for a keyboard app or a keypad app for your Android or iOS to replace Swype, we have reviewed different android and iOS keyboards, and have picked top 3 alternatives to Swype –

1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a well-equipped and cool keyboard app with SwiftKey Cloud, created by SwiftKey.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Key Features of SwiftKey

The SwiftKey keypad app stores learned a language that you can use across multiple devices. It can learn how you use language on various social platforms by linking it to your social media and email apps and build your language database.

All user data stored in the cloud is anonymous to ensure privacy.

If you’re still not convinced though, you don’t need to use Swift Cloud and the Android keypad app can still learn your language, and it will store that data on your phone only.


  • The keyboard app is the slickest among other third-party keyboards in Android with more than 2.5 million downloads.
  • The interface and flow works like no other Android keyboard app.
  • Though swipe keyboard app may take some time for your fingers to adjust, its precision helps when you are in a hurry or texting with just one hand.
  • SwiftKey for Android also has a feature of ‘keypress sounds’ which allows you to customize keypress sounds to different profiles. Mechanical keyboard lovers can use this feature to get the feel of traditional computer typing on their mobile device.
  • It is also easy to switch from uppercase to lowercase, which is quite troublesome in regular iOS keyboard app.


  • The keyboard app doesn’t automatically scroll to the latest message in the SMS section.
  • SwiftKey is not as good for iPad and iPhone 4s compared to other devices.

Its predictive feature makes SwiftKey Android keyboard one of the best alternatives to Swype Keyboard, and as Apple has allowed third-party keyboards in iOS, you can use it on your iPhone and iPad as well.

2. Gboard

Gboard is a virtual keyboard app created by Google Inc. It features Google search including web results and predictive answers. The keypad app enables easy searching and sharing of GIF and emoji.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Key Features of Gboard

A ‘predictive type engine’ that is easy to use and support for a variety of themes makes this keypad app fun to use. Gboard learns your language and suggests words depending on the context.

Google has also recently updated support recognition for hand-drawn emoticons and ability to predict whole phrases instead of just words.


    makes searching a lot faster.
  • The space bar also works as a Trackpad.
  • The keyboard app can quickly delete multiple words.
  • Multilingual typing supports a huge range of languages.
  • You can add a permanent number row in the keypad app.
  • It has a separate one hand mode, which is rare in other android keyboards.


  • Gboard lacks database functionality that is used in SwiftKey. For instance, if you’re chatting about MLB with someone it can’t predict the surname of the player like SwiftKey.
  • You need to add words manually to the dictionary as it cannot store the words itself.
  • The keyboard app crawls through a lot of personal data from your phone.

The smart user interphase and its smooth operation along with a cool emoji prediction features makes Gboard one of the best alternatives to Swype keyboard. Gboard is available for both Android and iOS.

3. GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is a third party android keyboard app created by Gomo Dev Team. It offers multiple languages and keyboard layouts and can crawl through all your contacts. It learns your language style and predicts words while you are typing.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Key Features of GO Keyboard

The keypad app also changes the layout based on your typing language which can be handy. A standard dictionary for multiple languages, an emoji keyboard, and additional plugins provide a decent user experience.


This keypad app also supports fantasy text.

  • It has customizable skin and background.
  • It is comprised of a multi-point touch keyboard.
  • The Go keyboard has auto-memory which predictively corrects what you type.


  • The biggest letdown about this keyboard is security and privacy as it is reported to be allegedly crawling through a lot of user data and sending it to remote servers.
  • Keys are spaced too closely, making it difficult to type in a hurry.

Barring its privacy issues and minor anomalies, the keyboard app provides good user experience.

A personalized keypad app saves a lot of time on the phone and improves productivity overall. While there are a lot of keypad apps on the market today, SwiftKey, Gboard and Go Keyboard are most widely used due to the comprehensive features they offer.

Google has been updating Gboard very regularly and after you have used it for a few weeks giving it time to learn your writing style, the predictive text works like a charm. Most times, you only need to type first few letters of the word you want to use and predictive text does the rest for you.

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Cannot get a working version of swype. 🙁 Every time I try to install it, I get a notification as soon as I start sliding that says "Trial period has ended." Anyone know how to get a working version, or do I have to wait for beta/release?

This is a virus, download at your own risk.

Do you know how to get this to work on the Hero? Or a similar app I can use?

Unless you are in the beta program there's no way you can get Swype to work. Well, there are in fact some ripped apks, but I wouldn't trust them.

I've been in the beta. It has been very easy to use and my go-to keyboard for a few months now. [Moto Droid 2.1]

How does one get in the beta? Droid user as well. (2.1)

I've had swype for several weeks now on my Evo and i still haven't managed to get faster than normal typing. Part of it is probably that in portrait mode, double tapping a word doesn't bring up the word choice menu – which may be an issue with the beta, i'm not sure. As a result, i have to re-swype several words at the end instead of word-choice-window fixing them.

But on top of that, swyping out small words is tough- 2 and 3 letter words come out wrong 50% of the time, so i've started tapping those out, and only swyping the larger words.

This seems to speed things up a little, but i'm still not seeing how this is more efficient except for times when you only have one hand to type on the keyboard. In landscape mode, i can get out a message just as quickly on the standard keyboard.

This keyboard app is focused on social media and convenient messaging with GIFs, emojis, and stickers. It also provides numerous colorful theme options including dynamic themes and custom backgrounds. It also comes with a very large set of emojis and stickers, giving users the ability to save favorites to a custom emoji keyboard. Personalized layouts and speedy swipe typing are also on hand.

Unlike many keyboards, it includes an avatar creator and the option of using its “future face” technology, an artificial aging app letting you quickly edit a photo of yourself to present aged facial features. This option, however, like many of the fonts and template themes, is limited to premium subscribers. It also requires giving the keyboard app full access in permissions. You may also want to consider purchasing the best keyboard for editing that is billed as a gaming keyboard but is also a great video editing keyboard.

How We Decided

In order to pick the best keyboard for Android devices, we looked for useful and robust keyboard apps that provided both advanced functionality and convenience features, along with solid privacy protection and reliable performance. We looked for useful features like swipe typing or gesture control, searchable GIFs and Emojis, helpful text predictions, and customizable keys while remaining compatible with all your favorite Android keyboard settings.

We also took into consideration aesthetics as well as functionality. We looked for diverse themes along with custom fonts and layouts. The ability to personalize the keyboard and background with custom images was considered a cool extra feature. We gave bonus points to keyboard apps that offered improved typing speed and accuracy via swipe typing and resizable keys.

When it came to GIF and personalized emoji keyboards, we looked for apps that streamlined sharing and promised broad social media utility, looking for the best keyboard for Android Reddit, Twitter, and messaging posts. We gave extra credit to apps that offered a number row and extra features like a search function. Robust performance and a friendly, intuitive UI was a must, while great accessibility features like voice commands and a one-handed or floating keyboard layout were also considered.

Best Keyboards for Android Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Customizable Autocorrect Suggestions
    Depending on your preferences, the best keyboard app for Android 2020 and 2021 devices might be one that allows you to customize grammar and spelling suggestions and add words and shortcuts to your own dictionary. Make sure any keyboard app works with all the languages you’re likely to use it for. Some offer more advanced context-specific predictions and grammar check as well.
  2. Swipe Typing
    Some users looking for the fastest keyboard app or the most convenient way to type on an Android device may want to look for Android keyboard apps with “Swype Typing” or gesture typing. This feature enables smoother, quicker input, though it can take some getting used to. The best-designed Android keyboards can help boost accuracy and typing speed this way.
  3. Customizable Settings
    If you’re looking for a keyboard option that gives you more control, consider features like customizable keyboard sizes and one-handed modes, as well as the availability of multiple themes and custom background options. Some android keyboard apps provide the ability to fine-tune security settings and permissions as well, worth keeping in mind if you’re looking for an app for privacy.

Keyboards for Android FAQs

What is the best keyboard for Android?

Depending on your particular needs, you may want a keyboard that upgrades the typing experience of your android phones or tablets with gesture control, swipe typing, and resizable letters. Or you might want a customizable keyboard with a larger array of themes available. Some users also might appreciate additional features like one-handed mode, different keyboard height options, voice typing, or a full, PC-style keyboard layout.

What is the best Android keyboard 2020?

In general, Android keyboard 2020 models may offer some special features not standard on the stock keyboard of Android devices. The newest versions of the most popular Android keyboards benefit from updated contextual predictions, a night mode, pre-installed gesture control for typing faster, and compatibility with more languages.

Is SwiftKey better than Gboard?

Depending on what type of keyboard you’re looking for, the SwiftKey and Gboard keyboards for Android devices each have much to recommend them, with SwiftKey being arguably more optimized for the typing experience, while Gboard provides search, email, maps, and settings integration. Both support hundreds of languages and offer advanced features. If you’re looking for more custom options like an alternative keyboard layout option, different themes, or fancy fonts, you might want to consider a third-party keyboard app.

What’s the best free keyboard for Android?

For productivity-enhancing features like keyboard resizing, voice commands, and glide typing, many Android keyboard apps have versions available as free downloads. Some open-source keyboards are available for Android OS as well. Extra features like custom themes often involve a separate paid download, however.

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Android has a lot of good features, and one among a million of them is the Swype Gesture typing. With this feature enabled, you can easily swipe through the letters of your keyboard, and get done writing a good long text message, or even an email. However, for all of you fast typists out there, you know the struggle when you type so fast that the keyboard application accidentally mistakes it for a swipe gesture, and totally messes up your conversation.

Well, we have a fix. While almost all of the third-party keyboards on Android devices have this option ready for enabling and disabling, we will be demonstrating this using the stock keyboard application, Google Keyboard. In order to disable this annoying feature, we insist you be running on the latest version of Google Keyboard, just to ensure that the layout of settings hasn’t changed all that much. Once you’re set to go, let’s get right into it.

Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Android

  1. First of all, you need to get into the Google Keyboard’s settings panel. This is accessible as an application from your app drawer, or even as a setting from your Settings application. If you cannot find this application in your app drawer, then navigate to Settings > Languages > Google Keyboard. How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android
  2. This will pop open the settings panel for Google Keyboard, which is stuffed with all kinds of tweaks and tips to improve your typing experience. Anyways, right now, you need to hop into the menu named ‘Gesture Typing‘. How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android
  3. Right here, you can further find a million options that you can toy with. We suggest you find the best settings for your gesture typing habits and save them. Although, if you completely want to disable it, then tap on the three options which read ‘Enable gesture typing‘, ‘Enable gesture delete‘, and ‘Enable gesture cursor control‘.How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android
  4. Save the settings, and restart your Android device if the settings don’t affect the keyboard by default.

Nice! The next time you try to type fast, you will not be annoyed by the constant swipe gestures anymore. If you have any issues whatsoever regarding this article, then definitely make sure you hit us down in the comments section.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

With iOS 13 and the new QuickPath feature, the iPhone finally has a native version of the “swipe” keyboards that have been popular on Android devices for almost a decade. You could previously use such keyboards on iOS if you installed a third-party keyboard such as Gboard, SwiftKey, or the discontinued Swype app, but now you no longer have to deal with the occasional hassle of switching keyboards. You can also use QuickPath on the iPad if you’re using the miniature floating keyboard.

The idea behind a swipe keyboard that, instead of typing out words with an individual tap for each letter, you hold down your finger and slide over to each letter. I especially find QuickPath helpful when I’m using the one-handed keyboard while standing during subway rides.

Once you’ve got the hang of the QuickPath keyboard, you should try incorporating some of Apple’s new gestures for cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo.

How to use the QuickPath keyboard

The QuickPath keyboard is available the second you upgrade to iOS 13. To use it, open any app that brings up the keyboard for text entry and make sure you’re using the native iOS keyboard.

When you start typing a word, swipe your finger to each different letter without lifting your finger. Be careful not to press too hard, as you might accidentally activate the digital trackpad. If you were typing “Macworld,” for instance, you’d start with your finger on the M and then swipe over to A, C, and so forth.

Once you’re done with the word, lift your finger and iOS will leave a space so you can start typing the next word. There’s no need to press the space bar. To start the next word, just repeat the process.

You won’t even have to worry about double letters in common English words as iOS will usually do the work for you. If you swipe-type “bal,” for instance, it will show up as “ball” when you lift your finger. You can see QuickPath in action below.

How to use QuickPath on an iPad

You can’t use QuickPath on a normal iPad keyboard, but you can use it with the miniature floating version that appears when you pinch inward on the default widescreen digital keyboard in iPadOS 13.

To stop using the floating keyboard, pinch outward on the keyboard interface. Head to this page for a more detailed walkthrough.

How to disable QuickPath

There’s a good chance you may not even realize QuickPath is active unless you actually try to use it. It doesn’t affect normal keyboard typing. Even so, if you find it’s getting in the way of your experience, here’s how to turn it off.

Open the Settings app.

Toward the bottom, you’ll see a toggle for Slide to Type. Turn it off, and you’ll be done.

Why bother to use unlicensed Swype on your phone? The most innovative soft keyboard, 2009 GSMA Mobile Innovation Champion – TouchPal Keyboard is coming!

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TouchPal Keyboard Highlights:
** TouchPal Curve **
TouchPal Curve is the next generation of swiping technology. It brings prediction to sliding. In Swype, you have to slide the complete word, and you’ll easily get lost with long words. Using the Predictive Sliding technology in TouchPal Curve, you may pause in the middle of a word to get prediction. You can slide only a very small part to finish a long word.

** Blind Type **
With TouchPal’s patented mistyping correction technology, blind type is no longer a dream! You may type 50% faster with TouchPal Keyboard because you don’t need to worry about making mistakes.

** Smart Prediction **
TouchPal Keyboard predicts words in a smart way. The prediction is based on sophisticated language models and machine learning. It also learns your input pattern and optimize the prediction that works best for you ONLY! It may save up to 80% of keystrokes.

** Multilingual support **
We are releasing TouchPal Keyboard in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese, and many more languages.

Note: This version is NOT available on Android Market yet. The current TouchPal keyboard in Android market only supports Chinese and Enligh, and doesn’t support sliding input or multi-languages. We will release this new version in the market after beta testing is finished.

It’s a weird sort of paradox: One of the most popular apps for Android is also one of the hardest to get.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

I’m talking about a little something called Swype. Swype replaces your Android phone’s on-screen keyboard with a slightly strange-sounding alternative: Rather than tapping keys individually, you slide your finger around your screen — without ever lifting it — to input the words you want. According to Swype’s creators, this unique method of typing allows you to input text 30 percent faster than you could with a standard smartphone keyboard.

Swype comes preinstalled on a handful of Android devices, but if you don’t have one of those phones, the app can be tough to get your fingers on. The reason: Swype is in a limited beta mode, and it welcomes new users only once in a while.

Well, call it a Festivus miracle: Swype is currently accepting new members into its beta world. You may not be able to get Android Gingerbread on your phone by New Year’s, by golly, but you can get this.

If you want to sign up for the Swype beta program and try the slide-to-type keyboard method for yourself, just head over to Swype’s beta site and click on the link to register. The app is free, but there’s no telling how long registration will remain open — so if you’re interested, you might want to sign up soon.

Of course, Swype isn’t the only alternative method of inputting text with Android. Personally, I like a third-party keyboard replacement called Swiftkey; it predicts text as you type and can save quite a bit of time. It’s also very easy to pick up, while a program like Swype has a learning curve and requires a certain amount of patience and adaptation.

Whatever your preference, there are plenty of options out there — and it never hurts to explore.*

*Unless you forcefully poke yourself in the eye while doing it.

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It’s hard to imagine that years ago people had to repeatedly tap their phone’s number buttons to get letters in order to form words for texting. Now, built-in keyboards on smartphones are the norm, with users tapping a virtual keyboard to text and the keyboard guessing several potential words, even as you type them like Google does when you’re searching keywords. Texting is even easier now with Swype keyboard, and the following tutorial will show you how to use this type of keyboard.

1. Setting up– Most Android phones have Swype installed by default. Some may have to download the keyboard. To enable Swype, go to your phone’s Language and Input under Settings. Change your input method to Swype if you have it already or have it installed.

2. Swyping words– To Swype a word when texting, place and hold your finger on the first letter of the word. Slide your finger to the subsequent letters, releasing when the word is finished.

3. For capitalized words– Manually tap the arrow icon to bring up capital letters. Tap the first letter, then slide your finger over the remaining letters.

4. Double letters– For words with double letters, such as the word letter, slide your finger through the word as normal, but make a circle around the t after you swipe through it the first time to duplicate it. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you master it, you’ll be texting faster than you ever thought possible.

How do you review an alternate software keyboard for Android efficiently? By taking it for a test drive of course. I`m typing this article on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone right now. While it is certainly slower than t typing the article on the physical keyboard attached to my desktop PC, it works better than I thought it would.

Swype is a commercial app – available as a 30-day trial to test it out – for the Android operating system that improves your typing speed in the long run. That is, unless you happen to hack dozens of messages into your phone per day and have grown to become the Flash of phone keyboards in the process. If you are a regular phone user, like I’m, you may benefit highly from Swype.

The app introduces four different methods to enter text in to any app running on your phone or tablet.

  • Swype: you enter words by drawing with your finger across all letters. Just put your finger on the first letter of the word and move it in one swift action across all the letters the word is made up of.
  • Speak: you can speak to enter text this way (using Dragon dictation)
  • Write: use your fingers or a stylus to write on the phone’s screen.
  • Tap: the default way of entering text on Android devices.

You may need some getting used to time before you can use the Swype technology efficiently though as it feels kinda strange at first to move through all letters on the keyboard. You will notice that you are getting faster with every minute though, and several optimization features aid you here as well. Swype adds spaces automatically, and uses an auto-correct feature to automatically correct misspelled words for you so that you do not have to start over that often.

You do need to to memorize some of the commands that it makes available to make full use of the functionality it makes available. You can for instance capitalize words by swiping to the Shift key once you have finished the word, add punctuation by swiping to it, or double letters by scribbling on the letter or looping on it.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Swype introduces several interesting text manipulation shortcuts. Swipe from the menu key on the keyboard to a to mark all text on the screen. Do the same to x to cut the text, to c to copy it, and to v to paste text from the clipboard.

The app includes a learning component that tries to improve word predictions and other features based on past use of the Swype application. In theory, this should improve your typing the longer you use the application.

If English is not your default language, you need to download and install support for one of the 60 languages and 20 dialects that Swype supports right now.It is easy to do. Just open the options, select languages here, then download languages and select the language that you want to add to the application. Once you have added at least one additional language, you can switch between them easily, for instance by moving from the Swype button to the space key.

Here is a demo video that may help you understand better what Swype is offering:

Is Swype worth the price? That depends a lot on how much you type on your phone, or plan to type if Swype speeds things up for you. I’d highly suggest you download the free trial to test it out for a week or two to see how fast you can be with it. If it makes a difference, it is definitely worth the 99 cents it is currently available for in the Play store.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Bàn phím Swype cho Android thay thế mổ chữ cái bằng cách lướt ngón tay của bạn qua chúng. Swype tự động diễn giải cử chỉ của bạn và tìm ra từ bạn định gõ.

Swype có thể nhờ vào tính linh hoạt của Android – nhà phát triển bên thứ ba có thể thay thế bàn phím hệ thống của bạn, cung cấp trải nghiệm nhập văn bản mới. Người dùng iPhone không gặp may.

Chuyển sang Swype

Nhiều thiết bị Android đi kèm với bàn phím Swype nhưng không được bật theo mặc định. Để tìm hiểu xem bạn đã cài đặt Swype chưa, hãy nhấn và giữ bất kỳ khu vực nhập văn bản nào bằng ngón tay của bạn. Bạn sẽ thấy một menu.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Tập tinPhương pháp nhậpThực đơn trong thực đơn.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Chuyển sang Swype bằng cách nhấn vào nó nếu nó xuất hiện trong menu.

Nếu bạn chưa cài đặt Swype, bạn có thể tải xuống bản beta từ trang web của Swype. Đây là một ứng dụng phi thị trường, do đó, bạn sẽ phải kích hoạt tùy chọn Nguồn không xác định của Wap trên Android để cài đặt nó.

Cách sử dụng cơ bản

Nếu bạn muốn gõ vào cách sử dụng cách gõ trên bàn phím màn hình cảm ứng thông thường, bạn sẽ chạm lần lượt từng ký tự, nhấc ngón tay khỏi màn hình sau mỗi lần nhấn. Bạn có thể phải quay lại và chỉnh sửa những gì bạn đã gõ nếu ngón tay của bạn bỏ lỡ một chữ cái.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Trên Swype, bạn vuốt qua các từ. Chạm ngón tay của bạn vào H, di chuyển nó đến O, di chuyển nó đến W và nâng ngón tay của bạn. Swype sẽ tự động phát hiện từ thích hợp và đặt nó vào hộp văn bản.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Tôi thực sự đã overshot O ở đây và đi đến P thay thế. Swype đủ thông minh để sửa lỗi này và biết rằng tôi có thể có ý định gõ vào cách thức, không phải là hp hpw.

Thay vào đó, nếu tôi có ý định gõ kiểu Hy vọng thì thay vào đó? Không vấn đề gì. Swype hiển thị các từ có thể khác phía trên bàn phím của bạn; chạm vào một từ để sử dụng nó thay thế.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Điều này hoạt động ngay cả khi bạn đang gõ một vài từ cùng một lúc. Bạn có thể nhấn vào từ không chính xác trong trường nhập văn bản để chọn từ đó và xem các từ thay thế được đề xuất.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Để nhập các từ bổ sung, nhấc ngón tay của bạn từ màn hình giữa mỗi từ. Swype tự động chèn khoảng trắng cho bạn.

Thư đôi

Swype cố gắng phát hiện khi một từ, chẳng hạn như, geek, Yêu cầu hai chữ cái giống nhau trong một hàng. Cũng có một cách để nói với Swype rằng bạn muốn có nhiều hơn một chữ cái: tạo một vòng lặp nhỏ trên chữ cái hoặc viết nguệch ngoạc lên nó trong khi vuốt.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

viết hoa

Swype tự động viết hoa các từ xuất hiện ở đầu câu, nhưng bạn cũng có thể sử dụng một cử chỉ đặc biệt để viết hoa các chữ cái. Nếu bạn muốn nhập kiểu Cách thức, với chữ H viết hoa, hãy bắt đầu tại H, vuốt lên trên và tắt bàn phím, vuốt xuống bàn phím và vuốt qua các chữ cái khác một cách bình thường.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Thêm từ vào từ điển của Swype

Phép thuật của Swype phụ thuộc vào từ điển nội bộ của từ. Nếu nó không biết một từ hoặc từ viết tắt mà bạn muốn gõ, nó sẽ không cho phép bạn vuốt từ đó. May mắn thay, bạn có thể tự thêm từ. Giả sử chúng tôi muốn thêm HTG vào danh sách từ. Swype cũng có thể được sử dụng như một bàn phím bình thường, săn tìm, vì vậy chúng ta sẽ chạm vào nó một cách bình thường.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Ở dưới cùng của màn hình, Swype gợi ý NTH là trận đấu gần nhất trong từ điển của nó. Chúng ta có thể nhấn vào tùy chọn HT HTG trên đó để chọn nó.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Chạm vào “Thêm vào từ điểny tùy chọn để thêm từ mới của bạn vào từ điển của Swype.

Dấu câu và từ đơn

Để thêm dấu chấm câu, hãy vuốt từ dấu chấm câu vào thanh dấu cách. Ví dụ: để thêm dấu phẩy sau khi gõ một từ, hãy nhấn ngón tay xuống dấu phẩy, di chuyển nó đến thanh không gian và nhấc nó lên. Điều này sẽ tự động chèn dấu chấm câu, theo sau là khoảng trắng, để bạn có thể tiếp tục vuốt. Bạn cũng có thể vuốt vào thanh không gian để gõ một từ đơn lẻ, như là một chữ hay một chữ I, theo sau là một khoảng trắng. Swype tự động viết hoa từ chữ I. I.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Giả sử bạn muốn nhập từ nồi nồi. Lịch trình trực tiếp là một đường thẳng từ P đến T. Nhưng đó có thể là một số từ: pot, put hoặc pit.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Vuốt của bạn không phải đi theo con đường trực tiếp. Tránh chữ U và I và Swype sẽ biết chính xác từ của bạn.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Cấu hình Swype

Bạn có thể nhấn và giữ phím Swype ở góc dưới bên trái của bàn phím để truy cập cài đặt của Swype. Bạn cũng có thể tìm thấy các thiết lập của nó trong Ngôn ngữ và bàn phím trong menu cài đặt hệ thống của bạn.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Từ màn hình cài đặt của Swype, bạn có thể điều chỉnh ngôn ngữ và tùy chọn của Swype, quản lý từ điển cá nhân của bạn và xem các mẹo và trợ giúp của Swype.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Swype có vẻ như là một ý tưởng khá kỳ lạ lúc đầu – ảnh chụp màn hình của nó trong hành động, với những nét vẽ nguệch ngoạc trên khắp bàn phím, có thể trông hơi khó hiểu. Nhưng nếu bạn thử Swype, bạn sẽ ngạc nhiên khi mọi thứ nhấp vào vị trí nhanh như thế nào.

By Roshan – October 4, 2012 – 5 comments Email article | Print article

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for androidOne of the innovative features introduced by Android is the swipe input method. Some love it while some hate it. If you are of the former group, the app Swipe Input Method – Swipe to Type is for you. But after using this app, you might shift to the latter!

What is it and what does it do

The best way to know what this app does is to see it in action. Grab your friends droid and enable the swipe keyboard or what the heck, just download this app for free to check this feature out. Basically, this is a notes app that uses a new type of keyboard; you input text into the app by swiping from one key to another on the keyboard and the app recognizes the word you want to input based on your swipes.

  • The swipe function works
  • Touch response with the alternate keyboard is good
  • Text prediction is present
  • Free version is ad-supported
  • Text prediction is pathetic
  • Ugly design and looks
  • No integration of swipe keyboard into other apps, such as Notes or Messages app — you must copy + paste text from the app if you want to insert it into another app
  • No option to mail or save the text you type

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for androidThe attempt of this app is, obviously, to reproduce the success of Android’s Swype keyboard. However, the app shows an overall disappointing performance in all its aspects. Not only does it lack some features, but it doesn’t even do what it advertises itself to do.

The app welcomes you with an ugly plain yellow screen filled with ads. Tap the yellow sheet to start swiping. Initially, the swiping is difficult and seems that the normal typing is faster. But after some practice, you really gain speed. Although the app performs well for simple words, problems begin when dealing with complex words — the text prediction is slow and inaccurate.

Furthermore, Swype Input Method can be considered as an “app supported ad” instead of an “ad supported app”. Too many ads popup every time you open the app, along with requests of upgrade. A dedicated unlabelled button for ads is also included. Anyone who accidentally presses the button gets redirected to the ad location. Ugh.

Aside from all that, the biggest drawback to this app is there is no integration with other types of apps. In other words, the swipe keyboard is only available within this app; you must type whatever you want into the app and, if you want to use that text elsewhere, you have to manually copy and paste it. This is due to app communication restrictions in iOS by Apple and we can’t blame the dev for that. But, having an e-mail to message function (to pass the content to other apps) is surely possible but is unavailable in this app.

Conclusion and download link

What can I say about this app? Just stay away from it, that is all. If you are accustomed to swipe keyboards in Android and can’t live without them, you can check out this app. Or if you are jailbroken, you can try the Swype tweak from Cydia, which is far better. Overall, only go with this app if you are desperate.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

The stock keyboard that comes by default with your Android device is never sufficient. One of the greatest advantages of being an Android user is the availability of third-party solutions. There are several Android keyboard apps available, varying in functionality to meet your typing style. You can easily swap your stock keyboard to a perfect Android keyboard that is easy and convenient for you. The task of choosing the right keyboard is never easy and hence we are discussing ten Android keyboard options that will help you make the right choice.

1. Swype

Swype is one of the oldest gesture-typing keyboards and has perfected its swipe-to-type engine. Several OEMs have included Swype in their devices but for those who don’t have it, you can now download it from Google Play Store. The predictive text engine offered by Swype is nearly accurate. It offers a smooth and a friendly interface that is convenient for typing. Swype includes dictionaries, great speech recognition and easy language switching. It is fast, flexible and provides extensive hotkeys.

2. Smart Keyboard PRO

Smart Keyboard PRO is a great competitor to other Android keyboard apps in the market. It is a multi-touch keyboard with support for many languages. It offers several customization options and skin themes. Users can customize the settings to suit their style and need. It also offers a smart dictionary, T9 and compact mode, custom Auto-text and prediction features which make it one of the coolest keyboard apps.

3. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a great all-in-one keyboard app that provides excellent features. The predictive text functionality of SwiftKey is considered one of the best in the league of Android keyboards. It supports multiple layouts and keyboard sizes which is ideally suited for any tablet device. It is one of the best trace keyboards. It also supports gesture typing which makes it convenient to type. Overall, SwiftKey is popular among Android users and is worth a try.

4. Fleksy

Fleksy is an innovative keyboard that uses the traditional QWERTY layout. It has a powerful text predictive engine that is pending for patent approval. It provides an auto correct engine which ensures you are typing the right text even when you are looking away. Fleksy’s latest version has been re-designed to add new themes and supports new languages. The interface is simple offering an effective typing experience. With its revolutionary technology, Fleksy is an awesome keyboard app for your android device.

5. Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard is the stock keyboard that comes with the Nexus device. It is also available on Google Play Store and offers several features which make it a good choice as an alternative keyboard. It provides gesture typing, Flow/Swype style dragging to type. It provides support for emoji and a toggle button to switch back to the keyboard. It is a simple keyboard with basic features that will meet your typing needs.

6. Kii Keyboard

Kii keyboard is a robust keyboard which packages the best features of any Android keyboard app. It renders accurate keyboard predictions which make typing easy. It provides support for multiple keyboard layouts. Hence, you don’t have to worry if the keyboard would suit your android device. You can choose a layout that best fits your device, customize themes and enjoy typing. It supports gesture typing and split keyboard layouts. It is a true multi-touch keyboard that will never let you down.

7. Minuum Keyboard

Minuum features a proprietary keyboard setup different from the conventional QWERTY layout. Initially, you may find it a bit difficult to get accustomed to the layout but once you get used to it, you will be able to experience fast typing. It is extremely flexible and provides a rich set of features. Text prediction is its strength and it relies heavily on its prediction engine to offer a swift typing experience.

8. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is one of the coolest Android keyboard apps. The app aims to make typing a fun experience with its colorful themes and support for skins. It provides predictive texting support for multiple languages. It features auto-memory and correct as you type options. Typing using a Go Keyboard is easy and comfortable. Some users are put off by the various color themes but the app provides great typing features which is hard to ignore. The app is available for free on Google Play Store.

9. TouchPal X Keyboard

The sentence gesture technology of TouchPal X keyboard has made it one of the most sought after Android keyboard apps. The accuracy of word gesture and sentence gesture features has made this app a great competitor in the market. The contextual prediction support offered by this app even saves up to 90% of your key strokes. It is an intelligent app that continuously learns from your input and provides personalized output suggestions. Voice- to-text support is also provided. The layout is simple and elegant which makes typing a joyful experience. You will be able to type faster than usual with this layout.

10. SlideIT Keyboard

SlideIT offers a unique typing experience. You can input text by sliding your fingers along the keyboard. It provides predictive sliding feature that completes your words before you slide along the letters completely. It offers an intuitive user interface that allows sliding, tapping and accessing shortcuts. There are several themes available for download so users can always pick a theme that matches their preference. It is a lightweight application that saves battery power consumption.

I've been bouncing back and forth between Swype and SwiftKey for almost 8 months and I thought I would just post some of my thoughts. They may be useful for someone trying to decide.

Swype: This is definitely a fast keyboard but it has some drawbacks. For one it's not as robust as SwiftKey. There's often times when the word suggestion will simply disappear and be replaced with a black bar. It has also gone haywire on me more than once, putting the cursor at the end or beginning of a word even though I lifted my finger with the cursor in the middle of the word. I've also found that Swype is much faster for someone who can spell well. I'm a pretty decent speller but when I'm drunk it goes to shit. I've actually become a better speller after forcing myself to use this keyboard for a few months.

SwiftKey 3: This is about as straight forward as it gets. A lot like the ICS keyboard but with better word suggestion and error correction. The only flaw I've really found is word suggestion is kind of a gimmick. I I think it takes longer to look up at the suggested words after every keystroke than it would if you just mashed out the word entirely. That's another thing about this keyboard that's impressive, the word correction. I can seriously just button mash my life away and somehow the thing knows exactly what I wanted to say. Very impressive. Very conducive to dual finger typers.

Conclusion: If you know how to spell Swype is a very quick input method. However if you get frustrated quickly trying to correct words this is not the keyboard for you. There's been a few days when I use Swype all day long and then after a few drinks with the buddies it's back to SwiftKey. If you are a double finger typer I really suggest SwiftKey. The only caveat to this is again spelling, if your a good speller you owe it to yourself to try Swype.

More than a few Android users have fallen in love with the alternate keyboard Swype as a way to make text input on a touchscreen just a bit easier, and now Swype’s co-founder is hoping to revitalize the keyboard yet again — this time, on tablets. “Even though you can swipe on a tablet, it will max out at about 40–45 words a minute,” Swype co-founder Randy Marsden tells The Verge. “I can type faster than that. Most people can.” Through a separate company, Marsden is now working on a keyboard called Dryft, which — as the name suggests — will drift around the screen if your fingers become slightly misplaced.

A promised 80 words per minute on a touchscreen

Marsden’s goal is the same: to make typing on a flat, glass keyboard a little bit more comfortable. Since there’s no physical way for users to know where their fingers actually are on a tablet’s keyboard, typing has never been the smoothest process. Marsden’s solution for the bigger screen is to just move the keyboard around to wherever a user seems to think it’s located. This, he says, will allow people to type at over 80 words per minute — a speed that rivals typing on a physical keyboard.

In its current incarnation, the keyboard’s home row will appear directly under a user’s fingers when they place all eight of them down on the keyboard at once, just like they were getting ready to type. Though it isn’t available to use just yet, a closed beta is scheduled for early next year with a likely commercial launch sometime in the first half of 2014. Dryft’s first public demo was on Monday, at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco.

When it does launch, don’t expect to pick up Dryft in an app store. Like Swype, Marsden intends to have the keyboard come bundled with hardware. While that may in part be a way to handle monetizing the keyboard without requiring users to directly pay for it, it may also be a technical necessity. “The device has to have a certain fidelity of hardware in order for [Dryft] to work,” Marsden says.

Dryft isn’t headed to an app store

Both a device’s touchscreen and accelerometer have to be sensitive enough to allow Dryft to detect the subtle movements of each finger. That may not seem like a lofty requirement, but Marsden says until recently most tablets didn’t meet it. “The tablets that are shipping right now meet those minimum standards that we have, but as little as earlier this year, the tablets shipping didn’t.” He’s already begun talking to partners about having the new keyboard come bundled.

Unlikely enough, the broader technology for Dryft comes out of work that Marsden has done for dentists. Dryft has been spun off from the company Cleankeys, which manufacturers flat keyboards covered in Gorilla Glass — a description not unlike the surface of a tablet — meant for hygienic environments. While Apple and others may be toying with voice as the input of the future, Marsden thinks flat-surfaced keyboards will only stick around — and someone will have to make a good way to type on them.

Considering the fast-paced life of today, it's only natural that people rush from one meeting to another and don't have time to do the simplest things properly, like writing a text.

But Swype Keyboard Free can prevent you from sending texts with misspellings and grammar mistakes, using its nifty features that compete with some of the top applications in this category. However, it's only free for a 30-day trial afterwards users must pay to continue using the app.

Intelligent keyboard with plenty of instructions

Instead of leaving users to find out for themselves how the app works, Swype Keyboard Free comes with plenty of instructions and tips to get you started. It comes with extensive information on how to use the app and reach all its features. After you've selected the app as your default one, you can choose from 70 input languages, including some dialects.

Highly customizable keyboard

The great thing about Swype is that the keyboard is highy customizable. You can choose from a number of themes to apply, have the app be displayed only in portrait or landscape mode and adjust keyboard height. In addition, you can have it bold font on keys or adjust word choice list font size.

You can disable auto-correct, but it's a neat feature that works like a charm even when switching between languages. The greatest thing about this app is that you can simply swipe your finger over the keyboard to write words and entire sentences. The app also analyzes entire sentences and underlines potential errors for quick fixing, and suggests likely alternatives.

Backup and sync your dictionary

The keyboard keeps a dictionary with words that you've typed in, but users should know that the app records usernames, passwords and email addresses that you've typed in. It also integrates with Facebook and Twitter so that contact names are added to your dictionary.

The app lets users backup their Swype dictionary and sync it across multiple devices. In addition, you can have it automatically download popular, new words based on language and location. It also supports TTS.

The Swype utility on the Droid Bionic is designed to let you type like greased lightning on the touchscreen. The secret is that Swype enables you to type without lifting your finger from the keyboard; you literally swipe your finger over the touchscreen to rapidly type words.

Although Swype is an amazing tool, it’s not for everyone. It appeals mostly to the younger crowd, which sends text messages like crazy. Still, Swype is a worthy alternative to using the normal onscreen keyboard: Even when you’re new and slow with Swype, you’ll probably create text faster than doing the old touchscreen hunt-and-peck.

Swype may be fast, but not as fast as using dictation.

Don’t confuse Swype with Skype, which is a utility you can use to place free phone calls and send instant text messages over the Internet.

Activate Swype on the Droid Bionic

To switch over to the Swype keyboard, follow these steps:

At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

Choose Language & Keyboard.

Choose Input Method.

On the Select Input Method menu, choose Swype.

You can press the Home key when you’re done.

When the Swype keyboard is active, you see it instead of the Multi-Touch keyboard whenever text input is required. This figure illustrates the Swype keyboard.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Even though Swype is active, you can continue to use your finger (or thumbs) to touch-type on the keyboard. You can still use dictation when the Swype keyboard is active.

To view the Swype tutorial, press the Swype key on the keyboard and then touch the Tutorial button.

Deactivate Swype on the Droid Bionic

To return to the Multi-Touch keyboard and disable Swype, follow these steps:

At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

Choose Language & Keyboard.

Choose Input Method.

Choose Multi-Touch Keyboard.

You can press the Home soft button to return to the Home screen when you’re done with the Language & Keyboard Settings window.

you should know that ShapeWriter is a much better option. It works faster, won't expire like the public beta version of Swype, and has the voice to text option. I downloaded both today and am much more impressed with ShapeWriter. The link above is to the QR Code for ShapeWriter. But you need to hurry as it is coming off the market on the 20th (rumors about Swype suing or buying it).

Edit: "is a much better option" IMO

i didnt like shapewriter i prefer swype.. i used both.. Shapewriter seemed kinda cluttered and looked cheap.. but thats just my opinion..

I heard Shapewriter was being withdrawn.

EDIT: From their website "User Notice: We plan to take ShapeWriter off the Android Market on June 20, 2010 for an indefinite period of time, If you have purchased or downloaded ShapeWriter Keyboard on your Android device, please update it to the latest Version 3.0.9 which will not expire as the previous versions do. We thank you for your interest and support."

That is correct, but as they stated – it will not expire. Once it's on your device, you'll have it for good.

Swype looks cleaner to me and feels bit more intuitive. But that's just me.

I love swype, shapewriter didn't feel as polished to me. But that's also my opinion. I don't know where the voice option went in swype, used to be you could hit options then the microphone would be there. But i notice it's missing in the new beta..

I tried both and at first I liked swype better because I couldn't get ShapeWriter to work at all. Now I'm trying ShapeWriter again and it seems more accurate. I can't find the shift key though.

Huh. I just noticed that ShapeWriter has a game mode that you can practice typing words by popping balloons.

I have both, I hate shapewriter. For me it is almost unusable. I have a hard time with swype as well but between the two swype is cleaner, simpler and more professional. That's just me though, I also thought Freddy got fingered was hilarious.

How do you use the voice-to-text option?

Was just about to type the same question when I saw your post out of the corner of my eye. how about it [S]?

They are so close that it is really down to personal preference.

in your opinion, clearly. You definitely can't say that categorically

You are most definitely correct Mulsanne. I should have originally stated that this is clearly my opinion.

Is there a voice-to-text option on either shapewriter or swype? I couldn't find one on the swype keyboard and that kinda annoys me.

so.. new beta.. am i gonna get addicted to this thing and then they are gonna try and charge me for it ?

Not exactly sure about that, but I am assuming that is what will happen.

I have been using ShapeWriter for a couple weeks because Swype wasn't available on the market at the time. I am completely satisfied with ShapeWriter – I found a .apk of the Swype beta just to try it but it kept throwing an error because it didn't fit my screen.

yeah it did the same thing for me.. but if u go to their website they reopened beta.. u can download the real verison and it wont give u that error anymore

shapewriter may be better, but i would rather go with the option that will be able to get updates

Nope, used both and got terribly annoyed with ShapeWriter after using Swype. Swype worked better for me.

I tried both Swype and Shapewriter initially and found Swype to work vastly better for me. I just installed Shapewriter again to give it another go and it is tremendously better than I remember.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to play well with ConnectBot. I can't seem to type any text whatsoever. It is also annoying how much more of the screen it takes up than Swype.

Though with the latest Swype Beta, backspace no longer works with ConnectBot.

(I know this probably has more to do with the way ConnectBot interfaces to the IMEs than with the particular IMEs, but Swype at least used to work great with it)

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Клавіатура Swype для Android замінює клювання на листи, пересуваючи їх пальцями. Swype автоматично інтерпретує ваш жест і визначає слово, яке ви хотіли набрати.

Swype можлива завдяки гнучкості Android – сторонні розробники можуть замінити клавіатуру системи, пропонуючи нові можливості для введення тексту. Користувачам iPhone не пощастило.

Перехід на Swype

Багато пристроїв Android постачаються з клавіатурою Swype, але вона не ввімкнена за умовчанням. Щоб дізнатися, чи у вас вже встановлено Swype, довго натисніть будь-яку область введення тексту пальцем. Ви побачите меню.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Натисніть “Метод введення»У меню.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Перейдіть у режим Swype, натиснувши його, якщо він з’явиться в меню.

Якщо у вас не встановлено Swype, ви можете завантажити бета-версію з веб-сайту Swype. Це не-Market додаток, тому вам доведеться ввімкнути опцію “Невідомі джерела” на вашому Android, щоб встановити її.

Базове використання

Якщо ви хочете набрати “як вироджувати” на звичайній клавіатурі з сенсорним екраном, ви повинні торкатися кожного символу послідовно, піднімаючи палець з екрану після кожного натискання. Можливо, вам доведеться повернутися назад і відредагувати те, що ви ввели, якщо ваш палець пропустив лист.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

На Swype, ви проведіть через слова. Доторкніться пальцем до H, перемістіть його до O, перемістіть до W і підніміть палець. Swype автоматично визначить відповідне слово і помістить його в текстове поле.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Я насправді перекрив O тут і пішов на P замість цього. Swype досить розумний, щоб виправити цю помилку і знати, що я, напевно, мав на увазі ввести “як”, а не “hpw”.

Що робити, якщо я маю на увазі замість «надії»? Без проблем. Swype відображає інші можливі слова над клавіатурою; замість цього натисніть слово.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Це працює, навіть якщо ви набираєте відразу кілька слів. Ви можете натиснути неправильне слово в полі введення тексту, щоб вибрати його та переглянути запропоновані альтернативи.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Щоб ввести додаткові слова, підніміть палець із екрана між кожним словом. Swype автоматично вставляє пробіли для вас.

Подвійні літери

Swype намагається визначити, коли слово, наприклад, “geek”, вимагає двох однакових літер поспіль. Також є спосіб повідомити Swype, що ви бажаєте отримати більше однієї літери: зробіть маленький цикл над літерою або напишіть її під час переміщення.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android


Swype автоматично вказує великі слова, які з’являються на початку речення, але ви також можете використовувати спеціальний жест для великої літери. Якщо ви хочете набрати “How”, з великою лінією H, почніть з H, проведіть пальцем вгору і вийдіть з клавіатури, проведіть назад на клавіатуру та проведіть звичайними літерами.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Додавання слів до словника Swype

Магія Swype залежить від його внутрішнього словника слів. Якщо він не знає ні слова, ні абревіатури, який ви хочете набрати, він не дозволить вам провести його. На щастя, ви можете додати слова самостійно. Припустимо, ми хочемо додати “HTG” до списку слів. Swype також може використовуватися як звичайна клавіатура для полювання та полювання, тому ми натискаємо її нормально.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

У нижній частині екрана Swype пропонує NTH як найбільш близьку відповідність у своєму словнику. Ми можемо натиснути опцію “HTG”, щоб вибрати її.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Натисніть “Додати до Dictionary ”, щоб додати нове слово до словника Swype.

Знаки пунктуації та слова з однією літерою

Щоб додати розділові знаки, проведіть пальцем від знака пунктуації на пробіл. Наприклад, щоб додати кому після введення слова, натисніть палець на кому, перемістіть його на пробіл і підніміть. Це автоматично вставляє знак пунктуації, за яким слід пробіл, щоб ви могли продовжувати промахування. Також можна провести пальцем до пробілу, щоб ввести слово з однією літерою, наприклад, “a” або “I”, а потім простором. Swype автоматично вводить великими літерами слово “I.”

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android


Скажімо, ви хочете ввести слово “pot”. Прямий маршрут – це пряма від P до T. Але це може бути кілька слів: pot, put або pit.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Вашому удару не потрібно прямувати. Уникайте U і I, і Swype точно знатимете, яке слово ви мали на увазі.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Налаштування Swype

Натисніть і утримуйте клавішу Swype у нижньому лівому куті клавіатури, щоб отримати доступ до параметрів Swype. Його налаштування також можна знайти в розділі Мова та клавіатура у меню налаштувань системи.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

На екрані параметрів Swype можна налаштувати мову та налаштування Swype, керувати особистим словником і переглянути поради та допомогу Swype.

How to type faster with the swype keyboard for android

Swype спочатку виглядає як досить дивна ідея – скріншоти його в дії, з каракулями по всій клавіатурі, можуть виглядати трохи безсистемно. Але якщо ви даєте Swype спробувати, ви будете здивовані, як швидко все клацає на місце.

We checked out the different Android text inputs, keypad, swipe and voice, to see which was the fastest.

Android gives users a range of input options for text. A regular keyboard, a swipe keyboard and voice input are available by default. Users can choose to install even more keyboards from the store. The inputs are also in a state of flux, with constant updates. The voice input seems to have improved a lot, and is practical, convenient and accurate enough for regular use now. We checked out the different inputs to see which was the fastest. So we examined how long it would take to type out a sentence without errors.

Keypad: The keypad is the traditional input, and we found it to be the fastest. The two finger use helps speed up the typing. Another big factor is the accuracy, it was more accurate than the others.

Swipe: Swipe feels fast, is fun to use, one finger operation is actually convinient. We were surprised that it took so long. Accuracy slowed it down quite a bit, but apart from that, we noticed that it takes time for the fingers to travel across the screen, and it might just be faster to tap. Some words are hard to get for swipe, an example being qwerty. However, the sense of pace might just be an illusion for Swipe.

Voice: Voice input seems the way to go to quickly type long paragraphs. It also is less stressful. This input is ideal for instant messaging conversations. However, the accuracy still has a lot to be desired. This is not that big of a problem though, because you get a list of ranked variations. These are other probable fits to what you have just said, and one of these invariably have the right word. The correction can be done on the fly, without stopping the voice input. While it was not as fast as a keypad, it was not as slow as swipe input.

This is just to give an idea, your mileage may vary. Usually, the tradeoff is between speed and accuracy. While Voice and Swipe were certainly fast, it took longer to correct the errors. Sometimes, both inputs made the same errors multiple times. “Qwerty” was repeatedly picked up as “wet” while swiping, and as “koti” or “kurti” in voice. “Jam” was repeatedly confused for “Jan” by swipe, and for some strange reason, as “Jai Maa” by voice. We were wondering why both swipe and voice had problems with the same words. While we did manage to train ourselves for better accuracy, the input mechanisms themselves are bound to get better. Till that happens though, the fastest and most accurate way to type seems to be the traditional method.

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After over three years on the App Store, developer Nuance has decided to discontinue the gesture-based Swype Keyboard apps for both iOS and Android devices. The company’s announcement of the iOS app’s discontinuation came earlier this month, but it’s only just begun to garner attention due to a confirmation of the Android app’s removal given to XDA Developers.

alt=”swype hero” width=”800″ height=”400″ />
On Android, the company discontinued its Swype+Dragon for Android keyboard app, which combined Swype’s unique swipe-to-type feature with Dragon’s voice dictation. On iOS, it appears that one version of Dragon remains on the App Store in the United States, called Dragon Anywhere. Attempts to search for “Swype Keyboard,” however, do confirm the third-party keyboard app is gone from the App Store, with results surfacing rival company apps like SwiftKey.

According to Nuance, the company’s decision to shut down Swype was a “necessary” move, granting it the ability to focus on selling AI solutions in the enterprise market. Recently, Nuance has been working on voice dictation software for medical professionals, as well as placing it within vehicles.

Nuance will no longer be offering the Swype keyboard on iOS app store. We’re sorry to leave the direct-to-consumer keyboard business, but this change is necessary to allow us to concentrate on developing our AI solutions for sale directly to businesses.

We hope you enjoyed using Swype, we sure enjoyed working with the Swype community.

Although Swype is no more, users still have access to third-party iOS keyboard apps like Gboard, SwiftKey, Fleksy, Grammarly, and more. In terms of functionality, SwiftKey is the app that aligns most with Swype’s swipe-to-text abilities, letting users enter text one handed using the SwiftKey Flow feature.

iOS 8 updated iPhones and iPads with the ability to support third-party keyboards on a systemwide basis, and at the time Fleksy, SwiftKey, and Swype jumped to the top of the paid and free iOS App Store charts in multiple countries. Although Fleksy has had a rocky development history, Swype is the first of these initial keyboard apps to see its development discontinued completely.