How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Equipped with an Alarm, a Timer and a Stopwatch, this simply designed clock app helps you manage your time.
If you wear earphones, you can use this even at crowded places.

・You can set several alarms each having their on and off switch.
・You can receive notifications even if your iPhone is locked.
You can also raise the repeat count so that you can notice the notifications.

・You can set the time from 1 second to 99 hours.
・You can use the History to reuse the time you used before.
・You can add notes to the Histories.
・You can receive notifications even if your iPhone is locked.

・You can keep track of your lap times.
・You can send a .txt file via e-mail.
(You cannot share them on some apps such as Twitter)

・You can listen to the music in your iPhone/iPad.Please use them when you listen to music to concentrate on your task.
※You cannot use music on iCloud.

About the notifications
Please allow notifications from this app to receive notifications.

If you have problems receiving notifications, please try the following.
・Tap Settings on iPhone/iPad
・Select[Alarm & Timer]
・Select [Notifications]
・Enable[Allow Notifications]

When the Alarm does not ring:
・Please make sure the volume of your iPhone is big enough.
・Please make sure your iPhone is not in silent mode.

(!) After updating, if the alarm tone becomes the default sound of the iPhone, press and hold the power button of the iPhone, turn off the power, and turn it on again to fix it.

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Built-in clock app in the android devices can help you to set the alarm, timer and stopwatch for various activities. These built-in features of the android devices do not require any extra app to be installed in the devices as the built in features are efficient and excellent. alt=”alarm” width=”141″ height=”250″ />

How to use alarm:

When we click on the clock icon, it will open the world clock by default. To set the alarm tap on the alarm icon displayed. Tap on the plus icon usually at the bottom of the screen to add the new alarm. Multiple alarms can be added using this add button.

For setting the time of the alarm, tap or scroll the hour button on the left side of the screen and minutes on the right side of the screen. Select the ‘AM’ or ‘PM’ option provided by the clock. If you have set the time, click Ok on the screen. alt=”alarm2″ width=”141″ height=”250″ />

If you want to set the alarm for the whole week or for some selected days select the repeat option. By default, all seven days will be selected. To unselect some of the days tap on the selected days. If you want to set the alarm for the weekdays, de-select the Sunday and Saturday from the given days. There will be some default ringtone which will ring as alarm ringtone but with the provided options you can change the ringtone of the alarm. To change the ringtone options will be provided to choose the ringtone from the internal media storage of the device or from the SD card. A list of ringtone will be provided choosing any of the above options. After selecting the ringtone, tap Ok on the screen. alt=”alarm3″ width=”141″ height=”250″ />

Another option is labeling the alarm. If you want to change the label of the alarm, click on the option and type the text as your label to the alarm and press Ok button.

On the right side of the alarm, a button will be colored which is showing that your alarm is ON, to off the alarm click on the button and it will turn grey.

How to use timer:

To use the timer, click on the timer option on the screen. Using the number pad, select the time. Carefully select the hours, minutes and seconds of the timer. Be careful in entering zeros in the timer as they are needed. When the timer is set, click on the red button at the bottom of the screen to start the timer. alt=”timer” width=”141″ height=”250″ />

Just like the alarm, multiple timers can be set and their labels can also be changed. When you start the timer, start button can be replaced by the pause button. alt=”timer2″ width=”141″ height=”250″ />

How to start the stopwatch:

Unlike alarm and timer, stopwatch does not need setting time before starting. Click on the start button to start the stopwatch. To record each lap time, click on the button to save. When stopwatch started, the start button will be replaced by the pause button to pause the stopwatch, whenever required. alt=”stopwatch” width=”141″ height=”250″ />

To reset the time to zero, stop the stopwatch and click on the circular arrow button. alt=”stopwatch2″ width=”141″ height=”250″ />


  • set multiple alarms with snooze support
  • set a stopwatch with laps support
  • set timer and get desktop notifications
  • Load requested features from GitHub


What is the “Alarm, Timer and Stopwatch” add-on and how can I use it?

This extension is meant to bring the alarm application in Android devices to your browser. It supports “alarm”, “timer” and “stopwatch” functionalities that are popular between apps of this type. The alarm tab can be used to manage schedules. Start with the “+” button to define a new alarm job. In this view, you can define the time (hours and minutes) and the days. The hour is in 24-hour format. Minutes can be between 00 to 59. If no day is checked, the alarm is a one-time alarm which only fires once all the criteria match. If the user sets one or multiple days, then the alarm would be week-recursive which means it fires once per week for each selected days at the configured time. There is a snoozing checkbox too to snooze the alarm sound if the user is not dismissing the desktop notification on the first occurrence. If snoozing is selected, you will get up to 2 subsequent sound notifications..

recommended “Allow Right Click” extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers

This extension unblocks the browser’s default right-click context menu for image, video, and audio when the page deliberately blocks right-clicking on its content. Read more here.

What’s new in this version?

Please check the Logs section.

How can I stop the sound notification?

When an alarm fires or a timer is over, this extension displays a desktop notification for each occurrence. Along with the desktop notification, an alarm sound is also played. This sound can be dismissed when the desktop notification is closed or when the extension’s popup is opened. Note that currently there is no option to disable the sound notification. Also for the alarm notifications, only if snoozing is enabled, you will get 3 sound notifications with 5-minute delay if the desktop notification is not dismissed.

Does this extension work if I close my browser window?

If all your browser windows are closed, but your browser is still running in the background, you should get the notifications just fine. Note that if the browser is terminated, you will not get any notifications. This extension can resume notifications if the browser restarts.

The alarm sound is just too loud for me. Can I reduce the volume?

Go to the options page of the extension and reduce the volume level. You can use a value between zero and 100. Zero means that the volume is muted.

Sometimes when an alarm fires, I want to stop the notification and the sound for now but get notified later about this event as a reminder. Is it possible?

Yes, on the notification for each event that this extension generates, there are two buttons to snooze the current event after 5 or 10 minutes (currently not supported on Firefox version).

Can I export my alarms to another machine?

Go to the options page of the extension and export preferences. This will generate a JSON file for you. On any machine that you want to set alarms, import this JSON file. You can even use the exported JSON file as a backup of this extension’s preferences.

Multi Timer is a beautifully designed time management app. Multiple timers can be set, independently started and run at the same time. Stopwatch results can be stored.
Use Multi Timer for cooking, sports, (dish)machine washing, study, work, gameplay – anything you like.

✓ Multiple timers at once: Store timers that you usually use for cooking, sports, study, work, game, anything you want. Start them with just one touch, any time you need.

✓ Timer within a timer: Get a notice at a set interval time. For example, receive a signal during a presentation that a set time is left.

✓ Each timer it's own sound: Assign a unique sound to each timer, so you instantly recognize which timer alarm goes off.

✓ Text-to-Speech: Once a timer alarm goes off, the timer will speak to you.

✓ Beautiful timer widget: Experience simple and beautiful timer widgets, with changeable color and size.

✓ Control timers with sensors: Turn off a timer by waving your hand over your phone without touching it.

✓ Store and share stopwatch records: You won't lose your stopwatch records anymore. Share your stored records at anytime you want.

✓ Designed for all devices: Multi Timer supports all types of devices.

✓ Improvement through your input: Multi Timer continues to develop with the help of your ideas. We always appreciate your wishes.

By purchasing the premium version, you will get the following benefits:
– Ad-free
– Features added in the future


Alarms, timers, stopwatches, clocks, countdowns, birthday reminders, to-do list, and everything else to organize and prioritize your time.

Hot Alarm Clock is super flexible and completely customizable software. You can set a single daily wakeup or configure multiple complex alarms triggering on certain days of weeks, calendar days, weeks, or months. This alarm clock app can play your favorite music or online radio station, use fixed or increasing alarm volume, launch your favorite apps, and open Websites on wakeup. It’ll even conserve your computer power by automatically waking it up from sleep mode and putting it back to sleep when needed.

Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Tech Specs

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Advanced Alarm Settings

Hot Alarm Clock has everything you need to follow the time, no matter how complex your schedule is. You can set a one-time or recurring alarm or use an arbitrary set of dates and times. Its rich settings will surely let you set an alarm that matches your needs.
Learn More

Countdown Timers

Hot Alarm Clock lets you set any time interval for a countdown timer, including months or years. You can also create chains of timers, and the built-in metronome will notify you about the oncoming end of the countdown. Learn More

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android


Start multiple stopwatches in different windows or floating windows to keep track of numerous events simultaneously. You can customize the time display format and define the accuracy of counting the fractions of a second. Learn More

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Wake Up to Your Favorite Tunes

Wake up to your favorite music! Supporting MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIFF, and FLAC formats, Hot Alarm Clock can play back individual tunes or some of the best songs from your collection.

Increasing Audio Device Volume

The computer alarm clock will adjust sound volume automatically before playing the tune regardless of your PC’s current settings. Increasing volume alarms will start by playing quiet music, raising the sound volume slowly if you won’t wake up.

Turn Your PC into a Radio Clock

Your PC can be a radio clock! Set up Hot Alarm Clock to wake you up by tuning to an online radio station, and it’ll turn into a perfect radio alarm clock. Learn More

To-Do List

To-Do List is a prioritized list of the tasks you need to carry out. By keeping a To-Do List, you make sure that your tasks are written down all in one place, so you don’t forget anything important. And by prioritizing tasks, you plan the order in which you’ll do them so that you can tell what needs your immediate attention and what you can leave until later.
Learn More

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Appearance Themes

With 27 appearance themes in Hot Alarm Clock software, the main window, floating windows, timers, alarms, and stopwatches can look as elegant and as flashy as you want.

There are special floating windows for displaying timers, stopwatches, or clocks. You can set a round or digital countdown timer. Also, many settings are available: title, layout, appearance theme, font, transparency, size, etc.
Learn More

Flashy Birthday Alarms

Hot Alarm Clock works as a perfect birthday reminder software, alerting you in advance to upcoming birthdays and other important events. Don’t rely on your memory, so you don’t miss an important event. Learn More

Automatic PC Sleep and Wakeup

Are you shutting down the PC for the night? Hot Alarm Clock can wake your PC from sleep mode just before the alarm. It’ll do its job waking you up, launching apps, or opening your favorite Websites. It can even put your computer back to sleep automatically! Learn More

World Clock

With Hot Alarm Clock, you can glance over the time in other cities by configuring additional clocks displaying the time in different time zones. If you’re carrying a laptop with you, a change of the current time zone will automatically update local time. Learn More


Hot Alarm Clock has all the features I was looking for. It has plenty of useful tools without being too complicated. A well-balanced program that is well thought out by the developers.

Vince K.

If you have a ton of appointments to keep and don’t have a secretary to keep you on time to be somewhere then this is the program for you, the person or group that put this together did an awesome job and didn’t leave anything out. My advice “Go for it”.

Patrick Rogowski

Best alarm software that I have used so far. Excellent, I am very pleased to use this software, it helped me a lot. I use this on 20+ computers on my company.

Valonis Ramadani

I love how useful Hot Alarm Clock is in general! I’ve never had a program like this before, and so this is a fantastic tool to use. Thanks for working on it!


Many years ago, I bought this software as I was in dire need of a utility to help remind me of important things and it’s been a great companion ever since, not failed me once. Thank you so much for making this and thank you for still maintaining it!


I have told a few people about your alarm clock and they like it also.

Your clock is not just for alarms – learn what else you can do.

Use the countdown timer

No more overcooking – use the countdown timer to measure your cooking times.

  1. Tap Clock > TIMER .
  2. Set the duration of the timer.

Use the stopwatch

Use the stopwatch to see how you improve on the running track.

Tap Clock > timer STOPWATCH .

Set an alarm

You can use your phone as an alarm clock.

  1. Tap Clock > access_alarm ALARM .
  2. To add an alarm, tap add_circle.
  3. To modify an alarm, tap it. To set the alarm to repeat on specific dates, select Repeat and highlight the days of the week.

Set an alarm to Snooze

If you don’t want to get up just yet, when the alarm sounds, swipe the alarm left. To adjust the snooze length, tap Clock > more_vert > Settings > Snooze length and select the desired length.

Switch an alarm off

When the alarm sounds, swipe the alarm right.

Delete an alarm

Tap Clock > access_alarm ALARM . Select the alarm and tap delete Delete .

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Tutorial videos

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to use hotspot on your Nokia phone

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to chat with Nokia mobile support

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to reboot your Nokia phone

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

How to update software for your Nokia phone

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You can set multiple countdown timers with labels to keep track:

In the Clock app, touch for the Timer tab.

Do any of the following:

  • To quickly check time remaining, swipe the status bar down with one finger to see the timer notification. To open the timer, touch the notification.
  • To pause the countdown, touch STOP .
  • To add a label to the timer, touch (especially helpful when using multiple timers).
  • To add a minute to the countdown, touch .
  • To reset the counter to the original time, touch STOP > .
  • To add a timer, touch .
  • To delete a timer, touch .

Record your time and share your results.

In the Clock app, touch for the Stopwatch tab.

Do any of the following:

  • To quickly control the stopwatch, swipe the status bar down with one finger and touch a control. To open the stopwatch, touch the notification.
  • To pause the stopwatch, touch STOP .
  • To record laps (or multiple durations) while the stopwatch is running, touch .
  • To reset the counter to zero, touch STOP > .
  • To share your times with others or send them to yourself, touch STOP > .

You’ve got the device. We’ve got the tools to help. How-to’s, forums, live support and so much more.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

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Android Device Manager

You are leaving Motorola’s website. To use the Android Device Manager, ensure that you are signed into Google with the same Google Account signed in on your device.

How do I use alarms, reminders and more on my Moto 360?

You can set reminders and alarms, take notes, check your schedule, and more, all from your Moto 360.

Check out the examples below to learn about some of the things Android Wear can do for you.

Note : Most of the tips below work if your language is set to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. Some voice actions are not available in all languages and countries.

To set a reminder

You can speak to your watch to set a reminder. You can set reminders to do something at a certain time or location.
Once you set a reminder, you’ll see a card when your reminder goes off.

Speak to set reminder

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Say “Ok Google.”
  3. Say the following:
    “Remind me to call John at 6 PM.”
    “Remind me to empty the litter box when I get home.”

Take or view a note

You can speak to your watch to create a note or view existing notes using Android apps like Google Keep. You can also view and edit lists in Google Keep.

Speak to take or view a note

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Say “Ok Google.” 
  3. Say the following: “Take a note: Try the new restaurant on Main Street.”

Set alarms and timers

You can speak to your watch to set an alarm. You can also set an alarm on your watch through the onscreen menu.

Your watch and phone alarms are separate. When you add an alarm on your watch, it won’t show up on your phone, and the other way around.

When an alarm goes off, your watch will vibrate and display a card.

Turn off: Drag the Awake icon  from left to right.
Snooze: Drag the Snooze icon  to from right to left.

Speak to set alarm

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Say “Ok Google.”
  3. Say the following: “Set an alarm for 6PM.”

Use menu to set alarm

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen.
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Scroll and touch Set an alarm   . Then select your time.

See current alarms

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen. 
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Scroll and touch Show alarms .

You can speak to your watch to set a timer. You can also set a timer on your watch through the onscreen menu.

Once you set a timer, you’ll have a new card with the countdown. On the card, touch the pause button to stop and start the timer.

When you set a timer on your watch, it won’t show up on your phone, and the other way around.

Speak to set timer

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Say “Ok Google.”
  3. Say the following: “Set a timer for 25 minutes.”

Use menu to set timer

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen.
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Scroll and touch Set a timer .
  5. Swipe up and down to see different times. Touch to select the amount of time you’d like.

When your timer goes off, dismiss by swiping from left to right on your screen.

Use the stopwatch

You can speak to your watch to start the stopwatch. You can also start the stopwatch through the onscreen menu.

Once you start the stopwatch, you’ll have a new card. Touch the button to stop and start the stopwatch.

Speak to start stopwatch

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Say “Ok Google.”
  3. Say the following: “Start stopwatch.”

Use menu to start stopwatch

  1. Make sure the watch is awake.
  2. Touch anywhere on the background of the screen.
  3. Touch again anywhere on the screen to see a menu of things you can do.
  4. Scroll and touch Start stopwatch .

Check your schedule

Your upcoming events will show up automatically as a card. You can also speak to your watch or use the onscreen menu to pull up your calendar.

Simple, dependable, nice-looking. I like the built-in alarm sounds, too, which are pleasantly subtle. Thanks to the developer for their fine work.

I thought I’d clarify a couple of things that may not be obvious:

• An “Alarm” is like an alarm clock: You set it to go off at a particular time of day (using the 0-24 hour format), on one or more days of the week. It takes effect as soon as you create it. You can click the slider control next to it to turn it off and on again.

• A “Timer” is a countdown timer: You set it to run for a specific length of time (minimum 1 minute) till it goes off. However, it does NOT start automatically; you must click its “play” (triangle) icon to start it.

Maybe the reviewers who thought the extension had “stopped working” didn’t realize they had to re-start their alarms/timers to run them again. (That said, Alarms _do_ restart automatically if you select “Repeat Weekly” when you create them.)

The extension’s only shortcoming, IMHO, is that the alarm window always appears in the upper left corner, even if you drag it elsewhere before closing it; it’d be nice (and more standard GUI practice) if the extension “remembered” its position. Also, the “vibrating alarm clock” animation seems like overkill—it really necessary, in addition to the window appearing and the sound playing? Maybe it could be an option, for users who like that sort of thing?

Reliable and Easy to use Alarm Clock App with Timers, Stopwatch and more

Screenshots for App

Alarm Clock Millenium: Feature-rich yet easy to use Alarm Clock app with unlimited Timers, precise Stopwatch, practical World Clock and amazing Widgets.

Over 1 Million Downloads worldwide!

Alarm Clock Millenium offers a wide choice of options to wake up at time in the best possible way. It includes progressive alarms for light sleepers as well as extreme challenges for heavy sleepers.

With Alarm Clock Millenium, you can create unlimited alarms, timers, timer & stopwatch widgets and customize them as you want.

In addition to the basic functionalities of an Alarm Clock, you can:
⭐ Play your favorite or random ringtone, music and playlist on alarms.
⭐ Wake up gently with the progressive volume and brightness features.
⭐ Set flexible alarms (one time, recurring, date, timer).
⭐ Set alarms instantly with voice command and Google Assistant.
⭐ Launch your favorite app on alarms (example: radio) in 3 ways: with alarms, after alarms or as alarms.
⭐ Challenge yourself with wakeup-tests to make sure to get up with Math, Captcha, Visual, Shake, Puzzle, and Memory challenges that can be also applied to Snooze.
⭐ Use long press or lock features to avoid accidental click on Snooze and Dismiss.
⭐ Keep an eye on the next alarm and skip it when needed.
⭐ Use Wave Gesture or Flip features to Snooze or Dismiss alarms without effort.
⭐ Backup and Restore alarms and timers to internal/external storage or to Google Drive.
⭐ Customize the parameters of the vibrator.
⭐ Adjust background, text size, color and font of the entire app.
⭐ And more that can be discovered in the included tutorial videos.

The app includes a professional stopwatch and unlimited timers for your daily timing needs :

Stopwatch: You can record laps, share the results or save them on SD card with a simple click or import them with a long click.

Timer: You can add an unlimited number of timers with different parameters for each timer:
⭐ Set alarms or notifications with adjustable settings.
⭐ Run multiple timers simultaneously or sequentially.
⭐ Add extra time while a timer is running.
⭐ Drag to reorder timers even when they are running.
⭐ Set timers to repeat automatically for up to 1000 times or without a limit.
⭐ Control each timer and the stopwatch from notifications and lock screen.

World Clock: World Clock with up to 600 cities in the world to keep track of time in different corners of the globe. Drag to reorder the cities as it suits you.

Night Mode: Bedside clock with adjustable brightness to rest your eyes at night.

This powerful Alarm Clock app allows you to customize almost everything from alarm and timer settings to backgrounds and text color/font/size.

Important Notice: Some battery saving apps or system power managers can prevent alarms from working. Please make sure that it’s not the case.
Known examples:
✔️ Andoid does not allow alarms to work If the phone is turned off. It should be turned on to let alarms work.
✔️ EMUI: Add the app to protected apps.
✔️ Acer AID Kit: Remove the app from Energy Organization blacklist.
✔️ Avoid forcing the app close and exclude it while cleaning the RAM if it forces apps to close. Avoid cleaning app’s data as well.
✔️ In some devices like Xiaomi, the system periodically kills apps. In this case you need to add the app to “Caution” list.
✔️ Sony: Make sure that STAMINA mode allows alarms to work. if not then disable it.

Main permissions :
– “Read Phone State” to mute alarms during a calls.
– “Storage” to read sounds on alarms, backup & restore alarms and timers.
– “Modify Audio Settings” to set the volume of alarms.
– “Disable screen lock” to unlock the phone when alarm goes off.

More information can be found on our website. If you have any question, feedback or issue, please feel free to email us.

BBQTimer Android app

BBQ Timer is a combined interval timer/stopwatch:

  1. Quick access via a lock screen notification (no need to unlock your phone) and a home screen widget.
  2. Periodic alarms to check/turn your food while it also tracks the total time. (A count-up “stopwatch app” won’t alert you and a countdown “timer app” won’t track the total time as you turn the food and check its temperature.) BBQ Timer displays the reminder alarm timer and the total time.
  3. Adjustable reminder alarm period while it’s running.

Of course it can time more things than cooking, like interval exercises.

  • Requires minimal app permissions.
  • No network access. No ads. No data collection.
  • Simple and focused.
  • Free.

BBQ Timer is for phones and tablets running Android 6.0+ (Lollipop) and later.

If it encounters problems on your Android device, email me the details (device model, Android version, screen size, problem symptom, Android “bugreport” file).

  • While BBQ Timer is running or paused, you can operate it from the lock screen or the pull-down notification. To put it on the lock screen when the Timer is stopped, tap the Pause or Play buttons in the app, or the Play button in the home screen widget, or (on Android 7.1+) long-press the app’s home screen icon then tap the “Pause at 00:00” shortcut.
  • Try the home screen widget.
  • Resize the widget to see more or less info: long-press it then drag its resize handles.
  • To remove the widget, long-press and drag it onto “× Remove”.
  • Tap the time display to cycle between stoppedrunningpausedstopped.
  • In the app, tap the checkbox to turn on/off the periodic reminder alarms.
  • Tap the widget’s background or its countdown time to open the app.
  • Enter a periodic alarm interval in any of these formats: 10 [10 minutes], 7:30 [7 minutes, 30 seconds], 3:15:00 [3 hours, 15 minutes]. 12:00 can be shortened to 12:0 or 12: or 12. 0:09 can be shortened to :9. 2:00:00 [2 hours] can be shortened to 2:0:0 or 2:: or 120.
  • The app, widget, and notification display the the countdown interval time as well as the total time (requires Android 7+).

Note: These System Settings are required to hear and see BBQTimer alarms:

  • “Alarm volume” at an audible level.
  • Lock screen – Show all or non-private notifications.
  • BBQTimer “Show notifications”, not Silent. (You may also choose to “Override Do Not Disturb“.)
  • BBQTimer “Alarm” notification category – “Show notifications”, not “Silent”, “Make sound and pop on screen”, sound choice not “None”, Importance “High” or higher to hear and see on the lock screen and in the notification area.
  • Apps – Special app access – Alarms & reminders – Allowed.
  • There’s a small clock skew between the stopwatch time displayed in widgets vs. the notification area. For precise times, open the application’s main screen.
  • At Font Size Largest in Display Size Default, the home screen widget’s text gets clipped at the bottom.
  • The app can’t install in external storage (SD card) because Android deletes external storage app widgets when you use USB to share files with a computer.

Building from Source Code

Use Android Studio (an excellent tool!).

Dedicated to open source software developers.

Open source software used for this project includes: Android, Android Studio, ART, Audacity, Chrome, Dalvik, Gimp, git, git gui, Gradle, Inkscape, MinGW, Proguard, and much more that we use without thinking about, like libpng and zlib.

Don’t get me wrong — commercial software is also great!

Media Asset Sources

BBQ, cooking, interval timer, home screen widget, reminder alarm, stopwatch.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Description of Alarm Timer Pro: Stopwatch, Interval Timer, Clock []

Alarm Timer Pro: Stopwatch, Interval Timer, Clock [] updated on Sunday July 19, 2020 is the Health & Fitness for Android developed by SV Software Solutions

Use Alarm Timer as a kitchen timer, tomato timers, interval timer, online stopwatch, and other daily purposes. You can set the timer for sports, study, yoga, meditation, board games, your daily sunrise morning wake up call, and other activities for better time management. There are various advanced features you can access. You can set the loop or repeat function for 20 minutes, 5 minute timer, 30 minute timer, or any length of time you need. Alarm Timer online also has a very modern and clean interface with interchangeable backgrounds. You can even use your own image for backgrounds.

Everyone needs a reliable time-watching device they can carry anywhere for better time management and for various purposes such as studying, exercising, cooking, sports, and other activities. People now use their Android devices as their primary digital alarm clock, online stopwatch, or timer online. You don’t have to buy separate kitchen timer or tomato timer, you can simply use your phone! All Android devices have these functions, but some people need more functionality and ability to personalize the app interface. That’s why you need to install and use Alarm Timer Pro.


You can set up multiple alarms for various purposes and name each alarm.
Set the Snooze Options: How to snooze alarm, snooze duration, how to dismiss the alarm, etc.
Volume Crescendo: You can also set up an alarm that is gradually or increasingly loud with variable max alarm volume to avoid disturbing other people around you.
Preview Alarm before using.
Turn On/ Off any Alarm.

Custom Preset Timers: Set up to 3 custom preset timers. i.e. 5 minute timer, 20 minute, 30 minute timer.
Loop Timer: Timer will automatically repeat when finished. You can set up the number of times the timer should loop and ring repeat.
Interval Timer: Turn on the Interval Timer mode in the Timer settings. Users can create unlimited Interval Timers. You can quickly switch from one Interval Timer to another.
Select Sound Time and Sound Type.

Use the online stopwatch and share your Lap Times through email.
Use Volume Button to Start/ Pause stopwatch.
Fastest lap in Green and slowest lap in Red.
Max 99 laps and 1000 hours total time.

Change the interface background from many built-in wallpapers.
Select an image from your photo library as background wallpaper.
Screen timeout: keep phone screen on while the app is on the main screen.

You can’t find these advanced features on digital alarm clocks or timer apps, either they are sports, kitchen timer, or tomato timer. Despite all these advanced features, using our app is super easy. To start the clock countdown, simply press the Play button. To stop the clock countdown, press the Pause button. Press the reset button to repeat. The preset function for countdown timer helps to make your life easier because you don’t have to set up the timer every single time. For example, if you need 20 minutes, 5 minute timer, 30 minute timer, just set it up for presets and use them when you need it.

Have better time management. Use Alarm Timer today!

NOTE: To make sure our app runs smoothly, please allow the app these permissions:

VIBRATE: For buttons and timer alarm.
WAKE_LOCK: Prevent device from sleeping.
INTERNET: To email Lap Times.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if the device has internet.
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For selecting and setting a background from the users’ photo library.

If you have any issue or feedback regarding our app, please email us at [email protected] with app version, Android version, and device. We promise we will work hard to make sure our app runs smoothly on all devices.

Whats new of Alarm Timer Pro: Stopwatch, Interval Timer, Clock []

– You can now select phones default ringtones as sounds for countdown timer and alarms.

– Alarm now appears as a different task in recent apps switcher menu.

– Fixed a bug that prevented built-in app sounds to play. (Thanks Mark for the feedback!)

We show you how to create a Windows 10 timer, stopwatch, and world clock via the in-built Alarms & Clock app.

Setting a Windows 10 timer, stopwatch, or alarm isn’t as intuitive as Android or iOS. Rather than a simple widget or top-bar quick, you have to use a separate app called ‘Alarms & Clock’ to manage your time.

This extra separation prevents many from using the functionality, which is actually fairly well-rounded. The Windows 10 timer, alarm and clock app features a full-screen mode for distance viewing, for example, and you can add individual lap times with the Windows 10 Stopwatch. Each brings in elements of Microsoft’s Fluent Design system to look nice while you’re doing it.

The main annoyance, then, is the lack of integration with the taskbar. For some reason, Microsoft doesn’t let you open the Alarms & Clock app or set a Windows 10 timer directly from the taskbar clock. I’m sure it will fix this with time, but you at least don’t need to install any third-party apps to get a stopwatch on screen. We’re going to show you exactly how to do so, as well as a timer and alarm.

How to Set a Windows 10 Stopwatch, Timer, and Alarm

Everything you need that’s time-related can be accessed via the Alarms & Clock app, which is quite intuitive to use.

    Open Alarms & Clock

Press the Windows key and search for “Alarms & Clock”. Click the relevant result. The icon may look different depending on your OS version.

To create an alarm, switch to the alarm clock tab and press the plus button in the bottom-right corner.

In the selection box, choose a time for your alarm. Then, decide what you’d like to name it, how often you want it repeat, and what sound it should make. Press the save button and you’re good to go.

If you’re like me, you often need to convert US time zones for events to European ones, or vice versa. In the ‘Clock’ tab, you can press the plus button and type a city name to add to a map of times and use the app as a world clock.

In the ‘Timer’ tab, you can once again press the plus button to add a new entry. You can add multiple timers in parallel if that use case applies to you. Once you’re done, click the double-arrow button to activate the full-screen mode.

Making a timer window bigger or fullscreen will remove the distractions from any of the others you have saved and provide a large font you can see at a distance.

The Windows 10 stopwatch works very similarly to its timer. You simply press the play button to start it and pause to stop it again.

You can add lap or split times on the stopwatch by pressing the flag button.

Much like the timer, you can view your Windows 10 stopwatch in a bigger window which can be expanded to full-screen mode.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on androidHow to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Precision Timer includes: Stop watch, Timer, Alarm and World Clock.
Easy, simple and clean with the new Android Holo theme and loads of options, you will love this app.
With simple and intuitive interface.
This is the most accurate timer!

STOPWATCH (chronograph):
– Start and Stop from numbers.
– Infinite laps count.
– Runs in Background (without wasting battery, using system events).
– Screen my times with all the saved laps.
– Stay awake functionality (clicking the menu button).
– Keep running (activate run in background by clicking the menu button).
– 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).

TIMER (Countdown timer):
– Add any counter time.
– Selectable sound.
– Reach notifications (you can see the remaining time in the notification bar, also you can pause, resume and stop).
– Sound and vibrates for 5 seconds.
– 1/1000 seconds (milliseconds).
– Infinite saved timers.
– Uses the alarm volume.

ALARM (alarm clock):
– Basic functionality of an Alarm.
– Set Alarm name.
– Set Alarm period.
– Set Alarm snooze time.
– Set Alarm Ringtone.
– Set postpone Alarm by shaking the phone.
– Set snooze time.
– Set Mathematic operations to stop the Alarm.
– Set Alarm volume auto increase.
– Set Alarm vibration (it toggles if you select postpone by shake).
– Set Crazy preferences (the Alarm sounds every minute for 3 times).
– Uses the alarm volume.

WORLD CLOCK (clock):
– By default adds your current timezone.
– Add any town.
– Uses google places API.
– Digital Clock.
– Analog Clock.

– Fullscreen mode.
– Swipe tabs.
– Landscape mode.
– Tablet mode.
– 2 Holo themes.
– Options with menu button.
– Option to store on SD-Card

– Voice recognition.
– Reach notifications on Stopwatch.
– Added DashClock widget
– Add multiple timers and Stopwatch.
– Improve World Clock section.

VIBRATE: For timer and alarm ring.
WAKE_LOCK: Prevent device from sleeping.
INTERNET: To search for world clock and display ads.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if the device has internet.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To set Alarms when device reboot.
If you like this application please think about buying the ad free version, by doing so you will help the development of the apps.(Buy from playstore)

Alarm clock, Timer and stop watch all in one android app!

Alarm Clock:
You can use Alarm clock to wake up in the morning or to setup reminders for your tasks. . It’s highly customizable app, you can easily set, edit, delete alarms with just one touch.
Most of people would like to set different alarm on weekend. Digital Clock offers you this functionality and much more.

If you want to wake up at the same time every day, weekends or just a few days a week, you can also easily select which days in alarm clock.
App also has multiple beautiful themes. You can choose any best theme.

features :
– Alarm on/off with one touch.
– Set custom labels for alarms.
– Alarms sorted in the order they will ring.
– Set alarms repeat every day OR on certain days.
– Choose your favorite ringtone.
– Alarm works even screen is locked or android is in silent mode.
– Specially designed for both landscape and portrait modes
– Settings – get an easy access to all options you need
– Utilizes 12 or 24 time format
– An option to allow and disable the notifications
– Volume control
– Snooze time customization
– Sound volume adjustable
– Vibrate ON/OFF

– Multiple countdown timers with background service (continues when app is closed).
– Up to 99 hours
– Useful for every timing situation (sports, games, work and of course cooking).

– Our simple and reliable Stopwatch can help solve all your timing needs.
– Lap function
– One touch control, easy to use interface
– Stopwatch up to 99 hours

Create a new project for Stopwatch App. Add String resources. Update the Stopwatch layout code. Update the code for activity….Three Buttons:

  1. Start: To start the stopwatch.
  2. Stop: To stop the stopwatch.
  3. Reset: To reset the stopwatch to 00:00:00.

How do I set a timer on Google music at home?

On Google’s support pages, first spotted by Android Police, the company now lists how you can set a sleep timer. In short, just ask as you would expect. Phrases such as “set a sleep timer for 30 minutes” or “Play music/artist/genre/playlist for ” will activate the timer.

How do I turn off sleep mode on Google?

Note: You can turn off a timer or an alarm without saying, “Hey Google.” Just say, “Stop.” This is available on Google Nest and Home speakers and displays in English-speaking countries….Sleep timers.

To do this: Say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” then:
Set a sleep timer “Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes” “Set a sleep timer at 9:30”

Do I have a timer on this phone?

Your Android device’s built-in Clock app can serve as an alarm clock, a kitchen timer, and a stopwatch for timing activities. To access the Clock app, either tap the Clock icon on the Home screen, or open the App Drawer and open the Clock app from there.

How do you set gentle to wake up?

Just say “Hey Google, turn on Gentle Wake Up,” and then 30 minutes before your next morning alarm, the Assistant will start gradually bringing up the smart lights in the current room. You can (again) also say “OK Google, turn on Gentle Wake Up in the kitchen” to enable the feature in a different room.

Can Google wake you up with music?

Your favorite music is a lot more pleasant to wake up to every morning than a blaring alarm. If you have a Google Home speaker, it’s easy to make it play a song or artist that’ll actually get you out of bed. In fact, all you have to do to gets started is shout a voice command at your Google Home speaker.

How do you turn off a house alarm in a power cut?

Most common alarm panel batteries Screw the lid back on your main control box. If the tamper switch is accidentally pressed again, don’t forget you can silence the alarm by entering your code. Once the lid is securely on, switch back on your mains supply.

Where is the alarm on my Android phone?

If it’s not already on your homescreen, you can find it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and going through your App menu. 1. Tap on the “ALARM” tab at the top-left of the Clock app.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

The functions of using the timer and stopwatch in Huawei, as in other phones, come as their own tools of the system. It is another feature of these devices, like automatically turning off and restarting the Huawei cell phone without the power button or also changing the navigation bar on the Huawei Android cell phone.

These are presented as subcategories within the main application that includes all those referring to the watch and the wings.

Although, it is possible that some users are not very familiar with them, since a while ago, certain devices did not include them.

Now, to learn how to use them, it will be enough to have a Huawei cell phone whose operating system is Android and follow the following guide.

Activate the timer

To begin, the smartphone will be turned on and the icon corresponding to the “ Clock ” App will be searched, it can be from the main menu or from the notification bar.

Using this tool is quite common, from setting a Snapchat timer to take photos or even setting a timer to turn off Windows 10.

If the last case is chosen, all you have to do is press on the hour to display the alarms window, which is the main screen of the tool.

Next, you will see a top panel whose options are presented in the form of tabs. Of all these, the last one will be chosen, called ” Timer “.

Then, the view will change to the section we have chosen, and where there will be a kind of clock, but with the digits at zero (00:00:00).

Now, the first thing to do is set the time you want the timer or countdown to last, for which it is set by the mentioned clock.

In general, the way to do it is by sliding up or down the sector corresponding to the hour, a minute or second with the number you want.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

After setting the time to be met, the timer can be started. Below it, there will be a ” Play ” button in the middle where it should be pressed.

Also, in some versions it can be presented as a button with the title ” Start “, ” Activate “, ” Start ” or ” Start “, or some similar oreo.

Finally, when the time is up, it will sound and the screen will be activated as if it were an alarm, where one more minute can be added to the timer or deactivated.

And in this way, the first task of this tutorial will have been fulfilled to learn how to use the timer and stopwatch on Huawei with Android.

Set up

On the other hand, before starting the time, the equipment allows you to adjust the sound by means of which it will be notified that the deadline has been met.

This is done from the same window of the ” Clock ” and in ” Timer “, the time is set, and the ” Settings ” button or gear icon is located.

It will usually be found in the lower right part of the screen and, by pressing on it, we will find the general settings of the entire application.

So you will have to look for the ” Timer ” section and the ” Tone ” option, then choose the desired one from the system or stored music.

To finish, click on the checkmark in the upper right corner to save the changes, and you can start the time.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

The stopwatch

Like the previous tool, this is located within the “ Clock ” app, but this time, in the options tabs, the one labeled “ Chronometer ” will be chosen.

The result will be a window with a clock in the center, but this does not adjust, since its function is to start a regular count and not a countdown.

Then, to put it to work, you simply have to click on the button ” Play “, ” Start “, ” Start ” or the one that the equipment has.

This will start the count. It can be stopped through the button that indicates it, in case it is necessary to pause and then continue.

Whereas, if what you want is to end its use, it will be enough to locate the element destined to reset it to zero, and this can be a circular arrow or a ” Reset ” button.

As you have seen, using the timer and stopwatch on Huawei is very simple, and the best thing is that you do not need an eternal application.

Custom timers, stopwatches, and alarms for many uses.

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  • How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android
  • How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android
  • How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

Timers4Me – Timer & Stopwatch

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A Lot or a Little?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this app.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Timers4Me – Timer & Stopwatch‘s long name describes almost everything this multi-option app can do. This app is especially helpful for kids who have problems with focusing and paying attention. Kids who need help staying on task will benefit from the ability to create customized timers and stopwatches; you can create alarms with your own ringtones as well as use descriptive, pre-made icons or your own photos and images stored on your device to label timers and alarms. Whether you want to time multiple kids on math practice tests at once, set a timer to count down and then count up, log and share past timers, or set your morning alarm with a customized ringtone using your own music, Timers4Me can do that. The $1.99 Plus version has extra options and no ads.

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What’s It About?

Tap one of four main categories on the main screen (Timer, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, and Log), or select from any of your already-created timers or alarms. Choose from many preferences for each. For the timer, tap the “+” tab and select the number of minutes, target time, or custom. Alarm clocks also can be set with custom options such as importing a photo from your mobile device to the alarm for a custom label that will appear when alarm goes off. The stopwatch will record pauses. You can view all activity in the log.

Is It Any Good?

TIMERS4ME – TIMER & STOPWATCH is a full-featured, customizable app for multiple timers, stopwatches, and alarms. Three especially cool features that make this a standout timing-and-alarm app are the abilities to use your own photos as icons for timers and alarms, to run multiple timers at once, and to record pause times on stopwatches. For most parents and kids who use this app, the many options will be a benefit. For younger users, all those options may reduce ease of use; parents likely will need to help them set and use this app. During this review of the free version, the alarms, timers, and stopwatches all worked reliably. The only drawbacks to using the free version are the ads and the ability to see but not use some of the icons that appear on almost every screen. Overall, this is a solid timer and alarm app for parents to use themselves or to use with younger kids and for older kids to use on their own.

Talk to Your Kids About .

This app comes with very little instruction. Help younger kids learn its features by walking them through setting an alarm and using the timers and stopwatches.

If your kid gets too stressed by countdown timers, suggest using the stopwatch instead.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on androidDerek Walter

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If the clock app that came with your phone is terrible, or if you just want to check out Google’s take on time management, then grab the clock app from the Play Store.

How to use the alarm timer and stopwatch on android

The Google clock app functions as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, or of course a world clock.

The app, with version 4.0.1, is the same as what you’ll find in the Android M developer preview. Along with functioning as a stopwatch and alarm to wake you up for the daily grind, you can check the time in hundreds of cities worldwide. It also plays with Google Now’s voice commands. When you say, “OK Google, set an alarm” the app will be at the ready.

The story behind the story: This is the latest in a long line of dominoes to fall. Google puts its apps in the Play Store so it can update them directly. Otherwise you’d have to wait for an Android operating system update – and we all know how long that takes.

Derek Walter is a freelance technology writer based in Northern California. He is the author of Learning MIT App Inventor, a hands-on guide to building your own Android apps.

I’ve just bought Huawei P20 with Android 8 and I’ve noticed one really annoying thing that I just can’t get rid off. The preinstalled Clock application has Timer and Stopwatch mode and they both do annoying ticking noise when running. I don’t get why anyone would actually put their efforts into something like this. Are we in nineteens or what?

So far, I haven’t found any solution how to mute this sound. Does anyone know how to solve this?

hey – I just stumbled over the solution – a case of obscurity by simplicity.
When you hear the annoying ticking sound, the physical volume-slider on the phone controls the volume of the ticking, not the alarm volume
To test, set a timer for 10 seconds, start it, and turn the volume down. If the ticking sound is muted and the alarm sounds after the 10 secs, voilá.

worked on a huawei p10 running emui 9.0.1

When the timer starts, swipe down and tap on the timer so you can see it, then minimise the timer (swipe up gesture or home button). Alternatively, when the timer is running, on the clock screen as before, select any of the other options at the bottom (e.g. Stopwatch). Doing that should silence it but keep it running.

Install a different clock with timer. Open Google Assistant or say ‘OK Google. set a timer’ dont give a duration, just wait. Then when you’re presented a screen to enter a duration, click on the clock in the bubble in order to change the default app to your 3rd party clock.

Want to set an alarm, use a stopwatch, or see what the time is overseas? Windows 10 has an app that can do all of that.

Did you know that Windows 10 comes with its own built-in alarm and world clock? You can access most of its features without an internet connection which is helpful when you don't have a mobile phone to do the job for you. You can even set a daily alarm, timer, or check time in different time zones.

Let's learn how to set the alarm on Windows 10, customize your clock, and other handy features you can do with this tool.

Accessing the Windows 10 Alarm & Clock App

In the search bar of your Windows 10 device, type alarms. An app called Alarms & Clock will appear, so click on it to open it. Like other apps in Windows, you can pin it to the taskbar or Start menu if you want an easier time accessing it in the future. Just right-click the search result and select either Pin to taskbar or Pin to Start to do this.

When the window opens, you'll find four options on the left: Timer, Alarm, World Clock, and Stopwatch. Let's explore each one and how to use them.

Setting the Timer in Windows 10

The Timer feature comes in handy while exercising, playing timed games, or practicing a sport. You set a time to count down from, and Windows will let you know when the time expires.

  1. Click Timer and then click Add new Timer on the bottom right of the page. You can add more timers by repeating this step.
  2. Enter the hours, minutes, settings, and the name of the timer, and click Save.
  3. Click the Play button to start the timer.

To modify these settings or delete the timer, pause and click the timer or use the Edit button in the bottom right.

Setting the Alarm in Windows 10

Having an alarm on a laptop is helpful when you are avoiding distractions on your mobile phone. It works like every other alarm app; set a specific time, and Windows will let you know when that time comes.

To set the alarm on your Windows 10 machine, select Alarm and click Add an alarm on the bottom right.

  1. Enter the time, name for the alarm, and the days you want to repeat it.
  2. Click Save. You can add multiple alarms by repeating this step.
  3. Ensure that your laptop is not in Sleep mode for the alarms to work.

Setting the World Clock in Windows 10

If you work or play on an international level, there are plenty of apps and websites out there that help you better visualize the times around the world. Fortunately, you don't need them if you are using Windows 10.

To configure the world clock, click World Clock and then Add new city at the bottom right.

  1. In the search bar, type and select the city you want to add. This will pin the city on the map.
  2. To compare the time across different cities, click the Compare button in the bottom right. Then, move the scale left or right and select the date and time.
  3. To delete a city, click the Edit button and then click the Delete icon.

Using the Stopwatch in Windows 10

Like a physical stopwatch, you can use Windows 10's version to measure the time taken to complete certain activities. Just hit the play button, then let it run while you're doing whatever you want to measure.

  1. Click Stopwatch and hit the Play button.
  2. Stop the watch by clicking the Pause button.
  3. To split the time or laps, click the Flag button.
  4. Reset the stopwatch by clicking the Reset button.

Modifying the Settings and Notifications

You can change the notification settings for the Alarms & Clock App through the system settings.

  1. Click the Settings button to view all of the available options. The Settings button is located at the bottom-left of the Alarm & Clock app, and has a cog icon.
  2. From here, you can set the display theme based on your preference. For example, you can either set it to light mode, dark mode, or Windows 10's current setting. The changes are visible when you restart the app.
  3. If you want to adjust how the Alarms & Clocks app notifies you, click Change notification settings. In this window, you can also turn off notifications from apps, browsers, or the mailbox.

An Easy Way to Track Time

Having a timer app on your Windows 10 machine is a handy way to keep track of time, especially if you want to display the timer on a big screen. Now you know how to use the Alarm & Clock app on Windows 10, a perfect choice for presentations, video games, or for indoor workouts.

Of course, the alarm app will only be as handy as the accuracy of your system clock. Fortunately, if your clock does seem off, there are ways to fix it automatically.

Bored of the basic timer app on your Android phone? Here are the best timer apps for Android that offer many more features.

The onset of mobile app stores has brought us variety even for mundane everyday tasks we wouldn’t normally think twice about. The ability to set timers is one of them.

You now have the option to choose from a vast gamut of timer apps, whether you need it for an exercise or a study session. Here are the best timer apps for Android.

1. Visual Timer

Visual Timer is a minimalistic app with a clean design that lets you quickly start a timer. It features a large clock interface on the home page which you can interact with to set the duration. Once you release your finger, Visual Timer will automatically kick off the countdown.

The app has a bunch of other tools you might find handy, such as custom presets for sessions you regularly need, concurrent timers, audio options, a night mode, and more.

Download: Visual Timer (Free)

2. Goodtime

If you’re primarily looking to create timers for productivity purposes, try Goodtime. The app is built for time management and allows you to follow the Pomodoro approach of time management. Pomodoro involves you breaking down work into short sessions separated by mini and long breaks. It’s a clever time management technique which has proved successful for many, including me.

Goodtime lets you easily do the same with a simple gesture-based UI. You can move between break and work by swiping left or right, swipe up to add another minute, and swipe down to terminate the session.

The app also has a statistics tab where you can see how well you performed in your previous sessions and label each one with the relevant flag. There is an OLED-friendly dark theme and fullscreen mode as well. In addition, Goodtime is open source and doesn’t show any ads.