How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

You can easily play your favorite Steam games with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. You can play other PC games with it, too, but it requires a bit of work. Here's how to do it.

How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is one of the priciest “baseline” controllers in the current console generation, but it’s also sturdy, feels good to play with, has an excellent directional pad, and features impressive motion sensors and vibration tech. On top of that, the gamepad uses Bluetooth, so you don’t need an adapter to connect it with your PC.

The Pro Controller appears to Windows as a DirectInput controller rather than an XInput controller like the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One gamepads, so it can be a bit of a chore to get it working with your PC games. Fortunately, Valve added full Switch Pro Controller support to Steam, so that probably covers a good chunk of your game library. Non-Steam games require additional steps that we’ll walk you through.

Of course, you can’t use your Switch Pro Controller with your PC until you first connect it to your PC. You have two options: wired and wireless. Wired is simplest, but wireless is, well, wireless. And it requires a bit of work.

Connect Your Switch Pro Controller to PC With a Wired Connection

Plug your Pro Controller cable (or any USB-A-to-USB-C data cable, or USB-C-to-USB-C data cable if your PC has a USB-C port) into the controller.

Plug the other end of the cable into your PC.

That’s it! The controller will be detected by Windows 10 as “Pro Controller.” You can move on to Steam setup steps below.

Connect Your Switch Pro Controller to PC With a Wireless Connection

You need a Bluetooth adapter or onboard Bluetooth for this, but it’s also easy.

With the Pro Controller charged, press and hold the Sync button on the top of the gamepad for a few seconds until the indicator lights start flashing.

Open the system tray and right-click the Bluetooth icon.

Click “Add Bluetooth Device.”

Click “Add Bluetooth or other device.”

Click “Bluetooth” (because Windows 10 needs to be reassured that you want to use Bluetooth).

The Pro Controller should show up on the list of available devices (if it doesn’t, make sure the indicator lights are still flashing back and forth). Click it, and pair the controller.

Now you can move on to Steam setup.

Steam Setup

To make sure everything works as it should between the Pro Controller and your PC game, you should use Steam’s Big Picture mode, the couch-friendly lean-back menu system that works well with a gamepad.

If Steam doesn’t open automatically into Big Picture when you connect the Pro Controller, open Steam and enter the Settings menu.

Click General Controller Settings, which opens a full-screen, Big Picture window.

Click “Switch Pro Configuration Support.”

If the Pro Controller is connected, the mouse cursor should disappear and you should be able to navigate Big Picture with the gamepad. You can toggle “Use Nintendo Button Layout” depending on whether you prefer the A/B/X/Y buttons to be mapped as they are on the Pro Controller (clockwise X, A, B, Y from the top), or as they’re mapped on an Xbox controller (clockwise Y, B, A, X from the top).

When set up through Steam, the Pro Controller should work like an Xbox gamepad with any Steam game. You can toggle vibration on and off by clicking the controller under “Detected Controllers” in the same setup screen as before. If the analog sticks seem off, you can manually calibrate them by clicking Calibrate. You can also set how long the controller stays connected before disconnecting, so that it goes to sleep.

Using Big Picture ensures that Steam’s controller support and over-the-game remapping and configuration options appear as they should, which won’t likely be the case if you open a game from the desktop. This happened when we played No Man’s Sky; the controller worked with the game through Big Picture, but the mapping was strange when launched through the desktop.

With the game running through Big Picture mode, you should enter the Pro Controller’s controller options to bring up Steam’s Switch Pro Controller overlay. It lets you check the controller mappings for different situations and fix them when needed. You can manually map each input on the Pro Controller to any keystroke or gamepad input, but the default configuration should work for most games. This is helpful if any controls seem slightly off with the default settings; running in No Man’s Sky by clicking the right stick was finicky without manual corrections.

Hardware Alternative: 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter

Steam’s Pro Controller support is welcome, but you’re out of luck if you want to play non-Steam games with the controller because of how Windows detects it. You can fix this in one of two ways: using a hardware Bluetooth adapter specifically designed for multiple gamepad types, or using a software-based, XInput wrapper.

The 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter is a $20 Bluetooth adapter that lets you easily connect the Switch Pro Controller, Switch Joy-Cons, or even the Wii U Pro Controller to your PC. The adapter handles all of the XInput details, so connecting the Switch Pro Controller to it with the physical sync button instead of through your PC’s Bluetooth menu makes it work like a PC-friendly Xbox gamepad.

Software Alternative: DirectInput-to-XInput Wrapper

This is the most powerful and most complicated option. Instead of relying on Steam or a USB adapter to do the job, you use a software wrapper to translate the Pro Controller’s inputs into a format that Windows 10 can better work with.

X360ce is an open-source program that lets you control how Windows sees your non-XInput controller. It’s a robust wrapper that emulates an Xbox 360 gamepad by mapping nearly any other input to the gamepad’s inputs. The project is currently defunct; x360ce was last updated in 2015.

Software wrappers should get the job done if you’re willing to install and tinker with them a bit until the Switch Pro Controller works the way you want it to. It may take more than a bit of work; third-party driver wrappers are extremely finicky.

How to Connect Other Controllers

For more, see our guide on how to choose the right controller for your PC. If you have a PS4 or Xbox controller that you want to connect to PC, we have instructions for those gamepads, too.

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How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

The official gamepad is undoubtedly one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers, but you can also connect your Pro Controller to PC for the best of both worlds as well. Sure, there are some incredible controllers for PC out there, but the best gamepad is, ultimately, the one you have. If you don’t want to stuff your shelves full of pricey thumbsticks, doubling up is a solid option.

Not only is it convenient but the excellent battery life and comfortable design of the Pro Controller make it an excellent addition to your PC gaming setup. There are two tried and tested methods for connecting your Switch Pro Controller to your PC or laptop; through a cable and via Bluetooth.

So, if you have your USB-C cable to hand (or a Bluetooth dongle if your PC doesn’t offer wireless connections by itself) you’re already good to go. We’re showing you exactly how to connect a Switch Pro Controller to PC right here, and running through everything you need to get going in Steam and beyond.

How to connect Switch Pro controller to PC

The easiest way to connect a Switch Pro Controller to PC is through the USB-C cable. Simply plug your controller into a spare USB port on your computer and Windows will automatically recognize the device and do its thing.

However, if you want to get fancy with it, you can also connect via Bluetooth. There are a few more steps to this process and, as mentioned above, you’ll need a receiver if your PC doesn’t natively support Bluetooth connections (though the best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops will do), but overall it’s as simple as pairing anything to your system.

1. Start by heading into the Settings menu, and selecting Devices from the window that appears.

2. Ensure your PC’s Bluetooth is switched on and select ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’

3. Select Bluetooth from the menu that appears

4. Hold the pairing button on your Switch Pro Controller until the lights at the bottom of the controller flash.

5. Your PC will now scan for nearby Bluetooth connections, listing the Pro Controller in the items that it picks up. Select this from the list and your controller will pair with your PC.

Using a Switch Pro Controller with Steam

It’s best if you use Steam in Big Picture mode when using your Switch Pro Controller on PC, as you’ll have access to a range of controls and menus that can come in handy when troubleshooting a tricky Bluetooth connection.

From here you can turn on the option to use a Nintendo button layout to avoid Xbox-style prompts, remap buttons and keys to personalize your gamepad, and enable or disable the rumble functionality.

How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

Nintendo did not design the Switch Pro controller with PC gamers in mind, but that won’t stop us from using it. The controller has an excellent battery life, very accurate analog sticks, and large buttons more substantial than those on the Switch joy cons. Especially if you’ve been using an Xbox 360 controller for a while and are ready to upgrade, it’s an excellent choice for your next PC controller.

Utilizing the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for most of your PC games is a breeze thanks to Steam’s controller configurator, which officially supports this controller. Plug-and-play is the most accurate description. To play games, not on Steam, you need to use this guide.

This article will tell you how to enable your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to work with Steam or Windows, either through a Bluetooth connection or a wired connection. The first thing you’ll need is a Nintendo Switch Pro controller (obviously) and a USB-C cable.

How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

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Wired Connection for Switch Pro Controllers

Windows describe it as a DirectInput controller instead of an XInput controller, so getting it to work with PC games can prove tedious. However, thanks to Value-adding full Switch controller support to Steam, you will probably be able to play most of your favorite games.

Step1: Connect the Pro Controller cable (or any USB-A-to-USB-C cable) to your PC. If your computer has a USB-C port, connect the USB-C-to-USB-C data cable instead.

Step2: Connect the other end of the cable to your PC.

How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

There you have it! Windows 10 will recognize your controller as a “Pro Controller.” You can now proceed with installing Steam.

Wirelessly connect your Switch Pro controller to your PC

It’s also easy, but you need to buy an adapter or have Bluetooth on your computer.

    • Once you have charged the Pro Controller, you can press and hold the Sync button on the top of the controller for a few seconds until the indicator lights begin to flash.
      • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray.

      How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

        • To add a Bluetooth device, click “Add Bluetooth Device.”

        How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          • Click on “Bluetooth” (since Windows 10 needs to be convinced that you want to use Bluetooth).
          • Ensure that the Pro Controller appears on the list of available devices (if it does not, ensure that the indicator lights are flashing back and forth). Pair the controller by clicking it.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          • Once Steam is set up, you can begin using it.

          How To Setup Steam To Use Your Switch Pro Controller On Pc

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          The Best Way to make sure your Pro Controller works properly with your PC game is to use Steam’s Big Picture mode, which uses a comfortable lean-back system to allow you to navigate.

          1. You will be required to open Steam and enter the settings menu if Big Picture doesn’t open automatically when you connect the Pro Controller.
          2. Open the Big Picture window by clicking General Controller Settings.
          3. The “Support Configuration” button will appear.

          You should use the gamepad to navigate Big Picture if you have the Pro Controller connected. It is possible to switch between using the Nintendo Button Layout (clockwise X, A, B, Y from the top) or the Xbox controller button layout (clockwise Y, B, A, X).

          When configured through Steam, you should use the Pro Controller with any Steam game similar to an Xbox gamepad. Vibration can be enabled or disabled by selecting a controller from the “Detected Controllers” list in the same setup screen as before. It is possible to calibrate the analog sticks by clicking the Calibrate button manually. Also, the controller can be set to disconnect after a specified amount of time before going to sleep.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Enter the Switch Pro Controller overlay from Steam’s controller options while running in Big Picture mode. There are several ways to map the inputs on the Pro Controller, but default configurations are usually sufficient for most games. By changing the controller mapping based on the situation, you can fix any problems on the fly.

          What To Do With Non-Steam Games?

          Using the methods discussed above, you can easily use a switch pro controller with your pc, but it only works with steam games. But what if you want to play a non-steam game using a switch pro controller? What will you do now? The switch pro controller hardware support will run out of luck in this scenario.

          The main problem here now is how windows will detect your switch pro controller now if you want to play non-steam games. Luckily there are two simple solutions for this problem.

          Solution1: The first solution is to use an external Bluetooth adapter that is specifically designed for different types of gamepads. You will find plenty of them out there for switch pro controllers.

          Solution2: The second method is to use a software-based XInput Wrapper. There is plenty of software out there that provides this functionality. Just configure your switch pro controller with them, and you can easily use it on non-steam games.

          Final Verdict

          This is how you can use your switch pro controller with your PC. Now you can easily enjoy your favorite games on one of the finest controllers available in the market today. All you need to do is, follow some simple steps mentioned in this article, and you are good to go. You can connect it both with wire and wirelessly. It is comparatively easy to connect it through the wire, and the performance of the controller is also slightly better when it is connected through a wire.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steamNintendo Switch Pro Controller

          PC gaming is better served connecting an external controller to your PC setup to give you a better range of hands-on functionality. You can either buy controllers that are specifically designed to be hooked up to your PC and used for PC gaming or you can recycle some of your available console controllers to serve the same purpose. If you have got a Nintendo Switch Pro and are looking to configure its controller with your PC for gaming, this guide will walk you through all the essential steps to going about this.

          There are two gaming scenarios that you may need to configure your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC for. The first is to play games through the Steam Engine. The second is to play non-Steam PC games with their own independent clients. For each of the two scenarios, the steps for configuration are slightly different. You can connect the controller through the wire or wirelessly via Bluetooth. All you will need to get started are your PC that you want to configure with, your Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and a USB C cable to process the pairing.

          Configuring For Steam

          1. Launch your Steam Engine on your PC device.
          2. Head over into its settings and into the controller settings available here.
          3. Select the checkbox beside “Switch Pro Configuration Support” to enable support for your Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
          4. In this same menu, you can also change your button layout to accommodate how you like to use your controller. For specific games in Steam, this can be done later on by right-clicking the game titles on the main screen and editing their Steam Controller Configurations individually. You can virtually map every single one of your controller buttons to the functionality you would like and customize it according to each game. You can even adjust the lighting on your controller and whether or not to incorporate the gyro technology. Note that it is advised to stick to the standard settings first (other than obvious control mapping changes) and test the controller out in-game before proceeding with controller optimizations in its configuration settings.
          5. Your Nintendo Switch Pro controller should be detected and showing at the bottom of the menu screen.

          Now that you’ve set your controller up with your Steam Engine, all you will have to do before playing any game is plug it in to your PC. The system will automatically detect your controller and your control mapping and latency profiles will be saved for each game as you’ve made them, ready for use.

          Configuring For Individual PC Games

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steamUsing The X360 Controller Emulator Application For Customizing Controller Button Configurations

          Wired Connection

          To configure your Nintendo Switch Pro controller for games that do not run on the Steam Engine or run on independent clients, you will have to configure the controller generally with Windows. Steam makes it much easier to configure your controller. The procedure for configuring it with Windows is slightly more challenging but doable, nonetheless. If you want to take a wireless over Bluetooth configuration route, you can opt for the easier way which will cost you USD $20. For this you will need two additional pieces of equipment, namely: a Bluetooth dongle and an 8Bitdo wireless Bluetooth adapter (the costing element).

          If you would like to go through the regular Windows installation without these two pieces of equipment and free of cost, follow the instructions below:

          1. Use the USB C cable to connect your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC device.
          2. Windows will automatically recognize that a new device has been plugged in.
          3. This seems easy enough that you have plugged in your controller, Windows has recognized it, and the system has installed the relevant drivers to allow for your controller to function with your PC. The hindrance here is that because there isn’t a streamlined engine handling all of your gaming activities for non-Steam PC games, your controller may not function properly for all of your desired games without some additional configuration.
          4. Download and install x360ce (a controller emulator) in both its 32 bit and 64 bit versions. While your PC may either be 32 bit or 64 bit, some games can be either and you may need to install one or the other of the versions. The app x360ce itself lets you know which one to install for each game. The purpose of this software is to unite all of your gaming controller connectivities through one streamlined platform.
          5. Find where your game’s “.exe” file is installed. Head into this folder and paste your x360ce “.zip”. Extract this here. The x360ce application, at this point, will let you know if you need to paste in a 32 bit version or a 64 bit one. Once you’ve pasted the correct one and extracted it, run the file and a window will pop up asking you to create a “.dll” file. Create this.
          6. Next, you will be asked to configure the settings for your Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Check “Search the Internet” and wait as the system finds the layout for your controller. Once this appears, you can simply save the settings and hit “Finish”.

          Note that the above procedure needs to be carried out in the folder of each individual executable game you have installed to configure the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for each of the games. You may encounter key mapping problems in any of the games where the buttons, despite being configured according to the template your system downloaded, may not operate that way in-game. To resolve this, you can head into the in-game settings and map out your keys again specific to that game. This will ensure that they operate the way that you would like.

          Wireless Connection (via Bluetooth)

          A standard Windows Bluetooth configuration to allow for wireless gameplay requires that you carry out the steps above as well. Before doing so, however, ensure that the controller is disconnected from the USB C wire connecting it to your PC system. Turn on your computer’s Bluetooth settings and look for new devices. Simultaneously, press the button on top of your control to get it into pairing mode and pair the two devices. Once this is done, carry out steps 1 to 6 listed above for generic Windows configuration with x360ce for each game you would like. In this process, you can opt to use the 8bitdo wireless Bluetooth adapter module as your connector instead of the inbuilt Windows Bluetooth processing.

          Final Thoughts

          Connecting a Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your PC device for PC gaming is a manageable process. The only hurdle comes out when you’re looking to use it for multiple games. PC games can generally be broken down into Steam and Non-Steam games. For either, a client that is able to project your controller configurations to all your games is needed. In the case of Steam games, the Steam client acts as a one-stop configuration outlet for you to set up your Nintendo Switch Pro controller (with inbuilt compatibility in Steam) and it projects these settings across all of your Steam games. You can individually customize your controller buttons for each game on the Steam engine as well. For non-Steam games, the x360ce controller emulator configures your controller for each game individually. With these two solutions, you’ve got all your gaming configurations covered.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          We don’t talk about the Nintendo Switch ($300 on Amazon) much because, well, this is PCWorld, but its pick-up-and-go portability and deep library of exclusive games make it a delightful companion console for PC gamers (if you can stomach 30 frames per second). And it just became an ever better complement thanks to newfound Nintendo Switch Pro controller support in Steam.

          Switch Pro controllers ($70 on Amazon) could be used on Windows PCs via Bluetooth for a while now, but coaxing them to work with third-party software was complex burden. Native Steam support streamlines the experience.

          How to use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller in Steam

          The feature’s only available in the beta version of the client for now as it prepares for full release. You can join the beta by opening Steam’s settings, then clicking the Change button in the “beta participation” portion of the Account tab. Steam will prompt you to restart. After downloading some data, the client opens back up and you’re ready to go.

          The Steam controller settings now include support for Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.

          To set up your Nintendo Switch Pro controller in Steam, open the settings again, select the Controller tab and click General controller settings. A Steam Big Picture Mode window opens, and you’ll see a “Switch Pro configuration support” option. Checking it allows you to create, browse, and share controller configurations on a per-game basis.

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          Nintendo Switch – Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Underneath that, you’ll see an option to use Nintendo’s button layout. Nintendo reverses the X/Y and A/B buttons compared to other major controllers. The Steam Input Configurator software is powerful and versatile, letting you create and use all sorts of button configurations; the Nintendo button layout option automatically reverses the inputs to match your hardware if you select a configuration other than the Nintendo Switch Pro template.

          Plug in your controller and register it to your Steam account if you’d like. You typically don’t need to run the calibration function for controllers you’re using with Steam, but Valve recommends it in this case to ensure the Switch Pro’s gyrometer is running correctly. Do so by clicking on the controller in the “Detected controllers” section, then clicking Calibrate and following the on-screen directions.

          From there, you’re ready to rock. If you don’t want to use the stock control scheme in a given game, you can create custom configurations (or use templates created by others) by booting into Steam Big Picture mode by clicking on the controller icon in the upper-right corner of Steam’s title bar, browsing to the game in your library, and selecting Manage game > Controller configuration. Alternatively, you can press the Home button on your controller while in-game to summon the Steam overlay, where you can change your controller configuration on the fly.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          We’ll show you how to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with a PC here. It might not be cheap, but the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is quite the gamepad. In fact, it’s among the best that Nintendo has ever produced, coming with a top-notch directional pad, features like gyro-motion support, and a design that’s comfortable to use for extended gaming sessions. And, you can use it for more than just with your Switch.

          For those whose gaming is done primarily through Valve’s Steam platform, using the Switch Pro Controller with a computer is amazingly simple. However, setting it up to use with other games or other gaming apps, emulators for instance, takes a lot more effort. And, while it’s more involved, it’s not impossible.

          Regardless of how you want to use your Switch Pro Controller, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide so you’ll be gaming keyboard-and-mouse free in no time.

          • Check out all the best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller prices and sales

          Using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Steam

          This one doesn’t take much work at all, as the Steam platform includes built-in Switch Pro support once you’ve digged into the menus a little bit.

          Once you’ve fired up Steam, open the settings menu. You’ll see the ‘Controller’ menu option, jump in there and then open ‘General Controller Settings. You’ll get some options that can be switched on or off, and it’s here you’ll want to enable ‘Switch Pro Configuration Support’.

          By default, most PC games assume you’re using an Xbox controller, but its buttons map slightly differently to a Nintendo pads. So, if you prefer the X/Y and A/B placement of the Switch Pro controller, make sure to also tick the ‘Use Nintendo Button Layout’ option.

          If you’d rather set this on an individual game basis, right click the title in your library and select ‘Edit Steam Controller Configuration’. This will let you make a custom button map for each game. It’s here you’ll get further customisation options too, from gyro controls right down to whether or not you want the Home button to light up.

          Using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with other Windows games and apps

          Not into playing games on Steam? Have a library of disc titles that you want to play, use another storefront or want to fire up some emulators? Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in these situations is a bit more difficult, but still possible – you’ll just need some different tools to get the job done.

          First off, the easy option: buy an 8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter. Regularly available for less than £20 / $20, it lets you easily (and wirelessly) hook the Switch Pro Controller up to a Windows machine, duping the operating system into seeing it just as if it was a native Windows controller. It’ll even support the pad’s motion controls (though rumble is not supported). It’s not exclusive to the PC, or Switch Pro Controller either – it’ll make lots of different console’s pads work on PC, while also letting you use controllers not intended for one console work on another. It’s a great little purchase, and well worth the money.

          But if you’re looking for a free way to wire up your Switch Pro Controller with your PC, read on!

          First of all, you’re going to need your controller’s USB-C cable to plug the pad into your PC, and a piece of software called x360ce – this is an application that lets you play around with DirectInput controllers (the type that the Switch Pro Controller is) to make sure your computer will recognise the controller. As some games are 32-bit titles and some are 64-bit, you’re going to want to download and set up both the 32-bit version of x360ce and the 64-bit version of x360ce, using the instructions below.

          1. Find your game’s .exe file: This is the file that fires up your game. x360ce needs to be set up individually for every game you want to play, and you’ll need to point it to where your game lives.
          2. Copy the into the folder containing your game’s .exe: Once it’s in the right folder, extract the file, which will then create an application file with a little controller icon. Open that and you’ll be prompted to make a .dll file. Click create and make the .dll file.
          3. Search automatically for settings: That’s the prompt that will fire up once the .dll file has been created. Make sure the ‘Search the Internet’ checkbox is ticked, and x360ce will now hunt down an appropriate Switch Pro Controller layout for you. Most of the time, this should do the trick, so click Next, and then Finish.
          4. Test the buttons: You’ll now get a look at the layout, as if it was on an Xbox 360 pad. Play around with the buttons that have been set, and see if it’s to your liking. Make any edits you like, and then click Save, and close x360ce.

          If everything has worked, your game will automatically pick up the Switch Pro Controller as the appropriate input the next time you play it. You won’t even need to open x360ce. However, you’re going to need to go through the above steps for every individual game or application you want to use the Switch Pro Controller with, hence our suggestion to just cough up the cash for the 8Bitdo dongle instead.

            : what to play with your newly configured pad

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          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          The Switch Pro controller is Nintendo’s take at a conventional console control design. The Switch Pro controller doesn’t boast too many features, though its simplicity may be exactly what makes it so appealing. Its uncomplicated design makes it extra appealing for those looking to pick up a controller for a Steam game. Here is how to connect a Switch Pro Controller to Steam.

          Connecting a Switch Pro Controller to Steam is extremely easy and will let you use the controller with all the gamepad-supported games you have on Steam. All that is needed to use your Switch Pro Controller with Steam is the controller itself, a USB charging cable for wired play, or a Bluetooth connection for wireless play, as well as the latest version of Steam.

          Once you have everything you need, all you need to do is:

          1. Connect your Switch Pro Controller to your PC, either with a USB cable or via a wireless adapter.
          2. Start up Steam and go into Big Picture Mode.
          3. Navigate to the Settings cogwheel in the top right corner.
          4. Click the Controller Settings button under the Controller sub-menu.
          5. Check the Switch Pro Configuration Support box.

          If you’ve followed the steps above, you will now be able to use your Switch Pro Controller to play any Steam games with gamepad support.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steamScreenshot by Pro Game Guides

          Additionally, if you click on your connected controller, you can pull up that controller’s preferences. The controller layout will be Nintendo default, meaning the A and B buttons are swapped. However, you can swap these back and edit the rest of the layout to fit whatever needs you may have.

          There you have it, that is how to connect a Switch Pro controller to Steam. As long as they support a controller, you can play your favorite games on your PC with the simplicity of your Switch Pro Controller.

          For more Steam guides, check out How to connect an Xbox One Controller to Steam right here on Pro Game Guides.

          Through the following guide you will learn how to use the Switch Pro Controller on Steam to play on PC . On the other hand, you might also be interested in knowing how to connect a Nintendo Switch controller to play on Google Stadia .

          How to Use the Switch Pro Controller on Steam to Play on My PC

          1. Switch Pro Controller
          2. How to use the Switch Pro Controller on Steam to play games on my PC

          Switch Pro Controller

          The Nintendo Switch console has been very popular since its launch, much of this is due to its simple controls , dominated by the Joy-Con. However, not all users like this type of controller. Fortunately we have a very interesting more classic alternative.

          We refer to the Pro Controller , a much more classic controller than the Joy-Con, which works precisely for a large number of video games. The controller has proven to be very comfortable, having all the basic controller controls such as the PlayStation or Xbox.

          It is worth noting that many prefer the Pro Controller over other Nintendo options. Given this, it should be noted that you can also use the Pro Controller on other platforms, such as PCs.

          How to use the Switch Pro Controller on Steam to play games on my PC

          The new control of the Nintendo company handles known technologies, in fact, the Switch Pro Controller works with Bluetooth . This quality means that it can be used on most Windows 10 computers without major problems. Either way, you clearly must have Bluetooth on your computer.

          In the event that you are not aware if your computer has this technology, you can read our guide to find out if your PC or laptop has a Bluetooth connection . Once you have verified that your device has a connection via Bluetooth, we can start with the tutorial.

          Connect the Pro Controller to the PC via Bluetooth

          The first thing to do is go to the Windows 10 system settings and look for the Bluetooth options. To do this, go to the “Devices” section and locate the “Bluetooth and other devices” . Activate your device’s Bluetooth to connect the Pro Controller to your computer.

          The Switch Pro Controller has a sync button, you will find it at the top of the joystick. Press this button until the green lights on the device begin to flash. This signals that the control is now ready to connect to our computers.

          After the above, the control between the Bluetooth devices should appear on the computer. Just select the Pro Controller from among the pairing devices to start the process. You will see that the “Connecting” signal is displayed , wait until it completes.

          After what has been shown before, a window may appear in which you must click “OK”. At the end of this step, the controller will be paired to the system and you can use it to play your favorite video games on Steam.

          Use a cable to connect the Switch Pro Controller on Steam for PC.

          The control of the Switch Pro Controller uses the modern USB-C interface , which in many cases is not available natively on most computers. However, this does not mean that the controller cannot connect. In fact, we will only need a small tool for this.

          To connect the Pro Controller to your computer and play on Steam and other platforms, you will need an adapter. Specifically, a USB-C to USB-A adapter is needed , which is very similar to the typical OTG cable which works very well for Android mobiles . Well, in this case, the USB-C to USB-A cable will be used to connect the remote to the computer.

          In this case it will only be enough to connect the adapter to the control and then to the computer. Everything should be successful, the Windows computer should detect the Switch controller and you can use it to play. You may need to wait a bit while Windows analyzes the device and searches for the appropriate drivers.

          In case the above does not work, just disconnect and reconnect the controller to the computer. And if the above still doesn’t work, it’s very possible that your version of Windows is out of date. Given this, it is worth trying to update the Windows Update agent to the latest version , something that usually helps to automatically download drivers and other necessary programs.

          The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is an excellent gamepad with an equally noteworthy price tag. You spent quite a bit of money on that controller, so why shouldn’t you use it as much as possible? That raises the question: can you use a Switch Pro Controller on PC?

          Yes, you can. Not only is it possible but connecting your Pro Controller to PC isn’t a particularly complicated process either. Here’s how to do it.

          Connecting Wirelessly

          The Pro Controller has an impressive battery life, so why not take advantage of that and use it wirelessly? Unlike many wireless controllers, it uses Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. That makes connecting a Switch Pro Controller to your PC relatively straightforward.

          If your computer doesn’t have onboard Bluetooth, you’ll need to get a Bluetooth adapter. Otherwise, hold the Sync button on the top of your controller until the light starts flashing. Then follow your operating system’s protocol for adding a Bluetooth device.

          Connecting via USB

          Connecting your Switch Pro Controller to PC wirelessly isn’t your only option. If you prefer the reliability of a wired connection, or don’t have onboard Bluetooth, you can connect it with a wire. This option is even easier than using Bluetooth.

          To connect via USB, plug one end of a USB-C cable into your controller, then plug the other end into your PC. You can use the cable that came with your controller or any other USB-C wire you have lying around. Once you’ve plugged both ends in, that’s all there is to it.

          Using the Switch Pro Controller on PC takes more than just connecting it, though. You’ll have to do some extra setup to use it in-game.

          Using a Pro Controller on Steam

          If you’re one of Steam’s 20 million users, you can play PC games with a Pro Controller without much trouble. Steam offers support for plenty of controllers, including the Switch Pro Controller. To start playing with it, first connect it to your PC, then open Steam.

          Once in Steam, open the Settings menu and then click the “Controller” menu option. Under here, you should see an option labeled “General Controller Settings.” Click this and then click “Switch Pro Configuration Support.”

          If you leave it alone after that, your Steam games will use an Xbox-style button layout for your controller. To use the Pro Controller’s mapping, click “Use Nintendo Button Layout” before exiting the menu. On this screen, you can also customize your button mappings and toggle features like motion controls.

          You may want to use different layouts for each game. If that’s the case, right-click a game in your library and select “Edit Steam Controller Configuration” to remap it.

          Other PC Games

          There are plenty of reasons you may want to play PC games outside of Steam. Maybe you don’t have a Steam account or maybe you have physical copies of games you want to play. Either way, you can still use a Switch Pro Controller for PC games without Steam.

          There’s two ways about this: a paid method and a free one. If you don’t mind dropping $20, you can get an 8Bitdo Bluetooth adapter. This device will make your PC recognize your Pro Controller as an Xbox gamepad, which most PC games work with.

          The free option is to download software like x360ce that will convert your Pro Controller’s input. These “wrappers” let you assign different functions to your gamepad’s buttons. They’re usually more difficult to use, and you’ll need to get both a 32-bit and 64-bit version to play all games.

          Game the Way You Want

          Nintendo didn’t make the Switch Pro Controller for PC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it that way. With just a little bit of work, you can play your favorite PC games with whatever gamepad you want.

          The Pro Controller may be on the expensive side, but it’s a solid piece of equipment. By using it on PC too, you can get your money’s worth out of it and more. So why not use your Switch Pro Controller on PC today?

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          A huge reason I love the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the feel of using it for any genre of game. If I want to play a shooter, then I usually want a controller with a few features. Firstly, I’m looking for sensitive triggers ready for split-second reactions. Plus, I usually want something that feels easy to hold, which is tough sometimes. On the other hand, if I’m playing an action game where movement is more sensitive, I need other features. For example, my joysticks need to be responsive, yet precise. Overall, I feel like using my Switch Pro Controller for PC gives me the most flexibility. How do you set up a Pro Controller to use on games for PC? Let’s talk about the easy process, and why you’ll never go back to other controllers again.

          Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for PC – Wired Connection

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          options you have for controllers on the Switch, the Pro Controller is the best, in my opinion. It barely missed out on my best gaming controllers of all time list, but if It was out of 10 options, it’d be number six. That’s why so many PC gamers want to use it for their computer gaming. Well, the process isn’t impossible, although it takes a few extra steps.

          If you look at the top of your Pro Controller, then you’ll see a tiny button. That’s the Sync button; when using a Switch, it tells the console you want to connect. The wireless connection is none other than simple bluetooth technology. If you want to connect to your PC, then you will need the capability on your computer. Some have a native or on-board Bluetooth option on their computer. If not, pickup a bluetooth adapter on the cheap. Press the Sync button until the controller lights up with a blinking indicator light. Next, choose to Add a Device from the Bluetooth settings options. At this time, make sure your PC bluetooth connection is on, and watch for a new device to pop up, titled “Pro Controller.” Click to pair, and you’re ready to go!

          Does a Switch Pro Controller Work for All Games on PC?

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam


          Taylor is the Gaming Editor of Comic Years and a lifelong fan of video games. He holds two degrees in Political Communication and wrote a Master’s Thesis on resistance movements, race, and the exploitation of college athletes. His wife and two Toy Australian Sheppards keep him sane.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          The Epic Games Store is a great way to dive into PC gaming, but it’s still missing a few basic features. One of these missing features is support for gamepads such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This is one of many controllers that just doesn’t want to work with the Epic launcher. Fortunately, there is a way to play Epic Games Store games with the Switch Pro Controller. Here’s what you need to know.

          How to use Switch Pro Controller with Epic Games Store games

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          By default, the Epic Games Store does not support the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, at least not yet. Thankfully, you can use the Switch Pro controller to play games purchased from the Epic Games Store by launching them through Steam.

          This may seem a bit counter-intuitive. After all, the Epic Games Store is a competitor to Valve’s long-running PC storefront. However, since Steam has been around for such a long time, it’s developed a robust set of features. Among these features is the ability to play non-Steam games with all of the usual Steam perks. And included among that list is — you guessed it — support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

          For this to work, you need to do two separate things. The first is that you need to add your EGS game to Steam as a non-Steam game. Then, you need to set up the Switch Pro controller to work within Steam itself. Here’s how the process works.

          Add your Epic Games Store game to Steam

          1. Load Steam, then open your Library
          2. Click the Add A Game button in the lower-left
          3. Select Add a Non-Steam Game
          4. Click browse, then navigate to the folder where the game is installed
            • The default Epic Games Store directory is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\
          5. Find and select the executable (*.exe) for the game to add
          6. Make sure the game is selected, then click Add Selected Programs

          After that’s done, your game from the Epic storefront will be loaded into Steam. At this point you can play it with a number of different gamepads, including the DualShock 4, PS5 DualSense, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and the Steam controller. However, there’s just a bit more work needed to enable the Switch Pro controller.

          Configure your Switch Pro controller in Steam

          1. Open Steam, click Steam in the upper-left, then click Settings
          2. Select the Controller option in the left sidebar
          3. Click General Controller Settings
          4. Turn on the toggle for Switch Pro Configuration support
          5. If desired, toggle the Use Nintendo Button Layout option. This will reverse the B and A buttons to more closely match the usual Switch button configuration
          6. Close the Controller Settings window, then click OK to close the Settings window

          With all of these steps done, you’ll be able to play games from the Epic Games Store using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Epic Games cloud saves will still function, and as an added bonus, you’ll be able to use the Steam overlay in-game.

          The following instructions are based on a reddit comment of u/zolixes and cleaned up/modified by me.

          The following has been tested to work with:

          • Arch Linux with kernel version 5.0.9
          • Steam build jenkins-steam-runtime-beta-release_0.20190320.2 (As seen from Help -> System Information -> Steam Runtime Version)

          There is a file: /lib/udev/rules/99-steam-controller-perms.rules (if no rules related to steam are found install the steam-devices package and this file will appear).

          NOTE: The file might be named differently and the number in front of it can differ from the example. In my case this was:

          How to add switch controller into the rules:

          1. Open the file

          You should see something like this:

          Try to search for a Nintendo Switch Pro if you can find a rule entry for the controller. Note that there might be two entries, one for wired and one for bluetooth connection.

          If you cannot find any entries, use this template and copy this template entry into the file:

          2. Find your controller by listing the usb devices

          One good tip is to run the command, and then plug your controller in and run it again and note which device shows up on the list

          TAKE NOTE OF THE BUS AND DEVICE NUMBERS, example listing:

          Change the idVendor and idProduct values in the entry, you can find the values using the command

          Remember to use the bus and device numbers obtained earlier !

          ALTERNATIVE WAY to 2. and 3.

          This returned correct results in my case, and requires less effort, which is always nice.

          Unplug your controller and run:

          And then plug in your controller again. This should output this information:

          The first “xxxx” is the idVendor and the second is idProduct. Copy these two values and use them in your udev rules entry.

          4. Reload the rules

          5. Open Steam Big Picture Mode

          • Settings -> Controller settings
          • Enable Switch Pro controller support
          • Disconnect and connect the controller again

          Steam should recognize the controller at this point

          agaskins commented Sep 28, 2019 •

          I did have the rules file, I was just being dense. Sorry! I tried to delete my post before it wasted anyone’s time but I guess I didn’t succeed there, ha. That said, I still never found the steam-devices package, but it apparently isn’t needed anymore. The walk-thru worked great after resolving my user-error! 😛

          On another note: Wouldn’t it be better to override this file via /etc/udev/rules.d/? I suppose one would copy the file there and then edit it with the changes (maybe even only leaving the lines for the Switch controller). This way a package upgrade won’t over-write the changes in the /lib path, right?

          LOGICserum commented Dec 23, 2019

          Followed the instructions here (BTW ty a ton for them) as best as this human frame would allow. I get full function with the controller and the controller works in rocket league menus but in game (training is all I have tested so far) no can haz function. I would guess it is something simple I am overlooking. I would appreciate telling me about the . (insert obvious problem here).
          Again thanks for doing this

          dodopod commented Dec 27, 2019

          On my system, Steam doesn’t recognize when I start a game, and so the controller is always stuck in Desktop Configuration (left stick controls cursor keys, right stick controls mouse, start is esc, etc.). I don’t know if this is @LOGICserum ‘s problem, but the result is the same.

          My solution was to change the Desktop Configuration so the controller maps to the proper buttons/sticks instead of mouse and keyboard. If anyone else has this problem, go into Big Picture mode. Then go to Settings > Base Configurations > Desktop configuration > Browse configs > Templates. There should be a template called Gamepad, so select that, and apply the configuration.

          ErkHal commented Dec 28, 2019

          Followed the instructions here (BTW ty a ton for them) as best as this human frame would allow. I get full function with the controller and the controller works in rocket league menus but in game (training is all I have tested so far) no can haz function. I would guess it is something simple I am overlooking. I would appreciate telling me about the . (insert obvious problem here).
          Again thanks for doing this

          I would suggest trying to fiddle with the settings like @dodopod suggested, sounds definitely like an issue with the Steam configs. I am pleased to read that people have been finding this guide helpful.

          NyxSyn commented Mar 23, 2020

          I was able to get this working but this was only after having changing the Mode value from “0660” (as shown above) to the new value of “0666”

          I am unsure if my case is special or if the “0660” shown in the document is in error.

          Otherwise great document, guys.

          Thanks for all your help

          ErkHal commented Mar 24, 2020

          I was able to get this working but this was only after having changing the Mode value from “0660” (as shown above) to the new value of “0666”

          I am unsure if my case is special or if the “0660” shown in the document is in error.

          Otherwise great document, guys.

          Thanks for all your help

          Hi, I tried to look into this and MODE=”0666″ seems to make this device readable/writable by all. I assume this might help to fix some issues, but I don’t currently have my Arch setup anymore to verify if this is causing problems in the newer versions.
          Glad to know that these instructions still reach people who are searching for help, consider giving it a star if you think this is helpful !

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Valve slowly ramped up support for more controllers on Steam, a good move intended to sway console folks over to PC. One of 2018’s biggest highlights was the addition of Switch Pro Controller support in May, most notably due to the massive success of the Switch and the pure quality of the new Pro Controller in general.

          Now Valve has shared a list of the most-played games, and while many of them are obvious Switch ports in the top spots, a few, like No Man’s Sky taking the top honors, are surprising. Following No Man’s Sky we have Overcooked 2, Metal Gear Solid V, Dark Souls Remastered, NBA 2K19, Tohou Gensou Wanderer Reloaded, Mega Man 11, Call of Cthulhu and Disgaea 5 Complete. You can view the entire list here.

          Valve also published a more intriguing list, which they say entails games that are played with Switch Pro Controllers “more than any other type.” That complete list includes Timespinner, Dragon Quest XI, A Hat in Time, La Mulana, The Messenger, Brawlout, Rivals of Aether, Steven Universe: Save the Light, Mega Man 11, Monster Hunter: World, Groove Coaster, Slap City, Lethal League Blaze, My Hero’s One Justice, and Cross Code. There’s also a “most played with more than one controller” list which is mostly comprised of fighting games like Tekken 7, Soulcalibur VI and many of the aforementioned titles.

          Yeah, so data like Dragon Quest XI hosting the Pro Controller more than any other remote when the port is still “TBA 2019” is very telling. A lot of these users are clearly more hungry for Switch ports.

          A wireless, more traditional, video game controller produced by Nintendo for the Switch system. Model number: HAC-013.

          • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller HAC-013
          • Не уверен

          Инструкции по заменам

          Front Button Contact Board


          How to Fix D-Pad Sensitivity

          Связанные страницы Новая страница

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Troubleshooting

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Troubleshooting

          Вопросы Поддержки

          Switch pro controller poaaibly dead after use with steam.

          Left Joystick Switch Pro Controller gets stuck/jammed un up-right pos.

          Switch Pro Controller right analog stick drifting in game


          • Batteries (1)
          • Joysticks (1)


          Вот некоторые основные инструменты, используемые для работы на данном устройстве. Вам, возможно, не понадобиться каждый инструмент для каждой процедуры.

          Electrical Tape in 6 Assorted Colors

          iFixit Opening Tool

          Pro Tech Toolkit

          Phillips #00 Screwdriver

          Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F

          iFixit Opening Picks (Set of 6)


          Background and Identification:

          The Nintendo Switch Pro controller was unveiled with the Nintendo switch in 2016 and released in 2017. The Nintendo Switch is a video game console, with multiple controllers that can be paired, including the pro controller and basic Joy-con. The pro controller is different from the Joy-con in its wireless connection capability and more traditional design.

          This controller is composed of 2 analog sticks, 2 digital shoulder buttons, 2 digital triggers, a digital D-pad, accelerometer, and a gyroscope. It is the eighth generation Nintendo controller and connects to the Nintendo Switch console via Bluetooth. The controller is charged through USB-C and takes about 6 hours to fully charge; A fully charged controller can last about 40 hours. These devices also feature motion controls, HD rumble, and built-in Amiibo functionality (a type of wireless connectivity).

          The Nintendo switch pro controller is the most recently released controller of this style for the Nintendo Switch console.

          The information in this article can help you when the buttons on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller do not respond or respond incorrectly.

          • Prior to troubleshooting a controller, we strongly recommend you verify that the controller button configuration is set to the standard inputs.
          • You can tell that a controller’s button inputs have been remapped because throughout different menus, a wrench icon will be displayed beside the controller in-use at the bottom-left corner of the system screen.

          You may find the information on the following related situation helpful:

          • The unresponsive button issue is specifically for the +Control Pad.

          What to do

          1. Ensure your Nintendo Switch console has the latest system update.
          2. Verify that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has power and that it is synced to the console.
            • While in the HOME Menu press any button on the Pro Controller.
              • If one or more of the player LEDs on the controller blink and then remain lit, the controller is paired to the console.
              • If the player LEDs momentarily light up in a sequence and then shut off, pair the Pro Controller to the console.
              • If none of the player LEDs light up, the Pro Controller is out of power and will need to be recharged.
          3. Once the controller is paired to the console, update the firmware.
          4. Reset the Pro Controller by pressing the SYNC Button once, then press any other button to wake it up again. on the Pro Controller.
            • If the button test fails, skip to Situation Not Resolved.
          5. Test the Pro Controller buttons using a compatible game or application.
            • If the button test was successful but the buttons are not responding with a particular game or application, try the following:
              • Check the software manual or game packaging to ensure compatibility with the Pro Controller.
              • Decrease the distance between the Pro Controller and the console.
              • To minimize wireless interference, ensure that the console is not placed behind a TV, under a metal object, or within three to four feet of other wireless devices, such as wireless speakers, cordless phones, etc.
              • Test the Pro Controller buttons with a different compatible game or software.
              • If possible, test the Pro Controller on a different console.

          Situation not resolved

          If the issue occurs on occasion, continue using the Pro Controller for a few weeks to see if it affects your gameplay.

          If the button test fails, or if the issue becomes so severe that it impacts your ability to play a game or use the controller, then we are happy to inspect the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and repair or replace it if necessary.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to Connect The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On PC? I don’t know about you – but have you tried playing Rocket League on the PC with your mouse and keyboard? To say the least, it’s not so easy. The solution for me was to connect my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to PC! Nintendo’s distinctive controller creations are now compatible to play your favorite games on your Windows PC, Android devices, and your Mac.

          First, we will discuss how to connect your Switch Pro Controller for pc using Steam. Next, how to use Bluetooth to connect your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well as your Joy-Cons.

          Here are 2 easy ways to connect a Nintendo Switch controller and Joy-Cons to your PC!

          Connect your Controller using Steam

          Using Steam to connect your Switch Pro Controller is amazingly easy. Now that the Steam client allows for compatibility, you can use your Switch Pro Controller to play your favorite games on Steam and even change the button layouts!

          1. Open up Steam > Settings > Controller > then General Controller Settings

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          2. Now you can plug in your Switch Pro Controller to pc using a USB Cable. Then you will be asked to register the controller and calibrate its gyro sensor for motion control you may need for particular games.

          3. Finally, your Switch Pro Controller will be registered! Now all you have to do is configure your controller by going to Controller Configuration.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Note: Enable, Use Nintendo Button Layout. If this is unchecked, the A/B and X/Y functions will be similar to that of the Xbox One.

          Connecting your Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons using Bluetooth

          For playing games on Steam, connecting your Switch Pro Controller via USB is definitely the way to go if you want a simple connection. However, if you want to play games outside of Steam on platforms such as, Origin, Ubisoft, etc. you will need to connect your Nintendo Switch Controller (same for Joy-Cons) using a Bluetooth connection.

          All you need for Bluetooth connection is to contain hardware that allows for the connection, a Bluetooth dongle, or built-in Bluetooth connection device in your PC.

          1. First, find the notification tab on the bottom right-hand side of your monitor. From here, find Bluetooth and make sure it’s turned on.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          2. Next, go to Settings > Devices > find Bluetooth and Other Devices.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          3. Before we move on, you first need to make your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller discoverable by syncing the Bluetooth connection.

          For Joy-Cons, the syncing button is just right inside each of the controllers.

          Hold for 1-2 seconds > then let go after seeing the flashing lights. Do this for both.

          For the Switch Pro Controller

          Hold the Bluetooth sync button (1-2 seconds)
          on top of the controller until the lights start flashing lights on the bottom of the controller.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          4. As all your devices now are finding a place to Sync, click Add Bluetooth or other Device > Bluetooth. Your devices should now be discoverable!

          Click on the first device > Done > Repeat Process.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Note: Using x360ce is a freeware program that allows for Bluetooth Device compatibility for your Nintendo Switch Controllers. Compatible software for both the Switch Pro and Xbox 360 controllers.

          Switching it Up!

          Now that you have your Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers on pc ready to go, we hope you guys have a great time playing your favorite games with a controller. Score a goal in Rocket League, play two-player games with your friends using the Joy-Cons, and have a great time!

          We hope you enjoyed, 2 Easy Ways to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons to your PC!

          If we missed anything, tell us about it in the comments! You can also click here to check why is my ping so high all of a sudden.

          Let us know if you have any questions and concerns. We always have a solution – for you!

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          A lot of new AAA titles are releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store, but unlike the industry giant Steam, the Epic Games Store still need a lot of work, particularly when it comes to supporting controllers. For some reason the Switch Pro Controller fails to work adequately on the Epic Games Store. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution that can allow you to play your favourite Epic Game such as Godfall, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mortal Combat, and others using the Switch Pro Controller. Keep scrolling to know how to use Switch Pro Controller on Epic Game Store games.

          How to Use Switch Pro Controller on Epic Games Store Games

          Compared to other launchers in the market, Valve’s Steam has had a lot of time to work on the various features. Its long presence in the market gives it an upper-hand. Specifically, when it comes to supporting non-Steam games. The Steam client allows you to play any non-Steam game on the Steam client taking advantage of the full-features of Steam.

          So, here is how to use Switch Pro Controller on Epic Game Store games. For the process to be successful, you will first add the game’s executable as a non-steam game and then, set the controller on Steam so the client detects it successfully. Here are the steps you need to follow.

          Launch the Game via Steam

          Follow the below steps to add your game’s executable in the Steam client and take advantage of the non-Steam game features.

          1. Create a shortcut of the game on your desktop (If you already have one, no need of this step or you can simply add the game’s executable from the install directory)
          2. Launch the Steamclient
          3. Click on Games on the top-left corner
          4. From the drop-down menu, select Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library
          5. Locate the shortcut we created or the default location C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ and add to the Library.
          6. Now, launch the game and the controller should work.

          The second process to get the Switch Pro Controller to work on Epic Games Store games, you need to select the controller in the Steam General Controller Settings. Follow the below steps.

          Change Steam General Controller Settings

          Depending on the controller you are using whether the Xbox controller, Switch Pro Controller, or the Dualshock, you need to set the device on Steam. This can be done via the Controller Settings options. Here are the steps you need to follow.

          1. Launch Steam from the desktop shortcut
          2. Click Steam on the top-left corner and select Settings
          3. From the Setting menu, go to Controller
          4. Click on General Controller Settings
          5. Check the box before Switch Pro Configuration support
          6. PressOkto save changes, exit from the Window and start the game.

          Troubleshooting Problem with the Switch Pro Controller

          If the game still fails to run, there are some additional steps you can try to get the Switch Pro Controller working on Epic Games Store games.

          Change Steam Big Picture Mode

          Here are the steps to change the Big Picture Mode in Steam.

          1. Launch Steam from the desktop shortcut
          2. Click View on the top-left corner and select Big Picture Mode
          3. Click on Library. Click on Games under Browse and select your game
          4. Click on Manage Gameswith the Gear Icon under Your game
          5. From Steam Input, select Controller Options
          6. Click on the downward pointing arrow to expand the options for Chang the Steam Input Per-Game Settings,select Forced Onand hit OK.

          Relaunch the game after Steam restart and the controller issue should be resolved. If the problem persists, try the next fix.

          Disable Steam Input per-game Setting

          After the above process, the Switch Pro Controller should work. But, if the issue still occurs, go to the Steam Library, locate the game and revert the above process. Under “Steam Input per-game Setting” select “Forced Off” and press Ok.

          We hope, with the above fix you are able to use Switch Pro Controller on Epic Games Store games.

          S team has now added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with the latest client beta. If you would like to use the controller you will first need to opt-in for the Steam Client Beta.

          Steam Adds Support for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

          The controller can connect to the PC using a Bluetooth connection, currently the USB-C connection used for charging cannot be synced directly with PC.

          In a recent post on the Steam community, they explain that they think that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great match for their games:

          The d-pad is ideal for fighting games and platformers and the gyro enhances aim in your action/FPS titles.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          In order to test out the beta there are a couple things you will need to do first. Firstly in order to have access to the beta you will need to “opt in the Steam Client Beta“. By doing this you will be able to see the “Nintendo Switch Configuration Support” option in the Controller Settings page, this is the same page as PS4 and Xbox configuration support. You can find more details of how to set this up via the Steam Community.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          There is no news on whether Steam will support Joy-Cons at this moment.

          For more RPGs coming your way check out our Top RPG News of the Week and for more gaming news check out our news page.

          The Steam Controller team announced that its latest Client Beta has added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, including its gyro function that you can try out with action and FPS games.

          Here’s how you can get started:

          First, opt into the Steam Client Beta then enable support globally by checking the ‘Nintendo Switch Configuration Support’ option in the Controller Settings page. In case you missed it, this is the same page to enable PS4 and Xbox Configuration support. By checking this box, you are able to create, share, and browse Switch Pro Controller configs on a per-game basis. The Controller Settings page also contains a global option to ‘Use Nintendo Button Layout’. This will swap the A/B and X/Y buttons of your loaded config – something that will come in handy if you choose a Steam Controller, Xbox, or standard template config.

          Next, connect your controller and register it to your account when prompted. For best results with the gyro, we suggest initially calibrating your controller by selecting the ‘Calibrate’ option under ‘Detected Controllers’.

          After that, create a config (or load an existing config), via the ‘Controller Configuration’ option in the Manage Game screen for the title you are playing. The full functionality of the Steam Input Configurator is at your disposal: bind the gyro, add radial menus, create action sets, etc. If you prefer to start from a community config, press X and browse the options.

          Finally, launch and play your Steam game with your Switch Pro Controller. Bring up the overlay with the ‘Home’ button to tweak your config on the fly. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

          Here’s everything you need to know about how to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC and Android.

          Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers are not cheap, but they have an excellent build quality and feel great when playing games. Even better, they can be used on PC and Android, making the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller a great all-purpose controller for your gaming needs.

          Here’s how to use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on PC and Android.

          Ways to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

          You may be surprised to learn that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can connect over Bluetooth. If this is news to you, you might be pleased to know that this is also true for the Joy-Con controllers, enabling you to use Switch Joy-Cons on Windows, Mac, and Android.

          As such, if your PC or Android phone has a Bluetooth adapter, you can pair your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to it. Even if you don’t have Bluetooth, you can still use a USB wire to connect the controller directly to a PC.

          The Bluetooth method gives you the freedom to use it wirelessly but is a bit tricky to set up. If you choose the wired option, you have to stay sitting in front of your PC, but it’s easier to get working.

          How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a PC via USB Cable

          If you want to use a USB cable, the steps to do so are straightforward. You would have received a USB cable with the Pro controller in its box. Plug one end of this cable into the controller, and the other into a USB port on the PC.

          If you’re using Windows 10, it should automatically detect and set up your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for you. You’ll know everything has gone well when the PC informs you of the driver’s installation. Even better, you can charge the batteries on it as you play, ready for the next time you use your Nintendo Switch.

          How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a PC via Bluetooth

          If you prefer the wireless road, it’s trickier to set up. Once completed, however, wireless PC gaming is at your fingertips.

          To get started, you need to tell your PC to begin looking for Bluetooth devices. If you’re using Windows 10, you can do this by clicking the Start button, typing “Bluetooth,” then clicking on Add Bluetooth or other device in the window that appears. Then, click on Bluetooth.

          Once your PC is looking for new devices, you need to tell your controller to look for the PC. To do this, locate the button located near the USB port on the top of your controller. You’re looking for two circles on either side of the socket; push in the larger circle. You may need a pen or another thin object to push the button down.

          After a while, you should see the Pro Controller appear on the Bluetooth list. Click on it to pair the controller to the PC.

          Using Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller With Steam Games

          Pairing the controller to your computer is tricky; getting it to play well with your games is something else. Thankfully, if you want to play Steam games, you’ll find that Steam already supports your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

          To activate Nintendo Switch Pro support, open up Steam. In the top-left, click on Steam, then Settings.

          When the Settings menu appears, click on Controller, then General Controller Settings.

          In the window that appears, tick the box next to Switch Pro Configuration Support. If you like, you can also click Use Nintendo Button Layout to make things less confusing.

          Using Your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller With Other Games

          If you want to use it on games that aren’t on Steam, things get even trickier. You’ll need software like XInput to correctly map your controller’s inputs to actions in-game. This Reddit thread offers some useful drivers for getting the Pro Controller working, so be sure to check it out if you don’t want to set it up manually.

          How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to Android via Bluetooth

          To use the controller on your phone, first, activate its Bluetooth. You can usually find Bluetooth in the Settings app, under Wireless & Networks or Connected Devices, depending on your Android version and phone build. Search for nearby devices on your phone, then hold down the large button on the top of the Pro controller by the USB port.

          Once the Android phone has found the controller, it’ll display Pro Controller in its list of discovered devices. Tap it to pair up, and you’ll be ready to play.

          How to Connect Your Pro Controller Back to the Nintendo Switch

          Image Credit: skvalval/DepositPhotos

          Once you’ve finished playing games and want to use your Nintendo Switch again, you’ll notice your controller won’t link back up to your console. When you paired your controller with your PC or Android device, it became “unpaired” with the Nintendo Switch.

          As such, the console and controller aren’t communicating with one another, as the controller is now listening to the computer or phone rather than the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, this is a straightforward fix.

          Pairing With the Nintendo Switch Using a USB Cable

          First, put the Nintendo Switch back into its charging dock. Then, take the USB cable that came with the controller; it has a large USB plug on one end, and a smaller one on the other. Plug the larger end into the side of the dock on the left, and the smaller one into the controller. Now, when you turn on the Nintendo Switch, it should see your Pro controller and reconnect with it.

          Pairing With the Nintendo Switch Using Bluetooth

          If you want to pair it wirelessly, boot up your Nintendo Switch and go to the Controllers menu on the Home page.

          Find and select the option to Change Grip and Order. It asks you to press the L+R buttons on your chosen controller, but this only works if it’s paired up.

          Because you haven’t re-paired the Pro controller yet, ignore this command and instead hold down the large button at the top of the controller; the same one used to connect the controller to your PC via Bluetooth.

          After holding it down for a few seconds, you should feel it vibrate. If it doesn’t appear immediately, try pressing L+R to see if it connects again.

          More Nintendo Switch Accessories Worth Buying

          It may have surprised you to discover that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can also connect to PCs and Android phones. But know you should know how to do it, and how to reconnect the controller back to the Switch when you’re done.

          The Pro Controller is just one of a number of Nintendo Switch accessories available. So, if you fancy kitting out your Nintendo Switch be sure to check out our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories you can buy today.

          Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller can connect to your PC, early adopters have found.

          The pad doesn’t officially launch until Friday, alongside Switch itself, but players with early access have been connecting them up to their PC rigs.

          You can’t connect the Pro Controller via its USB-C connection – just via Bluetooth. But once detected by your PC the process of installing the pad is pretty seamless.

          Here’s YouTuber Drewoof using the Pro Controller with GameCube’s Dolphin emulator to play Super Smash Bros. Melee:

          You can’t use the Bluetooth and USB-C connections simultaneously, meaning you’ll have to charge the controller separately.

          Users report a patchy response on Android phones which use Bluetooth, and compatibility with some, but not all, Steam Big Picture titles.

          All-in-all, the Switch Pro controller seems very similar to the Wii U’s – which was also compatible with PC but is, sadly, not compatible with Switch.

          It’s not clear why Switch doesn’t support Wii U Pro Controllers – the differences between them, such as the additional Share button, are minimal. But for those picking up a Switch Pro pad, confirmation of its PC compatibility may be an added bonus.

          Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our policy.

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in the highly popular action RPG series from CAPCOM. The game originally came out on the Nintendo Switch as an exclusive but has now made its way to PC through Steam as well. Monster Hunter World became the best-selling CAPCOM title of all time and was insanely popular on Steam too, and still is. Monster Hunter Rise is another outstanding entry and brings back mechanics from older titles in the long-running franchise. It’s a great entry point for newcomers as well, especially ones that found World to be a bit slow. While the PC port is stellar for the most, there are a few technical limitations. If you want to fix the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Pro Controller issue on PC, here is how you can do that.

          Some users have also reported a crash at launch, or during gameplay, for which we recommend checking out our guide. If you are someone that is getting stuck on the “Compiling Shaders” screen, make sure to read our handy guide for that too.

          Fixing the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Pro Controller issue

          If you are someone that was already playing on the Switch, you may have noticed something off about the control scheme on PC when you plug in a Switch Pro Controller. This is Steam Input’s own control scheme, and it changes the button placement, and what most migrating players are used to.

          Thankfully, you can still map the controls as close as possible to the original scheme found in the Switch. To do so, follow the steps below.

          • Open Steam
          • Navigate to your Library
          • Here, right-click on Monster Hunter Rise
          • Select Manage, and then Controller Configuration

          How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

          • Now, do the following
            • Remap inputs from B to A and vice versa
            • Remap inputs from X to Y and vice versa

            How to use your switch’s pro controller in steam

            • This is how the new control scheme should look like
            • Now, launch the game, and open the Game Settings
            • In the Controls section, you want to modify two settings
            • Switch the Confirm button from A to B
            • Change the Input Display to Type 5

            This is as close to the original controller scheme as you can get. After following the steps, you will notice how the game controls are very similar to what you were used to on the Nintendo Switch.

            We hope this guide helped fix the Monster Hunter Rise Switch Pro Controller issue. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.