Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

Check the workaround in this page –

It worked for me. If there is no registry entry, create it manually.

I tried the IE Options reset and the kb workaroud and neither worked for me. But I have found another workaround that if I right click the link in SharePoint and choose open, it all works fine. Also right click open in new window/tab work as well.

pugman wrote:
I have this problem. At least you can run IE. I could not run IE at all. Everytime I open up IE. It gives me the stop working message and close itself out. But it was me that crashed IE. What I did was enable an option in IE. If you go to tools and internet options and go into advanced, scroll all the way down to the Phishing filter section. Just above this section is an option call enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks. Don’t enable this. Uncheck it if you have this.

When I crashed IE, I could not even open it up. I had to right click on my IE icon and go to properties to get to display my internet options. Thanked GOD for google and I stumbled on this forum subject right away, and the office trick mention made me think of what I did in IE. I had enabled that option. Just passing this info along. I will need to report my crash to MS.

The Microsoft workaround thing finally worked for me, but disabling the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\UseCoInstall key (i.e. changing its value to 0) wasn’t enough, I had to remove the UseCoInstall key altogether.

This is the only solution that worked for me, after hours and hours of trial-and-horror — thanx heaps Mr. Gates. Tried everything else on this page, and others like it on the Web, so possibly you may need to do some of the stuff suggested above (removing Ominpage, resetting IE7 etc.) along with the removal the UseCoInstall key, I don’t know.

I’ve reactivated all my IE add-ons (nothing very fancy, Flash Player, Google Toolbar, that sort of thing) so it isn’t specifically an add-on problem.

Now I’ve just got to reinstall all the software I uninstalled trying to fix this stupid thing. Another couple of hours down the drain — again, Thank You So Very Much for Not A Great Deal, Microsoft guys.

P.S. I’ve now verified that if you’ve got “Omnipage 4.0” installed you have to either uninstall it or upgrade it to “Omnipage 4” if you desire for IE 7.0 to continue working under Vista. Yes, that’s right, the updated Vista version omits the “.0” in the version string, and that’s how you can tell them apart. Go figure.

I say you may have to uninstall it because the free upgrade to a working Vista installation is only available to owners of Canon products with which the OmniPage product was originally bundled — otherwise I believe it comes with a $199 price tag. I’m assuming Nuance (the company behind OmniPage) is solidly basing this peculiar upgrade policy in sound marketing decisions which would assuage its apparent (and unsavoury) image of greediness were they only made public. Which they aren’t.

thank you! I have tried endless troubleshooting to get IE running again. Finally I have been provided a solution.

Dear Fellow Sufferers,

Be advised that the UseCoInstall value may spontaneously return to its place in the registry at any time.

Today my IE started crashing in the now oh-so-familiar way. Sure enough, regedit revealed that the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\UseCoInstall value which I’d
deleted a couple of days ago as per the above instructions was back at the old stand, and doing roaring business too.
Deleting it anew allowed me to access e.g. again without IE going bellyup.

I tried writing a command-line regedit script to take care of the gory details for me (as well as supporting my failing memory), but frustratingly I failed to get it to work. Here it is:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

The above text goes into a text file e.g. NoUseCoInstall.reg. It then is invoked with the command

regedit /s NoUseCoInstall.reg

which obviously can go into a .bat file if you’re feeling lazy.

Unfortunately this procedure doesn’t change anything in the registry. No error is reported by regedit. I’m reasonably (a lot, actually) convinced the syntax is correct, so I’d gratefully acknowledge any suggestions from anybody more at home than me in the meanderings of Vista as to why this should be the case.

Hello. What finally worked for was to Reset Internet Explorer Settings. In your browser, click tools, internet options, advanced tab then click reset. Hope this helps.

For those who can run fine without the add ons, but can’t fix the problem, and don’t care for the add-on bullshit (use Flash & Java on FF), you can do this to make life easier. Simply right click the internet explorer icon in the program file — not on your desktop or at the top of the list in the start menu or quick launch, because that will just take you to “internet options”. Easy way to do it: click start and begin typing “Internet Explorer”. By the time, you type “INT”, you should see “Internet Explorer”, “Internet Explorer (No add-ons)”, and Internet Options. If you see “easy internet services”, quickly right click and delete that folder while your there. Now, on “Internet Explorer”, the regular one, right click and go to properties. On the “shortcut” tab, simply add -extoff to the end. The result will look like this:

If your PC is running on Windows 10, then Microsoft Edge comes as a built-in browser with the OS. Edge has replaced the Internet Explorer. So, when you start your Windows 10 PC, because Edge is the default browser now for the OS, it automatically starts with the Windows 10 startup.

While many users may feel comfortable with it if they prefer using Edge as their default browser, it can be annoying for many when edge starts opening automatically . Because many other users still prefer using other browsers or they simply may want to use it as per their convenience and not immediately. Moreover, the auto startup of applications also waste system resources.

Fortunately, there’s a way out that can help you to stop Microsoft Edge from opening automatically in Windows 10. Let’s see how.

Table of Contents

Solution 1 : Disable automatically finish setting up my device

1. Press Windows key + I together to Open settings panel.

2. Click on Accounts.

3. Click on Sign in Options from the left menu.

4. Now, in the right side , scroll down and find Use my Sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart

Toggle this option Off.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

5. Now, Press CTRL + SHIFT + Esc keys together from your keyboard to open Task manager.

6. Go to startup Tab.

7. Right click on Microsoft Edge and choose disable if they are enabled.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

Solution 2 – Disable Edge Tasks in Task scheduler

1 – Search Task scheduler in Taskbar search box of Windows PC and Click on it

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

2 – Right click on MicrosoftEdgeUpdateTaskMachineCore and choose disabled.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

Now, similarly disable all tasks related to MicrosoftEdge

Solution 3 – Stop Microsoft Edge from Updating itself

1 – Search cmd in the search box

2 -Now, right click on the command prompt icon and click on run as administrator.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

3 -Now, run the command given below one by one.

Close the cmd window and restart your computer

Solution 4 – Check shell startup folder

1 – Press Windows key and R key together at once from the keyboard to Open run command box instantly.

2 -Type shell:startup in it and click OK.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

3 – Now, check if there is Edge located in the folder. If it is present there, delete it.

Solution 5 – Reinstall MS Store Apps

1. Search Powershell in Windows 10 search Box.

2. Right click on search result and choose run as administrator.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

3. Now, copy and paste the code given below and hit Enter key and let the code gets executed fully.

4. After the completion , close the Powershell window and try again

Solution 6 : Empty the Active Folder In C Drive

Before proceeding Make sure that Hidden files are set to be visible. For that, open file explorer, click on View and then select hidden items.

Step 1: Open file explorer

Step 2: Now copy and paste the path given below in the address bar.

Step 3: Once you are there . Now, in the Recovery folder, press Ctrl + A keys together on your keyboard to select all the files and folders. Press the Delete button n your keyboard to delete all of them.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

That’s it. You are done. Now, simply restart your PC and the Microsoft Edge will no more open automatically with the Windows 10 startup.

If all these things do not help at all, Open task scheduler and check if there are any thing there associated with Task scheduler.

Solution 7 – Disable Windows spotlight pictures on Lock screen

1 – Search Lock screen settings in Taskbar search of Windows and click on Lock screen settings from the search result.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

2 -Now, make sure Windows spotlight is not there in dropdown.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer


Ever wanted to download a Facebook video to your computer in March 2022?

Here’s a quick and simple guide as to how to do it, without the need of downloading any random software.

Note that you should abide by Facebook’s terms and conditions and that this is just a tutorial for educational purposes only.

  1. Using ByClick Downloader
  2. Using (a bit easier)
  3. Using your browser (i.e. Chrome)

As usual, if you find it useful drop a comment below and share it with a friend!

1. How to download videos from Facebook using

  • Open ByClick Downloader
  • Enter with your web browser to the private Facebook video you wish to download.
  • Click on the small pop-up message that appears in the right-bottom corner of the screen.
  • If the video is private – ByClick Downloader will ask for your Facebook credentials. Enter your Facebook credentials and click Download.

All downloads made in ByClickDownloader are stored in ‘My folder’ by default (c:\users\user name\Music). On the video download line, you can see where the video is being downloaded.

✋ Stop worrying about SEO and have me do it for you

PS: Ready to work with the 0.01% of all SEOs worldwide? Click here.

2. How to download videos from Facebook using

  1. Go to the post with the video you want to download
  2. Right click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”
    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  3. Go to
  4. Paste your link there and select the quality of download you need
    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  5. Finally, right click on that video and hit “Save video as”
    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  6. Name your video something exciting, funny (or dumb), and hit enter.

The Google Chrome instructions are very similar to the ones for Edge, Internet Explorer (you still using that?!), Opera and Firefox.

If you’re having issues using FBDown, you can also try the Facebook video downloader, which supports the download of both public and private video with just your web-browser.

In case you were curious, the video in this exercise is from one of the startups from my tech incubator in Bolivia, 6BLabs. The product is called OloTouch it allows you to convert any ordinary surface into a smart touch surface by using a projector.

I highly encourage you to check their beta video as the founder plays with a wall. (They are raising a Seed round, hit me up via Linkedin if interested).

3. How to Download Facebook videos straight to your laptop without using any app or service

(Note the following instructions are for Chrome but are very similar for other browsers)

  1. Go to the post with the video you want to download
  2. Right click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time”
    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  3. Paste the url into your browser address bar, it should look something like this:…/videos/12345…9/
  4. Change the “www.” to “m.” i.e.…/videos/12345…9/
  5. Hit enter
  6. Play the video
  7. Now you will need to open up the Developer Console (Alt Option + Cmd + J)
  8. Inspect the video element using the icon at the top left of the developer console (you can also toggle it by pressing Shift + Cmd + C Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  9. Click on the video and you’ll see the a box on the developer console. Copy the video url and paste it in another tab. Hit enter.
  10. Finally, right click on that video and hit “Save video as”
    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer
  11. Name your video something exciting, sexy (or dumb), and hit enter.

Still confused?

Here’s a video that walks you through all the steps.

Why would you need to download a video from Facebook?

  1. Perhaps you lost access to the original file and want to publish that video on a different platform (like Youtube or Vimeo)
  2. You made a FB livestream and want to download the video
  3. and more!

Here are other (FB) tricks you might enjoy:

  • You might have noticed some random plugins I had on my screenshots, here are a few of my favorite SEO tools.

Let me know in the comments if the tutorial worked and also let me know which other tutorials you want me to do next!

Browsers such as Firefox and Chrome implemented standards proposed by the W3C (a body that sets standards for the web) which make a page to look the same across browsers. Microsoft saw these standards as a threat and did not want the web to be interoperable (i.e. one browser can be replaced with another); so it proposed a different set of web standards that favored them and implemented them in Internet Explorer.

Fast forward ten years: Microsoft’s clients, especially large organizations, which use Internet Explorer have still retained their old websites but the outside world has moved much faster. Microsoft cannot do both i.e. adapt to the outside world and support its existing clients, so it tries to do a bit of each leading to Internet Explorer being suboptimal.

As for the hatred towards Internet Explorer, its initial lack of support for W3C standards resulted in website designers having to work hard to display a website in Internet Explorer and all other browsers. Although it is not as true today, the hatred continues.

Edit: Added the last paragraph

Developing for IE has been tough. Not only did Microsoft avoid implementing W3C standards, often they did implement functionality, but using a different process, leading many developers to now write code like:

They also had a lot of very annoying bugs, and making a web page look the same in IE as it did in other browsers was hard. Web developers had to stay with using tables for layout for a long time, because making a div’s position the same in IE as in every other browser was nearly impossible, unless your design was simple. Many CSS-rules were also different in IE then they were in the other browsers. Web developers now use a sort of “reset.css”-file, to sort these differences out.

Furthermore, JavaScript. For any developer, that’s it, “JavaScript on IE6”. If you haven’t done any JavaScripting (I will assume you have not), here is how you did it: You wrote some JavaScript, you pushed the file to a server, you opened IE6 and went to the page. IE6 would compile the script on-the-fly, so any errors in the file would not go noticed until IE6 tried to compile and run it. Very often, nothing would happen, and you would get no error message. Instead, you would have to put a lot of “alerts” all around your code, or create some kind of HTML “debug” window (which was not always possible)(there was no console.log). If you did get a message, the message would be cryptic, and line/column was not correct, so it was seldom helpful.

IE has also had a line of security issues, many pertaining to it’s ActiveX protocol.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Security and Privacy for Non-Techies

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Designed to be highly accessible and even entertaining—it requires almost zero technical knowledge and explains everything in layman’s terms, but even techies will find dozens of valuable tips

Includes comprehensive coverage of security concerns for both Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android

Provides specific solutions for protecting your online privacy against ubiquitous corporate tracking and warrantless mass surveillance

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eBook EUR 24.99 Price includes VAT (Russian Federation)

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  • Chapters Table of contents (13 chapters)
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Table of contents

About this book


Rely on this practical, end-to-end guide on cyber safety and privacy written expressly for a non-technical audience. You will have just what you need to protect yourself—step by step, without judgment, and with as little jargon as possible. Just how secure is your computer right now? You probably don’t know. Computers and the Internet have revolutionized the modern world, but if you are like most people, you have no clue how these things work and don’t know the real threats.

Protecting your computer is like defending a medieval castle. While moats, walls, drawbridges, and castle guards can be effective, you would go broke trying to build something dragon-proof. This book is not about protecting yourself from a targeted attack by the NSA; it is about arming yourself against common hackers and mass surveillance. There are dozens of no-brainer things we all should be doing to protect our computers and safeguard our data—just like wearing a seat belt, installing smoke alarms, and putting on sunscreen.

Author Carey Parker has structured this book to give you maximum benefit with minimum effort. If you just want to know what to do, every chapter has a complete checklist with step-by-step instructions and pictures. This revised and expanded fourth edition contains more than 170 tips to make you and your family safer. It includes:

Hello Bob,
I have an annoying search engine that attached itself to my computer called which then changes into
Google contacted me (auto)to offer to remove it but its still here.
My default browser is listed as Google but it still sneaks in.
Just can’t find where to delete it.

Stephen Earle
06 May 2014

If you use Firefox (I use multiple browsers), an extension called Search Reset will reset you: . But that will not necessarily remove the root causes, and symptoms my reappear after browser restart or boot. I can second that Malwarebytes protects against much of this stuff. I also recommend Revo Uninstaller free – – to get rid of unwanted software – very thorough.

Yahoo is a particularly persistent pest. To deal with that, I recommend looking at this: “Remove Yahoo Toolbar and (Removal Guide)”: . Addresses all 3 main browsers.

06 May 2014

06 May 2014

06 May 2014

06 May 2014

D V N Sarma
07 May 2014

D V N Sarma
07 May 2014

07 May 2014

07 May 2014

I will never understand why when doing a reset in Internet explorer (Advanced Tab ) that it does not fully reset to factory settings !

07 May 2014

On Vista, the Windows Live Essentials 2011 (KB2424419) “Update” installs a Bing Bar as well as Replacing your “Windows Live Toolbar”.

It offers to replace newer preferences in the place of what you have already selected (Mail, Photo Viewer, etc).

David W Solomons
07 May 2014

07 May 2014

07 May 2014

Bob Kamino
07 May 2014

07 May 2014

08 May 2014

08 May 2014

08 May 2014

Wait a minute . I keep seeing, good suggestions for eliminating nasty Malwares, Trojan Horses, Worms and Viruses. Lately, it really does seem that the biggest problems we run into . Are the Malware/Foistware that comes with Downloads and “Nasty” Websites. However, I keep reading a re-occurring theme . “Let’s blame the Anti-Virus or Malware programs, for this issue.” Please, remember . The designers of these “nasties”, know fully how to “by-pass” the popular programs, and that is one of the first things, they do.

When, I got the Conduit “drive by” with a download from CNET . The first thing, I did try to use was Malwarebytes. I even had the Pro version . It froze at the same spot, every time I tried to scan my PC. Talk about frustrated, I was really upset. Then, I started looking on the Internet, to see what the solution was, to the Conduit issue. ADW Cleaner was mentioned, on several different forums and articles. I first tried using Chameleon, from Malwarebytes. The “designers” did their homework, is all I can say . Using Chameleon, I got the freezing at the same point and no advancement.

Then, I decided to use ADW Cleaner. Finally, I was able to use my own tools, to continue with the removal of Conduit and for me, Sweet Packs! My Chameleon was the first to work, with a complete scan, then I used my Malwarebytes Pro to scan, again. However, with all of that . I STILL had Conduit and Sweet Packs. I went back to the Internet, for more reading. One of the forum moderators, stated they had a miserable time, getting rid of this mess. They had to go into the Registry, to search for both Conduit and Sweet Packs, both were hidden deep within.

Finally, I had my solution, but, it did take me over all, more than a week to get my Conduit issue resolved. Then, my daughter’s PC got the same issue and she lives out in California, while I am in Georgia. Thank goodness for Team Viewer . I was able to “clean up” her PC, because I knew what to do, by then.

The Pirate Bay founder hopes to have first version of the software ready early next year and has asked for developers to pitch in.

But BitTorrent has seen some long-awaited success in working with major media companies, and as its ties with the industry grow, it might add features to discourage trading pirated materials, said Pirate Bay’s co-founder, Peter Sunde.

“If they go and do something stupid, it will affect a lot of people,” Sunde said in an interview, noting the site gets 1.5 million visitors on a typical day.

He said he hopes to have the first version of the software ready early next year and has asked for developers to pitch in at the Web site

BitTorrent says it has little to lose.

“We are not really disappointed here,” Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, told Reuters. “The pirate community has never paid us a dime.”

He estimates there are about 150 million people using the technology. The company last month launched an Internet distribution service for media companies that he bets will boost users to about 1 billion over the next 18 to 24 months.

Its first customer is Brightcove , a Web distributor of video for CBS, News Corp’s Fox Entertainment Group, Viacom, and New York Times Co.

Eric Garland, chief executive of BigChampagne, a company that tracks file sharing, said it is reasonable for Pirate Bay to feel threatened by such deals.

“Future development (of BitTorrent software) will almost certainly be focused on things that do not benefit or further the aims of the pirate,” Garland said.

Somebody will definitely develop a standard that is better for sharing files than BitTorrent, said Garland, who has watched such programs come and go over the years. If pirates play their cards right, they could be the ones to do it, he added.

Piracy prowess
In May of last year the Motion Picture Association of America claimed victory over Pirate Bay after Swedish authorities confiscated the site’s computers.

But the site was back online three days after the raid, in a stark example of pirates’ ability to survive. Pirate Bay then moved their servers to secret locations.

“Even we don’t know where they are. They are spread across Europe,” Sunde said.

“Sweden is not a state in the United States,” says one. “It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are. morons.”

BitTorrent software was developed six years ago and sought to reduce costs of distributing files over the Web.

Sites like Pirate Bay post blueprints of files, rather than the files themselves, and instruct downloading computers where to find the material on machines potentially scattered around the globe. A single file can be downloaded in pieces from many machines, which keeps congestion down and speeds delivery.

Pirate Bay also wants to raise $50,000 to buy an island and create its own nation-state where piracy would be legal. So far it has about $20,000, Sunde said.

Its three founders face criminal charges related to piracy, but they’re not worried because the stiffest sentence they could get in Sweden if found guilty is a $300 fine, Sunde said.

“I don’t believe what we are doing is a crime,” he said. “It is a stupid game,” he added, referring to the legal proceedings.

Nobody has time to memorize a complete list of web browser keyboard shortcuts, and really, why should they? I only know a handful of web browser keyboard shortcuts, myself, and I probably use the same five shortcuts a hundred times a day. But not everyone knows about these five essential browser keyboard shortcuts. Let’s fix that.

I spend more time in my browser than any other single application on my computer. Launching such a commonly used application should be completely frictionless. I use the built in Windows Vista quick launch shortcuts. My web browser is the first item on my quick launch bar, so all I need to do is tap Windows+1 to bring up a new browser instance.

Have you set up a keyboard shortcut to launch your preferred web browser? If not, why not? Once the browser is up, I usually want to be in one of two places: the address bar, or the search box.

To navigate to the address bar, press Alt + D .

To navigate to the search box, press Ctrl + E .

Another nifty thing about these two shortcuts is that, if you’re running Windows Vista, they work identically in Vista’s File Explorer. Some keyboard conventions can follow you from the web back to your desktop, too.

Once you’ve entered the URL or search term, normally you’d press Enter, right? Wait a second. If you press enter, whatever’s currently displayed in your browser will be replaced with a different website. But it doesn’t have to be. Rather than pressing enter, press Alt + Enter to open the website or search in a new tab.

These four key sequences probably constitute 99% of the typing I do while browsing the web. If you want to get extra fancy you can use Ctrl+Tab to iterate through all those tabs you now have open in your browser, but it’s not required. I’m no keyboard purist. I promote fully two-handed computer usage, whether those two hands are tapping away on the keyboard or split between the keyboard and the mouse. I’m often mousing away while I use these shortcuts.

The final shortcut is obvious, once you know it. A few days ago, I received a very nice email from Antonio complimenting my blog, while asking for a change in the design:

It’s a great suggestion. So great, in fact, that this behavior is already built into the web browser. While you’re reading, press the middle mouse button (the “mouse wheel” button) to open related links in a new tab. The links will open in a new tab in the background, so they don’t interrupt the flow of what you’re doing. When you’re done, you can go back and explore the related sites in all those newly opened tabs at your convenience.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

What you end up with is a pile of new tabs. If the middle mouse button giveth, the middle mouse button can also taketh away: click the middle mouse button on a tab to close it. I’ve grown so enamored of this behavior, like Paul Stovell, I expect middle click conventions to work everywhere. I curse every time I middle-click on a taskbar button, expecting that app to close.

I apologize if you feel I’ve insulted your intelligence with such basic shortcuts. But realize that not everyone knows what you know. And that’s a shame, because these five simple tips …

  1. Set up a keyboard shortcut to launch your browser
  2. Alt + D to navigate to the browser address bar
  3. Ctrl +E to navigate to the browser search box
  4. Alt + Enter to open searches or websites in a new tab
  5. The middle mouse button opens links in a new tab, and also closes tabs

… sure could make browsing the web a much more pleasant experience, if everyone knew about them.

Speeding up Firefox the right way – Darrell Norton’s Blog [MVP] – CodeBetter.Com – Stuff you need to Code Better! The blog of Darrell Norton, a software architect, manager, and Microsoft MVP SpeedyFox – Boost Firefox in One Click! | CRYSTALIDEA Software Boost Firefox in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free on Windows and Mac

Reference Cards – Software, Hardware Anatomy

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Screencasts and hosting

free image-hosting free; +image +hosting – Google Search GrabUp – Home (image capture – not sure if download is a Free version) All the screen capture and image editing functionality you’ll ever need, in one simply powerful program. Download your free trial! Web Hosting – FREE

site: folder bookmarks

bravenet: Convert a Geocities site to a Bravenet site Converting from Geocities to Bravenet assumes that you maintain all of your web content on your local drive and have been uploading files to Geocities. FF: Firefox on local HD PPP Compound Bookmarklet, see FF:f Firefox on test USB drive F: PPP ff:new New page skeleton (#skel.htm is not on the web) This page is a skeleton on local drive for new Firefox pages and that page is not copied to the web. FF:test Firefox on local HD PPP Compound Bookmarklet, see How to let your users move entire columns in a table around? – Javascript FAQ – Tek-Tips icons: directory for website support PPP intro: Firefox 4 Introduction Firefox 4 Introduction — Presentation to ExxonMobile Retirees Group, and TCF-NJ (as Fx3 or fx4) intro:p Firefox 4 Introduction (mvps – production version) Firefox 4 Introduction — Presentation to ExxonMobile Retirees Group, and TCF-NJ kws: shortcut to my firefox kws.htm Documentation for keyword shortcuts in n.: note (directory) as in . /firefox/#note.txt for use of quick (Firefox) notes such as hendrix, newsgroups etc. for pasting into replies actually same shortcut as “ff: .” the # note files are at the beginning n: note as in . /firefox/#note.txt for use of quick (Firefox) notes such as hendrix, newsgroups etc. for pasting into replies nj_interest: points and events in and around NJ *pvt* oe: Outlook Express rexx: The REXX Macros Toolbox — Brief Descriptions of The Edit Macros skel: skeleton for Excel skel:ff Skeleton For Firefox web page star: « YouTube – Monument Valley Timelapse Sunrise HD (2009) USA Cinematography, Edited & Directed by Yo Suzuki / 鈴木陽 (

SUMO and other reference materials

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How to Quickly Lock Your Computer and Use Other Windows Logo Shortcut Keys (WinKey) This article describes how to quickly lock your computer as well as the other Windows logo shortcut keys that you can use. Windows XP includes a new Microsoft Natural Keyboard shortcut to lock your computer. Any other compatible keyboard that. Keyboard shortcuts for Windows (WinKey) This article lists keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Windows. Shortcut Keys (WinKey) Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts |WinKey Tab (WinKey) Microsoft Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts and especially featuring the WinKey (Windows Key). A list of computer keys as an alternative to clicking with the mouse. Troubleshooting shorcut keys. Windows key – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (WinKey) IBM/Windows keyboard layout, links for each key


(dodgy contd) Calendar of Updates: Windows, Security Updates and Software Help (dodgy installers 2009-07-29) Calendar of Updates: Windows, Security Updates and Software Help Add-ons Mozilla Recomends (Generally bad choices) This is a chrome shortcut to show addons, run from bookmarks, or Paste to the location bar, cannot be run from a link. Better read about the extensions carefully be very wary of any extension more than 30KB download.

The website is able to successfully reidentify me (and offer my last used temp mail addresses via. “Restore access”) despite doing the following:

  • Delete all my browsers history which includes cache, cookies, website settings, download history, search history, browser history and active logins. Basically everything that can be deleted through the Firefox menu. I’m using Firefox 52 ESR.
  • Use a VPN (that according to their claims is safe against IPv6 and DNS leaking) that I have not used when I previously visited this website.
  • Using uBlock Origin and uMatrix
  • My “identity” must somehow be bound to my current browser profile. When I use a different browser or a new browser profile, the website doesn’t reidentify me as the same person. Actually, it is sufficient to use the Firefox addon Priv8 and create a new sandbox to be identified as a different person. This might indicate that there is some kind of storage for websites that can’t be accessed or deleted though Firefox. (It’s not Flash cookies, the website doesn’t use Flash!)
  • (Update) Other browsers are not affected. Microsoft Edge, after deleting browser history, doesn’t allow reidentification. This is a Firefox-only issue!

My questions are:

  • How on earth are they able to reidentify me? Since their only motivation to reidentify me is to offer access to previously used mail addresses, I don’t think they use any “dark” techniques like fingerprinting, but of course it can’t be ruled out.
  • How can I protect from this kind of “super-tracking” used by this website?

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

3 Answers 3

The website is using IndexedDB, for which MDN writes:

IndexedDB is a way for you to persistently store data inside a user’s browser. Because it lets you create web applications with rich query abilities regardless of network availability, your applications can work both online and offline.

Not clearing it sounds like a bug in Firefox indeed, but apparently the developers feel otherwise. Like in March 2015, someone wrote:

But even when you delete all your history information the data from IndexedDB persist.

The right way to delete this data is by going to about:permissions address, look for the domain and pressing the Forget About This Site button.

While about:permissions does not work in my Firefox 55, going into Tools, Page Info, Permissions I get the button “Clear Storage”:

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

Even worse, neither the greyed-out “Use Default: Always Ask” in the above screen capture, nor enabling “Tell you when a website asks to store data for offline use” in settings, Advanced, Network, have any effect to avoid storage:

It seems the following from August 2011 may still apply (where “[only]” is added by me):

By default in Firefox 4, a site can use up to 50MB of IndexedDB storage. [Only] If it tries to use more than 50MB, Firefox will ask the user for permission [. ]

In Firefox for mobile devices (Google Android and Nokia Maemo), Firefox will [only] ask for permission if a site tries to use more than 5MB [. ]

To disable it altogether, go to about:config and disable dom.indexedDB.enabled . However, beware that such might affect plugins/add-ons as well, which seems to be why some want to remove that option, for which someone noted in May 2016:

Until IndexedDB is handled in the same way as cookies with respect to accepting/clearing and third-party behavior, this pref should exist.

In the book, Solitaire is some kind of blog/prankster group. We learn pretty quickly that their blog URL is . My first thought (which continued to bug me throughout the book) was: “There’s no way this domain name would be available.” I’m pretty sure every non-obscure dictionary word is taken at this point (at least with the original and most common TLDs, like .com, .net, And was in fact registered about five years ago.

I know this is a STUPID ASS thing to be annoyed about, but I couldn’t get it to stop nagging me. That kind of stuff bugs me. #nerd.

But beyond that, Solitaire (the group) didn’t excite me. I know I only read to 27%, which isn’t that far, but they just seemed like a stupid group who thought highly of themselves. And to make things even worse, some of the “hacking” things they did just seemed too far-fetched. Solitaire has basically “hacked” the whole school. They do all these pranks by messing with the speakers, TVs, and computers. At one point in the book, they somehow lock Tori inside a room, take control of a computer, open up Microsoft Word, type a message, and manage to disable keyboard/mouse inputs (so Tori bashing the keyboard doesn’t do anything). This was all done remotely.

I thought this seemed VERY unlikely. Sure, it might be possible to hack in and remote desktop into a computer if you knew the exact one and were familiar with the system, but the circumstances just seemed too far-fetched. Especially when Tori tried bashing on the keyboard and got no response. So I decided to consult Coding God on this matter. I told him about the circumstances and mentioned it’s a school (that’s important). He says:

I know this is a fiction book and it doesn’t have to be accurate. But when I read a contemporary book, I don’t like having improbably or even fantasy-like elements in there. I guess it’s just hard for me because I am a tech nerd and I like the hacking I read in books to sound reasonable, or at least have the steps/actions explained. Fair enough that maybe they’re explained later on and I just didn’t get that far. but in the moment it did annoy me and made the book less enjoyable.

Oh, then, at 24% a character got on the computer and opened up Internet Explorer. I mean, seriously? Internet Explorer? Kill me now. And if there are any readers out there who do use IE, please switch to Chrome or Firefox immediately. (I’m not kidding. IE sucks and is commonly known to be the worst browser out there. Do yourself a favour and switch.)

Tori is one bitter bitch

This main character (Tori) was one of the most unlikeable characters I’ve read in a long time. She was bitter, bitchy, and pessimistic. It’s like she didn’t know how to smile or laugh, but she was an expert on being judgemental and looking down on people.

“Everyone else sucks! I’m the only real person in the world!”

I think this might have been the most frustrating part of Solitaire for me. Tori is bitter. She’s pessimistic and judgemental. She doesn’t seem to like people at all. She walks around with this “I’m better than you because I don’t conform” attitude. I felt like she looked down on EVERYONE and it was exhausting.

She even kind of admits how bitter, pessimistic, and boring she is when she says this at one point:

“My mom is so annoying so I’m going to be a bitch to her”

Tori had such a weird relationship with her mom. I don’t know if there was a bad history there or what, but she was kind of a bitch to her. I didn’t think it was ‘cool’ or necessary. It just made her look even more annoying and bitchy.

“I like to snap at people for no reason”

This character Lucas gets introduced and he and Tori used to be best friends. So he starts talking about how much she’s changed since he last knew her, and she decides to be all snappy and bitchy to him, just because. In fact, she seems pretty snappy to him throughout the whole book (that I read). But poor Lucas was never anything but nice.

“Sometimes I do stupid, pointless things for no reason”

At one point, Tori gets recruited to be part of kind of a campus lookout type programme. Solitaire is pranking the school and they want students to patrol the school and be on the lookout for them (break-ins, suspicious behaviour, etc.). So the leader gives Tori her number just in case she sees anything while on her watch and.

So she throws away the number immediately. Then when she DOES see something, she doesn’t have the number to call the girl. Then she decides not to tell her anyway. Yeah, stupid.

“I hate books because they’re boring”

I think this was the final straw for me Tori-wise. She admits that she hates books.

It was at that point that I realized: I love books! Why should I waste my time reading about a bitter bitch who hates them?

Please, make it end!

I spent like three days just getting to the 27% mark. Tori was incredibly unlikeable and there was nothing in the plot or other characters that hooked me in. I had no desire to keep reading and every desire to start Take Me On by Katie McGarry. So long, Solitaire.

Welcome to a guide on how to copy text from a right-click disabled webpage. So you have found this awesome webpage with all the answers that you need, but there is a slight problem – The owner has put on some protection, and it is impossible to copy the text straight from the webpage.

While it may seem to be hopeless at first, there are actually various ways to overcome these “protection”; They are mostly set in place using Javascript and CSS, and all we have to do is to disable or bypass them in creative ways – Read on to find out how!


  • Simply print the webpage.
  • Select “Save as PDF” as the destination.
  • Hit “More settings” and tweak further if you want – Remove the images, add page number, remove the URL, etc…
  • Open the PDF file on your computer, and copy the text.
  • Once you have installed Acrobat Reader, there should be a “Print to PDF” option added to the Print dialog box.
  • Google Chrome users – Here are some extensions that you can use to print to PDF.
  • Mozilla Firefox users – There are various add-ons to save to PDF as well.
  • Android and iOS users – Fear not, just do a “print to pdf” search in the app store, and there should be plenty of free apps.


Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

  • Google Chrome – Just Read, Reader View, Mercury Reader
  • Mozilla Firefox – Textise-it, Reader View


  • Google Chrome – Allow Right-Click, Enable Right Click, Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy
  • Mozilla Firefox – Happy Right-Click, Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy


If Javascript is the one that puts the lock on, then the best way to remove it is not to allow Javascript to run on the page at all. Read this guide on WebNots on how to disable Javascript in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

But please take note that it may not be the best idea, as some websites rely on Javascript to build the contents… Once Javascript is disabled, certain parts of the webpage may no longer look right or load properly anymore.


If Javascript is already disabled, right-click is working, but you somehow still cannot highlight a block of text for copying – Then it is probably another “protection mechanism” done with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). In layman terms, CSS is the cosmetics part of a webpage.

    – Techwalla – Chron


Moving on, we have now arrived at the more “hardcore” solutions. When it comes to visiting webpages – Many people probably don’t know that we are actually just downloading scripts (HTML, CSS, Javascript) from the server – What we see in the browser is a nice complete render of all the downloaded scripts.

  • To see the scripts in their “raw HTML” form, hit CTRL-U (shortcut key for view source code).
  • The raw scripts can be pretty hard to read, so just do a CTRL-F (shortcut key for search), and find the paragraph that you want.
  • Simply highlight the chunk that you want and copy it.

You might have noticed that there are quite a lot of HTML tags like

– To remove those quickly, just use any of the free online HTML strippers – Copy from the source code, paste it into the online tool to filter out the text.


  • First, save (CTRL-S) the entire webpage to your computer.
  • If you just want all the images – Most browsers will also save it into your specified folder.
  • If you want to copy the text, simply open the saved .html with any text editor – The default Windows Notepad or Mac TextEdit will do.
  • Search, copy, and paste as usual.

Yep, you now have an offline copy of the webpage to mess with anytime.


Just what are those browser extensions? Simply put, they are “plugins” to add features to the browser, which would otherwise be unavailable. Nope, they are not some hacker stuff, and they are officially supported.

The Chrome Web Store is run by Google, and Firefox Add-ons run by Mozilla. All the submitted extensions will have to be screened and approved before they are available for download. So you don’t have to be too worried about getting the funky viruses from these extensions.


That is all to the possible methods, and at least one of them should have helped you to copy out the stuff that you want. But before you go around to copy entire webpages, and misuse them on your own website – here is a gentle reminder on “be nice to the others”. Yes, it may seem like a stupid thing to disable copying on the Internet.

But if someone goes through all the pains to implement it, there must be a good reason behind why. One common occurrence on the Internet is content theft, where an a**hole copies the entire article, paste it on their own website and claim it to be their own. So if you want to paste a paragraph on your website, please do remember to credit them. I.E. Source: Some Website.

P.S. To the folks who are thinking to apply this “genius copy-and-paste strategy” on your website – Do some of your own research on DMCA protection, and how the world is fighting against content theft.


Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end of this guide. I hope this has helped you, and if you have anything to share with this guide, please feel free to comment below. Good luck and may the cyber force be with you.

If you cannot beat them Join them. A federal judge who worked as a lobbyist for the RIAA has already ruled pro RIAA as compared to other judges reviewing similar cases. This is a major win by the RIAA and will obviously go badly for any that draw her as a judge. I talk about this and a lot more. I also announce some upcoming format changes as we look forward to the next 5 years in where this show is going to go. Obviously the Ohana are going to weigh in as I make these changes and we will see how they go.. I have decided it is really time to focus on the format as the shows has not changed much in the past 6.5 years.

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Firefox 4 was released a few days ago after what seemed like the most Beta versions a product has ever had (12 + the RC I think it was). It had a lot to live up to since Firefox 3 is the record holder for the software with the most downloads in the first 24 hours – 8,002,530. Plus, a week earlier, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 and did some strutting about their more-than-just-respectable 2.35 million.

The Mozilla blog just posted an interesting graphic depicting the numbers surrounding Firefox 4’s first 48 hours of life. Among the numbers was the surprising fact that the high, but not record, download rate on day one (7.1 million) was surpassed on day 2 (8.75 million). They also put some perspective on those numbers by pointing out such facts as the 48 hour average was 5,503 downloads per minute and the peak was 10,200 per minute.

If you haven’t yet installed it, then you can visit the Firefox download page and perhaps become part of the next Mozilla graphic. I think they can rest easy that Ed Bott’s dire prediction can be written off for now – both Firefox 4 and IE9 are solid browsers that have a big place in the market.

Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

Your going to love this one, I get on the Soap Box and stay there for a good bit in the show today. Fools and their wasted money is the theme. Plus I place a wager on a specific companies new initiatives failing. I also want to welcome our newest insider, thank you for supporting the show it is greatly appreciated.

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There can be multiple reasons for the broken Start Menu and as usual, one solution cannot fit everywhere. Still, you should definitely give the following a try and who knows, the Start Menu starts working again, saving you from a full reset or reinstalling Windows 10 again.

  1. Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator
    1. Right click Start button
    2. Choose Command prompt (Admin)
    3. Key in Powershell in the black window and hit Enter

    Are you able to solve it for you by following the procedure mentioned above or it fails? If it it fails, do make sure that you ran Powershell as Administrator (window will be called Administrator: Windows PowerShell ) and gave the command enough time to execute.

    Other Fixes Suggested by Visitors

    Uninstall Dropbox and then Disable AutostartRobert Gavick suggested in comments that uninstalling dropbox fixed the issue for him. So if you have dropbox installed on your Windows 10 PC, just uninstall it. You can then re-install it, but set it to not to autostart at boot.

    Boot into Safe ModeDebbie W. mentioned in comments that booting the PC into safe mode and then normally fixed this problem on multiple PCs. Others have also confirmed it to be working for them. So do give it a shot if you’ve exhausted all other options. Read more in her comment.

    Uninstall CCleaner or Avast AntiVirus – CCleaner and Avast AntiVirus are two known softwares culprit of causing this error. So if you have any of these installed, just get rid of them soon.

    Still no luck? You can get everything to work fine by creating a new user account and working under it. You will lose some of your user data, but most of the files and documents can be transferred over by copying the data from Desktop, Documents, Pictures and other libraries.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    People who hate Internet Explorer often say that the only purpose of Internet Explorer is to download Firefox or Chrome. But if you really don’t like IE, you can use Windows’ built-in FTP support to download and install Firefox without opening IE.

    Sure, you can just open Internet Explorer and download Firefox from the Mozilla website, but what’s the geeky fun in there? This tip is about Firefox, because Mozilla provides an FTP server, which Google doesn’t seem to have.

    Downloading Firefox without Internet Explorer may also come in handy if Internet Explorer crashes and doesn’t work properly on your system.

    Graphical method using Windows Explorer

    To access Mozilla’s FTP server in Windows Explorer, type in the address bar of Windows Explorer and press Enter.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    Navigate to the following folder:

    You can also enter the following address in Windows Explorer to go directly to the corresponding folder on the Mozilla FTP server:

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    Now copy the Firefox Setup .exe file to your computer. You can drag and drop it, use the “Copy to Folder” option in its right-click menu, or perform a copy and paste.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    Windows Explorer will download the Firefox installer to your computer, no IE involved.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    You can then launch the Firefox Setup application to install Firefox.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    Command Line Method with Command Prompt

    If the above tricks aren’t interesting enough for you, you can also download Firefox using the ftp utility from the Windows Command Prompt.

    Launch a Command Prompt window from the Start menu and type the following command to connect to Mozilla’s FTP server:

    type anonymous At the login prompt, then leave the password field blank and press Enter.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    Change to the directory containing the latest version of Firefox with the following command:

    Then, run the following command to see a list of files in the directory:

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    use get The command downloads the latest Firefox installer to your hard drive:

    Get the irefox Setup 15.0.1.exe file /p>

    Replace the filename in the above command with the name of the current version, which is displayed in ls Order.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    The downloaded Firefox Setup .exe file will appear in your user folder C:UsersNAME.

    Stupid geek tricks how to download firefox on a new computer without using internet explorer

    You can also use Windows Explorer and the ftp command to connect to other FTP servers that you have access to. If you have upload access to an FTP server, you can use these tools to upload files for which you don’t necessarily need a third-party FTP program.