How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

The Amazon Echo is the flagship Alexa device and currently the only Echo model with a screen. It’s easily recognizable and has been featured in television and online content many times.

The Amazon Echo Show was introduced relatively recently. It retained all the features of the flagship Echo model, while adding a touchscreen and other functionalities to the table. This perfectly justifies the heftier price tag.

However, many users have complained about the incessant stream of tips and things to try that appear on the Echo Show’s screen around the clock. Let’s see what can be done about it.

Can You Remove the Tips?

The first thing that you need to make peace with when it comes to the Echo Show is that you’ll frequently see tips on the main screen. Essentially, the device will encourage you to try saying certain phrases which can be useful in the beginning, but you’ll grow out of it very soon.

So, how can you get rid of this? Unfortunately, you can’t. These tips are there to stay and have been somewhat of a controversy online. It’s a frustrating feature that Amazon is likely working on fixing.

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

Another annoying part of your Echo Show home screen is likely going to be the “Discover More with Alexa” bar. Fortunately, this feature can be easily turned off. Just swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon. From this menu, go to Home Screen, then Home Content, and you’ll see the Discovery option. Turn it off and you’ll no longer see the “Discover More with Alexa” bar.

From the Home Screen menu, go to Home Cards. From here, you’ll get to disable a lot of potentially unnecessary info and notifications that you may be receiving on your Echo Show. You can turn off Notifications, Upcoming Events, Drop In, Trending Topics, etc. Again, it would be nice to see a new entry called “Tips” or “Hints” here that you can turn off. Now, let’s see what else you can do to make your Echo Show experience better.

Connect the Calendar

You are probably using your phone’s calendar to stay organized. It has been doing a good job so far and your life has probably become much more structured since you’ve gotten serious about your calendar. However, having that exact calendar on your Echo Show device can boost your organization skills and make everything more accessible, merely because you’ll have Alexa by your side.

Importing the calendar is an easy process that takes a few minutes. Just swipe down from the upper area of the screen and tap the gear icon. Find the Calendar option and select it. Now, select the calendar that you’re using (Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, etc.), enter the login info, and perform the two-factor authentication if prompted.

So, what benefits does it bring to the table? Well, if you can simply say “Alexa, what is my next appointment” and Alexa will tell you the first upcoming item on your calendar. Say “Alexa, what does my week look like,” and Alexa will describe the next 4 calendar items and ask you whether you’d like to hear more. Additionally, you can use voice commands to add calendar items, remove them, edit your entries, and more.

Customize the Home Screen Pictures

Echo Show cycles through stock background images by default. Some users prefer this, a depersonalized, although stylistic and inspirational photo collage on their Echo Show’s Home screen. However, if you want to add your own photos or album, you can do it via the Prime Photos website or using the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

If you are subscribed to Prime Photos, simply create an album on it, open the Settings menu on the Echo Show device, go to Home Screen, Background, and tap Prime Photos. Alternatively, select Alexa app instead of Prime Photos from the menu. Then, run the Alexa app on your phone/tablet, go to Settings, and find Your Echo Show on the list of offered devices. Now, simply tap Home Screen Background and upload a photo from your phone.

A Voice Tip

For some reason, Amazon hasn’t made this part very obvious: if you are inside a task or a skill and want to get out, you can’t just press the “back” button. You need to say “Alexa, go home,” in order to do it. At no point does the Echo Show give you this tip. Also, you can say “Alexa, turn off the screen,” to make the screen go dark.

Echo Show Tips

These are some of the more basic Echo Show tips for you to make the most out of. Keep in mind that there is plenty more to learn about with the Echo Show.

Do you have some additional tips for Echo Show users? Are you experiencing any problems with it? How do you feel about being unable to turn off tips? Feel free to hit the comments section below.

There are times when it’s necessary to remove a device from Amazon Alexa, whether you’re troubleshooting a smart home device or upgrading to newer hardware. And this can be important — it not only removes clutter from your device list, but protects your data if you’re transferring a device to someone else. If you’re eager to remove a device from Alexa, you need to follow the steps below in the Alexa app for Android or iOS.


To remove a device from Alexa, open the Alexa app, tap the Devices tab, then find the device you're trying to remove. You can delete most devices by selecting the gear icon within their controls and then the trash can. However, to remove Echo/Alexa speakers and displays, you'll have to choose Deregister from a product's Device Settings page.


How to remove most non-Echo devices from Alexa

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

Before you begin, be sure that you’re at home, connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your devices, and have the latest version of the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. The experience is the same for Android and iOS. Once you’re ready, follow the steps below to remove a device from Alexa. This applies to most non-Echo devices, meaning things that aren’t Alexa-equipped speakers or displays.

  • Launch the Alexa app.
  • Open the Devices tab in the bottom right.
  • Select the category of device you want to remove from the list (e.g., Lights, Plugs, etc.).
  • Choose the specific device you want to remove.
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right.
  • Tap the trash can icon in the upper right to remove a device. It may take a few seconds to disappear once you’ve confirmed your choice.

How to remove an Echo/Alexa speaker or display from your Alexa setup

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

There’s a slightly different procedure for removing an Echo/Alexa speaker or display from your setup, as they’re connected to Amazon services and remember various preferences. You need to delink and delete them from your account.

Prevent your Echo from listening in or saving your conversations

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    • Smart Home: Alexa & Amazon Echo

    What to Know

    • Press the microphone button on your Echo device to immediately stop Alexa from listening.
    • When the button or indicator light is red, it means Alexa is no longer listening.
    • Stop recordings being sent to Amazon: Settings in Alexa app > Alexa privacy > Manage your Alexa data > Don't Save recordings.

    This article explains how to stop Amazon Alexa from listening to you through your Echo devices, including instructions to disable the microphone temporarily and how to prevent Alexa from sending recordings to Amazon workers for analysis.

    Is Alexa Always Listening?

    Echo devices constantly monitor input from the microphone for the wake word. That means Alexa is effectively always listening to everything within range of the Echo microphone array. While that raises some issues regarding Alexa data privacy, it’s necessary to fix these devices’ core functionality. If it weren’t always listening, it wouldn’t be able to hear its wake word and respond to your commands.

    If you don’t want Alexa to listen in all the time, you can switch off the microphone on your Echo device. The problem with this option is it prevents you from using the Echo device. If you want to use it, you have to tap the microphone button again physically, say the device’s wake word and the command or question you want it to execute, and then press the mute button again.

    Does Alexa Record Conversations?

    Alexa regularly records your commands and uploads the audio files to Amazon for analysis, refining, and other purposes. It’s technically only supposed to do this with commands and questions following the wake word. Still, anyone who has used an Echo device for any amount of time will know Alexa tends to misinterpret random snippets of unrelated conversations as its wake word.

    While Alexa is always listening, it isn’t constantly recording, and it doesn't record conversations. However, it definitely can record conversations accidentally if it thinks it hears its wake word. By default, these snippets are uploaded to Amazon’s servers right alongside actual commands and questions.

    How to Stop Alexa From Listening

    The fastest way to stop Alexa from listening is to shut off the microphone. You have to do this manually on each Echo device you want to prevent from listening, and you can only reverse it manually. There is no voice command to disable an Echo’s microphone.

    Here’s how to stop Alexa from listening:

    Locate the microphone button on your Alexa device.

    Jeremy Laukkonen / Lifewire

    The button will look like a microphone with a strike through it or a circle with a strike through it.

    Press the microphone button.

    Verify a short tone plays, and the indicator light has turned red.

    Jeremy Laukkonen / Lifewire

    As long as the indicator light remains solid red, it means the microphone is off, and Alexa isn’t listening.

    Jeremy Laukkonen / Lifewire

    Most Echo devices have a circular indicator light on the top or base. Echo devices that have a screen will instead show a red line at the bottom of the screen.

    If you want to use your Alexa, press the microphone button so it is no longer red, say the wake word and command or question, then press the microphone button again.

    How to Stop Alexa From Uploading Conversations

    Suppose you want to use your Alexa without pushing the microphone button all the time, but you don’t like the idea of people listening to your commands, questions, and conversations. In that case, you can disable the upload function from within the Alexa app.

    Your Alexa doesn’t have the processing power to understand and respond to questions and commands independently. It records and uploads every question or command you pose to Amazon’s servers for processing. There is no way to prevent that. By performing the following steps, you will instruct Amazon to delete your recordings immediately after processing and never to provide them to human workers for analysis.

    Open the Alexa app, and tap More.

    Tap Settings.

    Tap Alexa Privacy.

    Tap Manage Your Alexa Data.

    Tap Choose how long to save recordings.

    Select Don’t save recordings and tap Confirm.

    Scroll down to the Help improve Alexa section, and switch the Use of voice recordings toggle to the off position.

    Tap TURN OFF.

    If you use Alexa to send messages, switch the toggle or toggles in the Use messages to improve transcription section off as well.

    Unfortunately, this feature can't be disabled, although many users have expressed annoyance about it. There are third-party tools that claim to solve the issue on Windows devices, but always be careful when downloading software.

    You can't get Alexa to completely ignore your kids, but you can set parental controls to stop your kids from making unauthorized purchases. In the Alexa app, tap More (three lines) > Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing > enable Purchase Confirmation. Then, select Kids Skills Purchasing > turn on the Purchases Require Approval toggle.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Smart speakers with voice assistants built-in are extremely handy, whether you want to hear your appointments for the day, get a news update or control your smart home gadgets with your voice.

    But alongside these benefits come privacy concerns. After all, the smart speaker is listening for you to utter “Alexa” and records your request once you say the wake word so it can be processed and correctly responded to. Some of these recordings are shared with Amazon, which listens to and transcribes them, feeding back to Alexa so it can respond better to commands.

    If this makes you feel uneasy, then it’s time to change your Alexa privacy settings. From reviewing the recordings to adjust how long they’re kept for (if at all), here’s everything you need to know.

    How to review your voice recordings

    You can go back and listen to Alexa’s recordings of your requests at any point using the Alexa app. From the More menu, select Settings and Alexa Privacy. Now choose Review Voice History. You’ll see a list of all the recordings Alexa has made. Tap the drop down menu to the right of the recording to play it back and see the response Alexa issued.

    Depending how long you’ve had your Echo smart speakers, there may be a long list of recordings, but they can be filtered by date and device (if you have multiple Amazon smart speakers in your home) from the top of the screen. You can also give Alexa a thumbs up or thumbs down if it answered your request correctly, or use the trash can icon to delete the recording, from here too.

    Using the phrase “Alexa, what did I last say” with an Echo smart speaker or display will result in Alexa repeating what it thinks you said rather than replaying the recording. However, this only works within one minute of the last command.

    How to delete your voice recordings

    You can easily delete the most recent recording by saying “Alexa, delete what I just said”. This will remove any recordings made in the last ten minutes. Alternatively, “Alexa, delete what I said today” will remove all of the recordings from the same day and “Alexa, delete everything I’ve ever said” will purge your entire recording history.

    You can also use the Alexa app to delete your recordings. Once again from the More menu, select Settings and Alexa Privacy, followed by Review Voice History. You can open the individual recordings and use the trash can icon to delete the recording. Alternatively, select Delete All Recordings from the top of the screen under the filters. If you filter the recording by different durations, the Delete All option will change accordingly. Delete All Recordings from the Last Seven Days, for example.

    Choose how long your voice recordings are saved for

    The Alexa app also lets you assign a set period recording are saved for before they are deleted. Head to More, and then choose Settings followed by Alexa Privacy. Now select Manage Your Alexa Data. Choose from 18 months, three months or opt not to store any recordings, or to store everything until manually deleted. It’s worth noting that Amazon claims deleting recordings may degrade Alexa’s ability to understand and respond.

    Stop your recordings being used in Alexa development

    In the same section of the Alexa app, you can opt-out of having Amazon use your voice recordings to develop new features and improve Alexa’s speech recognition. Under the heading marked Help Improve Alexa, toggle the slider next to Use of Voice Recordings to the off position if you want to opt-out.

    If you use Alexa to send messages, these are also used by Amazon to improve transcription accuracy. If you want to opt-out of this programme too, use the slider under Use Messages to Improve Transcriptions. If you’ve got more than one user assigned to your Echo smart speakers, then you’ll need to use the slider for each person.

    How to mute Alexa

    Every Echo smart speaker or display has a mute button that stops Alexa listening to you by cutting the power to the microphone. When the Mute button – which has a symbol of a microphone with a line through it – has been pushed, Alexa’s status light glows red. However, you can’t currently ask Alexa to mute the microphone.

    How to delete Alexa’s smart home device history

    If you have any smart home gadgets in your property that are linked to your Amazon Echo smart speaker, Alexa will receive information from these devices. For example, it’ll know whether a smart plug is currently turned on or off, while it’ll have access to the current and set temperatures from any smart thermostats you have. It stores all this information but you can delete it from the Alexa app. Tap More, and then choose Settings followed by Alexa Privacy. Now select Manage Smart Home Device History and press Delete Smart Home Devices History.

    Revoke permissions from Alexa Skills

    Skills are third-party apps for Alexa that improves its capabilities – whether that’s interacting with different smart home devices, making lists or playing games with you. However, skills often require access to personal information such as your address, mobile number or email address.

    Still, if you change your mind and feel unhappy about these skills having that information, you can remove their access to it from the Alexa app. Select More, and then choose Settings followed by Alexa Privacy. Now choose Manage Skill Permissions.

    You’ll be presented with a list of different permission, eg Postcode, street address, mobile number etc. Press the drop-down menu to the right of these and then use the toggle to remove the permission.

    You can also remove a skill completely by asking Alexa to disable the skill or from the Alexa app. Select More, and then choose Skills & Games. Tap the skill you want to remove and then press Disable Skill.

    Carrie-Ann Skinner is Homes Editor at TechRadar, and has more than two decades of experience in both online and print journalism, with 13 years of that spent covering all-things tech. Carrie specializes in smart home devices such as smart plugs and smart lights, as well as large and small appliances including vacuum cleaners, air fryers, stand mixers, and coffee machines.

    When she’s not discovering the next must-have gadget for the home, Carrie can be found cooking up a storm in her kitchen, and is particularly passionate about baking, often rustling up tasty cakes and bread.

    We’ll show you all three ways to enable an Alexa skill on your Amazon Echo.

    Amazon Alexa is great by itself, but the service gets even better once you begin loading up skills onto it. But how do you enable Alexa skills, and what’s the best way to do it?

    Let’s explore the three main ways you can activate an Alexa skill.

    1. Activating Alexa Skills Via the App

    If you’d like to start browsing for skills from your phone, you can do so via the Alexa app for iOS or Android. You need this app to set up an Echo device, so the app should still be lurking on your phone since the installation. You may even have made Alexa your default Android voice assistant since then.

    Open up the app and tap on More at the bottom right, then tap on Skills & Games. You’ll see a bunch of skills pop up that you can browse through at your leisure.

    You can refine which skills you see via the tabs at the top. Discover gives you a handpicked selection of skills, whether it’s from the Alexa staff or the hottest new features for Alexa.

    If you have something in mind, Categories is an excellent place to start. This section lets you search skills depending on what they’re designed to do, such as games, productivity tools, and skills that will help you get into reading.

    Your Skills is where you can check out all the skills you’ve installed. If this is your first time installing skills with Alexa, this page will be a little sparse. However, as you begin loading up Alexa with skills, it will be worth returning here in the future to manage them.

    If you like the look of a skill, tap on it, then tap on Enable To Use.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    In a previous article, we explained how to connect your Spotify account to your Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker, as well as other Amazon smart devices. Well, in this article, we’ll be showing you how to do the opposite – how to disconnect your Spotify account from Alexa and its smart devices. There are many reasons any one would want to disconnect their Spotify account from Alexa and Amazon Echo devices; could be because you’ve previously connected to a different Amazon account, or they no longer use Spotify for music streaming. Whatever the reason is, here’s how to disconnect your Spotify account from Alexa and its Echo smart devices. You can do this via the Alexa app or via Spotify’s website.

    Disconnect Your Spotify Account From the Alexa App

    • Open the Alexa on your mobile app
    • Tap Settings.
    • Then, under Alexa Preferences, tap Music & Podcasts.
    • There, you will find a lists all music streaming services currently connected to your Alexa app (you will also find a Link New Service option to link another streaming account), find and tap Spotify.
    • Tap the Disable Skill button on the Spotify details page.
    • Finally, tap disable on the confirmation page.

    Disconnect Your Spotify Account From Spotify Web

    • From your preferred web browser on either Mac or a windows PC, navigate to Spotify’s website and log in with your Spotify account.
    • Tap on the Profile icon (with your name). Its at the top-right corner of your screen. Then select Account.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and tap Apps from the left side.
    • A list of all the apps with access to your Spotify account will be displayed, Find Alexa and then click Remove Access.

    There you have it. That’s how to disconnect your Soptify account from Alexa. However, if, at any point, you change your mind, here’s how to connect your Spotify back to Alexa. Also, you should check out how to change Alexa Wake Word and Voice

    With police asking Amazon to turn over data sent from an Alexa-powered Echo speaker, here’s how to manage your Alexa history and recordings.

    Worried that Alexa might be holding onto your conversations longer than it should? Amazon’s making it easier to delete conversations its voice-powered digital Echo speakers might have recorded — and you can do it all with the sound of your own voice.

    At the same time it announced a new series of Echo devices, Amazon also launched updates to its Alexa Privacy Hub that provides explanations on Alexa privacy controls as well as access to your settings. There are also brand new voice commands that give you immediate control over Alexa recordings.

    Fears about Alexa-based smart speakers sending private conversations are common. Amazon VP of public policy Brian Huseman confirmed expectations about how long the company keeps recordings, telling senator Chris Coons (D-DE) that “We retain customers’ voice recordings and transcripts until the customer chooses to delete them.”

    How to delete Alexa conversations with your voice

    If you really want to make sure that Alexa isn’t keeping a recording of what you’ve said, you can take advantage of a voice control that erases everything you’ve said that day. Say “Alexa, delete everything I said today,” and anything recorded between midnight and the moment you utter that command will be erased.

    You’ll have to opt into the feature to be able to delete conversations by voice. In the Alexa app, go to Settings, and select Alexa Account, then Alexa Privacy, and finally Review Voice History. From there, you can toggle on the “Enable Deletion by Voice” feature.

    You can also say, “Alexa, delete what I just said” to erase your last request to the voice assistant.

    How to turn on auto-delete for Alexa recordings

    You can arrange your Alexa history to delete automatically. In the Alexa app, go to Settings > Alexa Privacy > Manage Your Alexa Data. Under ‘Manage your voice recordings,’ you can use the ‘Automatically delete recordings’ toggle to make your recordings delete after 3 or 18 months.

    How to clear your Alexa history

    If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of leaving around old voice recordings, there’s an old-school way to clear the data on your Alexa devices, though it involves a bit of tapping. Before you start deleting, remember that you’re essentially wiping the AI’s specialized memory, as it’s retaining this information to better serve you.

    Still, here’s how to clear your Alexa history and delete recordings.

    Step 1: Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap the menu button to open the sidebar. Select Settings.

    Step 2: Select Alexa Privacy.

    Step 3: Select Review Voice History. Here you can enable and disable voice commands for deleting voice recordings, and see audio recordings retained by your device.

    Step 4: Select a recording.

    Step 5: Select Delete Selected Recordings. If you want to scrub Alexa clean of all recordings, tap Today, select All History and tap Delete All Recordings for All History.

    Or you could visit Amazon’s Content and Devices page to erase all of your recordings at once. From there, select Your Devices, click on the Alexa device you want to clean up and select Manage Voice Recordings. Select the option that allows you to delete everything.

    MORE: For more Alexa-related tips, tricks, and how-tos, check out our complete guide to Alexa.

    Henry is a senior editor at Tom’s Guide covering streaming media, laptops and all things Apple, reviewing devices and services for the past seven years. Prior to joining Tom’s Guide, he reviewed software and hardware for TechRadar Pro, and interviewed artists for Patek Philippe International Magazine. He’s also covered the wild world of professional wrestling for Cageside Seats, interviewing athletes and other industry veterans.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Alexa skills are kind of like apps for your Amazon Echo. Downloading new Alexa skills allows you to expand the voice commands recognized by your smart speaker. In fact, there are more than 60,000 Alexa skills that an Amazon Echo can learn in the US alone. With so many skills, it can be hard to find the right one for you. To help you decide, we’ve picked the 15+ best Alexa skills for 2020.

    Music and Audio Skills

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Your Amazon Echo can play music from your favorite streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Pandora. If you want to know how to play music from another service, check out our guide on how to play Apple Music on Alexa. However, it’s worth noting that your smart speaker also has many other music and audio skills that you should consider enabling.

    Sleep and Relaxation Sounds – Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? If you need white noise to lull you to sleep, this skill has over 125 sounds to choose from.

    TED Talks – This skill gives you access to a library of inspiring lectures from TED Talks. You can choose to play the latest talks or explore them by topic or speaker.

    NPR – With this skill enabled, you will have access to live radio from a network of NPR member stations. It’s a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to hear both local and international news. The skill lets you browse by location, change stations, or play any other NPR program.

    Skills for Self-Care and Improvement

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Get Me Up If you find it hard to get up in the morning, this fun Alexa skill will be a lifesaver. It’s more than just an alarm. Consider it a nagging robot that wants nothing but the best for you. It will not stop until you actually get up and do something productive with your day.

    My Morning – Once you finally get out of bed, this Alexa skill will help you start your day on the right foot. It will guide you through a five-minute meditation that includes affirmation statements, visualizing your day, stating what you’re grateful for, and saying what your priorities are for the day.

    Fitbit – Keep your fitness and health goals by enabling Fitbit on Alexa. This skill tells your progress and gets you motivated throughout the day.

    7-Minute Workout – With this skill enabled, you won’t need a lot of time to exercise. The 7-Minute Workout skill lets you choose between a low-impact, standard, or advanced workout. You can also choose to target specific muscle groups. And, to help you keep track of your progress, you will also receive weekly and monthly performance summaries.

    Make Me Smart – This cool Alexa skill gives you nuggets of information from a wide range of categories, including pop culture, current events, tech, and more. Just say, “Alexa, make me smart,” and you’ll be inundated with useful information. This skill is a great way to keep up to date in today’s fast-paced world!

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Best Alexa Skills for the Kitchen

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Meal Idea This incredibly useful Alexa skill gives you basic recipes for everyday cooking. Most of the recipes use ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry or refrigerator, making food preparation much easier.

    OurGroceries – This skill requires you to download the OurGroceries app and set up an account. Once you do, this skill helps you add items to your lists, so you don’t forget a thing when it’s time to go shopping. The lists you create are then synchronized on the smartphones in your household. It also keeps track of recipes, barcodes, and photos of products.

    Best Alexa Skills for Kids

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Chompers – Do you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth? That’s where the Chompers skill comes in! This Alexa skill makes the whole dental hygiene experience more entertaining for your kids. It tells jokes, plays silly music, and, best of all, tells your kids about proper brushing techniques.

    Amazon Storytime This Alexa skill reads a story to your kids from Amazon’s own selection of children’s books. The stories are perfect for kids ages 5-12. There are several categories to choose from, including silly, family, friends, and others.

    Sesame Street Sesame Street is a timeless show to entertain and teach your children. And, in the age of smart speakers, it also happens to be one of the best Alexa skills you can get. When you add this skill, your kids will be able to speak and interact with Elmo. How fun!

    Best Alexa Skills for Seniors

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Ask My Buddy This skill lets you ask for assistance with just a simple voice command. When you sign up for an Ask My Buddy account, you will be asked to create a Personal Alert Network of close friends and family. Then, if you need assistance, you just say “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to send help,” and an alert will be sent to all the phone numbers on your network.

    Phone Finder – For elderly Amazon Echo users who often need assistance in locating their mobile phones, this skill will be a godsend. Once enabled, this skill will help you locate your phone when you misplace it. Your device will ring even if it is on silent.

    Mastermind This skill has several features that let you communicate or get things done hands-free. It can be used to send text messages and emails. It can also make phone calls, share your location, do internet searches, launch maps, access schedules, and much more.

    Your Amazon Echo can do so much more, especially when connected with other smart devices in your home. If you want to know more, check out our previous article about other cool things that you can do with Alexa.

    Changing these four settings will help parents sleep at night.

    Getting a new Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled smart speaker can be exciting: You can now shop, stream music, order pizza, call friends, play games and call an Uber without lifting a finger. But what about the kids?

    You never know what a child might get up to with your tech, and they can much more easily hijack your smart speaker than they could a password-protected phone or tablet. Plus, how can you protect your child’s privacy, and make sure they’re not distracted from their homework or chores?

    Sure, you could always buy an Echo Dot Kids Edition, or enable FreeTime on another Echo device. But these features set Alexa to treat anyone it interacts with as a child: It tells jokes and stories, and answers questions, with a kid-friendly and educational tone.

    If you’d prefer to stick with the adult Alexa, never fear. There are still several settings you can change to make your grown-up device safe for kids to use, whether you have an Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot or Echo Show. Here are the most important things to do to kid-proof your Echo.

    1. Turn off Voice Purchasing (or set a code).

    The worst thing your kid can do with Alexa is empty your bank account when you’re not looking. If any children will be near your smart speaker, it’s important to turn off Voice Purchasing.

    To do so, click the menu in the top left corner and select “Settings.” Then, select “Alexa Account,” and then toggle “Purchase by Voice” off.

    If you want to leave Voice Purchasing on, you can also set a four-digit voice code on this page, which Alexa will then ask for to confirm future purchases.

    2. Turn on the Explicit Filter.

    You never know what music your kid might stumble across on the Internet, even when using Alexa. Setting an Explicit Filter will block Alexa from playing any songs that contain explicit words or phrases. It will also prevent your kid from streaming iHeartRadio, TuneIn, SiriusXM, Gimme Radio and Deezer.

    To turn the filter on, open Settings, select Music , and toggle on the Explicit Filter. You can also say “Alexa, block explicit songs.” However, you’ll want to toggle Voice Deactivation to “off” so that your kid can’t tell Alexa to get rid of the filter.

    3. Turn off Drop-In (or restrict it).

    Drop-In allows a user to pop in, unsolicited, to a video call on another user’s Echo Spot or Echo Show. It’s one thing to have friends surprise you in your living room, but probably not a good idea to have people, no matter how familiar, dropping in on unsuspecting children.

    It’s a good idea to either disable Drop-In or set it to only work with other Echo devices in your household. To toggle both settings, open “Settings” and “Device Settings,” select your Alexa device and select “Communications,” then scroll down to tap “Drop In.” toggle Drop In to “Off” or “My Household.”

    4. Schedule “Do Not Disturb Mode.”

    Alexa can be fun, but alerts for your calls, messages, and reminders reverberating throughout your house at night could be distracting, or spooky for your kids. Do Not Disturb mode can temporarily block calling and messaging alerts (as well as Drop In, if you have it enabled).

    You can schedule Alexa to enter Do Not Disturb mode at the times when your kid is sleeping or doing homework. To do so, go to Settings and Device Settings, select your device, select Do Not Disturb, and toggle the feature on. Then, toggle “Scheduled,” and input the times when you’d like Do Not Disturb to start and end. This schedule will repeat daily until you turn it off.

    MORE: For more Alexa-related tips, tricks, and how-tos, check out our complete guide to Alexa.

    Monica Chin is a writer at The Verge, covering computers. Previously, she was a staff writer for Tom’s Guide, where she wrote about everything from artificial intelligence to social media and the internet of things to. She had a particular focus on smart home, reviewing multiple devices. In her downtime, you can usually find her at poetry slams, attempting to exercise, or yelling at people on Twitter.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    You may not know this, but Alexa keeps a record of all the commands you’ve asked it. These transcripts date all the way back to your first command, unless you erase them.

    While Amazon has made many public assurances of the privacy of your information on Alexa, there have been some mishaps involving these records.

    If you have any concerns about the existence of your voice records, you can delete these transcripts.

    There are three different ways to do so, depending on whether you want to use your app, the Amazon website, or your Echo.

    Check out the products mentioned in this article:

    MacBook Pro (From $1,099.99 at Best Buy)

    Lenovo IdeaPad 130 (From $299.99 at Best Buy)

    iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Best Buy)

    Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $699.99 at Best Buy)

    Amazon Echo 3rd Gen (From $99.99 at Amazon)

    How to delete your Alexa history using the Alexa app

    1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android.

    2. Tap on the three lines in the top-left corner to pull up the sidebar.

    3. Tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the sidebar.

    4. Scroll down to and tap on “Alexa Privacy.”

    5. Tap on “Review Voice History.”

    6. Tap on “Date Range” to delete recordings.

    7. In the dropdown, scroll down to the time frame. Whatever you select will delete all transcripts within that range.

    How to delete your Alexa history using your Alexa-enabled device

    1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and tap “Settings” from the sidebar menu.

    2. Tap “Alexa Privacy” and then “Review Voice History.”

    3. Tap on the toggle to the right of “Enable deletion by voice” so you can delete recordings using your Alexa-enabled device, such as the Echo.

    4. A pop-up will inform you that anybody with access to your device can now delete your recordings. Tap on “Enable.”

    You can then ask your Echo “Alexa, delete everything I’ve said today.” Alexa will ask you to confirm before doing so.

    How to delete your Alexa history using the Amazon website

    1. Pull up on your browser on your Mac or PC.

    2. Click on “Devices.”

    3. Click on your Echo.

    4. Click on “Delete voice recordings” under the Echo menu.

    5. A pop-up will again ask you to confirm the deletion of your voice recordings.

    6. Click on “Delete” again and all of your recordings will be deleted.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    What would happen if you said to your Amazon Echo: “Alexa, open the ‘Wait Wait Quiz’!” Why, you’d hear the voice of NPR’s legendary Bill Curtis introducing the weekly quiz based off, wait wait… don’t tell me, the beloved weekly news game show heard on radio stations (and podcasts) across the country.

    That is, that’s what would happen if you’d added the “Wait Wait Quiz” skill to Alexa.

    From checking the drive time to your office to lowering the smart light bulbs in your bedroom or playing your favorite song or podcast, there are thousands upon thousands of “skills” you can add to your Alexa-enabled devices, like the Amazon Echo, creating a user experience customized just for you.

    Alexa skills are not only convenient and fun, but also quite easy to add.

    Here are the three ways to add skills to Alexa.

    Check out the products mentioned in this article:

    Amazon Echo (From 99.99 at Amazon)

    MacBook Pro (From $1,299.99 at Best Buy)

    Lenovo IdeaPad 130 (From $299.99 at Best Buy)

    iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Best Buy)

    Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy)

    How to add skills to Alexa using your computer

    1. Sign into your Amazon account and navigate to the Alexa Skills page on your Mac or PC.

    2. Search for a skill using the search bar at the top of your screen, browse the editor’s picks, or search via category in the left hand column.

    3. Click on the skill you want to add, then click the button that says “Enable” on the next page.

    How to add skills to Alexa using your mobile device

    1. Open the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android and tap the menu icon at the top-left.

    2. Tap “Skills & Games” in the menu.

    3. Tap the magnifying glass icon to search for the skill you want.

    4. Select the skill, then tap “ENABLE TO USE.”

    How to add skills to Alexa using your Amazon Echo

    While near your Amazon Echo, say “Alexa, enable…” and then state the name of the skill to be added. Like “Alexa, enable the ‘Wait Wait Quiz.'”

    Here we are again discussing the new hyper nugget, and that’s the most famous “Alexa.” This voice response echo is not new in the tech world but if you’re coming across it for the first time, don’t worry about a thing as I will brief you on this hyper-tech voice responder.

    Talking about this nugget, Alexa is known to be one of the most significant Amazon inventions presently connected with some number of web services to make a higher tech intelligence. Alexa acts as a manservant (maid per se) that can carry out any instructed task/duties. This shouldn’t scare you away from its cold. Every Alexa-enabled device is a plus to have in your home and, with a little tuning, it proves to be a very awesome amigo.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Most of the Alexa skills are not placed on default mode, merely saying that to get other skills on and going you will have to follow the required and proper activation steps before using each one for the very first time.

    How to Startup Alexa’s Commands / Skill

    To get started all you need to do is follow up the voice prompt instructions. While other of the commands required to be tuned in via the Alexa app or directly from the Amazon’s website. To start up this follow the prompts below:

    • Search for the skill’s name and then select the Enable button.
    • To do this through the Alexa app, you can simply do that by selecting the main menu button and choose the Skills option. From here you can browse Alexa skills by criteria/categories. You can also search for skills by keyword or name through this same interface.
    • I prefer using Amazon’s website instead of the designated app; you have to be logged into the account that is associated with your Alexa-enabled device.
    • Next, click on the drop-down menu and choose Alexa Skills. From here you can search for skills by keyword or name. You’ll also be taken to the Alexa Skills section of the website after performing your initial search.
    • Once you click the Enable button associated with a particular skill it will then be activated on all of your Alexa-enabled devices, assuming that you’ve registered them with the same Amazon account, and will be ready for use.

    You’ll notice in the lists below that many Alexa skills are called by using trigger words like open, start, play and ask.

    • Must Read:How To Update Amazon Echo Device Software

    The Bartender

    Alexa, ask the bartender to pick a drink: this command is for cocktail lovers which provides you with recipes and information on how to get it done with the available products.

    News, Traffic and Weather Skills

    While saying Alexa, what’s the weather? It will return the current conditions in your area, the majority of news and weather information disseminated by Alexa is done through Flash Briefings. When the drop-down menu appears, tap the Settings option.

    The Scripture (Bible)

    Here you say the command; Alexa, ask the Bible App for the day’s verse: This command reads the verse of the day out for you. Better still you can get it customized to a particular book in the Bible.

    • Must Read:How To Delete All Alexa Voice Recordings at Once

    Game Skills

    Although Alexa is operated strictly by voice there are some pretty cool games available for you to play such as “Yes Sire”: Though this game is not suitable for all ages due to its violent exhibitions and content materials.


    The skills below are designed to help you with translations from an original language to another: You can boot up the command with Alexa, ask translated to say am coming in French: This translated features 36 other languages outside of English. But for more effectiveness and functionality your origin language must be English.


    Your Alexa-enabled device can also function as a fitness coach, simply say this command; Alexa, start seven minutes work-out. This skill takes you through some series of exercises for fit keeping and health status.

    Night Relaxation Sounds

    These Alexa skills may not fit into one of the categories above, but this one is perfect in its role. Say the command Alexa, open sleep sounds. This includes standard sounds like storms, whispers attached with lots of quality sensible and sweet noise that play on a loop. But this command is majorly used during your night rest.

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    Account Details

    This skill helps you in verifying your bank details and other valid informations about your account. Here is the command; Alexa, ask capital one what’s my account balance: as earlier said it enables you to transacts, make credit card payments and whole lots of transactions via voice.

    Wow. Impressive skills Alexa got here, well I just decided to drop down some crucial commands that can be very much useful to us during our daily routines. Feel free share this article with your world for I believe someone out there is in need of this information.

    Don’t forget to comment or remind us of not listed commands which you stumbled on and you’ve got 100% liberty to surf our various categories for more.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve definitely heard of Amazon Echo. It’s a smart home app that you use to communicate with connected smart devices. Amazon Echo Show is an upgraded feature that is, in essence, Amazon Echo, but with a decent-sized screen. Of course, this video and touch function comes additional to all the functionalities that we’re used to seeing on Amazon Echo.

    The Amazon Echo Show may be more expensive than your regular Echo, but the added capabilities are definitely worth the price tag.


    The first awesome thing that Amazon did with Echo Show is put the speakers on the back. This means that most of the Echo Show device is, well, the screen. Not only does this look great, but it makes the device more compact and easier to fit anywhere.

    The device has a DC power port and a microUSB port, with volume controls and a privacy button on the back. Four of the eight mics are placed in the upper front side of Echo Show, as is the camera device.

    Essentially, it looks like a thicker tablet device. The screen is large enough to ensure maximum visual and ergonomic comfort. The screen features adaptive brightness, 1,280 x 800 resolution, white balance/contrast settings, and many other great features.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo


    So, the touchscreen option means that there’s no need for Alexa, right? Wrong. Like any other Amazon device, Echo Show relies on Alexa for the most part. Voice is still the primary means of communication with Echo Show and the screen is just an added bonus.

    The whole setup process is as simple as it gets, with Alexa taking care of all the heavy lifting, while you’re left comfortably pronouncing words and doing what Alexa tells you to do.

    Echo Show adds a very important series of Amazon devices to the table. Given its screen accessibility, you can now pair the new Echo device with Amazon camera devices, smart doorbells, etc. Again, the touchscreen is responsible for the heftier price tag, but it’s definitely well-worth the outlay. The screen for an Amazon Echo device was the only thing that was missing.


    You’ll be happy to know that there are no ads on Echo Show devices. And it’s a good thing, as ads showing up when the device isn’t being used would be incredibly frustrating. Instead, when you aren’t interacting with the device, Echo Show cycles through trending stories. Stories are essentially pictures with captions, which may be something that you’ll like.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    However, for some people, these things are almost as annoying as ads, so they’ll want to disable them. Naturally, this can easily be done from the settings screen. However, the same screen can be used to enable more home screen content than may actually be to your liking. For instance, you can set sports schedules/scores, upcoming events, Alexa skills notifications, and much, much more. When it comes to adjustability, Echo Show is probably the most tweakable device from Amazon.

    Still, despite the fact that the touchscreen performs amazingly, it’s clear that Amazon has intended the Echo Show device to be ‘Echo’ first and ‘Show second’. This is why the list of Alexa’s skills isn’t accessible by touch. This may seem frustrating, but Amazon has carefully considered which features don’t require a touch alternative.

    On the other hand, the Echo Show device does come equipped with a web browser, which is a very cool addition, indeed. You can either choose Firefox or Amazon’s Silk and, yes, you can use the virtual keyboard and the voice for searching stuff.


    Thanks to the decent screen size, YouTube finally makes sense on an Amazon device. That being said, you can’t directly voice-search on YouTube, you have to use the browser. This isn’t Amazon’s fault, though. However, direct voice search is available for Vevo music. On the other hand, Netflix is inaccessible in this respect, so that’s a bummer.

    Amazon Echo Show

    All in all, Amazon Echo Show is a brilliant innovation of a device, especially compared to the regular Echo unit. Yes, the price tag is quite hefty, but when you take into account how responsive and generally well-thought-out the screen is, you won’t really be sorry for investing more.

    Have you tried Amazon Echo Show? How do you think it compares to Amazon Echo? Are you planning to buy one? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments section below and don’t refrain from asking any questions or adding any tips you may have.

    Amazon’s Alexa keeps records of what you say to her. Everyone knows this, and in fact, agrees to it when you agree to the terms of service. The Echo uses its recordings to help it better recognize your individual speech patterns.

    Amazon claims not to use the information for marketing purposes, but many users are skeptical—especially after the Facebook data fiasco last year.

    The good news is that you don’t have to throw out your Alexa in the name of privacy. You can delete your Alexa information.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    How to Delete Your Echo History

    You can go into the Alexa app and look at previous requests to the hardware, but it can be hard to know what else is heard and recorded.

    The Echo is always on, and this has been proven more than once when judges demanded Amazon turn over Echo recordings to help in criminal proceedings. If nothing else, that makes it clear the Echo hears more than you think.

    There are options for stopping the Echo from listening all the time, but those require unplugging the device or purchasing a peripheral accessory. In the mean time, if you want to clear out its history, here’s how.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

    2. Press the Menu button in the top-left corner and go to Settings.

    3. From Settings, choose Alexa Account and then History.

    4. Select the recording you want to delete.

    If you feel that little sense of dread creeping up, you’re right: to delete everything, you have a lot of tapping to do. However, there is a way to delete everything all at one time.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    1. Go to your Amazon Device page from Amazon’s website.

    2. Choose Devices from the navigation bar.

    3. Press the menu button to the left of the device you want to select.

    4. Press Delete Voice Recordings. This will clear all recordings on that device. Remember, this is a permanent decision; you can’t undo the deletion if you change your mind later.

    Deleting this information clears it from your device, but there’s no way to know if Amazon keeps a recording on their servers or not. If you’re concerned about personal privacy and want to take whatever steps you can to protect your data, deleting your Amazon recordings is a good start.

    Another step you can take on the same page is to click on Alexa Privacy.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Go ahead and click on Review Voice History and then choose All History from the drop down. You’ll now see all your command history from all your devices here. Click Delete All Recordings for All History to delete all of your voice history.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    If you want to limit how much personal information your devices gather about you, pay attention to your apps. Smartphone apps should only gather the necessary information to function and nothing more.

    If you feel like one of your apps is gathering more than it needs to, find an alternative or limit the data it uses.

    Patrick is an Atlanta-based technology writer with a background in programming and smart home technology. When he isn’t writing, nose to the grindstone, he can be found keeping up with the latest developments in the tech world and upping his coffee game. Read Patrick’s Full Bio

    You have to be careful what you say to Alexa. Here’s how to keep your voice-enabled devices secure.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    If there’s anything consumers have learned in recent years, it’s that everything — even devices or institutions we believe to be secure — can be hacked. With the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in millions of households across America, there are many more opportunities for our personal information to be collected, shared and stolen without our knowledge.

    According to a report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, there are more than 50 million Amazon Echo devices installed in the U.S. Alexa is the most ubiquitous digital assistant, but many users don’t know what happens to their data when they ask Alexa to read them a recipe or check their bank balance.

    • The best smart home devices to make your life easier

    Amazon has repeatedly denied that Alexa-enabled devices are recording at all times, but the devices are always listening for the wake word (“Alexa” is one of several options) and will record and store what is said once Alexa is activated. Recordings capture a fraction of a second before the wake word is spoken, and end when the user request has been processed.

    Smart assistants’ hearing is still far from perfect, and Alexa’s recent spate of random laughter is a good example of voice commands gone awry. Users reported that their Alexa-enabled devices laughed unprompted, which Amazon attributed to phrases that sounded similar to “Alexa, laugh” even when users didn’t say the wake word.

    Does Alexa record private conversations?

    There are words that sound similar enough to “Alexa” that it’s possible the device will pick up fragments of private conversations that are not intended to be a command, said Pam Dixon, executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a nonprofit, public interest research group.

    “The problem comes when people are not aware that recordings are stored until you delete them,” she says. “People should think about what they are asking their voice assistants and know that they can delete that information.”

    According to an Amazon spokeswoman, Alexa recordings are stored securely on the Amazon Web Services cloud, and the company does not release customer information without a “valid and binding legal demand properly served on us.”

    In fact, Amazon reportedly refused to comply with a warrant for data from an Echo that police in Bentonville, Arkansas, believed to be evidence in a murder case.

    Dixon notes that Amazon’s privacy policy is “pretty transparent” and easily accessible on both desktop and mobile, but what will likely surprise users most is how much of their own voices they’ll hear if they listen to what their Alexa-enabled devices have recorded and stored.

    “I really don’t think these devices are listening and sending that data off to third parties all the time, but from reviewing my own recordings, there was lot more than I anticipated in there,” Dixon said.

    If you’re concerned about the privacy and security of your personal information, there are a few steps you can take to secure your Alexa-enabled device.

    Protect your home network

    Your smart-home devices are only as secure as the network they connect to. Start by changing the default name and password for your wireless network — don’t include identifying information in either — and enable the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol on your router.

    If possible, create one Wi-Fi network for your smart-home devices and another for devices you use to bank, shop or browse, and set up a firewall to restrict what — and who — can connect. Regularly check for and install firmware updates on all of your gadgets, including Alexa devices.

    Change the Alexa wake word

    The first step Dixon recommends users take on their Alexa-enabled devices is to change the word that activates recording.

    For now, you can use “Amazon,” “Computer” or “Echo” instead. Choose the word that you’re least likely to use in everyday conversation, so Alexa will record only if you speak directly to it.

    It’s important to remember that Alexa-enabled devices may be able to pick up strangers’ voices through closed windows and doors, Dixon adds. You can also turn off the device’s microphone to stop it from listening entirely.

    Strengthen your Amazon password

    Anyone with access to your Amazon account can listen to, share or delete your Alexa voice-recording history on the Manage Your Content and Devices dashboard. This includes family members who order items under the same username, but your information might also be vulnerable to hackers who obtain your Amazon password.

    The commands you give Alexa — arming your security system, requesting directions and commute times, or calling friends — can provide malicious actors with valuable information about your daily routine, which can put your personal safety, and that of your home and family, at risk. Just as you would with any other login, follow good password hygiene recommendations.

    Delete old Alexa recordings, especially those with sensitive information

    While asking Alexa to set a timer or play cat noises is fairly innocuous, saved recordings that include sensitive health, legal or financial information are less so.

    Dixon says most users don’t think about the consequences of having their conversations or requests stored indefinitely where others can access them. Recordings may resurface in divorce or child- custody cases, for example.

    “If you have any kind of questions or any kind of misgivings about having recordings around, just delete them,” Dixon said. “The idea is just like clearing the web history in a web browser.”

    To listen to and delete stored recordings, open Settings > History in the Alexa app, or use the dashboard at Recordings will remain on the Amazon cloud forever until you remove them.

    Deleting all old recordings can degrade Alexa’s performance slightly because the device uses your history to improve responses over time, and it will have to relearn patterns if information is lost.

    If you don’t want to mass-delete all recordings about local weather or music requests, you can selectively remove more sensitive material. You can also make sure that your Alexa device isn’t being used to test new features, which Amazon employees or contractors are more likely to listen to.

    Read third-party Alexa skill privacy policies

    Third-party Alexa skills, of which there are tens of thousands, may also collect users’ personal information. Amazon requires developers of these skills to provide links to their privacy policies on the skill detail pages, but consumers are responsible for digging through each to understand how data is collected, used and stored.

    “Everyone is very worried about having any kind of a data breach or leak on these home devices,” Dixon says. “No company right now wants to have a privacy issue — caution is the byword going forward.”

    Alexa’s full suite of more than 100,000 Skills is a powerful platform, but there are times when those Alexa Skills are not working. The server that powers the Skill might have a hiccup, or there may be a problem with the way the Skill is implemented within your smart home.

    If you find an Alexa Skill that doesn’t work or perform as intended, here are a few fixes to try.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    1. Make Sure Alexa is Connected to WiFi

    The Amazon Echo needs WiFi to work correctly. If your device is not connected to WiFi, then Amazon Skills won’t work because Amazon can’t process your voice command.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    2. Ensure You’re Using the Correct Phrase

    Many Alexa Skills have specific activation phrases. If you find an Alexa Skill is not working as you expect, make sure you’re using the correct activation phrase. For example, the Food Network Kitchen skill can be activated in three separate ways:

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    • “Alexa, open Food Network Kitchen.”
    • “Alexa, show me cooking classes from Food Network Kitchen.”
    • “Alexa, show my saved recipes from Food Network Kitchen.”

    3. Check If the Skill Needs Parental Permission

    Some Alexa Skills can’t be activated without parental permission. If you’re using a Skill and it asks for parental permission, you’ll have to enable it from your home screen. This is particularly true with regard to child-focused Skills.

    4. Enable the Skill

    In some instances, the Skill might have been disabled. When this happens, you’ll need to re-enable the Skill from within the Skills menu.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    5. Re-Install the Skill

    If you have a Skill that has worked for the most part but suddenly stopped working, an error may have occurred that can be fixed by disabling the Skill and re-enabling it. When you disable a Skill, it unlinks it from your account. Enable the Skill and re-link it. Doing this should correct most issues.

    6. Verify Your Device Is on the Correct Profile

    If there are multiple profiles within an Amazon account, each profile may utilize different Skills. If you find that a device isn’t responding when you try to activate a Skill, make sure you’re using the correct profile.

    7. Re-Enable the Device

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Many Amazon Skills are linked to specific devices. If a Skill is unresponsive, go into the Devices menu of your Alexa app and disable and re-enable the relevant device.

    8. Reinstall the Device

    If disabling the device doesn’t work, remove it from your account entirely. You can do this by opening the device settings and tapping the trash can in the top-right corner of the screen. Once you remove the device, you’ll need to re-add it to your Amazon account. A fresh installation will often correct issues that arise.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    9. Force a Firmware Update

    Some Alexa Skills might not be available until the Echo hardware undergoes a firmware update. While any connected device will periodically check for updates automatically, you can force a firmware update to bring your Echo in-line with the firmware version it should have.

    To do this, press the mute button on your Echo. It will take anywhere from only a few minutes to as long as half an hour, but Alexa will announce she needs to perform an update. Once this is complete, the hardware will restart and will no longer be muted. Of course, this only works when firmware updates are available.

    10. Make Sure You Complete the Skill

    Alexa Skills can be custom-made through the Skill Blueprint system. However, it is possible to make a Skill without updating your account and adding it to your list of active Skills. If your Skill is custom made and doesn’t work, make sure it has actually been completed within the system.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    11. Create a Voice Profile

    Some people might encounter a more perplexing issue: Alexa may not seem to understand what they’re saying. If this happens, you can train Alexa to recognize your voice. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Recognized Voices > Manage Voice Profile.

    From this screen, you can choose to have Alexa personalize your skills or delete your voice profile. You can also tap Match voice profiles to speak a series of phrases that Alexa will use to better match your voice when you speak. This allows Alexa to understand you better.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Alexa Skills are one of the features that set Alexa apart from the competition. The vast library of Skills and the easy-to-use Skills Blueprint allows for almost unlimited creativity in how you control your smart home and your life. The only obstacle is when these Alexa Skills stop working.

    Just try any one of these 11 tricks to get your Skills back in working order. At least one of these options should get your Alexa back on track.

    Patrick is an Atlanta-based technology writer with a background in programming and smart home technology. When he isn’t writing, nose to the grindstone, he can be found keeping up with the latest developments in the tech world and upping his coffee game. Read Patrick’s Full Bio

    Recent news reports in the last week revealed that Amazon has thousands of workers listening to Amazon Echo aka Alexa voice assistant recordings. That is a bit unnerving, however, this post will share several ways, including a serious DIY project, to increase your privacy.

    MUENSTER – JANUARY 27, 2018: White Amazon Echo Plus, Alexa Voice Service activated recognition . [+] system photographed on wooden table in living room.

    I’m going to cut right to the chase here:

    1. The first method of silencing most voice assistant devices is via the manual, physical button. Some of us don’t read the manual and are unaware that there are manual overrides. On Amazon Echo, when you press the microphone button, the external ring glows red (Lord of the Rings metaphor?) and the device is not capable of listening (or at least that’s what we think). Google Home has a button on the side and the four dots on the top light up when disabled, plus it verbally tells you mic is on or off as you press the button (Echo does not).

    Also, there are reports that you can mute both the Google Home and Apple HomePod with a simple voice command of “mute the microphone” or “stop listening.” I do not have an Apple HomePod, but the Google Home simply responds to tell you where the button is on the unit and to press it. I found no such voice convenience in the Amazon Echo settings, but it would be nice.

    UPDATE: I was testing different privacy settings when I first wrote the post and am now including this one.

    2. Regarding the news of Amazon employees listening in to your Amazon requests and interactions, there is a setting (most things for Alexa are managed via the app and it is the same here) under Alexa Privacy.

    Alexa Privacy Settings to Off _No More Alexa Listening

    Screenshot Alexa Listening No More by TJ McCue

    • In the Alexa App, Tap the menu button (three lines in the upper left of the screen)
    • The top item in settings is “Alexa Account” then scroll to the bottom and select “Alexa Privacy.”
    • You will now see a blue banner saying that Amazon values your trust, yada yada, scroll down to “Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa”.
    • Toggle the next three items, that are on by default (Umm, if you valued my trust, why didn’t you leave these off to start and ask me to opt-in?), to the OFF position. On my Android, it shows as gray when off and little white button to the left. When on, background changes to blue, and dot to right. It will then warn you that “new features” may not work properly if you do this.

    3. On the Echo, your household and your contacts may be able to “Drop In” and start a conversation, like a phone call, via two Echo devices. However, it is believed to be only by permission. Some experts have suggested that a connection, as in a fellow Echo owner you have in your contact list, could just listen in on your home conversations. To be doubly sure, go to Communications in your Alexa App and adjust the “Drop In” setting to “My Household” or Off.

    4. This is the most radical way (and one I love) to disable your Amazon Echo or Google Home microphone that I have found: Project Alias. This is a total DIY hack that I first saw on Hackaday . It takes a bit of electronics chops and patience, but numerous people have tried it. In essence, the project uses a little speaker that generates white noise that is stopped by a wake word that then allows your Alexa or Google Home command to be heard. So if someone was listening in, all they would hear is white noise. There is reportedly a commercialized version shared in the Hackaday comments. I expect to see more of these devices in the near future.

    Hackaday Project Alias White Noise for Amazon Echo Google Home

    Image Used With Permission from Hackaday

    There are mixed results with people doing this project; I’d guess based on operator skill. I know my U.S. Air Force electronics and soldering skills are might rusty. But the creator of Project Alias wrote a detailed Instructable and provides GitHub files for those who are ready to give it a try. You need a Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+ (roughly $25), access to a 3D Printer, and a few other items. I haven’t tried yet, but I’m working up the courage.

    By the way, if you are interested in DIY electronics and various DIY hacks like these, you should check out the 2019 Hackaday Prize which offers some big and small prizes for creating a project like the Alias (although that was not a previous contest entry).

    Okay, back to the news that brought about this post. According to Bloomberg , “ Inc. employs thousands of people around the world to help improve the Alexa digital assistant powering its line of Echo speakers. The team listens to voice recordings captured in Echo owners’ homes and offices. The recordings are transcribed, annotated and then fed back into the software as part of an effort to eliminate gaps in Alexa’s understanding of human speech and help it better respond to commands.”

    Before you go all Minority Report on me, some of this listening is simply meant to improve the product and only happens once you’ve asked Alexa to do something. To give us all a reality check, the Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Android smartphone Google Assistant, Facebook, and a host of others have been given express permission, via their terms of service, to listen in a variety of ways. Completely unplugging is not easy (see Kashmir Hill’s experience below). No doubt, there are glitches and errors that make some of this even more, well, creepy and spy-like.

    Let me close with this: We have some degree of control over our privacy, despite a variety of articles crying foul. We decide what we let into our homes, or in our pockets with a smartphone. Indeed, we have expectations that big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple are not going to betray our trust. In some areas, they have and we need to hold them to account. My hope is that more devices and apps will give us greater control of our data and settings to main our privacy with and on devices. Until then, there’s always the off button, but I know that’s limited for now, too. I’m finding myself thinking like Kim in her piece below. Feel free to share privacy ideas with me as I explore other apps and options and settings.

    Here are three excellent articles to give you some privacy thoughts to chew on:

    This piece on Digital Trends by Kim Wetzel is worthwhile to read if you’re wondering what all this privacy stuff means and is a great reminder of what we allow in our acceptance of technology: Amazon workers listening to Alexa recordings isn’t a big deal. Here’s why .

    Here’s The Shocking Reality Of Completely Blocking Google From Your Life by Jason Evangelho here at Forbes (but the post is about Kashmir Hill’s unplugging from the Big 4).

    I’ve been giving this a whole lot of thought and I’m still keeping my Alexa. Here are my more in-depth thoughts on that on Medium: Amazon Echo Alexa Is Kinda Creepy But I Still Love It.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    I had my Echo show for a while now I find it incredibly beneficial especially since it’s connected to all my smart home devices such as camera, ring doorbell..etc. But the biggest issue I find with the Echo Show is the Home screen is cluttered with ads, suggestions, and many other distracting images or text.

    Below is a step by step guide to removing unwanted ads, suggestions and other unwanted features from the home screen.

    How To Turn Off Rotating Ads On Your Echo Show 5, Echo Show 8 & Echo Show:

    • First in your Echo home page simply swipe down click on settings
    • Select Home & Clock then ->Home Content
    • Inside “Home Content” you will find everything that is displaying in your home screen contains a Blue Check, simply disable the blue check for items you don’t want to appear on your home screen
    • Turning Everything off will remove all the clutter from your Home Screen except for the Time, Date, & Temperature.
    • Rotate Continuously
    • Discovery
    • Game Schedule
    • Game Score
    • Notifications
    • Shared With You
    • Trending Topics

    This will clear up most clutter from your home page, however, the “Alexa Try” notification cannot be removed and is a permanent part of the Echo show.

    How To Customize Your Echo Show Home Screen:

    (Out of all the Echo show’s The Echo Show 5 is by far the most customizable). So there will be limitations in terms of customizations if you are using the Echo Show 8 or Echo Show.

    Customize Echo Show 5 Home Screen

    • Swipe down on the Echo show screen
    • Select Settings ->Home & Clock ->Clock
    • Modern
    • Playful
    • Photography
    • Classic
    • Go to Background depending on your preference select Alexa App Photo’s or Amazon Photo’s

    Customize Echo Show Home Screen (2nd Gen)

    • Swipe down the Echo show screen
    • Select Settings then tap on Wallpaper & Clock
    • And from there you will be able to select the type you prefer

    How to Use Echo Show As A Digital Picture Frame:

    One of the best ways is to simply download the Amazon Photos App. Once you Log in you will be asked for permission to access your photos once you select yes all your photos will be uploaded to the Amazon Photos app and simply log into the App on your Echo show and all your pictures should be in there. Now you should be able to set these photos to scroll through your home screen.

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Echo Show (Hidden benefits):

    Make Your Echo Show Portable

    There are several power banks available in the market such as the RAVPower 20100 mAh that allows you to make your Echo Show portable. This means you can bring your Echo Show outdoors with you, or just walk around the house and move it around without having to constantly go to the same place in your home to communicate or use your Echo show.

    Use Drop In Calls

    Drop-in calls work with echo show, Echo Dot and Echo and what it does is allows you to drop in unannounced into someone else Echo device without having to call or have the other person pickup. It automatically allows you to communicate with someone through video & voice. All that is required to set this up is to grant access to someone to be able to drop in calls to your device and that’s it they will be able to drop in and communicate with you at any time. There is a do not disturb feature available which prevents the person from dropping in at a specific time you select.

    Connect Your Security Cameras to Your Echo Show

    Linking your security camera’s to your Echo Show makes it incredibly convenient to monitor your camera’s all you need to do is ask Alexa to “show the front door”, and it will instantly show up on your Echo Show.

    Benefits Of The Echo Show:

    The fact that the Echo Show has a screen makes it incredibly useful with a bunch of features that you won’t get with the Echo or Echo Dot.

    Use Echo Show as a photo album: This is one of my favorite features of the Amazon Echo Show the reason being is an average digital nonsmart Photo album can cost around $100 or more.

    Tap To Alexa: Tap to Alexa allows you to communicate with Alexa by simply tapping the commands on the screen you’re able to customize and add your own commands. The benefit to this is if you are in a quiet environment and everyone is asleep in your home or you’re just tired of speaking to Alexa then simply tap and your good to go.

    Browse the web: The Echo show allows you to browse the web, watch youtube videos, Amazon prime and much more.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I watch videos on the Echo Show?

    Yes, you will be able to watch videos from youtube and Amazon Prime. However other streaming services such as Netflix won’t work on the Echo show but this feature might work in the future.

    Can I use the Echo Show’s camera to take pictures?

    Yes, you will b able to take pictures with the Echo Show’s camera and all your photos will be saved in the default Photo Booth app.

    Final Thoughts

    So there you have it, decluttering you Amazon Echo Show does make for a much better user experience. Rotating ads and suggestions over time do become very distracting, the good news is that they can be shut off very easily.

    The Echo show is very customizable so you can adjust the screen background to your liking set different types of moods such as night or day mode as well as use the Echo Show as a digital picture frame.

    The Echo show does also make it easier to control and monitor your smart home the fact that the Echo Show has a screen allows you to view your smart camera’s by simply asking Alexa, you will also be able to monitor and control your other smart devices with your Echo show, for example, your smart thermostat.

    Recent Posts

    Many Disney+ subscribers are wondering why they aren’t able to watch the one movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring the Hulk. There is, of course, the 2003 production of Hulk directed by.

    Apple products are covered by Apple’s ironclad warranties that include both AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. These warranties include round-the-clock tech support, same-day service.

    Looking to donate or sell your Amazon Echo Show? Before your transaction, you’ll want to make sure you factory reset and deregister the device. A factory reset ensures all of your Amazon account settings are erased from the device, so your Show’s new recipient can input their own Amazon credentials and set up the smart display for themselves. Fortunately, the process of resetting your Show 5 or Show 8 is fairly easy, and there are a few ways to perform the task. Let’s walk through each method.

    Have a regular Echo speaker? Check out our guide on how to reset both a standard Echo or Echo Dot.

    Resetting from the Echo Show menus

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    To begin, you can either say, “Alexa, go to settings,” or swipe down from the top of the home screen. Tap Settings from the list of options, then tap Device Options. If this is a second-generation Echo Show, select Reset to Factory Defaults, but Retain Smart Home Device Connections. For a first-gen Echo Show, tap Reset to Factory Defaults. Either option will erase all personal data from the device and de-register the Echo Show from your Amazon account.

    Resetting with Echo Show buttons

    You can also factory reset your Show by pressing and holding both the Mute and Volume Down buttons at the same time. After about 15 seconds, you should see the Amazon boot logo. This confirms your Show has completed the reset process. You can confirm the device was deleted from your account by checking in your Alexa app.

    Open the app, tap Devices (located at the bottom of the home screen), then tap Echo & Alexa. You’ll see a list of all your home’s Amazon devices and their assigned groups. Your Echo Show device should be missing from this list.

    Resetting with the Alexa app

    If you’d prefer to reset your Echo Show using the Alexa app, you can do that as well. Fire up the app, tap Devices, then tap Echo & Alexa. Locate your Echo Show and select it from the list of devices. Then, scroll down to the Registered To tab and tap Deregister.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    You’ll be asked to confirm your reset. Tap Deregister to remove the Echo Show from your account (or Cancel if you chose the prompt by accident).

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Amazon’s home connected devices, Echo and Dot, are hugely popular and sit prominently in millions of homes across the U.S. If you know anything about Alexa, the Echo and Dot’s connected digital assistant, you know that it can order stuff for you on Amazon, which is really convenient.

    Recently, news got around about a child making a large purchase on Amazon thanks to some help from Alexa. The story was reported by a San Diego-based morning news program, which included the little girl and her mother saying, “Alexa, buy me a dollhouse,” among other things. This prompted at least a handful of accidental Alexa triggers across the San Diego area.

    I watched the news clip myself, and sure enough, Alexa on my Amazon Dot thought I was trying to order a dollhouse . twice. Don’t worry, though. Alexa is set up to ask you to confirm your purchase before continuing. So, when Alexa heard the news report and thought I wanted to order a dollhouse, it told me what the most popular one on Amazon is and asked me if I want to buy it. It didn’t just automatically order it.

    That’s not to say that, if you weren’t home and your TV set was on, it might not accidentally confirm an order heard on a commercial. All Alexa needs to mis-hear is the word “yes.”

    There are a couple of ways you can stop Alexa from ordering stuff without your permission, which is also useful if you have someone in your house (like a resourceful child) that wants to buy something without asking first.

    How to disable purchases via Alexa

    If you don’t want the convenience of being able to purchase items from Amazon using Alexa, you can disable it entirely.

    1. Launch the Alexa app.
    2. Tap the Menu tab in the upper left corner.

    Tap Settings.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Toggle the switch for voice purchasing off.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    When disabled, no one will be able to purchase items from Amazon using Alexa on Echo or Dot.

    How to add a passcode to purchases via Alexa

    If you like being able to make Amazon purchases with help from Alexa, but want to make sure purchases are intentional and with your permission, you can set up a four-digit passcode.

    1. Launch the Alexa app.
    2. Tap the Menu tab in the upper left corner.

    Tap Settings.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Tap Save Changes.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    When you have a passcode set up, you can make it all the way through the steps of purchasing an item, but when you confirm that you want to buy an item, Alexa will say, “Tell me your voice code.” Without it, you can’t complete the purchase.

    Do you have a funny Alexa story?

    Do you have an Echo or Dot in your household? Have you accidentally triggered Alexa? Tell us some funny things that have happened to you.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    These are the 10 best Kirby games of all time

    Kirby has been around for over 30 years now and he’s been in over 30 video games as well. After analyzing his adventures, we’ve determined which ones are the best of the best.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Betas never stop: The third beta for watchOS 8.6 is out now!

    The third beta of watchOS 8.6 is now available to developers.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Review: Twelve South’s Curve Riser elevates your iMac a bit too much

    If you’re looking for a monitor riser for your iMac or Apple Studio Display, the Twelve South Curve Riser is likely one to avoid.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Secure your home, and add a little Alexa magic with these smart locks

    If you’re looking for smart locks that work with Alexa, you’ve come to the right place. These items will help you secure your home by simply using your voice.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Looking for the latest tech? Amazon has a new Echo with premium sound, smart home hub and Alexa.

    2. Turn off Voice Purchasing or set up a PIN code for purchases

    “Alexa, buy more laundry detergent.” This is a pretty nifty trick, and it’s a major draw for people who like to shop for household items online. This may feel like one of its most futuristic features. But a single security breach could cost you dearly.

    You can turn off the Echo’s Voice Purchasing option off and use Amazon’s app or website to shop. To turn it off, open your Alexa app, tap Settings > Account Settings > Voice Purchasing then toggle Voice Purchasing to Off.

    If you still want the convenience (and the sci-fi vibe) of Echo voice purchasing, set up a PIN code to avoid unauthorized purchases. To set it up, go to the same Voice Purchasing settings page on your Alexa app, toggle Voice Purchasing to On, then tap Purchase Confirmation > Voice Code. This will prompt you to enter a four-digit PIN.

    Now, the four-digit code has to be spoken out to complete a purchase on your Echo. That said, anyone can simply listen in and reuse your code so having a voice purchasing PIN is not fool-proof.

    3. Switch off the Echo Show camera

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    If you haven’t seen it, the Echo Show is a mini-interactive TV screen with additional touchscreen controls. The Show includes everything you loved about your speaker, plus transcribed song lyrics, surveillance footage of the baby’s room and video calls.

    Video calling is an exciting tool, but many people find the camera to be as anxiety-inducing as microphones. What does the camera see? Is it watching all day and night? How do you know if it’s been hacked? Many people put tape over the webcams on their laptops and they may feel compelled to do the same with their Echo Shows.

    Luckily, the device’s camera and mics are very easy to turn off. There’s a button on the top of the Show that controls inputs. Just press it off, and both cameras and mics shut off. The front LED will also turn red, signifying the inputs have been successfully shut down. You can still use the touchscreen without a hitch.

    By clicking our links, you’re supporting our research. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Recommendations are not part of any business incentives.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    If you need to edit or remove a contact from Alexa you will need to go to the Alexa app on your device.

    Update: this functionality was disabled by Alexa in a recent update, so you are no longer able to delete contacts from Alexa.

    Update 2: we have just launched an Alexa Skill – Your Contacts News reading you the latest news affecting your contacts and their companies!

    The skill give you the perfect excuse to reach out to a friend or acquittance to ensure you build and maintain contact and rapport: congratulate them on their recent acquisition, or take a jab at their newly announced dress-code policy!

    It takes 3 easy steps to setup:

      and sign-up to Covve, available for both Android and iOS
    1. Enable the Alexa skill Your Contacts News
    2. Authenticate (login) with Covve and you are done – just ask Alexa to “Open my contacts news”, and you will get the 5 most recent news stories affecting your contacts and their companies.

    Covve’s AI-powered News Engine scans more than 150 news sources, reads the articles and understands what companies they are referring to, what the key message of the article is, how important it is to the company and which of your contacts are affected by it.

    How you could previously remove contacts from Alexa – not available since a recent Alexa update:

    Open the Alexa app. Go to Conversations tab in your Alexa account.

    Click on the contacts icon in Alexa. It will show you all of the contacts that you have.

    Locate the contact that you wish to delete and select that contact and then click on the delete or block button.

    Originally, Echo devices were intended to feature audio control only, allowing you, the user, to instruct Alexa to do whatever you want it to do. That’s until the introduction of the Echo Show, which you could describe as the tablet version of the Amazon Echo.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    The Echo Show lineup is a little different from other Alexa devices, with more customization options and a screen to display the weather, give you recipes, and display your favorite photos. If you have an Echo Show, keep reading to learn how to remove photos.

    How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    How to Remove Photos from Echo Show

    The Echo Show is capable of syncing personal photos with a few services. For example, you can link your Prime Photos account, your Facebook account, or upload photos from your phone. If you choose to link your Facebook or your Prime Photos accounts you can see daily photos from years past. No matter where Alexa is getting your photos from, you can easily remove them.

    For all of its customization options, perhaps you don’t want to showcase your personal photos for everyone to see. If that’s the case, follow these steps to remove your photos from your Echo Show:

    1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap on Devices at the bottom.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    2. Tap on Echo & Alexa.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    3. Now, tap on your Echo Show in the list.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    4. Tap on Photo Display.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    5. Toggle the options off next to Daily Memories and This Day. These options show you photos from your Prime Photos account if you’ve enabled the feature.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    6. Tap on Uploaded Photos.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    7. Tap the checkmark next to any photos you’d like to remove from your Show’s display.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    8. If you’d like to disable the Uploaded Photos function altogether, tap the toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner.
      How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Now, the photo or photos you don’t want to see on your Echo Show will no longer appear.

    More Background Options

    Perhaps you don’t want your personal photos displayed on your Echo Show. Or, you may want to change them up. Whatever your home screen goals, we’ll discuss photo alternatives in this section.

    Home Screen Background

    Like any touchscreen device, you can set a new background for your Echo Show. In fact, you can personalize the entire on-screen visual experience to a greater extent than you might think.

    1. To change the appearance of the home screen, just swipe downwards from the top of the screen and then tap the gear icon (settings).
    2. Navigate to Clock & Photo Display in this menu and then tap Clock.
    3. Select one of the available options. If you want to display your photos, tap on Amazon Photos, Facebook, or Photo from your phone.

    Adding Home Cards

    What is Amazon Home Cards anyway? Android phone and tablet users may see a resemblance to widgets. Essentially, the Echo Show is equipped with more useful features than the mere clock and background. With Home Cards, you can display Messaging, Reminders, Notifications, Upcoming Events, Trending Topics, Weather, Drop-In, and other features on your home screen.

    You can set these to shuffle continuously (the clock will no longer show up all the time) or to pop up whenever a notification arrives. Go to the settings screen again (gear icon), followed by Home & Clock, and look for the Home Cards feature on the list. From this menu, you can choose which cards you’d like to see and how you’d like them displayed (continuously or based on notifications).

    Night Mode

    Nighttime Mode dims the display of your Echo Show and filters out the notifications so that it won’t bother you (You could be sleeping or engaging in another bedroom activity, who knows?). Nighttime Mode is activated from the Home & Clock menu.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have more questions about your Echo Show, keep reading!

    How do I make my photos full screen on the Echo Show?

    You may notice that some photos are full screen and others show a smaller image with blurred edges. Fortunately, you can fix this and you don’t need the Alexa app to do it. Head over to your Echo Show device and follow these steps:

    1. Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the Settings cog.

    2. Tap on Display.

    3. Tap on Photo Slideshow.

    4. Tap on Cropping.

    Now you can choose No Cropping, Smart Cropping, or Crop All.

    How do I add photos from my phone?

    If you’ve removed the unwanted photos and want to add new ones, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Alexa App and tap on Devices. Then, tap on Echo & Alexa.

    2. Tap on your Echo Show device. Then, scroll down to the Photos option.

    3. Tap on Uploaded Photos.

    4. Tap the + sign and add the photos from your camera roll.

    Now, you can select photos from your phone’s camera roll.

    Personalizing Your Echo Show

    As you can see, personalizing an Echo Show device is fairly simple and straightforward. Choose the clock display, the background photo, the desired Home Cards, the way you want them displayed, and toggle Nighttime Mode on or off for the ideal Echo Show user experience.

    How have you personalized your Echo Show experience? Which are your favorite Home Cards? Have you experienced any problems along the way? Share with the community in the comments section below.

    Instead of leaving your computer on all the time to run My Media, many users are buying $30 Raspberry Pi’s to run on My Media on. It’s really easy to install My Media on the Pi and you can always index media stored on a NAS, on other external storage or on the Pi itself.

    Please ensure you have added (and linked) the My Media Skill using the Amazon Alexa Companion app before installing the My Media server app.

    You can either install My Media for Alexa via the Raspberry Pi GUI or via an ssh terminal session to your Pi. Separate instructions are provided below:

    After installing using either method, please follow the instructions at the end of this guide to finish configuration.

    Method 1: Installing via the Raspberry Pi GUI

    1. Open the built in Chromium web browser: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    2. Download the latest Raspberry Pi version of My Media by clicking here: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    3. You may get asked whether you want to keep the download file. Choose ‘Keep’: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    4. Once the download is complete, find it in the download bar of the browser and select ‘Show In Folder’: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    5. Right-click the downloaded ‘deb’ file and click ‘Install Package’: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    6. Confirm you want to install the My Media for Alexa package: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    7. Enter your Raspberry Pi password when prompted (the default password for the pi is ‘raspberry’): How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    8. Wait for installation to complete: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    9. Once the installation window disappears, go back to the web browser and navigate to http://localhost:52051. The My Media Web Console will open and allow you to complete installation: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Now please follow the instructions at the end of this guide to finish configuration.

    Method 2: Installation via terminal

    1. Enable SSH access on your Pi by following these instructions
    2. SSH to your box from your normal computer, eg by using putty or another ssh client
    3. Copy and paste these commands into your SSH terminal to download the My Media installation files: The console should look like this: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echoIf you receive an error message stating that “The certificate of xxxxxxx is not trusted”, please execute this command first:
    4. If download is successful, copy and paste this command into your SSH terminal to install the My Media package: The console should look like this: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo

    Now please follow the next set of instructions to finish configuration.

    Configuring My Media for Alexa

    1. Ensure the My Media Web Console is open (the last step of each installation method above), and then click the ‘Next’ button on the Welcome screen: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    2. You now need to link your My Media for Alexa install with the Amazon account you use with your Echo device. Enter your Amazon Email address and password when prompted: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    3. Once paired, you will be returned to the My Media Web Console. You’ll be asked if you want to download sample media – you can say Yes or No: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    4. The next step is to add your media, click the ‘Watch Folders’ menu option on the left hand side of the Console: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    5. Click ‘Add Folder’: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    6. Navigate the folder structure on your device to find the media, for example /home/pi/Music. This can also be a NAS location if you have mounted your NAS drive: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    7. My Media for Alexa will index your media and show that it is now ready for Serving to Alexa: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    8. You should now be able to see your media in the various views of the My Media Web Console, eg the Album view: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo
    9. Now try playing your music by saying for example, “Alexa, open My Media” or click here to see the other commands you can use.

    Uninstalling My Media for Alexa

    1. Open a terminal on your Raspberry Pi, either by using the GUI or using ssh
    2. Copy and paste this commands into your terminal to uninstall My Media: The console should look like this: How to uninstall alexa skills from your amazon echo