How to watch twitch on roku

Twitch, an amazing application for all players. It is a two-way app where professional players stream their games and fans watch these videos. How YouTube, Twitch allows users to upload and watch videos Without subscription but contains only video content for games. Twitch Is designed especially for players who wish to demonstrate their gaming skills. You can also chat with the players.

With the gaming industry booming, as always, we’re all crazy about games. FPV games (first-person view) like PUBG, Fortnite peak, apps like Twitch are the virtual guide for beginners. You can find almost all gaming platforms on Twitch. Twitch It is compatible with all smartphones, iOS devices, PCs, and smart TVs.In order To install Twitch on Roku or watch twitch on Roku. Follow the steps below.

Option 1: Install the old official Twitch app on Roku

The unofficial Twitch app will install the old official Twitch app on your Roku. This app still worked when we tested it in March 2020.

It’s not available in the Roku channel store, so you’ll need to use the “Add a channel with a code” feature. Direct any browser to “” and make sure you’re logged in. Enter the code “TWITCHTV” and follow the warning instructions to add the hidden channel to your account.

How to watch twitch on roku

Alternatively, you can click on this link directly to the app page, again by following the instructions to add the private channel. If the unofficial Twitch app doesn’t immediately appear in the start menu, restart your Roku by navigating to Settings> System> System Restart from the Roku home screen.

How to watch twitch on roku

When Amazon suspended the Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store, Roku users who already had the app installed could still use it. The unofficial Twitch app tells your device to access that now-private official app.

Open the unofficial Twitch app on your Roku device. A notice will appear saying “The official Twitch channel is now available.” Choose “Yes”.

  • The official Twitch app page will open. Select “Add Channel”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the code displayed on your screen.
  • Your Roku will confirm that “Twitch has been added at the end of Home.” You can now delete the unofficial Twitch app.

Now you’re ready to start watching streams by popularity or category. You can log in to your Twitch account in the app to access the channels that you keep pressing the start button on your Roku remote. At least, you probably won’t have to worry about updating this app anytime soon.

How to watch twitch on roku

Option 2: How to install TTV Stream on Roku

As an alternative to the official unsupported application, TTV Stream is a supported unofficial application that provides access to Twitch. A lot of people love it. If you have problems with the defunct Twitch app, try this unofficial solution.

Direct any web browser to “” and click “Add Channel”. You may need to log in again. Follow the prompts until the channel is added. As noted above, if the TTV Stream app does not immediately appear in the Start menu, restart your Roku by navigating to Settings> System> System Restart from the Roku home screen.

How to watch twitch on roku

Open the TTV Stream app and follow the on-screen instructions. Go to “” and enter the six-character code displayed on your Roku device. Follow the instructions to link your Twitch account to TTV Stream. Once completed, you will have immediate access to the TTV Stream interface on your Roku device.

How to watch twitch on roku

You may have heard of Twitched and Twitched Zero. These unofficial Twitch apps for Roku no longer exist. Its developer says they were “removed by Roku at the request of Twitch Interactive,” but the other apps above are good alternatives.

It would be nice if Amazon offered official support for Roku, but we suspect they see Roku as a rival to amazon fire tv. Also Read: Netflix Not Working on Roku.

How to watch twitch on roku

If you own a Roku-based smart television or if you connect a Roku streaming stick or set-top box to your TV, you have access to thousands of native streaming apps. However, there are some services and applications that are not supported by a native Roku app. That’s where the Roku screen mirroring feature comes in. But how do you cast to Roku from your Android app and how do you mirror to Roku from your Android phone?

In this article, we will show you exactly that. We will also offer up a few app suggestions you can mirror to Roku that are currently not available on its platform.

What’s the difference between casting and mirroring?

Casting and mirroring content are often mistakenly thought of as the same. In reality, they are two different things.

Casting: When you cast content from your phone to your Roku TV, you are only casting the content from one app to a native Roku app. For example, if you want to watch a YouTube video on your Roku TV, you can just cast the content to the YouTube app installed on your Roku device. You can then control the playback of that content from your mobile device. You also have the option to turn off your phone, but you still can watch and control the media on your Roku TV.

Mirroring: Mirroring means you actually display the entire Android phone or tablet screen on your Roku TV. So, for example, you can play games on your Android device, while your friends watch the gameplay on your Roku television. You can also show other streaming apps that are not native to Roku on that TV. However, once you shut off or disconnect your Android device from your Roku, the screen will go back to the regular Roku home screen.

How to cast to Roku from Android

  • First, make sure your Android device is on the same home network as your Roku device.
  • If the mobile app on your phone supports casting to a native Roku app, open it up, and then go to the video content you want to cast.
  • Then, just tap on the casting icon in the app.
  • If you have more than one Roku TV or device on your network, you will be asked to pick which one you want to display the content.
  • Finally, the native Roku app should start casting the content from the mobile app to the Roku TV.

How to screen mirror from Android to Roku

How to watch twitch on roku

  • First, check to see if your Android phone or tablet will let you mirror your screen to Roku. Some phones may label the feature differently. For example, LG phones may label its casting feature either as Screen Mirroring, or Screen Share. Samsung phones use the term Smart View for screen mirroring. Google Pixel phones, oddly, use the term Cast.
  • Once you find your phone’s screen mirroring feature, just tap on it.
  • If you have more than one Roku TV or device on your network, you will be asked to pick which one you want to display the content.

How to watch twitch on roku

  • The Roku screen will then show a notification, asking you if you want to cast your screen from your device. You can select “Accept”, or “Always accept” if you want to keep using this same device to mirror your phone’s screen. Alternatively, you can also select “Ignore” or “Always ignore” if you decide not to mirror your phone’s screen.
  • The phone’s screen should then be displayed on your Roku TV.

Apps that you should screen mirror to Roku


How to watch twitch on roku

Roku used to have a native Twitch app, but it stopped offering it over a year ago. Now, if you want to watch all the great Twitch content on Roku, you must either have kept that old app stored on your device or screen mirror the Android app to your Roku TV.

Spectrum TV

Recently, Roku pulled the dedicated Spectrum TV app from its download store. That was because Roku and Spectrum TV’s parent company Charter Communications were unable to agree to a new contract for the app. That means if you are a new Spectrum TV user, but one or more of your TVs just has a Roku-based device, you can still mirror the Spectrum TV mobile apps for iOS and Android on your TV to watch Spectrum content.