How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

The Desktop is the most important part of the navigation structure of Windows 7 for many users, so it would make sense to place a link on the Desktop that opens your favorite Web browser. Fortunately Windows 7 allows you to put shortcuts for almost any type of file or program on your Desktop.

Our guide below will show you how to add a Desktop shortcut for the Google Chrome Web browser, which will allow you to double-click that shortcut and start a Web browsing session.

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Put a Chrome Shortcut on Your Desktop

The steps in this article are going to show you how to place a shortcut for the Google Chrome Web browser on your Windows 7 Desktop. you can then double-click that shortcut to launch the Chrome browser.

This guide will assume that you have already downloaded and installed the Chrome browser. If not, then you can go here to download it.

  1. Click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

  1. Click inside the search field at the bottom of the Start menu, then type chrome into the field. DO NOT press Enter on your keyboard, as that will launch Chrome.

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

  1. Right-click the Google Chrome result under Programs, click the Send To option, then click Desktop (create shortcut).

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

You should now have an icon on your Desktop for the Google Chrome browser that looks something like the image below.

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

It is possible to hide all of your Desktop icons in Windows 7, which can be a little troubling if you use that as a primary way to navigate your computer. Learn how to restore hidden desktop icons in Windows 7 if all of your icons have mysteriously disappeared.

Did you know that you can modify the pages that Chrome opens when you first launch the browser? You can even set up Chrome to open with multiple tabs. Learn more about setting Home pages in the Google Chrome browser.

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

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You can work with Chrome OS and TeamViewer from anywhere. Free for private use.

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

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  • Remote Access
  • Security

Remote Access from Chrome OS

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

Chromebooks weigh very little but are capable of a lot, making them perfect for people who are on the go. While many applications now run on Chrome OS, there are still certain programs that require other operating systems, such as Windows, to be used. With TeamViewer, you can run these programs on your laptop by using remote desktop for Google Chrome OS to connect to a Windows device.

If TeamViewer is installed on both your Chromebook and the remote device you want to access, you can establish a connection between them with just a few clicks. You are then able to easily access, open and edit files and documents, as well as run computer programs, remotely. Being able use remote desktop for Chrome not only has the advantage of giving you access to programs that are not installed on your Chromebook, but ensures you can work from any location.

Remote Control with Chrome OS: Simple and Secure

How to use virtual desktops on chrome os

You can always enjoy peace of mind while working as there is no need to worry about the security of your data; TeamViewer uses the highest security standards. All data connections are end-to-end encrypted using RSA public/private key exchange and 256-bit AES session encryption. When you use remote access with Chrome OS, you will need to enter a TeamViewer ID and a dynamic password. Two-factor authentication and custom security settings provide even more layers of protection.

There are additional settings which protect your privacy. For example, you can use the “Show Black Screen” function to set the computer you are remotely accessing to display a black screen. This way no one can see what is happening on it. This is highly recommended for when you need to enter confidential data or work on sensitive documents while there are other people working in the office where the computer is located.

When using TeamViewer, it does not matter which device you want to use as the remote desktop for Chrome OS. It can be a Windows or Linux computer or even a MacBook. You can even control Android devices remotely because TeamViewer supports cross-platform use.