Why do cats cry at night

The cat yowling is a concerning situation as it is not normal for a cat to yowl regularly at night.

Why Do Cats Yowl At Night? There may be a lot of reasons why your cat yowls, from the aging problem to the type of breed of cat you have as a pet. In addition, the cats sometimes feel trapped in a room at night, and they yowl in this situation.

The yowling of cats can be a problem for the owners as you do not want to wake up in the middle of the night with the loud noise of the cats. Also, it does disturb the sleep patterns of an individual as he is likely to worry about the yowling.

Why do cats cry at night

Why Is My Cat Yowling?

The cats are a little more active at night and run from one place to another in the house. But if you hear the regular yowling of your cats, then it is a problem you need to take care of.

Moreover, sometimes instead of yowling or meowing, they also start weeping or crying. Thus to get comfort from all these situations at night, you should react immediately and find the suitable reason behind it.

The reason can be anything of the cats yowling from getting bored, or they might have some pain or diseases which might be hurting them.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Yowling At Night

Some of the reasons stated by the researchers and experienced vets doctors explain the yowling of cats at night. The common reasons are given below such as:

  • Can Depend On The Age

The cat’s age also matters when it comes to yowling, as you will find out that the aged cats seem to yowl regularly.

This is because aging alters the brain of cats, and there could be some problems in the functioning of the brain, which can cause night yowls. In addition, aged cats are more likely to get this habit because they are more vulnerable.

  • Some Illness

The first thing you should check in your cat is illness and disease. As if they are suffering from some illness or pain. Then in such a condition, it is normal to howl in a night because of pain.

There are some diseases related to the thyroid, which has a symptom of excessive meowing and yowling.

  • Can Wants Some Food Or Water

Some cats have the habit of excessive meowing or howling whenever they need some food. The hunger leads them to cry as they want you to give them food immediately. They also need the food of their choice, and otherwise, they begin to oppose by yowling.

  • Out Of Loneliness

There are some cases when the cat can feel lonely and begins to howl at night. The alone pet in the house causes this problem. Thus to solve this, you can get them another pet or the cat or kitten. This will provide a companion who can stop their yowling.

  • It Can Be A Tactic To Seek Attention

The cats are considered mischievous pets as they often try to bring problems for the owners. While doing that, they can start yowling in the night to seek the attention of an individual.

The cat wants that the person should play or spend some time with them. They need you to give your attention to them. Thus this is one of the reasons why they start crying or yowling.

Why Do Cats Cry Like A Baby At Night?

The cats are creatures that are very active at night than they are in the day. Especially the younger cats or kittens and try to disturb the individual’s routine by crying at night. They also try to seek the people’s attention and hope that someone will take care of them.

Sometimes some cats feel trapped in the house. Your cat may have long exposure to the outer environment and likes to play or live outside rather than indoors.

However, at night most of the people lock the cats inside of the house. This makes the cats feel trapped as they want to roam outside at night, but instead, they are forced to live in a single place.

Cat Meowing Loudly At Night

There could be many reasons for your cat meowing or yowling in the night, as you have understood. So the loud meowing noises can disturb any individual who seeks a good amount of sleep at night. They also meow in the sadness of separating from their family members.

Sometimes the flashback memory can strike the cat, resulting in the loud meowing during the night.

This situation can go wrong if the loud noise continues to happen and grow, which can negatively impact the cat’s health as a regular user of their thyroid gland. Thus you can contact the vet in a situation you do not know what to do.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Yowling At Night?

This is the answer what most people came looking for. There are many pieces of advice and tips that you can follow to stop the howling of your cat, such as start spending more time with them.

As you know, there are some cats who want your attention, then start giving them some. You can start playing with them, start talking and giving them the care they need.

You can also try to exhaust all of their energy during the day. This can be done quickly with the medium of play. You can assign them some tiring tasks which they need to do if they want to eat their favorite food.

In this way, you can get your cat tired of playing. And it is said that the more they are tired, the more they will be quieter in the night as they will be exhausted enough to howl.

So you can try any of these methods to stop your cat from yowling at night. If you think the situation is getting worse, then you also can take him for the checkup to the vet doctor.

W hy do cats cry like a baby at night? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone. Suppose you’ve got a baby in the home, and the cat repeatedly gets you up out of bed at night due to a case of mistaken identity. What do you think are the reasons behind this weird behavior?

Cats cry like a baby at night when they want attention from you or another cat. Cats in heat can make this sound, and also cats that want to play, go out, or are hungry. Typically, this cry isn’t any cause for concern.

That is the bare-bones answer to the titled question- attention. The kind of attention that it desires will vary from cat to cat.

For example, if your cat is fixed, a handful of reasons are wiped off the board. If it’s not fixed, then being in heat (or a cat that senses another cat in heat) can come into play.

The following will be a more detailed breakdown of the different reasons that explain why cats cry like babies while you’re trying to call it a night.

Cats Demand Attention!

If the cat is seeking your attention, there could be several reasons why that would be. The cat could be hungry and out of food, thirsty and out of water, or even if it can’t get to the cats’ box because the bathroom door is closed.

No matter what the issue might be, your attention is what the cat will wind up with eventually. For the majority of the time, you’ll see what it’s trying to convey easy enough. In typical catlike dramatic fashion, their cry will make you think that someone’s beating the cat- when all it wants is, well, something from you or another cat.

There are other reasons why cats will howl, moan, or meow into the night, but all of those can mean different things (usually depending on the cat). But the baby-like cries that it does is an intelligent form of communication that is a learned behavior.

It isn’t something that would come naturally, but it is an effort to gain attention in a way that it’s observed- a cat’s version of mimicry.

Is Cat Crying a Bad Sign?

Not too long ago, I posted an article about the different superstitions that have been launched by a cat’s behavior at night called “Cats Crying at Night Superstition.”

Within the article, I gave a detailed breakdown answering the real reasons cats cry at night, as opposed to the handful of strange superstitions that people have attributed to them over time.

But is a cat crying like a baby a bad sign, rather than a normal cat meow? Not necessarily. It could be emulating a human voice the only way it knows how for many mundane reasons, such as simply needing your assistance with something. In this case, it isn’t a bad sign at all.

However, if you’ve gotten up and have eliminated any potential reasons to the best of your ability, and the cat remains to cry for no evident reason, it’s possible that it may have a sour stomach or other unseen discomforts.

Will the Cat behave Different if It’s Hurting?

Cats are extremely tough animals and won’t complain too much if something is wrong with them either externally or internally. So, if they’ve reached the point that they’re crying out of pain or discomfort, it’s best to take them to the vet for an examination.

If a cat is suffering in some way and is crying because of it, the cat may seem aloof to you or might give you a sense of wanting to have your attention yet keep a distance at the same time.

If that’s the case, something’s wrong- time for a trip to the vet.

A Cat Can Cry When It’s in Heat

Howling, moaning, and other noises come when a cat is in heat. Still, they might also do the aforementioned baby-like cry as well. If making a particular type of cry works for them in other areas, they’ll use it for just about anything.

When a female cat is in heat, it’ll cry out at odd times day or night. However, your attention will break their focus off of their plight- though only for a moment.

Males tend to be extremely vocal when trying to attract a cat that’s in heat. They won’t typically cry like a baby but will do the longer, more drawn-out type of cry.

Some breeds of male cats can be downright ear-piercing when calling out to the ladies! Others can make sounds that can only be described as pitiful or woeful to our ears.

Cats Cry Like a Baby to Get their Way

Cats crying like babies are doing it for the same bottom line that babies cry out to achieve- to get their way. A baby may need to get changed in the middle of the night; fortunately, cats don’t have that problem.

But, when health concerns and heat is set aside, getting their way is all that’s left. Being hungry, thirsty, or even wanting to get you out of bed because it wants company where it’s at, rather than where you already are, are perfectly normal reasons why your cat would be doing this.

Sometimes Cats Cry Over Unattainable Prey Animals

Your cat could anxiously be attempting to gain the attention of a would-be four-legged toy it spotted through the window, trotting across the yard. The prey drive in cats can seem playful and attention-grabbing to the observer, particularly if a cat is trapped within a house and sees something scurrying around outside.

But, as we know, the cat’s intentions are a bit different than simply playing. It’s easy to forget that cats are predators, particularly when they’re crying and making baby-like sounds in hopes of getting out.

Final Thoughts

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when your cat awakens you at night via that baby-like cry.

  • Did you shut the cat out of your bedroom or its normal sleeping/lounging area?
  • Is there a clear path for the cat to get to the cat’s box (no closed doors box)?
  • Does your cat want to play?
  • Is there food and water in the bowls?
  • Is it possible for your cat to see any animals outdoors?

These five questions will aid you in diagnosing the easy things first before being concerned about health-related issues.

The Cat crying at night superstition is associated with bad news, an unpleasant event, or tragedy. More specifically it is believed a cat crying outside an ill person’s home at night is the omen of death.

Defined by Wikipedia a superstition is a belief or practice that has come about by linking two unrelated events due to ignorance, fear, trust in chance, or misunderstanding. Generations often follow these superstitions as folklore, passed on without analysis, logic, or critical thinking. Even these days people believe in many types of superstitions and follow them religiously. You might have a few of your own!

Why do cats cry at night

For the most part, our thinking has evolved and moved beyond a widespread belief in superstitions. Earlier in our evolutionary history and still in some cultures, people believed in superstitions without applying any logic at all. These days people still follow these superstitions whether they have applied logic or not. The premise is that if they do not follow them, something bad will happen.

Some superstitions are related to animals or living things. Some of them are also related to non-living objects too- Have you ever seen Rafael Nadal play tennis! (Click here for his story).

Animals like cats have always been an object of superstition.

Most of Europe considers the black cat a symbol of bad luck, particularly if one walks across the path in front of a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death.

The Superstition Regarding Cats Crying at Night

Why do cats cry at night

Cat crying at night is a very old superstition. The general belief is that if someone hears a cat crying at night, they might expect some bad news. It follows that if there is a sick person at home they might die. It is thought that there are evil spirits and they call in the form of animals and are responsible for taking the lives of dying or diseased people.

So supposing you were to hold stock in this superstition, hearing a cat crying near your home would be pretty unsettling! Based on these illogical superstitions people often harm cats or even try to kill them. Back in the day, a dying person might have had a cat crying outside their house once or twice now it’s more a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reality is there might be a lot of reasons why a cat would cry at night.

Reasons Why Cats Might Cry at Night

There are many reasons why you might find a cat crying at night outside. It makes more sense to identify the reason why the cat is crying instead of taking drastic steps based on superstition.

  • HUNGER: The cat might be hungry and crying for food. This is the most common reason. Street cats do not get regular food so it’s highly likely it is crying out with hunger.
  • PAIN: An ill or injured cat will cry out in pain. It is possible the injured cat is crying to communicate. Whether it is a pet cat or a feral cat, it is better to check with a vet or cat haven.
  • STRESS: There are many reasons for a stressed or anxious cat. When separated from their kitten’s cats will usually cry. Kitten’s might also cry when separated from their mother. An anxious cat brought to a new place or locality might also cry.
  • BREEDING CALL: Cat’a usually cry at night when it is breeding time. At such time, it is the female cat that cries like a baby.
  • ATTENTION: If it is a neighborhood cat that visits your place often, it might simply want to gain your attention. Cats are social animals and love company. Leaving them alone might make them cry sometimes at night.
  • DANGER: Animals like cats can sense natural forces faster than humans so there is a small chance that the cry of a cat is due to an imminent disaster, obviously more likely in disaster-prone areas. When they see unknown people or sense any kind of danger, they may also cry to alert or warn people. Apart from that, the cat could be in danger or have a problem of its own.

Last updated: Jan 10 2022

Why do cats cry at night

Cats are unpredictable animals. One minute, they are snuggling up on your lap, and the next minute, they are trying to scale the bookshelves in your living room. One habit that some cats enjoy or are compelled to do is meowing at night — when all the humans in the house are trying to sleep. Due to the quietness of the house, a meowing cat tends to sound louder than they do during the daytime. If your cat seems to meow frequently at night, you may be wondering why and how to address the annoyance.

1. They Are Feeling Frisky or Under Stimulated

Why do cats cry at night

Image Credit: Pixabay

One reason that a cat might meow at night is that they are feeling frisky or under-stimulated. This is common in kittens because they tend to have a great deal of energy and stay active at night, especially if they did not have an opportunity to exert their energy during the day with toys and interactions with their human family members. Some adult cats might meow at night due to boredom or loneliness too.

The best way to address this problem is to make sure that your cat gets plenty of exercise before your bedtime. Spend half an hour playing with your cat or kitten using interactive toys or a laser pointer. Alternatively, you can complete a training session or play a game of hide-and-seek. Participating in any activity that stimulates your cat’s mind and body will help them better settle down for the night and minimize the chance that you will be awoken by meowing or yowling in the middle of the night.

2. They Need Reassurance

Why do cats cry at night

Image Credit: M-86, Shutterstock

If a cat feels insecure and needs reassurance, they may start meowing in the middle of the night, calling out to their family members to be that reassurance for them. Cats that are new to the household may do this until they get acquainted with everything.

A cat might also meow at night after moving into a new home with their family members, if a new pet moves in on their territory, or if they have been left alone more often than usual in preceding days. Reassuring your cat during the day with extra snuggles and more interaction time can help ease their feeling of loneliness or insecurities at night.

3. They Are Getting Old

Why do cats cry at night

Image Credit: Stanimir G.Stoev, Shutterstock

When many cats become seniors, their need for attention intensifies. If they are not allowed to sleep in the room with a human family member, they may spend the night meowing in the living room. They might meow through the night because they cannot get or stay comfortable. Placing a soft bed on a nightstand near your own bed or letting your cat sleep in the bed with you will give them a sense of closeness with you and hopefully help them sleep instead of complaining throughout the night.

4. They’ve Developed a Health Problem

Why do cats cry at night

Image Credit: one photo, Shutterstock

As cats age, they can succumb to kidney and thyroid problems that can make them yowl in discomfort during both the day and night. If your cat is talking or crying more than usual, including throughout the night, it is a good idea to schedule a veterinarian appointment for a checkup as soon as possible. If your cat gets a clean bill of health, the nighttime meowing is likely due to other reasons.

Final Thoughts

This guide should help you narrow down the causes of your cat’s nighttime meowing and figure out how to address the problem once and for all. If you cannot figure out why your cat is meowing so much or your efforts to stop the meowing fail, do not be afraid to contact your veterinarian for expert guidance and advice. What do you think is the most common reason for cats meowing at night? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section.

Featured Image Credit: Zhuravlev Andrey, Shutterstock