How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

You can use reminders in Google Calendar to track tasks. Reminders repeat every day or until you mark them as done.

Reminders are private and cannot be shared with others.

Create a reminder

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. In the bottom right, tap Create Reminder.
  3. Enter your reminder, or choose a suggestion.
  4. Select a date, time, and frequency.
  5. In the top right, tap Save.
  6. The reminder appears in the Google Calendar app. When you mark a reminder as done, it’s crossed out.

Tip: You can also create reminders in Google Keep and the Google app.

Find, edit, or delete reminders

Google Calendar

Reminders you create in Google Calendar appear on the day your reminder is scheduled and in the week or month view.

Reminders in other Google products

Reminders you create in Keep and the Google app also show in Google Calendar.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. Tap the reminder you want to edit Edit .
  3. Update any event details.
  4. At the top-right corner, tap Save.

To remove a reminder from your calendar, you can either mark it as done or delete it.

Mark a reminder as done

When you mark a reminder as done, it appears crossed out on your calendar. You can mark a reminder as done in two ways:

  • In your Calendar, swipe right to mark the reminder as done.
  • Open the reminder to find details and tap Mark as done.

Delete a reminder

You can delete a reminder to remove it from your calendar.

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. Tap the reminder you want to delete.
  3. At the top right, tap More DeleteOK or Delete.

Hide all reminders

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. At the top left, tap Menu .
  3. Uncheck “Reminders.”

Troubleshoot problems

  • You may have deleted the reminder.
  • You may have snoozed the reminder until you reached a certain location. Once you get there, you can find the reminder in the all-day section.
  • The Reminders calendar may be hidden. To show the calendar, under “My calendars,” tap Reminders.

You only get notifications for reminders when they’re set for a specific time.

Chris Stobing
How to use the reminders feature in google calendarChris Stobing

Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. His work has appeared in PCMag and Digital Trends, and he’s served as Managing Editor of Gadget Review. Read more.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

We all love our calendars. They help us stay organized, plan for important upcoming events, and coordinate with friends and family on the best time to meet up for that next barbecue in the park. But did you know that Google’s Calendar now features a new, unique Reminder system that you can use to be sure that nothing slips through the cracks unnoticed?

Added to both the iOS and Android Google Calendar apps this month, the Reminders feature is an easy and quick way to be sure you don’t forget the bread at the grocery store and always remember to give your dad a call the next time Father’s Day rolls around. Check out our guide to learn how you can get the most out of this innovative and exciting addition to the Google lineup of apps.

Setting Up a Reminder

In this example we’ll be showing off the Reminders feature in iOS, however all the instructions also carry over to the Android platform on a nearly 1:1 basis.

To start, you’ll need to already have the Google Calendar app installed on your phone. Unfortunately for the time being the Reminders feature is only available in the mobile app, and if you want to set a Reminder from your desktop PC or Mac, it will have to be set on the app first, at which point you can view it on the desktop app, although it will only appear as a small red bar in between your other regular calendar entries.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

To create a reminder, start by entering into the Google Calendar app. Once here, you’ll see a small red “+” icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Tap this, and you’ll see a small set of text pop up, one asking if you want to create a new calendar app, and the other asking if you want to create a new Reminder.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Choose the “Reminder” option, and you’ll be taken to the following screen:

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

From here, you’ll see a number of suggestions for different reminders that you can either quickly tap to set up, or start typing in your own.

Like any other Google product, the company has attempted to make things easier with an auto-complete function, which will attempt to guess the reminder you’re trying to set up before it’s fully typed in (i.e – Set up a reservation “for dinner on Saturday”). From this page is also where you’ll be able to edit how often the reminder is repeated, whether it’s once every hour, day, week, or month.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Once you type in the Reminder you want to run, simply select a time, and you’re done! Now when the clock strikes, your phone will send a notification reminding you about whatever it was you had set up in the first place.

Managing Your Reminders

If you want to edit a Reminder that’s already been set up, you can do so by zooming out to your full calendar, and tapping on the Reminder you want to change. Once here, tap the small icon with a pencil in the top left corner, at which point you’ll be taken to the same screen you used to originally create the Reminder, and you can alter the details accordingly.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

You can also turn Reminders on or off if you’d prefer them not to show up in your Calendar, in case the feature becomes too intrusive or annoying during your daily activities.

Humans are flawed, and we all forget sometimes. Even the greatest minds of each generation still needed to write things down every once in awhile or tie a string around their finger, but thanks to advancements like Reminders in Google Calendar, now every anniversary dinner and grocery list can be quickly and easily tied to a notification that will ping you the moment you need to know about it and not a minute later.

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How to use the reminders feature in google calendar Chris Stobing
Chris Stobing is a writer and blogger from the heart of Silicon Valley. His work has appeared in PCMag and Digital Trends, and he’s served as Managing Editor of Gadget Review.
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How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

The Reminder feature in Google Calendar is a quick and easy way to make sure you don’t forget time sensitive tasks. You can set reminders from within Google Calendar in the web browser, or via the Google Calendar app for iOS or Android. You can also create repeating reminders, which are great for those tasks that you do at the same time every week. If you put a time on your reminder (as opposed to setting it as an ‘All day’ reminder), you will get a pop-up notification about the reminder.

Creating a reminder in Google Calendar on the web

1. Before you can create a reminder, you first need to ensure that the Reminders calendar is visible (ticked).

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

2. Click once on the timeslot where you want to create the reminder.

3. Choose the Reminder option from the top of the pop-up box.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

4. Enter the title of the reminder.

5. Modify the date and time if required, and choose a repeat option if required.

6. Click Save.

Creating a reminder from the mobile app

Note: These instructions are for the Google Calendar Android app, so the steps may differ slightly for the iOS app.

1. Tap the + button in the bottom right corner of the app.

2. Choose Reminder.

3. Enter a title for the reminder.

4. Choose which Google account to add the reminder to (if you have more than synced to your device).

5. Choose the date for the reminder. If you want the reminder at a specific time, toggle off the ‘All day’ option and choose a time.

6. Set a repeat, if required.

7. Tap Save.

Want reminders with more details? Use Google Keep instead!

If you want to add more details to your reminders (such as notes related to the task), you can use Google Keep to create your reminders. Here’s how to do it using Google Keep in the web browser:

1. Create a new Google Keep note and enter the information you want on the note.

2. Click the Remind me button at the bottom of the note.

3. Choose from one of the pre-defined times, or click Select date and time to enter your own. Alternatively, click Select place if you want the reminder to appear when you reach a specific location.

Tip: You can configure the pre-defined times in Google Keep’s settings.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

4. Click Close to save the note.

5. The reminder will be shown in Google Calendar with a link to the Google Keep note. You can also view the note in Google Keep.

Marking reminders as ‘Done’

When you have actioned the task associated with your reminder, you can mark it as ‘done’ in Google Calendar.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

It will then be shown at the top of the calendar in strikethrough.

This is very satisfying for those of you who like crossing things off a to-do list!

If you want to learn more about Google Keep, check out Donna’s post on how to extract text from images using Google Keep, or Adrian’s comparison of Google Keep and Apple Notes.

The reminders feature in Google Calendar can set one-time and recurring reminders for different durations. The reminder feature is now linked with several new Google services that make it even more accessible and useful. Here are all the ways you can set and access Google Calendar reminders.

6 Best Ways to Set Reminders in Google Calendar

Starting with the OG method of creating reminders in Google.

1. Google Calendar Web App

The web app allows you to check all your reminders in calendar view. Also, it supports every function of reminders like creating reminders, marking them as done, deleting reminders, creating recurring reminders, and more.

1. To set reminders using the Google Calendar web app, click on the Create button in the top left corner of the app.

2. In the drop-down, select the Event option.

3. This will open a pop-up in the Calendar. Select the Reminder tab under the Title.

4. Here you can give a name to your reminder, set the time and date, etc. You also have the option to make it a recurring reminder if you want.

5. Once done, click on Save.

This will create the reminder and you will be notified on desktop, mobile, Google Home devices, etc at the time of the reminder. To delete the created reminder, just click on the reminder and then click on the Delete icon in the pop-up to delete the reminder.

2. Google Calendar Mobile App

Another way of accessing reminders is by using the Google Calendar mobile app. This isn’t much different from the web app. It supports all the features that you would ever need with reminders.

1. To set reminders on the Google Calendar app, tap on the Plus + floating action button at the bottom right corner.

2. In the menu options that popped up, select the Reminder option.

3. Give a name, set the date and time, make it a recurring reminder or all-day reminder, etc. from here.

4. Once done, tap on the Save button at the top right corner.

As Google Calendar will sync data between all your devices, you can access these reminders on all the platforms. To delete, tap on the reminder that you have created. On the next page, tap on the three-dot menu and select the Delete option to delete the created reminder.

3. Google Assistant

Creating a reminder with Google Assistant is a lot different when compared to creating with the app or the website. You can use the Google Assitant on any device from Android, iOS, Google Home devices, Chromebooks, Android TV, Wear OS, and Chromecast devices to create reminders.

To create a reminder with the help of Google Assistant, just open Google Assitant with the shortcut/button or by saying “Hey Google“. Then say “Create a reminder” to start creating the reminder. Now continue the steps by giving the reminder a name and adding a date and time to it.

You can complete the entire process in a single command like “Remind me to take medicines every day at 6 pm” or “Remind me to turn off the oven in 10 minutes” etc.

Creating reminders using Google Assistant comes with advantages such as you can create reminders based on location. You can say something like “Remind me to buy sugar at the grocery store” and you will be reminded when you are in the grocery store or passing by it.

To access all your reminders, just say “Show me my reminders“. From here, you can select any reminder and click on the delete icon at the top to delete the reminders.

4. Google Snapshot Page

Google Snapshot is a service where you can track all your Calendar entries such as reminders, tasks, events, movie tickets, shopping lists, reservations, public holidays, birthday reminders, bill reminders, and other reminders based on email. But you can access the Google Snapshot only on your Android phone.

1. To access the Google Snapshot page, open Google Assistant and tap on the menu option at the bottom right. Here select the Snapshot icon at the bottom left to open the Snapshot page.

2. In the Snapshot page, tap on the Plus + floating action button at the bottom right and then select the Reminder option.

3. This will open the Google Assistant page to create reminders. Here you can add the name, time, and date, make it a recurring reminder, etc. You can also set the reminder based on location if you need it.

This reminder will be synced with your Google calendar reminders, which means you can access them from all the places Google Calendar is available. You will get notified with the help of the Google Calendar app.

5. Dedicated Google Reminders Site

Google Tasks and Reminders don’t have a standalone website. Unlike Google Tasks, Reminders doesn’t even have an app.

But thanks to Google Assistant, we now have a web page where you can access all your Google Calendar reminders. But, you cannot create a new reminder from here, although you can edit, delete or mark existing reminders as complete from here.

Just click on the checkbox beside the reminder to mark it as complete. You can also tap on the reminder to delete or edit it.

Wrapping Up: Managing Reminders in Calendar

Also, there are other methods like the Checker Plus Chrome extension that can create events directly from any web page. Though it creates events, it provides the option to add reminders for the events. They do not sync with your Google Calendar reminders but will mimic the same behavior on the browser. On the other hand, you can sync Google Calendar with Outlook Calendar if you are using that in your office. Alternatively, you can also sync Calendar with a task manager like Todoist.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Calendar apps are designed to simplify the act of organizing your life, and Google Calendar is no exception.

Google Calendar can help you stay organized both at home and on the go through reminders. Reminders are different from events in that they take up very little visual space on your calendar, and don’t last for an extended amount of time.

Read on to learn how to set reminders on Google Calendar using either a computer and a mobile device (both Android and iOS).

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How to add reminders to Google Calendar using a computer

1. Open Google Calendar on your desktop or laptop computer.

2. Look at the bottom-left corner of your screen, underneath “My Calendars.” The “Reminders” field should have a check mark next to it.

3. Move your cursor over to the date and time for which you’d like to set a reminder; for example, Thursday at 2pm. Click on this spot. (You can also create a reminder by clicking the “+ Create” button in the top left corner of the screen; you’d just have to manually set the date and time instead.)

4. In the pop-up box, click on “Reminder” and type in a title for your reminder. Then, adjust the time and date as needed, and choose how frequently you want to be reminded.

5. When you’re finished adjusting the details of your reminder, click the blue “Save” button.

How to add reminders to Google Calendar using a mobile device

1. Open the Google Calendar app on your mobile device.

2. Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner (resembling three horizontal lines) to open the sidebar.

3. Make sure that the “Reminders” field has a check mark next to it. Tap outside of the sidebar when you’re done checking.

4. Tap the “+” button, then tap the icon next to “Reminder.”

5. Type in a title for the reminder. Then, set the time and date, and choose how frequently you want to be reminded.

6. When you’re finished adjusting the details of your reminder, tap “Save.”

The Calendar API provides support for reminders and notifications.

  • Reminders are alarms triggered at a specified time before an event starts.
  • Notifications allow users to find out about changes to events in their calendar.

The last item should be not confused with push notifications which, instead of being delivered to a user, notify another server of changes to a calendar.


A reminder consists of:

  • When to show the reminder, expressed as minutes before the event start time
  • The delivery method to use (see Delivery mechanisms)

Reminders can be specified for whole calendars and for individual events. Users can set default reminders for each of their calendars; these defaults apply to all events within that calendar. However, users can also override these defaults for individual events, replacing them with a different set of reminders.

Default reminders

Reminders are private information, specific to an authenticated user; they are not shared across multiple users. As a result:

  • Default reminders are manipulated through the CalendarList collection, which contains user-specific calendar metadata
  • They are not accessible via the Calendars collection, which contains global metadata shared across all users.

Default reminders are also returned when doing an Events list query.

Overriding default reminders

To override the default reminders when you insert or modify an event, set reminders.useDefault to false and populate reminders.overrides with the new reminder set.

To revert back to the default set of reminders, perform an update setting reminders.useDefault back to true .


Calendar supports the following notification types:

  • Event creation: a new event has been added to one of the user's calendars.
  • Event change: an event the user is invited to has been modified by the organizer.
  • Event cancellation: an event the user was invited to has been cancelled.
  • Attendee response: an attendee to an event created by the user has changed their response status.
  • Agenda: a list of all the events in the user’s calendar, sent at the start of the day.

The user can decide what notifications to enable per calendar and the delivery method for each notification type. These settings are not shared with other users. Similar to default reminders, they’re accessible through the CalendarList collection.

To send email notifications to attendees for events that were inserted or updated via the API, set the sendNotifications parameter in the insert/update request to true.

Delivery mechanisms

The delivery methods offered by Google Calendar are:

  • Pop-up. These are supported on mobile platforms and on web clients.
  • Email sent by the server.

The following table shows the supported methods for each reminder or notification type:

Pop-up Email
Reminders Default reminders
Override reminders
Notifications Event creation
Event change
Event cancellation
Attendee response

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

It is important to note that you can't expect to use the Reminder functionality at any point on a past date.

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Calendar applications are meant to simplify the task of organising events in your life, and Google Calendar happens to be the go-to app for millions. It helps to stay well managed and coordinated at home as well as work via reminders. Just like a to-do list, reminders can be placed on your calendar.

Reminders take up very little space on your calendar, and last for a limited amount of time. Add a Reminder to your Google Calendar and it will stick around until you mark it as done. You can use this time-management and scheduling feature on your desktop as well as mobile device. Read below to know how:

Add Reminders Using A Computer:

Step 1: Open Google Calendar on your desktop or laptop computer.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

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How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

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Step 2: At the bottom-left corner of your screen, look for “My Calendars” and see if the “Reminders” box next to it has been checked.

Step 3: Move the cursor over to the date and time to set a reminder as per your need. For example – Friday at 10 am. Next, click confirm.

Alternatively, you can tap the “+ Create” button at the top left corner of your screen to create a reminder. This method requires you to manually enter the date and time.

Step 4: Click on “Reminder” in the pop-box and name your reminder with a suitable title. Adjust the time and date and select the frequency of its notification.

Step 5: Tap on the blue “Save” button once you have set all the details of your reminder as needed.

Add Reminders Using A Mobile Device

Step 1: Open the Google Calendar app on your phone.

Step 2: At the top-left corner of your screen, look for the option represented by three horizontal lines. You will open the sidebar on this menu icon by clicking on it.

Step 3: Look for the checked “Reminders” field next to it. Once checked, click outside of the sidebar.

Step 4: Click on the “+” button and then on the icon next to the tab “Reminder.”

Step 5: Enter a title or name for the reminder. Adjust the time and date, and decide how frequently you wish to be reminded.

Step 6: After making all the adjustments, click on the “Save” button.

Add Reminders Using Google Assistant or Google Keep

If you are someone who prefers voice control, you may be glad to know you can add reminders according to your preference. Using Google Assistant, say “Remind me to” followed by the information about the reminder you want to set.

You will be asked by your Assistant when you want to be reminded. Enter requirements and the Reminder will reflect in Google Calendar. Mark it as Done. On mobile, click the appointment reminder in your calendar and then tap Mark as done.

P.S: The reminders added show up on Google Calendar. This feature enables you to track them and also make additions. Completed reminders will reflect crossed out at the top with the day it was completed on. This enables you to review your accomplishments.

It is important to note that you can’t expect to use the Reminder functionality at any point on a past date.

Reminders do not reflect in third-party calendar apps, if you sync Google Calendar with, say, the macOS Calendar app.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Google Calendar reminders aren't like other appointments. They're sticky. Add a regular appointment for today at noon, and that event can pass, meaning you'll forget about it. Add a Reminder, and it will stick around on your calendar until you mark it as done.

Think of reminders as a to do list that lives on your calendar. Here's how you can start using this feature.

First, a few notes. You can't add reminders about any point in the past, as that would defeat the purpose. Reminders also do not show up in third-party calendar applications, so don't expect to use this functionality if you sync Google Calendar with, for example, the macOS Calendar app.

Add Reminders to Google Calendar Using the Mobile App

Adding a reminder on the Google Calendar mobile app starts the same way as adding any appointment: by tapping the plus sign at bottom right. Next, instead of tapping Event, tap Reminder.

Type what you want to do, and set a date for the Reminder. You can also set a time or set the Reminder to be recurring. Tap Save when you're done.

Add Reminders to Google Calendar Using the Web App

Adding reminders with the web version of Google Calendar is similar. Start by tapping the + Create button.

A window for the event will pop up. Tap the Reminder button, then add a description and time.

Click Save when you're done.

Your Reminder will now show up on your calendar, alongside your other appointments.

Add Reminders to Google Calendar Using Google Assistant or Google Keep

Prefer using your voice? You can add reminders using Google Assistant. Just say "Remind me to. " followed by what you'd like to be reminded about.

Your Assistant will follow up by asking you when you’d like to be reminded. After that, your Reminder will show up in Google Calendar.

You can also add reminders from Google Keep. Just head to the Reminders section, then add a note.

Any reminders you add here will show up in Google Calendar. This is nice because you can add more detail to your reminders, then keep track of them using Google Calendar.

Mark Reminders as Done

Did you complete the task you wanted a Reminder about? Mark it as done. On the web app this means clicking the reminder in your calendar.

Next, tap Mark as done.

On mobile you'll need to tap the appointment and then tap Mark as done.

Completed reminders will show up, crossed out, at the top of the day you completed them on. This allows you to review what you accomplished on given days.

Want to learn more Google Calendar tricks like this? Check out our Google Calendar profile, where you can learn about integrating Google Calendar with 1,000+ apps.

Google Calendar is an efficient way to stay on top of a busy schedule filled with appointments. Google Reminders, which is part of the Calendar app, offers a way to ensure you don’t forget the little things either. Reminders can be set for a specific date and time or for any time during the day, and the feature has plenty of autofill options to make it as easy as possible.

Reminders carry forward until you cancel them or mark them as done. When you create a reminder, Google uses what it knows to predict your reminders and keep entry quick. If you set a reminder to call your sister for her birthday, for example, Google pulls the phone number associated with her name.

Instructions in this article apply to the Google Calendar mobile apps for Android and iOS, and to Google Calendar on the web.

How to Set a Google Reminder on the Mobile App

If you want to remember to pick up eggs from the store on your way home from work, add a reminder for today. If you don't mark a reminder as complete on the day you originally scheduled it, the reminder recurs the next day.

Here's how to set up reminders:

Open the Google Calendar app on your phone.

Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Reminder.

Enter a descriptive name for the reminder.

To set a reminder that lasts for an entire day, turn on the All-day toggle switch and choose a date for the reminder.

To select a specific time for the reminder, turn off the All-day toggle switch, select a day from the calendar, then select a time using the scroll wheels.

To repeat a reminder, tap Does not repeat and select one of the options or customize your own repeat schedule.

Tap Save.

How to Edit a Google Reminder

To change a reminder:

Open the Google Calendar app.

Tap the reminder in your calendar to select it.

Tap the pencil to edit the reminder.

Change the name, date, time, or repeat of the reminder.

Tap Save.

How to Cancel A Google Reminder

Canceling or editing a reminder is done inside the Google Calendar app. When you complete the task covered in the reminder, open the reminder, tap Mark as Done, and it stops notifying you.

To delete a reminder:

Open the Google Calendar app.

Tap the reminder in your calendar.

Tap the More icon (it's the three dot menu).

Tap Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm the deletion.

Add and Edit Reminders in Google Calendar on the Web

The reminders you add or change on your mobile device sync with your Google Calendar on the web and vice versa, as long as Reminders is checked in the left panel of the Calendar interface.

To add a Reminder to the web interface of Calendar:

Open Google Calendar in a web browser.

Click any time slot on the calendar.

Select Reminder.

Enter the name, date, time (or select All day) and choose any repeats.

Select Save.

To delete or change a reminder, click it once and select either the trash can to delete it or the pencil to edit it. The pencil opens the same screen you use to enter a reminder. Make your changes and select Save.

Google Reminders, especially when used with Google Assistant, can be more than helpful. Google integrates them in Google Calendar but provides notifications with the Google app. So you should definitely see reminders when previewing calendars. However, some users report that in Google Calendar, reminders are not showing. Check the steps we provided below to fix this.

Table of contents:

Why can’t I see reminders in Google Calendar?

If you can’t see reminders in Google Calendar, check the Reminders box in the Calendar pane. Also, on the web, turn off the Offline calendar feature.

If you see reminders but don’t get notifications, make sure to check notification settings and reset the Google app.

1. Check the Reminders box in Calendar Settings

The most simple solution is often the best. In this case, we’ll need to check if the Reminders box is checked under your Account in Calendar Settings. If you uncheck boxes of certain entries, they won’t be shown on your calendar.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

So, open Google Calendar, tap on the hamburger (3 vertical lines) menu, and make sure that the Reminders box is checked. The same goes for Tasks and it applies to Google Calendar on the web, as well.

2. Check Notification settings

If you can see Reminders in your Google Calendar but don’t get notifications, make sure to check notification settings. At least, that’s what you can do on your side.

Here’s how to enable Google Calendar notifications on Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Open Google Calendar.
  4. Tap Notifications.
  5. Make sure to enableall notifications.

And this is how to enable Google Calendar notifications on the web:

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar on the web, here.
  2. Click on the Cog icon and open Settings.
  3. Select Notification settings from the left pane.
  4. You can choose between desktop notifications and alerts.
  5. If you see that your browser blocks notifications, click on the padlock icon that proceeds Address bar and toggle Notifications ON.

Google Assistant Reminders are poorly integrated into Google Calendar when it comes to notifications and the Google app provides reminder notifications.

Therefore, if you like to get reminders notifications from Google Calendar, make sure to create them within the app or in the Calendar for Web. You won’t get notifications for Assistant-made reminders in Calendar by default. At least based on my tests.

3. Turn off the Offline calendar on the web

Google Calendar for the web won’t present Reminders and Tasks if you use the Offline mode. You can enable or disable this mode in Settings.

Here’s how to turn off the Offline calendar feature in Google Calendar for Web:

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar for Web, here.
  2. Click on the cog icon and open Settings.
  3. Select Offline from the left pane.
  4. Uncheck the Turn on offline calendar box.

4. Clear data from the Google app

Finally, if Google Calendar reminders are not showing, make sure to reset the Google app and try again. Many users had issues with Reminders and, upon clearing data and updating the Google app, all reminders reappeared.

Here’s how to clear data from the Google app on your Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Select the Google app.
  4. Tap Storage.
  5. Open Manage storage.
  6. Clear all data and restart your device.How to use the reminders feature in google calendar
  7. Update the Google app from Play Store.

If these steps didn’t help, don’t forget to report the problem to Google through the app or on their dedicated support forum, here.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to tell us about alternative solutions in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Finally, a reminder service built specifically for Google Calendar

If you or your business uses Google Calendar™ to track appointments, then you can benefit immediately by using Apptoto to automatically send appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups to your clients.

Our Google Calendar integration is our most supported and used integration. It was the first one we built because we discovered the majority of small businesses choose Google calendar today because it’s reliable and ubiquitous. It’s available on all of your devices and through all of your apps. Apptoto’s Google Calendar integration requires zero plug-ins and installs. Syncing is server to server and happens automatically every hour (and when you visit the Apptoto website). Once you get Apptoto set up, you can continue using Google Calendar through whatever means you prefer and Apptoto will work in the background sending appointment reminders, confirmations, and follow-ups.

Contact information extraction

Apptoto automatically extracts contact information from your appointments. It looks for names, phone numbers, and email addresses. You can optionally save the contact information to your address book for later use.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Online booking

Apptoto optionally allows your clients to book appointments with you. Appointments are added directly to your Google Calendar with all the information needed.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

In-calendar integration

You can control which appointments are reminded using Apptoto’s In-Event Commands feature. Optionally, you can also install the Apptoto “Gadget” in Google Calendar which allows you to access the Apptoto features directly from inside of Google Calendar’s website.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Google apps for work

If you’re a Google Apps admin, you can install the Apptoto app directly into your domain thereby allowing all of your users to start using Apptoto easily and securely. Group subscriptions are available.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Apptoto integrates with multiple calendars.

This chart shows which features are supported by each integration.

  • Event Import
  • Address Book Import
  • Automatic Sync
  • Full 2-way Sync
  • Sync Range
  • Sync Frequency
  • In-App Integration
  • In-Event Commands
  • In-Calendar Notifications
  • Shared Calendar Support
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Online Booking
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Automatic Sync ✔
  • Full 2-way Sync ✔
  • Sync Range Last 30 days, next 90 days
  • Sync Frequency Hourly
  • In-App Integration ✔
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • In-Calendar Notifications ✔
  • Shared Calendar Support ✔
  • Recurring Appointments ✔
  • Online Booking ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • Outlook Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Automatic Sync ✔
  • Sync Range Last 7 days, next 30 days
  • Sync Frequency Hourly
  • In-App Integration ✔
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • In-Calendar Notifications ✔
  • Shared Calendar Support ✔
  • Recurring Appointments ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • Office 365 Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Automatic Sync ✔
  • Full 2-way Sync ✔
  • Sync Range Last 30 days, next 90 days
  • Sync Frequency Hourly
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • In-Calendar Notifications ✔
  • Recurring Appointments ✔
  • Online Booking ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Automatic Sync ✔
  • Full 2-way Sync ✔
  • Sync Range Last 30 days, next 90 days
  • Sync Frequency Hourly
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • In-Calendar Notifications ✔
  • Recurring Appointments ✔
  • Online Booking ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • CSV/XML Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Sync Range Up to you
  • Sync Frequency Up to you
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available
  • iCloud Integration
  • Event Import ✔
  • Address Book Import ✔
  • Automatic Sync ✔
  • Full 2-way Sync ✔
  • Sync Range Last 30 days, next 90 days
  • Sync Frequency Hourly
  • In-Event Commands ✔
  • In-Calendar Notifications ✔
  • Shared Calendar Support ✔
  • HIPAA Compliance Available


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  • Messaging
  • Campaigns
  • Payments


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How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

You missed an important online meeting. Was it because you did not create a Google Calendar Reminder?

It’s more likely because you did not enable one or more Event Notifications.

Let’s look at the difference between Reminders and Event Notifications.

Google Calendar Reminders

A Reminder is the simplest of the five Google business calendar item types.

The fields within a Reminder are limited to title, date, time, a dropdown for repetition intervals and a checkbox for “All day.”

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Note: Google Calendar for consumers has two item types—Events and Reminders.

Google Calendar for business also includes Out of Office, Task and Appointment Slots.

Reminders display on your calendar—but that’s it. A reminder cannot pop up a browser notification, nor can it send an email reminder.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

When you mark a Reminder “Done”, it moves to the top of your calendar and the text is stricken.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Google Calendar Event Notifications

A Google Calendar Event is a richer Calendar item than a Reminder. In business, Events are commonly used for:

  • Face to face meetings
  • Online meetings
  • Webinars
  • Blocking out time for working on tasks
  • Airline travel

Event Notifications let you know that the start time for an Event is approaching. The two types of desktop Event Notifications are browser notifications and emails.

For new Google Workspace users, by default, a Chrome Event Notification will slide into the top right of your browser along with a sound 10 minutes before the event.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

How to Change Event Notifications

There are two ways you can modify the notification or notifications for an Event.

1. Change the default notification(s) for all new Events

In your calendar, click the gear icon and then select Settings.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Select your calendar, click Event Notifications and then add a Notification.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

You can set your calendar for no default notification, but that’s not recommended.

2. Add or remove Event Notifications on the fly, within individual events

Within an Event, click on Add Notification to add one or more additional notifications. In this example, an email notification for 15 minutes before the event was added (Google Calendar used to support SMS notifications, but no more).

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Note that Google Workspace users have an integrated online meeting option—Google Meet.

As you can see, for business purposes, Event Notifications are a lot more useful than Google Calendar Reminders.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Calendar is created to maintain schedule in our lives and there’s no better option than Google Calendar. Google Calendar can help you organize your day-to-day work at home or office. In addition, a calendar app can keep you up with the busy schedules, deadlines or weekly/monthly reporting. Google Calendar’s Reminder feature is built to ensure you don’t miss any important meeting or a task in case you don’t remember it. You can set up Google Calendar with specific dates and times with necessary information to remind you.

Once the reminder is set, it will inform you on that specific day and time unless you cancel it or mark it complete. Google Calendar also provides an option to quickly autofill the necessary fields to make it faster to set up a reminder. For example, if you want to set up a reminder for “a meeting with X company”, it will automatically fill in any information that Calendar has already received before about that company like the company phone, address etc.

There are three ways to set up and add reminder in Google Calendar. i.e., via a computer, the mobile app or Boxysuite (for mac users).

Table of Contents

How to Add Reminder in Google Calendar using Mobile App?

You can use the Google Calendar app on mobile to add reminders. Here’s how you can add reminder in Google Calendar using a mobile device.

1. Open Google Calendar app on your mobile device.

2. Tap on the Plus (+) sign at the bottom.

3. Click on Reminder.

4. Enter Meeting Name

5. Set Date and Time. The All-Day switch will remind you of the reminder throughout the day. Switch it off to set the reminder for a specific date and time.

6. To set a repetitive reminder, uncheck Does Not Repeat and select a repeat sequence every day or every week as you like it too. You can also insert your custom repeat sequence with the custom recurrence button.

7. Tap Save

How to Edit, Cancel or Mark a Reminder from the Calendar app?

To edit or cancel a reminder from the calendar app:

1. Go to Google Calendar app.

2. Tap the reminder you just created.

3. Tap on the Pencil icon to edit the reminder. You can change name, time, date or repeat of the reminder. Tap on three dots from the top right corner to delete the reminder.

4. From the bottom right corner, tap the mark as done to stop the reminder.

How to Add Reminder in Google Calendar using a Computer?

To add reminder in Google Calendar using computer:

1. Open Google Calendar in the browser with

2. Click on create.

3. Click on Reminder and enter the reminder name.

4. Select date and time for the reminder.

5. Select Repeat Day and Time and click save

6. Select any reminder to delete or edit from the calendar. You can also skip any day like Saturday and Sunday.

Create Reminders on Google Calendar Using Boxysuite

Boxysuite is native Gmail app for mac that offers various Google products including Gmail, Calendar, Keep Notes and Google Contacts all at one place to boost your productivity. With Boxysuite, you can now increase your efficiency with instant account switching, email tracking, calendar and note keeping, easy contact access and various other features.

To add reminder in Google calendar using Boxysuite:

1. Open Boxysuite app.

2. Click on Google Calendar feature.

3. In Google Calendar, click on create

4. Click on Reminder and enter the reminder name.

5. Select reminder date, time and repeat sequence.

6. Click on Save.

We hope you were able to add reminder in Google calendar. Follow Boxysuite for more productivity tips!

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

How to use the reminders feature in google calendarHave your Tasks or Reminders gone missing from your Google Calendar? It may be due to one of your extensions.

Firstly, if you aren’t already using Reminders in Google Now and Google Calendar – you are missing out. If you are an Android user, you can speak reminders into your device and they get added effortlessly. You will then receive notifications on the go or at your desk.

But if you already use reminders successfully on your smartphone and they don’t appear on your PC, then we need to fix this…

The Tasks or Reminders calendar doesn’t show under My Calendars (in Google Calendar, using Chrome). Also you can’t add new reminders using Chrome. However, if you open you Calendar in other browsers, they appear correctly/


This may be due to an extension which blocks tracking sites . Check in your list of extensions whether disabling the extension solves the problem. Alternatively use a different browser.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendarResolution

This is the fix for the Disconnect extension. Browse to your calendar. If Tasks/Reminders isn’t showing under My Calendars, then click the Disconnect extension (one of the icons near your search bar).

A popup set of options is displayed. Click “Whitelist site” to… whitelist the site, which means that the tracking is no longer interrupted for this particular site. Refresh the calendar page and you will see Reminders/Tasks is back.

By the way, what is Disconnect, you say?

When your browse the internet, publishers may track information about your visit for statistical purposes and for boosting their advertising strategies. If you generally don’t like being a statistic, extensions like Disconnect will block such features on pages you visit and also inform you of the amount of tracking you are subject to unknowingly. Very interesting in itself…

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

It’s 11:50 a.m. and your phone pings: “Team meeting in 10 minutes.” But then, 12 p.m. rolls around and you’ve forgotten all about the helpful alert. You look up and it’s 12:03 p.m., so you scramble to open the video conference link and attempt to slip quietly into the virtual meeting. Late.

Luckily, there’s a couple of quick fixes for Google Calendar users. You can change the notification time or add a second notification that’s closer to the start of the meeting. So instead of a notification 10 minutes before, you could set the alert to go off two minutes before. Usually the default alert is 30, 15, or 10 minutes before an event, but you can change it to any time you want.

To modify your notification settings for specific events, click on each event on your calendar and edit the “event details,” then go to the bell icon to change the notification info. That’ll only change notifications for that one event. For a big interview or important call it’ll give a 30-minute warning on top of a 10-minute, and then 2-minute alert.

But if you want to change your default heads-up time for all meetings and events you can go into the settings. Here’s how to set it to two minutes (or seven or five minutes, or any amount of time you need) on a desktop browser:

Click on the gear icon on the top of and click “Settings” from the pulldown.

On the left side find “Settings for my calendars” and click on the calendar you want to modify.

Once you’re in that calendar’s settings, find “event notifications.”

From there you can change the timing of the notifications or add a second, third, or even fourth reminder.

I personally need the 10-minute warning to gather any notes or set up my screen for a video call. That usually gives me enough time for a bathroom break and a quick water bottle refill. That’s where a second notification comes in handy. Before I can lose track of my prep time, another notification lets me know I should start the video so that when noon rolls around I’m already logged on.

If an event is an all-day affair I’m notified the night before at 11:30 p.m. But that’s just me: You can choose how many days or weeks before the event you want a notification. Go to the “all-day event notifications” settings just below “Event notifications.”

Notifications aren’t only available minutes before a meeting. You can put up an alert two days ahead, or even a week before. For flights I always set a notification 24 hours (or a day) before take-off, which is the earliest you can check into a flight online. For an event that I need to do food shopping or other preparation for, I’ll set an extra reminder a week before.

For those lucky few who don’t need any reminding, you can always remove all notifications — or send the reminder to your email inbox.

Our calendars should help us make the most of our time — scheduling meetings at work, remembering brunch with friends, and keeping track of all our other commitments. But often our to-do list is elsewhere, separate from the Calendar that organizes our day, and we end up overcommitted or miss something important because we forgot to check our list.

Now there’s a single way to manage your day: starting this week, you can create Reminders in Google Calendar to keep track of your to-dos alongside your scheduled events.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Reminders stick around

You might already create calendar entries to remind you to call the doctor or pick up groceries on the way home. But while those entries come and go, Reminders stick with you over time so you can track them until they are actually done. If a Reminder isn’t completed, it will appear at the top of your Calendar the next day. And the next. When you do finally call the doctor or pick up those necessities, just swipe the Reminder away . and you’re onto the next to-do.

Reminders help with the details

Another way Reminders are more useful than events is that Calendar adds things like phone numbers and addresses automatically. So if you add a Reminder to make a call or run an errand, the number or address will be right there when you need it. Just like Inbox by Gmail, Calendar uses information from your contacts, as well as Google’s knowledge graph to provide this extra bit of help.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Reminders work across Google

You can also create Reminders from Inbox, Keep, and Google Now. This means you can create a Reminder when you’re checking your email and it will show up on your calendar right away. Plans change? Just move the Reminder to a better time. Or if your hands are full, you can record your Reminders in Google Now一like, “Ok Google, remind me to buy birthday candles”一then mark it as done later in Calendar.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Reminders will be rolling out this week with the latest versions of Calendar on Google Play and the App Store. And don’t worry, we’re working on bringing Reminders to the web as well.

Компания Readdle была основана в Украине, и для многих наших сотрудников эта страна стала родным домом. Прямо сейчас российские вооруженные силы бомбят и атакуют Украину на суше, в воздухе и на воде.

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От автоматического обновления статуса
в Slack до получения сиюминутных
напоминаний: пользуйтесь своим
календарем, не выходя из Slack.

Build a bridge between Google Calendar and Slack. Respond to invites, get a heads up before meetings start, and automatically set your status to show when you’re busy.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Show teammates when you’re busy

Tired of getting pinged when you are in a meeting?
Automatically update your status in Slack so your
teammates know why you might be slow to respond.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

See your schedule

Get a daily rundown of your schedule
delivered each morning or a night in
advance. Or quickly reference today or
tomorrow’s schedule from anywhere with
/gcal today or /gcal tomorrow.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

RSVP ASAP and get reminders

Keep your calendar up to date with a tap or click. Review invite details, see conflicting meetings, and give a “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” in Slack. And when a meeting is about to start, practice your punctuality with a friendly reminder before a meeting begins.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Виртуальные и реальные собрания

If you’re calling in, join meetings with a tap or click (currently supported by Google Hangouts and Zoom). Or get to where you’re going with the time and location listed in Slack.

Google Calendar

Шаг 1

Google Calendar by clicking the
Add to Slack button

Шаг 2

Подключите свой аккаунт и выберите календарь с помощью
кнопки Подключить аккаунт.

Шаг 3.

Voila! Your calendar awaits.
Use the /gcal slash command
to see your schedule or customize your notification preferences.

If you answered yes to any of those questions or are just looking for an easy way to see all of you bills and when they’re due then I’ve got an easy and free solution for you!

Use Google Calendar.

I have been using Gmail for years now but only began to use the calendar feature about 8 months ago. Since then my life has gotten a lot easier. In this article I will walk you through getting started with a Google Calendar and getting it set up to remind you when your bills are due.

If you already have a Gmail account then go ahead and skip to step 2. If not, lets go ahead and set one up:

Step 2: Navigate to the “Calendar” section of your Google Account- there should be a link in the top left corner of the screen when viewing your mailbox.

Step 3: Start creating events!

Our goal is create an event for every reoccurring bill you have to pay. There is a feature in Google Calendar where you can repeat an event daily, monthly, bimonthly etc. We will use this feature so that we only have to create 1 event for every monthly bill you have and then we can repeat that event so that you are reminded every month.

Changing Calendar Views- Before we go into depth on creating a bill pay event you may want to change your calendar to view from weekly (be default) to monthly. This can be done in the top right corner of the calendar screen- Just to the right of “print” and “refresh” (see the screenshot above).

Creating Your First Event:

To create an event in Google Calendar simply click inside the calendar on the day and time that you would like the event to occur. For a bill, you should add the event on the day that it is actually due.

When you do this a pop-up box will display where information can be entered. Although you could create a quick event using this we want to add some more information regarding the event so go ahead and click “Edit Event Details”.

Step 4: Add event details.

As you can see by my notations, there are 3 important parts to creating a bill pay event: Name, Date/Repeat and Reminders.

Name: Give it a meaningful name. For example, if it is for an electric bill you could name it “electric bill”. Simple huh?

Date/Repeat: Change the date and time to accurately reflect when the bill is due.

Important: Check the “Repeat…” checkbox and fill in the box that pops up. Most likely, if you are creating this event for a bill you will select “Repeats: Monthly” and “Repeats every: 1 month”. You may have to adjust this if your bills are biweekly or bimonthly.

When you are finished click “Done”.

Reminders: Back in the event details screen you will see the third important section “Reminders”. You can see that by default Google Calendar will remind you with a pop-up 10 minutes before your bill is due. Obviously that isn’t going to help us very much. Go ahead and click on the blue x to the right of the reminder to delete it.

To create useful reminders go ahead and click on the “Add a reminder” link. You can specify almost any time frame that you would like. Make sure that your reminders are set for “email” and not “pop up”. I get my reminders 7 days before the bills are due but if you are new to the system you might want to set multiple reminders until you get used to using it. See my screenshot below for a recommendation for new users.

Step 5: Save and Update

Now that the event is created and all of the necessary information is filled in, go ahead and click “Save”. If you wanted to enter details you could have also done that.

The only part left for us to do now is mark our bill events when we have paid them. Unfortunately Google Calendar doesn’t have a specific function to mark paid bills but I have found a workaround that works well.

Once you have paid a bill navigate to your google calendar and click on the bill pay event to edit the details. Add “(PAID)” to the end of the event name. For example, if you bill pay event was originally named “electric bill”, you should change it so that it’s new name is “electric bill (PAID)”.

When you go to save the changes it will ask you if you want to make changes to “all events in the series” or “only this instance”.

Select “only this instance”.

When you return to your google calendar you will see that the specific bill pay event that we just edited has a new title telling you that you have paid the bill. All the other bill pay events still have the old title- letting you know which bills you have paid and which ones you haven’t.

Usage: I find the easiest way to use this system is to also create an event for “payday”. Then, every time it is a payday you can look at your calendar and see which bills will be due before your next payday. Pay those bills now (you aren’t going to receive additional income between now and then) and then next payday you can look again and pay the bills that are due.

I hope this helps makes some of your lives easier. If you run into any problems let me know in the comments and I’ll respond asap to help you out. Happy Bill Paying!!

Note: If you want your email reminders sent to an email address that is different than the one you just created with google then let me know by comment and I can walk you through the email forwarding process.

Sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of G Suite Business and get Free Admin support from Google Certified Deployment Specialists. No Credit Card Required.

How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

Back in 2019, Google announced that it would be integrating Google Assistant with the Google Workspace productivity environment. This service would allow users to remind themselves to do essential tasks with the help of an automated assistant in Google Calendar and other essential tools. However, at the beginning of August, users on Google Workspace (G-Suite) started to notice that Google Assistant had suddenly stopped working.

Instead, users are being presented with the message “Sorry; reminders are currently not available for G-suite users”. Currently, Google states that this loss functionality is intentional. The company has announced that it is no longer supporting the option for Google Workspace (G-Suite) to use the Assistant for reminders, as they’re working on improving the experience. Hopefully, this will mean that Google Workspace (G-Suite) users will see more advanced features coming in the future to help them enhance their productivity and keeping track of their schedule.

In the meantime, Google Workspace (G-Suite) users have a few workarounds that they can try. For instance, you could use Google search to remind you to do something by typing or saying, “Remind me to [do something] at [time/date].”. This should process the request and add it to your reminders – for as long as reminders continue to work on the Google web interface. You can also consider reverting the Google app to an older version so you can continue to use the native reminder UI. However, this could be a dangerous strategy for privacy and security reasons. Older versions of software don’t always work as securely as their updates. There’s also the option to add a reminder to your schedule from Google Calendar.

New Features for Google Productivity

Although one of the features that companies might have wanted for productivity purposes has bit the dust (at least for now), Google is hoping to distract customers with other functionalities instead. For instance, Google has continued to implement advanced new machine-learning powered features into the Google Workspace (G-Suite) space over the last month or so. In Google Drive, you can forget all about the loss of the Google Assistant reminder feature, by exploring your “Priority” home page instead.

The Priority homepage on Google Drive surfaces your most relevant documents and personalized workspaces. This could help to remind you of what you need to work on by keeping your most relevant documents and tools close-to-hand. The Priority homepage feature has already had beta and enterprise launches the past year, but now it’s going to be available for all Google Workspace (G-Suite) editions.

When you’re logging in from the web, your “Priority” page will appear first in your navigation list, on top of your shared drives and files. However, you need to manually set the page as your default home page if you want to visit it first when you go to your Google G-Suite app. At the top of this section, you’ll see a scrolling selection of items that you’ve recently received comments on, as well as documents that have been edited, shared, or updated.

Each item in your priority list shows up as a card with notes of what you need to do with those documents and a preview. Access to inline buttons means that you can quickly access sharing preferences or click through to the entire threat. The whole experience is far more immersive and speedier than the traditional Google Workspace (G-Suite) solution.

Introducing Google Workspaces

Workspaces are the other significant update to the Google Workspace (G-Suite) environment that may make you feel a little better about your lost reminders. Now that Google Drive can automatically group files together that you often open in tandem, the Google Workspace (G-Suite) can give you a more comprehensive workspace for your projects. Google uses machine learning to intelligently list all of the documents related to the files that you already have open. You can also right-click on files to add them to your workspace or create your unique groupings.

Last 2019, Google introduced this machine-learning feature in Beta form, adding it to Google Workspace (G-Suite) Business, Basic, and Enterprise additions. Now, Google is rolling this feature out to the other Google Workspace (G-Suite) editions, including Enterprise for Education, Education, and NonProfits. The full rollout will be on as default for all accounts.

Will these workplace and priority updates replace Assistant reminders? Possibly not, but they might be enough to show you that Google still has your productivity in mind as they work on whatever they’re doing with the reminder feature.

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How to use the reminders feature in google calendar

In the modern world, where everyone is always busy, minding their own business and positively investing in themselves. But most time we forget the important aspect of life, which is surrounding yourself with loved ones be it close friends or family members and relatives. Due to this enormous effort and stress everyone is putting in, there is at least an 80% chance that you would remember the special days of your loved ones. In fact, when one is focused on achieving something for split seconds you would notice you are in a way disconnected from the world and everything going on in it. Which is why Google calendar helps fix this crisis.

We shall go through the features and also how to successfully set a reminder on google calendar.

What Is Google Calendar?

Google calendar is an application that allows users to set a reminder, which in return helps them remember the special day of their loved ones. It and also helps them to never miss this great day of wishing their best friends or families a happy birthday.

What Are The Features Of Google Calendar?

1. It allows you to view your calendar in different formats like day, week and month.

2. It allows you to upload events from your Gmail account, this events may be restaurants reservation, hotels booking, or even gym booking.

3. It allows you to upload related events to your video conference.

4. Adding all your schedules in one place is now possible, due to the iCloud and Google Drive integration.

5.Google calendar comes with a workout Apple health feature, which enables you to keep track of your fitness goals.

How Can I Add A Birthday Reminder On Google Calendar?

Below are the steps to take when you plan on adding a birthday reminder on google calendar through your contacts:

Go to your contact app and select a contact, which you wish to add a birthday reminder.

Now tap on edit contact and select more fields which is located at the bottom.

Scroll down till you see a field spot for Birthday.

Tap the date field to select the birthday date, then hit save.

Now navigate to your Google Calendar App and open it.

As soon as Google calendar syncs, you will find the contacts which you added to the list of birthdays you want don’t want to miss.

If the Google calendar is taking time to sync, then you can choose to do this the manual way by just tapping the three dots located at the upper right corner and then tap Refresh.

How To Set Birthday Reminder On Repeat?

A question you might want to ask is, What if my mobile device was not with me during the time the reminder alarm sounded, won’t i still miss my friend’s birthday?

The answer is NO, google Calendar allows users to set their reminder on repeat, so that if they were to miss the first reminder alarm, they will probably not miss the second or third alarm reminder.

To set your reminder on repeat, please follow the steps listed below:

Enter your Google calendar app, now look at the bottom right corner of your mobile device screen, you will see a plus icon, Tap It.

Four options will pop up, which are: Goal, Reminder, Event, and Task, now select Reminder option.

Now in the text field, which states “Remind me to…”, and change it to your friend’s birthday, for mine I will just go for “ABC’s birthday”. Then select a date from the calendar.

Now select every year.

Finally, click the Save button, which is located at the top-right corner.

Another method you could do this is through the help of your android device Google Assistance. All you have to do is say, “Okay, Google, remind me about ABC’s birthday on [Date]”. This is similar to the previous method. So then after saying those words to the Google assistance, select Do not repeat and change to Every year.

Note: you can set it to repeat every day, week, month or year.

We hope you have successfully set up all your friends and relatives contacts in your google calendar, so ensure you never miss that special day in their life. Any problems you encounter, let us know in the comment section

In this video, you will create a new event and add notifications to it.

You will also add a few general reminders to your calendar.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to get a reminder that you have an event like a dentist appointment coming up.

You can set up any event with notifications by email or on your computer or phone to help you remember.

To begin, go back to your calendar and create a new event.

Click More Options to add notifications.

In Google Calendar, you can customize how far in advance you would like a notification to appear.

For example, if you have an important event you need to remember and prepare for, like a test or a job interview, you might want to be reminded a week in advance.

For a work meeting or other appointment, you may only need a reminder of a few minutes.

You can also add more notifications if you wish.

Notifications can also be emailed to you instead of popping up on your screen.

Save your changes.

You can enable calendar notifications on your phone by changing the settings in your Google Calendar app.

Not everything you put on your calendar needs to be a big event.

Sometimes, you might just want to schedule time to do something, like pick up your child at school, or drop off the recycling.

You might also just want to remind yourself that you have a job interview coming up, or an appointment to view an apartment.

Once you have at least two reminders in mind, go back to your Calendar and click Create Add a title and click Reminder Then, change the date.

If your reminder is for a certain time of day, add a specific time.

If it can be done anytime on that day, click All Day.

Finally, save your reminder.

Now, practice adding at least one more reminder.

In the next video, you’ll learn how to make events and reminders repeat if you need them too.