How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

The good news is that you can easily set up voice chat to work with your Nintendo Switch. The bad news is that the best solution isn’t even from Nintendo.

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

Nintendo has been woefully behind the times with online functionality, and the Nintendo Switch continues the trend. You can play games online with friends easily enough, but coordination and communication is still separate from the system itself.

Nintendo offers the Switch Online mobile app, which coordinates voice chat through your phone with an in-game lobby system that lets you talk to your friends using a headset. But I had mixed results with a wireless earpiece, and using a wired headset requires an adapter if you want to actually listen to game audio. It functions as designed but is absurdly clunky.

Instead, I recommend you use Discord, a free, powerful voice and text chat service that works on every major mobile and computer platform. You still need to use your phone, tablet, or PC, but it’s much easier to customize, and you can use it as a communications hub for all your other gaming needs, too.

What You Need

Besides your Nintendo Switch, you need a smartphone or tablet (or computer within range), and ideally a monaural Bluetooth earpiece. This lets you hear the game audio from your Switch or TV while still keeping an ear on voice chat. Also, pair the earpiece to your desired communications device and make sure it’s connected. If you can splurge on it, we’re big fans of the Plantronics Voyager 5200, but you can also use a wired headset, or any headphones with a microphone.

Step 1: Download Discord

This one’s easy. If you want to use Discord on your computer, go to the Discord website and download the program. Otherwise, just install it from the iOS or Android app store. Launch the program when it’s ready.

Step 2: Create a Discord Account

Discord uses multiple private servers to let you keep your different social circles separate and under your control, but it handles users with a unified account system. Discord accounts are free and as easy to set up as any other chat service account. Your user name will be paired with a unique four-digit number code so you can track friends across different servers.

Step 3: Create a Discord Server

If you’re getting everything set up with your friends, you need to create your own Discord server (if another member of your group already made one, or you have a regular Discord server you use already, you don’t need to do this). Servers are free, and let you keep groups of friends together in their own semi-closed systems, with support for multiple text and voice chat rooms on each server. Tap the plus sign on the left side of the app (tap the menu button first if your server list isn’t already up) and tap Create.

All you need to do is enter your geographic region and the desired name of your server, then tap Create again. Your new Discord server is ready for use.

Step 4: Invite Your Friends

Now it’s time to get your Splatoon 2 crew, or ARMS league, or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe drift crew together on your server. Make sure everyone else followed steps one and two. Tap your new Discord server and then tap Invite Members. The page will generate a temporary invitation URL you can share through any text messaging system (including chats on other Discord servers and Discord direct messages). Anyone with Discord installed who accesses that URL will be able to join your server. Wait for everyone to join the server and watch the users fill up in the General chat.

Step 5: Make Game-Specific Chat Rooms (Optional)

Your Discord server can handle multiple chat rooms, so if you have several friends who want to play a bunch of different things you’re covered. Just tap the plus sign next to Voice Channels and enter the name of the game you want to coordinate (or any other name you want for the channel). You can do the same thing with text chat rooms.

Step 6: Join the Voice Chat

Tap the name of the voice chat room you want to join (General is the default server-wide chat) and then tap Connect to Voice. Now you can talk to everyone there through your earpiece while still paying attention to your Switch game through your TV or system speakers.

This solution isn’t as elegant as a Switch-based friend or party voice chat system, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards for the foreseeable future. And it’s much more powerful and easier to set up than the Nintendo Switch Online app.

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How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

The Switch is designed from the ground up with portability in mind. That doesn’t mean that all of its games are, though. The best portable games are the ones you can play for a few minutes at a time, without using motion controls, and pause without losing your place. Here are the games we’ve found that fit that bill.

Stardew Valley ($15)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

Most games want to demand your attention and drive you to test the limits of your skills. Stardew Valley explicitly ignores that in favor of a more relaxed, play-your-own-way farming game. You’re given your own farm to do what you want with. You can grow crops, raise animals, or even ignore the farm altogether and go mining in the nearby caves. Over time you can build relationships with the members of your town and even fall in love and get married if you so choose. Aside from the changing of the seasons, there’s very little in the game that enforces a pace on you, so you can pick up the game, do what you want, and stop when you’re done. Just make sure to go to sleep at the end of each day to save your game if you’re planning to turn off your console.

Rocket League ($20)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

Imagine a soccer game, but played with cars. That’s Rocket League. You play as a car on a soccer-like field, ramming, jumping, and driving into a ball as big as your vehicle in the hopes that it might accidentally bounce into the opponents goal. Or at least that’s my experience, anyway. Even if you’re not great at it like me, it’s absolutely wild. While it has a large online community for multiplayer gaming, you can play a single match against some bots in 5-10 minutes, making it perfect for casual play.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ($60)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

One of the earlier games to come out for the Switch—so early it first released on the Wii U—is also one of its most evergreen. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sets up its races in a grand prix format of four races each, but individual races can be completed in a matter of minutes. In between each race you can pause the game or start over. The game features a number of cars, tires, and parachutes to unlock so you can grind away at rewards in your free time, while all the characters and tracks (you know, the interesting stuff) is already unlocked from the start.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ($60)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

Does anyone even still remember Rabbids anymore? Doesn’t matter because Nintendo, in a rare example of cross-licensing, brought them together with the company’s most popular franchise to create Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a turn-based strategy game with easy to manage micro-levels that you can play when you have a few free minutes on the subway or on a lunch break.

Overcooked ($20)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

If you’ve ever worked in the kitchen at a restaurant, you know what a high-tension, fast-paced environment it can be. If you haven’t experienced that horror, then you might enjoy Overcooked. In this game, you play as chefs in a kitchen, cutting up ingredients, cooking meals, serving them, and washing dishes. The chaos is best managed with multiple players, who can easily join at the beginning of each short level, however you can play with a single person and swap between multiple chef characters to control the entire kitchen. Best of all, each round only lasts a few minutes which not only means you can squeeze a game in between tasks, but it also limits how maddeningly stressful the chaos can be.

Binding of Isaac ($40)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

The Binding of Isaac has been around for a while on other platforms, but it’s excellent on the Switch. This game follows the nightmares of a child named Isaac as he makes his way through a randomized dungeon, fighting off monsters in increasingly dangerous bullet hell-esque rooms. You can breeze through levels quickly, or pause in between rooms if you want to take your time to explore. Each time you play through the game, the levels are different meaning you’ll never have the same experience twice.

Thumper ($20)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

Rhythm games and endless runners are a dime a dozen, but Thumper is a unique blend of the two. You play as a weird metal vessel sliding along a space age hot wheels track. As you bounce off of obstacles and against railings, you press buttons in time with the music to avoid taking damage until you get to the end boss, which looks like it flew straight off of an electro-metal album cover. Is electro-metal a thing? I hope that’s a thing.

Breath of the Wild/Skyrim ($60)

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

If you have a Switch, it’s all but guaranteed you also have Breath of the Wild, so this almost feels like cheating, so we’ll throw Skyrim in, too. Both games feature huge, rich worlds where you can fight monsters, solve puzzles, and go on quests. They also both have long storylines that you can get absorbed in for hours. This might give you the impression that you can’t play them casually, but the sheer number of side quests, minor tasks, and mini puzzles to solve in each one gives you plenty to do when you’re not slaying dragons or taking down Ganon.

Nintendo Switch Online is the new online service for the Nintendo Switch. You will need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online in order to play games like Mario Kart and Splatoon online.

Nintendo Switch Online Start Date

Nintendo Switch Online will be available starting September 18, 2018. You can start with a 7-day trial period.

Nintendo Switch Online Features

How to voice chat in nintendo switch games

  • Online Play with multiplayer games like Minecraft, Mario Kart, and more. See the list of Free Switch Online Games.
  • Access to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games with online play – See the List of Nintendo Switch Online NES Games.
  • Cloud Saves (some games, like Splatoon 2 and Pokemon: Let’s Go!, are not compatible with cloud saves)
  • Special Offers – These can include in-game items like shirts in Splatoon 2 and exclusive access to merchandise, like these Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers
  • Smartphone App (voice chat)

Nintendo Switch Online Price

The cost of the service depends on which subscription you purchase.

  • 12 Months: $20
  • 3 Months: $7.99
  • 1 Month: $3.99 a month
  • 12 Months Family Membership: $34.99, up to 8 Nintendo Account holders (The CHEAPEST way to access Nintendo Switch Online. See How to Set Up a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership

How to Get Nintendo Switch Online

To access Nintendo Switch Online, and the free 7-day trial, you can:

  • Sign up on the Nintendo eShop using your Switch
  • Purchase on after signing into your Nintendo Account
  • Purchase individual membership cards from select retailers, like GameStop and Target. Family Memberships will not be available to purchase at retail shops.
  • See How to Set Up a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership to get the best deal

Voice Chat

Once you are subscribed, you can download the Nintendo Voice Chat App on your mobile device to connect and chat with friends in game lobbies. For more information, see How to Use Voice Chat

How to Order the Limited Edition Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers

Users who have subscribed to the Nintendo Online Service are eligible to order Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers from the Nintendo website – though only one can be ordered per Nintendo Account.

The controllers can only be used for applicable NES games on the Online Service, though they can be docked to the Switch console itself. The retail for 60$, and can be ordered at this website

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